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Beastars of the City

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"How cute."

Angela looks up, craning her neck. The body of the leopard is huge up close, amplified by the way she leans over her. She could be almost twice Angela's height.

"You're small for a fox, and your ears are long... But you don't look like a fennec or a grey. Your patterning is different." The deep tone of her voice reverberates in her throat. The distinctive purr of a great carnivore, an apex big cat. As she speaks, Angela's eyes are drawn to the flash of her white fangs, stark against her sleek black fur—Interrupted only by a golden streak slicing through the fur on the side of her head.

It sends mixed messages through Angela's mind. She's frozen in place, her hand over a drink she can't taste but finished half of anyway. It burned, but she's tried stronger. When it's all sand on her tongue, she might as well drink ethanol if she ever wanted to get drunk on purpose. The discomfort and pain of a hangover registers, though, so that day won't come anytime soon.

"Won't you indulge my curiosity?" The leopard asks. She's definitely already guessed Angela is a hybrid, though she'd always thought it was hard to tell. A red fox and a grey rabbit makes for a very close imitation of a grey fox. With gloves on, it's nearly identical. The leopard holds out her hand in invitation. Her nails look well-kept, even retracted as they are.

"For what?" Angela asks. As beautiful as this feline is in her black suit, Angela's not going to just agree to becoming a victim of predation.

"I want to see where your coat changes color. A night, if you will."

So it's sex. It's difficult between species this different in size, but Angela's herbivore blood makes it risky for other reasons. It's normally well masked by the other half in everyday life, but...

Hm. The fact she's considering it is absurd as it is. Is Angela really so bored as to sleep with a stranger? She doesn't recognize this person at all. Yes, this corporate party is terrible, but she's here as part of her company's representatives. It's not some trashy hookup club. But, then again, does she really care so much? She's hidden from the press because of her... birth circumstances, so she isn't recognizable as a higher-up. And, honestly—A little risk, a little absurdity might be needed in this bland, repetitive cycle.

Angela puts her hand onto the panther's. Her fingers reach to half the length of hers, utterly dwarfed. "Anything to get out of this, ah..."

"Call me Binah." The panther closes her hand.

"Angela. Do you make these kinds of offers often, Binah?" She stands up.

"I don't." Binah smiles. "It's rare for me to take an interest in anything, much less anyone from one of these asinine gatherings."

"We're of the same opinion then." Angela follows her out of the room, along secluded walls.

Binah leads her to a room up a few flights of stairs. The building is a fancy hotel, a typical place to host a high-class party. She must have been staying here.

The room is luxurious in decoration with marble pillars and dark wood paneling, about the size of a suite that reasonably suits one person. The smaller space of the room is more comforting, like a warren. The lights are very dim, but she can still see well enough. A pure herbivore would have been lost.

Binah raps on the wall with a knuckle, then locks the door behind her. "Soundproof," she says. "Be as loud as you like."

"If I get eaten no one will hear, is it?" Angela replies.

Binah laughs. Her teeth glisten in the low light. "I guess so! Lucky for you, I'm not hungry for any meat tonight." She walks to the bed, with a few long strides. Her frame is slim, strong, typical of a feline. She could definitely outrun Angela and pick her up like she weighed nothing. 

Angela shuts her eyes. 

"Would you like to get started, Angela?"

She opens them again. It takes Angela what feels like twice as many steps to get to her. "Sure," she answers simply. She climbs onto the bed, sitting in the middle. No point in more small talk.

The weight visibly shifts when Binah gets on. Black leopards are rather large animals, which she is reminded of every second. The sheen of her fur moves like swirling ink. If it wasn't for her piercing eyes, she'd blend into the darkness far too well.

She leans over her, pinning Angela to the bed. There's so much space between her long limbs that Angela could quite easily slip out if she wanted. How kind.

Angela kisses her before she can overthink it. She finds Binah's tongue is like sandpaper, textured in an utterly strange way. It's wide, filling her mouth with heat. Angela's own teeth are sharp too, but the shredding points of Binah's are a different class.

She feels large hands against the curves of her body, removing her tie and opening her vest. They feel careful, deliberate to keep her clothes in one piece. How considerate. Binah's gentle fingers feel nice, almost like a massage.

She pulls away to help Angela remove her shirt and slacks, leaving her in just her underwear. She loosens her own suit, exposing a strong neck and lean muscles. It's incredibly attractive. 

"What nice patterning," Binah murmurs. The white fades into slate grey, which fades into a dyed blue tint around her head and back. She traces from Angela's face down her sides, following the edge of her white belly to her inner thigh. It makes her shudder a little. "Your tail..."

It's difficult to tell without seeing the underside like this because of the length, but her tail structurally resembles a rabbit's more than a fox's. It took years to unlearn the habit of lifting it straight upwards. Wordlessly Binah digs her thumb into the base, where it meets the rest of her spine. Angela squeaks, knees lifting on instinct. She feels blood rush to her face. Binah's grin looks amused, like she's playing with a new toy. She presses her fingers deep against the spot, moving in tight circles that make her abdomen burn. Angela's body twitches and the tip of her tail lashes, breathing hard between little "Mmn!" sounds when her hand brushes against a pressure point. 

"You're very receptive already, and we've hardly started."

As Angela thinks of any kind of graceful response, the pressure on her tail relents. Instead, she feels her bra get unclipped and lifted over her head, then tossed to the side. Angela's received no shortage of pointed comments about her large chest size, so it's new that Binah's paws can engulf her chest so readily. She squeezes and then pinches sensitive areas between her thumb and forefinger, making Angela's back arch and tremble. She grabs the fabric of Binah's suit with sweaty palms. 

She runs her tongue across Angela's neck, slowly. Her breath makes her heart pound against her ribs. Not all of it is fear, but some of it is: The reaction ingrained in a prey animal, telling her she's in danger with those incisors so close. It nags at her mind, but doesn't really compel her to do anything in particular. 

Binah's fingers are so long. On impulse she takes Binah's free hand into her mouth, fitting two digits in. She runs her tongue around and between them, sucking. It doesn't magically taste like anything, but the way Binah's expression shifts and her sharp eyes follow her movements sends a good shiver through her spine. 

Angela takes the initiative and grabs hold of her suit jacket, unbuttoning it and then the shirt underneath, exposing thick ink-black fur. She runs her hands through it. It's warm, softest over her defined abs. The powerful vibrations of Binah's purr runs through their bodies. Her chest is small proportionally, but still larger than what Angela can fit in her hands. She opens her mouth, lets go of her hand with a slick sound, and puts her face into the middle, feeling the contractions of Binah's throat rattle through her head. She smells like a professional cologne.

"Enjoying yourself...?" Binah asks. She sounds entertained with Angela's curious stroking and fondling. Her hand slides underneath Angela, squeezing her ass. Besides talking, Binah hasn't made a sound even with Angela face-deep into her tits. 

"Mn." Truthfully, Angela's known for a long time about her own preferences. Taller women, usually carnivores, drew her eye. Though they were all animals close to her size overall, like other foxes, before now. And they never got this far.

That hand slides lower. Angela jumps a little, feeling her touch through her underwear. "Almost ready," Binah says. She feels a shiver run through her as her fingers brush in long strokes. Was... was she so wet already? Her face is hot. 

Suddenly she feels teeth, and grips Binah's shoulders tightly. This is dangerous. So dangerous. She shouldn't let this happen. 

Her body's betraying her. She won't move. She feels, unbelievably, extremely turned on. 

Her fangs don't sink in. They brush through her fur, and then she kisses between her shoulder and neck. Angela's breath is shaking violently. The pit of her stomach is burning. She's—She's soaked. She's never felt like this before. 

Binah takes her last piece of underwear off. Her confusion leaves her.

She slides a finger in.

"Ah!" Angela cries sharply, her head reeling as sheer pleasure shoots through her body. "B-Big," she breathes. You'd be hard-pressed to find a rabbit or a fox with any asset this big. Just one already fills her, fitting inside just barely. Two might be out of the question.

Her finger gently pushes deeper, exploring. "You can take it though, can't you?" Binah's teasing voice is between a challenge and a command. "It's just one. I think you could take more."

"A-Ah... I'll try..." She hasn't tried before, but it sounds good. Binah curls inside and touches a second fingertip to the outside, idly tracing. She feels it stretches her open a little. 

Binah pulls out, then slowly pushes her two fingers in together. Angela's body freezes, her blunt nails digging into her back, trembling and spreading her legs. It's tight—really tight. Moisture beads at the corners of her eyes, screwed shut. But it feels good. Her mouth falls open, breathing long, shuddering, and deep. When she feels her fingers bump against something and stop, she tentatively opens her eyes.

Binah's expression looks positively terrifying, in a way that burns her from the inside. Her smile is wide but thin, just enough to show her fangs. Her dark, half-lidded eyes are cast in shadow, watching her shake with pleasure below her with rapt interest.

"Does it hurt?"

"N...No." It's the truth. It surprises her, too. She didn't think her body had the capacity to take something like this so well. She can see her fingers are up to the knuckles. They move inside, stretching and massaging. Angela whimpers. If she was any stronger there would be scratch marks over Binah's back by now.

"I knew you could do it. I'll start moving." The calm in her voice is soothing and at the same time confusing. Angela is barely holding on to reason—and with the first slow thrust, quickly losing control of her voice and volume. If Binah's not careful, she could easily injure her with her claws or strength. That attitude is good for her continued survival, but she doesn't show any signs of exertion. Only minimal arousal, in the form of a tail twitch and dilated pupils. The movement of her fingers grows faster at a steady rate, egged on by sharp whines.

Being rammed with something so huge—She'd never used anything even close to this big. Angela's vision goes white with every flex of her hand. Her body is going to remember this. The pressure building in her threatens to spill over. 

"Your hips," Binah breathes, air hot against her neck. She feels like her blood is on fire. Angela doesn't pay enough attention to hear the rest. Her lower body thrusts roughly, unevenly, trying to push her in deeper, harder, into the spot that makes her voice peak. Saliva leaks from her mouth as she pants. 

"Binah," she starts, forcing her eyelids shut. Binah's thumb digs into her clit. 

It's all it takes. With a stifled scream, Angela comes violently, ecstasy washing through every inch of her trembling, stiff body. Her head thrashes and shakes, thoughts pushed out of her mind. A spurt of clear fluid splatters around her hand. She keeps Binah's back in a vice grip, back arching to press them together and keep her as deep as she can go. 

When she finally collapses to the sheets, her legs shake and she feels almost lightheaded. She'd never come so hard and so long, and it takes time for her higher faculties to return. Binah's fingers slip out with a slick sound.

Binah holds her hand to her mouth, licking it in long, thorough strokes, as if she was carelessly grooming herself. Angela can see the movement of her throat intimately as she swallows. 

"A little more?" Binah asks. She leans back, then positions her face right above Angela's hips, her hand pushing her legs apart. 

"Yeah," Angela whispers. "I can do a little more."

Binah's other hand slides under her own waistband, finally taking her pants and underwear off. She's soaked, practically dripping. Even if she wasn't showing it, she's clearly been enjoying herself immensely.

Unceremoniously she slides into herself, with a grunt. Her tongue laps around Angela's sensitive entrance, cleaning it diligently. Her teeth bump against her. Does she taste good? Her head still feels slow from the afterglow. The rough, wet surface of her tongue feels good. 

When she's done licking off her inner thighs, Binah raises her head, exhaling heavily through her nose. Her ears are so soft. They're cute. Angela nibbles at the edge, getting a low growl for it. 

Binah comes with little fanfare, quietly with one deep shuddering breath, tilting her head back. When it's over she leans heavily on her elbows, courteously not crushing Angela under her. 

Angela puts her hands on the sides of Binah's face, brushing it with her thumbs. 

She's... really a beautiful animal.


"Have you ever had meat?"

"Of course." Binah answers readily. "I've tried all kinds. High class, even."

"I figured."

"Not going to ask for more details? Such as whether I've had a fox or rabbit?"

"Have you?"

"Yes. Impala is better. Still, I don't consider myself very interested in it. It's a once or twice a year affair at the company. My co-workers love it, though." She stretches out her body, easily taking up the entire sofa and more in Angela's apartment. It feels a little cramped with the door frames so low. "Maybe I'm the strange one."

"You think so? When you're dating someone like me?" She raises her eyebrows. It's a joke, but Binah has the self-awareness to know her personality is bizarre already. "I've had some too. In secret, wondering what it would taste like. The answer was nothing, like everything else." Angela sighs. "Go figure. Hybrid?"

"Just once. Deer and horse. It was like a horse, but a deer aftertaste. I imagine a herbivore-carnivore mixture would make for bad meat. No offense."

"None taken."

"I like your taste, though." Binah sticks her tongue out between her fingers in a vulgar gesture.

"Stop that!" Angela swats at her, ears folding in embarrassment. "Gross!"

The truth is, Binah's never experienced a desire for meat. She loves the hunt, the rush of adrenaline, but it stops short when another would have bit an animal's head off. A model citizen, some would say. When she saw Angela that day she felt a connection and a desire to chase her, to pin her down and watch her squirm—but not to rip her apart or feel the sink of her teeth, like all those interviews and confessions of fellow leopards. 

In a harmonious coincidence, Angela seems to really get a kick out of it. Loves the thrill, making noise, coming hard and loud. Twitching on Binah's chest, mumbling incoherently as Binah pulls her fingers out of her. Breathing harder whenever she feels Binah's mouth on her. She's not sure if Angela's even conscious of her own perverse kinks. Very little of her rabbit blood shows in her appearance, grey coat aside, but her behavior is closer to an exceptionally brave herbivore than a carnivore.

They're both lucky to have found each other, she supposes.