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Hold me deep beneath your waves

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“Would you believe…” Stede breathes, voice shaky in that way that Ed’s come to learn means he’s excited, but like, in a nervous way. “That I’ve never done… this… before?”

Ed flicks his eyes up from where he’s working a lovely bruise into the meat of Stede’s belly, letting the corners of his lips quirk, just a bit, before he pulls away.

“This?” He asks, because Stede saying the word might be the best thing he’s ever heard.

“Honestly, Ed, it’s a terrible term.” Stede’s nose wrinkles, looking for a minute like this, maybe, might be a step too far. “Would you believe that I’ve never done… r-rimming before?”

“No.” He says, voice full of quiet sarcasm. “Biggest surprise of my life, actually.”

Stede blows out an annoyed breath, fluttering the hair that’s not already stuck sweaty to his forehead. He’s adorable when he’s frustrated. It’s beginning to be a problem.

Ed sits back fully, allowing himself a moment to stare at Stede’s cock, red and slick against his belly. It’s tempting to change his plans. He’s familiar now with how nice it feels to have his mouth filled, Stede’s hands threading into his hair, shaky at first until confidence blossoms, tugging and teasing his scalp in that nice tingly way…

No. He made a promise. Edward Teach doesn’t back down from a promise.

(Well… it was more of a threat, really, but he doesn’t back down from those either.)

Ed pushes Stede’s legs up towards his chest and sinks down. He holds the other man’s slightly nervous gaze as he gets as comfortable as he can, before hooking Stede’s calves over his shoulders, loose socks and all.

Ed slides his arms behind Stede’s arse and then tugs, pulling until he’s balanced right on the edge of the bench.


He’s absolutely not procrastinating, nor giving in to his own nerves, when he leans to suck a bruise in the softness of Stede’s inner thigh. He grins and nips hard when the man yelps, reaching a hand out to cup his cheek.


He pulls back, licking his lips, and doesn’t miss how Stede’s eyes follow the path of his tongue. “Hm?”

“... Please?”

He grins, squeezing Stede’s hips and lowering his head. The last thing he says before he slides his tongue over the tight furl of Stede’s hole is:

“You’re gonna want to touch yourself.”

“W-wh—ohhhh.” Stede shudders hard at the first slick swipe of Ed’s tongue, going very quiet very quickly, a sure sign that he’s now chewing hard on his lip to stop himself from babbling away like he usually does.

Ed exhales a short laugh that probably tickles something awful, pulling back to rub his thumb over Stede’s slick hole. “I said, touch yourself. With all the will in the world, this won’t be enough for you to come. And I want you to come.”

Stede doesn’t listen, of course, but Ed supposes that’s probably due to the fact that he’s in the middle of getting his arsehole played with. Bit distracting. He’ll allow it.

He works Stede over slowly and methodically, his body thrumming with the need to do this right. For Stede, but also for his own reputation - it’s an entirely different kettle of fish to buggering someone, intimate in a way that he’d not trust just anyone with. He hums contentedly as spit drips down into his beard, feeling Stede jolt from the vibrations.


He recognises the tone, the slightly dreamy quality that assures him it’s not something he needs to respond to, so he points his tongue and starts to tease, nose nudging the weight of Stede’s balls. Slowly, Stede starts to open, relaxing a little into the odd feeling, and Ed surges forward in response, chasing more.

Finally, Stede’s knuckles brush his forehead, moving slick against the sweat gathered there and he hears Stede gasp, arching within his hold.

Ah, it’s always nice to be listened to.

He curls his tongue, toying at the rim, tugging in places and feeling what that does to Stede’s rhythm, the way he gets jerkier when Ed pushes deeper, slower when Ed laps along the slick puffiness of where he’s opening wider and wider…

“Oh, that feels…” Stede murmurs, hips bucking a sharp motion that Ed easily navigates. “Oh…”

“Y’r doing good.” Ed mutters in response, damp lips brushing over Stede’s arsecheek. “Real good.”

“T-thank you.” Stede gasps, and dammit if that isn’t the most charming fucking thing.

Ed moves to slip his tongue deep and shifts until he can slide a finger in beside it, spreading Stede just a little wider - though this isn’t about that, not really. Not now. He keeps working, even as Stede’s knuckles catch repeatedly on his brow with their haste, even as Stede threatens to shudder right out of his hold and off the edge of the bench.

“Oh, Ed, yes I think I’m—!”

He feels come hit his forehead and snorts softly, keeping his tongue and finger moving in slow motions to tease out the sensation of Stede’s orgasm as long as he can, only shifting back when Stede groans and sags, limp and lovely.

Ed wipes his chin first, then drags his fingers over his forehead. With a shrug he pulls them to his mouth and sucks them clean as Stede squints at him, goosebumps spreading like a blanket over all that pale skin.

“Can… can I do anything for you?” Stede asks, even as Ed’s sat there, fingers shoved in his own mouth.

“Nah.” He smirks. “Nah, wasn’t about me. How was it?”

Stede smiles, and it feels like the sun is shining on him. “Good. Better than good.”

“Nice.” Ed grins, sliding his hand up Stede’s thigh, pressing his thumb to the budding bruise there until Stede chuckles and tries to twist away. “Yeah. That’s real good.”

“Come here?”

He looks at Stede, arms held out in an invitation that is almost impossible to deny… and then sighs, shakes his head and starts to try - and fail - to get to his feet. “Nah. Seized the fuck up.” He winces, falling onto his arse and stretching his legs out in front of him, his lower back twinging something fierce. “Shit, that bench is a terrible height.”

“Oh! Oh, of course, come on, let’s get you on the bed.”

Stede hovers beside him, naked but for those fucking socks, which are a trip hazard if ever Ed saw one. But Stede’s still strong enough to haul him up, and he allows himself the pleasure of groping the other man’s arse as they stumble over to the bed, a pair of faintly sore, scarred men, old enough to know better.

“Alright?” Stede asks, hesitating beside the bed once Ed’s settled.

“... No.”

Ed reaches for Stede’s wrist and tugs until the man’s sprawled against his chest, laughing quietly into his sternum at the way Ed wraps all of his limbs immediately around Stede’s body.

Stede leans back, peering at him with a fondness that he’s not sure he’s earned yet, not really. “Now I see why they call you the Kraken.”

“Actually, it’s because of my massive—.”

Stede kisses him then, and honestly, that’s probably for the best.