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you should have never come back from your little space trip.


Mina figured she should have just stopped reading at that point, closed out her email, and got off the computer, but curiosity got the better of her and she continued.


honestly your concerts aren't even that good and your personality is fake as hell. you're not even that pretty. I have no idea how you thought you could be a celebrity. take my advice and do everyone a favor and just quit already. no one cares about you.


Mina felt tears brim up in her eyes after she finally finished reading the hateful piece of writing. In all her time as a global internet sensation, she had never come across “fanmail” this… hurtful.


It hurt thinking that someone really thought this low of her. That someone thought she was ugly. That someone thought her concerts were bad. That someone thought she was faking who she was. That someone thought no one cared about her.


Mina felt a stray tear fall down her cheek and she wiped it away before wiping the one after that. And the one after that. And the one after that. Now she was full-blown sobbing and sobs became the only thing that filled her room, her ears.


The sobbing was so loud that she didn’t hear the front door opening, didn’t hear a familiar voice say a soft greeting, didn’t hear their footsteps (which became hurried after getting closer to her door), didn’t even hear the door of her room open.


All she did hear was, “Mina?”


The girl in question snapped her head up, eyes with a familiar deep blue coming into her blurry vision.




The Moon boy stood a bit awkwardly at the entrance of her door, trying to decide whether it would be a good idea to ask what was wrong or leave until she calmed down.


“What’s wrong?” Touya questioned, making his way over to her..


Mina stared at him for a few good seconds, a few tears and a few sniffles still escaping her; was Touya Sagami, of all people, actually concerned about her? 


He really had changed quite a bit since their group's excursion in space.


“Hey, come back to your planet, earthling,” Touya said exasperatedly, flicking her forehead.


Never mind, he hasn’t changed at all!


(Though she didn’t miss the way his voice held just the slightest bit of worry.)


Mina rubbed at her forehead, her eyes narrowing at the boy and her mouth coming into a pout before she turned away from him and grabbed a box of tissues, quickly blowing her nose and wiping any stray tears.


“So what’s wrong?” Touya prodded.


Mina bit her lip, not knowing whether to avoid the subject or just talk about it to get it over and done with, before sighing and deciding to answer the boy’s question, “I… I got some hate mail.”


Touya stared blankly at her before he let out a sigh. 


“Oh, I thought it was gonna be something really bad.”


Mina gaped and glared at the boy.


“It is bad! Look at what they said about me! They’re worse than you!”


Mina gestured to the email and Touya sighed and came over, his head just above her shoulder as he peeked at the mail, his warm breath hitting her neck as he quietly muttered the writing to himself.


Mina felt his breath hitch as he read further through the mail, she saw him scowl out of the corner of her eye.


Mina turned her head to face Touya, her nose grazing his cheek making Mina squeak and move her head back a tad all while he continued to stare- no, glare , at the screen.


After a few minutes though, Touya’s lips were pulled into a wicked grin.


Touya turned his attention away from the computer screen and focused it on his Smart, beginning to fiddle around with it before finally making a phone with his hand and clearing his throat.


“Hi, this is… uh, Arata Takahashi,” Touya said, lowering his voice many octaves. Mina locked eyes with him, a question in her eyes as his were lit with mischief and a tad bit of anger. “I’m from management and I just wanted to inform you that… you have been fired.”


Whoever was on the other end of the call made a panicked shout.


Touya grimaced before continuing, “Your coworkers have given some complaints that you have rather… unfriendly behavior and that you are just a terrible person to be around in the workplace.”


The person on the other end made an angry shout.


“I truly am sorry but that’s how it is, ma’am.” Touya hung up the call.


“Sorry, my ass. She deserved that.”


Mina stared at Touya in confusion.


“What was that about?” Mina asked. “Arata Takahashi?”


That was about our anonymous hater here,” Touya said, pointing at Mina’s computer screen. “After a little bit of hacking, I was able to find out who exactly they were, where they worked, et cetera, and I went with it from there. Now, they’re probably rushing to their job to make some kind of complaint or something.”


Mina stared at the boy (she was doing that a lot, she noticed) with an awestruck expression before she felt tears prick at her eyes again.


“U-Uh, wait, did I do something wrong?” Touya asked, obviously concerned about the tears brimming in the girl’s eyes. 


“You, Touya Sagami, just earned yourself a Free Hug From Mina Ticket!” Mina shouted, hopping up from her chair and wrapping her arms around the boy before he had a chance to escape.


Touya stiffened up and let out a confused sound, followed by an annoyed sound before he awkwardly and hesitantly hugged her back.


A few seconds passed before Mina murmured into his shoulder, “You’re a terrible hugger.”


Touya immediately brought his hands back.


“I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Sort of…”


Mina dug her head deeper into Touya’s shoulder. Whoever that hater was, they were wrong. Touya helped her realize that.


I do have people that care about me.


Mina finally let go after a good minute or two but before she pulled away fully, she gathered up her courage and leaned over, planting a kiss on his cheek and making the boy from space blush a bright pink tint.


God, that is cute…


“Do not ever do that again, earthling,” Touya warned, though it didn’t deter Mina at all.


Mina was definitely going to do it again.