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Below Her Mouth

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Chapter I - The End and New Beginnings



The girl beneath her was probably having the best time of her life. Well, why shouldn’t she, after all it was a very enjoyable moment for both, to just be with each other, talk, laugh and be sad with each other, and enjoy making love to each other.

Or so she thought. But the reality was much more different. She was no stranger to the strangeness of their relationship.

She could notice when Dallas was not into certain types of things, like she knew that Dallas was not the type of girl who would love to marry and settle down, who would love to sing a lullaby to her partner to help her sleep. She wouldn’t do any of the lovey-dovey stuff that couples usually do. She was more than that. A lot more if she’s being honest.

Like right now, the sweat was trickling down her torso and her neck, creating some kind of unnoticed suction whenever their bodies met with each other. Jocelyn, the quiet and shy girl, was moaning and smacking with each thrust that her partner was giving. The sweet sounds that were coming out of the girl’s mouth, filled the silence in the room and echoed in her ears like ecstasy. The necklace that was around her neck, created a totting sound whenever she jerked her body. With each thrust, Jocelyn kept moaning and whisper something in her language, probably telling her not to stop or something. The other hand of Jocelyn met the girl’s neck and she pulled her even closer to sense her hot and mint-scent breathe onto her body.

She was indeed, filled with pure euphoria in the bed. On the other hand, though, Dallas…

Dallas was not feeling it.

Dallas, the tomboy girl, stared at the front wall, through the bars of the headboard, while thrusting herself against Jocelyn’s Body. She barely looked at her eyes, as she was probably focused on something else. Not a single noise escaped through the lips of her mouth, she was just breathing rapidly and increasing her speed to somewhat extent, only to please her partner. Jocelyn was breathing more rapidly, and her moans were so loud that at one point, Dallas had to close her eyes, just to focus on her breathing and speed. Yes, Dallas grunted and shook as her muscles tightened with each thrust and relaxed in the next second. Her hips were jerking back and forth as she tried to acknowledge the pleasure flowing through her body. She felt the bed rock and heard it creak with the friction and their movement of their bodies.

But, as said earlier, she was not into it. Dallas wasn’t feeling it.

Dallas wanted something more, something desirable, something more erotic. If put in her own ways. She wanted to make love to her like two lovers do after 6 months of separation. She wanted to feel Jocelyn. But something in the back of her mind was preventing her to do so. It was like a placebo thought, telling that something will happen eventually. Whether good or bad, no one knows.

In the midst of her own thoughts, and also moving up and down towards the other girl, Dallas suddenly gets shocked by the sudden movements of Jocelyn as she flips the position of both of them. It was Dallas now in the bottom and Jocelyn on the top. Jocelyn wanted to do this. She wanted Dallas to feel her heat, as much as Jocelyn wanted to feel Dallas’.

“Not gonna run out so fast babe, hold on”, Jocelyn said.

With this, she pulled Dallas for a very passionate kiss and started to go down on her. Dallas sensually reciprocated the kiss and let her go down on her, as her head was laying on the headboard of the bed. She felt her eyes roll back into her head as Jocelyn started with her tongue on her clit. Dallas let out a small sound out of her mouth, which probably fuelled Jocelyn to go even faster. With her hands on Dallas’ toned waist, she began to caress Dallas with her fingers and her tongue. Sometimes she would touch her right nipple and lick the left thigh and sometimes the opposite thigh, and then back to the vagina. All this made Dallas feel somewhat warm in the bed. She reciprocated now, unlike in the beginning, where she couldn’t even look Jocelyn in the eye. Now she is getting a little loud with her moans, but all sounded passive to her. None of them sound like they were from inside her hidden soul, that soul that wanted nothing but good love and sex.

After the licking session, Dallas flipped the girl back to her assigned position and started to ride her. She positioned herself in the reverse cowgirl and made their clits come in contact. She spread her legs apart and started to move up and down, hoping for a body-jolting orgasm. Jocelyn was caught off-guard too, as she started to follow Dallas and made her waist and lower body bounce in the rhythm of Dallas’ contractions. They were like a broken clockwork, which still knew how to function, because no matter what their relationship’s status was, they were looking like they are having fun in the respective position. Dallas started to move faster as she heard Jocelyn’s moans. Jocelyn was in pure bliss. Her mind was in a short-circuit. She probably could not believe that Dallas had topped her, after so many months.

Maybe Dallas wasn’t that bad after all. Maybe she missed all of this too, the sex, the love. Everything, that comes with it, she wanted it at that moment.

Dallas had her eyes still closed as the other girl’s moans were louder, each louder with the moment that Dallas caused. Dallas was also sensing that maybe their moment was coming to its end. But Jocelyn wanted to orgasm in her way. She made Dallas turn to face her, and Dallas fell onto the bed, with one hand supporting the edge of the bed and other hand supporting Jocelyn. Now Jocelyn lifted her sweaty bod up and wrapped her arms around her, burying her face in Dallas’ neck and holding it tightly. She began to thrust even more than before as she was in no mood to stop and end it. She was enjoying this moment to her fullest. She pushed herself for some more time as she was nearing to her big orgasm, Dallas looked upwards as she held her closely. Her pants evolved into breathless grunts and her whole body started to jerk slightly.

“Oh my god, oh my god…” Jocelyn gasped breathlessly.

With four enormous moans, Jocelyn finished to her orgasm and held Dallas closely, as she finished too, with a small moan. Jocelyn was regaining her breath from all the mess.

And Dallas continued her staring to the wall. Lost in her own thoughts, endlessly. She caught her breath and brushed a hand over her face and then back through her blue hair. She couldn’t make her eyes look at the panting mess of a blissful woman beneath her, with her hand wandering up to rest on her neck. It just wouldn’t do. But she didn’t deny the woman a warm kiss when she gently pulled her down and pressed her lips against her, earning her a cute smile.

Which she did return. Or as she thought.

Dallas moved over her after a moment, Jocelyn slid out from under her so she would have space to lay down. Dallas stared at the celling, her body barely tingling from the session just before. It took a few seconds for her to feel the bed shift and know that Jocelyn was staring at her. Following that, Dallas also had a star tattoo at the right side of her stomach. The women adjusted her position with her elbow and got closer to Dallas, to give her a peck at the star tattoo. She leaned down to kiss her cheek gently.

Sitting back, she shifted towards her face. “Hey,” she said. She brushed her thumb across Dallas’ lips lightly. “Did you come?”

“A bit.” Dallas said. She couldn’t lie. But she already did.

The women sighed and laid back on the bed, pulling at the necklace hanging down her chest. “What’s wrong?”

Dallas rubbed her eyes. She didn’t have an answer to this question. “I don’t know.”

“Tell me the truth, D.”

Or maybe she could.

“It was nothing.” Except that I was not really into it, J.

Dallas looked at Jocelyn for a second. She looked at every curve, every light, every line that caught on her body. She watched how she played with the necklace at her hand. It only lasted for a moment before she was staring into the abyss again. Still nothing.

“I want you to stop getting hyper, lady.”

The woman beside her sat up on the bedrock, seemingly irritated. “I’m not the one getting hyper, I am in love with you.” She sighed, dragging her fingers through her blondish-pink hair. What she just said was true, Jocelyn really loved Dallas. She wanted them to work like the old days, when everything was good and there were no cracks in the ceiling. She looked back at Dallas, hoping to give a reaction to her words.

Dallas laid there, with no response. She didn’t buy it. Her face postured for a second and she said the following words which shook Jocelyn down to her core.