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"Just put it in."

"...Seriously?" Outis, who was about to stand up, stops. Her eyebrows knit together.

"I'm serious." Ryoshu lays with her legs open, resting carelessly on the pillows. Her fingers tap in a rhythm on Outis's shoulder. "Don't bother getting anything."

"It'll hurt, though. You could tear, or it could get stuck..."

"Ooh, so concerned. Who am I, Commander?"


"That's right. The best artist in the City." She pulls Outis down on top of her, lacing her fingers behind Outis's neck. "Art is pain, and pain is art. Stop talking."

Outis nods. She takes Ryoshu's hips and pushes her knees up to either side, high up. She positions herself carefully. Taking too long, but whatever.

She pushes the strap inside her ass. Ryoshu holds her breath. She's going too slow but it's faster than most people are willing to do so she'll take it. Aah, it hurts. Her hole is stretching around the black silicone, she can feel it. Her nails dig hard into Outis's back, slowly clawing down. It's a good size, nice and big. She's done bigger but those actually could get stuck doing this.

The base bumps against her. She breathes out. She's so hard it hurts. 

Outis tries to pull out. She does, but Ryoshu can tell she's nervous with how much resistance she feels. "Faster," Ryoshu says, up against her ear. That's what she likes. "Just try and break me." She lets out a little laugh. As if that could happen. But if it did she wouldn't mind so much.

It works. Outis thrusts in a little faster like she asked. The stinging pain turns her on. If there is blood, because there might be, she could rip even if she'd never break because she's only human in the end—She loves it, she's doing it on purpose, and Outis is clearly starting to understand this as she gets into a rhythm. Her low grunts are cute. She loves those sounds. Other nights they get high and weak. Tonight they're deep and short, more like escaping air than anything. Never loud.

She takes one of her hands out of Outis's flesh to run her thumb against the sticky head of her cock. She shouldn't. It'll feel better if Outis does it, or when she finds that right spot. Somewhat reluctantly her hand shifts to her chest, pressing and twisting for just a bit more stimulation.

Luckily, Outis is smart and ever adaptable. She thrusts in only a few angles before she finds the one that makes Ryoshu gasp sharply and feel the blood rushing in her head. 

"There, hard—" Ryoshu growls, but it's not necessary. She learned quickly how to hit it so Ryoshu throws her head back and pants with her mouth open, drooling. With every movement of her hips a little bit of pre hits Outis's stomach and slides off. It doesn't hurt anymore but she can feel every inch of the strap going in and out and it feels so, so good. 

Outis's hand grabs her cock, pumping in tandem. Rougher would be good. Like an animal. She'd like it if Outis slammed her down, lost that thing called sense, fucked her hard like paying her back for all the nights Ryoshu made her struggle to walk in the morning. She's not there yet. But she's not far. She's got her in a great position, a merciless one, where every time her hips move she feels either her hand or her strap. 

She suddenly squeezes hard and Ryoshu makes a choked noise, the only sound she's made. She almost came. Outis wants to fuck her just a little longer. It's selfish of her. She likes that. 

Her body is shaking. She's twitching in Outis's slick hand as she's pounded. She kisses her. It's messy and she misses her mouth a few times but it's fine, good even, because she can bite Outis's lip and pull her closer, pull her down by her hair and let her feel the tremble of her being too. She wants her to know. She loves her. Is that the word? It doesn't matter.

Finally Ryoshu's breath stops, feeling the very edge. Her back arches up as a powerful, consuming ecstasy knocks out her vision, coming in thick ropes in hot bursts. It covers Outis's hand and splashes off her body. One line hits the edge of her jaw. The white is beautiful on her. She keeps going, coaxing out everything. 

She falls to the sheets, breathing hard shuddering breaths, buzzed out of her mind. She's still leaking.

Outis sits up, pulling the toy out. "You made a mess," she says, voice husky. Her torso is covered in her. Outis uses her thumb to wipe her chin off, then sticks it into her mouth.

"You want me to clean it off?" Ryoshu grins lazily. "I can be a good girl."

Wordlessly, Outis moves back so Ryoshu can turn over. She unfastens the strap and takes it off. She's soaked. Definitely not far. Her stamina's worse than Ryoshu's.

Ryoshu crawls up and puts her tongue against her chest. She can taste Outis's sweat, her skin, and of course herself. She slowly licks the mess off of her, swallowing easily, lingering at places and then trailing down. She takes her time getting every stray drop. Every tensening of muscles under her, the rapid beat of her heart through her soft chest, reminds her of how excited she is.

Hearing Outis's breath stutter when she gets close to her thighs, she stops and moves aside. She takes the hand Outis used to rub her with into her open mouth, making sure she can see her tongue sliding between her fingers and the movement of her throat. Outis bites her lip. Her eyes are cloudy. She likes it when Ryoshu's being good and gentle, too. Maybe because it's rare.

When she's done there she slides back down. Outis trembles as she methodically cleans her slick inner thighs. She can taste her now too. She bites the soft spots, making Outis's fingers tighten on her hair. 

Ryoshu puts her lips over her clit and sucks. Outis jerks, pushing her face further in. She opens her mouth and slides her tongue just under inside and Outis is already panting, whispering "Ryoshu, Ryoshu," trapping her head between her legs. Obediently she pushes deeper, closing her eyes.

She puts two of her fingers under her tongue, pushing deep. It doesn't take much more until Outis clenches on her, her body curling tight over her. Her thighs are strong. The pressure on her ears reminds her that Outis is the kind of person who normally holds back her strength. She can see that, obviously, given her broad-shouldered build. But like this, pulling hard on her hair and practically crushing her, with her strangled moan, she can tell she's feeling good.

Her breath comes out in a burst of air as the tension goes slack and her head is released. It's a bit sore, but not nearly as much as how her ass feels from getting slammed earlier. But it's perfectly comfortable for her. Probably not for most people, she's aware. Ryoshu licks her lips like a wolf, lying down next to her, resting her arms around her shoulders, watching Outis catch her breath.

"You were good," Outis mutters.

"Like I said," Ryoshu says. "I got everything, didn't I?" Sometimes art can last only for a moment. Nobody but her needs to see what Outis looks like in her bed. She doesn't feel bad erasing it.

Outis's body is warm. Ryoshu puts her nose into the crook of her neck, embracing her from behind. She makes a sound and leans into it. It's comfortable. She smells nice. Like tree bark. Unlike Ryoshu, whose smoking habits have destroyed any chance for any other scent but blood and sweat sticking to her. 

There's a distinct difference between them. Ryoshu loves sex, the animal pleasure and grotesque aesthetic of it all. She would practically never refuse a lay with an attractive canvas, within her preferences. But Outis needs it. For all the wisdom and logic and strategy in her brain, her body's desires to touch and be touched layer like coats of paint, until it smothers her circuits and drives her to find someone to scrape it off. 

They like each other. Like feeling each other, one in the other, a connection both deep and shallow, trusting and superficial. Ryoshu falls asleep.