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Hidden Synergy

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The timing could not have been worse.

Yu Wenzhou’s heart sank the moment he felt the heady sensation of his heat roll through him.

He was standing at the head of the conference room, tactical notes in hand, presentation all ready to go, but in an instant, his poised image was ruined by a sudden rush that left him clutching the edge of the meeting table to keep himself from collapsing.

A round of murmurs sounded throughout the room. It was inevitable. Until now, none of the guys on the starting roster had had any idea that their new captain was an omega.

Wenzhou had been so careful not to let it show, and had done everything he could to mitigate any outward signs of his biological dynamic, wearing collared shirts that covered up his scent spot, and keeping up with his inhibitor dosage with a rigor that bordered on religious. All throughout training camp and up until now, he’d been happy to let assumptions about his status slide. It was easier to play the role of a quiet, presumably beta kid while the flashier players got all the attention and the alphas and omegas made half-joking tier lists of who they’d want to bond.

Now things were…awkward. The fresh new omega captain had to keep up appearances, but there was no running away from what he was.

It wasn’t that he was scared for his safety. After all these years on the team, Wenzhou knew that the rumors of Blue Rain being filled with horny, desperate assholes were just that - rumors. For all its reputation as an undersexed “monastery”, no one had ever gotten jumped during a heat.

But now he was in the spotlight, and everyone would be looking at him differently.

“Captain!” Zheng Xuan was seated closest to the front, and he leapt from his chair to offer him a supportive hand on his shoulder, considerate of him given how indolent the guy usually was. Another wave hit his senses, and Wenzhou felt himself tremble while warmth flooded to all of his sensitive spots. Sure enough, their Sharpshooter was an alpha, and Wenzhou’s body wasn’t about to let him forget about the differences in their biology.

“I’m fine...thank you. It’s nothing serious” Wenzhou gave him a reassuring smile as he lifted his head and took a step back from his teammate, shaking off the hazy mental fog that the heat had him in.

“That’s it for today’s meeting.” He picked up where he’d left off, trying to pretend as if nothing had happened. See you in the training room this afternoon.” He breathed a sigh of relief as his team hastily made for the doors, letting in the cool air from the hallway and dispersing the oppressive pheromone-heavy atmosphere that had put him in such a state.

Zheng Xuan stopped to make one last inquiry about his well-being, and Wenzhou waved him off as casually as he could manage, trying his best not to let on how badly his presence was agitating him.

The last one out the door was their ace Blade Master. Though technically his vice captain, the two of them were hardly close. Even in their training camp days, Huang Shaotian was someone who’d rarely spoken to him, outside of the odd jab at his questionable hand speed. Figuring out how to work together was a challenge that he hadn’t yet figured out.

It could have been his imagination, but it seemed that he paused for a moment to look back at the new captain with a look that could have been curiosity or contempt. In his compromised state, Wenzhou couldn’t tell.

Like Zheng Xuan, Shaotian was an alpha.

Their eyes met for less than a second, and by the time Wenzhou could think of something to say, he had already turned his head and left.

Once they all had left, Wenzhou allowed himself to fall forward, head lowered as he panted, catching his breath after holding back all this time. He closed his eyes, trying to quiet the surge of need that continued to course through him.

All he could think about was sex.

He should have known that his unbonded status was going to be a problem.

As someone dedicated to keeping his omega status under wraps, Wenzhou had never known what it was like to have admirers. Until now.

Less than a day after his incident in the meeting room, he was practically smothered by the volume of well-wishers that popped into his room along with the random messages in-game and on social media.

And that was just outside the team. As far as Blue Rain’s roster was concerned, Yu Wenzhou was now their prince, the greatest thing that had ever happened to the team, who would surely lead them to the promised land of win streaks and championship contention.

For Wenzhou, the newfound goodwill was reassuring, but there were some unexpected consequences, especially given the heat that still wracked his senses. He was at least partially at fault, he berated himself. The team’s doctor had denied anything was amiss and noted that his increased heat activity was just a sign of nature taking its course. Bonding and isolation were his only options if he wanted it to stop, and he was inclined towards neither.

Zheng Xuan had gone so far as to lick his ear when he leaned in to take a closer look at his monitor one afternoon during practice.

“W-whoa, shi– uhh sorry, Captain! I don’t know what came over me.” Wenzhou forgave him without a second thought, telling him not to worry. The heat stuff had been sprung on their team unexpectedly, and they were all still getting used to it.

Huang Shaotian was the one alpha that didn’t seem interested. At least, that’s what he thought at first.

Wenzhou had always figured that the two of them were destined to never get along. As someone who was more or less the former captain’s pet prodigy, he was probably still bitter about how he’d beaten Old Wei so badly the man had scurried off without a word, leaving his position vacant. It was an understandable source of tension, one that he’d have to confront sooner or later or his tenure as captain was doomed.

Huang Shaotian was their ace, what some people would even call a generational talent. If Wenzhou didn’t figure out how to make nice with him, Blue Rain would lose their strongest asset.

Wenzhou sat at his desk lost in thought, spinning his pen in one hand as he flipped through the pages of his notebook, poring over the strategies he had written down that were interspersed with random doodles.

His heat had dulled his senses, but it hadn’t completely robbed him of his wits.

Shaotian wanted something from him. He could see it in the way he looked at him from across the dining hall and at practice, eyes alight in an impolite stare that would have fazed most anyone else. Wenzhou had a feeling he knew exactly what he had on his mind. It was only a question of how much the two of them were going to dance around the issue.

Wenzhou was tired of being passive.

The week of his heat raged on, his suppressants now all but useless. He retreated to his room in the dormitory when he was at his worst, flushed and slick, scent too overbearing to ignore, but he made sure to leave the door ajar.

Come on, you opportunist. I’m here. Take what you want.

One night, right after a particularly bad spell, there was a knock on his door. Wenzhou put down his pen and slid his notebook to the side as he rose to answer.

“Shaotian?” He tried to hide his surprise at the sight of his vice captain standing in his doorway, casually dressed in Blue Rain-logoed sweats, looking well and truly pissed. “What are you doing here?”

“Fuck, do you really need to ask?” He sounded pained, as though some great burden was weighing him down. It was then that Wenzhou thought to look down and saw the unmistakable bulge tenting his sweatpants.

“Come in,” his throat was suddenly far too dry. As Shaotian stiffly walked inside, he reached for a water bottle after moving to pull the door closed, taking a long quenching drink before setting it back down again. The heat overwhelmed him, stronger than ever before as he caught Shaotian’s scent. It was like what he thought pure energy must smell like: bright and clean and warm, somewhere between citrus and sweat. He felt his body stir and suppressed a groan as his lower regions reacted.

Shaotian rounded on him as he approached. “I know we didn’t get off to a great start…" he paused, as if weighing the pros and cons of dragging up their past and deciding against it. "...but as you can probably tell, I’m in a rut, and I think we should fuck.”

“Glad you got straight to the point.” Wenzhou grit his teeth. Shaotian’s word had…affected him, in a very obvious way, and he was sure his scent was enticing the other in a way that he couldn’t deny. He bluffed his composure with a fake smile. “Does this mean you’re propositioning me?”

Shaotian gave him a quick nod before aggressively stepping to close the gap between them.

“Yeah. It fucking does.” Panic rose in his chest as he was grabbed by the shoulders and pushed against the wall. His back went rigid as Shaotian pressed into him and mouthed at his neck.

“I thought you didn’t like me,” he choked out, suppressing the tremor in his voice. His eyes fell closed as he braced himself for the bite.

“You smell so fucking good.” Shaotian growled, completely ignoring his words. Wenzhou’s panic fell as the harsh pressure over his neck gave way to a pattern of gentle licks and nips that were almost like kisses.

He offered himself up, letting Shaotian keep up his surprisingly gentle actions before finally moving against him, rubbing their covered erections together in a way that made them both moan.

Clothes were shrugged off, Shaotian’s most easily as he hadn't bothered covering his assets with any underwear. The sweats came off with just a couple of tugs, and Shaotian didn’t pass up this chance to show off his body. After dropping and stepping out of his pants, he stood before him, hands on hips, half-hard cock out and proud.

Wenzhou hated to admit to himself how much he’d been looking forward to seeing his vice captain naked like this. His own shirt and pants were tossed over his gaming chair rather than joining Shaotian’s on the floor.

“You planned this, didn’t you?” There was an accusation in Shaotian’s voice as he backed towards the bed.

Wenzhou swallowed hard. He’d known this moment was coming as soon as he’d decided to deliberately stop locking his door.

“I figured it would get your attention.” Wenzhou’s voice was measured as he explained his reasoning. He would gladly risk his own body if it meant he’d earn the chance to show them what he could really do. Shaotian’s eyes widened as he took in what he said.

“Trying to entice us all, huh? Is that your idea of a good time?”

“Are you saying you have objections?” he countered crisply. The still-hard length jutting up between Shaotian’s legs indicated that his body had none.

“That’s a dirty fucking trick, Yu Wenzhou.” He flinched at the harsh words, but Shaotian made no move to back away. In fact, he was drawing closer.

“Just sex, not mating,” Wenzhou’s kept his voice low and dispassionate. He was so, so close to winning him over.

“What, don’t want me to claim you?” Shaotian barked a laugh before he could answer. “ ‘course not. I saw how freaked out you were when I started necking you. Don’t worry, all I want is help with, you know…”

The “you know” was still stiff as it brushed against his thigh.

“I can help with that,” Wenzhou murmured solemnly. He put his hands on Shaotian’s shoulders to get him to sit down on the bed, feet touching the floor.

He really did love the sight of his cock. He knelt down before Shaotian’s knees, and opened his mouth. Long, wet laves had him cursing, and a fresh wave of pheromone released in them both, blood rushing and nerves firing hotter and faster as their need for stimulation multiplied.

Wenzhou felt a twitch in his own length as he took him down his throat. It really was too big, but he ignored the discomfort, moaning around Shaotian’s thick length as he grew even wider.

He already wants to knot, Wenzhou marveled at his vice captain’s responsiveness. His own body was overcome with a yearning of its own, still-clothed cock humping the air, hole growing wet with slick.

It was hard to maintain his self-control when every single one of his senses was screaming at him to turn around and let Shaotian rail him.

“Hey, hey, stop.” Shaotian tugged gently on Wenzhou’s hair, moaning as he slowly dragged his mouth off of his cock. “I want to have you up here.”

That was fast.

Wenzhou couldn’t resist a smirk as he was pulled up onto his own bed. He had to take a few deep breaths, throat still recovering from the exertion of swallowing that alpha cock. Shaotian reached for the band of the boxer briefs that still spared him from complete nudity, but Wenzhoud deflected his hand.

He slid off the underwear himself, trying to obscure the wet mess they had turned into before tossing them aside as discreetly as possible.

“Turn your ass around. Yeah. Like that.”

Shaotian pulled at his limbs, positioning them before moving to lie prone on the mattress. Wenzhou straddled his form, face toward his lower limbs, mouth hovering over that swollen cock once again. He got on his elbows and adjusted his knees to achieve a more comfortable position, and his mouth began its work again.

Shaotian wasn’t shy about teasing his hole, and Wenzhou had to fight to keep from whimpering when he buried two slender fingers into his entrance and began toying with the slickness he found there.

“Damn, you’re so wet.” His hips bucked upwards as he said the words, fucking Wenzhou’s throat with gusto.

Shaotian’s mouth found his length, and while his fingers pumped into him, he relished the heat of his vice captain's needy, unstoppable mouth as it sucked him in kind.

Wenzhou couldn't hold back his need, moaning as he was caught between the two sources of pleasure. As he did so, his partner abruptly let go of him, ending his assault on his most sensitive spots.

“I really need you to fuck me right now.”

At the sound of Shaotian’s words. Wenzhou released his cock at once. He turned his body and fell back to the mattress so they were lying together face to face.


“What, you think just 'cause I'm an alpha my ass won't be as sweet and satisfying as yours? Come on, I know you want to do me.”

Wenzhou saw from the look in his eyes how strained and desperate he was, and he couldn’t deny the truth in his words. When he first imagined the situation between them, he’d just assumed Shaotian would throw on a condom, knot his ass a few times, and call it a day. But, while this was a solution he hadn’t considered before, it was one that made an awful lot of sense.

“You’re not ready for me to mate you, right?” Shaotian continued. The words took Wenzhou by surprise, stunning him momentarily. The silent affirmation prompted Shaotian to clear his throat to break the tension.

Not yet.

“So uh…I want you in me. That okay?”

“It’d be my pleasure.” Wenzhou placed a hand on Shaotian’s shoulder in a gesture he hoped would be seen as comforting.

Mischievous look returning to his eyes, Shaotian dug into his bedside table without permission. As was the case for every room in the dorms, it was well-equipped for such matters.

His vice captain returned to the bed after finding what he was looking for, setting aside the bottle and kneeling over his midsection as he patiently warmed the palmful of lube he’d squeezed into his hands. His fingers toyed with his own entrance first, mouth agape as he prepared himself the same way he’d teased Wenzhou earlier.

Wenzhou suddenly felt regret that this exchange was occurring purely out of lust and not love.

“I-,” he started, voice cutting off at the feeling of Shaotian’s hands slathering him.

“What is it?” Shaotian concentration was clearly on the task before him and nothing else.

“It’s just, I want you to know, I’ve really enjoyed being with you tonight.” His innate sense of politeness wouldn’t let Wenzhou carry on without saying anything, but no endearments seemed quite appropriate for what they were doing.

“Oh…” it was shocking but also gratifying to see Shaotian’s already-flushed face grow even deeper red from his words before his lips twisted into a challenging smirk.

“Okay? Well that’s good because if you’re gonna keep everyone worked up running around unbonded, we’ll have to do it all the fucking time.”

Wenzhou nearly laughed, but could only lie back and marvel as the loudmouthed alpha who’d never even liked him before today moved to impale himself on his hard cock.

He closed his eyes, as his cockhead breached him, savoring the feeling. His body had craved another kind of stimulation, but it felt thoroughly, undeniably good to be buried deep inside Shaotian’s eager ass, listening to the litany of quiet “Oh, fucks,” he babbled out as he moved him to hit him in just the right place.

“I can tell you’re slick down there, Wenzhou. I can hear it. You’re dripping wet.” Shaotian taunted breathlessly as bore down on him.

Wenzhou’s flustered face looked up at him, and smiled lazily, too worn out to argue. It was the truth.

“Aren’t guys like you supposed to come everywhere?” Shaotian actually sounded disappointed. He increased his pace, causing Wenzhou to throw his head back as he fought to withstand the onslaught.

The heat surrounding him squeezed hard, and he was a goner. The triumph written all over Shaotian’s face melded into ecstasy as he lost himself in his own orgasm

Wenzhou observed him with satisfaction as the frenzy in him began to wind down. He shuddered at the feeling of Shaotian knotting in his hand and hungrily took in the sight of him as he came, come spurting heavily out of his swollen cock, covering them both.

Shaotian climbed off of him, flopping face down onto the mattress beside him. A hand found Wenzhou’s where it lay palm up beside his head, lacing them together.

They lay there breathless for some time, until Wenzhou worked up the courage to say something.

“So this is what it's like to be captain, huh.” He laid a hand over Shaotian’s waist as he drew them close together, face buried in his neck taking in the alpha scent he had just grown to love.

“Mm, well, it’s your team now.”

Our team.” Wenzhou's words were light with affection. The hand held in his squeezed gently.

For the first time since he’d been appointed captain, Wenzhou felt himself relax. Self-assured, even, as though he knew that he - no, they - could handle whatever the future held for them.