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Rin and Izumo oneshots

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Rin was having a bad day, a mission was forcing her and the Esquires to go to a fancy Dance and Rin was forced to wear a dress.

“For god's sake Rin! Just wear the damn dress!” Izumo Kamiki heard Yukio yell at her girlfriend.

“Izumo, can you talk to Rin? Use your girlfriend powers to convince Rin-nee to wear the dress.” Yukio called out from their room.

“Depends on the dress, does it make her pretty? Well, Prettier. She’s always hot.” Izumo snarked as she walked into the room.

“Izumo-san! I don’t need to know that!” Yukio shrieked as Izumo smirked. “That’s my Nee-san!” Rin and Izumo laughed hard and Izumo snuck into the bathroom and saw Rin sitting on the toilet seat in her bra and boxers.

“So, how ugly is the dress that Yukio bought?” Izumo asked as Yukio yelled “hey!” indignantly, making Rin giggle.

“It’s not that bad , it’s purple and flattering, at the top at least.” Rin sighed. “It’s just that, I haven’t worn a dress like this since I hit puberty! And then it was super awkward since I went from being flat to a C-cup! The guys were rude and lewd about my figure since I wore dresses all the time. I-I’m afraid of that happening again.” Rin vented and Izumo hugged her girlfriend tight, “If anyone says anything we can either insult them or kiss right in front of them, making them uncomfortable.” Izumo kissed Rin’s cheek.

“Now, wanna put on the dress for me? If you truly do hate it, I have a few outfit suggestions that I can steal from Yukio.” Izumo asked softly.

“Y-Yeah ok. Now get out so I can surprise you!” Rin laughed as she kicked Izumo out of the bathroom.

A few moments later, Rin exited the bathroom in a gorgeous dress.

It was a spaghetti strap with a tight fit until her hips, where it got loose and dropped to her ankles, where she wore purple platform wedges.

“Wow.” Was all Izumo could say as she looked at her super hot girlfriend. 

“What?” Rin blushed and looked away. Her layered hair was down and fell down to her waist.

“God, if this wasn’t a mission we’d be late.” Izumo stated bluntly.

“I-Izu-Chan!” Rin shrieked as she flushed heavily. 

Yukio raced in and yelled, “What’s wrong? Are you ok Rin-Nee?”

“She’s fine Yukio, just embarrassed.” Izumo smirked as she looked at Rin's red face.


“I hate this.” Rin told Yukio bluntly as she walked up to him after a few minutes of mingling.

“Why Nee-chan?” Yukio asked kindly.

“Men.” Rin snapped. Izumo walked up to that conversation and replied, “Awomen to that. Men suck.” SHe slung her arm around Rin’s waist. “They're all flirting with you, you tall drink of water?” Izumo teased a little.

“Actually, yes. A few even tried to grope me.” Rin replied bluntly.

“N-Nee-chan! So blunt!” Yukio exclaimed. “Yeah well, that’s the life of a woman.” Rin replied immediately. “Now, who’re we trying to find? I wanna get out of here.”

“We’re waiting for a demon king. Mephisto-sama didn’t say who, but that you’d know.” Yukio gave a pointed look to Rin.

“The only ones I know are Amaimon, Mephisto and…” Rin trailed off as her face paled.

“Who Nee-chan, who?” Yukio pushed.

“Astaroth. The Demon king of rot; the one who got Papa killed.” Rin mumbled.

“Oh babe I’m so sorry.” Izumo held Rin’s hand and kissed the inside of her wrist.

“Wow!” A rich looking man said as he pointed at Rin and Izumo, “Look at how good their friendship is!”

“Uh, We’re dating.” Izumo started bluntly, staring directly into the man's eyes. Rin turned to face the man and looked into his eyes as well. 

The man introduced himself.

“I’m sorry, I never introduced myself, I am Astraro.” The man’s eyes flashed red. “That’s short for Astaroth.” The man flashed a grin and Rin could now see that his once pearly whites were sharp.

“Hello again, Demon king of Rot.” Rin said coldly.

“Why so rude, Imōto ? I expected better, since Nii-san Samael and Otōto Amaimon got to you before the Vatican did.” The man had a fake pout look on his face. It looked wrong.

“Considering you killed our father, I think my sister has the right idea.” Yukio said coldly.

Astaroth sighed sadly, “Oh well, Samael asked me to come and said he had a contact for me, is it you, Imōto? Or maybe your brother Yukio-san?”

“Why do you call Yukio Rin’s brother? Isn’t he yours too?” Izumo asked as she slipped back over towards the three.

“No, since he doesn’t have the demon gene active in him, unlike you, Izumo-chan.” Astaroth smiled. 

“Oh. Ok.” Izumo said absentmindedly. Rin kissed her cheek and turned towards Astaroth “Yes, we’re the contacts. All the exquires are here and looking around for you too. Izu-chan Yukio, can you both let the Esquires know we found the contact?”

Izumo nodded and kissed Rin’s cheek again before walking away.

“So, how is this going to go? Are we going to fight? Are we going to just walk out? Or are you just going to give me a phone number to text and call you at?” Rin asked Astroth hesitantly.

“Oh it all depends on you Imōto? Would you like to fight? Enjoy the party until the end before we leave? I wouldn’t be adverse to giving you my number, seeing as you are my Imōto, Rin-Chan. It’s all up to you darling Imōto.” Astroth smiled kindly.

“I’d rather not fight in this dress, and I hate parties like this. Can we just leave?” Rin muttered quietly.

“Of course Rin. I take it you hate the social scene?” Astroth asked softly as he led Rin towards Yukio. 

“Yukio-san, the deal is closed, Rin-chan and I would like to leave now, you’re allowed to stay if you’d like, but Rin-chan and I shall be leaving, Izumo, would you join us?” Astroth stated before he asked Izumo.

“Sure, I’ll come with, after all, she’s my girlfriend.” Izumo slipped her hand into Rin’s and intertwined their fingers and kissed Rin’s knuckles.

“Please be careful Kamiki-san. That is still my Imōto you’re dating.” Astroth warned.

‘I’ve been dating Rin since before we found out that she was a Demon King. You’ve just been discovered to be her brother who she’d never have contact with if it wasn’t for this mission.’ Izumo thought harshly as she pulled Rin closer. “Well, she’s also my girlfriend.” Izumo smirked as Rin flushed with the proximity, and Astroth glared.

“Ladies, ladies, you’re both beautiful.” Rin laughed as she slipped out from between the two.

“Rin look out!” Izumo screamed as she saw Rin trip into a large man.

“G-Gomen'nasai.” Rin apologized after crashing into him.

“Naw pretty lady, it’s ok.” The man stroked Rin’s long hair, “Wow, for such spiky hair it's so soft.” Rin tried pulling out of the man's grasp and he pulled Rin’s hair harder. Astroth held Izumo there stating that Rin can handle herself in a casual tone, but his tight grip on her shoulders told her otherwise “Ow! Let go of my hair!” Rin snapped at the man as she slapped the man's hand to get away. 

“Now doll, it’s ok. My name’s Ippanjin, and I’ll show you a good time if you want.” Izumo ran towards Rin and pulled her away from Rin. “Back off Baka! Rin’s my Girlfriend!” Ippanjin smirked, “Oh, two hot chicks. Up for a threesome?” Rin and Izumo snapped and both decked the man. 

“Wow, you ladies are strong.” Astroth complimented as he opened the door to a dark red limo. “Care for a ride home?”

Rin and Izumo nodded and slipped into the car.

Izumo sat up and Rin laid down and rested her head on Izumo’s lap with Astroth holding Rin’s stud earrings so as to not stab Izumo’s legs.

“I hate anything social.” Rin murmured as she rested her eyes.

“Why’s that, Honey bread?” Izumo asked softly and ran her fingers through Rin’s scalp- Astroth kindly looked in the other direction- Rin sighed and answered Izumo after a few moments of silence, “People always hated me at my old schools. I was always attacked and no one wanted to be seen with the ‘Demon queer girl’. Hell, some of them called me a guy since I liked girls. But I mostly hate dances since last time I went to one, the girl I was crushing on at the time invited me to the dance, but it was a prank. She invited me onto the stage saying she wanted to give a speech for me, but I just got dumped on with red paint.” Rin gave a small laugh, “I still have the dress, but it’s mostly a large shirt now, since I grew bigger tits since then.” Rin was facing away from Izumo but turned closer and curled into her stomach. “That’s why I hate dances.”

Izumo bent down and kissed Rin’s forehead. “I’m sorry love. Maybe you’ll get revenge one day.” Rin groaned. “But I don’t want revenge!” she sighed. “I just wanted a good dance. I was scared to come out after that.”

Astroth sighed, “I know I can’t really say anything, since I’m not that close to you, Imōto, but that’s human nature. They hurt, kill, steal, and rape those who they’re not close to by making it seem like that’s just a random person. Not a fellow human, but a character.”

Rin sat up and sighed again.

“As much as I hate to admit it, you’re right.” Rin looked out the window and put her feet in Izumo’s lap, “Humans don’t care about other humans that they feel like they can’t know. Like homophobic people against gay people.” Izumo took off Rin’s wedges and massaged Rin’s feet softly.

They all stayed silent as they just listened to the tires going for a solid 5 minutes.

“Yukio was like that originally. A-after I became a half-demon, he ostracized me and blamed me for Papa’s death. But then there was the fight with Neuhaus, and he realized that I was still his sister. His Nee-san.” Rin sighed and looked out the window still.

“Oh babe.” Izumo sighed and hugged her.

The three just stayed in silence as they rode home.