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Total Drama (New!) Island

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The episode start with Chris stood on the dock just like first season, but the location it's not camp wawanakwa.
"Greetings, Total Drama fans! Hope you're ready for some big surprises! Because we're here for the newest season of the hottest reality TV show in the country!" Chris announced to the camera

"This time, we're on a totally brand new location: a Cree island in western Canada, with the brand new competitors! But the rules remain the same. Campers will compete in challenges, with the losers booting someone out. Last one standing wins the grand prize of ONE...MILLION...DOLLARS!"

"Now, it's time to meet our victims…I mean campers!" Chris say when the first boat arrive, two similar looking girls stepped on the dock.

They both have blond hair and teal eyes, the one who had beauty mark wore the red cheerleader outfit and white heel boots.
The other one carry a ukulele, her hair is in a ponytail. She wore a purple hoodie, dark blue shirt, purple skirt and blue sneakers.
"Hello, Amy and Sammy, are you nervous?" Chris asked

"Of course not! I'm TOTALLY got this one in the bag" Amy said, while Sammy is clearly not paying attention.
"What? oh, yeah, you're right" Sammy gave a helf-hearted responsed.

Sammy: "I don't know Amy gonna be here until I got Chris's call. Apparently we send the audience tapes at the same time without each other acknowledge it."
"I guess twins did have some telepathic connection even they're not really close"
Amy: "I might not be the most physically strong person here, but I know how to make everyone listen to me. The million dollar will be MINE!"

The next contestant it's a boy with curly brown hair, wearing the yellow hoodie, orange shirt, gray shorts and yellow sneakers.
"Sam! nice to see you!" Chris greeted him

"Wow, after stay in my room for so long, I forgot how the outside world look like" Sam said "Tree, bird…is that a lake?"

"Nerd" Amy scoffed.

Sam: "I spent most of my time on the computer, so I don't really know how to dealing with the real world…"

"Hope you don't end up like Ezekiel" Chris said "Now step aside, the next camper is here"

The fourth contestant is a girl with tomboy style, she have shoulder length blonde hair, wore a gray outfits made by shirt, shorts and sneakers.
"Hi, I'm Jo. It's really nice to meet you all" she greeted everyone with the smile.

"Me too" Chris reply "But not sure about them"
"Oh…okay" Jo joined the other contestants, she try to talk to the twins, but Amy doesn't seems friendly and Sammy is too focused on her ukulele, so she just standing there awkwardly.

Jo: "When I in school, a lot of girl don't like me cause I act like a guy. I hope it won't happen here"

The next boat dropped of a boy with short brown hair, wore a blue football jersey, gray pants and blue sneakers.
"Lightning!" Chris announced.

"Hi everyone! I don't know who gonna be my teammates but I promise I will be the GREAT leader!" Lightning said confidently, he walked up to Jo and tried to get a high-five "Hey dude!"

"I'm girl" Jo replied

"Oh…" Lightning put down his hand "Sorry"

Lightning: "I might be the strangest person here, but I'm all about teamwork! I will lead my team and win the challenge!"

The sixth contestant is a boy with messy brown hair, he have large orange vest with amount of pockets fill with different stuff, white long sleeves shirt, blue pants also with full pockets and gray sneakers, carry the large backpack and three extra luggage.
"Shawn, did you really need those?" Chris asked

"Yes, and I would like to ask the few questions." Shawn said as he look around
"Are the building tsunami proof? What the possibility of earthquake happen? How many animal on this island are predators? Also this might sound stupid but does this island have something …supernatural happen?"

"Don't know, don't care, you'll see, someone will take care of that" Chris answered all the questions in the shortest way possible "Now get over there!"

Shawn: "I always prepared for everything that might happen, such as nature disaster, deadly disease, supernatural activities… Better safe than sorry, right?"

The next boat was faster then others, that's because an Australian girl is parasailing behind it. She wore a white tank top, black laggings and sneakers.
She do the few stunt and made the perfect land on the deck of the boat. Everyone were amazed by her skill.

"Our extreme athletic, Jasmine!" Chris announced.

Jasmine: "I'm here for the money, but I'll still be a team player and playing fair. I won't tolerate any cheater even they're my teammates"

"And here come the second pair of twins! bet you didn't see that coming"

Two similar looking boys with completely different styles arrived the dock. One of them have spiky brown hair, teal T-shirt, blue pants and beige sneakers.
The other have all black outfit made by hoodie, jeans and sneakers, His hair covering the left eye and his right eye have dark circle around.
"Mike and Mal! Hope I won't forgot who is who" Chris joked

"I can't believe we're here!" Mike said excitedly.
On the contrary, Mal seem like he doesn't really want to be here "Me neither, and I'm not happy with this" he said as he dragged his brother away.

Mike: "Hey my dearest family. If you watching this, I'm sorry for join the show without telling, but I promise I won't do anything that will put me in the juvie again. So don't worry, okay?"
Mal: "I have no f**king idea why we're selected. I sent the tape to tell them DON'T choose Mike, but for some reason they think it a good idea to put both of us in the show?"
"(sigh) That idiot better not do anything stupid"

"Hi, didn't expect to see another twins here" Sammy, who finally looked up from her ukulele, greeted the brothers genially.
"Me too" Mal respond, Mike tried to say something but his attention are caught by the next contestant

It's a girl with the bright-red hair in pigtails and the war paint on her face, a red bandanna tie on her head. She wore a hem torn red sleeveless shirt, green pants and red sneakers.
"Prepare to LOSE, cause Commando Zoey are join the game!" The girl said confidently

"Excuse me? I'm the one who doing the introduced" Chris said annoyed.
"I know how to make a perfect first impression, okay?" Zoey walked up to Mike "And seem like it work perfectly."

"Hi, I'm Mike, and you seem…pretty cool."
Mike smile awkwardly.
"Nice try, but you gonna need more than that to impress me." Zoey gave a maniacal laugh.

Zoey: "Will I date that spiked hair? Maybe, but only if he useful in the challenges."

The eleventh contestant is a red hair boy, wore a red jacket, blue shorts and red sneakers.
"Scott! hey dude!'

Scott didn't respond, just give a Thumb up.

"You don't talk much, did you?"

Scott pulled out a note book and write something on it, which revealed as 'I will win'

The next contestant is a petite boy with black glasses, he wore a red hoodie, yellow shorts and red sneakers.
"Cameron, nice to see you"

"Me too, It's a first time I talk to anyone in real life. you see, I'm what's known as 'bubble boy', my mom was really overprotective so I never done anything before except for read…"

"No one care!" Amy shout out to Cameron "Just shut up and get over here!"

Cameron: "It's seem like I didn't make the great first impression, which is really bad because it might decrease the chances of my victory. Plus I'm not really athletic so that mean the only way for me to me is use my brain. By the way, according to Linda Blair, it only takes seven seconds to…"
(The rest of the confession has been cut off due to deing too long and unnecessary)

The next contestant is a brown hair girl, she wore a pink top, light purple pants and pink heels. She focus on the mirror, busy fixing her hair
"Staci? Hello?"

"Sorry, the wind mess up my hair" Staci respond "I hope I bring enough hairsprays, I can't lose my style"
"Don't worry, it's not like you gonna last long anyway" Zoey Scoffed, making Mike chuckled.

Staci: "I wanna win, but not at the expense of my looks. Did you know how much my clothes and my hair cost me? All of them are brand!"

Another boat arrived, a boy stepped on the dock, he wore a gray shirt, red shorts and gray sneakers. his eyes locked on his handhold game
"Hi" he walked passed Chris, not brother to looked up from his game

"Seriously? you guys need to learn how to respected" Chris said annoyed "Anyway, he is B"

B: (keep playing his game)
"I know I should say something, but I need to pass this level first… oh s**t I die"

The fifteenth contestant is a girl in pink tennis outfits, her blonde hair in ponytail and a pink cap sat on her head.
"Welcome here, Dakota" Chris greeted her

"I can't wait to show my excellent skills!" Dakota said as she swing her tennis racket

Dakota: "I not here for the money, I just want to test myself and show the world how good I'm!"

The sixteenth contestant is a tan skin girl dress in hot pink sleeveless top, light-pink pants and pink hills
"Anna Maria!"

"Hi Chris! Say cheese!" Anna Maria grabbed Chris and take a selfie with him
"uh, No phone allow on this island" Chris took the phone and throw it right into the sea

"You can't take my phone away! did you have any idea how many followers are waiting for me to update?"

"I don't know and I don't care"

Anna Maria: "Chris is so mean!" (fake crying)

Next contestant is an Indian boy with black hair, a light-blue beanie sat on his head. he wore a white short sleeves shirt with caricature of a bloody axe and hockey mask, brown jeans and white sneakers
"Good to see you, Dave"

"Me too" Dave looked around "This look like a place where killing game will happen and only one of us can leave"
"Close enough" Chris joked

Dave: "A bunch of teenager on an island at middle of nowhere? I won't surprise if there's a serial killer among us or have one hidden in here just like season one. Good thing I always prepare"
"…Did I just raised the dead flag?"

The next boat drop a white boy with black hair, wore a green sweater, gray pants and black sneakers
"Here comes Brick!"

"Greetings, I hope we can all having a great time whether we are teammates or enemies"
Brick said with a smile.

"Hahaha…Nope" Chris mocked.

Brick: "I really want to win the money so I can fulfil my dream, but I not gonna do it by hurting people… unless the challenges required"

The nineteenth contestant is a petite girl, her blonde hair in french braid, wore a green short sleeves sundress and white sandals.
"Dawn!" Chris greeted simply

"Hi, It seem like you got some…interesting people here" Dawn said with blank face

"I know, but you definitely don't have right to judge"

"That's true" Dawn struggle, and joined the others

Dawn: "The reason I'm here is because I read my tea leaves one morning and it say this show will change my life. I not sure if it have to do with the money but I'll try to win it, cause why not?"
"Beside, mess with a bunch of people who want to put each other down seem like a really fun activities to me"

The twenty contestant is a Cree girl with her black hair tie as ponytail, a slouch hat sat on her head. She wore a khaki vest, a beige undershirt, khiki shorts and black hiking boots.
"Sky the adventure!" Chris announced

"Hi everyone" Sky greeted friendly, some contestants wave at her as respond.

Sky: "So far so good, most people seem really nice, but that doesn't change the fact that they are my enemies."
"I not here to make friends, I'm here for the money"

The last boat carry the two girls, one of them have curly blonde hair, wore a pink crop top, blue jeans and pink heels
The other one have long black hair end at her mid-back, wore a pink sleeveless plaid dress, with white short sleeves shirt underneath, white leggings and pink flats
"Our last two campers, Sugar and Ella!"

"Hurry up!" Sugar dragging Ella on the dock, the latter one seem rather nervous

"Sorry, Ella is little…shy, she's also clumsy too. That's why I have to take her everywhere so I could help her with whatever she need" Sugar turn to Ella, who's not really sure what to do "Right?"

"Yeah…I need Sugar by my side" Ella said weakly

Sugar: "Chris better put both of us at the same team, or else Ella wouldn't last more than one challenge. "
Ella: "My original plan is auditioned on my own, but Sugar some how find out that and insist to come with me"
"It's not like I hate it, she's my best friend after all. But…I really want to do something without her accompany"

"That's the whole cast!" Chris said
"Now, see the trail leading into the forest? Race to the end and do NOT disturb the wildlife. That would be bad."

"Yeah, we wouldn't wanna upset the BUNNIES!" Dakota mocked

"The slightest sound will provoke THIS!" Chris blow the air horn, then they heard the roar coming from the forest, along with the sound of tree getting knocked down

"Now RUN!" Chris yelled, everyone screams as they ran away

Chapter Text

At the end of the trail, Chris, who's on his ATV. Waiting everyone at the finish line

"First place!" Zoey cheered excitingly as she crossed the line, followed by Jo and Jasmine
"I was so close!" Jo said frustrated

"Miss Commando and Australian giant, three steps to my left, you're on team A" Chris said "And Jo, you're on team B"

The fourth person arrived are Lightning
"Captain Modesty, team B"
"What's the feeling of lose to the girls?" Zoey mocked

"Like I always say 'Respect everyone in the game, whether they're teammates or enemies', but obviously you won't understand that so enjoy your childish pride for temporary victory"
Lightning, despite being irritated, decided to respond maturely

Zoey: "He think he's sooo~ cool, huh? Well, he just earned himself a most dangerous enemy on this island!"

As everyone finish the race, Chris continue to place them in the team
"Mr.Paranoid team A, Soft Brick house team B"

"You run really fast for someone carry so many things" Jasmine told Shawn, who now panted and have all three luggage on his hands
"Why don't you just leave it at the dock?" Brick asked

"Are you crazy? What if someone or something touch it? There's no way I gonna let these out of my sight!"
Zoey rolled her eyes of Shawn's respond "Look like I found our first boot"

Shawn, with his luggage: "Say whatever you want, but I trust those things more than some stranger"

"Tennis Barbie team A, Silent S team B, Spiky hair team A"
Chris looked at Sky, who crossed the line right after Mike "I can't think any nickname of you, so just joined team B"

Amy, Sammy and Mal arrived at the same time
"Emo twin and Trent copycat team A, Cheerleader team B"

"I carry a stringed instrument like him doesn't mean I wanna copy him, I have this since I was thirteen" Sammy spoke up
"Honesty, I don't care. Just go to your team"
"Fine" Sammy groaned and followed Mal to their team

"Too bad you have to separate with your sister" Jasmine told Sammy
"That's… not really a problem for us" Sammy shrugged

"Hurry up!" Sugar, who just crossed the finish line Yelled at still-running Ella, Dawn is not far ahead of her
Just before they finish the race, Dawn slow down on purpose and let Ella ran pass her

"Girl in pink team A, Sugar Plum and Miss mystery team B"
"What!?" Sugar shout in disbelief "You can't separate us, we are…"

"I know you two are 'best friend', but I already done the swap team thing in season one, there's no way I gonna do it again"

"Oh come on!" Sugar turn to Dawn "It all your fault! Why did you slow down?"
"Don't worry, I'm sure someone will look after your friend" Dawn replied emotionless, which only made Sugar more furious

"It's okay, I'll be fine on my own" Ella said, looking at her teammates nervously "…I guess"

Sugar: "Is that short b**** try to tear us apart? Poor Ella, She must be scared! I'm really sorry for her but all I can do is wish her good luck"
Ella: " I'm… not sure should I feeling good or bad of this"
"Don't get me wrong, Sugar is my friend and I know she cared about me. But she's a little bit… overprotective? It make me feel like I'm always rely on her. So I hope after this show I can be more independent"

Soon, the rest of the contestants are gathered at the end
"Snooki wannabe, Chatty boy and Ultimate introvert team A, Horror movie nut, Desperate of attention and Game addict team B"

"Since everyone is here, can you tell me what in the forest? Cause I'm pretty sure that sound did not belong to any known species, at least not to my knowledge. And while I'm running I saw some plants that is clearly not native in Canada so…"
"Zip it" Chris shut Cameron up

"Now, since you're all first-timers, I'm gonna cut you a break and hide this bad boy somewhere on the island" Chris held up a wooden status of his head
"This is 'McLean-Brand Chris Head', your free ticket back into the game. Even if your team votes you off, if you find this statue, you will be the most powerful player in Total Drama history!"

He took a look at the status and noticed one thing
"Is the cleft of my chin really that big?"

No one answered

"OK, Moving on! It's time for team names!"
"Team Dakota!" Dakota suggest excitingly

"Nope, We already have team's name decided. Team A, you will be known as the Pimâpotew Kinosewak! Which is Cree for 'Soaring Eagles'!"

"Um, sorry, but you're wrong! Pimâpotew Kinosewak translates to 'Floating Salmon', not Soaring Eagles" Sky raised her hand and interrupted
"She's right, I have learned Cree language myself, what you just say is definitely not 'Soaring Eagles', but actually 'Floating Salmon'." Cameron corroborate

"Then guess you guys are the Floating Salmon then!"
"Really? You switch the English name instead of Cree one?" Mal said
"Or you can go with our rejected idea: 'The Toxic Rat'."

"That's did sound less lame, but why 'toxic' for all word?" Mike asked, and the universe decided to answer him by terrifying everyone with the roar again

"It's the monster!" Sam screamed, everyone frightened
Ella hide behind the person standing next to her, who happened to be Sammy
Shawn stepped back and pull out a survival knife from his pocket
Sky slowly back away, eyes locked on the direction of the voice, ready for whatever gonna show up next

The beast are coming slow, knocked down a bunch of tree, and finally show themselves from the bush

It's a squirrel

A pink little squirrel with big yellow eyes blinking…vertically?

"What's wrong with that?" Dawn looked disturb, she can feel the odd arua surrounding the squirrel, which mean it will affect her life on the island negatively

"You see, animals always play the important role in this show, so in this season I prepared some mutant fauna to make the game more interesting!"

"That's sound illegal, and where did you even find those?" Brick ask concerned
"A great host never reveal their secret and always avoid legal implicate, now can we go back to the team name?"

"We chose the Rat" Zoey said
"You can't just decide by yourself! what about our opinion?" Jasmine refuted. But it's too late, they're now officially The Toxic Rat

"And team B, you're hereby dubbed the Wâneyihtam Maskwak, which in Cree means 'Ferocious Ti—"
"The Confused Bear?" Sky said

Chris tear his card apart "Stupid Chef and his stupid free online translator"
"Did we have other option?" Amy asked
"Well… If I remember correctly, you were supposed to be 'The Mutant Maggots'."

"Ew! Maggots? I rather be confused than be some gross insent baby" Staci complainted
"I agree, bear sound much better" Amy consent

The teams are decided:

Team A: The Toxic Rat
Zoey, Jasmine, Shawn, Dakota, Mal, Mike, Sammy, Ella, Anne Maria, Cameron, Sam

Team B: The Wâneyihtam Maskwak/ The Confused Bear
Jo, Lighting, Brick, Scott, Sky, Amy, Sugar, Dawn, Dave, Staci, B

Dawn: "The mutant animals is gonna be the big problem of me, but I don't think I will able to completely avoid them"
"Luckily, I know who might have the solution" She smirked
Jasmine: "Zoey is strong, but that's doesn't mean she will be a great leader. I'll keep my eyes on her"
Mal: "As much as I don't want to be here, I need to watch over Mike. So I have to make sure he leave before me"
Mike, yelling from outside "Or we can both be the finalist!"
Mal: "What the f***? Don't eavesdrop! You ruin the whole point of the confessional!"
Mike: "Sorry"

"Now, before we start the first challenge, time to pass out rewards" Chris said

The camera pan to a Spaniard boy in the red intern uniform and dark green pants show up, holding a hacksaw on his right hand, and a trampoline standing next to him. He got almost everyone's (especially the girls) attention

He rolled the trampoline to the Rats, which Zoey caught it. And handed the hacksaw to Jo

"Thanks, Alejandro" Chris said to the intern
"No problems. It's my pleasure and honor to help my favorite show!" Alejandro smiled and walked out the scene

Alejandro: "I know they'll probably cut this part out, but it's still psyched to use this for once. I'm a HUGE fan of Total Drama and I can't wait to see how this season play out!"
"Also if you wonder where is Chef, Chris sends him to fix a 'little problem' in wawanakwa island so… maybe next episode?"

"Forgot the money, I gonna take Him with me!" Staci exclaimed
"No you don't!" Anne Marie respond and quickly pulled out a mirror to examine her makeup
"Uh…What's going on?" Sammy just confused about their reaction

"Anyway, you might wonder what do these items have to do with this bomb?" Chris pull out a time bomb
"He won't really blow us up right?" Ella said concerned
"Won't I? find out when we come back!"


Two totem poles poorly carved as eagle and tiger hanging on the tree
"Your first challenge is to get your team's totem——or what I thought to be your team's totem thanks to Chef. Anyway, you have to get them in the river and ride them back to the campground. First team there gets their pick of the cabins"
"But hurry, the totems are rigged with the bombs that will explode if you don't plant them in front of your cabin in seven minutes or less. Starting now"

"Let's do this!" Zoey jumped down onto the trampoline and got bounced into the river

"Don't worry! I can calculate how we should jump so we can get up there in the most convenient way, but in order to do that I'll need to know everyone's weight so I can…"
Before Cameron could finish, he's been pushed away by Dakota
"Shut it! There's no way I would tell you my biggest secret! And I don't need those math to complete the challenge!"

Dakota jumped on the trampoline, but end up hitting the bottom of the totem for multiple times, until Zoey back from water and kicked the trampoline away, made her crash into the ground
Mike watches this scene enjoyed, he chuckled and got a glare from Jasmine

Meanwhile, the other team
"Let me do this, I'm been practice of tree climbing for very long time" Dave started climbing, but soon he sliding down
"Come on! How would I able to escape the serious killer if I can't even climb?"

Scott drew a picture of the human ladder on his notebook and show it to his teammates
"That's seem like a good idea, but it will need at least six people to have enough height. This will be a tough task" Lightning said

Every Bears are struggle building the ladder using themselves. Except B, who seems rather stuck with his game
"Listen, big buy" Dawn snatch the game away from B's hand "If you want to stay in the game, you have to do something instead of watching the tiny screen when everyone are working"

"Fine" B sigh, he looked at his surrounding and come up with an idea

He found a piece of wood and place it on the rock, made it work like a seesaw
"Hey" He called his teammates, "I need someone to stand here" he pointed at the lower side
"Sure" Brick do what he said
"And…can you please stand over there?"
B asked Lightning, pointed at the spot next to the tree

After everything prepared, B jumped on the higher side of wood, hurling Brick on Lightning's shoulders
Everyone are amazed, even Scott is give it a 10/10

B: "I'm very good at building stuff. Every time I'm not playing game, I'm upgrading my equipment or doing something that can made me lazy. My goal is invent a chair that could do my daily routine while I'm gaming"

Back to Toxic Rat, Jasmine used her skill successfully reached the axe that stuck under their team totem. But she soon faces another problem
"I can't get it down!"

"Oh come on!" Zoey said annoyed
"It's ok, I can try climb onto the totem, but I'll need something else to cut the rope" Jasmine said
"Well, Shawn did have a knife" Sam said

"Nope, I will NEVER hand my belongings to someone else!"
"I DON'T CARE, GIVE ME YOUR DAMN KNIFE!" Zoey grabbed one of the Shawn's bag, but the owner retake it and ran

"This is taking forever" Mike said, starting to get bored
He watches Jasmine trying to untied the rope, and noticed there's a mutant squirrel on the nearby branch

'That's look like a good target' Mike thought
He picked up a rock, aimed to the squirrel and throw it, results in the squirrel attacking everyone by fired laser from it's eyes

All the Rats were screaming and running off in different directions, suddenly the laser hit the axe and deflected to the rope, cause the totem and Jasmine fall to the ground

"I look away for 30 second and you almost kill us all" Mal looked at Mike death in the eyes
"On the bright side, I get the totem down!" Mike exclaimed

Meanwhile, the Confused Bear is doing great
Lightning, Brick, Scott, Sugar and Sky are stacked together, waiting for the last person get on top to complete the human ladder

"Can I get my game back?" B asked Dawn, who now standing on the seesaw with the hacksaw in hand
"Wait after the challenge. Now can you launch me up?"

B jumped on the seesaw and send Dawn to the top, she landed perfectly on Sky's shoulder

"Cut the rope!" Amy yelled
"What did you think I'm doing?" Dawn tried her best cutting, but the sawtooth is too blunt so it progress slowly

"Hurry! It's only three minutes left!" Dave said
"And they're ahead!" Sugar point at the Rats, they're now pushing their totem into the river "If we lose, you're so going home!"

Dawn just rolled her eyes over their panic and kept doing her work
Finally the rope snap, let the totem hit the ground. Everyone (minus Scott) cheered

The scene cut to both teams on their totem, they're went down the river. Toxic Rats are in the lead but Confused Bear were closed behind

"They gaining on us!" Zoey shout
"I think we have a bigger problem…" Mal points at the waterfall they're approaching
"Waterfall? That's kinda cool" Sam said

Everyone screamed as they falling, luckily they all made it safe to the ground
But unfortunately for Shawn, who's sitting at the back. Almost slipped off and now holding the edge with only his right hand, all of his luggage are lost during the accident
"Help!" He called out

"I'm on it!" Jasmine grabbed his arm and pulled him back "You okay?"
"Yeah, but my stuff…"
"Don't worry, We can take it back after a while"

The Bears survive the waterfall too
"Lean forward!" B yelled to his teammates after their totem landed. They going down the hill in full speed and manage to pass the Rats

"How did they do that?" Zoey shout out in surprise

The Confused Bear successfully arrived the campground beforehand and greeted by Chris
"Tick-tock, choose your cabin"

"Quick! Grab the good one!" Amy exclaimed

They set the totem in front of the luxurious cabin, stopped the bomb at the very last second

"And the winner is…"
Before Chris can finished, Rat's totem crashed into the cabin and exploded, all the team members were groaning in pain

"Too bad, it had an eight person hot tub and air conditioning" Chris said, all the Bears sigh

"So where are we gonna sleep?" Lightning asked
"No worry, we've got a backup cabin"
A helicopter delivered a regular cabin and place it on the ground

"Well, at least we won" Jo trying her best to be positive
"So I guess it's the elimination ceremony for us then" Cameron said

"Actually, none of you are eliminated cause it's a reward challenge!" Chris announced "Well, the reward were blow up but that's not my problem. See you at the next challenge!"
He walked out the scene, leave every contestants all by themselves

"Are you alright? You squeeze me pretty tight on the ride" Sammy asked Ella
"Oh really…? I'm so sorry"
"It's ok, I understand" Sammy smiles to the nervous girl "Let's go check our cabin, hope we can take the top bunk"
The girls walked into their team cabin, didn't notice Sugar stared at them from the other team

"Does anyone see that girl in green dress? She still have my game" B asked

The camera switch to the hill where Shawn lost his luggage, Dawn have found one of them and took what she need in it

"Is it legal for civilian to have those?" Dawn asked herself "Whatever, not that I care"

She looked into the woods, and saw the numerous of animal eyes staring back
"…This will be troublesome"

The scene pause, Chris appear to signs off the show

"Looks like someone got secret! What's she hiding for? Will all the pre-game connection gonna stay connected? And who will be our first loser? Find out next time right here on 'Total Drama: New Island'!"

Chapter Text

The episode open with Dawn along in the woods, foraging her own breakfast cause she don't wanted to eat Chef's food

She keep walking and collected every fruit seem good to her, that's when she saw an ominous looking 'apple'
She picked it up and examine it, and soon find out it's a terrible idea——her hand is now blistering and itching

"Oh s***" She throwed the fruit away, few birds stopped on nearby tree and chirped loudly like they are taunting her

"(Sigh) I hate those wildlife"
She said, then turned around and meet eyes-to-eyes with a wild boar that somehow managed to sneaked up on her

"How did you… look like this island is not 100% made of nature" She said surprisely, but doesn't show any fear of the angry beast

Before we can know Dawn's fate, the camera cut to the other side of the woods where Zoey and Mike are talking

"So what I mean is: you may be strong, but this is not a one-person game, you need to make our teammates like you enough to not vote for you" Mike told Zoey "And I really good at earned people trust, I can help you control this team!"

"But how did I know if I can trust you?" Zoey asked
"Cause I'll never betray the girl I like" Mike looked at her, smiling affectionately "Beside," But the smile soon turn into the cold expression after he noticed she's not buying it "I think we can both agree that some people have leave the team"

"You can decide if you like me or not after the merge or whenever voting system is not available. But for now, more people mean more power" Mike smirked wickedly "So, are you with me?"

"…I'm not sure which one surprise me more, the fact that you could be so devious, or you not even try to hide the fact that you're devious" Zoey said
"Does that too much? I just thought you might into 'bad boy'." Mike went back to the 'innocent awkward boy' mode "So anyway…will you go out or from a alliance with me?"

"Yes for the alliance part"

Zoey: "So Mike is not the 'nice guy' I first thought he is, he's actually very smart and villainous. But since he likes me, I guess I don't have to worry about him. For now"
Mike: "Apparently my usual self won't attract Zoey, I need to try different persona until I know what she like. If that's not work then I'll probably have to give up and focusing on win the money"

Outside in the woods, Jo, Brick and Lightning just finished their 5k morning run

"It's really great to exercise with you guys" Jo said, and take a sip from her water bottle "Maybe we can try 8k tomorrow"

"In full sprint?" Lightning suggested
"Or uphill, we can do it with eyes shut!"
"That's sound challenging, how about running backward with…I don't know, earplugs?"

"Alright, settle down soldiers" Brick stopped the conversation before they can have more ideas "I know you just want to test your limit, but I don't want you overwork or hurt yourself. That's save the energy for the challenge ok?"

"Up and at 'em, my little morning glories" Chris's voice came out from loud speaker "It's time for today's challenge!"

"Speak of the devil" Jo said, the trio standing outside of their cabin, waiting for others

Meanwhile, in the boy's side of Rats cabin
"Are you done?" Mal asked Shawn, who's busy chaining everything next to his bunk, a large backpack were on his back
"Just a minute!" Shawn respond

Shawn: "When I take my stuff back after the challenge, all my tranquillize was gone! I questioned everyone but no results, so I decided to lock everything up in case it's happen again"

Finally, everyone was outside the cabin
Dawn, who have leaves and branches stuck in her hair, is the last one arrived

"What's going on?" Jo asked
"I happen to encounter an 'unexpected event' in the forest, nothing needs to worry" Dawn respond while try to get everything out of her hair

"I haven't had enough sleep!" Dakota complained
"You can catch up on your sleep later, Dakota," Chris said "Right this way to the Bay of Dismay!"

Everyone groaned. Anne Marie pulled out a phone to take selfies, but Chris took it away using the magnet on the fishing pole, and he did the same with B's game
"I just got that back…" B said

"Confiscators keepers!" Chris said "Come on! your humiliation await!"

Everyone were on their way. Sammy started to playing her ukulele and humming 'Feel Invincible' by Skillet

"Can you keep it down?" Sugar complained "No one here want to hear your annoying voice"
"Sorry, force of habit" Sammy apologized. Ella looked at her, guilty for her friend's mean comment

"I can't believe it! I'm on the most famous reality show and I can't live updates on Instagram? My fans will be disappoint!" Anne Marie exclaimed
"Don't worry, they'll see you when the show aired" Mike said, trying to comfort her
"That's different! My fans want to see MY story, but I how do I tell them everything about me if I have to share my spotlight with 21 people?"

"Easy, just stay longer until there's less people, I can help you with that" Mike said
"You can?"
"Yeah, me and my friends won't vote for you no matter what happen, but you have to vote for whoever I said. It's that good?"
"One…no, Two more condition, you have to protect my last backup phone and help me find the signal"

Mike: "Here's my plan: I'll get the weak-but-not-weakest link on my side and kicked out the useless player and the biggest thread, minus Zoey obviously. And if it's possible, I'll try to find an ally from another team"

At the Bay of Dismay, all the contestant were strapped into their seats, only few feets above the water

The Rat were on the left side, with Mike, Mal, Sammy and Ella on the front row. Zoey Cameron, Shawn and Jasmine at second row. Dakota, Sam and Anne Marie were on the last
The Bears were on the right side. Amy, Staci, Sugar and Dawn at the front. Scott, Sky, Dave and B at second row. Jo, Brick, Lightning at the last row

"Welcome to 'Getting-to-know-you Trivia Game' Challenge!" Chris, now in his blue suit, announced happily "Everyone strapped in all nice and snug?"

"It's cutting into my shoulder!" Amy complained
"Yeah, children-sized harnesses can do that" Chris said

"I'll be asking our player embarrassing personal questions, and I mean Majorly humiliating"
"If the player I'm talking about hits the poorly wired buzzer and owns their humiliation before the time runs out, their team gets a point. First team to five win part one and a distinct advantage in part two"

"But if no one own up, this happens" Chris pull out a remote and press the button, sending the Rats into the water
A Shark, somehow in two legs show up and try to attacked Mike, luckily the seats rise up on time so no one got hurt

"There's a SHARK!" Mal exclaimed
"And it have legs! Kind of cool honestly" Mike added

"If you talking about Fangs. Yeah, apparently toxic waste affects animals underwater too"
Chris explained "Anywho, If a team gets dunked their opponents can steal by guessing which bunkee is guilty, guess right and you get the point
"Guess wrong, and this happens" Chris press the button again, this time sending the Bears down. Every team members screaming in fright until they back up

"Now that we understand the rules, let's start the game" Chris said
"First question goes to the Bears, Who's first name is actually 'Beverly'?"

"What's wrong with that? It's a normal girl's name" Jo said
"Yeah, 'Girl' name" Dawn respond, but her eyes locked at the person sit behind her

B hesitate for a second, eventually, he pressed the buzzer "Stupid deadnameing" he murmured

"Correct, Beverly. That's one point for the Bears! Now for the Rats…Who was in a diaper til they were eleven?"

"How did you know that?" Cameron press the buzzer, his face is blushing due to the embracement

"And it's one-all!" Chris announced
"Bears, who did this while performing in front of whole school?"
Chris played the sound of the loud burp, Everyone start laughing, except for one

"Sure, so I may drink too much sparking water before cheerleading, but That's Not Important!" Amy screamed and smashed the buzzer "I'm still the head cheerleader, the prettiest girl in school, and Both Homecoming and Prom Queen! That little incident does not affect me At All! SO STOP LAUGHING!"

Everyone silented. Thay all starring at Amy, shocked by her words and expressions
"Does your sister always like that?" Mal asked Sammy
"Sometimes…" Sammy respond resignedly

"Anyway, one point for Bears. Now back to the Rats: Who has been arrested because of arson?"

"That's me" Mike press the buzzer. Everyone looking at him, eyes widened
"Wait, arson?" Dakota exclaimed shockingly

"That was a accident! I swear! I turned myself in right after that!" Mike trying his best to defend himself while express the guilty look on his face "I'm understand if you afraid of me because of it, but please give me a chance. I'm genuinely want to be friend with you all"

He put on a genial smiled, making almost everyone gone soft of him, Almost

Zoey: "I don't know, he seems like truly he's regret of what he did. But if he can fake being nice, he might fake other things too"
Jasmine: "I know something's wrong with Mike. I see he laughed at Dakota's injure in last challenge, and he wasn't even apologize for the mutant squirrel attacked! I don't think someone like this would actually feel bad of what they did, Mike is dangerous"
Mal: "I hate to admit it, but Mike is the most likeable person I ever see. He can always find the way to make people like him no matter what…thanks to his awesome acting and lying skills"
Mike, from the outside: "Aww~Thank"
Mal: "F**k off!"

"Alright, Bears" Chris said "Who is the actual psychic that has been officially confirmed"

"Wait, what?" Sky exclaimed, surprise of what she heard
"Psychic? Like, supernatural stuff?" Sugar said, glanced everyone in suspicious

"I KNOW IT! THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG ON THIS ISLAND!" Shawn shouted out, pulled out the bunch of tiny sculpture carves as different religions symbol "SHOW YOURSELF!"

Dawn toss a coin, and make it floating at the midair
"Ok, I admit. I'm the psychic Chris talking about, and that's why I don't want to stay on the same team with that paranoid guy. Not like any of those things he have can really affect me, but it's still annoy just know there's someone will trying to 'exorcism' me"

The time runs out, but no one pressed the buzzer
"And…time's up!" Chris sent the Bears underwater, Fang (now wearing the bib) came up to them and trying to eat Dawn, but she managed to broke free from the harnesses and flee just in time

Soon everyone went back up, leaving Dawn in the water with Fang
"We down a player!" Lightning said worried

"I'm here" Dawn, use the 'short cut' to escaped the mutant shark, is now holding the edge of the seat for her dear life "Can anyone pull me up?"
When she finally get back to her seat with the teammate's help, she decided to take a little revenge for her inconvenience

"Thanks, now if you excuse me, I need some time to recover from the trauma of almost eating by the shark. So I afraid you have to finish this challenge without me"

Just like Dawn's planning, her words lead to a chain reaction

"If she's not playing, then I'm not either!" Staci trying to broke her harnesses
"Me too! F**k this stupid challenge!" Amy follow suit, soon Sugar and Scott started doing the same

"Since I already exposed my secret, I don't really think it is necessary for me to staying in the game. So may I asked to leave the game so I can get my clothes change? Wearing the wet clothes is way more uncomfortable than I have thought" Cameron said
"I'm with…this little guy, we should stop, and that definitely not because I have anything to hide" Mal said
"Don't You Dare! I'm not gonna losing this game!" Zoey shout out to the boys
"Hey, don't yell at Mal like that" Mike told her

The scene is turning into the mess, everyone are arguing really loud, trying to break free or stopping people from breaking free
Chris watching this disaster annoyed, eventually, he snapped

"Alright, Shut It!" He yelled "Thanks to that pathic digression, now we don't have time to finish this challenge. Happy?"

Everyone cheer in joy and relieve. Except Zoey, who's now crossing her arm and looking frustrated

"Well you won't be happy too long" Chris announced "Come back after the break for an all-new challenge from which there's no escape. And in the meantime…"
Chris press the remote again, sending both teams underwater


Chapter Text

Everyone was heading to the next challenge with Alejandro leading them

"So, why you decide to be an intern?" Staci asked, trying to start a conversation

"My collaborator got me this jobs, she didn't tell me how exactly she got it because of non-disclosure agreement, but I'm sure that's not important"

"Collaborator? Of what?"

"You see, I have a blog where I writed everything I like, now it's all about Total Drama. She saw it and contact me, say she's really impressed by my 'research skill' and asked me to help her…online content"
"I can't tell you her name but she's pretty famous in the TD fanbase, both good and bad way"

"You know, I have a blog too, maybe after the show we can…I don't know, make something together?" Staci said, suddenly Anne Marie pop out of nowhere and interrupted them

"Like what? Showing your fake stuff and trying convince everyone they're real?"
"Because it's real! It's spent like, half of my credit card limit. See this logo? It's mean…"
"Nobody cared!" Anne Marie shut her up

"You really shouldn't wearing those expensive clothes. Total Drama have lots of 'tough' challenge that will make everything dirty" Alejandro said
"Don't worry, it's nothing to me. I can always buy more."

Staci is shown using the hair dryer to dry her clothes
"Hope this doesn't affect the looks"

"I'm so glad the challenge end before my turn" Ella said
"Me too, I don't really mind my 'secret' got expose, but my parents will be very angry if that happen" Sammy respond

They're chatting happily, until Sugar show up and separate them
"Hey, can I talk to Ella for a second?"
"Sure" Sammy walked away, leaving the two friends along

"Don't you think you're a little too close with that girl?" Sugar asked Ella
"Yes…? Is anything wrong?"

"Nothing, but I need to remind you: this is a competition, anyone might be stab you in the back. If the criminal and psychic can be among us without notice, then anyone here might be hiding something"
"So be careful. You're the only one I can trust, I can't lose you"
Sugar said earnestly. The other girl not sure how to respond, so she just give a little nod to her friend

Ella: "Sugar have the habit to always assume the worst of everyone, it's help us dodge the bullet, but also bring a lot of misunderstood in our past. I not sure if her way is right or not, but it's really hard for me to follow"
Sugar: "I know there's some people think I being 'too harsh', but I have too! Ella is too gullible and she'll trust everyone no matter what, so I need to go extreme to make sure no one will step between our friendship"

"Welcome player!" Chris's greeted everyone "Now that you're all here, it's time for part two of today's challenge—— The Mad Skills Obstacle Course!"

"The relay race begins with a mad dash from a Kickstarter" The big boot were shown "Forget coffee. If this baby won't get you going, nothing will"
"Then it's off to a race against time, that's the Cannonball Run!" The camera cut to an area that had cannons firing
"Then it's my personal fave: Wreaking Ball Ally" A big wreaking ball swing above the whirling logs "Hurts so good"
"And moving on we head to the Gangplank complete with the rabid mutant beavers" The beavers is biting the wooden gangplank violently
"Followed by the bouncy agony of Double Trouble" Four red, bouncing obstacles were shown
"And finally, the Grand Slam" We see the baseball bats and a big glove "Where you'll use ropes to swing into the giant baseball glove while avoiding the deadly bats"

"So that's six obstacles for eleven people, does that mean one of us have to do the challenge along while the others are double up?" Cameron asked

"No, each section for one. Once you finish this part, one of you have to be the 'Middle-person' and follow the direction signs, where we have another six obstacles set up at the end"
"The Middle-person can in charge of any section of part1, but they have to do the first one at part2. I not gonna spoli the second half so you guy have to decide the order in half-blind. You have one minute"

Scott write down and numbered the order of the team-determent race, circle out 'Jo' in red pen and write 'Middle' on the side. Then he circle the people in even numbers in blue and the odd numbers in black

"That's a good way to divide the athletic and unathletic people evenly" Dawn said

"I take the Wreaking Ball, I have great balance and I used to dodge the ball from the field, this just more bigger and deadly" Amy said confidently "And Staci should take the Boot since it's take the lowest skill, Dawn take the Cannonballs cause she's the smallest, and…"
"Actually" Dawn cut her off "I think Jo should take the first one, so she can have more time to prepare for next part"
"Also why am I just automatically be put at second part? I don't want to face any unknown challenge" Dave argued

While the Bears have trouble decided the order, the Rats were lot more peaceful

"So obviously, Zoey should be the Middle person. And I volunteer for Gangplank, and Mal do the Grand Slam…" Mike said "Does anyone else want to take charge in part1?"

"Can I be the first one?" Ella asked "It's ok if anyone wants to take the part, I just not sure if I can do the others"
"I should take the Cannonballs! I'll hit every balls with my Special Racket and nothing will stopping me!" Dakota is now holding a pink racket "It's made by strong Alloy, a little bit heavy but ain't the problem for me"
"I'll do the Double Trouble" Sammy said

"Then it's settle! Let's do this!" Mike cheered, all the Rats (minus Mal and Jasmine) joined him

"Time's up!" Chris announced "The people who complete the second-half please follow Alejandro, the others please go to Chef and receive your disadvantages"

Alejandro leads the half of contestants leaving. Chef appear in the scene, holding a box with twelve pairs of glasses
Zoey grabbed one of them and put it on "I can't see anything! Why we have to wear this s***?"

"Remember I said the winning team from part one have advantage? Since none of you Actually win, I've decided that everyone have to wear this snazzy specs" Chris said "Don't worry, the challenge can still be done, in theory"

Everyone groaned, but that's not going to change anything
"Competitors! Take your positions!"

"First up at Kickstart is Ella against Jo. Then, it's Dakota versus Sky versus the Cannonballs. Zoey face Sugar in Wreaking Ball ally. Mike is up against Brick at the Gangplank. Sammy and Dave will battle Double Trouble. And Mal will fight B for the Grand Slam"
"Once a team finish the first-half, the Middle-person will race to the second area and continue the rest of the obstacle and decide which team will losing a member"

"And since it's a relay race, you'll need something to pass!" Chris said excited "Oh intern~~"
An intern with black hair show up, with the cages on each hands

"Team Rats get a mutant rat" The intern give a six legs rat to Ella "We can't find the bear small enough, so the Bears is stuck with the mutant maggot" A large maggot is handed to Jo

"And…Go!" Chris blow the airhorn, the boot kicked Ella, sent her flying and crashed into Dakota
"Get off!" She shoved Ella away "It's Show Time!"
Dakota take the rat and ran, then immediately ran into the pole

Jo successfully give the Maggot to Sky. The advanturer reach the cannonballs zone, she dodge the balls carefully but still got hit in the back

Meanwhile Dakota used her skill to passed the area, but her racket were broke in the process "This is my favourite one!" She whinnied
"Not important!" Zoey snatched the rat and running towards the whirling logs

Sky crawling in pain, finally handed the Maggot to Sugar, who used the wreaking ball to be ahead
"Here! Take him…or her, I don't know" Sugar give Brick the maggot. He jumped on the gangplank, which quickly falling apart because of the beavers

Zoey made it to the next obstacle and give the rat to Mike "Don't f*** up"
"No worry!" Mike jumped on the gangplank while Brick is yelling and running for his life, he reached to the end and passed the rat to Sammy

She hoped onto the bouncy obstacles, but soon fell into the mud
"You ok?" Mal asked
"Not…really……" Sammy respond painfully

When Dave received the maggot, he pulled out a crowbar hiding underneath his shirt and hit the beavers that trying to attacked Brick, who's now looked at him confusedly
"What? It's a good tool and weapon"

Mal holding the rat with his right hand and grips the rope with the other "Here goes nothing" He take a deep breath and swung, but hitting the bat instead "Ouch"

Dave manage to throw the maggot to B, who catch it and started quickly reach to the obstacle
He swinging towards the glove, but the maggot vomit on his face, made him lose the changes to landed
"This is the second grossest thing I ever encounter!" He yelled, wiped out the vomitus on his face

Both boys were back to where they started. Mal tried again and made it to the glove, with B fallow suit
"Both teams finished part1! Now it's neck and neck!" Chris announced as Jo and Zoey started racing, with few of their teammates following

At the other challenge area, we can see all the obstacles has been soaked in grease
There's the Log Slides (with two grease boars standing next to it), Zipline (Amy v.s Sam), Tubes(Dawn v.s Cameron), Tires(Staci v.s Anne Marie), a Wheelbarrow(Scott v.s Shawn), and finally a Wall(Lightning v.s Jasmine)

All the constants were waiting anxiously until they saw their teammates appear at the entrance

"Hurry! Grab that pig and cross the slide!" Amy shouted at Jo, who picked the pink boar up and tried her best to keep balance on the greasy log

Zoey grabbed the brown boar's leash and ran, but the pig doesn't move a inch
"Fine! You wanna do it the hard way?" She kicked it right on the butt, making it jumped and ran toward the log, it almost slipped off but Zoey pushed it across the log
"Take the pig, Nerd!"

Sam took the leash, but ended up dragging by the boar
Meanwhile Jo falling down at the end of the log, right in front of Amy
"Thanks for the delivery!" Amy said, put the boar on her shoulder, attaching her harness and leaf off the cliff

"You okay?" Brick came up and asked
"Yeah…" Jo getting up from the ground "My nose not bleeding, right?"
"No, but just in case. I'll walk you back to the cabin" Brick and Jo leaving the scene together

As Amy almost finished the obstacle, Sam finally stopped the boar from running and reach the Zipline. But due to the angry boar he doesn't have a peaceful ride and got bite in the head

Amy landed perfectly "Ha! Piece of cake"
The boar jumped off her back, and saw the familiar target from morning

"Oh, you again?" Dawn said, recognise the bora that almost killed her
She quickly ran into the tube as the boar rushed toward to her, the loud metal crashed sounds can be heard

Sam ended up smashed into the tree, sent the boar flying
"I'll got it!" Cameron predict the boar's landing spot and trying to catched it, but it's too heavy for he to holded so he just got crushing into the ground

What's worse, the boar ran away before Cameron can take any action
"Wait!" He chased after the boar and followed it into another tube "That's not the way I plan to take! It'll take more than 36.48 to 41.22 second than the shortest path!"

The first one came out from the tube is the pink boar
"Hey there, little thing" Staci took the leash, and slowly walked to the obstacle
"Well, there's no way I gonna stick my heels in this" She started taking off her shoes and socks. Scott and Shawn watching this at the end of the tires area

"She seriously want to be in the grease with bare foot? What a weirdo" Shawn said, took out a protective clothing from his backpack and putting it on. Scott face looked confused and unbelievable as he witnessed the scene

Dawn came out from the tube, cover in grease
"Hey, where's our little guy?" Anne Marie asked. At the same time one of the tubes were dissembled, made both Cameron and the boar falling from it

Anne Marie took the leash and continue on her course, while Staci still only half way through and walking slowly, careful not letting the grease stains her pants
"I know your clothes is really important for your self-esteem, but no one here care of that so could you go faster?" Dawn yelled at Staci, but she doesn't acknowledge it

Anne Marie catched up with Staci and finished the course before her
Shawn (now in the full protective clothing) take over the boar carefully and place it in the wheelbarrow
"It's ok, just a little wildlife cover with dirty grease and probably have radiation emit, no big deal…" He told himself before he ran thought the grease area

Scott snatch the boar from Staci's hand, throw it in his wheelbarrow and ran in full speed, trying his best to gaining on his opponent

When the boys were closed to the next obstacle, Scott kicked the wheelbarrow ahead and Lightning caught it
"Hold still piggy" Lightning said as he picked up the boar and started climbing "Just a minute and you'll be free"

Shawn delivered the boar a few seconds after, Jasmine took the boar and climbed. But unfortunately, she's not fast enough

"This just in! Gymnastics beat by Athlete! The team Wâneyihtam Maskwak win!" Chris announced
"And Toxic Rat, I'll meet you at the elimination area for the first ceremony of the season"

Zoey: "The boot will be either Sam or Cameron cause they took the longest time. And since Mike seems to have some plan for one of them, all I have to do is to find two other votes against the other one"

"Hey!" Zoey went back to the cabin and meet Sammy and Ella "Did you two make your mind on who you vote for?"

"No, it's really hard to decide since I didn't see the second-half of the challenge" Sammy respond
"Me neither…" Ella said

"In that case, could you guys help me to vote someone off?"
"Sure" Sammy aligned, and Ella nodded in agreement
"Cool, also you two doing the good job today, keep going" Zoey smiled at them

Ella: "Doesn't Zoey just compliments us? Maybe she not that scary after all"
Zoey: "They're not actually good enough to earn my compliments, but I have to be nice if I want them listen to me"

The scene switch to the Bears side, Dave stop Amy when she leave the cabin
"Hey, can I talk to you for a second?" He checked around, make sure no one else will heard it before he continued "It's about the 'psychic' in our team"

Amy rolled her eyes "What? Did you suspecting me? I already have my secret exposed!"
"Exactly, that's mean you're the only girl I can trust, and I need you to help me find out who's that psychic. Which I pretty sure is a girl if there's no new psychic been approved"

"How did you know that?" Amy asked
"I've done some research before, and if I remember correctly, There's only one female psychic is in our age, but she's remain anonymous so I don't have any more information"

"Well, kick out the the psychic sounds like a good idea, but you have to help me too, ok?"

"Toxic Rats" Chris's voice came out from the loud speaker "Please head to the elimination campfire area, it's time for one of you to go"

(Elimination Ceremony)

"The votes are cast, now that see who you all blame for your collective failure"
"Those who receive the marshmallow are safe: Zoey, Jasmine…" Chris called out the name one by one, until there's only two last—— Cameron and Sam

"Well, can't say I'm surprised" Chris said "Anyway, the last marshmallow goes to……Cameron"

The short boy sighed in relief, and looked at the person sitting next to him "Thanks for helping me"
"It's ok" Mike whispered back "Just don't forget to do your job"

"Guess I'm better off in my room" Sam said sadly "So where's my ride?"

"There's no ride, we've got something new this season! You'll love it" Later, Chris revealed the giant cannon with Sam in the barrel "The Cannon of Shame! Patent pending"

"I think I need more protective than the helmet…" Sam said, then he immediately been fired away

"One down, twenty-one to go. Who's next in line? Find out next time on 'Total Drama: New Island'!"

Sam landed on a pile of air-cushion that place on the deck of Crucero Des Loser, he got up and saw a woman is approaching him

"It's a bummer that you have to go first, I was expecting someone like you will have some affect on that island" She said

"Excuse me, you are…?

"Sorry, I should've introduce myself first. My name is Sierra, the host of this season aftermath show" She smiled "It's nice to meet you"

Chapter Text

The episode open with Dawn, Mal and Alejandro at the outside of the forest
"Can you explain why would you being chase by Fang at six in the morning?" Mal asked Dawn, he's panting because of the unexpected morning run

"I was forgings my food, then it's just appear out of nowhere. Looks like shark also have their own morning routine" Dawn respond "So, what your excuse to be here?"

"I'm finding my problematic brother, that's it" Mal said
"And I'm here to bring you two out so you won't get spoil of today's challenge" Alejandro said
"So Mike is not here?"
"Nope, but I know the place he might be, follow me!"

The scene cut to the junk pile, where Cameron and Mike was digging their head in it, trying to find anything useful. Anne Marie looking from the distance

"Garbage, garbage…another garbage" Mike tossed the useless things away, and found the old dirty telescope
"This may still useable" He use it to looked around, he seems to spotted something and quickly made his leave

"Is this really necessary?" Anne Marie asked

"This is the only place that might have the material to make a signal receiver, so I afraid we have to be here for a while" Cameron respond "Maybe you can help us finding the things we need?"
"Fine, I'll help you, only for the sake of my phone" Anne Marie said and join them for the search

Cameron: "At the last challenge, I thought I was the one that going home, but Mike came to me and said Zoey agree to give me the second chance, and they will help me by let me joined their alliance. All I have to do to return the favour is votes for the person they say in the future and help Anne Marie for her phone"

"I didn't know there's a junkyard in here" Mal said as Alejandro lead them to the spot
"This island's geographical can be really confusion, right Mr. Intern?" Dawn said, pretended she don't know anything
"Yeah…hey is that Mike?" Alejandro point at the person getting near them

"Morning!" Mike greeted them "How did you know I'm here?"
"I overheard my co-worker's conversation, they said you need to built something?" Alejandro respond
"Just helping a teammate, no big deal" Mike said, and turn to Mal "Hey, why didn't you tell me you have new friends?"

"What? They're not my friends, I just happened to meet them. Besides, one of them is on the opposite team and I'm pretty sure the intern is not suppose to getting too close to the contestant"

"Actually" Alejandro said "Chris said I can help you guys as long as I don't spoil the importan part. So I would love to be friend with you all"
"Cool! How about you?" Mike asked Dawn. The psychic stared at him for a second, then decided her answer

"Sure, I don't mind"

Dawn: "I can read people's aura, so I can see Mike is up to no good, but so am I"
She smirked "This will be interesting"
Mike: "Yes! The more on my side, the easier to win! One step closer to the victory!"
"Although scheme aside, I'm genuinely happy to see Mal having new friends. I hope he having a good time since I'm basically forced him to be here"
Alejandro: "I'm just hope I can maintain this friendship for longer, cause everytime I made friends it's…well that just said I don't really know the line between 'being close' and 'invade privacy'."
Mal: "For a second, I'm actually thinking 'This may be good', then I remember my hunch were usually wrong so now I'm starting to worry"

Back in the girl's side of Rat's cabin, Jasmine and Zoey were arguing
"What I'm saying is: I think we need to keep an eye on Mike in case he trying to do anything bad" Jasmine exclaimed

"Mike's past behaviour is not the problem as long as he do well in the challenge"
"He almost got us killed in the first one! You just speak for him because he likes you!"
"No, I speak for him because he respects Me, the team leader's word instead of whining over nothing!"
"First of all, I'm not whining, I just concern of everyone's safety. Second, we're didn't agreed for you to take the lead, you just took control yourself"

"Yeah! I bet I can lead the team better than you!" Dakota interrupted
"With your jelly-bean size brain? I doubt it" Zoey rolled her eyes
"Ok that just straight up insulting, you shouldn't say that" Jasmine cut her off "Also Dakota this is not about leadership, it's about Mike's action"

"Why don't we just ask Mal about it? I'm sure he has the better judges than us" Sammy suggested
"What if they're the same? And remember the end of the secret-exposed challenge? Mal is obviously hiding something" Jasmine said
"I don't know…but even they made the bad decisions before, doesn't mean they'll do it again, right? Everyone deserves a second chance" Ella said

"Either way, we need to focus on the challenge. So no more complained!" Zoey said, then walked out before anyone can question her

Zoey: "I know Jasmine was right, but Mike is helping me so I can't kicked him out. I have to find a way to shut her up"
Jasmine: "It's obvious that there's something between Zoey and Mike, I need to do something about it"

"It's challenge time!" Chris announced from the loudspeaker "All butts to the meeting area in five"
Everyone gathered around, waiting for Chris to explain the challenge

"Today's game is called" He picked up a balloon from the crate beside him "Doom—Balloons!"
"You'll have ten seconds to collect a bunch of balloons that are filled with…who knows what? It's always a surprise none of you will like!" He laughed wickedly
"If you're hit with any balloon contents, you're out. Doesn't matter if the balloon were thrown, dropped, launched or any other way. Last one standing wins it for their team"

He blew the whistle "Get your balloon, people!"
Everyone rushed to get the balloon and ran into the forest
"The hunting doesn't start until you hear the airhorn" Chris added

At the challenge area, Amy and Dave walking together, both with the handful of balloons
"So, find anything suspicious?" Dave asked

"Well, Jo seem really close to those jocks, Sugar spent most of her time with her friend, Staci just constantly flexing, Sky and Dawn usually on their own, they were the most possible but I don't have any valid evidence"

"Perhaps we need to be more…initiative" Dave though "Maybe I should asked Shawn for help"
"Excuse me? He's our enemy! Not to mention he's a total freak"
"Drastic times call for drastic measures. Besides, facing a freak in a future is better than facing someone with supernatural power"

"That…a good point" Amy was convinced, despite she didn't want to

Amy: "Ugh! I hate when other people were right!"

"Man, can't believe I didn't get a single balloon" B said, he wasn't fast enough when everyone getting their balloon. Dawn was walking next to him with the basket full with balloons
"I can give you some if you want, I'm not confident with my aiming anyway" Dawn said "If only there's a way to make the balloon pop themselves…"

Her words inspired B "I have an idea! But I'll need something sharp"
"Does the needle in my sewing kit do the trick?" Dawn pulled out a little box from her pocket
"Perfect!" He took the kit and started working on his plan

Dawn: "Since everyone are start to bonding, I think it's time for me to working on my relationship with my teammates"

Little did they know, they're not the only one with that idea
Zoey and the twin brothers at the other side of the area, preparing for the hunt

"Isn't this a little bit too much…?" Mal asked, looking at the handmade bow and arrows on Zoey's hands
"Last time they took victory from us, now it's time for them to Pay Back!" Zoey exclaimed, and rushed off when the airhorn blew up
"That's go brother, the preys are waiting!" Mike said, picked up the balloon that been put on the ground and walked off, Mal just simply followed him

The scene cut to Shawn, who's wearing protective gloves and goggles, carefully holding a balloon
"No signs of anything…" He looked around, didn't notice Sky hiding on the tree, throwing a balloon right on his head
"Oh my god!" He's now covered with dirt and worms, and ran off panicking "Help!"
"Yes!" Sky revealed herself after the enemy was left "One down, nine to go"

Sugar walking on her own, Jasmine slowly sneaked behind. Suddenly a snack appear and tried to attacked Sugar, but she catched it with bare hand
"Get lost!" She throws it away, it happen to landed on the bush Jasmine hiding in

Jasmine: "Who would throw a snack like that?"

Staci is one of the people who didn't get a single balloon, but she doesn't seem to care, just looking at mirror checking her outfit
"Looking good! Hope there's nothing come to ruin it" Right after she said that, a balloon fly over and hitting her on the face, cover her with green slime
"No!!!!!" She cried, Mike the culprit watching her gloatingly

Cameron made a slingshot, he fired the balloon while Amy and Dave was not looking
Dave got hit and cover in flour, but Amy successfully fight back, cover Cameron in blue paint

Scott walking on his own, Zoey jumped out from behind the tree and fired an arrow, popped the balloons he's holding
"Ha! That's what you get for being my enemy" Zoey said, Scott just watching her annoyed

Ella found Sammy sitting on the tree stump
"Hey…" She greeted "What are you doing?"

"I didn't find anyone, so I got bored and decide to be a little bit creative" Sammy shown the balloon she got, now have doodles with music staff and others cute art "That's looked so cute!" Ella complicated
"Thanks, hey can you stay with me? The boredom is killing me and I need someone to talk"

Ella: "I don't know why Sugar be wary of Sammy so much, she's really nice, I hope we can all be friends"
Sammy: "Ella is cute and sweet, I really want to be friend with her. But her friend Sugar doesn't seem to like me"
"Well, that's just goes with the flow and see how it's turn out"

Anne Marie throw a balloon on Sugar, covered her with yellow paint. Then she got hit by Sky, covered in mustard
"How's karma taste like?" Sugar mocked
"It's mustard, genius" Anne Marie said sarcastically

"Looks like they're really enjoying the game" Chris pause the monitor "But they don't know what sort of surprises are waiting in the balloons"
"Stay tune for more mayhem when we return to 'Total Drama: New Island'!"


Chapter Text

Dakota saw Lightning wandering in the woods "Ha! Got you!"
She throws a balloon, but Lightning manage to dodge it
"Well, that's awkward" She said, and then they started a chase scene
During the chased, they both throwing balloon at each other, but aiming while running it's harder than they thought Eventually, they both down to one balloon, and there's a caution tape blocked the way

"I forgot to said: The tape meaning you at the edge of the challenge zone. If you cross it, you'll immediately out of the game" Chris said through the loudspeaker

"Looks like it's one on one" Lightning said, raised his last balloon
"And we're both going down" Dakota do the same, you can feel the tension in the air
They both throwed, and got hit at the same time

At the other side, Sammy and Ella were walking together. Suddenly they noticed B, who's now holding a handmade blowgun
Sammy raised her balloon, but B shoot the needle and bursted it, luckily there's only water

"What…?" Ella back away immediately, she doesn't get any balloon so B just simply leave her alone
"Looks like you're safe" Sammy said. Ella signed in relief, then handed her a hankie
"Here, you can used this"
"Thanks" Sammy took the hankie and leave, not forgot to wave goodbye

Meanwhile, Amy, who's now covering with ketchup, was ambushed by Jasmine
"Oh come on!" The cheerleader yelled. Her voice were noticed by Jo, who's appeared at the scene with her balloons

The jockette hiding behind the bushes, waiting for the good timing
The moment Jasmine turned back, she throwed the balloon, covering her with spiders
"What the hell?" Jasmine yelped in surprise and quickly ran away
"Oops…" Jo were a bit guilty of what she did, but the challenge must be done. So she just went on to find other targets

After a transition scene, we see Brick were walking along. He see the twin brothers and throw the balloon, it hit Mal and released a swarm of bees
"What the f***?" Mal ran away quickly

"Sorry, I don't know…" Before Brick can finish his apologize, Mike throwed the balloon on his face, covering he with itching powder
"This is not done yet" He threated before he went after his brother

Mal(getting sticks out of his hoodie): "Bee? Who the f*** would put bee in the balloon? And how does that even possible?"
Mike (from the outside): "I'll avenge you! He will be dead!"
Mal: "Metaphorical, right?"
Mike: "If you okay with that…"
Brick(scratching his face): "I didn't know there's bee in it, that's too dangerous! Not to mention it's animals abuse"

Meanwhile, Dawn meeting Sky, who's now out of balloons
"I guess you'll need some of those" Dawn hand Sky her basket
"Thanks" Just when Sky got the balloons, a arrow flying and hit the basket, along with the balloons in it, 'surprise' were getting on their hands
"Two in one shot, yes!" Zoey is shown hiding behind the tree

"Attention everyone" Chris announced through the loudspeaker "Now the challenge come to last five people, and since some of you doesn't have any balloon, there will be some being delivery to the challenge area…"

"That's sound good" Ella exclaimed
"…By our non-friendly animal friends!"

A roaring have been heard, then a bear in the diving gear show up, with a bag of balloons hanging on it's neck
"Hi…?" Ella looked at the bear, she stood still, doesn't know what to do

"Should we go safe her or…?" Alejandro asked, he's now watching the monitor with Chris, Chef and other contestants
"Nah, she'll be fine" Chris said, relaxing on the lawn chair "You can go check out if you want, it's not hurt to give your pretty face a little more screen time"
"Ok" Alejandro made his way to the woods. At the same time, Dawn and Sky joined the scene

"Looks like we got out at the good time" Dawn said "Although I hope it's doesn't involve any property damage" She looked at her dirty, broken basket
"It's ok, I can make one for you" Sky comfort her "Still can't believe Zoey attacked us with actual weapon"

"It's Mike's idea, sorry for that" Mal said, now without his hoodie, reveal the black shirt underneath it
"And you didn't stop them doing that?" Jasmine glared at him
"Come on, I'm sure they didn't mean any harm, they just want to win" Dawn said "Whatever happen in the challenge, stay in the challenge"

Dawn: "I'm not forgiving Zoey"

Back to the challenge area, we can see Alejandro was searching for the contestants, with the weird looking advice on his hands
"Please…I finally be part of something I like, I can't have anyone dead!" He murmured

"What's going on?" Mike walked towards him and asked, the intern hid the advice immediately
"Oh…Nothing, have you see a bear in a diving suit?"
"A what?" Mike said confusedly, suddenly one of his balloon burst and covered him with some weird goo
"Yes!" B cheered behind the nearby bush

"You ok?" Alejandro asked
"Good" Mike respond with a smile "This is washable, right?"

At another side, Jo is running from the boar, who have a box of balloons on the back
"Back off!" She yelled, throwed the balloon at it's face, but only angrier it more
"Help!" She cried out as the boar rushed toward her. But suddenly scuba bear appeared and scared it away

"Huh?" Jo looked up, and facing a balloon fill with vinegar
"Sorry" Ella apologized, she sitting on the bear's shoulder
"It's fine" Jo wiped the liquid with her shirt "How did you get a bear listened to you?"
"I honestly don't know, I guess my voice calm them down or something?"

"Classic Ella, always know her way around animals" Sugar said proudly when she saw her friend on the monitor "And I hope there's no one here have ANY idea of using her" She glared at the Rats(especially Sammy) when she said that

"Use what?" Mike joined them, still covered with goo
"The thing that you Definitely shouldn't know" Jasmine responded, making Mike frowned
"Anyway, what's the situation?" he asked

"It's B against Zoey and Ella, and since Ella is the only one with balloons and have a bear friend. I'll say we're toast" Dave said
"And I think it's obvious that who would be vote out tonight" Amy said, eyes looking at Staci, who's busy admired herself in the mirror

And just like they said, the challenge end with Ella's balloon hit B
"The Toxic Rats win the game!" Chris announced

Dawn: "So we lose and everyone have the same choice of who should go. How boring is that?"
She wrote something on a paper, then took a bottle of ketchup and wiped some on the other side
"It's time for the intrigue"

(Elimination Ceremony)

"Time to see who stays and who goes, the following are safe…" Everyone received the marshmallow as Chris called out their name, except for Staci and Sugar

"Wait, why am I the bottom two?" Sugar complained
"I don't know, but that's what the votes said" Chris respond "But it's doesn't matter cause Staci is the one been voted off!"

"What?" Staci yelped "But…"
"But what? Are you the one voted me?" Sugar said angered
"Yes, but I only do that because of this…" Staci took out a piece of paper, Sugar snatched it away and read:

" 'You're now on the chopping block, but don't worry. I can save you, all you have to do is help us vote out Sugar…Your friend, Jo'. "

"What?" Jo was shocked "I didn't wrote that!"
"Then why there's your name on it?" Sugar questioned angrily
"Please come down…" Brick trying to stopped the argument, but it's no use

"There's something on the paper" Dawn pointed at the stain on the paper
Sugar noticed the stain and decide to licked on it "It's taste like ketchup"

"Wait" Jo looked at Amy "Amy was out because of ketchup" She said, which angered the cheerleader
"Seriously? Are you trying to blame ME?"

"Guys" Chris interrupted "You can continue your fight whenever you want, but we have someone to Fired"

Chef show up and carried Staci into the cannon
"It's so dirty inside!" Staci whined
"I know. Have a nice flight!" Chris said before he fired the cannon.

Ignoring thehe rest of the Bears were still arguing at the background, Chris signs off the show

"Now each teams have down a teammate, who would be the next to blast? Find out next time on the 'Total Drama: New Island'!"

After Staci arrived Crucero Des Loser, the former contestant (now's an intern) Noah leading her to Sierra, who's now at dining room watching TV
"Hey, you're that girl on Celebrity Manhunt TDA Special!" Staci said surprisely

"You know me? Cool" Sierra respond simply
"But isn't everyone on that episode need to attend the court or something?" Staci asked

"Well, since I just a temporary interviewer and know nothing about those information being false, I don't really responsible for anything. Also I have a great lawyer"
"Anyway, you might want to have some rest or an actual meal. But first" Sierra press the remote "That's watch some unedited footage"

Chapter Text

The episode open with the contestants eating breakfast in the main lodge

At the Bear's table, the air is so thick that everyone can feel the pressure. Sugar at one side of the table looking furiously; Amy and Dave were whispering something; Jo, Lightning and Brick were discussing how to handle the situation; the rest of them (minus Dawn, who's nowhere to be seen) just eating sliently

At the Rat's table, the atmosphere was lot more relaxed
"And my grandpa just like" Mike started mimic an old man "Darn kid, back in my day we all ate with our hand like decent folk!"
His performance making everyone around him laugh

"That's hilarious!" Zoey slapped his back, it's a little bit hard but Mike doesn't mind that
"Can you do another one?" Cameron asked
"Not your grandfather this time, no offense but I'm no fan of boomers" Anne Marie added
"It's ok, let me see if I can…"

The camera move to Mal, who watching his brother (now shirtless for some reason) at the other side of the table, eating the…things in the bowl mindlessly until someone called his name
"Morning!" Alejandro sitting in front of him, with the pen and notebook on his hands
"So since we are friends, I would like to know your favourite food, music, celebrity, fictional work and…you know what? Just tell me everything you like, I have a very wide range of interests so I sure we will have something in common"

"Ok…" Mal respond awkwardly "Well…I like classic music, mystery novel and dark theme color"
"That's it?"
"Go ask Mike if you want details, he know me more than myself"
"I've tried, but he always around with someone, and I just don't want to ruin the friendship development"

"You really like watching other people's life, didn't you?" Dawn's voice came from behind Alejandro, making both boys jumped
"Why are you here? I never see you at breakfast before" The Spanish boy turned around and asked
"As you know, my team have a little argument during the last ceremony, so I think I need to at least check out on them"

Dawn: "My plan is make my teammates against each other so I won't become the target, but the problem is there's a trio on my team that's impossible to separate. And since I can't defeat them, then I'll have to find the way to join them"

Shawn walked out the door, then Dave quickly went after him
"Look like I came just in time" Dawn said, and followed them to the outside
"Wait, where are you going?" Mal asked her, but didn't get any response
"Let's go, this might be important" Alejandro said, then taking the other boy out the main lodge

At the outside, Shawn was walking back to the cabin, but Dave stopped him
"Wait! I have something to tell you"
"What? Unless you know who's the witch in your team, or else I don't trust any of you" Shawn said
"Ok first of all, witch and psychic were different…at least in most cases. Second, I studied parapsychology before, I can help you find her!"
"Her? How did you know it's a girl?"
"I've done some researched, I can show my notes if you want"

Dave leading Shawn to the Bear's cabin, didn't notice the trios peeked out behind the bushes

Alejandro: "Did I just witnessed someone scheming? This is so exciting!"
Dawn: "Dave will pay for what he's planning"
Mal: "…Should I be concern about how good they're stalking people?"

"Attention players!" Chris said through the loudspeaker "Please head directly to the looming tragedy that is Mount Looming Tragedy, your race begin now"

Soon, everyone rushed to the challenge area, where Chris and Chef were waiting

"Okay mutant food, on with the challenge, part one is an uphill battle. You'll have to climb all the way up to the cliff, first team reach the top gets advantage in part two"
"You can climb with your hands or use whatever you find in the junk pile. Don't worry, this junk pile doesn't have a dog. It has a giant mutant beetle!"

An overgrown beetle appeared in the junk pile, making everyone gasped in fear
"Big guys a bit of a hoarder, his estate is full of useful crud and disgusting crud"
The beetle throwed a toilet at the contestants, luckily it didn't hit anyone
"That's if you can get near it" Chris said, Chef blew the horn to started the challenge

"It's ON!"

"That's go Rats!" Zoey yelled, dragging Mike to the cliff
"Wait!" Mal tried to keep up with them, but having trouble climbing up
"(sigh) Grandpa was right, I really should have workout more"

The Bears were discussed how to send everyone up
"I can built something, but the beetle will be the problem and I not sure if I can bring everyone up" B said
"Don't be a coward, It just a stupid bug!" Sugar walking close to the junk pile, but the beetle breathing fire at her "Nevermind"

"Here's the plan, we split to two groups, one group climb to the top, the others will stay here and helping B" Lightning suggested
"I volunteer to stay" Amy said immediately
"Of course you'll choose to do nothing" Sugar scoffed, the cheerleader glared at her

"Anyway" Lightning stopped the girls before they start fighting "Me, Jo and Brick will be in the climbing group, does anyone want to join us?"
"Oh, I would love to participate, unlike Someone" Sugar said sourly
"Count me in. If I can beat the cliff in Squamish, I can beat this" Sky said
"Cool! Now that's go!" Lightning said, and leading the other four to the cliff

At the Rat's side, there's some people struggling to start, or just not even trying
"Does the lady going to participate?" Chris asked Anne Marie
"Nope, I just paint my nails this morning, there's no way I'm going to ruin it"

"Maybe we should try the junk pile, it's seems like they're dealing the bug problem" Mal said, as the Bears were distracting the beetle "Just sneak at there and grab what we need, simple enough"
"Base on this situation, I would say this is a very good idea, although I don't think I can get over the fear of a giant fire breathing beetle so easily, so it's might take a while for me to mentally prepare before making an action. So please, feel free to go ahead, there's no need to wait for me. Oh and you don't have to worry about Anne Marie, I will find something for her" Cameron respond

"…Ok, whatever you say" Mal walking to the junk pile, and picked up two plungers while the beetle wasn't looking

The scene cut to everyone who's climbing up the cliff
"You know, this reminds me when my parents made me a climbing wall playpen" Jo said
"That's sound great! I was in the sergeant junior boot camp before"
"Cool, Is it fun?"
"Yeah, except the time I dislocated my hip, but still a good memories. Check this out!" Brick tried to show off, but accidentally slipped, thankfully Jo got him in time

"Thanks you"
"Just be careful, ok?"
They smiled, looking at each other's eyes
"(cough) We should keep going" Lightning told them, they snapped back and went on their way

Lightning: "It's obvious that there's some chemistry between Jo and Brick, as their friends, I'm happy for them, but sometimes I feel like a third wheel and don't know what to do"

At the other side, Dakota was yelling something to enhance her spirit "I can do it! I'm the best! I'm…"
"The one that needs to SHUT THE F*** UP!" Zoey shout at her, then she turned to those who still at the bottom "And what are you guys doing? Climb faster!"

Mike standing on the ledge near Zoey, using the telescope to checked how everyone's doing
"Seems like the Rats is busy with the beetle, and our teammates is making progress… slowly"
"Oh, I see Mal!" He waved at his twin brother "Hey! Is everything alright? Did you need help?"

At the lower part of the cliff, Mal was using the plungers to climbed
"What the…" He saw Mike waving, but couldn't heard what's he saying due to the far distance

"Maybe I should go down" Mike said after getting no response, he's ready to went down but soon stopped by Zoey
"Don't you dare! You're coming with me"

"Listen, I like you and you still have the priority of getting my help, but there's no way I will abandon my brother for you" Mike said
"Don't be so dramatic, I'm sure he's fine"

Meanwhile, Chef at the top of the cliff, with amount of ices next to him
"You know what to do. Ice them" Chris command through the walkie-talkie, Chef smirked wickedly and started dropping ice block, one of them hit right on Mal's head and made him fall

"Oh no!" Mike yelled as he witnessed the scene "Hang on! I'm coming for you!" He pushed Zoey away(which almost made her fall) and quickly going down
"Watch it!" Zoey shout on the ledge

Mike: "I'm very protective for my family, as for other people in my life…well, my crush is a special case. Other then that, it's depends"
Zoey: "I'm not that heartless to complain someone choose their family members over me, but NOT IF I ALMOST GOT KILLED!" (Punch through the wall)

Back to the bottom of the cliff, Dawn and Dave were running from the beetle, Scott was busy collecting every material that is needed, B was working on his invention, and Amy just watching at the distance
Suddenly, a figure was falling toward the cheerleader, along with the word that's being sensor

"Ouch!" Amy being crushed on the ground by Sugar, who's been hit by an Ice
"You okay?" B asked
""No!"" Both girls respond

Mal was laying on the ground, questioning all his life decisions until Mike come to him
"You good?"
"…Aren't you with your girlfriend?"
"You know I'll never leave you behind" Mike smiled "Anyway, shall we go now?"
"…Fine" Mal got up from the ground, and noticed his plungers were gone "You'll help me, right?"

After some timeskip, we can see Zoey reached the top first "Yes! I win!" She exclaimed
"Not so fast, lady" Chris showed up flying with the jetpack "I said the first 'team' up there, you have to wait for your whole team"

At the same time, the climbing group of the Bears(minus Sugar) were nearing the end, but most of the Rats were falling behind
"And look like the B is about to finish his work!" Chris said

The camera move to the bottom of the cliff, a rocket is shown, it's made by toxic waste barrel, couch, some wiring and other stuff
But it have a problem: the couch can only fit five people

"Dibs on the center!" Amy sat on the couch first
"B**** you literally done nothing! Move out!" Sugar throwed herself on the couch and shoved Amy aside
Scott took the seat at the left and B took the right one, leaving Dave and Dawn

"Rock Paper Scissors?" Dawn asked Dave, they played one game. Dave win with the Paper and got the last seat, so Dawn have to sat on the couch arm
After everyone have their seats, B touching two wires together and sending the rocket flying. They landed safely on the top. Expect for Dawn, who's 'accidentally' fell during the ride

"Oh no!" Jo yelled concernedly "Are you ok?" She looked down, and found Dawn hanging on the metal pipe
"We have to save her!" Brick said
"You want to risk our chance to win?" Sugar said angrily
"Chill girl, It's just the first part" Lightning told her, and turned to Dawn "Don't worry! We'll be there to help!"

"Delightful" Dawn murmured with the smirked

While the Bears went on the rescue, the Rats were reaching to the top, with the twin brothers being the last two members arrived, Chris announced their victory
"The Toxic Rats win thanks to Dawn's fall, literally"
"And who else heading to their fall? Find out after the break!"


Chapter Text

The scene cut to the place cover with snow, it's so cold that even the lake were frozen
"Greeting, ice teens" Chris is shown wearing the anorak "Cold enough for ya?"
All the contestants were shivering in cold
"I'll take that as a yes"

"Time for part two of today's challenge: Capture the snow fort. To win you have to either demo the enemy's fort, or capture the flag and bring it back to your own fort"
"Rats won the first part so they get first dibs on the fort"

"Easy, we choose the castle!" Dakota said, everyone agreed with her
"Guess we stuck with the shack then" Jo sighed

Both teams went to their own forts and place their flags in it
"Listen up player, here's how it work: Use the shovel in each fort to fire your collection of mystery snowballs" Chris said while sitting next to the campfire
"why are they call mystery balls?" Mal questioned
"Because they all inflict major damage, thank to the secret weapon hide inside the balls. But some will damage you so choose wisely. Each team has to elect a captain to command and conquer, starting now"

"As the captain, I say——" "STOP!"
Jasmine cut off Zoey's word "You can't just decided yourself, we never agree of you being the captain!"
"Yeah! I should be the one take control!" Dakota said
"Well none of you are stronger than me! So SHUT IT!" Zoey shouted at the girls, but they're still not convinced

"Can you all stop yelling?" Mal covering his ears, tried to stay away from their argues
"Don't worry, I will take care of the flag, you just have to waiting for the victory" Mike told his brother, and turned to the arguing girls
"I nominate Zoey to be the captain! Anyone with me?" He glanced at his alliances
"I second that!" "Whatever, I'm fine with it" Cameron and Anne Marie said

"You heard them!" Zoey smirked, Jasmine glared at her, but didn't say anything

Jasmine: "When did they decid to take Zoey's side?"

At the Bear's fort, Lightning took the captain role without anyone against
"Okay, the climbing group at part one will capture the flag. The rest of you stay at the fort"

"Shouldn't we…I don't know, keep more strength for the defence?" Dave suggested
"Maybe we should let Jo and Brick switch place with me and Amy?" Dawn said
"Wait, why me?" Amy asked
"I just think it would be better for someone who's not tiring for the last challenge to do the job" Dawn said mockingly
"Yeah! It's time for you to do something!" Sugar exclaimed
"Hey, at least I'm not reason why we stuck with this s***!" Amy yelled angrily

"Calm down girls, have more respect to your teammates" Lightning stopped them from fighting "And Dave is right, we need more strength in defence. So I'll bring Dawn and Amy with me and Jo and Brick will stay. You two okay with that?"
He asked his two friends, they both nod in agreement. And before the cheerleader can talked back, Chris started the challenge


Both team's members rushing to another's fort
Rats have Mike, Dakota, Jasmine, Sammy and Ella doing the attacked. Bears, just like they've planned, have Lightning, Sky, Sugar, Dawn and a very reluctant Amy

While they're crossing the frozen lake, the ice suddenly cracked, made Sammy falling in and freeze her
"Forgot to tell you, no man's land is more like man's water" Chris said as Chef laughing at her misery

"We have to get her out!" Ella said concernedly, but Jasmine pulled her away
"Wait till the challenge end, and after that, we need to discuss something"

Back inside Bear's fort, Jo and Brick were ready to attacked, their hands accidentally touched when they're reaching the snowballs
"Oh…sorry" "No no no it's fine"
They blushed and took their hands back, then just standing there awkwardly

B looked around the fort, and noticed a large ice block
"Maybe I can make something…" He pulled out a tool from his pocket and starting his work

"ATTACK!" Zoey yelled at the Rat's fort, then a plastic bag filled with multiple snowballs (and some other things) hits the shack
"Yes!" The commender cheered "Finally your stuff is useful for once" She told Shawn, who's digging his head in his backpack to find more bags

Just when everything seem to going well, a big snowball flying into Rat's fort and revealed the giant beetle hidden inside
"Ahhh! Back off!" Shawn sprayed them with the bug spray, but it doesn't do much

While the Rats were dealing with the beetle, Bear's attack group arrived and witnessed this mess
"Looks like this is an easy win" Amy said
"But how did we get the flag without they notice?" Sky peeked inside the castle and saw the beetle fighting the other team, the flag is right in the middle of the battlefield
"Let's do it quick. Everyone, get'em!"
Lightning ordered, then they rushed into the castle and joined the battle. But Dawn just stayed outside and looked back to her team's fort

At Bear side, four Rats member break into the shack
"Prepare to lose cause Dakota is coming!" The tennis player about to grab the flag, but stopped by Dave and Scott; Brick and Jo starting to fight Mike and Jasmine; and Ella just slowly walking close to the flag, tried her best not to be noticed

Meanwhile B sneaked out the shack with an ice-made mirror
"Just placed here…" He tried to put the mirror on the top of the fort to reflect sunlight. But before he finished his job, a dart stabbed into his neck and made he unconscious, his mirror fell to the ground and shattered

"Clever idea, too bad it's stand in my way" Dawn said "But don't worry, you'll still be useful in the future, probably" She went back to the Rat's fort, where's already became a pure chaos

"Get lost!" Zoey was fighting Lightning
"(sensor) You stupid bug!" "Don't anger it!"
Sugar attacked by the beetle and Sky tried to save her
"Don't touch me!" Amy grabbed the flag, but Mal and Cameron stopped her from leaving
Anne Marie decided she don't want to get involved, so she stayed at the corner
Shawn just using whatever he can found in the backpack and made everything worse

No one noticed Dawn was left, she keeps herself away from the madness, waiting for the challenge to end
She didn't wait too long, cause Ella already got the flag and started running back
"Stop her!" Brick yelled, but then punched by Mike
"That's for letting the bees attacked my brother!"

"And Toxic Rats win the game!" Chris announced as Ella went back the castle
"WHAT?" Sugar was shocked, then the beetle hits her in the face
"No!" Ella let go the flag and rushed to her friend "Stop it! We mean no harm, ok?" She told the beetle, and surprisely, it listened and leaving the castle

"How did you do that?" Sky asked
"I guess you can say those animals just really like me, sometimes I feel like they can understand what I'm saying" Ella respond
"They're understand? Or you just hypothesis them?" Shawn said suspiciously, and so did Amy
"Yeah…it's really strange of how they're obeying you"

Amy: "I know it's sound crazy, but could it be both Sugar and Ella are psychic?"
Chris: "For the record, I have no idea Ella can control animals and ro…I mean mutants, but that make thing interested so I'm not going to stop her"

"Anyway" Dawn spoke before the conversation can keep going "We should go back and check the others"

When the Bears back to their fort, the first thing they saw is B laying on the ground
"What the…" Lightning looking at the rest of the team "What's going on here?"
"I don't know, but we find this" Jo showed the dart that was stabbed on B's neck
"Can't find any wound, I think someone might drug him" Brick said

"Hey, isn't Shawn say something about stolen tranquillizer before?" Dawn said. Then the scene cut to everyone in towel gathering in the main lodge
"Yes, this is mine!" Shawn said after saw the dart
"So someone stole it and use it to sabotage us, but who would do that?" Jo said concernedly

"I have a way to find out" Shawn pulled out a crystal pendulum "The wandering spirit in this area, please show me the nasty thieve that's hiding among us"
The pendulum starting to swing clockwise. Eventually, it stopped in front of Dave, then the rope snapped by the unknown force

"Wait what?" Dave eyes widened in shock
"YOU!" Shawn glared at the confused boy "Steal my things and pretend you want to help me? I can't believe I almost fell in your lie!"
"It's not me! Really! I didn't leave the fort for the whole challenge!" Dave looking at his teammates, hope they can prove his innocen

"Is it true?" Dawn asked the defence group, but already know the answer
"Well…He was there when the challenge started, but I'm busy fighting when we under attacked so I don't know…" Jo said
"Me too" Brick said
"Oh no…" Dave turned to the last teammate that can help him "Scott? You believe me, right?"

Scott looking into Dave's eyes, hestitate for a second, then slowly shake his head
To add the damage, Alejandro walked in with two other darts in his hand
"Hey, I just searched Dave's belonging and found those, I think it's yours?" He handed the darts to Shawn

"Team Maskwak, It's time for you to vote" Chris announced outside the main lodge. Everyone on the losing team walked out with Dave looking defeated, but no one noticed the crystal is rolling behind a certain person…

Scott: (write down something on paper, which revealed as 'Sorry Dave')
Dawn: "Scott can save Dave, he just smart enough to know it's a bad idea to mess with whoever planning this or the supernatural crystal"
"Well, the crystal thing was not in my plan, but it's easy to cheat so doesn't matter. My only concern is Al…" (She pause, then opened the door and picked up the crystal that somehow appears)
"…Ok, seem like it's time to ask a friend for help"

(Elimination Ceremony)

Dave was inside the cannon and everyone else holding a marshmallow
"Any last word?" Chris asked

"For my only ally on this island: I'm innocent, and everything I tell you is true, please find the person behind my elimination" Dave finished his words, then immediately shoot out by the cannon

"Come back for more mutants, mayhem and manipulation next time on 'Total Drama: New Island'!"

"Greeting!" Sierra and Noah welcoming the new loser on board "Name's Sierra, and this is Noah, third elimination at season one, just like you!"
"Wow, what a important information to tell" Noah said sarcastically

"Hi, is there's anywhere I can see the camera footage?" Dave asked
"Of course! And I made the highlights if you want, cause this season just CRAZY!" Sierra exclaimed

"Anyway, there's nothing really need to do here, just wait for Aftermath episode to shoot. And don't worry, there's no false info this time, so have fun and relax!" Sierra said, then everyone went to the dining room and watching TV in peace

Chapter Text

The episode open with Jasmine standing in front of the cabin talking to Shawn, Dakota and Ella
"It's obvious that Cameron and Anne Marie are taking Mike's side, we have to vote out him before it's too late"

"Why Mike? I want Zoey leave so I can be the captain" Dakota said
"We will vote for Zoey after Mike is gone, he might not physically strong but he's good at strategy, and that's make him the bigger threat"
"Fine" Dakota agree, but still look dissatisfied

"I don't care who's leaving as long as it's not me, I haven't found the rest of my tranquillizer yet" Shawn said
"Wait, how many did you bring?" Jasmine asked
"A dozens, but there's only three return and one of them was used"

"…Anyway" Jasmine decided to ignore the tranquillizer thing and turned to Ella "Can you tell Sammy our plan? Cause I can't find her anywhere"
"Oh…sure! But I haven't see her after she went for a walk this morning" Ella respond, looking a little nervous "But I'll help you! Totally!"

Ella: "I really don't like those scheming, even though I know it's necessary, there's still some part of me thinking 'Does he really deserve this'?"
"But…this is for the good of my team, so I have to do this…right?"

At the boy side of Bear's cabin, B and Scott were the only two guys staying in. They doing their thing peacefully until Amy walked in "We need to talk"
The sudden guest making the boys jumped "Can you knock before you're in?" B said as he looked up from his game

"Doesn't matter, I need an alliance to vote out other girls, starting with Sugar"
"I know you two doesn't get along, but isn't this a little bit too much? Also why did you want the girls to leave?"
"Cause one of them frame Dave" Scott's eyes widened as he heard Amy "My suspicious on Sugar, but the others are not off the hook yet. So it'll be easier to get them all out"

"That's sound extreme…what's your thought?" B asked Scott, who's hestitate for a second before he give a thumb up
"Well, you seem really good at those kind of thing. I'm with you" B said, a new alliance have been made

Cut to the twin brothers sitting on the rock, just chilling
"Did you think I should give Vito's number to Anne Marie?" Mike said
"Whatever you do, just don't get me involved, I had enough of those romantic stuff"
"…You still mad that 'incident'?"
Mal didn't say anything, and that's when Dawn decided to shows up

"That's get straight to the point: I need you to vote Shawn out, in return I'll spill all the beans of my team, and don't you dare tell Zoey any of this"
"Deal!" Mike answered immediately
"Wait, what?" Mal was confused, but he doesn't get the answer because Chris blew the airhorn, meaning the challenge started

"Today we will be laughing as you risk your life in the 'Smash, Splash, Blast, 1 2 3 4 5 X-Dash" Chris announced as everyone gathered on the beach, there's one person missing but he don't care
"Players have to cross the beams, grab the dueling stick from the end of the dock, bring it back and place it on the board. Two sticks make an X, five X win the challenge"

"ANYONE who messing with other's team sticks will result in them losing the challenge" Chris said as he glared at the Bears, or specifically, Dawn
"Only one member per team may cross at the time. If you land in the drink, that turn gets you no points, so use that dueling stick to swat, trip or bat your opponent into the water. This will be awesome to see"

"If anyone get my hair wet, they're dead" Amy said
"Any particular order we go in?" Brick asked
"You decide you own order, but each team member must go at least one"

"Where's Sammy?" Jasmine asked
"I saw her walked into the woods this morning, she probably not heard the airhorn since she had a big headphone on" Mal said

Sammy: "Sometimes, I like to go for a walk while listening some music. But I always ended up too into it and just forgot where I'm going"

Sammy was walking in the woods with a blue headphone blasting pop music, she humming with the rhythm while playing her ukulele, not have a care in the world

Back to the challenge
"She probably lose in the woods" Chris said "You know how this island can get, confusing"
"Can we go find her?" Mike asked
"I was going to send Chef or Alejandro, but if you want to do the job, sure" Chef drove the boat and dropped Chris next to a plastic chair "But anyone who doesn't take a turn will got an automatic date with the cannon, and a member of the losing team will still be dunzo, so act wisely or you will lose a lot of people tonight"

"It's game time! Swim to your dock and waiting for my signal to start" Chris announced, everyone went to the dock
"I have an idea" Mike spoke up "Me and Ella go early, so we can leave and find Sammy"
"And why you should be the one go search?" Jasmine questioned
"Come on! I just want to do something for the team"

Mike: "I don't care what's happened to Sammy, I just want some time alone with Ella so I can manipulate her with no trouble"

"I'll go with you" Mal said "There's no way I will leave you unsupervised"
"Cool, so Ella first, Mal second and I'll be third" Mike decided

"We should save the best for last, me first" Dawn volunteer, then Chris blew the airhorn

The girls rushed to the other side of the dock, grabbed the stick (the Rat's being green and the Bear's being red) and ran back safely
"Seriously? Start hurting each other!" Chris shout "Or I'll get bored, and that will be bad news for all of you"

Ella put the stick on the board, then it's Mal's turn
"Go, bro!" Mike said as his brother ran off
"B, can you be the next?" Dawn said, and place the stick on the board
"Well, the quickly it end, the less to suffer" B ran off. It's another peaceful turn

"This can't be happening" Chris say disappointed, then he pulled out his walkie-talkie when the third round began "Release Scuba bear"

"Release what?" Mike said confused, he just got the dueling stick. Soon a bear in the diving gears jumped out of the water and blocked the his back way
"Oh——" He got knocked into the water really quick, meanwhile Scott ran back with another stick

"They got the lead!" Zoey said angrily "I go next!"
She ran off the moment Mike whet back to the dock, Sugar rushed out at the same time
"Prepare for your Doom!" Zoey scoffed
"Shut it! Red" Sugar respond

They got the sticks, swung at each other with their full strength as they ran pass
"Be careful, Sugar!" Ella told her best friend
"Don't worry! I can take this b**** on my own!" Sugar said, but she clearly have the lower hand

Ella tried to say something, but Mike pat her shoulder "It's time to go, we have to find Sammy, remember?"
"Oh…yeah" Ella glanced at her best friend, then followed the twin brothers to the woods
"Wait! Where are you going?" Sugar distracted by the sudden leave of Ella, gives Zoey the chance to knocked her out

Sugar: "I don't know where or why they're taking Ella, but I will not let them hurt my friend!"

After resurfaced, Sugar decided to swimming back to the land but stopped by Chris
"Sugar, you need to get back to your team so the next person can start"
"God damnit!" She cursed before swim back to her team

"Yes!" Zoey laughing menaces as she back "You go next, Barbie"
"Finally!" Dakota ran off excitedly, at the same time Amy ran from the other side
"See you at the way back, sucker!" Dakota yelled at Amy

They both got the sticks, Dakota raised her stick, prepared to hit her enemy
"Bend down!" B shout as when Dakota about to swung her stick, Amy listened and ducked the attacked, and Dakota felling into the water

At the time Dakota resurfaced, She saw Fang and swim away panicking
"And Amy make it back to complete team Maskwak's second X!" Chris announced "Will the Rats crawl to their victory? See for yourself after the break!"


Chapter Text

The twin brothers and Ella walking into the woods, searching for their missing teammate
"I hope we can find her in time, Amy will be so sad if her sisters be disqualifie" Mike said
"When did you start care about your enemy's feeling?" Mal asked
"Well…it just the idea of separate from the family member that suppose to fight together make me feel bad, can you imagine if any of us are out this early?"
"Michael, the only reason I'm still on this island is because you're here, and I can't wait for you to leave so I can be free too"

"Listen, I'm sorry for forced you to join me, I just really want to do something special with you after leave the juvie, but I feel like you're avoid me so I knew I had to do it extreme. Besides, you know how much I love this show…"
The more Mike said how much he loves to participate this show with Mal (who's just completely ignored him), the more guilty Ella looked

Ella: "I can't do this, not after hearing how he's excited about this show and have fun with his brother"
Mike: "I've see someone like Ella before, they're so nice that even they have a gun and there's a guy made by 99% malicious standing in front of them, they will still hesitate to shoot because of that 1%. So all I have to do is show her my 'good' side"

"I think I see her" Mal spotted Sammy vibing with her ukulele
"Wow, she really in the zone" Mike said
Ella ran to her and pat her shoulder, Sammy finally noticed them and took off the headphone "Hey guys, what's going on?"

"We have to go! Or you might be disqualify!" Ella said worried
"Wait, really?"
"No time to explain!" Ella dragged Sammy away, followed by the twin brothers

Back to the challenge, it's now Sky v.s Shawn, the fight between them was intense, until Chris got bored again and summoned Scuba bear. Sky used her skill to avoid its attacked, and Shawn been throwed into the water cause he can't find his Bear Spray

"Good job!" Lightning said as Sky put the stick on the board "And next up is Brick"
"Little guy, you're up" Zoey told Cameron

The crossed the beams, grabbed the stick and ran back, when the passing each other, Cameron raised his stick and said: "Back off! I've studied physics and I'm not afraid to using it!"
"Easy, I'm not going to hurt you" Brick comforted him
"Oh, okay" Cameron slowly walked back to his team, so did Brick

"What are you doing? Put those muscles to good use!" Amy complained to Brick
"I workout to protect people, not hurting people. We already two points ahead, there's no need to against that little guy"
"Is needed! Then we will be three point ahead!"
"Sorry ma'am, but I've have my own code and I'm not going to violate it"

Amy: "Ugh, stupid pacifist. He'll be on my list if I don't have four girls need to be eliminated"

"And now, it's time for the most formidable women of both teams against each other!" Chris announced as Jasmine and Jo stepped on the beams
"I am the most formidable!" Zoey yelled angrily
"Whatever" Chris shrugged

Their stick clashes together, trying to pushed others in the water. Everyone was nervous to see how would it end
"You can do it, Jo!" Brick yelled from the dock, making her blushed. That's when Jasmine took her chance and pushed her to the water
"Next time, try not to get distract during the fight" Jasmine said before walked back

"Sorry guys, I messed up" Jo apologize when she swim back to her team
"It's okay" Brick bring her out of the lake, they looked at each other and smiled

Lightning took the next turn of the Bears, as for the Rats…
"Back off, this one's mine" Zoey said
"How about Anne Marie?" Jasmine said
"She can do the next round" Zoey rushed to the other side, grabbed a stick and ran back

When she passing Lightning, she aiming his head and swung, which he dodge it and tried to sweep her leg with the stick, but Zoey jumped up in time
"Impress" Lightning said "I never meet a girl strong like you"
"Want to know what's good of being a girl?" Zoey said, then kicked Lightning right on his crotch, made him groaned in pain and falling down into the water

"Wow, that's going to hurt a lot" Chris said while laughing at Lightning's misery

Then it's montage time
Anne Marie knocked Dawn down
Jo defeated Dakota
Brick hit Shawn then apologized to him
Zoey hit Sky in the head
Jasmine pushed Scott into the water
Amy swung her stick to Cameron

"Now, both teams down to the final point. And our missing person finally returned" Chris announced when the squad shows up

"What take you so long?" Zoey asked
"We lost on our way back, the mark we leave just disappeared when we return" Mike said
"So what should I do?" Sammy asked
"Ran there, take a stick, knock the other team into the water and back" Mal explained in the most simple way possible

"No, this is the most important round, I will go" Zoey said
"But she will be disqualify!" Ella said
"Just let her go, I sure she can do it" Mike told Zoey, and whispered in her ear "Don't worry, I will make sure none of us will out even we lost"
Zoey looked at Mike, then Sammy, and back to Mike. Eventually she sighed and said: "Fine, just go"

"I'll take her!" Sugar rushed off before anyone can stopped her
Just when Sammy took the stick and ready to return, she saw Sugar approaching with the full speed
"Eat this, Friend stealer!" Sugar yelled as she charges her stick to Sammy, made her fall down to the lake

"And team Maskwak win!" Chris announced "Team Rats, see you at the elimination!"

The scene cut back to the camp, everyone on the winning team already went to rest
Scott walked out of the cabin and saw Alejandro carrying a large black bag, something purple can be glimpsed from the opening

Scott stopped the intern and handling him a paper
"Oh hey, what is this?" Alejandro took the paper " 'Why did you decide to search Dave's stuff in the last challenge?' Well…it's Dawn who asked me to do this…"

(flash back to last episode)
"I need you help" Dawn came up to Alejandro

"I saw Dave hide the injector in his pocket this morning, I think he probably the one that drug B. So can you help me search his things and see if there's any clue? No offense but I don't really want to touch a guy's stuff"
"Sure! Anything for my friend"

"And that's all, if you excuse me, I have something to prepare" Alejandro back to his work, leaving Scott along with the new information

Scott pulled out a pen, pressed it, then Alejandro's voice came out

'Why did you decide to search Dave's stuff? Well… it's Dawn" Scott pressed again to stopped the recording pen, he smirked and put the pen back to his pocket

Ella and Sammy sitting on the proch
"So…who did you want to vote?" Ella asked
"I don't really have anything against anyone, so I will vote myself" Sammy shrugged, doesn't really care
"Even you might be eliminated because of that?"
"I did went missing for the most of the challenge, so I can't really blame them if I end up eliminate"

"But you don't have to do that, we can vote for Mike. Sure, he's really exciting for this show and he likes he brother so much that don't want to leave him, but it's doesn't matter…right?" Ella tried to convince herself, but failed
"You don't have to do it if you don't want to" Sammy said
"But I promise Jasmine…"
"It's ok to make the decision on your own, as long as you take the consequence. And since I'm the one give you the advice, I will take the blame as well"


Ella: "I don't want to break the promise with Jasmine, but I'm feel bad voting for Mike…Is a lose-lose for me. But I have to make a decision…so that's do this"

(elimination ceremony)

"Now, one of you got to go" Chris said, holding a plate of marshmallows "Cameron, Anne Marie, Mal, Dakota, Jasmine, Zoey, Sammy and Ella, you're safe" He handed the marshmallow to them, the plate is now empty, but there's still two remain

"Wait, how about me?" Shawn asked
"Here's the interesting part: we have a tie!" Chris announced "And for the tie breaker, we need you two to headstand, the first person drop out will be eliminate"

Now, Shawn and Mike at the front, prepared for the tie breaker
"Your challenge starting…now!"
They hands down and legs up, standing up side down, tried to stay as long as possible

"Oh yeah, did I mention that we will shoot you with these?" Chris and Chef took out the paintball gun and shoot at them. Soon, they're all covered in paints, then one of the shot happen to hit Shawn's face
"Ah! It's in my eyes! I'm going to blind!" Shawn was panicked and fall on the ground

"And Mike win the tie breaker! Shawn, please get into the cannon" Chris said, Mike bring his feets down and back to his team, while Chef picked Shawn up and place him in the cannon

Jasmine: "I actually surprised that it's Shawn who's got the vote, I thought they will target me"
"And that's going to be their biggest mistake, they might have the number advantage, but I'm not going to give up!"
Mal: "Man, I was so close of getting Mike out"
Ella: "I decided to vote myself like Sammy did, and now Shawn was out because of me, but if I vote Mike, he will be the one out"
"(sigh) I hope Sugar was here to help me, she's always dealing with these kinds of things for me"

"Farewell!" Chris fired the cannon

"Want to know who's next to be gone? Won't be long. Find out right here on 'Total Drama: New Island'!"

Sierra, Noah, and every loser (include Shawn) was eating dinner

"You really shouldn't say 'I need to stay' before the challenge, it's a huge red flag" Dave said
"I'm pretty sure he's going to be here no matter what" Staci said

"I can believe I'm going to stay on a boat for two months! Did you know how dangerous it can be? What if there's a storm or a tsunami or…"
"Don't worry" Sierra stopped Shawn "This 'Crucero Des Loser' is 100% safe, if you still worry, please go panick in your room"

After Shawn leave the dining room, Noah announced: "The first aftermath episode will starting at the day after next loser are here, so…prepare yourself, I guess"

"Like what?" Sam asked
"I don't know, just write a script or something, or you can do nothing. It's not my problem if you embarrass yourself on TV"

The past contestants looked at each other, shrugged, and went back to eating their food

Chapter Text

This episode take place in the middle of the night, everyone were asleep. A shadow figure walking into the girl's side of Bear's cabin and leaving a note on Dawn's empty bed

Behind the Rat's cabin, Dawn and Mike are talking
"…So Sugar is now hate both of the sisters now, and Amy hate her equally; Brick and Jo in love with each other but too shy to do anything, so Lightning decided to be a matchmaker…that's all" After Dawn finish sharing information to Mike, he thought for a second and said:
"Is it possible to break up Brick and Jo?"

"I'm afraid not, and I don't want to draw any unnecessary attention" Dawn respond
"Then…can you convince your other teammates to sabotage each others?"
"Way ahead of you" Dawn smirked "I have to go, this conversation never happen, ok?"
"What didn't happen?" Mike joked, and they went back to their cabin

Dawn noticed the note leaves by unknown person, she reads it, then gasped in surprise
At the next second, a loud airhorn coming from outside, wake everyone up

"Run! Run for you life!" Chris yelled, everyone quickly ran out of cabin and see Chris, who's wearing earmuffs, and a intern with a airhorn
"Thanks, intern" Chris said, took off the earmuffs, but the intern can't heard anything "What?"

"Challenge time!" Chris announced to the contestants, and showing a map sticking on the billboard
"You mean right now?" Brick looked nervous "Oh no…"
"You ok?" Jo asked
"Nothing…it's fine"

Mike watching them and narrow his eyes, but soon distracted by Mal's yawn
"Hey, wake up" Mike elbowed his half-asleep brother
"Huh?" Mal rubbing his eyes "Sorry…"

Mal: "I always slept between ten to eleven PM, I can't keep awake after my bed time and…(started doze off, but jolt awake by the sudden knocks on the door) Oh shoot!"

"Your challenge, a scavenger hunt for three creepy souvenirs; Your locations, a haunted forest, a scary pet crematory and an extra spooktastic cave. First team to each locations gets a special clue, but watch out of booby traps, I really went to town with them"
"So move fast and stick together, You'll be penalized for each player you lose" Chris explained the challenge

"Excuse me, could you tell me what does that purple spider image represent?" Cameron asked
"Oh yeah, we prepare a gigantic mutant spider to add some creepy vibe to the challenge" Chris said, making everyone panicked

Cameron: "I have a really severe case of arachnophobia, which is the very specific phobia trigger by the irrational fear of spiders or other similar creature, mostly insects and arthropods. For some reason, spider just so creepy to me, especially the legs, I know this is not scientific facts but any kind of creature with so many legs can count as evil to me"

"There's nothing to fear but moral terror itself. Talk soon" Chris blew the airhorn, and everyone rushed off

Lightning is the first person reached to the first location, along with other members on his team "Cool, look like we are first"

"Welcome to the haunted forest, your clue, can be found at the base of this tree…"

Lightning tried to get the clue, but at the next second, he screams in pain as something snapped on his arm

"…in the bear trap!"

"A little help?" Lightning give the clue to Jo, that's when the Rats appear, with Zoey leading them
"Looks what do we have here?"
"Get out of here! That's our clue!" Amy said
"Don't worry, I got a plan. Let's go!" Zoey said, everyone on team Rats leave

"So here's the plan: We hide and follow them to our souvenir" Zoey told the team
"That's clever!" Mike said happily
"Isn't that cheating?" Jasmine said
"Everything is fine as long as Chris allow, and we all know he doesn't care" Mike said "Into the bush!"

Meanwhile, team Bears is heading to the next location
"Inside a knot is a nest. Your souvenir lives with a pest. Follow Polaris and travel northwest" Jo reading the clue
"Polaris is the North Star, so the northwest is…" Brick tried to found the correct direction "This way!"
Team Bears went on their way, not aware of the Rats behind the bush

"That's go!" Zoey said, ran after the leaving team
"Mal?" Mike noticed his brother still laying on the ground, almost fall asleep "Come on, we have to go" He pulled Mal up
"No…I hate outdoor……" Mal murmuring unconsciously, still not awake. Mike sighed and decide to carried his brother on the back
"Man, haven't done this since we were ten"

Back to team Bears, they gathered around the tree with red and green paint under the knothole
"So…this is the knot with a nest" Jo said "I got this"
She climbed up the tree and reached her hand in the hole to find clue, but immediately grabbed by a giant mutant squid hiding inside the tree, she screams in horror

"Jo!" Brick tried to rescued, but a tentacle slapped him away
"Duck Duck Jump Punch! That's how I beat the squid in the game!" B yelled
"This is not a f****** game, dumbass!" Sugar said, then everyone got attacked by the squid

"That's it! No calamari bo that to my team" Lightning climbed up the tree and punched the squid in the eye, making it released Jo and retreat to the tree
"Thanks" Jo said after recovered from the fall, Brick standing next to her concerning
"Hey guys! Look!" Lightning found a key in the knothole, but he soon grabbed by a web shoot and disappear in the dark, only the key dropped to the ground

"Lightning!" Jo yelled "Where did he go?"
"And Dawn is missing too!" B said, now they have two players down
"We have to find them" Brick said, but stopped by Amy
"The challenge, remember? It's time to go"

At the same time, the Rats joined the scene
"For once, I agree with this b****, that's go" Sugar said and rushed off, follow by the team
"Wait!" Jo and Brick went after them

"Quick! Find the clue so we can beat them!" Zoey told her team
"Jasmine, you're up" Mike said, still carrying his brother
"Why don't you go? And what's wrong with him?" Jasmine asked
"He needs sleep and our team need clue, is that clear?" Mike respond

"Fine" Jasmine climbed up the tree and found the key "Happy right now?"
"Nah" Mike shrugged, unaware that Zoey is looking at him

Zoey: "I don't understand Mike, sometimes he's sweet and nice, but then suddenly he become a jerk. But hey, he help me control the team, I'm not complaining"

While everyone was focused on the key, the web come down and pulled Mal away from Mike's back
"Wait" Mike looked back and noticed the sudden disappeared of his brother "Mal? Mal! He's gone!"

"Oh, Not again" Zoey said, then grabbed the panicking Mike by shoulder
"KEEP. IT. TOGETHER!" She shouted "Listen, I know you're worry. But this probably just a prank of Chris, your brother is not in any danger. So no need to freak out, okay?"

"No promises, but I will try" Mike said

The Bears is now at the next location
"Welcome to the Pahkitew Pet Crematory!" Chris voice came out from the loudspeaker

"I'm pretty sure this wasn't here before…" Sky said confused
"I have a better question: why there's a crematory on this island, which is at the middle of nowhere?" Sugar said
"Also, who's pet are those?" B asked

"Doesn't matter!" Amy shouted out "We need to get the clue, now!"
Scott open a coffin and find the paper with a lot of numbers written on it, with three 6 and an 18 in red ink

"Of course there will be a 666" Amy said "That's split up and find the souvenir" She then leave on her own, everyone do the same, except Brick
"Hey" He talked to Jo before she leave "Can I…search with you?" Brick asked awkwardly
"Sure, if you don't mind" Jo smiled

The Rats arrived the crematory as well
"This place looks spooky" Sammy said "But some cheerful melody can fix it" She ready to play her ukulele, but Zoey stopped her
"No time for music! Go out and find something useful"

"Can you not being mean for a second?" Jasmine complained
"If you have a problem of my attitude, then get out of my way" Zoey scoffed

The Rats split up as well, but they're in group: Zoey with Mike, Sammy with Ella, Anne Marie with Cameron and Jasmine with Dakota

"You know, this will be very romantic if Mal wasn't missing. Well, not that I want him with us or something…" Mike told Zoey
"You think walking in the pet crematory at 1 a.m is romantic?"
"I love scary place! Besides, I feel like I don't really spent much time with you after our alliance have been made"
"Cause you rather follow your brother to literally everywhere?"

"If you find that annoyed, I…guess I can leave him along for a while" Mike said "Not too long, though. One of us might be worry to another for different reasons"
Zoey didn't respond, she just frowned, then keep going for the search

The scene cut to Chris watching the monitor
"Will anyone even make it to the spooky cave and if so, how can they possibly make it all the way to the finish line? Less brain more pain when we return"

Chapter Text

Scott walking along in the crematory, he checked the tombstone and found it dated 'June 6 1806', and there's a keyhole on it
Just when he thought everything was going fine, he heard a voice from behind:

"Hello there, Mr.Blackmailer"

He turned around and saw Dawn, smiling, clenching a paper in hand
"Why so suprise?" She said "Did you really think I will do what you say and wait until you're fully prepare? How naive"

She tear the paper in pieces and let it flying away with the wind, Scott just watching, not dare to do anything reckless

"Let me guess, did you got your 'evidence' from Alejandro? In that case, I can easily get away with it. After all, you're the only one that can prove Dave's alibi and you didn't do it when he needed it. I'm pretty sure those morality good people won't let that slide"

Dawn looked confident, but Scott wasn't give up. He wrote something on the notebook and show it to her

'I don't have to let everyone know, there someone targeting you, and I'm on their side'

"Interesting, but I would noticed it if that's true"

'But you're not, cause they don't know you're the person they're finding. But for some reason they know it's a girl who frame Dave, so they planning to get all the girls out'
'You wouldn't want to be on the top of the list, right?'

Dawn's smile faded "What did you want?"
'Nothing, just needs some extra vote and more winning'
"…Fine, but don't except I will do nothing to you" She said, then turned around and walking into the dark
Scott tearing the written page from his notebook and burn it with the lighter, not leaving any evidence

What he doesn't know is there's someone was listening to them this whole time, but before he realizes that, a web already caught him and dragging him away

Sky: "I didn't except to use the confession room again since I don't think I would have much to speak of, but what I witnessed tonight was…really intense, and I don't know what to do or who to talk"
"The good thing is, none of them seem to notice me, so as long as I don't say anything, I shall be fine"
Dawn: "I know Sky was there, and I don't think she would be the problem since she can only heard one side of the conversation. And perhaps, I can take this chance and ask her for a favour…"

While Brick and Jo were searching, they heard a weird noise coming from distance
"Who's there?" The boy said nervously
"It probably just wind or animals" The girl tried to convince herself "…I guess"

"Don't worry, with our strengths combine, we can defeat whatever coming to us, as long as we stay toget——" Brick falls into the grave
"Brick! Are you ok?" Jo yelped nervously

"Help! I can't see! Help!" Brick screamed panicking
"Here, take my hand" Jo help him out of the grave, but Brick still wasn't regain composure
"Sorry, I…I'm just really afraid of dark"

"It's fine" Jo looked at him, eyes to eyes, her hand holding his tight "I'm with you, take your time"
Brick close his eyes, take a deep breath, finally calmed down a little bit
"Thanks" He smiled "That's get back to search"

Brick: "Every time I'm with Jo, I feel…good. There's something warm in my heart and my brain are fill with happiness. I…I think I'm in love" (blushed)

"Man, this place is dark as hell" Anne Marie used her phone as the flashlight, with Cameron following her
"Maybe we should go back with others, in case the scary giant spider show up" Cameron said, his body was shaking in fear. He feel there's something small under his feet, he looked down, and picked up a lighter

"Why there's a lighter in here? And the ashes…did someone burn something here?" He murmured, then he heard Anne Marie screaming
"Back off——Ahhh!"

"Anne Marie?" Cameron looked up, the person supposed be front of him were missing, only a tombstone standing there

"What's going on?" Jasmine and Dakota rushed to the scene after heard the scream
"I don't know, Anne Marie just disappear! She was here a second ago! (gasp) Did the giant mutant spider get her? We're doom!"

"Chill out, with my skill, those stupid insect wouldn't stand a chance!" Dakota said confidentiality
"Actually, spider is not a insect, the insect only have three pairs of jointed legs and spider…"
"Shut it!"

"Check this out" Jasmine saw the tombstone and the dates written on it "I think we found it!" She used the key, then a coffin pop out, send her flying
"Is everything ok?" Sammy and Ella show up, and helps Jasmine got up from the ground

"There's flashlight in the coffin!" Cameron said as he opened the coffin "Consider our final location is in the cave, I guess those will come in handy"
"Good, now that's go" Jasmine told her teammates
"What about Mike and Zoey?" Ella asked
"I think it's better if they're not here to boss us around" Jasmine said, then punched the coffin back

After the Rats gone, Sky leading her teammates to the tombstone
"6,6,18,6! This is it!" B said
"Good job, Sky" Brick compliment, then took out the key
"It's nothing" Sky said nervously, Amy looking at her suspiciously

"Where's Scott?" Amy asked, making Sky broke out with cold sweat
"I didn't see him!" Sky yelped "Maybe he with Dawn or Lightning?"
"Or he ditch us, either way, that's get the souvenir" Sugar said, snatched the key from Brick's hand and put it into the keyhole, and got hit by the coffin "Ouch…"

The scene cut to the Rats standing in front of the cave with the team flags on the side
"Welcome to your final destination!" Chris said through the loudspeaker "The clue is inside the entrance…and down the tunnel into total darkness"
"Good luck, you'll need it"

"Everyone got the flashlight?" Jasmine asked, all five remain Rats show the flashlight on their hands
"That's go" Jasmine leading everyone into the cave, not noticed the mystery figure following behind

They found a skeleton in the intern uniform hanging on the wed, with a piece of paper in the pocket
Jasmine took the paper and read it: "By hook or by crook, the end is near if you look"
"What does that mean?" Dakota asked
"I guess we have to go deeper into the cave" Sammy said

"Hey, there's something on my feet…" Ella looked down and saw the wed is tying on her shoes, at next second, she been dragged away from the team
"Ella!" Sammy rushed off, following by the concerned Cameron
"Wait! We have to stick together!" Jasmine tried to stopped them, but it's no use
"Guess it just you and me, that's win this so I can prove I'm the better captain than that red hair" Dakota said, Jasmine just sighed

Sammy and Cameron went back to the entrance and ran into the Bears
"Is everything alright?" Jo asked
"Something kidnap our teammates right in front of our eyes! We try to rescue but we are lost during the process, we suppose to find our way to the end but accidentally back to the entrance…" Cameron started to explained everything in the unnecessary complicated way, which annoyed Amy
"We don't care! Get out of our way!"

"Well well well…look what do we have here" Zoey show up frustrated, behind her was Mike, crossing his arms and glaring at his teammates
Cameron gulped "Hi…?"
"Shut it, traitor" Zoey said "Where's Jasmine?"
"She's inside with Dakota" Sammy point at the cave
"Good" Zoey and Mike walked in, the others followed behind

Back to Dakota and Jasmine, they found a skull looking stone with hooks attached on it
"So here's the hook" Jasmine said "This is surprisingly easy…too easy"
"Relax, there's nothing to afraid of" Dakota said, walking towards to the last souvenir

"See? It's saf—" Before she can finish, a web shoot down and pulled her up in the air, the tennis player looked up and saw a giant spider
She screams, then got thrown into the web with the other missing contestants

"Hello? Is anyone got caught?" Ella asked, her eyes are covering by the web
"It's that blonde in pink…what's your name again?" Lightning said, looking at the new victim
"I'm Dakota Milton! Future Wimbledon Championships competitors! You will all remember my name when——"
"Shut up!" Anne Marie shout, accidentally waking the still sleeping Mal
"Where am I?"
"Chaos, I suppose" Dawn said, the web tying her were obviously looser than others. And below her was Scott who's glaring at her

The rest of the contestants arrived "There's our teammates!" B said "And…is that a gigantic spider?"
"Stay calm, slowly back away…" Sky told her teammates, but Sugar didn't listen
"I'm going to kill this overgrown disgusting stuff!" She rushed to the web, but Zoey trips her and causing her got caught by the spider

"Ok Mike, get the hook" Zoey looked at her right, but the person next to her are gone "Mike?" She looked back and saw Mike trying to reach the web
"Fine" She rolled her eyes then turned to the remaining Rats "You guys get the hooks, don't you dare leave me behind"
Zoey cracked her knuckles and glaring at Jasmine, who's got frustrated by her words

"Are you going to leave them here?" Jasmine point at the people tying on the web
"Well SOMEONE have to win the challenge"
"Can't you stop being so selfish for a minute?"
The two girls started bickering, Sammy and Cameron watching them awkwardly, not really sure what to do

"We have to go!" Amy shouted to her teammates, who's now busy with the rescue
"Not now!" Brick said, on his shoulder standing Jo, tried to release everyone
Sugar hanging in the air, kicking the spider "Get. Lost!"
Amy groaned "Whatever! I will win this by myself!" She grabbed a hook and ran off
"Wait, how about them?" Sky said
"No time to talk!" Amy rushed to the zip line and slide down the rope

"Ugh, I think my sister is getting away" Sammy told the fighting girls
""What?"" They yelped, then Zoey grabbed Sammy's arm and rushed to the souvenir
"Follow me!" Zoey attached two hook on the rope then slide down with one of them. Sammy gently place her ukulele on the ground and slide down as well

"Let go of me!" Sugar struggling to break free, which causes the web got loose and everyone were falling down from the web
"What's going on?" Mal asked, now fully awake. He looked around and found the 'spider' is just a tattered costume with Alejandro in it

"Aren't you the intern that appear in most of the challenge?" Cameron said "Why did you pretended to be a spider and kidnapping people in the middle of the night?"
"Chris said this challenge need to add some 'horror' in it, so here I am" Alejandro respond "Now, can anyone help me out? I just hit my head and now I'm kind of dizzy…"

After a dark, scary route. Three girls landed at outside of the cave, where Chris was waiting
"Look like both teams make it to the end, and today winning team is…the Rat!"
"What? But I'm arrive first!" Amy said

"Remember when I say there'd be a penalty for each team lost player? You lost 8 and they lost 7, so the Rats win" Chris told the cheerleader "Anyway, see you at the ceremony!"

(Elimination Ceremony)

"Man, this tension is so delish, I can kiss someone!" Chris said as Amy and Sugar glaring at each other, Sky's looks at Dawn nervously, and Dawn just sliently observing everyone
"And I think there's another man can agree me on the kissing part" We then see Brick blushed and took his eyes off Jo

"Anyway, here's the marshmallow of loserdom, come get one when I call your name: Lightning, Jo, Brick, Dawn, Sky, Scott, and B"
"Now there's only two left: Amy and Sugar, and the third elimination of team Kinosewak is………Sugar!"

"What? But…" Sugar looked at Amy angrily "What did you do?"
"Seem like I'm the popular one" Amy said, toss the marshmallow in her mouth
"Thanks for your help" Dawn whispering to Sky

"No! This is unfair! She's supposed to leave!" Sugar yelled as Chef put her into the cannon
"Bye-bye" Chris fired her off

"Wanna know who I'm gonna blast off the island next? You will have to come back to find out on 'Total Drama: New Island'!"

"I can't believe it!" Sugar screamed after watching the footage "They set me up! I shouldn't be here! Let me back!"

"Unfortunately, we didn't have the 'loser return arc' this season, so if you want to share your anger to the world, please do that on the aftermath, which starting tomorrow morning" Noah said

"Hey, where's Sierra?" Dave asked

"She's on the phone with Chris, apparently there's a situation on the island. Which is totally predictable since he keep lower the budget of everything"

"Anyway, the aftermath start in eight, please head to the deck in time or we will break into your room and do the interview. My shift end now so go ask others if you need anything" Noah went back to his room the moment he's done explanation

Chapter Text

This episode take place on the deck of cruise ship, a woman is standing in front of camera
She have the chin length purple hair slicked back, wearing a yellow suit with green tie, her brown loafers were shine and polished

"Greetings everyone! Welcome to this season's first aftermath show!"
"I'm Sierra, your temporary host. I'm sure most of you already know me because of what happened in the Celebrity Manhunt Special"

We then see the video of the past contestants fighting each other at Gimme Aware with Sierra standing behind, and there's a picture of newspaper headline as: 'Total Drama contestants suing Celebrity Manhunt for spreading misinformation'

"Honestly, it's not a good experience for me, but after everything is slowly back on track, I think it's time to give TV hosting another try. So that's forget the past incident and focus on what's happening now, shall we?"

"So far, and I mean only six episodes, this season already have Conflict," (The flashback of Jasmine and Zoey fighting is shown)
"Betray," (Flashback of Dave been accused of stealing)
"Manipulate" (Flashback of Mike talking to Ella)
"And of course, a lot of Scheming" (Flashback of Mike and Zoey making an alliance, then Scott and Dawn in the graveyard)
"But not everything is bad though, there's still something good on the island, like romance" (Flashback of Brick and Jo during the mountain climbing)

"And for now, we have to put all of those aside and get in the ride with our five losers, right here on this 'Crucero Des Loser'!"

The camera move to the side and shown everyone who's been voted out: Sam, Staci, Dave, Shawn and Sugar, who's seem rather annoying
"Are you done yet? I have a lot to say so you better leave more time to me" Sugar said
"Yeah! Did you know how many natural disasters we might encounter during this show?" Shawn complained as he put on his life jacket

"Thanks for your patience!" The camera move back on Sierra "Anyway, it's time for the interview, staring with our freshest elimination"
(Flashback of Sugar being voted out and shoot out the cannon)

"She's here in the hope for helping a friend (show the scene when Sugar and Ella debut), but been separated because of an unfortunate events (Chris announced the friends are on different teams). She don't trust anyone but her friend, which made her a lot of enemies and ended up become the victim of the drama"

"Let's welcome…Sugar!"

"Finally!" The blonde girl joined the scene after hearing her name, She took the microphone "Ok first of all, everyone on my team were b**** and I'm not deserve to be voted out. Second, no one better try to steal my friend from me! YES I'm talking to you Sammy!"
"Wow wow wow chill out, girl. Your friend is fine, just see…" Sierra turned around, but didn't saw the thing that's supposed to be there "Where's the TV? We have a footage to watch!"

"A little help?" Noah trying to pushed the TV cart to the scene, but it doesn't move a inches
Sierra sighed, and went to took the cart on her own and place the screen in front of the camera

"OK, now that's see…" Sierra press the remote, the footage on the island appear on the screen

Ella sitting on the trunk, she looked really sad. And Sammy sat down next and asked "Are you alright?"
"I just heard Sugar was voted out…I thought I will be the one leave first" Ella said
"What's that mean?"

"Well…She's smarter, stronger and always know what to do, and I just a nobody follow behind her"
"Don't say that, you're a amazing person, I'm sure you will be fine"
"You really think that?"
"Of course!" Sammy smiled "If you still feeling bad, I can play a song for you! What kind of music you like?"
"I don't know, maybe something…cheerful?"

"Then…how about 'Cheap Thrills'?" Sammy started to play and sing, and Ella just watching her happily

"They just like the notebook of my fail subject——full of chemistry!" Sierra joked, which angered Sugar
"I'm not going to give my friend to a random girl with mini guitar, and she's the sister of that cheerleader! There's no way I will let them together in any kind of way!"
"Too bad, unless you can somehow swim back to the island, there's nothing for you to stop them"

Sugar pause, then she came out with something "You know what? Screw it! This show is stupid anyway" She quickly made her leave

"Fine" Sierra shrugged "Let's welcome our next loser (Shawn lose the tie breaker and get shooting out the cannon) who's prepared for literally any possible disaster. But what's he doesn't know is sometimes, a human's malicious can be dangerous than anything (Dawn asked Mike to voted out Shawn)"

"Please welcome…Shawn!"

"I don't really have anything to say" Shawn said as him appeared on camera "In fact, I'm really glad to leave that island, away from those mutant animals and confusing environment create by…"
"No spoilers!" Sierra cut him off

"Anyway, can you tell me your opinions on everyone?"
"Well, I hope that witch and the people helping her will get their karma. If not, then I will do some ritual to wish them bad luck"
"So you're going to curse them?"

"I don't think you should do that, most of the curse have a very high chance to backlash" Dave said
"Don't worry, I have a bunch of charms to block those kind of thing" Shawn took out the weird looking charms from his pocket
"Where did you get them? eBay?" Sierra asked
"No, it's from"

"Okay…let's we see what's Dawn doing with those medicinal drug she stole"

Dawn running in the woods, behind her were Fang with one of his tooth missing
The psychic went into the cave, the shark follow up, but only to find nothing inside

Fang scratching his head, confused of where's the girl at. That's when a needle stabbed into him and made him lose consciousness

"You should have give up when I throw that rock to you" Dawn said, holding a broken tooth in her hand "Also, you have very serious osteoporosis"

"Peta is not going to like that" Sierra joked
"She sure hate by the animals" Shawn said
"According to my research, those gifted persons whose use their power wrong will punish by the universe, this probably one of the case" Dave explained

"Excuse me? It's Shawn's turn of the interview, not your"
"It's ok, I'm leaving now. If you need me I'm at the lifeboat area incase this ship is going to sink" Shawn walked out the scene

"We will not have enough footage for an episode if you guys keep finish the interview so fast. But that's not my problem though, I still getting paid anyway" Sierra said
"But with reduce" Noah added, he's leaning on the wall playing his phone

"Yeah, whatever. Moving on!"

"The next person is quite ordinary at first sight (Dave first appeared on the show), and decide to take action when he knew the unnatural force hidden amount them (Dave and Amy made an alliance). But unfortunately, he's been busted and getting eliminate by his target (Dave been frame of stealing and got shoot out the cannon)"

"Will his former alliance mate carry out his goal and defeated the devil, or she will suffer the same fate? That's see how Dave, our parapsychologist think about this"

"Thanks" Dave took the microphone "It's seem like Dawn is now having some problems keep her powers secret, which is great. But I think Scott might become the bigger problem in the future"
"Yeah, their meeting in last episode was very dramatic, and did you see Sky's reaction when she heard it?" Sky's surprised face were shown on the TV screen "I can see the meme potential"

"Speaking of that, it's obvious Scott want to use Dawn to get advantage, he's the one had the upper hand. But only for now, Dawn will eventually find the way to fight back, and there's a lot of wildcards in this situation"

"Indeed, wanna see what they're up to?" Sierra pressed the remote

[footage of confession camera]
Amy: "So here's the plan, I convince Sky to vote with us by telling her we're going to eliminate the strong or in Sugar's case, the useless player"
"Our next target will be Jo, then she'll thought we're going to vote Brick, but it's actually her leaving the game. As for Dawn? I bribe her with some sweet and she's agree to help, so easy"
Scott, using his notebook: 'I'm the one came out with the plan, not Amy'
Sky: "Dawn told me that Scott is in the alliance and they're planning to eliminate some of the biggest threat, and I will be on the list if I don't help them. So I agreed when Amy asked me to vote for Sugar, but I'm afraid they might stab me in the back"
Dawn, eating a chocolate cookies: "With Amy as cover, no one will know I'm the one pulling the strings. But I can't do anything until I found that evidence, so to buy some time, I need to decrease the number of our elimination"

"And don't forget the twin brothers and that intern, they're pretty close to her too" Dave said

"Look like Alejandro is really having fun out there. I mean he LOVE villain and now he's be friends with two"
"You two know each other?"
"He helped me a lot gathering information, especially about this show. And we share the same favourite contestant in the past season"

"Sorry to break your time-filling conversation, but Chris is calling and I don't want to talk to him" Noah said, handed Sierra his ringing phone

"Look like we have to take a break, please wait and we'll back with our five losers…"
"Also Shawn just tell there's a lifeboat missing"
"Correct, four losers on the boat and their journey on the island"


Chapter Text

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Noah asked Sierra, not noticed the camera was on
"That depends on how you define 'good', but knowing Chris, he'll be happy to see the drama"
"True, but if she…" Noah tried to say something, but the host saw the camera and just simply ignored him

"Welcome back, everyone!" Sierra doing the opening like nothing happened "I hope the break wasn't too long for you, cause I know you must dying to see what's coming next. And here we are! Continue the interview of our losers"

"Shouldn't we like, go find Sugar or something?" Dave asked concerned
"Sorry Dave, your turn is over, please step outside the filming zone"
"But…" Sierra pushed him out the scene before Dave can say anything

"Anyway, the next loser is a girl with the passion for fashion (show Staci debut on the island), who's wearing the brand all over for others to admire. But her teammates, who's doesn't understand her love of beauty decided to pushed her out (Staci in the cannon while everyone were fighting), and there's a certain someone were used her elimination to cause chaos in the team (Dawn fake the latter in confession room)"

"Now, that's see how Staci think about everything after the dramatic event happened during her elimination"

"Glad to see someone finally acknowledge my style" Staci said, making sure the camera stay on her good side "And, I don't really pay attention of others people when I'm in the game, so…Dawn is a b****, I guess"

"You know what? I think we talked about Dawn enough, how about we go for something positive?" Sierra change the subject

The work out trio just finished their morning run, Brick and Jo sitting on the porch while Lightning was going to somewhere

"You know, we haven't see Dawn and Sky for a while, maybe I should go check on them"
"Then we…"
"No, you two just stay here! I'll be right back!" Lightning ran off, leaving the not-couple-yet along

"So…what made you decide to joined the show?" Jo asked
"I want to challenge myself and see how far I can go" Brick said, took the sip out of the bottle
"Cool, I'm here to make friends and well…I meet you and Lightning, so it's good"

"It's nice to hear you say that" Brick smiled "I'm happy to meet you either"
"Really? But how about Lightning?"
"He's a good dude, but…I think you're different" Brick lean closer
"Oh…" Jo slightly blushed
Before their relationship can made any progress, a volleyball hit Brick in his head and knocked him out

"Sorry!" Mike yelled from the distance

"We just finished talking villain no.1, our villain no.2 came to steal the spotlight. What a combo!" Sierra said

"I hope the trio do well, they're literally the only good things left in our team" Staci said
"Come on, you have to admit the antags always make things interesting. They might be negative, but they still get credit"
"I know this show called 'Total Drama', but does Chris really have to put two antagonists on the show? Isn't Dawn herself enough?" Dave complained

"Without using the fame of original cast, we have to put more effort to attract audience" Sierra said
"Also here some fun facts: You and Shawn were supposed to be the 'opponent of villains', and you two eliminate in the most ironically way. But since we have Scott, everything shall…"

"Don't jinx!" Dave yelled
"Jeez, chill dude" Sierra rolled her eyes "Back to Staci, did you have anything else to say?"
"Yes" The flexer cleared her throat "If anyone wants to know how I have so many famous brands products, you can check out my…"
"Nevermind, get out of here" The host turfed Staci out "We don't want any unpaid advertisement happen in the show"

"Ok, and now it's last but not least, our first boot for the show(Sam debut on the island). He's a very talented programmer, but have to leave before he can show his skills(Sam been shoot out of the cannon)"
"I really want to say something more but I can't came out with anything yet, so let's just welcome: Sam!"

"Hi?" Sam smiled awkwardly and wave at the camera
"I know your time in the game isn't so long, but you did witnessed the situation through the screen. So tell me, what's your opinion as the audience?"

"Well…one thing for sure is, I'm really unlucky to be here. If Mike found me first after the first challenge, then I'll be the one in the alliance"
"What makes you think that?"
"Cause I can built that receiver too!"
"Oh yeah, I know I forget something" Sierra said "Let's see how the device and their…allianceship? Is that a word?" Sierra looked at Noah, who's respond:

"Why'd you looking at me? I read lot of book but that doesn't make me a dictionary, ok?"
"An 'I don't know' is enough" Sierra deadpan "Anyway, it's Footage time!"

"I'm sorry for leaving you and Zoey in the crematory, I just scared to be along and I though…"
"STOP" Mike glaring at Cameron "I choose to help you because I trust you, and yet you left us and follow our enemy"
"But I…I completed the thing you need! see?" Cameron show the device made by copper wires, foil, cables, antenna and other electronic components

Mike looked down to the shorter boy and his device "You sure this will work?"
"Yes…" Cameron gulped
"Then give it to Anne Marie and you're free to go"
"Wait, so does that mean you are forgive me? I thought you were going to kick me out of the alliance and…"
"I'm sure you know what's good for you" Mike smiled "And as a 'friend', I will watching you, cause I know no one likes to be left out"

"Okay…" Cameron respond nervously "Thanks for the second chance, I guess?"

"You're welcome"

"I don't know how to comment on that, but one thing for sure is our little Cammie have follow the wrong person" Sierra said

"On second thought, maybe it's good that I'm now out of those mess, there's no way I can handle the situation"
"Here's some advice: If you want to step out of your comfort zone, take it slow. For someone who's barely communicate with actual human, international TV is too much of the progress for you"
"I guess so…" Sam said

"Anyway, since it's a the half hour show, I think it's time to finish this interview. You will see us next time after another five people on the board. And if you want to know who will attend the next aftermath, please stay tuned for 'Total Drama: New Island'!"

"Okay Noah, your job is to bring the 'special guests' to Chris for the future episode. Here's their address, phone number, the excuse to fool them to be here, and the contract they have to sign so Chris can risk their life without any legal problems"
Sierra gave Noah a stack of papers, some of them were handwritten. But most of them were printed out and stapled, those were the contract

"What does he want again?" Noah said while examined the contract
"Spies things up a little bit, raise the rating and gain more money and fame by putting everyone in danger…you know the drill"

"Did you wrote this?" Noah frowned, noticing something off
"Only the part you're looking at" Sierra said "But no worry, I talked with Chris's lawyer and he's on our side, so no responsibility if any issue happen"
"…I knew you're up to something, but why?"

"It's personal, I did this for nothing but my own satisfaction" Sierra respond "I don't except you to understand, but I'm still welcome if you want to join me"
"You're not afraid I might betray you?"
"I know how bad you're being treated, and you definitely didn't pay enough to care"

"That's true" Noah said, walked away with the contract and other papers

Chapter Text

The episode open with Anne Marie using her phone on the hill, with Cameron and the device he built sitting next to her

"And…post!" Anne Marie update the selfies "It work!"
"Glad you like it, I put a lot of effort making this device. You see, when you want to built something from scraps…" Cameron said, but Anne Marie were too busy typing on her phone to listen

"Guys!" Mike walked up to them with Mal following behind "How's everything?"
"Great! And I found your brother's account!" Anne Marie show her phone, which show a shirtless boy looked like the twin brothers "No offense, but I think he's hotter than you two"

"I knew you'll like Vito" Mike said "And I bet he'll like you too!"
"Some people always have the luck of love" Mal murmured, then he remembered something "Wait, I thought Chris said no phone allowed on the island?"

"That doesn't matter" Mike turned to Cameron "How about you? Does Jasmine talk to you?"
"Nope! I didn't talk, or have any kind of interaction with her! I swear!"

Cameron: "Mike and Zoey were super mad of I left them in the crematory and leave with Jasmine in last challenge, Mike seem to forgive me but Zoey…she keep glaring me like she's going to break all my limbs. So for the sake for my physical health, I think it will be better if I stay away from Jasmine"

Inside the girl's side of Rat's cabin
"Did anyone know what's happening to Cameron?" Jasmine asked when sat down next to Dakota, who's seem to finding something in backpack
"He's acting weird since last challenge, I tried to talk to him but he just scream and ran away"

"Who care? He's not on our side anyway" Dakota said
"True, but I'm still worry…Perhaps I accidently scared him? Did I do something wrong?"
"Yeah yeah, whatever" Dakota give a half-hearted respond "Have you seen my energy bar?"

Meanwhile in the main lodge
"It's really nice that you decide to join us for breakfast" Lightning said to Dawn, who's looking the meat platter in disgust

"Yeah…those animals in the woods make forgings harder than before, so I don't really have other choice" Dawn pushed her tray away "Although I don't think I will enjoy this time as much as you do"

Dawn, eating an energy bar: "I think it's pretty obvious that all the animals dislike me, and I dislike them too. So there's no way I'm going to consume their body part"
(Take another bite) "This is surprisingly delicious, I wonder where he got those?"

"Attention Campers, Breakfast is cutting into precious time that you can spent getting injured. Grab your swimsuit and meet me at the dock. Pronto!"
"You have ten seconds to exit the mess hall before I release: The Raccoon"

Everyone just laughed over Chris's word, until a giant wooden cage landed behind them, revealed the giant raccoon inside. Everyone rushed out in panicked as they heard the angry roar
"Are you trying to kill us?" Amy yelled
"Don't worry, he won't hurt you unless you get between he and the food. See you at the challenge!"

Later, everyone gathering at the dock, waiting for Chris announced the challenge
"Ok, here to help us get today's competition underway, say hi to our favourite intern: Alejandro!"

Alejandro (now in the swim shorts) show up paddling a canoe. He doesn't seem well, haven't fully recovered from injured he got in last challenge
"Demonstration only, right?" He asked in a tired voice
"Relax, no demo needed, just dump the leftover into the water and try not to get eaten"

Alejandro picked up a bucket filled with…disgusting stuff, and throw the whole thing into the sea. Then Fang came out and chomped the whole bucket
"I think I need more mental preparation for this…" Alejandro quickly paddle away in fear

"Challenge part one, each team must get a pair of skis in an underwater mission, or drown trying"
"One victim…I mean camper will snag the skis in an old-schooled diving suit and float them to the surface while the rest of the team pumps them oxygen. First team to surface their skis wins and gets an advantage in part two"

"I'm diving, is that good?" Lightning asked his teammates, no one opposed, but there's still some problems

"Excuse me, is it fine if I'm leaving? I don't think I'm needed in this challenge and that Shark is genuinely scaring me" Dawn said, take the few steps away from the water
"If she's leaving, I'm leaving. There's no way I will get my hair wet" Amy quickly made her leave
"I will be back after I beat level 200" B said
Scott just wave goodbye to them

"Come on, at least wait until challenge begin" Jo tried to convince them to stay, but it's no use
"Well…good luck?" Sky decided it's too awkward for her, so she leave as well
"What's going on with them?" Lightning said confused

At the Rats side
"Can I dive?" "No"
Mike raised his hand to volunteer, but Mal force his hands down immediately
"Come on, this looks fun, and I have a plan to take the victory"
"Everytime you have a plan for something 'fun', it's always ended up with a disasters"
"Not always, there's a few good outcome, like…uhh……" Mike thought for a second, then eventually give up "Nevermind"

"Enough for the family drama!" Zoey stepped out "If he want to dive, then he will dive. Cause I say so"
"NO but! If you want me to listen, you should try to do something useful like your brother" Zoey turned to the Mike and handed him the helmet "Show them what you got"
"Yes Sir!" Mike respond excitedly

"Whatever" Mal walked out the scene

Chris announced to Mike and Lightning, they now both in the diving suit
The boys jumped into the water and ran towards the skis

On the land, Brick were pumping air for Lightning, the only teammates with him was Jo

"I can't believe they just ditch us like that" Jo sigh "Look like my theory were right, they really are planning something"
"Well, that's the only explain for the last elimination" Brick said "It's weird that Lightning didn't see that"
"And he still try to bring everyone together, I don't even know if he's dumb or naive"
"He just doing his best to be the leader, no need to be harsh"

"I know, I know…It's just very annoying to know there's people doing something behind our back yet we can't do anything"
"It's ok, I sure thing will get better, now what we have to do is try to win the challenge and waiting for our chance"
"I guess you're right"

On the other side, Zoey were in charge of air pumping; Sammy and Ella were dipping their feet into the water and chatted happily; and Cameron just looking at the water nervously when Jasmine came up to him

"Is everything okay?"
Cameron want to say something, but Zoey's loud cough startled him, so he quickly ran away and got caught
"What did you did to him?" Jasmine questioned Zoey
"It's not your business, now dropped him and leave" Zoey shoot them a death glare

Jasmine looked at the boy in her hands, who's shivering in fear, and made up her mind
"You know what? I'm not going to let you threaten people like this, he's now under my protect" She walked away with Cameron, Zoey watching them angrily

Zoey: "She's lucky there's someone's life in my hands, or else I would definitely take her's"

Back to underwater, Lightning was taking the lead and about to reach the skis, but he didn't notice Mike was getting close to his air hose with an evil smirked

"Hey Dawn…Why there's a tooth in your hand?"

"You want it?" Dawn asked, not answering the questions "It's no use for me anyway, so give me some treats and this is yours"

Mike took out the tooth, then stabbed into Lightning's air hose
Lightning was panicked when he saw the water pouring into the suit, that gives Mike chance to get the skis

"And the Rats win the challenge!" Chris announced as Mike resurfaced
"Guys! I think we have a situation!" Mike yelling like he's not responsible for anything

At the nearby beach, Mal sitting on the rock, drawing some meaningless line on the sand, he's clearly not in the good mood

"Morning" Alejandro walked up to him "What you doing here?"
"Just avoid the possible trouble, and…" Mal respond, he looked up at the Latino, and suddenly forgot what to say "…wow"
"You ok?"
"Nothing" Mal quickly turned his head away "You have a good body build"

"I spent lot of time work out. After all, appearance is the no.1 quality of prince charming, I have to look good for my future partner"
"Whoever they are, they must be lucky to have you"
"You really think that? Thanks!" Alejandro smile, brighten Mal's mood a little bit

"Attention campers!" Host's voice came through the loudspeaker "The first challenge is over, please head back to the dock"
"And Alejandro? We need you for the demo, and you might want to grab your helmet for this"

"Well, let's hope Mike didn't kill anyone while I'm gone" Mal said, then back to the challenge area
"I'm sorry, what's going on here?"

Brick was giving Lightning CPR, next to them is the air hose with a tooth stuck on it. All the contestants watching in concerned
"Apparently Fang bite his hose, lucky I noticed that in time" Mike said, they're few feet away from everyone else

"And the true is?" Mal asked
"I sabotage him" Mike answer in low volume "But I still save him, so technically, I didn't break the promise"
"Yes you are, and you almost break the LAW" Mal's mood were worse than before

"I really want to slap you but that probably won't do s***, so I'm going to save my energy on figure out how am I going to explain everything"
Mal walked towards to the crowd and saw Lightning finally regain consciousness, he sighed in relief

"Since the sleeping jock is waking, it's time for the rewards" Chris said as an intern drove the speed boat and stopped it next to the Rats
"This is a McLean brand speed boat to use in part two of the challenge. And for the losers" Another intern drove the slowly moving dinghy "They get a leaky dinghy"

"Part two of the challenge: A death-defying water-ski race! The goal: Be the first to ring four bells on these four totally harmless buoys"
Alejandro carefully paddled near the buoy, the moment when canoe slightly hit the buoy, it exploded and send the boy flying

"Make that three bells"
Alejandro ended up crashing on the dock, groaning in pain

"Who will cry to their mommy and whose cries will be drowned out by explosions? Find out when we return"

Chapter Text

"Before the break, team Rats got dibs on the sweet speedboat while team Maskwak stuck with the leaky dinghy" Chris explained
"Now, both teams have to choose three campers to water ski, one to drive, and one to operate your gull cannon"

"Gull cannon?" Dawn said confused

"You heard me" Chris pressed his remote, a cannon armed with three weird looking gulls rise up from both vehicles "These babies are half seagull, half rattlesnake. All with paralyzing venom"
"Each team get three chance to shoot the bells or the other team, especially the other team. Whichever team ring the most bells win"

"I'm driving" Zoey said, doesn't brother to check the others
"I…" Mike tried to say something, but flinched when Mal glaring at him
"I'm gunning!" Dakota exclaimed

"Did anyone here have any experience of boat?" Lightning asked, nobody but Sky raised the hand
"Guess I'll drive" Sky said. And Scott took the gun duty

"On your mark…" Both teams have their vehicles ready. Jasmine, and Mike on Rat's ski with the former carrying Sammy; For team Maskwak, we have Jo, Brick and Amy standing in pyramid style
"Can't believe I have to work with you" Jasmine told Mike "You better not mess up"

"GO!" The airhorn blew, both teams rushed off, with one more faster than other

"We got this one in the bag!" Zoey exclaimed
"If Karma taking the day off, then yes" Mal murmured

To made things worse for the Maskwaks, Fang show up and started to chase the dinghy
"Can this thing go any faster?" Amy yelled
"This is the fastest I can get!" Sky said
Right before Fang attack, Brick punched his nose and cause him falls back to the water
"Sorry, but I can't let you eat anyone!"

"We need to do something" Dawn watching the speed boat far ahead from them, then turned to the gunner "Can you shoot them? It's better be Zoey"
Scott thought for a second, than shoot the gull to Rats

"What the?" Zoey yelped when the gull hit her back, then she quickly passed out
"Oh crap" Mal tried to control the boat but failed, they ran into the reeds and started to falling behind

"Ok, now shoot the real target"
Scott looked annoyed at Dawn keep giving order, but still do the job anyway
Dakota fired the gull as well, but it missed

"What are you doing?" Mike complained
"I swear I'm aimed it! It's must be this stupid gun" Dakota said
"Then why don't you do what you good at?" Mike picked up a one large and one small pieces of buoy's remain and toss it to the tennis player. Dakota looked confused, obviously didn't get it
"He mean hit the small one with big one, blondie" Anne Marie explained
"Does anyone going to help me?" Mal yelled in desperate, trying to figure out how the boat works

The speed boat now running like the driver was drunk or have no idea what they're doing, and went off to the different direction
"There's the target!" Sammy yelled as she saw the second buoy
"On it!" Dakota launch the metal piece, it hit the bell perfectly

"Ha, told you it was the gun" Dakota said
"If you're not good at gun, why are you gunning then?" Anne Marie asked
"Cause it's cool!"
"Stop ignoring me!" Mal screamed, he turned the steering wheel, the boat turned left…and started rushing toward to the dinghy

"No no no…" Sky pulled the breaks…but it break. The speed boat crashing the dinghy, causing everyone on it falling into the water
"Nice driving" Amy glaring at Sky
"Look! There's the last bell!" Jo pointed at the buoy, with the out of control boat behind it

"What are you doing?" Jasmine yelled, their speed boat were surprisingly fine after the crash
"I don't know!" Mal feel like he's going to breakdown any minute
"You can did it! Mal!" Mike tried to cheered his brother up, not very effective
"I can't! I don't even have the license to drive on land, you expect me to know how a boat works?"

"This is probably not the right time, but who's going to shoot the bells?" Sammy asked
"I'll do" Cameron took the gun, but first he have to do the math "Ok, so if our speed right now is…"

"It's not far, maybe if we swim there…"
"No! It's too dangerous, what if their boat hit you?" Brick stopped Lightning
"We need something to throw" Jo looked around, but everything were already sink into the ocean

"Well, time to take one for the team" Dawn sighed "Throw me to that bell" She told Jo
"Are you crazy? There's no way…"
"I'll be fine, we have to do this for our team. I'm sure you don't want anyone leave tonight, right?"

Jo looked at the petite girl in concerned, then she looked back at her friends. Finally, she made her decision and picked up Dawn
"I'm sorry" She throw the girl to the bell, at the same time, Cameron finished calculated and fired the gull

They're flying closer and closer to the bell. And eventually, Dawn hit the bell and sinked into the water

"No explosion? Not cool" Chris said while watching everything with binoculars. Then the bomb went off, Chris laughing with joy

"How do I stop this thing?" Mal asked, still driving the boat
"Is there a pedal or lever or anything?" Ella said unsure
"I don't…wait" Mal looked down, and noticed there's something under Zoey's unconscious body. He let go the wheel and tried to moved the girl, which turned out to be the bad idea

"Look out!" Anne Marie yelled as the boat about to hit the giant rock, yet it's too late, they ended up crashed

After the challenge end, everyone back on the land, include the surprisedly unharmed Dawn

"Guys? I need to tell you some…" Before Mal can finished his words, Mike quickly covered his mouth and dragged him away
"Oh my god! I think you might hurt your head during the crashed, let me bring you to the infirmary"

"I understand you want to win, but you can't just throw someone like that" Lightning said to Jo, who's looked guilty of what she did
"It's ok, I asked her to do this after all" Dawn said
"Hey quick question, how the **** did you survive that explosion without a scratch?" Amy asked suspiciously
"Well, that just said I'm really lucky when it comes to deadly situation"

Dawn: "Great, now everyone will definitely suspect me, maybe I should just sacrifice Jo…no, it's too early to lose a shield"
"Perhaps I should rethink my strategy, but first, I have something to do"
Cameron: "I don't get it, how did that girl get to the bell before our gull? I mean, sure, I don't know the exact number of her weight or the force thrower have put in, but both of the number have to be very close to the edge of the possible range for that to happen. But consider what happens in the secret expose challenge, my theory is…" (someone knocked the door)
"Sorry, but I'm afraid the confession room is now occupied, please wait for the few minutes"
(knocked even harder, Cameron frowned and open the door)

"We need to talked about what happens between you and Zoey" Jasmine said to Cameron
"Sorry, but I'm afraid I can't give you the details…" Cameron tried to close the door, but Jasmine stopped him

"Listen, I know we didn't talk much, but I won't see someone struggle without doing anything, especially when I'm involved. So tell me, what's happened?"
Cameron hesitated for a second "Well…She is kind of upset that I left her and Mike in the crematory with you during last challenge, and said that you are her enemy and will be the next one to vote out, so I shouldn't have too much interaction with you or else I will be kick in both metaphor and literally way"

"I know they don't like me, but this is too much. They can't threaten you like that!"
"Then what should I do? There's nothing I can do to against them!"
"They can't do anything if they're not on the island. And like what I say before, I will protect you, so don't worry about Zoey"

"But even they are out, I will still see them at the playa des loser…or whatever we have in this season. And I don't see any possibility of you leaving before me"
"I promise I will keep you here until I found someone trustworthy and they're…well, out of the game" Jasmine said "Whether you want to trust me, it's up to you"

Cameron went into the deep thought, until someone walked by and interrupted them
"Excuse me? I need to vote right now" Mal said, trying to get into the confession room
"Let's talk in somewhere private" Jasmine whispered to the shorter boy. Mal just watching them walked away

Mal: (lower the hood): "I vote for Cameron"

(elimination ceremony)
We can see everyone were attached except for Mike, Jasmine and Zoey looked at the empty seat suspiciously; Cameron looking very nervous; Meanwhile Mal just…sitting there, hands in the pockets

"After an episode bursting with betrayal, it's the Rat who have backstab the best. The following campers are momentarily safe"
"Zoey, Sammy, Ella, Anne Marie, Mal, Dakota Jasmine"

"Wait" Jasmine was shocked when she caught the marshmallow, and Cameron starting to panicked

"And the next person joined the loserdom is…"


"But…how? There's no way…" Before Cameron can keep going, Chef shoved him into a bag and throw in the cannon
"Sorry, but this episode is longer than my expect, so I don't have time to listen" Chris lighted up a match "I'll take of the rest, you guys can go now"

Jasmine: "How? We all vote for Mike, and there's no way Cameron will vote himself out, so that should be a tie! Also, why are they voted their ally? Does it really just because of me?"
Dawn: "I know it's not really necessary for he to leave, but still, he noticed something wrong and willing to find out the true. And I already have enough problem in my team, I don't need another one happen on the other"

All the Rats members back to their cabin, 'Mal' walked into the boy's side, and greet by…the real Mal sleeping on the bed

"(sigh) He's going to kill me"
Mike took off the hoodie and throw it on the empty bunk

"Listen Mal, I…"
"No" Mal stopped his brother "You went too far this time, I'm not going to let this one slide"
"But come on! I can't leave yet, I finally found a girl I like!"
"How about your exs?"
"Doesn't matter! The past is the past!"

"(sigh) Whatever, I'm going back to cabin" The second Mal said that, a needle appear and stabbed into his neck, causing him to passed out
"What the?" Mike caught his brother, and noticed the unexpected person
"Before you snap and try to punch me, I just want to say I'm doing this for you to stay, and I need a little help"
"What are you saying? There's nothing…"

"Fang was on land during the first challenge today, and don't asked how I knew that, I don't want to recall it" Dawn said "Lucky for you, I'm selfish enough to ignore your behaviour simply because you're my ally. So just vote that annoy boy tonight and we can call it a day"

"You mean Cameron? Well…I guess it's not too much of the lose, but that's only three…"
"It's four, he will get four vote"
Mike first looking at Dawn confused, then realized what she's mean

"Well, let just hope Chris will put fun before fair"

"Oh, yes I will" The host appear on the screen, ready to sigh off the show

"But what will everyone react when they find out what he done? Find out next time on Total Drama: 'New Island'."

"So because I accidentally noticed Dawn's trick and starting to suspicious, she decided to asked Mike to voted me out. And the people who voted me are: Mike, Mal who's actually Mike in disguise, Zoey, Anne Marie. Sammy and Ella voted for themselves, and the rest were voted for Mike?"

"Great conclusion" Sierra told Cameron "Now go to your room and get some rest"
She dragged the petite boy out of the dining room, then slammed the door behind him

"Next aftermath is going to be a long one…"

Chapter Text

The episode open with Dawn and the trios having a meeting
"Guys, I know you might be mad at me after hearing this, but I'm actually in the alliance with Scott and the rest of our team" Dawn confessed to the trios, and Lightning was the only one surprised
"What? Why?"

"Well…he happened to know my secret and kind of blackmail me to do this. The thing is, I'm not just a normal human like everyone else, I'm a psychic"
To prove her point, Dawn made a stone floating in the air, which Jo catched it

"The people in my hometown were afraid of me because of this, so that's why I'm want to keep my power as secret"

Dawn: "I'm not lying, Scott did blackmail me, and there's a bunch of people having trust issues because of me. So yeah, it's all true, I'm just speaking in the really misleading way"

"Well, seem like you're telling the truth…" Jo said after examined the rock "But why did you suddenly decide to tell us?"

"During last challenge, I realize if any of you leave the game, then they'll have the complete number advantage, working with you guys are the last chance I get out of Scott's control" Dawn looked down "You don't have to forgive me for lying, but can we at least work together just once?"

"You don't need to ask for forgiveness, I mean, why would we mad at the decision that you been forcing to do?" Lightning said
"We will help you, and won't treat you any different just because who you are" Brick smiled, meanwhile Jo looking at the psychic with suspiciously

Jo: "I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about Dawn seems…off. Then again, I did throw her to the explosive last time, it will be bad if I just ignored her"
Dawn: "Lightning is dumb; Brick is too nice to doubt other; Jo is kind of suspicious but she thinks she own me once. Everything is going according to plan"

At the other corner of the island, Mike and Zoey were having a not very delightful conversation

"So what you saying is…you do something that endangered someone's life, and then you knocked off your brother to keep the secret, then stole his identity to gain an extra vote?" Zoey said disbelieve "I'm fine with some 'good' trick, but this is beyond my tolerance"

"I thought he would just have a mild choke, didn't expect things will get so…extreme" Mike looked guilty "But hey, everything ended up fine, so it's all cool now, right?"
"No it's not! How would everyone else think when they know this? Not to mention we just down an ally!"
"Don't worry, I will do anything to fix, and I will never treat you like how I treat our eliminated team members" Mike smiled and holded Zoey's hand, who's seem to in the dilemma of how to reacted

"Well…you did help me before, but I still can't trust you"
"…It's ok" Mike sighed "I will do that anyway, even there's nothing in return"

Mike: "Great, not even Zoey is on my side now. What should I do to win…or at least stay long enough for Mal to forgive me?"
"Well, first thing first. I have to apologize to my bro, and nothing are going to stop me from doing that"
Zoey: "Ok, I know he don't have much of the moral sense, but I didn't expect he will do something like that. But he still my strongest ally…"
"No, there's always a price of winning, and it shouldn't be someone's life!"

Chris blew the airhorn "Calling out contestants! It's time to get ROLLING! (laughed)"

When Zoey and Mike went to the meeting point, everyone else on the team were already there(so did Alejandro for some reason), and they all looking directly at Mike

"Your brother tell us everything" Jasmine said, arms crossed, looking extremely angry "No one will be fool by you anymore, You Have To Go"
Ella looked down guilty after heard the word 'fool', Sammy pat her back as the comforted

Mike ignored Jasmine and went towards his brother "Can we talk?"
Mal didn't say anything, just turned his head away

"What's going on here?" Brick asked while team Maskwak looking them curiously
Apparently they haven't know the true yet

"I'll tell you, after the certain someone is gone" Jasmine said, glaring at Mike

Mal: "I know I probably should have tell the other team what happened, but I kind of afraid that thing will get violence"
"Mike may be a sociopath…or psychopath? I honestly don't know the difference. But either way, he still my brother, and I really hate to see he got hurt"

"Attention everyone" Chris came out, completely ignored the tension "Today's challenge is simple and deadly"
"You'll all be racing across the island in these Turbo Orbs! Each team will cram into one turbo orb and run like a hamster in a wheel"
"But I thought…" Alejandro tried to say something, but Chris ignored him and raised his voice
"First team to the other side of the island wins immunity. Now get into the orbs!"

Mike was the first one went into the green orb, with Mal unwillingly dragging by him. Soon everyone were inside their team orbs

"It's dark here!" Brick said from inside the orb
"That's the point" Chris and Chef slammed the door of the orbs
"You might feel a slight drop, ready? set, GO!" Chris and Chef pushed the orbs down to the big hole. With everyone's screaming and crying, they crash landed in the bottom of the cave

The door of the red orb open, Brick quickly crawled out, shivering in fetal position "So…so dark"
"I'm going to…" Mal puke as he leave the green orb
"Where are we?" Sammy said, using her body to protect her ukulele

"The beginning of your REAL challenge——getting out of this cave" Chris announced through the giant TV

"Pardon?" Dawn ask confused
"If I say I want to cram you into the giant ball and drop you 140 feet into a cave, you all would have moan and whine. This is easier!"

"Moving on, there's two bags with supply somewhere behind you"
Mike found the bags and unzip one of it, and found the climbing accessories and a few pairs of night vision goggles
Lightning look into the other bag and pulled out the exact same things

"Didn't I told you to fill one of them with garbage?" Chris said to Alejandro
"Oh…really? I must skipped that part while you giving me order, there's always a ringing voice in my ears after I hit my head twice"
"Whatever" Chris rolled his eyes

"Now, if you look around, you will see a bunch of tunnels. They'll lead to a single exit to the surface where the final line await. Some will get you there safer and faster than others, first team across the finish line win"
"And one more thing: according to crew legend, no one who's gone in have ever come out"

Everyone gasped in horror, but Chris didn't care at all
"But hey, I thought the fall will kill you, so congrats on surviving that. Your challenge started NOW!"
The airhorn blew, cause the slight cave-in at underground

"Ok, this pit is clearly unstable" Sky said "I need everyone to stay calm, so no yelling…"
"I just hope we can get out here before the night" Mike think out loud "Or else this place will be extremely DARK, and who know? This place are probably HAUNTED, or we might starve to DEATH"

"WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Brick was panicked than before, the cadet screaming in tears, punching the wall desperately, making more rocks falling down

"Please stop!" Sky said
"IT'S A CAVE-IN!" Amy shouted, the whole pit started shaking
"Great, now it's a cave-in" Dawn said sarcastically

"Come on, let's go" Lightning and Jo dragged Brick into the nearest tunnel
"This way" Dawn grabbed Mal's sleeve and ran off with Mike at behind
"I see the light!" Zoey ran into the tunnel, everyone else on team Rat fallowed her
The remaining people on team Maskwak ran off together

Soon the rocks falls down and blocked everyone's way back

(tunnel 1)
"You guys okay?" Jasmine asked
"Yes…" Ella said, wiped out the dust on her dress
Sammy looked down at her ukulele and smiled when she saw it didn't broken. She plucked the strings, which disturb the bats living underground, causing them all flying out

"Sorry" Sammy said after the bats were gone. Zoey shot her a glare, but didn't say anything
"Guys! Check this out!" Dakota yelled, a room full with weird glowing slug are shown
"So there's where the light came from" Zoey said "We should move now, where's the night vision goggles?"
"I'm pretty sure your boyfriend took them all" Jasmine said, Zoey just sighed and came up with another solution

"Anne Marie, we need your phone"
"What?" Anne Marie took a selfie "Dame it, no signals here…hey!"
Zoey snatched the phone herself and turn on the flashlight mode
"This way" She leading the Rats deeper into the cave, hoping to find the way out

(tunnel 2)
"I can't see anything!" Brick yelled, panicking in the darkness
"Here, night vision goggles" Lighting said, the scene turned to night vision, we can see all three of them with the goggles

"Where's everyone else?" Jo asked
"I'm sure they're fine, now we have to focus on winning…" Brick said nervously "…and surviving"

(tunnel 3)
"You guys go first" Amy said "I'm the leader of the alliance, I can't die now"
"That's weird, there's so many stalactites but no sign of mineral water, how does that possible?" Sky said
"I think it's not the weirdest thing here" B point at the large monitor, which turned on and showed Chris whispering

"Hey guys! Welcome to the Spike Zone, try to stay quiet or all those stalactites will rain down and shower you like kebabs"

"Thanks for the warning, that's tiptoe through…"
"Nah, that's too boring to watch" Chris cut off Sky's word and back to normal volume "So here's a crocodile"
He pressed the remote, a crocodile showed up behind the contestants
"Remember, your 'entire' team has to cross the finish line, so no leaving behind legs or hands or any body part"

Everyone screamed as the crocodile make it's attacked, the stalactites began to fell, making the scream louder

(tunnel 4)
The twin brothers and Dawn standing in front of the opened iron door, inside it were the long, concrete hallway filling with darkness
"I don't like where this is going…" Mal said terrified
"Even this might be the way out?" Dawn said "You know, the way out of the living world" She giggled
"Not funny"

"Hello!" Chris's voice coming out of nowhere, making them jumped "(laugh) Got'ya! Look behind the door"
Mike moved the door and revealed the monitor on the wall behind it

"Seem like you guys have found our Amazing-Maze!" Chris said "Which is also our rejected challenge idea"
"Uh…what did you mean 'rejected'?" Mal asked, which Alejandro answer it from the monitor
"We found it's connected with the living area of some very dangerous creatures, and now those things just roaming in the maze. It's like a RPG map but without save point"

"Thanks for the explain, now can you go clean the bathroom or something?" Chris said unhappily
"Do I have the choice?"
Chris didn't answer, just looked at the intern sliently
"Fine" Alejandro sighed and made his leave

"Anyway, good luck on surviving…whatever is living down there, bye!" The monitor turned off, Chris turned to the camera
"This is getting GOOD! Stay tuned to find out who get buried, and who come out on top"


Chapter Text

(The maze)
All three of them wearing the night vision goggles. Dawn walking at front, doesn't seem to have troubles with the situation; Mal at middle lower his hood, looking at the ground while walking; Mike at the last of the line with the backpack they got before

"Hey" Mike tapped his brother's shoulder "Can we talk?"
"Not now" Mal whispering back
"Come on! I'm really sorry to break the promise of not hurting anyone. I thought it only count when there's actual harm, and I don't know it would take so long to save him"

"I'm pretty sure I'm not the one you should apologize to, also, you literally sabotage his only resources of air, what the f*** did you except to happen"
"Fine, it's really close to the worst outcome, but he's still alive"
"What if he doesn't make it?"
"Well…I will get arrested again, and that's it? I didn't really think of that"

"That's the problem" Mal said "You never take anything you do seriously, you think you can get away with everything and just ignore the consequence. And even what you did ended up bad, you still never learn and keep finding excuse to blame anyone but you"

"Not anyone, I will never think you're wrong" Mike argued, but only made things worse

"Did you really thought I will happy to hear that? NO! You think you're being a good bro cause you will do 'anything' for me? Then why didn't you stop when I told you I don't want you get in trouble for like A FRICKING MILLION TIMES. Yet you still being the same and say it's for someone's own good, make me to feel bad for getting mad at you"
"Honestly, sometimes I really hope you were the jerk to me like what you treat others, so I can hate you without guilt and just gave up pulling you on the right track"

Mal turned his back on Mike, who's crushed by what he just heard, trying to say something but failed

Mal: "Am I being too harsh? Maybe, but he's not going to listen if I just talked to him like usual"

(tunnel 2)
"Be careful" Lightning said as the trio finding the way out "This cave is getting deeper and darker, the smallest sounds can cause the rocks to fall and crushed every bone of ours…"
"Maybe we should, you know, stay slient?" Jo said, slowly getting panicked
"Good point"

"Hello!" A Chris said through the giant TV on the wall "You just reached the leap of faith, even with the night vision goggles, you can't see the bottom. You gonna have faith to jump"
"Is this the way out?" Brick asked, voice shivering
"Maybe? I honestly don't remember, but it's not like you have other choice" Chris pressed the remote, the rocks fell and sealed the trio's way back

"Good luck!" TV turned off, everything were back to darkness, they're now on their own

"So…who go first?" Lightning looked at his two friends
Brick yelling panicked and hugged Jo, making them tripped over and fell down the hole, landed on the ground

"Oh my god! You guys ok?" Lightning asked on above
"Oh…We're good, I guess" Brick got up, and noticed he and Jo were in a…very awkward position. They blushed, quickly separated and pretend like nothing happened

(tunnel 1)
"Welcome to the gem cave!" Chris announced when team Rats entered
"This ruby ravine is home to a bear, but not just any bear, it's the Bling Bear!(evil laughed) Trust me, you don't want to see him mad. Just walk through here without stealing it's gem, you'll be okay"

"Look like we got the easy way" Sammy said, then immediately heard the an angry roared
"What's going on?" Anne Marie asked as she putting the crystal in her pocket
"And you fail, wow, that was fast" Chris said. Bling bear, which just Scuba bear but with golden teeth and chain, ran into the cave and start it's attacked

Anne Marie (with the crystal): "What? A beauty like me need to adorn with some good jewelry"

(Spike zone)
"Ouch!" Amy cried as the broken crocodile bit her legs "Help me!"
Sky quickly came to released her, while B examining the wires poke out from the crocodile's body

"It's mechanical, and I bet it's control by Chris's remote" B said "Maybe I can make something to get us out of here"
"Then what are you waiting for? Disassemble that damn thing now!" Amy shouted. Meanwhile Scott just leaning at the wall, yawning, hoping he can get out of this hell sooner

(The maze)
Dawn leading the brothers through the maze without encounter anything, but their adventures are not going to end with nothing

"Here's the exit" Dawn peeking around the corner, and saw a metal door with the word 'EXIT' written in red paint. In front of it was mutant chicken with multiple eyes and a vertical mouth on it's chest "And a raw KFC bucket"

"How are we going to pass that?" Mal said
"I'll distracted it" Dawn said, then standing out of the corner

The moment the chicken saw the girl, it's starting to huff, Dawn quickly ran into the other way as the chicken chasing her

"Let's…go?" Mike said awkwardly, he walked to the exit and opened the door, revealed the stair leading to top
The stairwell is narrow and can only fit one person at a time, and just like every other part in the maze, it's total darkness

"Maybe we should go rescue her…" Mal said, not wanting to go up the scary stairs, but the angry roared from the beast change his mind
"Nevermind, let's find someone stronger" He glanced at his brother "…And more reliable"

(Leap of faith)
The trio crawling in the tunnel, with Lightning at the front, Brick and Jo were behind
"Please tell me we getting close" Brick said, suddenly Lightning stopped
"Ok…here's the good new and bad new: I see daylight, and know what dug the tunnel"

A bunch of gophers growling at them
"Should we go back?" Brick asked
"I don't think that's an option…" Jo looked at her back, noticed there's a mystery creature coming from behind
"Ok, no time to think, we need to be violence!" Panicking, Lightning starting to talked nonsense, but no one stopped him because they're not any better

(Gem cave)
They reached to a stinky, dirty mystery pool
"Ewww! Do we have to jump?" Dakota whined
"If you don't want to get maul by the bear, Yes" Zoey jumped into the pool, the others do the same, with Sammy barely made it because she took time to wrapped the ukulele with her hoodie

Surprisedly, despite having the diving device, the dear didn't do anything, just smelled and leave

"This might be a little bit late…but isn't Ella a animal whisperer?" Anne Marie said, everyone eyes on the nervous girl
"I…kind of freak out when the bear appear" Ella said guiltily "Sorry to let you guys down, again"

"Listen, I know you're feel bad of not kept the promise before, but just like Mal said, that's because Mike manipulate you" Jasmine comforted her "Sure, you're not completely innocent, but you can still fix everything by not making the same mistake"

"And like what I say before, I will take the consequence with you, so no need to take all the blame on yourself" Sammy said, while raised her ukulele high so it won't touch the water

"Enough for the chit chat, we have to go" Zoey ended the conversation, and leading the team to the stream

After a long time of climbing, they finally saw the light
"We made it!" Sammy said
"Let's get out of this muddy hell!" Dakota said, everyone leaves the underground and came out from the…confessional outhouse

"What the?" Alejandro standing there with the mop and a plunger "Did you guys just came out of the toilet?"

"We came out from WAHT?" Anne Marie shouted disbelieve
"So that mean all the water and mud were…" Dakota said, then started to puke
"Big deal" Zoey rolled her eyes "You're not going to survive the senior prank of our school like this"

(Spike zone)
"Done!" B pressed a button on his finished remote, an hidden elevator opened
"YES!" Amy yelled happily, wakes up the half-asleep Scott. The squad went into the elevator, which have carpeting and music

"For the secret passage in the deep cave, this very delicate" B said
"Chris might be the psycho, but he sure have taste" Amy said, then got her eyes on the remote and smiled

Amy: "This. Is. Great! If B's remote can control the crocodile and secret elevator, maybe it can do something more! My alliance are unstoppable!"

Chris chilling on his sling chair, watching the twins walking through the scary stair
"Man, we should really make some decoration there, too bad we don't have enough interns to feed the mutants" The host said to Chef

Suddenly an arm punch through the ground, then Lightning poke his head out
"Freedom!" He yelled as he crawling out from the hole
Jo was the second to came back "Did we win?" She asked while helping Brick out

"No! That's not the right exit!"
"Not the worst one either" Jasmine said as team Rats joined the scene
"What's that stench?" Chris pinched his nose
"Trust me, you don't wanna know" Dakota said

"Hey, how did they get ahead of us?" Amy and the rest of the Bears walked up
"Maybe they find the faster elevator?" Sky respond
"Elevator? Are you kidding me?" Chris said "Look, none of you won. I said the first team to cross the finish line, and none of you did!"

"Hello" Dawn walking pass the finish line, a few feather were on her hair. The twin brothers arrived as well
"How did you got here before us?" Mal asked
"I found a shortcut"

"Finally! Someone who actually complete the challenge in right way!" Chris said
"So since Dawn is the first cross the line, does that mean we won?" B asked
"Of course not, we have more people completed" Zoey argued

"Don't worry, no elimination need" Chris announced, everyone cheered "But we still need the ceremony, and all of you are invite"

Everyone seated, waiting for Chris told them what he's going to do

"As you can see, here the special reward: Darwin's All-You-Can-Eat Food Safari!"
"And since we only have three people actually finished the challenge, they get to enjoyed the feast, while the rest of you get nothing"

"Well that's good" Mike said

"But, before that, I have a very important announcement"
"So apparently there's some situation going on within both teams, so for the sake of drama, and my own entertainment, I'm going to do the team swap!"

"Mike, Jasmine. You're now on team Maskwak. Dawn and Scott. Please join the Toxic Rats"
Everyone gasped, all shocked of this sudden changes

Dawn: "And here's go my new plan. Way to go, McLean"
Mal: "Yep, this is definitely not going to end well"
Scott: (Put his middle fingers on, censored)
Jasmine: "I don't mind the team swap, but with Mike of all people? Really?"

"If you want to see we feed that cannon with some human, please wait for next time on 'Total Drama: New Island'!"

"I got the 'guests' now, when should I sent them to the dead trap?"
Noah said, he's now inside Sierra's office
"Don't worry, Chef will come to pick them up" Sierra answered while typing something on her laptop

"Good. So who's the lucky one on board today?"
"I know you meant to be sarcastic, but consider the current situation, those who got voted out were really the lucky one right now"
"Just answer my question"
"No one. There's some accident happened on the island, so most of them didn't actually finished the challenge"

"So I have to reschedule the aftermath now, great"
"Not so fast, Noah. I have a feeling that the next challenge might just going to be as 'smooth' as today's" Sierra smirked