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The Goodies Shorts

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It was another boring Saturday evening in the office. The lads haven't had any calls for their services in two months; the money was getting low and the bills stacking high.

The lads were doing their own hobbies. Graeme was sorting out how they can pay the bills; still have money left over for food and Tim's Union Jack Waistcoats since his old ones shrunk in the wash, due to Bill putting too much washing powder when it was his turn to do the laundry.

Tim was trying to alter the old waistcoats since he was exceptional with a needle and thread. Well, due to the situation that they were in, he was struggling a bit. Twiddling with the thread so it can go through the needle eye, muttering to himself when knots would occur in the thread. Worrying that Bill would spend the shopping money all for himself and not on food.

"Graeme, you're sure it was wise to send Bill to do the shopping?" Peeking from the mountain of papers, Graeme answered. "Bill may not be... the most smartest of people. But, I think he can handle the shopping Tim."  Sighing in a huff, Tim continued his sewing. For the next ten minutes, Tim and Graeme continued with their tasks. Suddenly, a knock on the door was heard.

The two Goodies froze in place. "Did you hear that Graeme? Or was it just my imagination?" "No Tim, I heard that knock too." Graeme reassured. Tim put down his sewing and walk towards the main door, just stopping mid-way. "Ah, it could be Bill Graeme. He's forgot his keys again." Graeme crossed his arms, "Next time when he forgets his keys, I'm not letting him in!"

"Hello? Anyone there? This is The Goodies residents?" Said a posh voice, which gave a signal to Tim and Graeme that it wasn't Bill. "Yes! This is the residents of The Goodies! Tim said, rushing to the door nearly tripping over his feet and opens the door.

A tall slim woman walked in wearing a long oak colour brown coat, jet black jodhpur boots, dark chestnut hair style in a short bob. Holding a medium size handbag and wearing a mink scarf around her neck. "You're the Goodies?" She asks. "We are Miss! What is your problem? Whatever it is, we will help!" Answered Tim, bouncing up and down with enjoyment that they finally got a client.

Rolling his eyes at Tim, Graeme got up from his desk and walk towards the woman to greet her. "We are The Goodies, how can we help Miss..Ummm..? Turing away from the two Goodies, she walked forward a bit, examining the office in the process. "Amber, my name is Amber. However, I don't require your services." Tim's excitement dropped, "You don't require our help? Then... Why are you here?"

Amber paused for a bit, still examining the office. "Do you know a William Edgar Oddie? I saw the advertisement in the paper that he works here."  Graeme gave a puzzled look, "William Edgar Oddie? Ah, you mean Bill." Yes, he works here." Tim gave a concern annoying look, "What has he done now? We'll pay for any damaged... as long as it's under a pound.." He moaned.

A slight grin appeared on Amber face, "Oh no, you see. Well, to be precise. My full name is Amber Aspen. I'm William's Aunt." "What?! You're Bill's Aunt?" A shocking Tim stated. "I'm the one who has the extended family!" "Tim, please calm down." Commanded Graeme as he cleaned his glasses on his shirt.

Tim gave out a slight apologetic look. "Anyway, it's nice to meet a member of Bill's family. Are you here on a flying visit?" Question Graeme. Amber stroked her mink scarf softly. Another grin came across her face. More menacing than the one before. "I'm here to have a talk with my nephew about him not accepting his family heritage." "His... family heritage?" Tim doubt. "Indeed, his family heritage." Amber continued. "You see, our family are high ranking witches."

The room went dead silent as Tim and Graeme stared at Amber in shock. Thoughts going round in both of the two Goodies heads. Memories of what happen last time when a witch needed them in the past.  That Graeme was possessed by an evil spirit that wanted to summon the Devil, then got possessed by a gibbon. That in the end, Graeme went back to normal. But, Tim was possessed by a chicken and Bill was possessed by a dog.

"Of course you’re a witch and Bill's Aunt." Graeme bellowed, breaking the silence. "I think it's time that you should be going Miss Amber. Don't you agree Tim?" Tim put his hands on his hips, nodding in agreement. "Yes Graeme. I do believe that Miss Amber should be going." Graeme began to shove, in the nicest way possible Amber out of the office. "Excuse me. But, it is true. I am his Aunt and a witch, so is he." She protest. "Sure you are." Replied Tim. "We'll tell Bill that you popped by on your broomstick and said hello." Just as Amber was near the door, it opened showing the back of a familiar person.

"Before you two moan, I did not forget my keys and got everything that was on Graeme list." Bill grumble, pushing the door with his back. "Some help would be nice you know." Bill turned around, nearly dropping the shopping. "Amber... What..What..are you doing here??" Bill stuttered. "William, it's so good to see you." Amber express as she embrace Bill.  Tim and Graeme glare in bewilderment.

"Look at you... you lost weight and grown a beard. Not using magic I see.” “You make that sound like that's a bad thing Auntie and I do use magic. Only sparingly." Murmur Bill.  Tim took a step back from Bill's words. "You're... You are really a witch... " "Don't be ridiculous Tim. Bill is not a witch." Graeme protested. "My dear Sir's. I must assure you that my mistress speaks the truth." A voice said. "Who said that!" Tim panicked. The mink that was resting on Amber shoulders raised it head at them, showing a scar across its face. "I did Sir."

"The ferret is talking Graeme!! The ferret is talking!!! Tim screeched. The Mink gave out a yawn and stretch. "Excuse me but I'm not a ferret. I am a mink Sir."

"Chestnut, is that you? Question Bill. The mink gave a smile at Bill. "Master William. What a pleasure to see you again." Bill gave a brief look at Chestnut scar. “It’s good to see you too."

Amber gave out a slight sigh. "William, my dear William. You possess rare magical abilities, and you're wasting it." Bill put down the shopping bags and crossed his arms. "You know why I hardly use my magic Auntie, after what happen." "William, what happen was an accident. Why don't you come with us back to the Manor House with us. Your Uncle would be so grateful if you..."

"Manor House!" Tim yelled. "You live in a Manor House! Bill, why didn't you say that your family are rich" Graeme elbowed Tim's side. "Tim, you're more worried about that? This is crazy! Bill, tell us that this isn't true." Bill lowered his gaze, "It is true Graeme. Amber is a witch... and I'm a witch..."

Amber glanced at Tim and Graeme. "Oh, I forgot that you two are still here." She smirk. Amber gave out a whistle as if she was calling for someone. In fact, Amber was calling for someone. Her broomstick. Tim and Graeme gave out a shriek as they saw an oak broomstick sweeping into the office, slipping past Bill. Graeme noticed something on the handle, what seemed to be a necklace or a charm of some sorts.

Amber gave another glare at the two Goodies and hugged Bill. "If you ever want to visit William, you can." "Thanks Auntie and goodbye. Goodbye Chestnut, it was nice to see you again." Bill said. "It was nice to see you Master William." Chestnut replied. Bill moved away from the door for Amber. As she walked past, she whisper something to Bill which made him go slightly pale then walked out, closing the door behind her.

The three Goodies just stare at each other, until Bill broke the silence. "Oh... blast! I forgot the milk... I just go and get it..." Bill turned around and took a step. "BILL!!!" Tim and Graeme yelled.   "You got a lot and I mean a lot of explaining to do!" Graeme ordered. Bill gave out a sigh whine turning around to face them. "Alright... You better sit down for this... it will take a while."

High up in the evening night sky, Amber was flying back to the Manor House. "Mistress, may I ask what you whispered to Master William? Questioned Chestnut. "I think you already know Chestnut." She replied. Chestnut gave a worried look as they continue flying, disappearing into the night sky.