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Pizzapoon Family Reunion

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It had been years since the Pizza Tigers and their half-brother Pizza Man had taken part in a thirty-six-person orgy that also involved their parents and ended up having children from that orgy. All of the resulting children had grown up and gone on to live out their lives as productive members of society. While the Pizza siblings were sad about having to say goodbye to their children (as well as their human-tiger hybrid siblings) once they left the nest, they nevertheless accepted that it was an inevitability that came with life itself.

The year was 20XX, and the Pizza Tigers and Pizza Man were longing for the good old days when they would go dimension hopping just to find sexual partners to gratify them for about two hours at most (since anything exceeding two hours would've been painful and tedious). The Pizza Tigers were especially wistful of the time they'd had sex with the Progressive Box and destroyed his marriage to Aunt Grandma in the process. (Not that that was necessarily a bad thing, however, since the Progressive Box would go on to be happily married to Flo the Progressive Lady.) Still, they'd resigned themselves to accepting that getting older meant sacrificing parts of what made them happy, and one of the things that made them happy was freely having sex with whoever (or whatever) they wanted so long as they could consent.

So perhaps, it didn't come as much of a shock then when Kyrie decided to put together a family reunion in the hopes that everyone would be back together under one roof. Kyrie also made sure to add that the family members could bring anyone they wanted along. After sending out the invites to the family reunion, all she could do now was wait.

A week later, it was time for the family reunion to begin.

"Are you sure this is going to work, Kyrie?" Rory asked her sister.

"Of course, Rory," Kyrie replied. "I can just imagine it now: all of us fucking in sync and enjoying every minute of it, especially with new partners..."

Kyrie waited by the door for a few minutes. All she could think about was all the sexual shenanigans she and her siblings would get up to. In fact, just thinking about it was making her pizza tiger pussy throb with arousal and lubricate in anticipation. It was tempting to just reach down there and finger herself, but she had to resist for now. As much as she liked masturbating within the privacy of her own home, she didn't want to give in this time. She decided she would rather wait until the fucking actually commenced and then unload all of her pepperoni juices onto her sexual partners. Soon enough, she heard the doorbell ring.

"Ooh, ooh, I'll get it!" Asha yelled out as she headed straight for the front door.

"No, I'll get it!" Kyrie yelled back as she shoved Asha aside and into an adjacent wall.

Kyrie quickly opened the door and saw some familiar and unfamiliar faces staring back at her. 

There was their father Uncle Grandpa, their other father Pizza Steve, their mother Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, Princess Allura, Shiro, Mr. Gus, Lotor, Aunt Grandma, Detective Perralta, his wife Amy Santiago, Coran, Captain Holt, Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge, the four Galra soldiers, Ben and Danny Wheeler, the whole Barney Bunch (led by Drew Pickles, of course), Pizza Zelda, Mr. Shiro, Miss Celebrian (the Galra-Altean-swamp monster mix that Mr. Gus gave birth to), Uncle Cousin and Abs Bag (Lotor's twins with Aunt Grandma and Belly Bag), Uncle Pizza (Pizza Man's full brother who happened to a human-sized sentient slice of pizza), the Tiger Humans (Giant Realistic Flying Tiger's litter of human-tiger hybrids with Uncle Grandpa), Coran and Amy's quadruplets, Qirin (Coran and Captain Holt's son), Deniece and Denephew (Captain Holt and Keith's twins), Maritza and Doja (Keith and Lance's twin daughters), Bruno (Lance and Hulk's son), Israel and Quagmire and Ricky (Pidge's triplets with Hunk, Stewie, and Johnny), Kenny and Siegfried (Stewie and Johnny's sons with the first two Galra soldiers), Dorothy and Glinda (Rory and Asha's daughters with the other two Galra soldiers), Alyvera and Sarilei (those Galra soldiers' daughters with the Wheeler brothers), and the combined twenty children Ben and Danny had with the Barney Bunch. 

Then, of course, there was Joe Exotic, Limu the Emu and his partner Doug, the Geico Gecko, Nuclear Man, Sponge and Pretzel the lost Mario brothers, Wabuu the cheeky little raccoon, Bruce Lee's relative Chin, and Dr. Quease. Surprisingly enough, the Progressive Box and Flo had also shown up for this thing and they'd brought Jamie and Cr1tikal along for the ride. Lastly, there was Brendaniel... the man, the legend. He had decided to join in on what would surely be the most epic orgy of all time after hearing about Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger's sexy shenanigans many years ago. 

"Hey, Kyrie!" everyone greeted her.

Kyrie audibly gulped. Damn, this was a lot of people who'd shown up for the family reunion.

"Oh, hey, guys," Kyrie responded. "Why don't you all come in? My siblings and I have made all sorts of food and refreshments for you all. We've even got gluten-free options."

"Really?" Doug asked with intrigue. "Cool."

Everyone decided to pack into the Pizza siblings' house like a pack of sardines. Kyrie could hardly believe with how many people had crammed into this tiny little house. Maybe she should've had them go out to Olive Garden instead. After all, when you're here, you're family.

"Wow, great house you got here, guys!" Wabuu burbled. "I can't wait to have an orgy in here. Most of these orgies are so sexy. Heh heh heh heh heh..."

"You said it, Wabuu," Asha conceded it. "Kyrie's been looking forward to this for years."

"I can't say I'm surprised," Mr. Gus deadpanned. "She's probably been putting off sex for a while now, huh?"

"Oh yeah, totally," Rory chimed in. "In fact, we all have. We would've passed the time by masturbating, but we wanted to make sure you guys experienced it first."

"So are we ready to get this party started?" Uncle Pizza asked, antsy at the notion of having coitus right this second.

"Yes," Nuclear Man also chimed in. "But first, we have fun."

After everyone had had their fill of food and refreshments, they all proceeded to start fucking in what would surely be the most epic orgy of all time.

"Woo!!!" Cr1tikal screamed at the top of his lungs while Brendaniel rammed his lubricated penis all the way into his anus. "Yeaaaah, baby! That's what I've been waiting for! That's what it's all about. Woo!!!"

Meanwhile, Brendaniel was also getting it in the ass from Drew Pickles and his 300-mile-long cock. Drew himself got a good ass fuck from Barney, Barney got a good ass fuck from Shiro, Shiro got in the ass from Joe Exotic, who was getting it in the ass from the male Pizza Tigers and Tiger Humans, who themselves were getting anal from Qirin and Denephew. Meanwhile, Qirin and Denephew were getting strap-on fucks from Deniece and Bruno, Bruno had been fucked both ways by both Quagmire and Ricky, Quagmire and Ricky had received ass penetrations from Wabuu and Chin, Wabuu and Chin were getting rammed in the ass by Kenny and Siegfried, Kenny and Siegfried were getting strap-on fucks from Alyvera and Sarilei, Alyvera and Sarilei were getting fucked in their wet juicy pussies by Limu the Emu and Doug, Limu the Emu and Doug were getting an ass penetration from the combined twenty children of the Barney Bunch, the Barney Bunch's twenty children were getting radioactive Cleveland steamers from Nuclear Man, Nuclear Man was getting filled in both holes by Sponge and Pretzel, et cetera, et cetera. It was, by far, the best fucking orgy they’d all had; and they would do anything in the world to experience that euphoric feeling of getting rammed in all directions and then some.

Kyrie also learned a valuable lesson from this orgy: namely, that you didn't need to give up everything you love in order to have a rich, fulfilling life. Sure, growing up could be hard and things wouldn't always go her way, but between her and the rest of her family, she knew that life was what you made of it. It didn't matter how many partners one had during sex, what their sexualities and gender identities were, how much they did and didn't look like one another, and what kind of beliefs they had. At the end of the day, Kyrie and her siblings were all in this together.