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Hermione walked along the corridor on her way to breakfast in Hogwarts, she had been offered to walk with her roommates, one of whom being Ginny Weasley, but she made her excuses again which the red head bought. Hermione had a secret she didn't dare tell even Ginny and she was becoming better and better at keeping it a secret over the past year.

She would tell her she wanted to do some stretches or yoga to get herself ready for the day, or the most believable one she used was she wanted to study for a test due that day and would need to take an extra 10 minutes to do so. The last excuse was only half a lie, she was studying but it wasn't a matter of what she was studying, it was who she was studying..

Hermione Granger was 17 years old at this point and she knew her unique study of the person could only go on for so long because soon she was being sent off to war with the Dark Wizards. Dumbledore was being secretive as always and only telling Harry small things, Dolores was trying to run the school and Ron was still treating her like shit and also trying to get in her pants, the latter being something she definitely would not be allowing to happen.

Hermione was the smartest Witch of her age, or at least it's what the whole World believed thanks to Rita and the Daily Prophet. She had the smarts and the drive for results, and let's face it, had she not been there to get Harry and Ron through the past 6 years, they would be dead 20 times over by now. She had pulled them out of shitter times more than enough, and what thanks did the Golden Girl have for pulling them through their years at Hogwarts? Being sent straight in to a war with them that she never wanted. Not only that but she was expected to help them win the war because the boys wouldn't be able to do that on their own...

But then being a Muggle Born is something that makes her part of the war regardless of whether she chooses to be in it or not. Hermione's parents were both Muggles and as much she loves them both dearly, especially with how they tried to adjust themselves to the Wizarding World - Everytime she returns home, she just doesn't feel like she belongs. She has kept the Wizarding War away from their ears and she doesn't tell them how people treat her differently because of them because she knows it isn't their fault.

For instance a group of Slytherin students just passed her and one coughed loudly while saying Mudblood and the other three gave her a dirty look until they started laughing at their friend. Yes this was very much a daily occurrence for Hermione Granger and she believed one day, she would be able to make them pay. And pay greatly they will because they would be at her mercy.

She slowed her walking as she went through the double doors to the Great Hall and it didn't take her long to find the group she was seeking, especially with Ron's fanatic arm wave. She purposely went to the other side of the table from him so she could sit next to Ginny rather than the Brother who she knew would either steal her food or attempt to ask her on a date which she already rejected.

"Blimey Mione, you took ages this morning - Was it Yoga or Stretches this time?"

Hermione had sat down whenever Ron had already begun his nonsense for the day, and in her head the answer to his question was neither. He didn't particularly care which one it was either, he just wanted to confirm which image in his head was correct for this morning, Hermione bent over touching her feet, or Hermione holding one leg over her head. Hermione shivered.

The young woman had taken an extra hobby from her studies of that particular Witch and after a year had become very skilled in both Legilimency and Occlumency from studying it every evening before bed. She couldn't have her desire shown to the teachers or other pupils who may have learned the same ability, for them to find out would mean a one way trip into St Mungos.

"Honestly Ron, if I were to tell you, my private time would no longer be private..."

The table started laughing and the image on Ron's head shifted to a new one of Hermione standing over him in a dominating way belittling him as the embarrassment spread through his mind. It made Hermione push away her breakfast as she soon realised the boy was actually aroused from the thought of being humiliated by her.

Her eyes then shifted to Harry who was laughing at the side of Ron with bright eyes and smudged glasses. Honestly the chosen one could not even clean his own glasses and it made her wonder if they had any hope for winning the war. Harry was a lovely boy in Hermione's eyes, and her best friend Ginny was absolutely smitten with him - But he lacked the qualities needed to take down Voldemort and his army. It was things like this that made Hermione question if she was on the right side.

Harry wouldn't have been alive at the end of first year if she wasn't there to use her spells or show him the right path to take. It was her knowledge that led him to the outcome. There was then second year where even while being petrified, she was still able to show them the information they needed to find the chamber. In the following year she was able to use her time turner to help Harry save the day again, and to be quite honest every year past this has had their issues solved with Hermione's answers.

She loved him as a brother, but he was the little brother that needed babysat constantly and if he got in trouble - It was her fault. Ginny thought he was Merlin's gift to the Wizarding World, and it almost sickened Hermione the way she pined for him, and believed he was the answer to everyone's problems. At the end of the day Harry Potter was just an average boy with a famous Lighting bolt scar on his head.

She watched her friends interacting, talking and once more she felt out of place just as she does at home with her parents. It had been this way since around their second year. Some people may have thought it to be a jealous thing as everyone obsessed over Harry and his abilities from the first year when it was actually her abilities that helped them survive. Hermione was devastated not to gain the kind of appreciation she deserved and it wasn't as if her friendship with the boys was appreciated by them either.

It caused her to be bitter with them, not so much Ginny or Luna or even Neville because they knew the girl's worth and asked for her help, the boys on the other hand just expected it. It was a cycle that even the teachers expected of her, especially Dumbledore.

"Hermione you are being awfully quiet this morning, are you okay?"

"Of course Ginny, just trying to sort out the test today in my head.."

Ron's fork fell to his plate making a clank noise as he let his mouth fall open showing everyone the bacon he had been chewing on. Disgusting..

"What test??"

"The one we have in potions mate.. You asked me yesterday why I wouldn't head to the field with you when I was trying to cram in the study for it and I told you about it, although I don't think you were paying too much attention..."

Harry smiles at Ginny in a way to make himself look impressive and that he may have brains as well as Brawn but truth be told, in Hermione's head he had neither and would more than likely fail Snape's test. Ron on the other hand laid his head into his hands with an inhuman noise as he started panicking about a test he never had the intention of studying for.

Ginny reached over and smacked his arm with her book and called him an 'idiot' and then started flirting with Harry again. The whole group was arguing about the situation and Hermione sat there watching the chaos unfold before her eyes. She was waiting for the comment to be made that she knew would give her an excuse to leave and head back to her dorm room..

"Hermione, why the Hell didn't you remind me that there was a test today??"

Hermione lifted her head to meet Ron's furious eyes as his panic subsided and turned into anger at his friend who was not to blame for his stupidity, but still just like the past years, he would blame her for it. That was what Hermione needed. The table was silent and Hermione had her lips sitting in a thin line as she prepared herself to reply, but Ron apparently wasn't finished.

" - you know, you always do this Hermione! Just because all you want to do in life is read books and study doesn't mean the rest of us do! A little warning would have been good for the test, the rest of us have more important and exciting things to do than remember the things you should remind us on!"

Hermione's eyes moved to the side to meet Harry's, just to see if for once he would defend her rather than staying in silence. Ginny wouldn't confront him until later, Luna was too worried about getting yelled at too and Neville did not involve himself with things like this.

Harry met Hermione's eye and it was that moment she knew he wasn't going to defend her. Part of it was because he knew Ron would just go on and on about it, so it wasn't worth defending the Witch. He also slightly agreed with Ron and that's why Hermione knew not to trust either of them, she knew even hoping Harry would defend her was a waste of time. She moved her eyes back to Ron and shook her head as she stood up.

"Mione -"

"Don't Harry .. I'm just gonna go and take myself to the naughty step in the dorm as punishment for not reminding a grown boy about his Potions exam..."

Hermione took her leave as she didn't want to be around the fakeness of her 'friends' anymore and she could already hear Ron talking about her as the rest would listen. It may sound crazy because of the way they treat her, but Hermione always loved walking past the Slytherin table because she knew they were dickheads, but their loyalty and friendship with each other was something she wished she could have at Hogwarts.

As Hermione watched the students show real friendship, she didn't notice a figure appear in front of her and she walked straight into them.

"Good Morning Miss Granger.."

Before Dumbledore even finished his sentence she placed her shields straight up around her mind and began to feel his presence poking at them as she made eye contract.

"Good Morning Professor. I apologise for running into you, I was in a slight hurry to get back to my dorm room as I forgot a book..."

It was at this point Hermione brought the memory of what just happened at the dinner table to the front of her mind so Dumbledore would see it and nothing else. He looked carefully at her memories and simply smiled. This had become a weekly thing now, and she only noticed what Dumbledore was doing shortly after she started learning her Occlumency because she could feel him pushing to get into her head. That's when she realised he had always been doing it, and was doing it with everyone in the school. The rest of them would have not started learning this kind of magic so wouldn't be able to feel Dumbledore doing it.

Dumbledore must have noticed Hermione's push back and so he needed to get her attention on his own to try and push harder so Hermione learned to let him see specific things so he would think she was still too weak to hide things from him. He was wrong.

Hermione also half expected that when he saw her memory, he would do the great thing a Headmaster should do and ask if she was okay or at least show some form of sympathy. But no, Dumbledore just continued to smile and nodded his head at her.

"Well you best hurry Miss Granger, I hear you have a potions test today..."

He nodded his head once more and moved around her to go to the front of the hall. As Hermione was about to leave, she looked back to see the group not even worried for her departure and Dumbledore laughing with the other teachers as if everything was going perfectly to plan. It made her blood boil at the fact that no one seemed to care. And it wasn't just about her, it was everyone at Hogwarts, unless they were part of Dumbledore's great plan, they weren't important.

As Hermione reached her Dorm Room, she smiled that no one else was here. She waved her hand and locked the door behind her and knew she could use the excuse later that she was upset if Ginny came to try and get in. She was getting excited that she would have at least a half hour of alone time to study her hobby and maybe gain some new information from rereading some of the diaries she came to be in possession of. Or maybe go over some of the photos or posters she had gathered over the years.

Hermione kneeled down by her trunk and used her locking charm so the bottom part would open and reveal the secret below all her clothes. Ginny was far too nosey for her own good, so Hermione had no choice but to place the charm on the trunk so if anyone opened it without the spell, they would only have access to so much, like her clothes. It was almost like a Muggle Magician's vanishing box.

Once she lifted the lid, she was greeted by her beautifully organised collection. She knew it was weird to be like this for someone who hated her kind, who maybe would not even talk to her due to the blood status, but Hermione could not help herself.

She wanted to know everything about the woman, what she was like before Askaban, what she was like during it, even what she's like now she had escaped. She wanted to know the loyalty she held for her Dark Lord and what she had to do to be included. There was so much mystery the woman had not given away in the things Hermione had gathered and it was like a time bomb in the Young Witch's mind as she needed to know more. She did have some plans on how to find out, she was just waiting for the right time to get them.

She decided some light reading would start her day off perfectly, so she selected a random book from the pile and took it to her bed to begin reading, and her hands were shaking in complete excitement as she was about to satisfy her addiction for the second time this morning.

Dear Diary

It's the final day of Summer before I'm shipped back to Hogwarts for my final semester and then I am a free woman. Although I shouldn't really class myself free as I am being placed with a pathetic excuse of a Pureblood man to continue the great houses of Black and Lestrange. The Dark Lord had been in touch again to say he approves of the marriage, and so I suppose I ought to be grateful.

I just wish everything was complete already. Once mine and Rodolphus marriage is complete, I will be able to enjoy my life as an adult in the Pureblood society. No man will be able to hold me down, not after the power I have shown Tom. I will have my pick of a man or woman to quench my thirst and I am excited for it.

Until tomorrow,

Bellatrix x

Hermione grinned as the first entry had been read and this just so happened to be one of her favourite years of tales from the woman of her desires - Bellatrix Black.


There is sometimes a wonder in Hermione's head on how she got to this point in her hobby. If she was ever found out and confronted about it, she always guessed she would have to start with how the Diaries became in her possession in the first place, because that is how this all truly started.

Before this point in her life, Hermione had always been drawn to the Dark Witch for the academically brilliant side to the woman. It was not unknown at all that Bellatrix Black was the smartest Witch of her generation, and that was exactly why Voldemort had picked her from the Pureblood society to start his group of Death Eaters.

If they were anything like today's generation of Pure Bloods, there would not have been very many to choose from, but that should not take away from the fact that Bellatrix was indeed the most magically gifted Witch since Morgana. She was fierce, smart and a complete trouble maker, but she was also full of Grace, correct posture and a sucker for how to speak properly going off the words in her Diaries. She was a role model to the modern Witch with how she was able to change a Man's perspective to show that a Witch could perform Magic just as well as a Wizard.

Because of all of this, Hermione already knew quite a bit of the woman, and her curiosity only grew when she was in the presence of Andromeda Tonks who was the middle sister of the Black Family. The boys and most others from the Order tended not to listen to Andy's stories when she had brought them up on occasions.

The woman may have been disowned from the Black family, but she didn't disown herself from her sisters and still kept the fond childhood memories of them. She also had mentioned some things to Hermione once about the extent of Bellatrix's loyality which Hermione sickly found herself attracted to.

When Andy was first found out as a blood traitor and was running to be with Ted, Bellatrix shielded her from their Father's killing curse, and was powerful enough to make their parents fall back so she could walk Andy out the front door. Andy's fond memories ended there with Bellatrix as she announced to her sister -

"I have saved you today Dear Andy, but tomorrow you are becoming my enemy. I love you, but my love for him is stronger..."

Andy still counts it as a blessed day that her sister still saved her from their parents and it is something she had held on to. The Black household at 12 Grimmauld Place is where Hermione first found the books at the tender age of 16, and at first she didn't even want to take them, she left them where they were, but 2 nights later she returned -


1 year previous -

"Hello Hermione! Nice to see you back again!"

"Hey Andy! I think I left something upstairs when I was staying a few nights ago, so I just wanted to come back and collect it if that's okay?"

Andy smiled widely at the young woman and invited her inside. Andy had been lonely since the Snatchers had come and killed Ted, she only had her Daughter now and future Grandson to find company in, so for Hermione to make an extra visit was a treat for the woman.

"Come in! Do you have time to sit for a cup of tea before you go back? Nymph is out for a mission this evening, so it's just me.."

"Of course Andy, I'm more than happy to stay as long as there is a promise of your great adventures when you were young...?"

Hermione took this as an opportunity to get more information on the woman who had been keeping her awake for the past two nights. Once she cracked the Puzzle in the room she had been staying in, she only had time to read a few entries before sealing the puzzle up again to join the boys downstairs. Ever since then, she could think of nothing but the detailed description of how Bellatrix Black Devoured a Hufflepuff from her final year at Hogwarts.

"Of course Dear, just allow me to head in and make some tea, have a wander around, you know this place better than most..."

And Hermione did know the place better than most people. Her, Harry and Ron had spent quite a bit of time there in the past year to help the Order. Her most fascinating room was the one with the Black Family tree, Hermione felt the energy surrounding her when she went into that room. She soon found out that it was the room directly below her bedroom and so the energy followed her to her sleep.

Hermione stepped into the dining area which held the family tree and ran her eyes across all the names held on it. She found the branch she was looking for and started at the bottom which held the youngest Blonde sister, Narcissa. Hermione had only the pleasure of meeting the woman once, and that was enough on that occasion. She hadn't even spoken with Hermione, just sneered in her direction which gave Hermione the chills.

The second on the branch was the Middle Brunette child, Andromeda. There was no longer a picture to accompany the name, instead there was just a black burnt circle covering the face. Hermione wondered how Andy had felt about this or how she felt seeing it again since she had left the house a long time ago.

The third at the top of the branch was the reason she had come here today, she was the eldest of the noble house of Black and her ink Black hair and piercing black eyes matched her family name, Bellatrix Black. The name Hermione had studied over the years also was the name of a very bright star in the sky, and a beautiful one at that.

Hermione had unknowingly stepped forward and was running her fingertips over the picture of the eldest sister and was indulged in how the picture had captured the cheekbones and eyes so perfectly from what she had seen in photos. Hermione could feel herself being drawn in closer and closer until Andy's throat clearing from behind pulled her out of it.

"You know sometimes you remind me of my sister... It's not the whole evil or blood purity impression but your intelligence is enough to rival hers... If she ever knew that, I would imagine it would send her loopy to be honest... More so than what she already is..."

Andy frowned at her last sentence and took herself back into the living area where she had set up tea for her and Hermione. She did miss her sister dearly, not the woman she had become but the woman she once knew.

"From the way you always talk of her, you and Bellatrix seemed closer than you and Narcissa?"

Andy smiled as she poured Hermione's tea when the young woman sat across from her. She had known Hermione was always excited to hear her stories about her sisters but she never really cared to question why and was wondering if she should start.

"I suppose we were closer simply because I was the next born from Bellatrix. I can remember when my mother used to brush our hair growing up, she always said Father was furious he didn't get the boy he wanted, she herself was upset because it meant another baby would need to be birthed to try again for a son, and Bellatrix was the happiest Witch on Earth. She always would rush into a room if I was crying, sometimes she would get upset too if I was... And then we look so alike, the bond just seemed to grow between us..."

"She sounds like she was a great person once upon a time..."

"She was truly fantastic until Tom Riddle came into our World. Bellatrix and us were brought up to be pure blood wives and to run a house the way the Pureblood World seemed fit, but Bellatrix never listened to it all. She grew up happily pretending to her parents that she believed it as well but deep down she never cared for it - She always said once she was old enough she would run away and have her own house wife rather than be a house wife..."

Andy laughed as she remembered her sister's dreams and how she had always wanted the 'Man's place' in a house. Hermione on the other hand had something stirred in the pit of her stomach. Something which she couldn't work out nor had she ever expected to happen over the thoughts of the Dark Witch. It also took her thought straight back to the entry she read of the brown haired Hufflepuff whose hair matched on her head and down below. Hermione squirmed on her seat.

"But of course once our Father did find out, he beat all that out of her... I suppose he didn't quite take away her desires of disobeying him with it, but she made sure not to get caught especially when she got Married. She just covered her tracks well. I suppose when I got with Ted, she didn't let anything be beat out of me, she just told me to keep it quiet. And the more I think back, the more I realise she only did that because she thought me and Ted were not serious, she believed him to be my plaything as some girls were to her..."

"She had told you to keep quiet because she still expected you to marry pure blood?"

"Exactly. And she made it clear as you know the last time we spoke - I would become her enemy for running with Ted. You know it was her same sex encounters that brought Tom Riddle to the house of Black. He claimed to be able to cure her and Father ate it up. That's when her mind was poisoned and I truly lost my big sister..."

"I'm sorry Andy..."

Hermione had moved to sit next to the older woman and rubbed her back in an affectionate manner and the older woman was brought back to the thought of how Hermione had reminded her of Bellatrix.

"When I say you remind me of my sister, she was always put on the back burner like you Hermione. She had intelligence that could rival Dumbledore himself if she had been given the right tools when she left Hogwarts. She was never given credit for her gifts, and I see the way they treat you and my advice to you Hermione is to stick it out until this war is over, then set yourself free of them. If you need any help in getting the right pathways laid out for you, I will do for you what should have been done with my sister. Maybe she wouldn't be as crazy as she is now if she had been given the right kind of attention and care..."

"Thank you Andy. I will keep it to mind. But for the record, I do believe Bellatrix was nothing short of amazing. She was just led down a different path, but even at that, she's still someone with the kind of power I can do nothing but admire... It's late now, I must be grabbing that item and heading out.."

"Of course Hermione. You know also very funny when we first brought you all here... You went straight to that room to sleep in, and the weird thing is that it was Bellatrix's room. Sometimes if Father annoyed her, she would run to that room, just like if the boys annoy you - you head straight there.. But I won't keep you any longer! Don't be a stranger Hermione.."

Hermione nodded her head and headed up the stairs to her room again. She had already figured this was Bellatrix's room from the diaries and the puzzle she had unlocked. Only someone like Bellatrix Black could come up with such a thing to hide her stuff in, and it was so brilliantly stupid, it was such a smart thing to do.

You see only truly smart Witches would see the incantation on the wall was incorrect from two letters being the wrong way around. It annoyed Hermione to no end for the first few times they were there. One day she went closer to it and noticed the dial, and when it was turned, the spell Alohomora lit up and there was a secret door that opened.

Hermione was amazed by it two nights ago and standing in front of the stash she was once again blown away by the genius of its simplicity. She took her extending bag from her pocket and gathered all the diaries into it for some reading material. She was excited but also nervous as to exactly what she would find in them, but she just couldn't stop herself from taking every last book.

She felt around further into the small hole and found a jumper , one which very obviously belonged to a Slytherin due to its Luxurious Green colour. Hermione sniffed it and her whole insides felt as if it was a flower going from a bud to full bloom. Her eyes closed as the intoxicating scents of cinnamon, musk and fresh parchment filled her nostrils. She quickly noticed the charm on it which meant its original scent and feel was kept forever and so meant the jumper smelt of Bellatrix Black in her full glory.

She quickly shoved it into her bag along with some photos she had found and a weird looking brush full of black hairs. She didn't want to be upstairs any longer than needed in case Andy came looking for her.

She headed back down the stairs and found Andy waiting at the bottom for her staring at what seemed to be another photo. Once she heard the stairs she looked up and watched Hermione with a smile on her face.

"You know I don't think I've met someone who listens to my stories like you do. I don't think I've ever met anyone either who is as honest to admit they admire my sister because of the power she has rather than just hate her for a mistake she made in her younger years. I wanted to show you the happy Bellatrix I grew up loving, the one I wish she was today. She was 18 here, it was her ball before she was married off to Rodolphus... I think you should have it, so you can continue to aspire to be at her power level, but learn from the mistakes she made on who she spent her time with..."

"Thank you Andy... That's really lovely of you .."

Hermione looked down at the photo of an 18 year old Bellatrix Black. Her cheek structure and facial features had definitely not changed much at all, the woman was just as gorgeous now as she was back then.

Hermione exited the house before she got too indulged with a little bit of Bellatrix's life and decided to stay with Andy for some more hours. Instead she needed to get home to delve into the mind of Bellatrix and read through every diary she had found.


Back to Present -

Hermione had been getting a lot more irritated since that morning a few weeks ago, Ron still had not apologised despite Ginny informing he was being a prat. Harry had lost Hermione's hints and tips on his studying and already started failing his classes again, but Hermione still walked the opposite way when she saw him coming. That meant Ginny had also attempted to talk to Hermione to patch the Golden Trio up from the more cooperative part of the trio, but this time Hermione was pushing back. She wanted to see how long they would last without her.

Dumbledore was still trying to get into her head and the teachers had even questioned her a few times to see what was wrong because not only was Hermione snappier than usual, but the boys were doing very poorly in their studies which was noted everywhere. Hermione had also started sitting at the end of the Slytherin table in the Great Hall and after the first 2 weeks of it went by, rumours were circulating the school, but the Slytherins took it as a win against Harry and the rest of Gryffindor.

"Hermione you need to see sense with this. You three are the Trio of Hogwarts! Even Dumbledore had asked Harry yesterday why you were being moody at the moment! Your grades are fine, but the boys are struggling and teachers are noticing -"

"What exactly are they noticing Ginny? Are they noticing how dumb those pair of idiots are? Are they noticing how once you take me out of the conversation, the two boys can't even tie their own robes?"

"What - Hermione has something happened - are you -"

Hermione turned around with a cackle and threw her hands in the air and for a moment Ginny didn't know what to do. She wanted to support her boyfriend, her brother and her best friend, but she was getting frustrated as well with none of three listening to her.

"I'm absolutely fine Ginny!! I'm better than fine, I'm doing stuff for myself now, and I have never been better!!"

"You were never like this Hermione... You never used to care about such things, and now you are being selfish?? All because you want to prove you are smarter than the two people who have been with you since you started Hogwarts and never once looked at your blood status -"

"Oh so now we are talking about my Blood Status? Cut the shit Ginny! People in this school are watching two thirds of the Golden trio show their true intelligence levels and I am finally showing how important I am! I refuse to go back to looking after those weak minded boys, I will be powerful and happy on my own!"

Ginny looked horrified at her friend, she was now seeing exactly what was happening and she was worried they were all too late to stop it. Ginny took a step forward and gently placed her hand on Hermione's arm to gain her attention and Hermione met her eyes.

"Hermione... You've gone mental... You've gone crazy with power, just because you are smarter and faster at spells than your friends, doesn't mean you are better than them -"

Hermione tugged her arm away from her now ex-Ginger-friend and shook her head with a grin on her face.

"But that's exactly what it means Gin... I am smarter and better than my friends who could never see my true potential..."

"You sound almost like - ..."

"Say it Gin! Say the name! Who do I sound like??"

"Bellatrix Lestrange..."

"Well... I take that as a compliment Ginny, now if you'll excuse me, I have studying to do."

Hermione flung her arm up and the door to the dorm swung open and Ginny Weasley was utterly speechless at the full display of power on the young Witch. Due to Hermione not running after the boys in the past week, she was able to spend a lot more time studying and practising her magic and so her verbal and wandless magic had become twice as strong.

Ginny slowly took herself from the room not only scared but deeply concerned for the woman she had once referred to as a close friend. Hermione made sure to lock the doors as Ginny left and she threw herself on the bed. She ran her hand over her body and the concealment charm she had, removed itself from her body.

Hermione was not wearing the uniform Ginny had seen, instead she was completely naked with only Bellatrix Black's green, and delightful smelling jumper on.

"Accio Photo.."

Hermione held out her arm and Bellatrix's photo came flying into it from her Trunk at the bottom of the bed. Hermione took a deep inhale of the jumper and the scents were running through her senses and down her spine. Hermione groans aloud.

"Bellatrix Bellatrix Bellatrix... They just don't understand the great kind of Witches we are... I am going to continue getting stronger until I'm strong enough to be near you... I can't wait to see those beautiful cheekbones in person..."

As Hermione oogled Bellatrix's picture from when she was 18, she felt herself begin to grow wet and needy. This wasn't how her hobby was meant to start, but it was the direction it had proceeded in and Hermione didn't want to take it off course for even a second.

"You'll understand me like no one else can..."

Hermione's hand ran up her stomach firstly to meet a perk breast with a hardening bud. She moved it between her fingers and imagined the older Witch was lying next to her doing it. She couldn't stop herself at this point, everything in her head went too far and she wanted the pale hand to touch her in all the ways she desired.

"Fuck, you feel so good Bellatrix..."

Hermione's nails scraped their way down her stomach leaving lines as they went and her breathing was getting faster and more laboured. She reached her pussy and moaned out loud as her finger tips glazed over her clit and started gathering wetness.

"Hmm don't tease me Bella... Please, I'll be a good Witch for you..."

Over the time Hermione had spent studying the older woman, she convinced herself on exactly what way Bellatrix would touch her, how she would make her beg, how she would make her feel on a heightened level. Her fingers circled her clit a few times to get her arousal built up more and she became a whimpering mess under her own hand while imagining it belonged to someone else.

Her fingers slipped down to her entrance and she easily pushed through which made her whimper even more. She was being taken to a whole new line of pleasure, and the imagines of Bellatrix's pale hand being the one to do it, set her off to move at a faster pace.

"Oh Bellatrix, fuck I'm gonna - please, please let me come Bella!!"

She was begging the spirit of Bellatrix that she fully believed was with her and fueling her hand movements. She opened her eyes once more to look at the photo again and invision the beautiful woman being next to her, and her back started arching off the bed as her fingers went deeper and faster. She whimpered as she reached her peak hard with complete white stars shining behind her eye lids.

She pumped herself so every single moment of bliss passed over to her, and she got every last sensation she hoped the dark woman would give her one day. The Dark Witch's name was screamed, whimpered and begged for over the next 20 minutes as Hermione got herself off to the thoughts of the Dark Witch with each orgasm.

This happened regularly over the next week. Every single day. Every moment she had the chance to, even during night when the other girls were sleeping in the dorm. Hermione learned to enclose her bed in a silencing charm and would bite down on her tie to keep herself quiet. She would even pretend the tie was some form of kink Bellatrix had wanted to inflict on the young woman and it was one of the most intense orgasms Hermione ever had.

Hermione was in deep and she continued to gain as much information on the older Witch as she could. After a few days, she had got no new information and it was driving her mad. Not nearly as mad as Bellatrix actually was, but it was a very intense level for Hermione Granger.

Hermione had stopped attending classes.

She had decided to only attend meals once a day, sometimes twice if she had enough orgasms to allow her to deal with other students and make her hungry enough.

Her uniform was never done correctly anymore and Hermione had now found a love of eye liner to make her eyes stand out darker and it also took away the look of the dark circles on her eyes from lack of sleep at night.

Oh but sleep was wonderful for Hermione when she did get it. It was filled with her Dark Lover taking her in every position and location possible. It even included times of them torturing other Witches and Wizards together, and that was the point Hermione decided she needed more of, more of everything Bellatrix.

So she sent an owl to another member of the Black family in the hopes of a visit. With what Hermione had explained in the letter from information she noted around Hogwarts, she expected Narcissa Malfoy's presence within a few days.


Hermione only had to wait exactly 13 hours before she was called to the Forbidden forest by an unknown white owl at her Window. It was fairly late in the evening and already dark outside, but she assumed this is exactly why Narcissa had waited the hours she did before her call was answered.

Hermione wrapped herself in a robe and headed down through the castle. As she walked the corridors, other students moved out of her way. She had become a serious contender for Draco's position in the school where no one fucked with her, or decided to challenge her, she was powerful and it was something everyone in the school was really beginning to notice. Draco himself started saying 'Hi' to her as he passed by, he knew how to sense a powerful Witch and was always told to become friends with one.

"Miss Granger... Where might you be going at such a time of night?"

Hermione's shield was straight up in a matter of seconds and any thoughts of Bellatrix or Narcissa were replaced with Harry and Ron being asses again and confronting her about her absence in their friendship.

"Just going to clear my head Professor. It hasn't been a very good week..."

"Of course my Dear... I have heard the boys are lost without you and trying to patch things -"

"You must be mistaken Professor. All the boys have been trying to do is belittle me, tell me I'm not doing well without them and try to make me reliant on them when I am doing clearly fine without having to babysit them..."

Dumbledore softly smiled at the young Witch, but Hermione felt the push in her brain to the point it was nearly causing her a migraine.

So she pulled away from the connection and started walking towards the double doors. Dumbledore cleared his throat and Hermione turned around once more to face the Headmaster, but this time there was no smile, it was a frown.

"Miss Granger... Another Brightest Witch of her age made some grave mistakes in her final year at Hogwarts. I would advise extreme caution so you don't do the same thing..."

"It's okay Professor... I still have another year to correct any mistakes from this year. Have a good evening!"

Hermione did not even wait for a response this time as she continued her journey out through the doors and down the pathway towards the forest. She saw a small light in the distance between the trees and the posture of the figure told Hermione that it was indeed the woman she had asked to see tonight.

"Mrs Malfoy..."

The woman turned around to face Hermione and she could see straight away from Narcissa's impressive cheekbones, she most definitely was a relation of the woman in Hermione's desires. The woman had a stern emotionless face and unforgiving eyes as she turned to face the young Witch.

"Cut the shit Miss Granger, I am not here for idle chit chat... You said in your letter you had some queries you wish to discuss with me but before we go to that topic, I'd like to know the answers to a few of my own questions.."

Hermione smiled as she knew she would get exactly what she wanted from this woman because she was nervous. She had the best stern face but Hermione could see the worries that lay in her eyes. Not to mention her shields were up full force in her head and Hermione could see nothing but dark space.

"Of course Narcissa... I am not here to make you feel uncomfortable, I am here because you have some information I would like and in exchange I will keep my own mouth shut up with what I know..."

"Maybe we can start with that.. How the Hell have you managed to see Draco's Dark Mark?"

Hermione let out a slight laugh as her plan worked perfectly and Narcissa was getting pissed off at the Younger woman's disrespect especially being from the Blood status that she is.

"I didn't actually see it. I worked it out from his jumpers, behaviours and his general scratching on the same part of his arm. I just bluffed it in the hope you would agree to meet me - Although now I have it confirmed, you have my word I won't say anything as long as you tell me what I want to know..."

Once Narcissa heard she had been played by Hermione, her eyes closed and her face fell as she had truly been done over. She listened to what Hermione had to say and she felt ridiculous that a Muggle born had indeed tricked her into showing up tonight and looking for specific information.

"Fine. Out with it. What information do you need, and make it quick before I change my mind! Do you want to know what Draco's plan is, my husband's plan, what about my own hygiene schedule, do you want to know that Miss Granger??"

Narcissa was losing her composure and it was showing to the younger woman. Hermione went and sat on a rock close by as Narcissa watched her with a twitch in her eye. Narcissa didn't like how much power Hermione was able to have over the youngest Black sister right now but her son's safety was at stake and she had to do what was necessary to protect him.

"I want to know everything about your sister..."

"Andy? But Sure you still see-"

"Bellatrix. I want to know about Bellatrix..."

Narcissa tilted her head in confusion and curiosity at the young woman's request. She was completely baffled with what the woman was requesting of her and that's when she wanted to ask why, but she knew there was only one way to truly find out.

"Miss Granger - May I?"

Hermione thought about the woman's request for a moment. She knew exactly what the woman was asking to do and she went over exactly what she wanted Narcissa to see in her mind. Would she think differently of the Muggle born? Or was this what she needed to do in order to gain Narcissa's trust and be her way into getting the information she needed?

"If I show you... Will you tell me everything I want to know about her..?"

"I'll do one better Miss Granger... If you show me your intentions for my sister I will take you directly to her..."

This caused Hermione's interest to peek very highly and she couldn't nod her head fast enough to Narcissa's request. She stood up and closed the space between them so Narcissa could look straight into Hermione's eyes and she immediately started poking through the young woman's head.

The clips flickered through Narcissa's head and her eyes widened more and more as each memory of Hermione passed. She was curious as to why Hermione wanted to see her sister but she was expecting everything but this to be the reason ..

Hermione felt the pull leave her head and she stumbled backwards as her head started to gain its own space once more. Narcissa on the other hand was completely baffled by what she saw, but she had no doubt the memories were true considering there's no way Hermione could fake some of the... Activities she had partaken in.

"Well Miss Granger... That was certainly an experience I have never had before and definitely one I do not wish to experience again. Who knew a Muggleborn would feel that kind of way for a Pureblood Evil Witch... The Golden Girl from the Golden Trio fucks herself to thoughts of the great and evil Pureblood Bellatrix Black. Merlin Hermione, you are Obs-"

Yes, yes I get all your points Narcissa, now please... I am begging you to hold up your part of the deal..."

Narcissa thought for a moment. She thought about what this could mean for her sister's cause if she played a little with this Mudblood. She saw all the benefits in her head and she started calculating all the plans with another extremely powerful Witch invested in their cause.

"My sister will come with the conditions Hermione Granger.. If you leave now, you will leave with me forever. Are you prepared to leave everything here, everything behind you? Your friends, your parents, your whole life?"

Hermione took one more glance back at the castle and all her foul memories surfaced straight away. She even saw Dumbledore up in his tower and she knew he could very well see what she was doing. She wasn't upset leaving the boys behind, all her so-called friends, the teachers who only wanted the Golden Boys to succeed, she wasn't upset about anything at all that was involved at Hogwarts. She was happy at the thought of leaving.

"Take me away and never bring me back..."

Narcissa held out her arm which Hermione took and within a matter of seconds, she was pulled through the tight tub and arrived in the library of where she assumed to be Malfoy Manor. Hermione already was delighted with her choice as she looked around the room and saw hundreds of books piled around the shelves.

"Please wait here Miss Granger, I will need to inform my sister of this revelation before I bring her to see you... Make yourself at home..."

Narcissa left the room and Hermione gleefully took in her surroundings. What excited her the most was the smell of this room as it was the fresh Parchment she smelt on Bellatrix's jumper and it heightened Hermione's senses to their top level once more.

Hermione soon heard footsteps coming down the corridor at a fast pace, one set in particular was skipping out of rhythm to the other set as if that person was trying to keep up with the other one. The door to the library burst open and Hermione's eyes shot up to meet the dark orbs of her desire and she felt her panties dampen in a single moment.

The Dark Witch looked surprised as it appeared as if she hadn't believed her sister that the Golden Mudblood was indeed in their library and here to see her.

"Do you see her Bellatrix? I did not lie... But I believe you will have some things to discuss, so I will leave you in peace. Go easy on her Bella, she is still young and useful for now..."

Bellatrix didn't even respond to Narcissa as she waved her hand for her younger sister to leave them alone. Once the door closed, she continued making her way to the younger woman with a sickening grin on her face as if she couldn't believe the young girl was in her grasp.

"My my... The young Mudblood has come to play with the big bad Death Eater..."

Hermione's mouth hung open but she couldn't quite get any words out as she was totally caught up in the sight of the older woman before her. Bellatrix started pushing into Hermione's mind and the younger woman happily let her poke around every corner of it..

"Now that is all very interesting Hermione Granger... You've been studying me... Following my timeline and my family... You've even spoken to Andy about me..."

Hermione's eyes were locked to the sharp jawline and cheeks that showed her beautiful porcelain skin colour off. Her nose was the perfect size to fit her face and those blood red lips. Oh how Hermione wanted to taste them, to feel them on every inch of her skin, to have them surround her nipples with gentle nips.

"And my bright little hiding spot..? My my you have been a busy little Mudpuppy... You found all my old diaries, all my stories and sexual conquests... Did you enjoy reading them Mudblood??"

Bellatrix was circling the young woman like a lion stalking their prey and Hermione could feel her breathing hitch every time the woman came into view again. She was like a dream that came to life in Hermione's mind. Especially as Bellatrix walked facing away from her, that was when Hermione really felt her eyes pop out of her head. Bellatrix's hips swayed in front of the young Witch as Bellatrix started calculating her next move, her next plan all involving the Mudblood who came to her.

Hermione was too busy watching how the older Witch's body moved and glided, each movement had her hooked and it was just the best feeling the young Witch ever had, to see her own fantasy come to life, all she needed to do was reach out and-

"My my, you are indeed fascinated with me aren't you?"

Hermione's eyes shot up and met the black orbs again as Bellatrix started walking towards her. The older woman felt a strange form of flattery as she was convinced now that Hermione Granger did indeed want her in every way possible. This was going to be her way of pulling the Golden Girl into their cause...

"I'm not..."

Hermione stuttered out the words and the older woman raised her eyebrow at her. Bellatrix walked around to the back of Hermione again and moved the young woman's hair to the side and Hermione's whole body froze with anticipation, want, need and every single kind of emotion she had felt in the past year at an accelerated level.

"You're not? I think you are Miss Granger... You are completely fascinated with me..."

Hermione could feel the warm breath of the older witch on her ear and a shiver shot down her spine as she tried to keep her composure so she didn't embarrass herself in front of this delightfully delicious woman she was in the presence of.

"It's not a fascination... It's a complete obsession... "

There was a pause between them where only Hermione's heavy breathing was heard and the warm breath on her ear was the only thing she could feel as the rest of her body was numb. She had said it and her eyes were shut tight just waiting on the response from the woman she was dying to have devour her, ruin her, just do anything she pleased with the younger woman because Hermione was completely at her mercy now and she didn't want to be anywhere else.

Then she heard a slight giggle and whisper in her ear...

"Come then Mudpuppy .. Show me how really obsessed you are with me..."