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Total Drama (New!) Island

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"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Noah asked Sierra, not noticed the camera was on
"That depends on how you define 'good', but knowing Chris, he'll be happy to see the drama"
"True, but if she…" Noah tried to say something, but the host saw the camera and just simply ignored him

"Welcome back, everyone!" Sierra doing the opening like nothing happened "I hope the break wasn't too long for you, cause I know you must dying to see what's coming next. And here we are! Continue the interview of our losers"

"Shouldn't we like, go find Sugar or something?" Dave asked concerned
"Sorry Dave, your turn is over, please step outside the filming zone"
"But…" Sierra pushed him out the scene before Dave can say anything

"Anyway, the next loser is a girl with the passion for fashion (show Staci debut on the island), who's wearing the brand all over for others to admire. But her teammates, who's doesn't understand her love of beauty decided to pushed her out (Staci in the cannon while everyone were fighting), and there's a certain someone were used her elimination to cause chaos in the team (Dawn fake the latter in confession room)"

"Now, that's see how Staci think about everything after the dramatic event happened during her elimination"

"Glad to see someone finally acknowledge my style" Staci said, making sure the camera stay on her good side "And, I don't really pay attention of others people when I'm in the game, so…Dawn is a b****, I guess"

"You know what? I think we talked about Dawn enough, how about we go for something positive?" Sierra change the subject

The work out trio just finished their morning run, Brick and Jo sitting on the porch while Lightning was going to somewhere

"You know, we haven't see Dawn and Sky for a while, maybe I should go check on them"
"Then we…"
"No, you two just stay here! I'll be right back!" Lightning ran off, leaving the not-couple-yet along

"So…what made you decide to joined the show?" Jo asked
"I want to challenge myself and see how far I can go" Brick said, took the sip out of the bottle
"Cool, I'm here to make friends and well…I meet you and Lightning, so it's good"

"It's nice to hear you say that" Brick smiled "I'm happy to meet you either"
"Really? But how about Lightning?"
"He's a good dude, but…I think you're different" Brick lean closer
"Oh…" Jo slightly blushed
Before their relationship can made any progress, a volleyball hit Brick in his head and knocked him out

"Sorry!" Mike yelled from the distance

"We just finished talking villain no.1, our villain no.2 came to steal the spotlight. What a combo!" Sierra said

"I hope the trio do well, they're literally the only good things left in our team" Staci said
"Come on, you have to admit the antags always make things interesting. They might be negative, but they still get credit"
"I know this show called 'Total Drama', but does Chris really have to put two antagonists on the show? Isn't Dawn herself enough?" Dave complained

"Without using the fame of original cast, we have to put more effort to attract audience" Sierra said
"Also here some fun facts: You and Shawn were supposed to be the 'opponent of villains', and you two eliminate in the most ironically way. But since we have Scott, everything shall…"

"Don't jinx!" Dave yelled
"Jeez, chill dude" Sierra rolled her eyes "Back to Staci, did you have anything else to say?"
"Yes" The flexer cleared her throat "If anyone wants to know how I have so many famous brands products, you can check out my…"
"Nevermind, get out of here" The host turfed Staci out "We don't want any unpaid advertisement happen in the show"

"Ok, and now it's last but not least, our first boot for the show(Sam debut on the island). He's a very talented programmer, but have to leave before he can show his skills(Sam been shoot out of the cannon)"
"I really want to say something more but I can't came out with anything yet, so let's just welcome: Sam!"

"Hi?" Sam smiled awkwardly and wave at the camera
"I know your time in the game isn't so long, but you did witnessed the situation through the screen. So tell me, what's your opinion as the audience?"

"Well…one thing for sure is, I'm really unlucky to be here. If Mike found me first after the first challenge, then I'll be the one in the alliance"
"What makes you think that?"
"Cause I can built that receiver too!"
"Oh yeah, I know I forget something" Sierra said "Let's see how the device and their…allianceship? Is that a word?" Sierra looked at Noah, who's respond:

"Why'd you looking at me? I read lot of book but that doesn't make me a dictionary, ok?"
"An 'I don't know' is enough" Sierra deadpan "Anyway, it's Footage time!"

"I'm sorry for leaving you and Zoey in the crematory, I just scared to be along and I though…"
"STOP" Mike glaring at Cameron "I choose to help you because I trust you, and yet you left us and follow our enemy"
"But I…I completed the thing you need! see?" Cameron show the device made by copper wires, foil, cables, antenna and other electronic components

Mike looked down to the shorter boy and his device "You sure this will work?"
"Yes…" Cameron gulped
"Then give it to Anne Marie and you're free to go"
"Wait, so does that mean you are forgive me? I thought you were going to kick me out of the alliance and…"
"I'm sure you know what's good for you" Mike smiled "And as a 'friend', I will watching you, cause I know no one likes to be left out"

"Okay…" Cameron respond nervously "Thanks for the second chance, I guess?"

"You're welcome"

"I don't know how to comment on that, but one thing for sure is our little Cammie have follow the wrong person" Sierra said

"On second thought, maybe it's good that I'm now out of those mess, there's no way I can handle the situation"
"Here's some advice: If you want to step out of your comfort zone, take it slow. For someone who's barely communicate with actual human, international TV is too much of the progress for you"
"I guess so…" Sam said

"Anyway, since it's a the half hour show, I think it's time to finish this interview. You will see us next time after another five people on the board. And if you want to know who will attend the next aftermath, please stay tuned for 'Total Drama: New Island'!"

"Okay Noah, your job is to bring the 'special guests' to Chris for the future episode. Here's their address, phone number, the excuse to fool them to be here, and the contract they have to sign so Chris can risk their life without any legal problems"
Sierra gave Noah a stack of papers, some of them were handwritten. But most of them were printed out and stapled, those were the contract

"What does he want again?" Noah said while examined the contract
"Spies things up a little bit, raise the rating and gain more money and fame by putting everyone in danger…you know the drill"

"Did you wrote this?" Noah frowned, noticing something off
"Only the part you're looking at" Sierra said "But no worry, I talked with Chris's lawyer and he's on our side, so no responsibility if any issue happen"
"…I knew you're up to something, but why?"

"It's personal, I did this for nothing but my own satisfaction" Sierra respond "I don't except you to understand, but I'm still welcome if you want to join me"
"You're not afraid I might betray you?"
"I know how bad you're being treated, and you definitely didn't pay enough to care"

"That's true" Noah said, walked away with the contract and other papers