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Little Magical Girl Month

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Yaya loved Pepe, and she didn't regret her guardian character at all! She knew other students talked about her behind her back. They believed things like she didn't deserve to be a Guardian, because she was too immature. But, why would she want to act mature? When Mama got pregnant with Tsubasa, Mama and Papa tried to talk to her about how she'd be a big sister and how she will have new responsibilities. It wasn't like Yaya wanted a sibling. She liked being her parents' only child! She liked all the attention being on her!

Ever since Tsubasa was born her parents had been so busy with the new baby they often didn't have time for her. They would say things like she was a big girl now so she should spend more time with her friends, study, practice ballet, or help Mama with the baby.

It wasn't just all her family, not just Mama and Papa, but all of them; they all wanted to see the new baby. People kept bringing gifts for Tsubasa. Lots of cute things that she was now "too big" for! Her grandma had even taken one of her many cute stuffed animals to Tsubasa when he started to fuss. Even though he had a lot of toys himself! So he didn't even NEED one of hers! And everyone brought him more and more cute toys, never bringing Yaya anything because she was a big girl.

Mama wanted a daughter like Amu, one that would be a good big sister. One that would be mature and cool. Amu was only 11 and everyone liked her. It wasn't that she was popular, but people liked her! Yaya might have been childish but she saw how Tadase and Kairi looked at Amu. She saw how Amu got so flustered around boys, but also liked them! Boys were gross! It wasn't like she didn't like boys, she was friends with lots of boys, like Kukai and Tadase. But, the thought of kissing boys and stuff made her feel gross!

For some reason it seemed like everyone in her grade and the grade above her was obsessed with the other gender and having crushes. They all seem to care so much about that kind of stuff. Even the ballerinas.

No one really played dress up anymore or played with dolls. When Mama met Amu she had thought she could be a good influence on her. Her parents had even talked to Amu’s and they had dinner together. The dinner wasn’t bad, but Mama and Papa asked how Amu’s parents made their daughters have such a close relationship and praised them for their amazing daughters.

Honestly the whole dinner had upset Yaya a lot more than she wanted to confess. She didn’t know how Amu could handle having a little sister, like Ami. She was everything Yaya wanted to be, cute, small, precious. She wished that Amu was her big sister. Ami was lucky that she had Amu-Chi as a big sister.

If she had a big sister like Amu-Chi Yaya was sure that no one would ever whisper behind her back.

Mama had taken Tsubasa to the doctor for his check ups, and Papa was still at work. So Yaya was home alone. It wasn’t uncommon for her to be left home alone anymore. Before Tsubasa her Mama was always home. But, after he was born Mama was so busy, when she was home she was taking care of the baby. When she wasn’t she was taking the baby out for things, like to the baby and me classes they went to every Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours after she got home from school.

She wasn’t a thief, but she had to share her toys and things with Tsubasa because she was his big sister. She didn’t see what was so wrong with her taking a couple of the diapers from his room, or maybe a pacifier. It wasn’t like he didn’t have a million pacifiers anyway, and Mama never noticed a couple diapers missing.

Since her brother was born it was her job to keep her room clean, because her Mama was now too busy to clean it up for her. So that meant she could hide a baby bottle here and a teething toy there. And the best part was as Tsubasa was getting older, new baby things were being brought into the house and some of the old ones were being boxed up to be put in the attic. Which meant she could save them!

While her friends knew about her wish to be a baby and could see Pepe. Her parents couldn’t see her guardian character. They didn’t understand her desire to be a baby. Most of the time Yaya wondered if anyone really understood. It wasn’t just about the attention babies got, sure it was nice, but it was everything. No one told babies that they were big girls now and shouldn’t need a nightlight. Or that babies were big girls so they didn’t need section plates even if food touching each other is still super icky! No one made bath time boring for babies because they were too old for bath toys. No one told babies that they needed to study harder because their grades weren’t great. It didn’t matter if babies were dumb or only wanted to play. Babies didn’t need to worry about getting the main role in ballet and risk messing up!

Mai-Tei had even pointed out that she had messed 7 steps and fell twice! Mama and Papa praised her for getting the lead, and didn’t comment on her mess ups. But, the other ballerinas all commented about how Mai-Tei should have gotten to be the lead. As if Yaya had wanted Mai-Tei to get hurt, but she hadn’t! She just wanted to be a background flower fairy!

Now that Tsubasa was getting bigger, so were his diapers. Yaya had always been small her age. Before he came around. Mama and Papa would always say things like “Yaya is our little fairy” and “Yaya is our precious baby” when people called her small. Now they just said things like “Yaya will hit her growth squirt soon” But, Yaya didn’t want to get taller! She liked being small and cute! She would always say “I hope not” after their comments about her getting taller soon.

If she got bigger she wouldn’t be able to fit into Tsubasa’s diapers or her old clothes. Mama and Papa had been trying to get her to wear clothes more like her peers. More like things like Amu or Nadeshiko would wear. Of course if she whined and pleaded they still let her wear what she wanted to, but they always were encouraging her to wear things like other girls her age.

She didn’t care about girls her age! She wanted to stay small and cute and lovable! A real diaper felt different from the diaper she got when she transformed into Dear Baby. It wasn’t as thick, probably because it was for a baby. But, it was still nice! Pepe of course wanted her to wear her bunny kigurumi, but she had decided to wear her duck one today. But, she didn’t want to wear just her duck kigurumi. She found her pink Tutu and also put it on too. She looked extra cute now!

If Mama or Papa came home, they wouldn’t even be able to tell she had taken one of the diapers. Last time Mama found her wearing one of Tsubasa’s diapers, her mama spent hours scolding her and going on about how she was too big for diapers. Which wasn’t even true, because Yaya had to wear nighttime diapers due to bed wetting. It wasn’t that she wet the bed on purpose. School was stressful, and ballet was stressful, and trying to stop x-eggs were stressful, and being a big sister was stressful. Luckily the doctor told her Mama and Papa it was likely the stress of school on top of being a big sister. They had thought maybe it would be better if she stopped being a guardian, but stopped when she cried that if she stopped being a guardian she would be all alone again.

Being a guardian was the only thing that saved her at school. She hadn’t had any friends, and no one really liked her. No one really liked her much still, but she had the other guardians and now that she was a guardian the teasing was always behind her back instead of to her face.

Of course Mama and Papa right away promised she could keep being a guardian after seeing her cry. Tsubasa might have been the baby of the family right now. But, she was the baby first and she knew how to get her way… most of the time at least.

She pulled out the orange pacifier she had collected. It was a little small for her mouth and hurt if she sucked on it for long periods of time. But, it was still nice! She had a white one too, which was perfect for her bunny outfit. But, the orange one made her think of a duck beak. She pulled out her crayons and one of her coloring books before going under her bed. Despite it being under her bed, she could just turn the lights up and the fairy lights would make it all nice and bright to let her play without being scared.

While lots of kids were scared of monsters under their bed Yaya never had been. She had always loved playing under her bed, but was still afraid of the dark. So long before Tsubasa was born Papa had added the fairy lights for her. She put her headphones on and listened to a music playlist that Mama had made to play on road trips to keep Tsubasa from crying.

Of course Pepe helped color in the picture with her, and in her arms was her most favoritest plushie, just… don’t tell the others, it was a pink bunny plushie in a yellow ballerina outfit. She smelled like candy, which was why her name was Candy.

So busy coloring, Yaya hadn’t noticed the new text, or the door opening. There was a knock on her door. The young girl had only noticed when her door creaked open, it always creaked. Quickly she took her pacifier out why Pepe had flown out before coming back, babbling. Unlike most people she understood her guardian character perfectly. It was just Amu.

“Amu-Chi what are you doing here?” Yaya asked confusedly, tilting her head as she peeked her head out from under the bed.

The slightly older girl awkwardly looked at the ground. “Your parent’s asked Amu’s if you could stay at her house or if she could sleepover at your house” Rin explained

“Why?” Was all Yaya could figure out to ask. Mama and Papa didn’t like her staying home alone. The last time they let her stay home alone she had set a small fire trying to bake brownies. Though they did trust her now to babysit Tsubasa for short amounts of time, since Mama taught her how to make his bottles. And now he was bigger so he ate real food too and she could feed him his snacks and lunch easily.

Amu shrugged, but all the guardians at this point understood her “cool” persona was because the pink-haired girl struggled heavily with social anxiety and general awkwardness. “They didn’t want you to be alone, but according to them something came up and they had to take your baby brother to your grandparents house” Suu explained for her human.

That made sense. Her mother’s parents didn’t like Yaya much. It had been her mama’s mom who had taken her stuffed toy and given it to Tsubasa. And had taken lots of other things that she was too old for and not “too girly” for their grandson. She was pretty sure that they hadn’t wanted a granddaughter much. Ever since Tsubasa was born they were way happier.

“So what were you doing?” Amu asked. Amu had never been mean to her about her wish to be a baby. And she knew Pepe, and had even seen her as Dear Baby. So being truthful to Amu wouldn’t be super bad would it?

It wasn’t like Amu didn’t know that she was the ultimate baby. Crawling back under her bed she grabbed her coloring book and pacifier. She put it back in her mouth, she almost forgot Candy but remembered her right before leaving under her bed once more. “Colowing” Yaya said softly showing the older girl the two thirds nicely colored picture. Pepe wasn’t that good at coloring, but Yaya liked carefully scribbling the colors in to blend them and make it look all nice. Even though she didn’t really show anyone anymore.

Yaya hadn’t expected Amu to pet her head “That looks amazing.” Before she could say anything else the smaller girl’s stomach growled.

“Have you eaten anything recently?” Su asked with a small frown.

She had to think about it, when was the last time Yaya had eaten? It must have been at the guardian meeting. Which had been hours ago and just a couple cookies. She had missed lunch since the other guardians were busy so they didn’t eat lunch together. But, she didn’t want Amu knowing that she never ate lunch without them. That would make them feel bad. She didn’t want to guilt her friends.

“Lets go whip up a snack, okay?” Amu said gently taking Yaya’s wrist, her X hair clip had changed into a clover. Had she caused a character change?

After being led to the kitchen Amu had told her to sit down. Which of course the younger girl listened to. She watched as Su and Amu worked. Rin and Miki were with her and Pepe at the table. While Rin was focused on Pepe, the blue chara turned her attention to Yaya.

Miki had brought the coloring book with her, even though Yaya had dropped it when her wrist had been grabbed. “The coloring here is really good. The way you mixed the crayon together is very talented.” The blue chara explained, which only made the human blush.

“Fank yoo” Yaya whispered through her pacifier. Miki was a professional artist, if she thought her coloring was good it had to actually be good. Even though Yaya always kind of felt like she was behind her peers at everything she did. It was nice to be told she was good at something.

Amu put a plate of food in front of her. Not just any plate but one of the ones from her room. Her pink section plate. As well as her pink sippy cup. Both things she had found in the attic that had been put up there while Mama was pregnant because she was a big girl now and didn’t need those things. “How Amu-Chi find these”

That caused Su to laugh a little. “I brought them, I thought since you’re little right now you’d prefer the dishes in your room!” The green chara explained.

With a blush and a whispered “Fank yoo” the younger human focused on the food. Amu had found the chicken nuggets, which had been the snack she was supposed to eat when she got home, but forgot. There was also green grapes and some baby carrots; the two smallest sections had ranch and ketchup in it.

She took a small sip of the sippy cup and was delighted that it was strawberry milk, one of her favorites! Yaya hadn’t even noticed Amu taking Candy and setting her away from the table. Yaya hadn’t even noticed her own character change causing the large bib to appear on her.

Yaya happily ate while sharing some with Pepe when her little chara wanted a bite. She loved sharing food, she even shared some with Amu! Who would awkwardly accept whatever the younger girl offered.

"You gotta eat some of your carrots and not just give me all them. Sharing is nice but you need to eat some of the carrots too" Amu warned, noticing how many carrots compared to other things had been fed to her.

She picked up a carrot and stared at it before sticking out her tongue. She liked ranch but she didn't like veggies much. "Bunnies love carrots" The older girl mentioned.

"Buh Yaya ducky right now nah ah bunny" Yaya argued lightheartedly. Out of allllll the veggies baby carrots were ones she didn't mind.

That caused Amu to laugh, she had a pretty laugh. "Even duckies like carrots"

Yaya made a shocked face "Okays" She took a carrot and dipped it in the ranch, but instead of giving it to her friend, she ate it.

Which caused Amu to playfully clap her hands and say "Good job Yaya! Only 4 more carrots left!"

The younger girl hadn’t realized how much she had missed eating with Mama and Papa. Sure they still ate dinner together most of the time. But it wasn’t the same anymore. Mama would be too busy feeding the baby and they told her she was too big to share her food now. That it wasn’t appropriate.

Why had things changed so much just because Mama got pregnant? Why did she suddenly become too big for lots of things after Mama and Papa decided to have another baby. She never was too old for things until they got themselves another baby. Yaya hadn’t even noticed the tears start to form.

Normally Yaya was a loud crier. She had always been a loud crier, it got her more attention. But, lately crying has felt different. She didn’t want to be loud when she cried lately. She just wanted to curl up and mutely sob. Maybe it was because her parents had stopped cooing over her when she would have her crying fits and tell her she was a big girl now and could use her words. But, these tears didn’t have words. She didn’t want to talk about her feelings like a big girl. All she really wanted was to be hugged and told everything was okay.

Somehow it was like Amu knew exactly that too. Because she didn’t try to force Yaya to sit up and look at her. She let Yaya keep her face hiding in her knees as she hugged herself. She didn’t try to force Yaya to talk about why she was crying instead she moved her chair so close to her the two chairs were touching and she wrapped one arm around her, while the other gently pet her head.

“It’s okay.” Amu gently reassured her. With a sniffle, Yaya uncurled a little and let herself lean on her friend. Her head rested gently on the pink-haired girl’s lap now. She didn’t have a pacifier so she chewed on her fingers. A bad habit that Mama and Papa both didn’t like. But, when she was sad or nervous she couldn’t help but chew on her fingers if she didn’t have a pacifier to suck on. It didn’t last long though, because Amu had taken her hand slowly out of her mouth and replaced it with the orange pacifier, without a word.

She wasn’t sure how long she stayed in Amu’s lap, mutely crying while the older girl just petted her head and reassured her. But after all the tears were gone. At some point one, maybe all of Amu's charas had brought over Candy to her which she had quickly taken into a hug.

“Would you like to finish your food?” Amu asked after Yaya had stopped crying for a little while.

Yaya gave a small head shake “Nah hungry” She mumbled behind her pacifier

Her own chara seemed worned out like her. Yaya wondered if charas felt the same emotions as their humans.

This thought didn’t last too long because suddenly Yaya was being carried! She gasped and her legs clung tightly to Amu as did her arms. She was scared of being dropped! No one but her Mama and Papa had ever carried her and Amu was only a year older than her! “You’re a lot lighter than I thought you’d be. ” The older girl commented.

It really seemed like Amu had no issue carrying her into the living room. Honestly it was amazing! Amu must have been really strong. Though she did notice her x hair clip now a heart. Maybe character changes with Rin made the other girl stronger? She wasn’t sure, character changes with Pepe made her more sensitive to everything. She noticed the bib was gone. Out of all her friends and their charas she wondered if they struggled to tell if they were character changed or not.

Amu put on a cute cartoon that her sister probably liked. Amu was a good big sister. She wished she had a big sister like Amu “Onee-chi staying over?” Yaya asked, before realizing what she had called her friend. Her face became bright red.

The older girl just gave her a sweet smile. “Yes I’ll be sleeping over. We will be sharing a bed. Um… your mom already warned my mom about your issues” Amu confessed, her face now red.

This made Yaya blush harder. Amu knew she wanted to be a baby, she knew her character transformation was a baby and had a giant diaper. But, the fact that she knew she was a bedwetter. What if Amu thought she was gross now?

“It’s fine, I could feel it anyway when I picked you up.” Amu comforted her. Yaya's face got even redder if that was even possible. She hadn’t thought Amu would be able to feel the diaper when she was picked up! But, luckily the pink-haired girl had confused it for her bedtime protection. Which was actually thicker but Mama and Papa would know she was wearing them besides for bed if she wore them before bed.

Amu pulled her into a hug. “It’s okay Yaya, it’s not like I don’t know your would be self. I don’t mind taking care of you every now and then if you need Onee-chi’s help” The small blush on Amu’s face made Yaya feel a little better.

Not only did Amu accept her but was okay with taking care of her! “Yes pweeze Onee-chi!” She squealed, hugging the older girl tightly.

The pink-haired girl smiled “Next time maybe we could even invite Rima”

“Only need one Onee-chi to take care of Yaya” the younger girl whispered

“Not to take care of Yaya, but as a playmate. Of course Yaya is baby, but Rima is pretty little herself. She gets a little lonely though. I’m sure she’d like a little sister to play with.”

Maybe… Rima was more like Yaya than Yaya knew? Had Amu taken care of Rima before? Thinking about it, the younger girl wouldn’t mind having a, only little bit bigger sister… she wouldn’t mind sharing Amu if she was the baby…