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People Be Gay (II Oneshots)

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It’s been a little over a day since Salt realized her feelings for Pepper.

Twenty six hours, forty two minutes, and twenty eight seconds to be exact but who’s counting.

The white haired girl continued to lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling as the clock continued to let out its comforting tick tick tick. Just a few feet from her was Pepper’s bed, and there the girl who kept her awake slept peacefully. It was almost unfair, how unbothered Pepper was, as if she wasn’t the reason why Salt couldn’t get a wink of sleep.

She sat up, getting a look at Pepper’s resting face. It was a look that Salt has seen multiple times, it wasn’t the first time she stayed up longer than her best friend. Her perfect eyebrows relaxed, her soft lips slightly parted— Salt always thought she was most beautiful when asleep, then again Salt thought she was beautiful all the time.

Now that Salt thinks about it, she should have known she liked her CBFF for a while now.

She tries to pinpoint when these feelings started; maybe it was after the show when they were hanging at the hot tub and Salt said something stupid, she can’t for the life of her remember what she said, and Pepper just began to laugh uncontrollably. There were tears streaming down her face and she clutched onto Salt’s shoulder as she tried to catch her breath. Her hair that was previously tied up in a bun was slowly coming undone and a few strands of curly hair were framing her face. Along with the sun somehow shining perfectly on her umber brown skin, it was like she was straight out of those paintings that Paintbrush liked to gawk over. Salt still remembers how she felt after being blessed with a sight like that. Pepper’s touch was suddenly too hot, too much, but not enough at all. Her heart was beating way faster than normal. She didn’t mind the feeling though, ignoring it as she began to laugh along with her friend. Maybe that’s when she fell.

Or maybe it was before that, back when they were in their junior year of high school walking home together holding hands. Salt had always liked how her hands felt against Pepper’s, how it was as if they were made specifically for the purpose of being linked with her’s.

“-and then Mr. Mirror made me and Polish give up our phones!” Salt complained, leaning onto her best friend. “We got them back at the end of class but he said he’s going to call our parents and have a conversation about our ‘disrespectful’ and ‘disruptive’ nature. I’m totally going to be grounded.” she whined some more. Pepper patted her head in sympathy.

“That’s not even legal! That’s your property, you should be able to use it all you want!”

“Thank you! Ugh that smelly teacher gets on my nerves.”

Pepper snorted, ”I know right. He’s just mad because he hasn’t gotten any action since the stone ages.” Salt laughed at that. “I swear he only became a teacher to suck the life out of us, beautiful youth’s tears is what's keeping him alive.”

They laughed together as they made their way to Pepper’s front porch. Salt, reluctant to let go, walked her up to her door. “I would totally stay over but, like, I have sooo much work to do. If I don’t knock it out now I’m going to die!” she cried. Pepper just sighed, giving her friend’s hand a squeeze, seeming just as reluctant to let go too.

“Like, call me when you get home, kay? I can totes help you with work if you need it!” A lie, Pepper was never the most studious person and was just barely passing her classes. She would always offer to help though, just to make Salt feel better. It made Salt’s inside feel fluttery.

“Totally! I’ll facetime you and we can have a study sesh. I need to teach you the ways of making cute notes, whenever I look through your notebook I get stressed.”

“Omg shut up! My notes are not even that bad!”

“Umm yeah, they are.”

“Ugh, if you’re gonna be so mean then leave!” she glared at her, yet the gray-haired girl didn’t let go of her hand.

Salt sighed, “I really have to get going babes. I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” Pepper just pulled her into a hug. Her face tucked into Salt’s neck, right hand on her waist while her left was still linked with Salt’s hand. The white-haired girl just raised her free hand to rest on top of Pepper’s head, she had already gotten used to how clingy her friend could be. It wasn’t like she wasn’t just as bad. For some reason though, Salt’s heart started to race. The girl couldn’t help the redness that rose to her pale cheeks. She didn’t understand why she was so flustered though, they hugged all the time! This wasn’t a special event...

But still…

Pepper pulled back after a few seconds, flashing one of her dazzling smiles. “Tomorrow we should go to the mall, ‘kay! We’ll talk more ‘bout it on the phone.” Salt could only nod, fighting the urge to pull her best friend back into a hug. To keep her close at all times. To brush her hair out of her face. To gently cup her cheek.

To slowly slowly lean in and…

Pepper finally let go of her hand and turned to her door and Salt took that as her cue to leave.

Maybe that moment was when she fell.

Or maybe she’s just been in love with Pepper since the day they met, 6 year old with too much energy. Not being able to stand still for the life of them and bonding over the fact they hated their dance teacher with all the passion a 6 year old has. Maybe she’s been in love with Pepper for so long, the feeling just became something as natural as breathing and never felt the need to question it. Maybe Salt was always destined to be in love with her friend. It felt like it right? Pepper always gave so much to Salt, always making sure a smile stayed on her face. How could anyone not fall in love with someone as perfect as her.

The clock continued to tick and Salt continued to stare at her best friend’s face. She shifted in bed and scrunched up her face before slowly opening her eyes. Pepper blinked a couple times before rising from bed.

“Why are you still up?”

“Just… thinking about stuff, don’t worry about it.”

“... yeah no, lay with me. I can’t sleep knowing you’re missing out on your beauty rest.”

Salt thought about arguing, but she was pretty tired. Plus, why would she throw away a chance to cuddle with Pepper.

She made her way to her bed, collapsing in her friend’s arms the second she was close enough. It took a moment to adjust themselves but the second she was comfortable she melted in her arms. Pepper just sleepily ran her fingers through Salt’s hair.

“Hey Pepper?”

“Yeah Salty-Salt?”

“I love you.” she knew her friend wouldn’t take this as a confession. They tell each other “I love you” nearly every day. It felt nice saying it out loud though.

“Love ya too. Let’s just get some sleep.”

And Salt began to doze off, feeling a new type of peace she never felt before. In the arms of her best friend/crush/hopeful future girlfriend. That’s something she’ll worry about in the morning.

For now though, she slept.