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Dias pins her down. The long waves of her hair surround Nikolai's vision.

Her half-lidded eyes look like blood instead of ruby. Her nose buries into her neck, breathing deeply. She brushes her lips against her, then kisses her. It's soft and short, making her heart clench in her chest. She wants to bring her closer but she can't move her arms. Dias really knows how to tie a knot.

It's unprofessional of her, but she keeps accepting Dias's requests. But she's beautiful and very good at what she does, and she makes it worth her time. It's a useful and... temporary relationship.

Dias takes Nikolai's chin in her hand. She pushes her head into the sheets, completely baring her throat. She shudders.

"So vulnerable," Dias says. "You like doing what I tell you?"

"Mn," Nikolai manages, trying not to sound too eager.

"You're good at following orders. It makes you a good soldier, Captain. And a good dog." Dias leans closer with every word, her body weighing down on her, until her last is whispered right up against her mouth. All at once her tongue slips in deep, her hand holding Nikolai's jaw open as she pulls her under, pressure suffocating. 

Dias's other hand wanders, pulling Nikolai's shirt loose from her pants and opening the buttons, letting it fall open and pool around the gold-colored rope on her arms. Stubbornly Dias never takes anything off herself unless she has to, and rarely ever takes anything completely off Nikolai. 

When she starts to feel lightheaded, Dias separates from her. Calmly watching as Nikolai's chest rises and falls with her heavy breaths, she runs her tongue across her lips and swallows.

Her voice in a low purr: "Do you like marks, Nikolai?"


"I asked you a question."

Flushed across her face, she nods.

"Then I'll give you some." Dias laughs. She lets go of her jaw. It feels a little sore. Her grip was stronger than she thought. "At this rate, all your coworkers will know. Is that something you want?"

She doesn't answer. She feels hands tracing the criss-crossing lines of her muscles and battle scars. Dias bites her and Nikolai jerks up, only to get shoved back down. She takes the hint, keeping herself in place, trembling and making low sounds as Dias slowly leaves dark bruises across her neck and chest. Her hand pushes her bra up, squeezing her tits.

When she leans away, her smile is devious. "Good," Dias says, ever talkative. "What peerless self-control. Maybe too much. I'd like to hear from you more." Her weight straddles her hips. 

"Really?" Nikolai says. "I don't have much to say, Lady Dias."

"For example," Dias starts airily, then leans in and mutters against her ear: "I want to hear how much you like being tied up and bent over, Miss supposed military alpha."

Her teeth nip and pull on the edge of her ear. Nikolai opens her mouth to say something but can't think of anything. Her thighs rub together, feeling hot. The movement and the sound of the cloth attracts Dias's attention. 

"Bad." She spreads her knees by pushing hers between them. Her teeth sink harder into Nikolai's neck, almost drawing blood. It would have, if not for the scar tissue. She whimpers. It's supposed to be a painful warning, but it feels good.

"If you'd cut to the chase a bit..."

"Did you say something?"

"No, ma'am." 

"Good. If you push it too far I'll fill your mouth with something else." Her voice is dark and low, with weight. "Or I'll fuck you until that voice gives out."

Nikolai nods, feeling a hot shiver down her body. She makes it sound so tempting, but they're things she might actually do. Dias never lies. Honestly, she might do it regardless. (...Which is a good thing, really.)

"Because you're so smart, I'll entertain you. What do you want?"


"My fingers, my tongue." She smiles and takes something from behind her. "This, maybe."

It's a thick, pitch-black thing with a flared gold base, held lightly between her fingertips. Nikolai swallows dryly. It's far from small. Larger than any ones she owns personally, definitely. 

"What do you think?" 

"Uh, yeah." It's hard not to look at it. "Th-That's fine."

"Do you want me to wear it?"

"Wear... sure."

"A moment, then." Dias stands and slides off the bed. 

Nikolai lies down and waits with anticipation, staring up at the ceiling, letting her neck rest. The rope on her arms makes a kind of creaking sound against the fabric of her shirt sleeves. She would be lying if she said she'd never done something like this before, but normally she put up a bit of a play-fight, flipping her partner over, establishing dominance and all. And she'd always "won" these in the past—But something about Dias makes her roll over, willing to take anything. ...Ready to beg for it.

On the other side of the room, she hears the sound of leather and buckles being moved. Some clicking, cloth hitting the floor.

When Dias returns, she's taken off her pants. In their place is the black leather and cloth of the strap. She also decided to take her coat off. She has a modest bust, completely opposite to the decidedly immodest thing strapped to her. The open skin on her legs is immaculate and smooth, soft over a bit of muscle. It has the almost unnatural, ethereal beauty she expected from her, like a carved statue. Nothing like Nikolai's hard, battle-worn frame.

"How is it?" Dias smiles, leaning over her. Her hips position the tip so it presses on Nikolai through her slacks. 

"I-It suits you, I guess." The gold filigree on the black materials cement it as something that could surely only belong to Dias. She puts her lips against Nikolai's sweat-soaked neck, feeling her shiver.

Her hands feel up and pinch Nikolai's sensitive chest, pulling moans from her as her hips grind but won't push through. 

"Dias, enough, please..." It's the worst and best part, the most unbearable. She loves to keep her on the edge, breaking her down, testing her limits. Like she's playing a game. 

"Because you asked so nicely," Dias whispers against her face. She unbuckles Nikolai's pants and drags the zipper down, then pulls them off. Nikolai's boxers go next. It's faster than before. Even Dias might be getting excited and impatient. She touches the tip to her, getting a sharp gasp. "Is this what you wanted? My, you're soaked."

"Please," Nikolai whines. "Please." It's humiliating, but Dias always listens. 

She hears a low laugh from the back of Dias's throat. 

She slowly, inexorably, starts sliding in. 

"To tell you the truth, this is one of the biggest ones I own."

Nikolai's body writhes and shakes. She wasn't kidding. It looked big outside, but inside it feels like she can just barely stretch. It stings just a little.

"So you can be loud after all. Do you remember?" Dias puts two of her fingers into Nikolai's mouth, moving in a familiar pattern. "I was measuring. So, I know how much you can take. This is just enough—I know you can do it."

Dias bumps against her. As promised, the entire length fits inside. She feels like she's going blind, with hot sparks shooting through her nerves. She can barely breathe, and Dias playing with her tongue isn't helping. 

"Should I move? I want to hear you scream."

Choked sounds force their way out of her throat as she pulls out, intimately feeling every rib on the surface. She can't speak properly. She should have expected Dias to be precise after what's obviously a lifetime of experience, but she wasn't prepared for just how good it is. 

Dias thrusts in a little faster this time. Her fingers slide out of her mouth, using both hands to spread Nikolai's knees farther. It's hard to think of anything but the weight of Dias's body pushing deeper. If she wasn't wearing gloves, her nails would have dug red crescents into her palms from how hard she's clenching her fists. 

Harder. She hears a low laugh in the back of Dias's throat. It's almost inaudible over the strangled sound of her own voice. Her back arches, pushing herself up by the elbows. 

"Don't move, now." Nikolai feels Dias's hand grip her scalp. She holds still, trembling, close. She slides out. "Good. Even a few words like that made you tighten up, huh?"

Dias flips Nikolai over in one smooth motion. She can't catch herself, so she lands face down into the sheets. The burns left by the rope sting. 

"I said I'd bend you over, didn't I?" 

She did. Nikolai shivers. If she thought she'd be walking fine tomorrow, she won't be after this. Obediently she gets on her knees.

"Ah, very good. You know just what to do... You might want to bite that pillow, though I'd prefer you don't. I'll be going harder."

Nikolai chooses not to, but her face is still pushed down regardless. Dias takes a moment to position herself, then slams the entire length in. 

It hits a deep spot that makes her voice pitch high, like a yelp. Relentlessly Dias fucks her into the bed, her breath subtly stuttering every time Nikolai whimpers. With her ass in the air like this she feels like an animal. Dias gets turned on, she can tell, but it's unfair that she never seems to have a limit. She doesn't come and doesn't even sweat—It's like it means almost nothing to her, just... playing, making her body shake inside and out for idle entertainment. But it really feels too good. Her drool and sweat are staining the pillow. She really can't think. Every thrust of that huge strap reminds her that, here, she wants to give Dias anything. 

She's getting close.

Then, abruptly, Dias slows.

Before she can think about it, Nikolai says, sounding embarrassing, "Wh-Why did..."

"To tell you the truth," Dias drawls, "I put lubricant into this toy here."


"I don't know what I should do with it. Do you have a suggestion for a place?"

Nikolai breathes in sharply.

"Hm? Yes?"

A long, shaky pause. It comes out as a whisper. "I... I-In."

"Louder, please, Captain."

"Inside," she spits out. It sends a hot wave over her.

"Ah, you're volunteering?" Dias leans over her back, up against her ear. Fingertips run across her stomach. "You want to be used?"

Her knees feel weak. "Yes," she says, shakily. She's glad she doesn't have to look Dias in the face.

"You are so eager to please. It's very fun." 

She thrusts back in hard, once, twice. Nikolai feels Dias's teeth in her shoulder as she pushes deep a third time and releases something hot and thick. Barely breathing, she takes it all in—Below her, she can see drops of the clear lube slipping out around the strap, mixing with her own. 

"How do you feel?"

"...Full." Nikolai's voice is weak. It feels good. The knot in her stomach is unbearably tight, about to hit its breaking point. "D-Dias, I'm..."

"You want my permission?" Dias pulls halfway out. It slides down Nikolai's thighs. She pushes back in slowly, keeping her wanting. She kisses the back of her neck. "You exceed my expectations."


Dias laughs through her nose. "So cute, Captain. Okay. Go ahead." 

She slams in hard. Nikolai convulses, feeling something move in her head, holding her breath as an electric pleasure shoots up her spine, as Dias's hand pushes down on her, dominating her even as she can't make a sound through the lightning in her nerves. There's enough lube inside her that she feels it coming out at the edges. Her body curls, back arching and straining against her bonds. 

When she finally crumples, trembling and breathing hard open-mouthed, Dias takes the strap out and lets her lie down. She feels her fingers running through her short hair. Dias doesn't have to say it. The message is clear: 

Good girl.

Dias is surely smiling at her, in that way she always does.


6:50 AM.

Myo bounces her leg impatiently, heel tapping on the concrete floor at a jackrabbit pace. There's supposed to be a meeting with the Udjat and the 4th Pack today on battle strategy at 7 sharp. Captain Nikolai has gotten on her ass for being only 10 minutes early before, and look who's not here right now! The Captain is always at least 20 minutes early. Something has to be going on. Even Rudolph is starting to look concerned.

The heavy meeting room door swings open. She turns away from the clock on the wall to look, and it's not Nikolai. It's Lady Dias, striding in without a hint of concern. She sits beside the short Udjat captain, smiling casually at her. She doesn't react, or if she does it's not clear through the mask.

6:53 AM. A minute after Dias enters, the door swings open again. It's Nikolai. Myo stands up and opens her mouth to say something, but then stops. The Captain staggers and walks uncharacteristically unsteadily—not enough that Maxim notices, but Rudolph also seems to raise an eyebrow—and her uniform has some wrinkles... and she rubs her shoulders and neck a little when she walks in...

Nikolai takes her seat without saying anything. Myo sits down also.

Something is very fucking wrong.

Myo looks Dias in the eyes.

Dias smiles.