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Witches of the Abandoned World

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Wúxīnglong / The Executed

The limbless, eyeless, tongueless, skeletal leviathan, the main star of the funeral theatre troupe where she plays as the executed, is the one who those fools are celebrating the death of in the play. Her nature is yearning as if expecting the light to reach out for her yet unreachable for her. She once swam undernath the night sky in search of that lord and would protect him but due to the constant replays of tragedy occurring once she had fallen underneath, she can no longer swim. Thus she orders an execution, a funeral play to be in order, however, she reminds herself and everyone else that no matter how much even if the play succeeds she'll never meet her savior again thus they continue the play over and over again until they find salvation.

Sǐhuā Dolls / The Mourners

Zombified dress-up clay dolls are the lead group of the funeral troupe. They are the children of the false realm, they play the role of mourners. These dolls' duty in the act is they fake cry of their mistress' funeral yet desecrate her, insult her of her failures and past regrets. "This forsaken world, a dull abyss of where the white lilies and sakura rot, this is our stage. We welcome you, unwanted visitor to the Theatre of Her Execution, Her Death, Her Despair." They bowed to the audience before their performance can start. Their power is a match against cultivators.

  • Zìháo

Here comes the first of the leading stars, Pride. "You'd think the likes of you are worthy of my forgiveness?" She huffed and spoke boldly for all of them, kicking the skeletal head of their mistress.

  • Yīnchén

Following the first, goes Gloomy. She offers false tears to the dragon and smiles, "Alas, Miss Ne'er-do-well, we are proud of your stupid soul." These dolls would laugh at the absurd and become their ally. 

  • Lǎnduò

After Gloomy comes Worthless. The doll laughs at the dragon, her eyes curved in sadistic glee as she watches the dragon be led to the guillotine. These undead girls cooperate well with the witch's commands. 

  • Shuōhuǎng

Succeeding the third comes to the fourth, Liar. She says hurtful things to her mistress, "Miss Ne'er-do well, you are a scum." Not only that, she mistakes the other jaded lord for the real one who shall grant them salvation, only for that to be a mere illusion and to her friends' ire of how she tricked them and mistake the imposter for the real one. 

  • Hánlěng

Behind Liar's introduction, comes Coldness, she's the one who treats the dragoness, calling her names and throwing rocks at her, "Look at Miss Ne'er do well, how about we cut her into tiny pieces and throw it into the acidic waters?" she gleefully laughs as the dragoness' limbs get torn apart and her scales get melted. When the goddess appears, the dolls will obediently follow. 

  • Juéwàng

Once Coldness' introduction ceases, comes despair the fifth. It is the twin of the twelfth, Stubbornness. She sings a ridiculing requiem with her sister of the skeletal dragon, "The once joyful dragoness was once a buoyant young girl but she fell from grace and reduced to a no-good scumbag." She had warbled to the voided crowd. 

  • Dùjì

Seventh doll, Jealousy. She sees the other light that Liar has shown her and scowls, "Let's close that light, I want to close that radiance forever. How dare that mutt to show us of what the lord of our light should be, that false lord is an incorrigible imposter who needs to be wiped from existence!" These dolls may be one and the same but they are colorful.

  • Bēiguān

Twirling her baton and striking a curtsy yet is shown to limp her head lazily is the eighth doll, Pessimistic. She yawned, "What's the point, this play will always get foiled."  Since the funeral procession hasn't started yet, these dolls take a short leave of absence and wander about the realm for a while.

  • Xūróng

After the eighth, comes to the ninth, Vanity, she cringed, "As if I'll ever stain my clothes in ne'er-do-well's blood and dead skin!", kicking the skeletal dragon's body and avoiding her blood. These dolls are both real and unreal at the same time.

  • Qiènuò

The gawky, trembling doll coming out of the curtain is number eleventh of the troupe, Cowardice, she points to the ground and rejects the sky. "If I'm taken to the light, I won't be able to exterminate those whorish dogs and the egotistic blockheads." The dolls have a power of illusions that can implement a perfect recurrence. 

  • Juéjiàng

The spotlight is on the twelfth, Stubbornness. She is the twin of Despair. She joins her sister in insulting the woes of their mistress as she heads to the guillotine. "What a dunce the dragon has become, it really is a shame." The dolls make fun of the witch's self-mutilation.

  • Jídù

The thirteenth footsteps are Jidu's, Envy. "I read in a story that a young girl's funeral was embellished of flowers, we should do that too and bury lots of beautiful young girls and boys with broken dreams that were torn apart by that mutt with her too." The dolls' power is not inferior to cultivators, in fact, it could match against divine ones like those golden-robed buffoons. While Fùchóu may be the leader, Jídù is actually the real conductor and seeks the mutt's head. 

  • Shǎzi

Next is the fourteenth, the Fool. She casually steps on ne'er-do-well's rotting corpse as if she is a puddle. She tells her "friends" that she heard from a cat that there is a light that awaits of a certain beautiful lord while cold towards his visitors, hides a warm-hearted person who will welcome them with open arms, "I heard this story from a lord, he may be bitter but he is a kind and beautiful god, I'm sure he'll love us too." And so they gathered, now they must wait for the funeral procession to begin. 

  • Fùchóu

The leading doll of the troupe, Vengeance. She holds resentment to the black mutt and his bitches and seeks their blood for interfering in their play. She leads her friends to the light that will guarantee their freedom should they succeed in their perfect recital. "Let us purge the big black mutt that dares block out the light. He is nothing more than a nuisance."

  • Ài

The sixteenth and last one to come to the theatre is Love. Nobody has seen this only male doll. The night is not over. We are the grievers, the sorrowers, the actors, the executioners, who make this distorted universe ruled by a halfwit author our stage. 

The Organizers

  • Wūyā Jiǎmiànjù

The skeletal serpent's servant. Its duty is to mete out punishment. These Venetian-masked soldiers lead the procession of the dragoness' beheading and do not heed to her commands. They wear their masks as a result of the cursed plague lurking around the realm from her body. They cut their mistress's tongue, take out her eyes, hack off her legs and arms, and then melt her skin as a result of her carrying the miasma. They hate black mutts and his bitches. 

  • Huànyǐng 

A minion to the Skeletal Serpent. Her duty is to exterminate the mutt by mounting on the Weihè. They are a cavalry of ghostly soldiers that is in charge of kicking out the black mutt and his bitches back to their abyssal hell to make sure they are not interfering with the funeral procession nor do they follow them to the false light. They also assist the masked army in eliminating the other obstacles, the proudful obstructs who dare interrupt the acts of the procession.

  • Behe

The Skeletal Serpent's Servant. They are rotten behemoths who announce the first act of the funeral stage play. With the Qiuzhī and Weihè, they receive food which is the burnt scales from the children of the false realm, and follow their orders. They huddle in groups but their blindfold tied by the soldiers prevents them to see and have a habit of ramming into movable objects.

  • Qiuzhī

The skeletal serpent's servant. These horned black cats are the bearer of bad luck and bad news. Like the Weihè, the children always feed them the burnt scales of their mistress to munch and claw on. They are always together and keep an eye out for any sign of the big bad mutt and his bitches that come along underneath. 

  • Weihè

The Skeletal Serpent's servant. Its role is to thoroughly inform the cast of the play and manage the stage. These cranes rewrite the memories of the humans brought into this world by giving them a new script for the cursed dragon. It is undoubtedly her minion, although it is closer to a tool that is directly influenced by its masters' emotions

In the labyrinth of the endless nightmare, the witch and her familiars will continue to play endlessly to satisfy their suppose lord of light to let them into the blue skies again. That is, if someone, a certain true form, the real lord will disrupt the procession to snap and liberate the skeletal dragoness out of her delusional, despairing nightmare and release her from the mutt's grasp. 

"We are the Funeral Troupe, this abyssal universe, the godforsaken nightmare land is our stage! So come, dance, and sing with us, until the godly light comes and guarantees our lifelong freedom!"