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Little Magical Girl Month

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In the cutely decorated room there were two fairies, bored out of their mind. The room had no windows, just a door that was locked from the outside. One of the fairies was a mostly pink bunny unicorn. It was clear she was more bunny than unicorn, besides her light pink unicorn horn she had an extremely curly mane. Her bunny ear tips and front paws had a purple tint. The other fairy was mostly a light blue puppy dinosaur, her long fluffy hair like ears and front paws had a purple tint just like the bunny. She had darker blue dinosaur spikes. Both fairies had little peachy orange angel wings, yellow colored eyes, and crowns resting on their heads.

They had everything they needed to survive in the room, there was no need to leave the room. It wasn’t like they could anyway. Their room had been locked to protect themselves from the outside world.

However, the issue of being locked in a room even with your best friend and twin sister was extremely boring. The two fairies were bored out of their mind!

Sure they could draw or write, and they loved doing so. There were many things they could do in the room. But, they had done everything a billion times before.

Both girls enjoyed watching the other universes through their magic mirror. There were so many universes where fairies like them or similar creatures ended up meeting humans and giving them powers. Their own world had once enlisted the help of magical girls. The twins were given a transformation camera, the copy pouch, the storage pouch, and a magic tablet that the magical girls had once used. And the twins were less given these two very important items, and more like they had stolen them shortly before they got locked away for their own safety. But, sadly the magical tablet was locked and the transformation camera didn’t do anything when they tried using it. So it just stayed in the girls’ room, and was often a topic of discussion between the sisters.

It was easy to lose track of time when you’re stuck in a room with no windows. The twins were young for fairies, but also rather stunted due to their sheltered life. The dinopup fairy was the more mature of the two fairies, but struggled with her own issues that made it hard for her to fully care for herself. While the unibunny fairy was more childish, but more responsible in some areas. All in all the twins balanced each other and cared extremely deeply for one another.

Even before the two were locked up in the same room together, they had always done everything together. Neither twin ever wanted to be away from her sister.

One of the girls favorite things to do was transform into humanoid forms and pretend to be like the magical girls they saw through the magic mirror. While the unibunny sometimes needed diapers in her human form when she was feeling on the littler side, the dinopup never needed diapers but would wear them if her sister was feeling extra sensitive about it.

“Faelaaaaa ‘m boooooored” The unicorn bunny fairy whined transforming into her humanoid form stretching out on the large bed. She wore a cute pink nightgown with purple accents; it didn't hide all of the star patterned diaper she was wearing however. She must have been feeling on the littler side.

The other fairy transformed into her humanoid form; it was clear her pajama top and shorts were in the same style as her sister. Sitting on her knees, she gently petted her sister to comfort her. “I know Reila, wanna try to take a nap?” Faela spoke gently to her sister, understanding her frustration.

Reila huffed “Nooooh ‘m not tired ‘m bored! Faeeee” She whined suddenly hopping out of the bed.

“Well what can I do about it, Rei? Do you wanna play magical girls?” The dinopup girl huffed trying her best to be the mature one, but it wasn’t like she was any less frustrated and bored.

The pink mostly bunny girl picked up the transforming camera. “I don’t wanna play magical girls, I wanna beee one. But this stupid thing doesn’t work” Reila tried to take a photo, but it didn’t do anything. Like very many times before.

Faela went to grab the camera from her sister, but ended up knocking it out of her hands instead. It hit the floor with a thud and there was a bright light.

Suddenly they were in new outfits, their own magical girl outfits! The camera finally worked. They stared at each other but before they could fully even react there was a sound of twinkling alarm. The magic tablet had turned on!

“Would you like to enter the Mew Mew universe?” The tablet asked, floating in between the girls.

Both now magical girls looked at each other, their excitement suddenly growing even more. “Heck yea!”

A cute pen appeared out of nowhere “Design your Mew Mew form” It prompted them.

The twins took turns drawing their ideal form, taking the pen from each other when they had an idea. Fae teasingly drew her sister’s mew form to have a diaper, so in return Rei did the same.

When they were done they hit the enter button on the tablet. They found themselves being pulled into the tablet!

When the two girls could see again their outfits had changed, it was like what they had drawn but some of it mixed up with the other’s design!

“Where did you come from?” Turning around it was Mew Strawberry!