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Jxstudios Presents.....


"Wow....Still can't believe Scrooge is retiring...."

It was Monday morning,I was on my way to the McDuck Manor after I received a letter from Scrooge in the mail yesterday night saying come to the mansion this morning...He wants me to come meet up for some reason....I could go further on why I'm heading there,but you all have a lot of questions you want me to answer...

Before we go any further,you guys might want to know who I am...I mean,you probably already know but hey,wouldn't kill me to do it....Names Gladstone Glander,nephew of Scrooge McDuck,Multi-Millionaire,the second richest Duck of Clan McDuck and known for my talented amount of luck!It's also why I'm called the Ultimate Luckster..."

Gladstone Glander
Ultimate Luckster

You're also wondering what Ultimates are,well it's pretty simple actually....Ultimates are talents people gain,they have to be the best in what they're are...There's the Ultimate Social Media Influencer,Ultimate Inventor,Ultimate Travel Guide and laughably,the Ultimate Intern...and then there's the one that everyone want to get,Ultimate Billionaire...Problem is Uncle Scrooge already has that talent,in fact...he's had 2 other talents before he even became the richest Duck in the world!

But enough of that...You're probably wondering why I'm on the way to the manor or what letter I'm talking about....Well,the letter in my pocket,oh a red light..I can show you it now that I have a chance...

To Gladstone Glander,Ultimate Luckster,Due to the recent events that have occurred in Saint Canard,I have learned information that may bring more danger to Duckberg,more than anything that's happened previously...If you are reading this letter,please make your way to the Mcduck Manor as soon as possible for me to discuss this matter further...Preferably 9am In the morning.

-Scrooge Mcduck

It's pretty obvious why Scrooge would say that...Maybe something happened in Saint Canard that changed him...And the most logical reason is that he's retiring!And he's mailing the family to come to the mansion so he can announce who's taking over for him!I mean,what's the only other reason he'd send me a letter like this randomly?

Mcduck Manor

I pulled up outside of the man of the manor to see a few other cars and two helicopters and...a plane on the roof?How-okay I'm not gonna bother trying to figure it out...

"Okay...this the letter said arrive here at 9 am in the morning...I guess everyone is waiting..."I said reading over it.I shoved it back in my pocket as I took a look at the manor...Man,I haven't been inside here for a while...

"Alright Gladstone....Your future being the Richest Duck Of Clan McDuck starts here!"

I took one last deep breath before I started heading to the front door as ,I walked up the stairs finally at the door...I felt a chill run down my spine as I placed my hand on the doorknob,as if someone was watching me.I turned around to see if what I said was true,but no one was there....Eh,must've been shivers,I turned back around and opened the door.I peaked my head in and slowly stepped inside.



The moment I stepped inside the mansion,I felt something hit the back on my head..Right then,my vision and the environment started to become warped and twisted...As it continued to warp,I could feel myself slowly losing consciousness moving back and forward,right then I heard the down closed behind me...I turned to see who closed the door but my vision was too blurry to make it out who it was...And then....

Everything went black and I fell to the ground........




" head...."

I slowly opened my eyes to find my laying on a bed-wait a minute....why am I in a bedroom?Last thing I remember was walking into the mansion and then I fell unconscious...and now I'm in bed?If this uncle Scrooge's way of an initiation then I'm a huge fan...

"Okay but seriously why am I in here..."I said out loud to myself.

I got off the bed to check my surroundings,the room I was I seemed to resemble my old room...It had green all over,green wallpaper,green bed,green lamp,almost everything was green... and reached into my jacket pocket to see if I had my phone I did...Lucky me...I still had it...I turned the power on to see what time it was.....As I entered the password,the words Gladstone Glander appeared on my screen right before it opening up the Home Screen...Something seemed off though....Why would my phone have my name appear on it?eh,it might be my imagination...I mean I did just wake up from a blow to the head....I then looked up to the upper right corner of to see what time i was and i saw it was 7pm,i then looked over to the upper left and saw there was no service-

"WAIT 7 PM!?Holy crap I've been unconscious that long...ALSO WHY IS THERE NO SERVICE?!

I wondered how I'd been asleep since 9:00 and why there was no service...I noticed something on the nightstand besides where I woke up...I walked over to pick it up and read what was on it.

"To Gladstone,when you wake up and read this message....Please make your way downstairs as soon as possible..."

"Downstairs....Well,guess I should head out of here...."

Dorm hallway

I walked out of my room closing the door behind me in the hallway I turned back around to notice another door In front of me,on the nameplate it had a 16-bit face of one of Della's triplets...I looked around to see 18 other doors(counting mine)all around me...Almost as if this was a hotel hall...I saw a sign pointing right towards the main hall,so I started heading towards that direction,right then i hard a door open and close behind before i heard..


Della Duck
Ultimate Adventurer

"Della?"I turned around in response to my sister's voice.

"Gladstone!I didn't know you were gonna be here!"She said,running up to hug me,I'm kind of Glad someone I know is here.

"Good to see you too Della!haven't seen you since the moonvasion!"

"Yeah...Things are doing...fine..."

"So uh...Do you remember anything when you got here?"I asked her.

"No,all I remember is Uncle Scrooge calling me to meet at the mansion then getting knocked out for a few hours...I was just waking up 3 minutes ago..So,where are you heading?"She asked.

"Downstairs,I found a note in my room saying to come downstairs when I wake up."

"Weird,I found something like that in my room as well."She responded.

"So...should we head down there or what?"I asked her, pointing towards the stairwell.

"Yeah...I guess we should."

Main Hall

We headed around the corner and already found ourselves in the main hall,I looked down to see two other ducks waiting..The same two ducks that happened to be my brothers.

"Aw're here...."

Donald Duck
Ultimate Sailor

"Gladstone!Della!Glad to see you two!"

Fethry Duck
Ultimate Marine Biologist

"Fethry?What the heck are you doing here?"I asked,not even noticing Donald and immediately talking to Fethry first.

"*ahem*!"Donald cleared his throat trying to get me to get me to talk to him..

"Oh hi Donald....."I said,acknowledging him.


"Uncle Scrooge invited me and Donald to the mansion,but when we got here we got knocked out and woke up in the garage...."

"Same...."Donald responded.

"Donald,weren't you on a trip out to the sea?"

"I came back as soon as I got the letter in the mail."

As we were all trying to figure out what happened,some guy walked down from where we woke up and walked up to us while we were talking.

"Yo who the hell are you guys?"The guy asked, taking out his earbuds.

Mark Beaks
Ultimate Social Media Influencer

"Um....we should be asking that question...Who are you?"Fethry asked,not having a single idea who he was.

"Me?You don't know who I am?Im Mark motherfucking Beaks,Ultimate Social Media Influencer?CEO of Waddle?Richer than all of you combined?"He introduced himself sounding like a social media bio-wait....Ultimate Social Media Influencer.........oh.........

"Oh yeah....Waddle?"I muttered now remembering who he was...

"Oh yeah!Now I remember you!You're the guy under me in the Richest Ducks In The World Chart!Man it would suck to be you!"He said,taunting me on how he's richer than me...

"oh how I hate you...."I muttered,giving a death stare to him.

"Gladstone,calm down..."Della whispered to me while she nudged me in the elbow.

"Hey at least I don't have an annoying voice!"

"The fuck you just say about my voice?"Mark turned to me looking insulted but ready to throw hands.

"Oh did I say that out loud?Want me to repeat it for you in front of your damn face?"I asked sarcastically,trying to piss him off.

"*bawls his hand into a dice ready to punch me*Oh you're so fucking dead you-

"Whoa there!Let's all calm down amigos!"A rooster in Wild Western said walking into the room along with a green parrot holding a cigar trying to calm us down before I took a fist to the face.

Panchito Pistoles
Ultimate Sharpshooter

"Panchito?Jose?"Donald responded to the -wait...these are the guys from Donald's band!What were they called?The Three Caballeros?I think that was their name.

"Donald!It's good to see you amigo!"Panchito said giving Donald a noogie to the head.

"Well what do you know...It's Donald's band mates...How're your lives not living up to your fame in college?" I greeted them in a sort of sarcastic tone.

"Heh,Glad to see you haven't changed Gladstone..." Jose chuckled,puffing his cigar.

Jose Carioca
Ultimate Travel Guide


"What are you two doing here?"Donald asked his former bandmates.

"Scrooge invited me for a meeting!Along with Jose!"Panchito answered Donald then pulled out a letter similar to mine.

"Do you know anything about it?"Jose asked following Panchito's question.

"No...I was on a trip when I received my letter..."Donald responded.

"But why would he knock us out if he wanted us to talk to us?"

"Guys,it's quite obvious that Scrooge brought us here to tell us he's retiring and he wanted us to make it a surprise!

"Why would he retire?"

"I don't know....Maybe he's just tired of-

"Uncle Scrooge never gets tired from going on adventures!"Della said trying to deny what I almost said.

"Well...That time after you were stuck on the moon...."Donald pointed out.

"And the time the boys found out he was the reason you were stuck there...."Donald continued.

"Okay I get it Donald."Della muttered.

"As a matter of fact,where are the boys?"Fethry asked.

"Haven't seen them since last night,you know,before I got knocked out..."Della responded with a worried look on her face.

As we all changed the conversation to the kids,a taller Duck with a trucker hat and a bomber jacket came downstairs from where we all woke up...

"Oh hey everyone!"

(Ladies and Gentlemen....Launchpad Mcquack!)

Launchpad McQuack
Ultimate Pilot

"Launchpad!buddy!"Della turned to greet him with a smile on her face.

"Oh hey,you're the dumbass idiot driver that works for Scrooge and crashes literally every car and plane he touches!"Mark said, recognizing the launchpad.

"I'm not an idiot,I'm a pilot!Also I only crash 75% of the time!"Launchpad said not noticing he got insulted by a zoomer.

"My point exactly...What the fuck you got no service here?!"Mark said pulling his phone out and noticing he had no service.

"Yeah we've noticed that as well-

"Didn't ask you..."Mark stopped me from finishing talking.

(I dislike this dude very much...)

Right then two other people walked into the foyer from the left,one was a chicken with glasses and a hat that I slightly recognized and the other was a smaller tan Duck with a polo-ish yellow shirt and tie on that I didn't recognize-wait was that Gyro?

" head is killing me...."Gyro groaned,rubbing his head.

Gyro Gearloose
Ultimate Inventor

"Dr. Gearloose,you shouldn't be walking around with a bruise to the head like that!"

Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera
Ultimate Intern

"Don't worry intern,I'll be fi-oh you have got to be kidding me?!"Gyro said right before he stopped to so say something else and started pointing

"Oh hi gyro!Btw,I'm so sorry about your intern giving me your blueprints...The feeling is mutual..."

"You son of a bitch I thought I was never gonna see you again!!"Gyro yelled,more annoyed about the fact Mark was here.

"Jokes on you,Scrooge is the one who invited me!Guess we're stuck here together!Bt dubs,tell him writing letters is so old fashioned"Mark pointed out pulling out a letter similar to the one scrooge sent me.

"Nope!Screw this I'm outta here!Getting knocked out and waking up in a kitchen is one thing but Im not staying here with him!"Gyro yelled as he turned to the door ready to leave.

Gyro headed towards the door immediately ready to leave,but when he tried to open it...

*Rattle Rattle Rattle*

It refused to open...

"What the hell?"Gyro said shaking the doorknob

"What is it,Dr. gearloose?"Gyros' intern asked him.

"It's locked...."Gyro said,turning around with a look of fear in his eyes.

"Locked?Hold on,let me try..."Della said pushing gyro out of the way.Della walked up to the door moving gyro aside to see if the door was really locked...

*Rattle Rattle Rattle*

"Guys....Gyro's right,it's locked..."Della said, turning back to us with a nervous look.

"What do you mean the door's locked?!How are we gonna get out of here?!"Mark panicked.

(Wow you finally contribute to something)

"Guys calm down!This is probably just Scrooge's way of an initiation!"I said,trying to reassure them that this was probably fine.

"What initiation?"Della asked.

"Uh...isn't the locked door apart of this whole-

"What do you mean the front door is locked?"

Louie Duck
Ultimate Con-Artist

"Gha!"Gyro shouted when heard Louie's voice.Della turned arounds to see her sons behind her who appeared out of nowhere,they most likely came in while everyone was focused on the door.

"Boys!Thank goodness you're safe!"Della cried out

"WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU THREE COME FROM?!"Mark trapped recovering from being scared to death.

"Language!You can't swear around kids!"Launchpad said

"Dude kids our age swear all the time...."Dewey said.

Dewey Duck
Ultimate Blogger

"Mom,why did we wake up in our rooms unconscious?"

Huey Duck
Ultimate Scout

"And why was there an empty can of tear gas under our beds?"

"Tear gas?!"Della yelled seeing the can of tear gas.

"Don't worry mom it's empty..."Louie assured here shaking the empty can.

"Maybe it's FOWL?"Huey suggested.

"FOWL?But not one's heard from them in years...."Gyro pointed out.

"Well we-

"Man...whoever knocked me out didn't have to crack my glasses...."A voice groaned interrupting huey...Launchpad looked up to see a duck in a pink plaid shirt looking at his sunglasses that appeared to be cracked.

"Dark-*cough cough*Drake?"Launchpad coughed almost as if he was trying to hide the ducks identity.

Drake Mallard
Ultimate Actor

"Launchpad?"The Duck said looking up from his broken glasses to Launchpad.

"Darkwi-I mean-Drake?!How did you get here?"Huey said doing the same thing Launchpad did.

"Well uh...Mr. Mcduck wanted me to come meet up at the mansion....He had an announcement to make If I remember?Thats what my letter said..."Drake said pulling out a letter.

"Announcement?You mean his retirement?"I asked.

"Wait Scrooge is retiring?"Drake said looking at me confused.

"I mean............probably...."I mumbled.

"Maybe it' know what..."Dewey whispered to Huey.

Right then,the main man himself walked in,Uncle Scrooge Mcduck himself....and Beakley...

"Hello lads...."

Scrooge McDuck
Ultimate Billionaire

"Uncle scrooge!"

"Well it's good to see most of you have woken up..."

Benita Beakley
Ultimate Housekeeper

"What do you mean most of us?

"This isn't all of you,I invited at least 3 more people..."

"3?Who else could you have invited-


A voice roared through the main hall,we looked up to see a guy standing on the staircase that looked exactly like a pirate with his eyes darted towards Huey,he then slid down the stair bannister unsheathing a sword and then landing on the ground,almost as he was a actor.

"It is I,Don Karnage!Here to finally have my revenge!!!"The pirate exclaimed, holding his sword towards Dewey's face-WAIT WHAT THE HELL?!

Don Karnage
Ultimate Sky Pirate

"Oh boy...."Scrooge muttered.

"Whoa whoa whoa woah!!Cool it buddy!Why don't you just...lower your weapon and not try and kill a child?"I said,trying to lower his weapon and not piss him off.

"Revenge?Dewey what did you do?"Della asked Huey.

"And this time I'm not the one in trouble..."Louie mumbled sarcastically about his brother's downfall.

"Nothing mom!*Sigh*look dude,now is not the time..I know you got some sort of personal vendetta against me but we're sorta trapped here and-

"TRAPPED?!How could I be trapped in a place with you!"Don yelled,suddenly changing his thoughts towards the door.

"Don't bother trying,we've already tried opening the door-and you're not listening to me...."gyro tried telling don to not bother with opening the door but he ignored him and tried to anyway...

"Damn it!The Door is jammed!"

"Tried to tell you...."

"Hey why do you look like a pirate?"Mark asked.Don turned back around and walked towards mark.When he got there he stood there looking down on mark.

"I beg your pardon?"

"yeah he kinda does look like a pirate..."Panchito whispered to Jose....

"is he a pirate?"Jose whispered back.

"Are you a pirate?"I asked,now confused as to whether or not he was a pirate or not.

"That's kinda my thing...Ultimate Sky Pirate?(also pirate's are in this year you idiot..)"

As we all stood there still wondering if Don was a pirate,a younger duck,probably the age of the triplets walked in from the right tossing an apple to the side.

"Sup Guys..."

Lena De'spell
Ultimate ???


"Yeah I kinda know where this is going so let's skip over that....anyway have any of you seen webby and why did I wake up in a laundry basket?"


"Laundry Basket?"Dewey said.

"Um...we haven't seen her..."

"The purple Duck?Haven't seen her..."Don said.

"What do you mean any of you haven't see Her?!"Beakley raised her voice now finding out her daughter was missing.

"I mean we would've seen here by now but she's no where to be found...

"Well one of you go search for her!Who knows what happened to-

"Mr. Mcduck,care to explain why I woke up in your Garage?"An old buzzard in a suit came walking into the room interrupting Beakley and asking Scrooge questions already.

Bradford Buzzard
Ultimate Chief Director

"Bradford....what are you doing here?"Scrooge said,tensing up the moment he laid eyes on him.

"I received an anonymous letter saying to meet with you in the manor...You said you....wanted to talk things out,if that's what I remember..."The buzzard apparently named Bradford said scratching his head.

"...I don't remember sending you a letter..."

"So you want to lie now of all times...I don't think knocking us all out and waking up inside the mansion with the exit locked looks good for you..."

"I remember writing letters to most of you,but i don't remember writing you one..."

"Yes,Mr. McDuck sent out letters to everyone besides the one's living here and you..."Beakley stated, backing scrooge up.

"SO YOU INVITED HIM OF ALL PEOPLE?!"Gyro yelled as he pointed as beaks again.

"Okay the joke was funny the first time,now it's getting old quickly Dude..."

"Oh you don't believe me?"Bradford said,raising his eyebrow.

"Bradford reached into his pocket pulling out a letter with a spine tingling glare in his eyes,I mean for an old man,he looked pretty terrifying...

"If I remember...the letter says...."

Bradford Buzzard,Ultimate Chief Director,I think there is a possibility we can work things out after our little confrontation in Saint Canard and make you allie to the McDucks,please come to McDuck Manor at 9 in the morning,try to come peacefully would you?

-Scrooge McDuck

"Chief Director?What kind of talent is that?"

"Simple,I oversee the affairs and anything else going on within McDuck enterprises...More importantly...why did we all wake up unconscious in your mansion?"Bradford asked,interrogating Scrooge.

"Yeah!Did you drug us or something?"Mark asked eyes darting towards Scrooge.

"We were knocked out,not drugged intern..."Gyro pointed out.

"Uncle Scrooge would never do something like that!"Huey yelled.

"Well let's ask scrooge himself..So what was so important that you had to knock us all out and wake us up in a locked room?"Bradford asked demanding an answer.

"His Retirement?I mean that's the only reason we're here right?"I brought up.

"What?I'm not retiring!"

Wait what?I thought he was retiring-Did i just assume that was why he wanted us to come?

"Wa-wait,if you aren't retiring...then why did you invite us here?"I asked confused as hell.

"*sigh*You'll find out now nephew....Now everyone....I have invited you here to announce something i've discovered...Everyone,there is a-

"17...18.......19!Good!Everyone's here!"A robotic voice came out of nowhere as it finished counting.

"Uncle Scrooge?Was that you?"I asked.

"I didn't say anything lad..."Scrooge said.

"We could've sworn we heard your voice just now!"Donald yelled.

"No it wasn't him you dummy!I'm right in front of you!"

"Uh...there's no one in front of us."Louie said turning around.

"Are you trying to make us look like Fool's Mcduck?!"Don yelled.

"I'm not there you yet dumbass...okay so...which button is it to jump out?god damn it...hold on a sec-got it!"

Right then,two of the tiles on the ground slid open,wide enough for someone to jump in or out of...Next thing we knew,something jumped out from the ground and landed as the floor closed back up.The person was revealed to be...Scrooge?He looked way different than the Scrooge that were were talking to.He had a similar appearance but his coat was half black and half white coat with a red button,his hat was the same and for some reason his left eye was red and looked completely different.

"What......the.....fuck?"I muttered.

" I seeing things or are there two Scrooges?"Gyro said rubbing his eyes.

"Wh-what the?!"Panchito yelled.

"Glad to meet you all!My name is Monoscrooge and I am the new owner of the Mcduck Manor!"This version of Uncle Scrooge said with a robotic comic introducing himself."

Monoscrooge?What kind of name is that?

"Y-you're basically Uncle Scrooge!"Huey said pointing at him.

"Don't compare me to him bitch...I'm better than him in every single way,shape and form..."

"Gyro did you make this?"Della asked.

"I don't remember making this,also....I would make a robot of Scrooge and massacre what he looks like!"Gyro responded.

"Wow lad....I'm offended....."Monoscrooge said sounding sad and offended.

"Wounded even?Mark asked sarcastically.


"New owner?!We didn't approve of this!"Beakley said in disapproval.

"Of course not,my boss did....."

"And who's your boss?"Jose asked.

"Ummmmmmm............How 'Bout no for now?okay?okay....So,you're probably wondering why Scrooge mailed you all letter to come here and then you got knocked out and woke up here...Scrooge there was gonna announce why but I'm taking over from here...Anyway you have been invited to Mcduck Manor for a certain reason...."

"So are you gonna tell or not?"Louie asked Impatiently

"How do I put,You all are gonna be staying. Here.....forever..."


"(W-what did he just say?)"I thought to myself,I looked over to Della and I could see she had the same expression as I did.

"D-did you j-just say...forever?"Fethry asked stuttering.

"Yep!You're all gonna be staying at Mcduck Manor for the rest of your lives!(or until we get bored)...."

"Y-you're joking right?"Della asked.

"Nope!Im not capping whatsoever!"

"This is bullshit,first we get knocked out and now we're being told by a robot that we're trapped here?!"Mark said annoyed.

"Well...there is one way you can leave..."

"And that is?"Bradford asked nonchalantly.

"By playing a game!"Monoscrooge said with excitement.

"Gambling?"I asked.

"Video games?"Dewey asked.

"Even better!The game is pretty simple,since there is only one rule!All you have to do is this one thing"

"Kill Someone Without Getting Caught..."

We all froze in fear after what Monoscrooge told us...w-we have to kill someone to get out freedom?And we have to get away with it?!"

"K-k-k-k-kill?"Fethry stuttered.

Strangulation,Suffocation,Drowning,Poisoning,hell even a Bullet To The Head!All you have to do to escape is kill one of your fellow survivors and then you're free to go!"

"Hey so yeah,I don't have time for this....Tell me,how much money will it cost you to let me out of here right now Monoscroogey?"Mark asked pulling out a stack of money from his pocket hoping he could leave early...

"How much money is your life worth?"Monoscrooge asked mark menacingly as his left right shined red.

Beaks dropped the stack of dollars and his cell phone,his face changed from cocky to terrifying...He rubbed his arms as if he had gotten chills from what Monoscrooge said...

"What do you mean by have to get away with it?"Jose asked curiously yet he had a tone of fear in his voice.

"You'll find out know,when someone gets murdered....."

"W-what do you by that?!"

"You'll see...."

"This is so fucking stupid...."Gyro said facepalming himself.

"What you mean this is stupid?"Monoscrooge asked

"I know are of us are same enough to not fall for this....I mean....killing someone?We're all smarter than that!"

"Oh really gyro?Of course you wouldn't know anything about killing...for example..the Tokyolk incident and how much despair you caused?"

"T-that was an accident!!!"

"Deny it all you want...Despair will get the best of you in the end....Anyway,happy killing everyone!!!"Monoscrooge said waving goodbye as he jumped back down into the floor and soon out of sight.Silence filled the room soon as Monoscrooge left....We all just stared at each other with fear processing what just happened...

"Hey...Uncle Scrooge....This is a prank right?This is just one big sick prank right?"I asked Scrooge nervously hoping for a yes from him.




The silence from him and the look on his face made me realize this wasn't a joke...I stood there in terror at the thought of killing someone...I looked over to see Fethry fall down on his knees.

"No way-I mean there's no way-we can't just-I mean...killing?"He stuttered.

"Guys we have to stay calm!Junior Woodchuck guideline 34 says,when in a state of emergency,all you have to do is stay calm and-

"You're going to die...."Bradford interrupted Huey with a tone of malice.We all turned to him with a wtf look on our faces after what he said.

"W-what?What do you mean?"Huey asked confused and nervously...his face had a complete look of fear from earlier.

"If you keep relying on a guidebook to help you get through this game,you're a dead kid walking...."Bradford told Huey menacingly.

"Hey who do you think you are talking to my son like that?!"Della yelled clenching her fist.

"I'm just telling your son the truth...Friendship is what the main thing that could get him and all of us killed...."

"Hey what the hell are you thinking?!he's just a kid!"Don yelled.

"Aren't you the same guy that tried to kill a kid?"Bradford said pointing out his hypocrisy.


"B-but we're all friends here right?I mean that's the only way we know someone isn't gonna betray us!"Fenton said trying to proving a point to Bradford,but it wasn't good enough....Bradford then walked halfway up the stairs and turned around to us to make some sort of speech.

"Let me make myself clear...I have no intention on making friends with any of you....we're in a game of life or death...Friendship has no place here,you're just asking someone to kill you....It's kill or be killed and I have all the intention to survive this game..."

After he finished his speech we all stood there in anger...All I could feel was hatred...This bastard was trying to get under our skin....who does this guy think he his?!I looked over to see uncle Scrooge's face turn red face in anger and it looked like he was about to say something to Bradford...

"You know what Bradford?!I might as well tell everyone you're the mo-(he was gonna say mole)

Ding Dong Bing Bong

Right then,a alarm rang from out of nowhere,I could see a tv on the side of the wall turn and Monoscrooge appear in a chair or something with a...bathrobe on and glass of wine?(wtf?)like he was a villain on something.

"Attention lads,it is now 10pm,with that being said....Nighttime has a officially begun!Please make your way to your assigned rooms upstairs...Okay then everyone,good night!"

"Well,seems like 3 hours have passed since we've woke up.....well I wish you all good luck...."Bradford said walking upstairs.

"Hey get back here you asshole!!!"Donald yelled.

"It's no use...let him be.."Jose said grabbing Donald's shoulder.


"Hey Donald calm down..."Launchpad said trying to calm me down.

"YOU STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THIS!!!"Donald swore loudly.

"Oh...okay...."Launchpad said with his voice Lowering in fear.

"I already hate him..."Lena muttered.

"*sigh*I knew I shouldn't have invited him...."Scrooge sighed.

"Should've invited Glomgold..."Beakley said to him.

"Hey Mr. Mcduck,were you about to say something?"Launchpad asked trying to get over Donald yelling at him.

"N-nothing Launchpad...."Scrooge said dismissing what he said and walking back upstairs.

"I-I think I need to go lie down..."Mark mumbled to himself,still recovering from what Monoscrooge told to him.

"Yes I might as well head back to my room as well...I wish you all the best of luck from here on out...even you Huey Duck...."Don said before going up the stairs.Huey still stood there trying to process what Bradford told him.

"Yeah I think we need to head back...The mood in here is too tense..."Panchito said following the others back to their rooms.

"Right behind you..."Jose said following him.

"I guess we should head back...boys,please lock your doors for me..."Della ordered her sons still terrified.


"Hey bro,you okay?"Louie asked patting Huey's shoulder.

"Yeah..i-I'm fine...."Huey stuttered with fear in his voice.

"Hey let's just go back to bed...."Dewey said wrapping his arm around Huey and getting him up the stairs.

We all headed back upstairs and into our separate rooms...I went into my room closing the door behind me and just sat down by the door,thinking about what just happened in the past minutes...

"K-kill someone for my freedom?"I said to myself...

"ha....ha.....hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!Kill each other?!That's ridiculous!I would never betray my own family!!" I could hear myself sounding insane,it's only been 3 hours winds I woke up and things already bad...Scrooge isn't retiring,I'm in a death game and We're trapped with that psycho Bradford....Now I wish that Scrooge was really retiring,

And just like that....My last taste of hope and luck had officially came to a pause,and my first glimpse of despair had finally begun.....



Remaining Guests:19

T o
B e
C o n t i n u e d

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Chapter Text

(Hey before the chapter begins, Quick a/n, so i'm gonna have the triplets and lena aged up at least a year or two because i'd feel extremely bad if they ended up yeah, just wanted to make that clear. )

Chapter 1:Survival Of The Fittest

S t a r t

Ding Dong Bing Bong

"Good Morning lads! It is now 8 am! Get ready for your first official day in the McDuck Manor!"

The tv turned off as Monoscrooge finished the morning announcement, I found myself staring at myself in my mirror for a few minutes thinking about what happened yesterday....


"Kill each other without getting caught....."

*end of flashback*

How the hell did all of this happen in 1 day?

Knock Knock Knock

"Come in...." I said.

"Hey you should start locking your door..."

I looked over at my door to see who it was, turns out it was Fethry....

"Well good morning to you too, Fethry..." I said, rubbing my eyes.

"No Dude I'm serious...We're in one of those death game's like the ones on the Japanese Anime I watch!" He said.

"I thought you said you were being serious?" I looked at him raising my brow

"I have a list." He said, reaching into his pocket, pulling out this folded piece of paper, he unfolded it to reveal a giant list of anime and began reading it out loud, some of these I haven't even heard of!

"H-how do you have a list of Death Game anime? also why do you keep it in your jacket coat?" I asked.

"I have a lot of time....and I have my reasons...Hey, Beakley wanted to tell you to head downstairs to the dining hall when you're ready, you remember where it is right?" Fethry asked.

"Of course I remember, do you take me as an amnesiac or something?"

"Well i mean-

"Dude, I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Okay let's go change the world now..." I chuckled, patting him on the shoulder.

Dining Hall

Me and Fethry walked into the dining where 6 of the others were waiting... Beakley, Louie, Donald, Beaks, Launchpad and Donald.

"Hey Uncle Gladstone!" Louie said, finishing a can of pep.

"Hey dude!" Launchpad said with fiddling with the silverware

"Hey.." Donald said looking at me then looking away.

"Gladstone, good to see you made it through the night..." Beakley said with a sigh of relief.

"Hey guys..."I said sitting down.

"So....what's the plan?" Beaks asked looking up from his phone.

"Plan?" Beakley looked up, not expecting Mark to ask that.

"I mean you're obviously the brains of the group so I assume you have a plan..."Louie said following up what Mark said.

"I'm still thinking of one..."

"Well you better think of one cause there's no way in hell i'm dying in here!" Donald yelled.

"Dude it's been one day, we aren't gonna start killing yet!" Fethry pointed out.

"Well if you all don't remember, i'm rich so i can't die in something like-

"Well good morning everyone..."A grizzly voice said walking into the room interrupting Mark. Oh yeah....Bradford.....he's still here...

".....Get the fuck out of my sight...." Donald said

"Donald, please don't get started..." Beakley asked.

"This fucker won't come in here acting like shit didn't happen yesterday!" Donald yelled.

"For the nephew of Scrooge Mcduck you sure are foul mouthed....I guess that's what happens when you become a sailor..." Bradford said, intimidating Donald even more.

"You fucking-

"Donald, quiet... Bradford, would you please not start drama?....We all are just waking up...." Beakley asked him politely but seeming annoyed.

"...fine then...."He said sitting down. After that, silence filled the room, we didn't say a single thing until...

"Well.....that was something." Launchpad said trying to get a laugh out of us, it didn't work though.

Soon, everyone else came in one by one.

"Morning everyone..."

"Lads... Bradford..."

"...Mr Mcduck..."

"Hey dude, So..... how's it going?" Dewey tried greeting Don only getting silence and a glare back from him.


"*Sigh* Dude are you still mad about me for humiliating you that one time? Dude that was months ago! Look where in a freaking Saw movie now, we have to put whatever drama we've had in the past behind us, one of us could be six feet under if we don't let go of that crap!"

"And what are you trying to say?"

"I'm saying we make a temporary truce? After this is over, we can settle this...So what do you say?" Dewey proposed, nervously putting his hand out.

"*sigh*Fine then.. But when we get out of this, It's on sight.." Don said, making a pact with Dewey.

"Glad to see all of you are trying to put your pasts behind you and focusing on our situation...Maybe Gyro and Mark will work something out-

"Hell...No..." Gyro said, interrupting Scrooge.

"Yeah, that will never happen..."Mark muttered.

"Okay, so everyone.. Before we eat, i think we should begin brainstorming a plan to-

"DID I HEAR SOMEONE SAY PLANS?!" Monoscrooge yelled, appearing out of nowhere and interrupting Beakley.


"I already told you guys, no one's coming to save you, this isn't like those horror movies where the cops come and save you.. Most of the time they end up dead.."

"ugh, What do you want with us now?" I asked.

"So....i forgot to explain the rules of the killing game yesterday..."

"There are rules? Who the fuck are you my mom?" Mark asked sarcastically.

"No but I was with her last night..."

*Ba dum tss*

"Ha! That was...not funny now that i think of it.." Fenton said before realizing the joke was not that funny.

"Lame.." Louie said.

"Ha ha! That was so funny man, ha ha.....I'll fucking dox you..."

"Dude calm down, it was a joke.." Drake said.


"Cry about it, as you all have noticed...Your phones seem to be different than usual, that's because I tweaked them!"

"What do you mean by "Tweaked"?" Louie Asked, making air quotes.

"I mean i couldn't have you calling the police or looking up anything you're restricted from, also what phone has your name appear when you turn on your phone..."

"So you modded our phones to not be able to contact the outside world?"

"Yep! Also, have I mentioned that the cops can't help you?"

"You've said that 3 times in a row..."

"Anyway, reach into your pockets and pull out your E-Handbooks, that's the name I'm giving them now.."

We all did what monoscrooge said and took out our phones, my name appeared as I turned it on and showed a quick bio of me with all my information and talent before switching over to the rules.

Rules Of The Mcduck Manor Killing Game

Rule 1:Guests will reside in the manor until the killing game is over

Rule 2:Nighttime is from 10pm to 8am, so some areas of the mansion will be restricted unless planning a murder

Rule 3:Student's may only sleep in their assigned dorms, sleeping in someone else's room is fine but sleeping outside of the dorms is forbidden, unless you were drugged or knocked out

Rule 4:Guests can only escape the mansion by killing someone without getting caught

Rule 5:When a guest kills another guest, they be called "The Blackened"

Rule 6:When 3 or more non-blackened guests find a body, a Body Discovery Announcement will ring through the mansion and a period of investigation will begin.

Rule 7:Violence against Monoscrooge is forbidden and doing so will result in punishment

Rule 8:Other than the previous rules, you're free to do what you can here...go wild i guess...

Rule 9:Gyro is not allowed to punch, kick or swear at the vending machines

Other rules will be added if necessary

"Wait...what do you mean by rule 7, Violence against Monoscrooge will result in Punishment?" Jose asked, looking through the rules.

"Just don't try to attack me, okay? Then you won't have to worry about it..."

"But what exactly do you mean by Punishment?" Bradford asked, looking at the robot suspiciously.

"*Sigh*, you get a control shock, there... I said it.." Monoscrooge said, sounding annoyed.(totally not lying)

"Oh...well that doesn't sound bad.." Fethry said, looking less worried.

"Trust me, it does...Anyway have fun killing each other!"

"Hey uh, one last question... Why are you doing this?" Launchpad asked.

"Launchpad, you know it's too early for any of you to find out... Maybe when 10 of you are six feet under I'll tell you.. Anyway ttyl bye!" Monoscrooge told Launchpad before disappearing out of sight.




"Why not?" Bradford said.

"So are we gonna eat or what?" Dewey asked.

"Yeah I could go for another can of pep?"

"You drink soda for breakfast?" Della asked.

"You're a bad mom..."Gyro mumbled to della.

"Screw you..."

So we all ended up waiting 30 more minutes for the food to be served....Once it was served, we all began eating and trying to start conversations.

"So then Negaduck tries to steal DW's girlfriend, it was so disrespectful!" Launchpad said, talking about some old darkwing duck episodes.

"Yeah Negaduck is a menace!" Drake backed him up.

"Launchpad what the hell are you talking about?" Scrooge asked.

"Nerd stuff." Don said.

"Dude you act like a theater kid! Who performs a dance while running people's pockets?"

"Running people's pockets in style is also in this year!" Don yelled to louie.

"Wait, so you perform while running people's shit? That's based, and redpilled!" Mark said.

"Don't know what Based or Redpilled means but I'll take that as a compliment."


"Well that was...Okay i guess..." I said.

"Hey beakley, what did you say that plan was?" Panchito asked.

"Oh right, the plan... Anyway I think we should all start looking for exits and start exploring what's available to us on the first floor." Beakley said, explaining the plan.

"That's the plan?" Mark asked.

"So we go out on our own?" Fenton asked.

"Absolutely not, who knows what one of us is planning..."Jose said.

"How about groups? There's nineteen of us so there should be 4 of us in four groups and 3 in one group." Della suggested.

"Good idea, Okay then, we'll split up into groups. Group 1 will be Gladstone, Donald, Fethry and Della, Group 2 will be Huey, Dewey, Louie and Lena, Group 3 will be Gyro, Fenton, and Mark Group 4 will be Me, Scrooge, Bradford and Don, And Group 5 will be Panchito, Jose, Launchpad and Drake. Do we have any problems?"

"Why do I have to be in a group with him?" Gyro asked, glaring at Mark.

"Because I said so, alright.. Everyone, get in your groups and start searching around the mansion.

We all did what Beakley said and got into our separate groups, soon they all left to investigate the mansion, leaving me, Donald, Della and Fethry left in the kitchen.

"So...what do we do now?" I asked.

"I mean, everyone's searching the first floor so I guess there isn't much to do.." Fethry responded.

"What about the garage? You two woke up there so maybe there's a way we can leave!"

"Highly doubt it but I guess we can try." Donald said.

"Alright gang! Let's go!" Della said, rushing out the door.

"....She doesn't remember where the garage is...."Fethry whispered to me.



We made our way through the garage door, it seemed normal, some of Uncle Scrooge's old treasures, dusty paintings, boxes, a cabinet by the wall(totally not gonna be important)..

"Nothing out of the ordinary here..." Della said.

"I tried to tell you." DonA

"Hey what about the garage door? Maybe we can use it to get out of here!"Della suggested.

"Oh shit you're right! Donald, try to open the garage door!" I ordered donald.

"Uhh.... One problem..."Donald said, as soon as I finished saying that.

Donald pointed to the garage door opener and we saw that it had been bolted shut with like 2 different locks on it.

"We can't open it even if we wanted to...."Don

"Wait... Didn't Monoscrooge say all the exits were blocked off?" I said.

"Yeah, he did say that..." Della responded.

"So.... We really can't leave..."

"Aw phooey..." Donald said.

"Well, there goes that plan !Alright let's go check the library..."I said, leading the others out of the garage.


"Yeah...everything is the same..."

(This segment was a joke)

Mansion Store(Monoshop)

We walked out of the library after finding nothing of importance and noticed a red door in front of us.Out of curiosity we walked through there to find out what was in there, what we didn't expect was a gift shop, it looked like something out of Gamestop.There were plushies everywhere, a black and white teddy bear,a light bulb that looks like Gyro's Invention, A Darkwing Duck plush, A black and white cup plush, a penguin with a tie and so on and so on.

(Guess the references)

"I'm getting flashbacks to getting scammed at Gamestop.." Fethry said.

"What the hell?" I muttered.


"This wasn't in the mansion..." Della said.

"Well well well! Looks like you've found one of the many new installments of the mansion!" Monoscrooge said, popping up behind the counter.

"New installments?" Della asked.

"Yep! The Monoshop is where you can spend coins you can collect in exchange for prizes! Kinda like a more decent version of Gamestop where you don't get conned.

"I'm surprised Uncle Scrooge wasn't the one who invented gamestop.."Donald said.

"Yeah! I traded in a copy of Madden 21 and they gave me 3 dollars back!"

"And what did you buy with it?"

"Madden 08.."

I'd do the same thing..

"Anyway, since this is your first time here

Obtained 100 Monocoins

"Are these... Coins from the money bin?" I asked, taking a closer look at the coins he handed the four of us.

".....Don't tell your uncle..."

"Hey, so... why are you being this friendly?" I asked.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Yeah, you're holding us hostage, told us to kill each other and you're just acting nice...What's the deal?!"Donald said.

"I mean, i'm usually nice... Just take your damn coins and try and get a prize... Put in whatever amount of coins you want."

I inserted 5 coins into the machine and twisted the knob. I waited a few seconds as the inside rattled, after about 10 more seconds it stopped and released a capsule from the machine.

Obtained Krill Doll

"Hey that's looks like one of my lab partners!" Fethry said as i grabbed the plush.

"You're lab partner's with a fish?" Della asked. 

"i mean this is fethry we're talking about.." i mumbled.

"Anyway come back later!" Monoscrooge said falling backwards onto the ground and disappearing.

"how does he do that?" Della asked.


"Let's just go..."

Second Floor Gate

We exited the shop and made our way towards the end of the hall to find a gate blocking a staircase. It looked exactly like those gates at the mall when the stores close.

"The heck?

"But doesn't this take us to the bedrooms?


"GHA! Where do you come from?!" Donald yelled, nearly getting a heart attack from Monoscrooge appearing out of nowhere.

"None of your business, anyway you couldn't be more wrong! This staircase takes you to the next area of the mansion... (but it's blocked until you get pass the first class trial)"

"What did you say?"

"Nothing! anywaygottagobye!"He said quickly before jumping into the walls and disappearing.

"Hey wait- and he's gone..."

"wow... for a robot version of uncle scrooge, he sure acts more like the triplets than scrooge.." I muttered.


"Great... Just what we needed, a child gaslighter..." Donald said.

"Hey I was not gaslighting your nephew, I was giving him advice..."

"Well you didn't have to say he was going to die... You could've been more i don't know... less Menacing?" Della suggested.


"Never mind..." She said.

"Anyway, i'll be investigating on my own.. Hope you find something useful." Bradford said beforw walking off.

"And he's gone.."


Dining Hall

We made our way back to the dining hall and found everyone else waiting

"so what did you all thing out? "Beakley asked.

"well the garage exit is locked..." Donald said.

"There's a gate blocking the second floor..." I added.

"Most of the windows seem to be bolted shut from the inside.. We can't see shit outside and couldn't leave if we fucking wanted..." Mark said.

"Have you tried breaking them?" Don suggested.


Our Handbook's buzzed as soon as Don said that. We pulled them out to see that the rules had been updated with a new rule.

Rule 10: No Breaking The Windows, yeah bitch you thought.

"Too soon lad... Too soon..." Scrooge mumbled.

"Well now we know Monoscrooge can update the rules when he pleases..." Lena said.

"Hmmm, seems like The Mastermind has this whole game planned out..." Bradford said.

"Mastermind? The hell are you talking about?" Panchito asked looking over to Bradford.

"Did you forget to take your meds?" Mark asked.

"The person who's orchestrated this game... We know scrooge wouldn't do something like this or wouldn't plan something this well.. So they must've carefully planned this, if they can cut off all access to the outside world, block all exits and update the rules whenever they can, they must have took forever to plan this..."

"You think it's FOWL?" Launchpad suggested, bringing FOWL back up.

"Of course not... Even FOWL wouldn't do something this asinine to people.." Don said.

"How would you know?" Gyro asked, suspicious of Don.

"Uh....... Just a guess, i mean, they're like a evil spy organization but they wouldn't do this to innocent people..."

"You tried to kill me, you know, A FREAKING CHILD!!" Dewey said.

"I thought we made a pact?" Dewey said, bringing up this morning.

"Yeah Hypocrite..." Mark said looking up form his phone.

"Hey don't call my son a hypocrite!" Della yelled.

"*Clap* *Clap* *Clap*" Mark clapped slowly at Della's comeback.

"Okay... so that concludes the meeting... Now if you excuse me I'm going to go make some tea.' Beakley said walking into the kitchen.

"Same..." Scrooge said following her.

"Well, i'm gonna go back to my room and lock it...See you guy's later.." Lena said leaving.

"I'm gonna go get a soda.." Louie said getting up form his chair.

"Hey drake! Let's go watch Darkwing Duck in the AV Room!" Launchpad said to Drake.

"Launchpad maybe we-

It was too late by then, Launchpad had grabbed Drake and left.

"There's an AV room here?" Della asked.

"yeah we found it when we were searching the other side of the first floor... Want to check it out?"Don asked.

"hell yeah!" Della said getting up and leaving with Don.

"I'm gonna go follow them.. I don't trust him" Donald said following the two.

"Intern, you're with me..."Gyro said walking out the room.

"Dr. Gearloose! Wait up!" Fenton said getting up and rushing to Gyro.

"Jose, i'm gonna go check out the other side of the mansion, you coming?" Panchito asked Jose.

"I have to decline, i'm gonna head back to my room." Jose responded to him, putting out his cigar on the ashtray on the table.

"Oh...fine by me amigo.." Panchito shrugged

Soon, everyone left one by one, leaving me the only one still in there, besides Scrooge and Beakley who where in the kitchen making drinks. I looked at the clock to see it was only 3pm.... The day was halfway over.

"Well...I guess i have some time to kill..."


To Be Continued

Chapter Text


Free Time Event's Start!

Mansion Shop

Would you like to use Prize Machine?


Inserted 8 Monocoins


Rattle Rattle Rattle

Obtained Gizmoduck Figurine


I walked into the library since i had nothing else to do and found gyro's intern picking up some books for some reason while he mumbled to himself.

"Okay, so Dr. Gearloose wants me to get this one, this one as well, and i think he wanted this one as well..." He said mumbling to himself as he kept stacking books.

Jesus, gyro is working this guy to death... I mean let the guy have break.... I can't just stand here and watch....

Do I Want To Hang Out With Fenton?


"Hey Fenton, you need any help?" I asked, deciding to help the guy out.

"Oh! Uh Gladstone, i-uh..... No i fine!" Fenton said, struggling to carry the books.

"Dude maybe you should take a break..." I suggested.

'Absolutely not! Dr. Gearloose-

"Hey screw Gyro, from the looks of it, the guy overworks you all the time! Just take a break, for like a few minutes or so...."

"I-I guess you have a point..."

Fenton put down the books and we hung out for a while and got to know each other... i kind of lost track of time


I had a pretty good time talking with fenton....

Do i want to give him a gift?

Gizmoduck Figurine>

"Wow! Uh... this its-thanks!" Fenton said holding the figure awkwardly.

"Why do you sound so awkward..." I asked him.

"Because do i put this? I'm.....actually Gizmoduck..."

"ha! You're kidding right?"


"You're.....not kidding..."

"Nope, he's right in front of you..." He chuckled.

"So, you're, an actual superhero?! Then why isn't that your ultimate?!" I asked, completely surprised that this guy, a literal intern, is secretly a superhero.

"'s already taken..."

"By who?"

"Gizmoduck." he answered.

"So.... You're stuck with the Ultimate Intern talent?" I asked.

"Yep... Right now, i'm a literal target for someone to take out..."

"Dude, we're all targets here...."

"E-Easy for you to say! i don't have the Gizmoduck suit! How am i even gonna survive let alone save you guy's?! I'm suppose to be a hero so how the hell am i suppose to do my job?!" Fenton yelled, panicking.

"Hey hey calm down for a second! No one's gonna kill anyone! It's only day one so i don't think anyone is gonna try something yet!

"Y-you think so?"

"Yeah, i'm positive! We're all gonna make it out safe and sound!" I said, reassuring Fenton.

"B-but what about you?" He stuttered.


"What if....someone close to you decides to try and kill you?"

"Dude i have luck on my side... I'm definitely making it out of here alive-

"but what if your luck runs out?" Fenton said interrupting me


"i mean, in a situation like this, who knows what might happen..."

Those words hit hard.... It made me think, am i really that lucky to survive this? What the hell am i thinking? of course i am, luck is my entire talent, so i'm gonna survive thi-

"INTERN!!!WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR LIKE 2 HOURS?!"Gyro yelled , bursting through the door.

"Two hour's? Gyro it's only 3:30-HOLY DUCK YOU'RE RIGHT!" I said then looking at the clock to realize me and Fenton where talking for hours.

"Dr. Gearloose! I'm so sorry i- i- i just got distracted and-

"Just grab the books and hurry up.." Gyro ordered him.

"B-But i can't carry them all!"

"*Sigh* Hand half of them to me..." Gyro said asking fenton. Fenton did what he said and handed some of the books to gyro and they both headed out of the library.

Overall I had a pretty good time hanging out with fenton..

Friendship With Fenton Increased

East Mansion Hall

I walked out of the library and headed back to the main hall only to run into Fethry while i was on the way..

"Oh hey bro! me? I'm doing fine, I'm just... wandering around the place trying to find something to do... kinda wish i had my lab partners to talk to...ha...."He said, rubbing his sweater sleeve trying to start a conversation...

Do I Want To Hang Out With Fethry?

Yeah>/No really

"Hey.. You wanna hang out or something?" I asked.

"S-sure! You want to grab a drink or something?" he responded.

We went to the dining hall to grab a drink or two..


I had a good time talking with Fethry

Do i want to give him a gift?


Krill Doll>

"Wow! Thanks man! i really appreciate this! Kinda reminds me when i worked out in the sea... you know... alone..."

"So... how was work in the sea?" I asked.

"Huh? You say something?" Fethry said looking up from his drink

"I mean, you're the Ultimate Marine Biologist so somethin extraordinary had to happen..."

"Well... nothing extraordinary really, it's not that interesting to talk about..." He responded, trying to end the conversation.

"Come on man... There has to be something interesting that happened!" I said, trying to encourage him.

"Well..... There was that time me, Huey and Dewey found one of my lab partners who was trying to destroy the lab..." he said, bringing up the incident that happened a few months ago.

"No you told me that over the phone! i mean before that!"

"No i'm serious nothing interesting happened for a few years.... I graduated College with a bachelor's in Marine Science, I managed to get a job at a aquarium for about a year as a volunteer, around that time i kind of loss hope that things would go anywhere... That didn't last long... I got a call for an opportunity to work at this lab in Saint Canard so i moved there for about 4 years.... Then i decided to try and do things on my own so i went out into the sea and made my own Lab and started my research.. After i started working on my own, i got my title as the Ultimate Marine Biologist... Took me my entire Twenties' but it worked out in the end..." that was a lot....

"Wait it took you a decade to get your talent?"

"Dude you got your talent when you were a kid, some of us take years to get our talents.. you were just lucky." He reminded me.

"Hey..... How did you become the Ultimate Luckster?"

"Come on..... You already know the answer.."

After that we finished our drinks, had a good laugh and then we headed our separate ways..

I learned a lot more about Fethry and Fenton today....

Overall Friendship with Fethry increased

Ding Dong Bing Bong

"Attention Lads, it is now 10 pm, with that being said.... Nighttime has officially begun! Please make your way back to your dorms upstairs... Okay then, goodnight!!"

"huh..... nighttime already... guess time flew by when i was talking to fethry..."

I went to put my drink in the trash and headed back up to my room..

Gladstone's Room

I closed my door behind me and let out a long sigh.... The second day in this place is already over... i landed face down on my bed and just rolled over to the middle.. I stared at the ceiling for a while as my eyes grew heavy and i slowly fell asleep....

Another Lucky Day i guess.......


To Be Continued 


(Next up! Motive!!!)


Chapter Text

Tw:Descriptions of Strangulation/Suffocation and Blood

Ding Dong Bing Bong

"Good Morning lads! It is now 8 am! Get ready for another beautiful day inside McDuck Manor!"

"*yawn*morning already..."

I climbed out of bed and went to wash up and get ready for the day... I think it's been like two days since we got here? Yeah two days... After doing my morning routine(to be revealed in the trial), i tossed on my coat and headed out to the dining hall where i think everyone is waiting....

Dorm Hall

I headed out of my room and into the dorm hall making a beeline to the dining hall, only to notice Donald walking back up the stairs.

"Oh hey bro..." i said.


"So... Why aren't you downstairs with the others?"

"I... Sorta got in a debate with the others and loss..."

"What do you mean by....Debate?" I asked.

"An argument...."

"So, who pissed off who?"

"Bradford said something to me, I retaliated and then Beakley got involved... and then it was just me and man and her arguing and then I stormed off..." Donald explained.

"We're you still pissed off with him?" I asked, kinda annoyed he's not over that.

"Hell yes, there's no way in hell I'm letting go of what he said-

"Dude it's been two days calm the hell down! just let it go!" I said interrupting him, trying to tell him to let him go. But the moment I said that, Donald gave me this glare, as if I pissed him off badly.


I noticed Donald mouthing something to me as he walked past me and into his room.... I don't know why but ever since Bradford gave that message to Huey, Donald's just went batshit...


"Hey get back here you asshole!!!"

"It's no use... let him be.."


"Hey Donald calm down..."


*End Of Flashback*

Jesus.... I'm genuinely worried about him, it's like after whole incident he's become a whole another person.

Dining Hall

I pushed open the doors to the dining hall and immediately noticed how the atmosphere was different. This time there was more of the others there... Beakley, Scrooge, Louie, Jose, Don, Drake, Launchpad, Della and Bradford

"brat...." Bradford mumbling looking into a...newspaper?

"Why is he still mad about that..." Beakley muttered.

"Is he always like that?" Don asked Della.

"Not really but he's been acting like that every since you know who said you know what...." Della responded.

"Morning lad..." Scrooge greeted me, noticing me in the doorway.

"Hey uncle Gladstone..."Louie said having his head face down in a bowl of cereal.

"Sup guys, I saw Donald in the hallway... I guess something happened..."

"Yeah.... He and Beakley got into an argument... It didn't end well..." Drake said.

"I already know why....Hey where did you get a newspaper from?" I asked Bradford.

"I found one in the library... Monoscrooge gave them to us to see how the outside world is still operating... Seems like everything is going well... Not even a single article on any of us..."

"So... No one knows where missing?" I asked.

"Correct, they probably think Scrooge has gone on another adventure or something...

"Wow... guess you were right...." Louie said.

"Hey guys come on we can't just lose hope like this! The police are bound to find out we're missing some time!" Della said in response to what Louie said

"Yeah Della's right! Even if all the exits are blocked off, we can't lose hope just like this!" Launchpad said backing up Della.

"*sigh*some things never change..." Bradford grumbled.

Soon everyone else came down to eat, we finished eating breakfast and we all went on to do our own things... Gyro and Fenton went to go investigate, Scrooge went to the library, Della and Don volunteered to do dishes to spare Beakley the trouble... Fethry did the dumb thing and wanted ti get to know Mark, etcetera etcetera... Guess I have time to explore the other side of the mansion....

Living Room

I walked into the living room to notice nothing had changed....I looked over the couch to see Panchito and Jose on the couch browsing the Networks on the TV...

"Damn... nothing interesting is on..." Panchito groaned.

"You want to rip apart any mediocre drama show we can find?" Jose suggested.

"You read my mind....."

Seems like they have there plan for the day....

"Gladstone, buddy! Wanna join us and roast any show we can find?" Panchito said, turning around and noticing me.

"Ah no thanks... I'm just looking around..." I said, denying the offer.

"Eh... fine by us... Stay safe..." Jose said, lighting a cigar.

AV Room

I walked into the AV Room to notice a theatre-like room....There was a huge Flat-screen TV on the wall that doesn't look like something Uncle Scrooge would buy.

"No way! They have the unreleased final episode of Darkwing Duck!!!" Launchpad exclaimed picking up a VHS tape


"Darkwing Duck? Jim Starling? Huge guy in the 90's"Launchpad explained.

"Oh yeah, that guy....."I said remembering....I kinda remember be and others watching some episodes back when it aired....Too bad it got cancelled.

"Hey maybe if we have free time we could watch it... I mean that was the most foul TV cancellation I've seen in my life!"

"Same! That was even worse than how they ended The Sopranos..."

You watched the sopranos?

Stairwell To Second Floor

I made it to the end of the hall to find another stairwell which I'm gonna guess leads to the second floor.

"Well I guess this gate blocks the second floor...."

Ding Dong Bing Bong

"Attention everyone.... So, I need you all to report to the main hall for an important announcement..."

Weird... that announcement was different than the morning and night time announcements.... I guess i had to go, i mean i don't have no other choice.

Main Hall

Soon, everyone met up in the main hall with the same questions I had.

"Hey what's with the announcement?" Della asked.

"i don't know how that things runs so who cares?" Gyro said sorta insulting Monoscrooge.

"Thing? THING!? Okay that's just disrespectful!" Monoscrooge yelled. popping up out of nowhere.

"Eh.. you'll get used to it.." Mark said .

"Okay so.... Why is no one dead?" Monoscrooge asked.

"Because we're not batshit crazy?" I responded.

"No I'm serious! Watching you guys get along like nothing is going on is gonna end up being boring as hell! i need violence! Betrayal! Loved one against loved one! Friend against Friend! Brother against Brother! That pilot guy against... I don't know, the buzzard with a mid life crisis going on?"

"Did you just say i have a mid life crisis?" Bradford said sounding offended.

"I'm a pilot so i don't know anything about killing!" Yelled launchpad.

"Well give yourself a pat on the back! So now... it's i'm gonna have to motivate you all to kill..."


"Yep! Seems like sitting here waiting for you guys to kill isn't gonna work so i'll have to give you a guys a motive!"

"Ha! A genius like me wouldn't fall any one of these so called, "motives" you could throw at us..." Gyro said.

"Uh doctor gearloose-

"Oh really? Well i was gonna give you some videos that would traumatize the shit out of you but... On to plan B...." Monoscrooge said with his eye lighting up red as he pressed some button he had in his hand.

Right then, the walls above started to shake, next with we know, metal robot arms came out of nowhere and surrounded the kids.

"What the?!" Louie yelled.

"This is the motive?!" Lena said in fear.

"Now then, which one of you will i hold hostage... Eeny, meeny, miny, YOU!!"

The hands centered around Louie and grabbed him, pulling him up to the walls and out of sight.

"Guys!!! HELP!!!!"


"Green kid!!!"

"you don't remember his name?" Mark asked Fethry.

"I have memory problems okay?

"Anyway! This is your first motive! The Hostage Motive!"

"You... you bastard!!!" Beakley yelled.

"Using a kid to exploit us is low... even for me!" Donald yelled.

"You sick son of a bitch!" I yelled, bawling my fist up.

"Hey blame Gyro! If he didn't open his mouth i would've gave a more simpler motive!"

"I could kill you right now asshole!" Donald yelled.

"But you can't, cause your a bitch!" Monoscrooge said to Donald, pissing him off even more.


"But why are you even doing this?" Della asked.

"Ha.... why am i doing this? ha....hahahaha....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU FUCKERS STILL WANT TO ASK ME THAT QUESTION?! I WANT TO SE THE PURE DESPAIR ON YOUR FACES! I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF YOUR FEELINGS!! SO GO AHEAD AND CRY DELLA! CAUSE UNLESS ONE OF YOU GUYS KILL IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS THINGS WILL GET WORSE! And if your wondering why 24 hours, because something bad is going to happen to Louie and for the next 24 hours you get after that, things will get worse!" He yelled, laughing sadistically.

He's using my nephew as bait for someone to kill?! This guy- no this thing.. this thing isn't even human anymore!! Next i know everything went blank for a second, next thing i knew my hand was around his neck holding him against the wall...

"Are you enjoying yourself? Are you getting your sick kicks watching us suffer?"

"Okay but besides how kinky this is right now, let me ask a question... Are you?"

"The hell are you talking about?" I asked, confused about what he just asked me.

"Violence against Monoscrooge is not allowed! You just violated a-

"WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT THAT?! Now your gonna let my nephew go right fucking now! end of discussion!" I yelled, interrupting  Monoscrooge and threatening him.

"Hahahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I WARNED YOU BUDDY!" He yelled, starting to laugh.

Monoscrooge laughed maniacally as his eye shined red nearly blinding me... I could hear something rumbling inside the walls causing me to drop Monoscrooge and slowly back up.

"What the hell-

Next thing i knew, i metal collar grabbed be by the next and pulled me  towards the center of the room and up to where everyone could see me hanging like a chandelier.


"Now then, you all have found out what i meant by how trying to pull shit on me will result in punishment... Execution!"

"EXECUTION?!" I rasped, losing my breath quickly.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Mark yelled.

"LET MY BROTHER GO!" Pleaded Fethry.

"No can do Fethry! He broke the rules so he has to pay for it!" Monoscrooge yelled.

"But this is his first time breaking the rules doesn't he get a warning?!" Drake said.

"Y-Y-Yeah! Isn't he exempt from punishment the first time?" Fenton stuttered.

"Well... now that you mention it..." Monoscrooge mumbled.

"Just let him go... We already know what your capable of so there's no point in killing him...." Bradford said.

I could feel my self losing consciousness and my breath by the minute, is this really how I'm gonna die? Im not gonna gonna go out in glory? Nononono I can't die like this... But I guess.... my luck....has run....out...

I closed my eyes, at this point finally my fate...but the collar around my neck released and dropped me to the ground.


I landed face flat on the ground, my vision still dizzy as i kept gasping for air as Della and the others rushed over to me.

"fine then...You know, i'm a reasonable person so I'll let this slide Gladstone, just this once...And also, no hard feeling about louie right?" He said before walking behind the staircase

"G-guess I was lucky after all...."

After I said that, I collapsed to the ground, falling unconscious.


"Someone help him up!"


I slowly gained back consciousness and found myself sitting on a chair and the first thing I heard was yelling... I opened my eyes to see Della and Bradford arguing at each other.

"What do you mean with be patient?!"Yelled Della.

"It's obviously you and your family members would kill for your nephew..."


"Listen, as much I hate to... I have to agree with Bradford, we can't do anything drastic-


"D-D-Don't you talk to me like that!" Fethry threatened Bradford.

"Guys this is obviously how a family would react to a situation like this... But Monoscrooge didn't say he would kill Louie so-

"Stay out of this Drake! This is a Family Matter and you aren't-


Beakley's voice roared through the dining hall inter... Everyone just stood there silently...

"wow it's just like when we found out about mom...."Dewey whispered to Huey.


"Huey?You there?" Lena asked, tapping Huey's shoulder.

"Listen, as much as I want to help, there's really nothing we can do, I mean I do feel sorry for you and I hope your son is but-

"You tried to kill my nephew!" Donald yelled.


"Uh...Based?" Mark said.

"Guys I really don't think this is a good idea to yell at each other! I think the rational idea is to-

"SHUT UP FETHRY!" Donald and Della yelled interrupting Fethry.

"Oh... okay then..."

"Hey I know you guys are mad but you can't lash out of each other like-ah! My neck!" I tried saying but my neck stung as I realized I had nearly got hanged to death.

"Gladstone you just almost got killed, take a moment to relax okay? Alright back to arguing..." Della said

"Don't be mad at me... Blame the mastermind...." Bradford said.

"Again with the Mastermind bullshit?" Mark said.

"The mastermind is the one behind this so take all your anger out on them."

"Hey lets all just calm down! I think we all have to trust each other! We can't let Monoscrooge get to us like this!" Fenton said trying to make the mood more lighter, but I looked over to Huey and see that he had just been pushed off the deep end.

"How can we trust anyone?!Bradford is the one who's working for F.O.W.L!"

The room was silent after Huey said that.... All of our eyes darted towards Bradford like he was a complete different person.

"What did he say?" Mark asked.


"The spy organization?"

"How did you-


A fist landed right across Bradford's face knocking him down to the floor....We could see blood appear on the door, turned out he had a bloody nose.

"Gha! What the fuck?!" He swore, sorta losing the whole stoic persona he had.

"So you're the one behind this..."

We all looked over to Della standing over Bradford. She was breathing heavily and sounded like she was in fury, her right hand had some of Bradford's blood on it but she tried to wipe it off.

"*cough* Like I said-


Right then as Bradford tried to get up... Della slammed him against the wall, she had finally snapped.

"Keep my son name...Out your mouth..."

Before she could land another hit, Mark stepped in and stopped her from beating the shit out of him.

"Damn.... She really rocked your shit....Hey you okay-


"I'm fine! I don't need help from any of you...." Bradford said slapping my hand away.

"Well it's obvious we now know FOWL is behind this, but-

"I'm telling you we have nothing to do with this! However, we did help out the mastermind before this whole thing was planned...." Bradford told us.

"Wait you know who's behind this?" Gyro asked.

"I won't say, after all.... There is a chance on of my coworkers could be behind this..."He said to himself.

"So you're bullshitting us?" Mark asked.

"No I'm not, it's just a theory... However... If this is gonna add insult to injury.... You all know how Don said Fowl couldn't be responsible for this?" Bradford said bringing up.


"Of course not... Even FOWL wouldn't do something this asinine to people.."

*End of Flashback*

"What are going getting at-

"He's working for me as well....In fact, I'm the leader of F.O.W.L....

"B-Boss?!" Don stuttered.

"So we have two traitors?!"

Half of the group cornered around Bradford while the other half cornered around Don and I just sat

"Okay I can explain-

"What so was our whole Pact a lie?!" Dewey yelled.

"This is what I was afraid of...." Scrooge said to Beakley.

"How long have you guys been working for them?!"

"Are you guys evil?"

"Are you the reason Louie's being held hostage?!"

"Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys! EVERYONE BE QUIET!!!"

Everyone stopped yelled and turned around to notice I was up and were more shocked that I raised my voice like that.... And it sounded raspy...

"Gladstone?" Della said.

"Hey guys... So... uh, what did i mi-



A second ago della was holding Bradford's neck collar ready to punch him again, now she hugging me

"W-what we're you thinking dummy?!"She yelled, with a mixture of tears and anger.(tears and anger?what the fu-)

"Look-I'm sorry I acted that like that-

"Sorry? SORRY?! I almost lost my brother, if it wasn't for the others you would've been dead! You're the luckiest person the is in the world! She yelled, her voice still muffled...


"Don't do that again.... Please..." She sobbed.

I felt her gripping my jacket as she started to cry.... I really was that reckless today.... I tried to save my nephew but I didn't accomplish anything, plus I almost got publicly executed in front of everyone...

"Hey.... Where did Bradford go?" Fethry asked.

"He should be right- and he's gone..." Jose said pointing to where Bradford was only to realize he had just walked out of the room, the door was still swinging.


"Donald?" Fethry asked nervously.

"All of you, Leave me alone for the rest of the day... " Donald said to us before heading out.


"So....about the whole me working with-

"Dude just shut the hell up...." Gyro said getting up to leave interrupting Don.

"I-I guess i should follow Dr Gearloose or something...." Fenton stuttered.

"God I hope Louie is okay...." Fethry mumbled as he left.

"I'll just-imma head out..." Don said slowly heading to the door awkwardly.

"I need a smoke..." Jose groaned.

"I'm worried about Donald.... Who knows what's going on in his head...." Drake said to Launchpad.

"Yeah, he's rarely like this.." Launchpad said nervously.

Soon, everyone left the room, leaving me the only one standing in there.... I sat back down and thought about the motive.... Someone has to murder another person if we weren't to save Louie, and the more we hesitate, something bad will happen to him... Who the hell would make that the motive?! I mean, i did sorta use Louie when i was at the lucky house but this is different! Dammit....

"Why didn't Gyro keep his mouth shut?"

Well, guess i have some free-time.....

To Be Continued

Chapter Text

Tw: Stabbing and Blood towards the end of the chapter


I nervously shook the can of pep I had opened, I was still processing the motive that we just were given... Louie is being held hostage and we have to kill someone if Monoscrooge is gonna let him go.... And then I lost my shit it and attacked him... next thing I know, a claw grabbed my neck and pulled me up and tried to suffocate me..... then he dropped me to the ground and I fell unconscious...


"I'm a nice robot so I'll let you and everyone off with a warning... But if any of you try to pull the shit that happened just a minute ago... I'm not gonna be very nice the second time..."

*End of flashback*

Me and the others got our one and only warning on what will happen if we try and pull a stunt on him, he's really not kidding around.... I finished drinking my soda and headed out to find some else to do... Only to bump into Della before I left...

"Oh... hey sis..." I said.

"Hey... So how are you doing? I mean, how's your neck and leg?" She asked, rubbing her neck.

"Well... my neck hurts like a motherfucker and my leg is killing me so... yeah i'm fucking fine.." I said, swearing as I rubbed my neck.

"Hey language!"

"What? it's how i'm feeling right now..." I said.

"I get what you're saying.. I mean...  with the motive and you almost dying in front of us ...."

"It's fucked up..." I said.

"*sigh* This is all gyro's fault, if he didn't open his mouth like the smartass he is Louie would probably be safe right now."She said punching the fridge.

"Yeah... I can still see the blood from Bradfords face on my hands." Della said, looking down.

"I mean he sorta deserved it.." I said.

"hehe, yeah he kinda did... It felt good..."

"Hey.. Are you okay? I mean, with all the stuff that's been going on today.. How are you holding up?" I asked her.

"I'm fine It's-It's just.... It's just..."

I could see tears forming in Della's eyes as she tried to find the words she was trying to use, she ran up to me and grabbed onto my jacket and started to cry... again....

"I'm not okay! I'm far from okay! My son is being held hostage and we have 24 hours before something happens to him! I'm a goddamn mess! Why are the kids even here?! They shouldn't have to go through with this! And there's the drama with Bradford and Don being moles from FOWL, Dammit Gyro!" She sobbed.

"I don't know, it could be worse... maybe we will find someone dead tomorrow or Louie gets hurt..."

"Hey don't say that I'm being serious! And don't even get me started on Donald! He's been a completely different person ever since we got here! It's like he's trying to get killed!" She said, freaked out now that I said that.

"Hey he's just going through shit, even though he needs to get over his problem with bradford and stop swearing, he's gonna be back to the donald we know and love..."

"Y-you think so?"

"Yeah, I mean the natural reaction in a situation like this is to act cool to hide your fear and put on some facade... Bradford lost his cool when you punched him so it's pretty clear Donald and him are going through the same thing...."

"Y-Yeah.. I guess you're right... Maybe Louie will be okay... Hey gladstone, thanks for still acting like a jock even after you almost got killed..."

"Um... thanks I guess...."

"Still mad at Gyro though..."

Della went to splash some water on her face, we talked a little more and we headed our separate ways.

Guess I have some free time...


Would you like to use the Machine?


Insert 10 Monocoins


Rattle Rattle

Obtained Darkwing Duck Plush

Would You like to use the machine again?

Yeah sure>/No i'm done

Inserted 5 Monocoins


Rattle Rattle

Obtained Toy Guitar

AV Room

I walked into the AV room with nothing else to do... I saw launchpad over by the TV pressing buttons on the vhs player trying to get it to work.

"Okay, how do you get this to work again?"

Do I want to hang out with Launchpad?


"Hey i don't think it's plugged in..." I said, walking up behind.

"Wait it isn't?"

"Yeah it's not lighting up or something... let me just..." I said taking a look at the VHS player, I noticed one of the cords wasn't put in correctly. I rearranged them and then the player started to work.

"Hey thanks man! You wanna watch that Darkwing Duck finale?" He asked, picking up a vhs tape.

"Hell yeah!"

Me and Launchpad spent some time watching Darkwing Duck episodes...


I had a pretty good time hanging out with Launchpad.

Do I want to give him a gift?


Darkwing Duck Plush>

"Wow man! Thanks for the gift! Hey where did you find this? You didn't steal it did you?" He asked, as I handed him the plush.

"What? No, I won it..." I said, reassuring him.

"Oh, for a moment I thought you were a thief!"


"So.... you're the Ultimate Pilot, right?" I asked.

"Yeah, cool right?" he said.

"So... how many planes have you crashed?" I asked, The kids told me how Launchpad crashes things a lot, so maybe the man himself would be able to answer-

"Recently or in total?"

Oh damn...

"Uh, in total I guess?" I said nervously.

"Oh probably about 100 in my lifetime......" He said. If I was drinking water, I'd probably be choking right now.


"And counting cars, I've crashed about 200 of those and got fired from 50 of my jobs as a driver! I'm surprised I'm not the Ultimate Crasher!" He said cheerfully. I don't know how a dude so nice could be this reckless.


"Wow.... that's um... interesting, do they have insurance?"

"Yep! If they didn't I'd probably be in a mountain of Debt paying them back!"

How is this man not dead or in debt?

"So, uh, how many times have you ended up in the hospital?" I asked, expecting him to add up all the crashes he's been in.



You know what? I'm not even gonna bother asking. This man is either a lucky son of a b*tch or he's Jesus Christ.

"Well I'm gonna go and question how you're lucky enough to be alive..." I said, backing out of the room.

"Okay! See ya later!" He said waving goodbye.

I took a few minutes to question how Launchpad isn't on some sort of blacklist for Drivers or something....

Overall Friendship With Launchpad Increased

Living room

I passed by the living room and overheard Panchito talking to himself while some crappy CW Show was playing on the Tv.

"Man, why was Jose acting like that.." He mumbled while commercials played, I guess we're lucky enough to have live tv.

Do I want to check on Panchito?


"Hey man, is there something wrong?" I asked, walking up behind him.

"Oh, Gladstone... No it's nothing, I'm fine..."

"No, I can tell something's wrong.... You want to talk about it while roasting any show we see?" I said, trying to get him to talk.

"Yeah... I guess we could do that..." He said, giving a chuckle.

I jumped over the couch and we began to talk..


I guess me and Panchito sorta had a good time talking to each other and roasting Modern CW...

Do I want to give him a gift?


Toy Guitar>

"Wait, you're giving this to me? You really shouldn't have, but thanks!" He said, obviously putting a fake smile on his face, hiding the fact that he isn't okay.

"Hey you still seem like something is wrong with you.. Is it the gift?" I asked, pointing at the toy guitar.

"Oh? it's not about the guitar, trust me.... It's mostly about the motive....and donald.."

"So.... Jose had an argument with Donald?" I guessed.

"Well I wouldn't say it was ah- yeah it was an argument..."

"It's just... Donald has been acting like a jerk ever since Day 1 of this killing game, and today he's acting like he's been pushed off the deep end... Me and Jose tried going after him but he didn't want to talk, Jose tried making things seem like they're gonna get better but, i guess that pushed him over the edge, and then...


"Donald, trust me, things are gonna get better after this is over! How about this, after we get out of this place we're gonna take a trip to Bahia to  recover -

"Jose, you always think something can be fixed by going to Bahia.."

"D-Donald we're just looking out-

"Just looking out my ass! You guys are probably trying to say we should just let my nephew stay kidnapped!"

"We aren't trying-

"Then you're saying i'm the asshole for not letting go for what bradford said to Huey and how i'm making everyone's lives worse-





"So... that's how you feel about me?"

"I-I didn't mean to say that!"

"Yeah! It just slipped-

"You know what guys? Go-

(He said go F yourselves)

*End of Flashback*

"After that he went into his room and hasn't come out since..."

"I'm concerned about him... I don't know what's going on in his mind but one more thing that happens and he could snap...."

"Yeah, I'm worried for him as well..."

"But hey, he might get over it soon... We just have to focus on the future and hope for the best... you agree?"

"Yeah.. You're right about that..."

After we finished talking, Panchito and i went back doing our separate things.

Overall Friendship With Panchito Increased!

Gladstone's Room

I walked into my room getting ready to go to sleep a few minutes early but I noticed I had stepped on a letter on the ground.

Hey Gladstone, we need to talk about some things... I want you to meet me in the garage a few minutes before the nighttime announcement plays, don't try bringing a weapon or something... I know I can trust you not to do that... I'll be waiting...

From   Donald....

"Weird, Donald isn't the type of person to send out letters..."

I put the note in my pocket and turned back around so i could go meet up with donald.


I walked into the garage like the note from Donald said to do. I saw him looking around in one of the boxes... He then peaked up when the door opened and turned around to notice me.

"Hey dude...." He said.

"So I heard about your argument with Jose... you wanted me to come here for something?" I asked. I could tell Donald had this nervous look on his face.

"Yeah... I wanted to talk to you about how I've been acting lately..."He responded.

"How you've been acting like a douchebag?" I joked.

"Yes... and today just reminded me how in over my head I've been... I mean a killing game?!" He said, rubbing his forehead like he had a headache or a migraine.

"Hey I think we're all going through this... Even I had to take a moment to question my morals up to now..." I said, backing him up. Next thing I knew, Donald ran up to hug me.

"Uh, what are you doing?" I said, pretty confused.

"Look, i-i-i wanted to just say sorry! I've been acting like this for the past 3 days because I'm scared of what's gonna happen! I care about the family and I don't want any of them to die! In fact, I don't want anyone here to die! Don't know about Bradford but still!"

"Hey it's gonna be alright.. Della and Fethry are probably going through the same thing like you..."

"I just want to say... You were the better brother... And..... I'm sorry for what I'm about to do...."

"Hey um... What the hell are you talking about-




I had noticed I had coughed up blood on Donald's shoulder, then I had come to my senses and realized....I had a knife in my back and Donald's eyes had this mixture of Despair and Sadness in his eyes.


Donald then took out the knife from my back and then pushed me against the wall...He picked me up against the wall and-



Stabbed me in the damn arm.....

"Sorry about this gladstone.... I'm only doing this for Louie..." He said. I could see he was holding the knife ready to kill me, I moved over to my right to dodge the attack and swept his leg and made a beeline to the door and slammed it shut behind me. Immediately, I limped up the stairs losing a lot of blood and trying to get to my room as soon as possible... Only to come to a stop halfway up after my legs nearly gave out.

"Nononono i can't die like this, i literally just almost got killed hours ago!" I yelled to myself.

I pulled myself up the handrail and into the dorm hall, moving back and forth as the environment warped and my vision twisted....


I finally got to my room and tried to open it, but something felt off, i looked at the nameplate to see a 8 bit version of Gyro... I was on the wrong damn side of the hallway.

"Gyros.....Room? Son of a....."

Before I finished, I dropped to the ground right outside of Gyro's door, losing consciousness.....again....


"Jesus.... Why did Della have to come and -what the hell?!"

"Gladstone what the hell happened?! Answer me! Shit..."

"Dr. Gearloose, why were you arguing with Della-GHA!!!!!"

"He's out cold, someone.... Really played the game already?"

"Wait hold on Dr. Gearloose, he's still breathing!"

"Thank god... Intern, listen to me, I'm bringing him into my room so I can treat his injuries... You head back to the room and don't tell anyone about this! In fact, you never saw any of this, this only makes us suspicious!

"D-Dr. gearloose, did you kill-

"No, you dumbass! I would never take someone's life and leave them here! Crap, I got blood all over my shirt, Dammit!"


"Oh god.. Oh god oh god oh god oh god!"

To Be Continued

Next Chapter...  The end of Daily Life...


Chapter Text


Ding Dong Bing Bong

"Good Morning lads! It is now 8 am! Get ready for another beautiful day here!"

My ears rang as the morning announcement finished playing....My eyes slowly woke up to the ceiling light.... I tried to remember what had happened, then it hit me.... Donald tried killing me last night and i fell unconscious And those last words he told me before i escaped still send shivers down my spine.


"sorry about this gladstone.... i'm only doing this for Louie..."

*End of flashback*

My arm still stung from when Donald stabbed me in the arm and i could still feel the stab wound on my back..... I tried getting up only for my arm to sting.


"Wow calm down buddy! you'll mess yourself up even more..."

I looked over to my right to see who the voice was, i saw gyro coming out of the bathroom with a cup of coffee , i then realized how i'm still alive....

"I just sowed your stab wound hours ago so don't you think you should be more careful..."

"Gyro? What the hell happened? I feel like i just to Why am i in your room?" I asked, confused on what happened.

"Well let's see, i headed to my room early and then went to go get dinner before the nighttime announcement, then i saw you in front of your room bleeding and then you collapsed to the ground. So i took you in my room, saw the stab wound and treated you so nothing would happen.... and now you're just waking up..."

"Oh... Well, thanks i guess..."

"So...what happened?" He asked.

"Uh.... someone attacked me on my way back and sorta tried and kill me..." I said, half lying to him.

"Well... i guess someone fell for the motive..." He said.


"I guess the motive got to someone so they tried to take you out first.."

So, donald tried to kill me for his nephew..... I guess there's no denying it....

"I- I'm gonna go eat..." i asked getting off the bed and heading to the door.

"Hold up... i'm coming with you.. You might seem suspicious if you go alone..." Gyro said stopping me.

"Why you say that?" I asked turning back to gyro.

"They'll think you killed someone.. And in the condition you're in they'll definitely think so..."

"*sigh* fine..."

Dining Hall

Me and gyro walked into the room to see some of the guys had already woke up...

"Morning you two-GLADSTONE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!" Beakley said beginning to greet us only to notice the condition I'm in...

"Nothing- it's just...i was getting something from the garage and a jar fell on my arm and it got cut-

"NO SHE'S TALKING ABOUT YOUR BANDAGES!WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!" Della said pointing at my stab wound and demanding to know what happened.

"Someone tried stabbing him..." Gyro said for me.

"WHAT?!" Della yelled walking in.

"S-someone tried to kill you?" Dewey said.

"Yeah.., but the part with the jar and my arm was real..."


"Guess it was luck...Btw have you guys seen Donald? He should be up by now..." i asked trying to change the subject.

"Not really... Last time i saw him was after Della punched Bradford in the face..." Mark said.

"Last time we saw was when he and jose had that argument..." Panchito said, sighing.

W-weird... I mean, i know he stabbed me but wouldn't he be here already?

"What's this about Donald Duck going missing?" Don asked walking into the room along with Dewey. i guess they're slowing becoming friends.

"Yeah, he wasn't one of the first one's to get here.."

"You think he got killed?" 

"Nah, even though i've known him for like 3 days, Donald doesn't seem like the type of person to get killed this earl-


A scream made it's way to the kitchen interrupting Mark ... it sent shivers down all of our spines... And it made me even more scared from what mark was about to say.... say it ain't so...

"What was that?" I asked, completely terrified.

"I-it sounded like a scream!" Della stuttered.

"But who's was it?"

"SOMEONE GET HERE QUICK!!!" We got a clear understanding of the voice...

'Okay...That was definitely Launchpad!" i yelled.

"Well the hell are we waiting for let's go!" Mark yelled pushing me out of the way.

We all rushed to the main hall follow

"Dammit! Where the hell is he?!" Mark yelled.

"Okay... Beakley, Don, Louie, Mark, you go back to the right... Me, Gladstone, and Della will go left! Panchito, you and the kids go wake everyone else up." Gyro said making the plan.

"On it!" Panchito responded rushing up the stairs like Gyro said.

"Let's go get Uncle Scrooge!" Dewey said following Panchito.

East First Floor Hall

(Last Chance to go back and read the chapters before...)

We all split up and went to the left... As we rushed through the hall trying to find Launchpad, i noticed that the garage door was creaked open a little bit... I stood there, wondering if this is where launchpad was... but i noticed a smell coming from the door....Blood? no....nonononononono! It's probably my blood!

"H-Hey! Is anyone there! I need help!!!" he yelled almost as if he was terrified.

"Guy's!! Launchpad's in the garage!!!" I yelled to the others. Soon they rushed back to me and we all found ourselves standing in front of the slightly open door.

"You sure he's in here?" Gyro asked.

"Let's get in there!" Della yelled.

"Yeah but....."

"Well open the door!" Della said, pressuring me.

"What the hell is going on?"

We looked over to see Bradford slowly walking up to us confused to what we were doing.

"Uh...We're trying to open the door but it's st-

"I can tell you're about to lie..."


"You're scared that something horrible lies behind that door.. but from the smell of blood i can tell the worse happened... So if it's someone close to you who's dead.. Sorry in advance..."


I got of listening to him so i grabbed he doorknob ready to open the door, but i was hesitate to open it. It was like someone was telling me not to open it...

"Screw it.."

I took a deep breath and pushed open the door praying to god that nothing bad happened behind the door... Maybe launchpad got stuck on something! Maybe something feel and he's stuck! There's no way in hell.... No way in hell.... no....way .... in hell...







I had went into full panic mode,everyone behind me had froze in shock.. i tried my best to blur out what i had say.. I tried to stay hopeful, i hoped that was in front of me wasn't real, it was just a twisted and sick joke.... but what was in front of me... was a clear message that this was real.

Despair.... Despair is what layed in front of me...

A bloody knife was laying right in a pool of blood, the knife happened to be right in someone's hand, the person laying there in the puddle of had cuts on their legs and there was rope there that loosely put on around them making it look like they were tied up, there was another knife lodged in the person's back... a sailor hat laid tossed to the side on the ground, last but not least, their head was bleeding a little bit and there was blood coming from their mouth..... It took me a moment to realize why i was screaming... The sight i had walked into dug deep in my eyes and buried itself into my brain....

Donald Duck, my brother and the Ultimate Sailor, laid there dead in front of us... and there was nothing we could do about it......

Chapter 1:Survival Of The Fittest

Deadly Life

S t a r t

To Be Continued


Chapter Text






All I could do was stand there in disbelief and shock. My brother was lying in a pool of blood with a knife in his back and wasn't breathing.

Ding Dong Bing Bong

"A Body Has Been Discovered! please make your way to the Garage as soon as possible!"

A different announcement played through the mansion, but we were too concerned about what was in front of us.. My brother was lying in a pool of blood with a knife in his back and was not breathing at all.

"Someone.... Someone played the fucking game..." I said, pissed off to the brim. I wanted to punch the wall badly, this felt too real.

"D-D-D-Donald?!" Della yelled at the sight of her dead brother.

"Wha?No,no no no no no no! This can't be happening!!! This isn't real!!!!" Fethry said, in denial at the sight we were looking at.

"Well I'll be damned... Guess I was right.." Bradford sighed.

"What...the fuck?" Gyro muttered.

"Hey what hell was with that announcement that just played-WHAT THE FUCK?!" Mark yelled.

"Jesus christ..."Don muttered as he walked in.

"D-Donald?!" Panchito stuttered.

"Santa Mierda...." Jose swore, walking in after Panchito.

"Doctor Gearloose, I heard the announcement, what happened-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Fenton asked Gyro, then he noticed the body and screamed.

"W-where's launchpad?" I asked.

"Ummm, I'm up here..."

We all then looked up to see launchpad dangling from the ceiling with rope around his right left.

"W-what the hell?!"

"How did you get up there?!"

"I don't know! I walked into here and I just got tangled up!"

"How the hell do we get you down?!" gyro asked.

"hey.. there's some a step ladder right there.." Fethry said, pointing to the corner.

"Um... Do any of you have a knife?" Panchito asked.


"Don't look at me.." Mark said.

"I-I have one...." Fethry said.

"Well what the hell are you waiting for? untie him!" Ordered bradford. Fethry did what he said and grabbed the stepladder and went to untie launchpad, after he finished cutting the rope, launchpad fell down on his back right next to Donald's body.

"Hey, thanks for untying me-.........D-DONALD?!" launchpad said, then noticing the dead body in front of him.

"Oh now you're noticing the body?!" Mark yelled, sounding pissed off.

"What no! I got a note saying to come here and then I walked in here and then I stuck up here! I didn't see Donald i promise!"

"Bull-fucking-shit! You're obviously lying!" Mark yelled.

"What the hell was that announcement?!...... No.......WHO THE HELL DID THIS?!" Beakley yelled in fury with Scrooge behind her.

"lads....Tell me this is a joke...." Scrooge asked in denial.

"u-uncle donald?" Huey stuttered.

"Ah-Ah-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dewey screamed.

"W-what the hell?!" Drake said, rushing into the room.

"Holy Shit! Someone actually fell for the motive?!" Lena yelled mysteriously popping up behind Mark.

"Well I'd be damned! I didn't think Donald would get killed first!" Monoscrooge said popping up behind Donald's body.

"you.....YOUMOTHERFUCKER!!!" I yelled, my blood boiling ready to beat the shit out of monoscrooge. I ran up to punch him but Fethry grabbed me before I could even do it.


"Hey hey calm down! I somewhat feel bad for you, having your brother try and kill you and then next thing you know, he's dead hours later after you escaped!"

"h-he did what?!"

"Gladstone, what the hell is he talking about?"

"What do you mean Donald tried to kill Gladstone?"

"What?! Uncle Donald would never try and... Actually now that I think of it he would do something like that out of spite...WHAT AM I EVEN THINKING?!" Huey yelled.

"I can explain-

"We can talk about this later, but right now we have more important problems to deal with..." Scrooge said, focusing back on Donald's dead body.


"Don't worry, he's in the broom closet right there.. Let me just..." Monoscrooge went over to the Broom Closet right next to the garage door and unlocked it. He opened it up to reveal Louie tied up with duct tape on his mouth. Monoscrooge untied him and ripped the duck tape(HA!!!) right off his mouth, we could noticed there were were bandages wrapped around his left leg, guess Monoscrooge was right about him getting hurt.

"Jesus christ that hurt!!!! Thank god I'm out of that-.....U-U-Uncle Donald?" Louie said, then noticing his uncle dead on the ground in shock.

"nononononono!!! This has to be a joke, Uncle Donald! T-t-this is a prank right? You're gonna get up now right? get up! Please get up!!" Louie panicked, shaking Donald's lifeless body begging him to wake up.. Only to break out in tears when he came to the realization that Donald was dead. Huey and Dewy rushed over to Louie to hug him and all three of them began to cry.

"I actually feel bad for using those two.." Mark said.

"Oh god-I think i'm gonna be sick.." Drake stuttered. He scanned a room for a trash can and noticed a bucket conveniently next to him, he grabbed it quickly and began to throw up.


"Que carijo, Que carijo, Que carijo, Que carijo.." Jose swore to himself as he came to terms that Donald is dead.

"Well, are you happy now? You have a dead body so can we leave now?" Lena asked.

"Whoa whoa whoa who said anything about leaving! You can't just leave this murder unsolved!"

"And what are you trying to say?" Gyro asked.

"We got a corpse, which means we hold a Mansion Trial!"

"you gotta be kidding me..."

"Trial? like a murder trial?" I asked.

"Yep, you guys will basically gather evidence before heading deep into the mansion for the trial, there you will go through heated debates on who the killer is while I sit there and watch it all go down... By the end, if you guess correctly, you all will be able to make it out to see another day and only The Blackened, the killer in the case, will receive punishment... Get it wrong though and you all will receive punishment and only the blackened will be able to leave! However in this case i'm gonna be generous, if the blackened doesn't get caught, Louie will be able to leave along with blackened while everyone else will face punishment!"

"There you go again with Punishment? We saw what happens if we attack you, so what's the punishment if we get caught?" Jose asked.

"You'll see.... You'll all see...." Monoscrooge said, with his left eye lighting up red and giving a grin.

"Sounds simple..." Bradford said.

"Easy for you! We never been suspects in a murder!" Mark yelled.

"Anyway before you start, you will probably need an Autopsy! Behold! The Monoscrooge File!"

Monoscrooge handed each of us this tablet sized autopsy.

"Well I'll leave this to you, I'm giving you half an hour or more to investigate and find whatever evidence you can get to find the killer!"

"30 minutes? That's barely enough time to investigate!"

"Well too bad! Anyway, good luck!" Monoscrooge said before moving donald's body over a bit and opening some trap-door that his body was on and then jumping in it.

"H-hey, i'm gonna take the kids somewhere else so they don't have to look at...this...."Della said, and soon after she grabbed the triplets and took them away from the crime scene, leaving me, fethry and the others in here.

"I-i don't think i can do this.." I said, trying my best to deny everyone that's happened.

"S-same, investigating a crime scene isn't my strong suit..." Fethry said, next thing we know, someone grabbed both of our shoulders.

"Aren't you two supposed to be his brothers?" Bradford asked us both.


"What's it to you, you aren't even-

"I'm giving you advice, If you both are his brothers then i need you to stop acting like this and help find his killer. You're the ones who have to avenge him, so man up..." Bradford told us, snapping us back to reality.

We had finally come back to our senses and realized the situation... Someone murdered Donald and had to solve this. We couldn't let the killer get away with this! I was lucky enough to survive nearly getting killed, So I'll be able to find out the killer easily! Even if Donald tried to kill me for louie, someone else took his life, and they won't get away!

Investigation Start!

I took a deep breath and looked at the Autopsy Report Monoscrooge had given us.

Monoscrooge File #1

Victim: Donald Duck

Talent: Ultimate Sailor

Time Of Death: 9:59 PM

Time Of Discovery: 8:15 AM

Discovered by: Launchpad, Della, Gyro, Gladstone and Bradford

Cause Of Death: Blood Loss via stab wounds

Other Injuries: Victim received clear cuts to the back of his legs causing him to be unable to move, there also seems to be a stab wound to the stomach as well but it wasn't the fatal blow.

"So... he died from blood loss, by the state of the body he looks like he took one hell of a beating." Bradford stated.

"Yeah, he's all tied up and shit..." Mark said.

"But what about the stab wounds? He has one on his back and in his stomach..." Fethry pointed out.

" I guess we'll figure it out later."

Well, we know how he died, but I don't think that's everything just yet.

Monoscrooge File #1 Added To Truth Bullets

"Hey... Launchpad... You were the first one to find Donald's body right?" I asked Launchpad, who seemed to be still in distress.

"Y-yeah.." He said.

"So... Could you tell me how you found him and why you were here?" I asked.

"Oh sure thing! So I was waking up after the morning announcement. I had noticed someone had slipped a letter had been slipped under my door, i went to open it and it said to come to the the garage after the morning announcement rang, so i did what the note say and came in here only to get dangled up in some trap, i didn't even notice his body when i came in!"

"Okay, well I believe you about not seeing his body and everything else. But, do you have the note with you?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's right here in my pocket!" He said, pulling it out of his jacket pocket. He handed the letter to me and i began to take a look at it.

"Hey Launchpad, I need to talk to you about something... Mostly about the motive, I need you to come to the Garage around 8:15 to meet me there. I know I can trust you to not try and pull some stunt, also try to come alone and without a weapon okay?"

Thanks, Your Friend"

Weird, I got mine under my doorstep and he got his this morning... And a friend sent it to him....

"Okay thanks Launchpad..."

"Maybe if i was here early i could've stopped his death.." Launchpad said, bawling his left hand into a fist.

"Yeah I don't think so buddy... But I wish we could..." I sighed.

Launchpad's Account Added To Truth Bullets

This note could come in handy during the trial...

Note To Launchpad Added To Truth Bullets

"Hey.. Don't you notice anything weird about the garage?" Bradford asked.

"Besides the dead body and the blocked exit? No..." Mark said sarcastically.

"No not that, you know how Launchpad was caught in that trap earlier... There appeared to be a trip wire that was set off by the door and there's rope mechanism in the corner, so let's just say he walked in here, unknowingly setting off the trap and then ended up dangling from the ceiling... The killer must have had to use the step ladder cause as you can see, there are footprints on the the ladder, if it wasn't for the dust on the steps, we wouldn't have noticed the ladder being used..."

"Wow you actually care about donald..." I said.

"Hey if i were you Gladstone, i would be doing the same thing.."

"Dude it's just a joke man!"




Okay i'm getting states from everyone in the room....

Trap In Garage Added To Truth Bullets

Ladder Added To Truth Bullets

"Hey... what's with the knife in Donald's hand?" Fethry asked.

"Um.... that's the knife Donald used to try and kill me...." I responded.

"The blood kinda looks dry..."Fethry said, taking a closer look at the knife.

"Hey don't touch it!" Lena yelled.

"I wasn't! I was just taking a closer look and-Hey... Isn't that Donald's blood?"

"Yeah, I think it came from his stomach..." Bradford said, taking a closer look at his body.

"But there's a knife lodged in his back..." I said

"Alright then, so I have a theory...." Lena said.

"What is it kid?"

"What if... Donald tried to kill himself?"


"What if after he tried killing you, he felt so guilty he tried to off himself... but it failed and then someone came in and found him bleeding to death..."

"And what you're saying is..."

"This could've been a mercy kill... Like what samurai did to their enemies..." Lena continued.


Donald... Tried to commit suicide? No, that's crazy talk! But what if she's right? What if he did try and..... No, I can't think like that!

Knife In Donald's Hand Added To Truth Bullets

Lena's Theory added to truth bullets

"Hey guys, i found something.." Don said. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out a piece of paper that looked like it was ripped out of a book

"Junior Woodchuck Guide #1, Basics of tying rope..."

"Seems like a ripped page, it basically explains how to tie rope.."

"I mean it is..." Lena said.

"Well, that explains the rope around Donald and the trap set in here..." I said, looking back at the rope and then... Donald...

Ripped Jr. Woodchuck Page In Cabinet Added To Truth Bullets

"So... Shall we take a look at Donald's body again?" Bradford asked.

"Um how about-

"It's the only way to find out more on how he died...."

"Uh i'm think that's enough body searching for-

"I'll do it..." Don said.

"Wait really?"

"It seems like neither you or your brother have seen or searched a dead body before, so i'll do it if you mind..."

"Yeah okay/Sure..."

"Before to not get fingerprints on him." Lena said.

"I'm wearing gloves, you know."

We moved out of the way and let Don take a look at the body.

"Santa María, Madre de Dios, Ruega por nosotros pecadores, Ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte."

Don said a prayer in Spanish before kneeling down and taking a look at Donald's lifeless corpse.

"The rope seems like it was only tied up by his foot, so I guess the killer slashed his legs and then tied him up...."

"And the knife... It's lodged into his back, I don't think I can pull it out."

"What about the head injury? There's blood on his head so maybe he got hit with something.." Fethry said.

"Actually there isn't one... It seems to be just blood from Donald's wounds that have been rubbed on his head."

"So... Maybe some of Donald's blood got on the killer and they rubbed it on his head to cover it up as blunt trauma..."

Well... The killer was sloppy I guess.

Rope Around Donald's Legs Added To Truth Bullets

Don's Account Added To Truth Bullets

"Gladstone.. Monoscrooge said Donald try to kill you right?" Bradford asked.


"So, did you have anything from him telling you to meet up here? Were he attacked you?

"Yeah, he slid this note under my door..."  I said, handing him the note Donald gave me.

"Hm, interesting... Alright thanks for the evidence Gladstone, i'll be keeping this on me for the trial..." WAIT WHY IS HE TAKING THE NOTE?!

"Wait what do you mean by- are you actually taking it cause you think i'm the killer?!" I yelled.

"No i don't think you're the killer, it's just a possibility, and gyro could be your cover up..."

Never mind he's still a jerk... Also i feel like i made a big mistake.

Note From Donald Added To Truth Bullets

"Fethry, let's go." I said, tapping fethry on the shoulder.


"We're going to find evidence on who killed our brother..."

"But where are we going to find some?" He asked.

"I know some places, let's try the kitchen first..."


Me and fethry entered the dining hall through the kitchen and found Scrooge and Beakley searching the room.

"What in the blazes?"

"Is there a problem, Scrooge?" Beakley asked.

"There seems to be a knife missing from the Knife Block."

Beakley approached Scrooge to see what he was talking about and she noticed that one of the knives was indeed missing from the set. Well, we found out where the Donald got the knife weapon.

Missing Knife Added To Truth Bullets

"Hey Uncle Scrooge, Beakley, you two were in here during the murder right?" I asked.

"You really don't suspect us of killing Donald right?"

"No we just need to know where you and beakley where so we can mark you off the suspects list..." Fethry said, pulling out a notepad with everyone'

"...You made a freaking list of suspects?" I asked, looking at him with this weird look on my face.

"Well, we were here getting some drinks before the murder when Donald came in here and didn't even notice us and just went straight for the cabinets, we tried to talk to him but he didn't say a word till he turned around."


"Donald, do you need anything?"


"Donald? Are you listening to

"Yeah I hear you, I'm just getting a drink..."

"Well say something first next time..."

"Yeah, sure thing..."

*End Of Flashback*

"After that, we went back to our rooms soon after.... Beakley watched me go back into my room and lock the door..."

'And neither of you came out of your rooms?"

"No... But when finished having are drinks and heading up to our rooms, we saw you heading to the garage with a note in your hand..."

"Okay but there's a reason i was going there!" 

"Well do you have that note you had?" Beakley asked.

"Well, i showed it to Bradford, he took it and he's probably gonna use that as evidence?"

"bless me bagpipes, well be careful nephew...." Scrooge said.

"Yeah, i will.."

Scrooge's Account Added To Truth Bullets

Dorm Hall

Me and fethry walked upstairs to the dorms to where i fell unconscious and we saw Gyro and Fenton searching around the area.

'What the hell?" Gyro mumbled.

"Something wrong Dr. Gearloose?" Fenton asked.

"Is it just me or does the blood on the ground seem to be cleaned up?"

Me and Fethry walked up to Gyro's door and found that the blood i had left was cleaned up.

"So, did you clean this up?" Fethry asked.

"No, i was too busy trying to stitch your wounds that i forgot to so no one would freak out..."

"So, you think the killer

Cleaned Bloodstain Added To Truth Bullets

"Hey gyro...Where were you and Fenton during the Murder?" I asked.

"Well before we found you, me and my intern were in the library trying to find any clues on how we can get out or our situation..." Gyro explained.

"We were in the middle of searching when Della and Fethry came into the library and noticed us.. Dr. Gearloose tried talking things out with Della but she wouldn't listen. Then they both got in an argument while me and Fethry watched." Fenton said.


"Guys, let's all calm down!"





"Well if i remember, ALL OF YOUR INVENTIONS TURN EVIL!!"


*End Of Flashback*

"They spent some more time arguing until Dr. Gearloose told me that we were leaving, after that we found you right outside of Dr. Gearloose's room, bleeding to death... So he took you into his room to tend to your wounds and I went into my room as he told me."

"So we can rule you two, Della and Fethry out of being the killer."

"Well, I wouldn't think of killing someone in the slightest!" Gyro said.

"Y-yeah! I'm not specialized in killing!" Yelled Fenton.

"Fenton, you are the type of person to run up to a civilian in Grand Theft Duck V with a gun and just say "I can't do this..." I said sarcastically, only to get this look from Fenton.

"Um...My mama won't let me play it, (even though I'm over 18 and in my late 30's)...."

"Oh, well then you're a glass cannon..." Gyro said.

"Well thanks... Also gyro, thanks for saving me..." I said, thanking Gyro for preventing my death.

"No problem..." He said, giving a small smile, like really small.

Gyro and Fenton's Account Added To Truth Bullets

"Hey i think we should check Donald's Room.." I said to Fethry

'Isn't that an invasion of privacy?" he asked, nervously.

"This is an investigation Fethry, also he's dead so he probably wouldn't mind..."

Donald's Room

We walked into Donald's room to see if there were any clues left here, most of the room seemed normal and there wasn't anything missing... But there was this one note on the desk next to his bed.

"Hey, you see something?" Fethry asked.

"Yeah, there's this note on Donald's bed."

I walked up to the desk and picked up the note so me and fethry could read it.........



I freaking regretted even looking at it.

"Okay i have a plan, i'm gonna send a note to Gladstone to come to the garage. There i'll have a conversation for a few minutes and then i'm gonna murder him.... I don't know who i'm gonna pin the murder on but i'll probably pin it on Fethry or Della, i don't want to do this but it's either this or my nephew getting hurt..."

"W-what? WHAT IS THIS?!" I yelled, dropping the note.

"H-he was... Gonna murder you and pin it on me or della!? No this has to be fake! He wouldn't do something like this!" Fethry said, walking around in circles, panicking to myself.

"But... it's his handwriting and he told me... When he was about to kill me, he said he was doing this for Louie..."

"So... He had every intention of killing you..."


The more I thought of it, the more it made me sick. My brother was planning to kill me and blame it on his own brother or sister... I don't know who to blame. Gyro, Monoscrooge, Bradford Jose or even Myself... We're all to blame for this... If it wasn't for anyone of or this stupid motive, my brother would've been alive! Hell i would've been fine with Bradford or Don getting killed first i barely even know them! And the fact that I survived this and Donald didn't.. It's just... It's Just!!!

So ironic.... And despair inducing....

"Gladstone, you okay?" Fethry asked tapping my shoulder

"Yeah bro, I'm fine.... Just.... Fine..."

Note in Donald's Room added to truth bullets

Ding Dong Bing Bong

The Tv in Donald's room turned on as Monoscrooge appeared to make an announcement.

"Okay so... I'm kinda getting bored so, everyone make your way to the Main Hall asap!"

"..... Guess our time is up..." I said getting up and handing the note to Fethry.

"Wh-what do you want me to do with this?"

"Keep it on you, Just in case...."

Main Hall

We walked downstairs to find everyone waiting for monoscrooge, Della and the triplets made it down stairs right behind us... I guess they were with her the entirety of the investigation.

"there you all are..." Beakley said, tapping her foot.

"Yeah, I didn't feel like investigating..." She said.

"Well looks like everyone's here!" Monoscrooge said, jumping out of the floor.

"Okay what do you want man?" Mark asked.

"I told you I was giving you all 30 minutes to investigate, don't tell me you forgot..."

"So we're done investigating?" Drake asked.

"Yep! Now please follow me behind the stairs and try to keep up..."

Monoscrooge went to the right of the stairs and kicked the wall, right then, the wall slid open and revealed a secret staircase.

"What the?"

"A secret passage?"

"Yeah yeah, gawk later.. Follow me down, Launchpad, Don, watch your heads." Monoscrooge said lighting a torch. We did what he said and followed him into the stairs. The wall closed behind us, with the only light being the torch Monoscrooge was holding. We descended down the dark stairway, our footsteps echoing as we kept going down. None of us said a word, soon, we made it to the bottom and we found an elevator door waiting for us.

"An elevator?" I said.

"You're kidding me..."


"So can we get in or what?" Mark asked, turning his phone on, being the only other source of light in the room.

"Alright let me just put in the code... 1,1,0,3,7...."

Monoscrooge finished putting in the code and placed the torch on a mount. The elevator door opened up to reveal a space big enough for all of us to fit in. Monoscrooge told us to get in with him and we did what he said, it closed behind us once Panchito got in and we began to descend deeper into the mansion.

The ride down the elevator was long as hell... We all stood there to think about what has happened in the past 3 days that led up to this.

"Well damn... we're actually about to do this..." Mark said.

"Yeah... i've never been in a murder trial before..." Fethry said.

"I mean, I've sued people before and had to go to court.. But i got to admit, i've never in a murder trial before..." Scrooge said.

"There was that time Dr. Gearloose sued Mark for using his blueprint..." Fenton said.

"Which you leaked on the internet!" Gyro yelled.

"Dr. Gearloose, it was an accident!"

"Hey can we all just calm down? We're all friends here right?" Launchpad said

"Would a friend murder someone?" I responded.


"Well, guess Gladstone is coming to terms with his brother's death." Bradford said.

After Bradford said that, the rest of the elevator ride was silent.... It took a few more minutes for the elevator to come to a stop.

The door opened up and we all walked out to enter this courtroom, there were red curtains around the walls, a throne that i'm pretty sure was were monoscrooge would sit on and there were 20 stands in the middle of the room making up this roundtable, there was also this one painting on the right with Donald's face with an X on it.

"And here we are! The trial room!" Monoscrooge said, welcoming us to the trial room.

"I don't remember this being in the mansion..."Scrooge said.

"This aesthetic looks fucking gross." Mark mumbled.

"Like I said, the place has been remodeled.. Anyway, make your way to your assigned seat and let's get the first Mansion Trial of The McDuck Manor Killing Game started!

Can't believe this is happening.... Donald was my brother, he wasn't that positive whenever I was around him and we did have a rough relationship as kids but he was my brother at the end of the day.. When Della was missing and couldn't take care of the triplets, he was there... Now, he's gone....

One of us did this, one of us killed my brother...That person is the reason we're here

Even if they did it to save Louie, someone had to pay the price with their life

They aren't gonna get away with this, they don't get to kill someone and walk away freely!

With my luck, I'll be able to avenge Donald, we'll get through this trial alive!

To Be Continued

Chapter Text

Pre Trial Prep

Pre Trial Prep

Truth Bullets

Monoscrooge File #1

Launchpad's Account

Note To Launchpad

Trap In Garage


Knife In Donald's Hand

Lena's Theory

Ripped Jr. Woodchuck Page In Cabinet

Rope Around Donald's Legs

Don's Account

Note From Donald

Note To Launchpad

Missing Knife

Scrooge's Account

Cleaned Bloodstain

Gyro's Account

Note In Donald's Room

Court Chambers






















Mansion Trial Start!

All Rise!!!

Monoscrooge: All right then, let's begin with a quick explanation of the Mansion Trial! During the trial, you guys will find out who the killer is and vote for who dunnit! Guess correctly and only the Blackened will receive Punishment, get it wrong and i'll punish everyone besides the blackened and Louie and they will be allowed to leave!

Bradford: Now before we begin, i'd like to ask a question.. *Points to the Painting of Donald* What's with the painting?

Monoscrooge: Well, unless a person is injured, everyone is required to come to the trial, we couldn't just leave his spot empty!

Gyro: Well then... What's the deal with the empty seat next to me and Bradford?

Monoscrooge: Oh that... So basically, this courtroom was built to hold 20 of you guys... Unfortunately we're trying to find that said 20th person so... that seat will be empty... but we may put a painting of the the silhouette of that person in the next trial...(Hindsight Chaper 3) That being said, let's get this trial started!

Mark: Okay... where to begin?

Launchpad: I don't know... I've never been in a trial before, let alone a murder trial!

Lena: I guess we go over the basics? How he died? The time we discovered him? All that?

Dewey: Yeah that's the easiest thing to discuss.

Fenton: How do you know what's easiest to discuss in a murder?

Dewey: i've watched a lot of murder mystery films!

Beakley: Remember, this is real life... And we have to pay some sort of price if we don't get the killer right....

Dewey: Of course I know that!

Gladstone(Right, Donald's Cause of death... This should be pretty easy.)


Non-Stop Debate


Truth Bullet: Monoscrooge File #1

Fethry: Okay let's start with the obvious facts..

Fethry: The victim is Donald Duck, The Ultimate Sailor... also my brother...

Della: We discovered his body around 8:15..

Della: And he died around 10:00.

Mark: From the looks of it, he took a pretty bad beating...

Mark: Guess the stab in the stomach is what did him in...

Gladstone: (Hold on, something isn't right about what one of those guys just said...)

Fethry: Okay let's start with the obvious facts..

Fethry: The victim is Donald Duck, The Ultimate Sailor... also my brother...

Della: We discovered his body around 8:15..

Della: And he died around 10:00.

Mark: From the looks of it, he took a pretty bad beating...

Mark: Guess the stab in the stomach is what did him in...

Monoscrooge File #1

No That's Wrong!



Gladstone: Hey Mark, I think you got that one wrong...

Mark: What do you mean I'm wrong?!

Gladstone: Donald didn't die from the Stab Wound to the stomach, He died from Blood Loss.

Mark: Well shit, my bad Gladstone...

Beakley: Well... we've found out the cause of death...

Beakley: We should focus on the murder weapon next, the cause of death and murder weapon are the most easiest to find out in a murder.

Gladstone: ( Murder Weapon, yeah that should be easy to find out)


Non-Stop Debate


Truth Bullet: Don's Account

Beakley: Murder weapon you say....

Dewey: It has to be the knife in Uncle Donald's hand!

Huey: No, that would be too easy..

Dewey: Maybe a sword? Or a kunai!

Fethry: What about that knife stuck in Donald's Back?

Fenton: For all we know it could be anything!

Gladstone: (Weird, what one of those guys just said was right... But I can't tell who it is..)

Beakley: Murder weapon you say....

Dewey: It has to be the knife in Uncle Donald's hand!

Huey: No, that would be too easy..

Dewey: Maybe a sword? Or a kunai!

Fethry: What about that knife stuck in Donald's Back?

Don's Account>


I agree with that!



Gladstone: Fethry, I think you're onto something...

Gladstone: The murder weapon in the knife in Donald's back. Right Don?

Don: Yes, he is correct. When I examined Donald's body, I found two stab wounds, a stab wound in his stomach and in his back towards the heart.

Don: The knife was lodged deeply in his back so we couldn't pull it out to examine it.

Don: However, there was a second knife on him... One that was in his hand.

Missing Knife>

I got it!

Gladstone: The missing knife from the kitchen, Right uncle scrooge?

Scrooge: Correct.

Beakley: So that's where it went! But why did Donald even have it?

Panchito: Maybe protection against the killer?

Gyro: He was off the edge the last two days so I guess he did have a reason.

Bradford: Now Before we go on, I'd like to submit one more piece of evidence...

Bradford: In the garage, to the right side of the cabinet, you can find a box full of weapons... Ranging from knives, guns, bats , blades, anything but poisons...

Don: And judging by the handle of the knife in Donald's back... That knife obviously isn't a kitchen knife! So that knife most likely came from the box!

Gladstone: Wow man.... Thanks for bringing this up at the last minute...

Bradford: You're welcome.

Gladstone: Well, we have two possible murder weapons.

Box Of Weapons Added To Truth Bullets

Don: Now that we have the basics solved, let's move on to the suspects.

Don: Launchpad, you have the floor...

Launchpad: W-what?

Mark: Yeah it's obvious this whole stupidity persona is a lie to fess up!

Mark: It's pretty simple, You took advantage of him with your kindness and put his ass six feet under!

Drake: That's a lie! Launchpad wouldn't hurt a fly! Literally!

Mark: Look at the facts Drake, he has no alibi and was dangling from the ceiling when we found him! It's obvious he's the killer!

Drake: He does have an alibi! I was hanging out with him the entirety of the murder!

Mark: And you're saying this now?

Huey: Hey let's calm down! I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation-

Mark: Reasonable explanation? Bitch, this is a fucking Battle Royale! It's every man for themselves! THIS IS APEX DUCKS IN REAL LIFE!!!

Scrooge: Mark, you are making a scene...

Mark: I'm being logical, can't you tell scroogie?

Mark: So if you have any evidence that proves you innocent, RUN YOUR POCKETS!


Non Stop Debate

Truth Bullet: Note To Launchpad

Mark: Not only do you not have an alibi..

Mark: But you're the most suspicious person in the whole group!

Launchpad: I told you I had an alibi!

Mark: Then why did you go to Garage huh?

Mark: You had no reason to go there other than to clean up your crime!

Launchpad: Look I-

Della: He's right though... He didn't have a reason to go to the garage at all...

Launchpad: I'm not the killer! I swear!

Mark: There.. Case closed, too easy, let's get out of here now..

Gladstone: (Mark Does have a point..... However, something he said is wrong.. And I can prove it!)

Mark: Not only do you not have an alibi..

Mark: But you're the most suspicious person in the whole group!

Launchpad: I told you I had an alibi!

Mark: Then why did you go to Garage huh?

Mark: You had no reason to go there other than to clean up your crime!

Launchpad: Look I-

Della: He's right though... He didn't have a reason to go to the garage at all...

Note To Launchpad>

No That's Wrong!




Gladstone: Wait Della, I think you got that wrong....

Della: huh? Did I say something wrong?

Gladstone: Launchpad had a reason to come to the Garage....

Mark: Oh really? You have proof dumbass?

Gladstone: I do.... In fact, Launchpad has it...

Launchpad: yeah! It's in my pocket!

Bradford: Mind reading it out loud?

Launchpad: Sure, okay uh.....

"Hey Launchpad, I need to talk to you about something... Mostly about the motive, I need you to come to the Garage around 8:15 to meet me there. I know I can trust you to not try and pull some stunt, also try to come alone and without a weapon okay?"

Thanks, Your Friend"

Mark: "A Friend...." Who's friends with Launchpad here?

Scrooge: Everyone living in the mansion before the killing game, and Drake... They seem to be close.

Jose: So Drake, care to explain?

Drake: W-wait are you accusing me! I didn't even write that thing! Launchpad, hand it to me.

Launchpad handed the letter to Drake and he read it to himself, then he looked back at everyone like he was offended or something.

Drake: Seriously? Okay, first of all, this handwriting on the paper doesn't even look like mine! Also, it doesn't even have my name!

Mark: Aren't you two the closest people here outside of the mcducks? YOu obviously are using him to get away!

Drake:Using him?USING HIM?! A hero like- er i mean- a person like me would never do something like that!

Panchito: Hey hold on guys we shouldn't just go and accuse people out of the blue.

Mark: Well if he isn't lying... Drake, what was you and launchpad's alibi for the murder?

Dewey: Yeah, are we sure that launchpad isn't lying for you?

Drake: Dewey, seriously? *Sigh* What do you guys even want from me?! I told i'm innocent.

Beakley: Your alibi.. If you don't want to comply with us we can end the trial here

Drake: Fine then! My alibi is...

Drake: It's...Well you see... L-Launchpad spent the night with me.

Mark: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!

Drake: Oh would you shut the hell up?! Look, so I had clocked in early and launchpad came knocking at my door. He said he didn't feel that well about the motive so he asked if he could spend the night with me... So I let him in...

Mark:(oh these guys gay) Isn't that against the rules?

Monoscrooge: Nope! Sleeping outside of the dorms is against the room, sleeping in over rooms and switching rooms is totally allowed!

Monoscrooge: Hold on, I should make an out of place joke...

Monoscrooge: Ahem...  Bow chicka wow wow (god i wanna bone)....Bow chicka wow wow(aaaHHHHHH GOD I WANNA BONE)


Monoscrooge: Someone who wanted to program Gen Z humor in my code.

Gladstone: Wait.. When I was hanging out with you, you seemed fine!

Launchpad: I was lying! Why would I be fine with my friend being held hostage by a robot scrooge!

Monoscrooge: I swear to Buddha if you compare me to Scrooge one last-

Gladstone: dude shut up. Wait, I fought you said you found the note slid under your door?

Launchpad: Well drake was still asleep when i woke up so i went back to my room and that's when i found the note, i thought that was the only part you needed to know!

Gladstone: Dude... this is a murder trial... You can't just lie like that...

Launchpad: S-sorry.

Beakley: No, it's okay just.. Don't do it again...

Della: Also, have we mentioned launchpad is literally incapable of hurting someone?

Don: Well... I guess those two are innocent...

Gyro: Now before continuing I would like to ask everyone a question...

Gyro: Why was Donald even in the garage in the first place?

Dewey: obviously to find something!

Don: looking for a better defense weapon?

Gladstone: I may have an idea...

Scrooge: Well lad, we're listening...

Gladstone: (Okay, hope this doesn't backfire...)

Gladstone: So, let's just say he came there himself... He had the knife in his at the sight of the murder and had some blood... So if we add this all up-

S-Sorry but that's wrong!

Fenton: No, what you're saying should be the other way around Gladstone!

Gladstone: What are you trying to say....

Fenton: I'm saying, someone lured Donald to the garage to kill him! He didn't go there for any other reason!

Fenton: I don't know if I'm right, but I'll prove it to you! One way or another!


Rebuttal Showdown

Truth Bullet: Note In Donald's Room

Fenton: In this situation..

Fenton: The killer is the person that asked Donald to come there!

Fenton: it's the only way he could've been there!

Fenton: Why else would he go there?!


Gladstone: Well, what if there was another reason Donald was there?

Gladstone: What if he came there for a reason?

Fenton: It wouldn't make sense!

Fenton: The only reason he was there was because the killer invited him!

Note In Donald's Room

I'll Cut Through Your Words!



Gladstone: No, he did have a reason for going to the garage.. But your reason is wrong...

Fenton: Wh-what do you mean by that?

Gladstone: In Donald's room, Me and Fethry found a note on Donald's desk that had the particular reason for going to the Garage...

Fethry: We even still have the note!

Fenton: Oh.. m-my bad...

Lena: Well, are you gonna show it?

Fethry: Yeah... Monoscrooge? Can you project it for us, the paper donald used it smaller than the one launchpad has.

Monoscrooge: Sure thing! Just hand it to me!

Monoscrooge leaped out of his chair and to Fethry, fethry handed him the note and Monoscrooge went to project it, a giant screen lowered down as it showed the letter.

Don: W-what?!

Della: Y-you weren't kidding....

Scrooge: What in the blazes?!

Louie: U-uncle donald... was really gonna kill Uncle Gladstone?

Huey: This has to be fake! He would never!

Monoscrooge: Well... it's true! Donald planned to kill Gladstone and frame it on Fethry or Della! Though Donald sorta failed, but hey he at least tried!

Bradford: Well now that we have this evidence... I think we should discuss the most obvious suspect in the group now...

Gladstone: Really? Who is it?

Bradford: You Gladstone...



Bradford: You were the first suspect I had in mind when I saw you and Gyro come into the dining room and you were in bandages.

Gladstone: B-But how am i even a suspect?!

Don: He has a point, you went into the garage, no one saw you even going there and you came back in a bloody mess!

Drake: Not to mention you have no alibi..

Gladstone: My alibi is my damn brother tried to kill me!

Bradford: Well, why did you give me this?

Bradford then pulled out the letter that he took from me...

Bradford: It cleary says that Donald wanted you to come to the garage... And you came black with stab wounds... It's obvious what went down... You killed him, didn't you?

Gladstone: You! You set me up! This was your plan the whole time!

Bradford: No.. You brought this on yourself, even going to the garage was your first mistake.. Giving me the letter was your second mistake.

Gladstone: Sh-shut the hell up!

Fethry: Guys maybe-

Bradford: Fethry, the evidence is right there, he's the killer..

Gladstone: Gh!

Della: y-You're telling me.. My own brother is the killer?!

Fethry: Gladstone.. You aren't the killer right?

Gladstone: N-N-No! I-i would never!

Fethry: Then say something! If you aren't the killer then prove it!

Gladstone: I...I....





I think we haven't been properly introduced yet... Bradford....

I live in the American Gardens Building on W. 81st Street on the 11th floor. For those who forgot... My name is Gladstone Glander. I'm about 34 years old. I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

There is an idea of a Gladstone Glander, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable, I simply...Am pure...luck.....

Everyone looked at me with shocked looks on their faces, my whole persona and ego changed in a quick second..... I knew the moment Bradford said my name, it was all going downhill....

Mark: What the fuck?

Launchpad: his personality took a whole 180!

Gladstone: Well, guess the truth hurts doesn't it?

Drake: So.... You killed Donald?!

Gladstone: Heh, who said anything about me killing Donald? I would never hurt my family in any single way let alone murder them!

Lena: Dude what the hell is wrong with you?!

Gladstone: Nothing... I'm perfectly fine... it's you guys who have the problem...

Jose: You just spent like 5 minutes talking about your morning routine! It's sounds a lot like Patrick Duckman's morning routine!

Mark: Also who uses only 3 different beauty products! I use 7 of them!

Lena: That's some Duckberg Psycho shit right there...

Gladstone: Let me just go on and tell my main goal for this trial... Find Out Who Killed Donald, Survive this killing game and make it through as much trials as possible, and become the richest duck of Clan Mcduck! Sorry Uncle Scrooge...


Bradford: Well... I thinks it's safe to say he's the killer....

Gladstone: What?

Mark: Yeah! The way this guy's acting, This fucko is definitely the killer!

Della: Hey guy's let's all slow down, just because Gladstone has this problem with his ego and he seems suspicious doesn't make him the killer!

Beakley: Look at the evidence Della, there's no doubt he's the killer... I'm sorry, but i think it's safe to say we should vote for him...

Fethry: Guy's think about this for a second!

Huey: Sorry Cousin Fethry, but we already have...

Lena: Damn... and i was jsut about to get to my theory..

Fethry: Well... if it's gonna be like that... T-T-Then i'm not voting for him!

Della: Yeah same!

Gladstone: Wait, you guys have my back?

Mark: You can't be serious..

Della: One note doesn't prove his guilt you know!

Launchpad: Guys, i think i'm on Gladstone's side..

Drake: L-Launchpad?!

Launchpad: He's one of my buddies, and buddies would never betray their friends! Especially Family!

Drake: Well if he's gonna defend Gladstone... Then i'm on his side as well!

Gyro: I'm siding with him as well..

Fenton: Yeah! if it wasn't for Dr. Gearloose Gladstone, would've been dead!

Louie: Guys come on! Aren't you gonna help me?!

Dewey: Help defend a possible murderer? No way!

Huey: Even if he's family, he's too suspicious!

Scrooge: Sorry lad, I can't help you on this one...

Panchito: Whoa amigo let's calm down! Gladstone isn't the killer just yet!

Jose: Even in his situation, there isn't enough evidence to convict him!

Hold It!

Monoscrooge: Wel well well... Looks like we got a split opinion... Well it's time for the long awaited Scrum Debate!

Everyone: Scrum Debate?

Monoscrooge: Yes! I am proud to present the Mcduck Manor morphinomical trial grounds!

Scrum Debate

Vote For Gladstone?

Vote Now!

Bradford, Lena, Beakley, Mark, Huey, Dewey, Scrooge, Don

Wait To Vote

Gladstone, Della, Fethry, Louie, Fenton, Gyro, Drake, Launchpad, Panchito, Jose


Bradford: All the evidence links back towards Gladstone!


As in Evidence you mean one measly note that you have?: Della

Don: No one else saw him even leaving the garage!


Me and my intern are the only ones who saw him, I'm the one who stitched his wounds!: Gyro

Lena: He also had no reason for going to the Garage other than to kill Donald! Everything he's said was most likely a lie...


He had a note saying to come to the Garage, did you forget that was his reason or something?: Louie

Beakley: He came to the Dining Hall in Bandages, it should be obvious on what went down!


Dr. Gearloose had stitches Gladstone's wounds while he was unconscious, the bandages where necessary!: Fenton

Mark: Are we sure that he isn't using Gyro isn't Gladstone's Cover up story?


If he was using Gyro, he would've been hiding the wounds then and Gyro wouldn't have said anything.: Drake

Huey: He tried to kill Monoscrooge so it would make sense if he tried to kill Uncle Donald!


Trying to kill Monoscrooge is one thing, But why would he kill an actual person?!: Launchpad

Bradford: It's pretty clear most of the evidence points towards him, we need to vote for him right now!


If we vote for Gladstone now, there's a chance we may get it wrong!: Jose

Dewey: But it's obvious he killed Uncle Donald after he got stabbed!


The only was he could've killed Donald was if he wasn't on Death's door!: Panchito

Scrooge: As much as i want to defend him, there's no way we can trust him at this point...

I got this!

The only way out of this is for you to trust me and believe I'm not the killer!: Gladstone

Full Counter

This is our answer!



Bradford: Fine! We'll wait to vote for Gladstone...

Drake: We aren't voting for him at all....

Huey: But-But what happened just earlier!

Gladstone: I was just letting my frustration without cussing out Bradford, though I'm gonna do it after this trial is over...

Beakley: Well... We have no suspects now....

Scrooge: How about we discuss why Donald was acting weird after the motive...

Fethry: Obviously because of Bradford...

Gladstone:(why he was acting weird.. I feel like we're getting close.)

Non Stop Debate

Truth Bullet: Scrooge's Account

Huey: What do you mean Uncle Donald was acting weird?

Dewey: He acts like that all the time!

Louie: Well mostly...

Jose: Well, me and Donald did get in an Argument....

Panchito: But that should be it...

Della: And there was the note he found

Mark: What if he go in another argument with Bradford?

Bradford: I never talked with any of you after Della punched me in the face....

Gladstone: (One of them is on to something, but I don't think it's right just yet....

Huey: What do you mean Uncle Donald was acting weird?

Dewey: He acts like that all the time!

Louie: We'll mostly...

Jose: Well, me and Donald did get in an Argument....

Panchito: But that should be it...

Scrooge's Account>

No that's wrong!


Gladstone: Actually Panchito, you're forgetting one thing...

Gladstone: There was one particular time Donald was acting weird... right Uncle Scrooge?

Scrooge: Yes, Gladstone is correct... A few minutes before the murder,

Missing Knife>

I got it!

Gladstone: The missing Knife! That's how he got the knife!

Beakley: However, there is one rabbit hole in this case....

Beakley: Why would his murder weapon be covered in his own blood?

Lena: Well, guess I can finally talk about my theory...

Huey: Theory? What theory...

Lena: I think it's obvious why Donald had the knife and how he got stabbed in the stomach... Now Gladstone, if you connect the dots.. it should be obvious why it happened...

Donald Tried To Commit Suicide>

I got it!

Gladstone: Donald..... tried to.... Tried to...

Della: Tried to what?

Gladstone: I- I'm gonna be sick... Donald.... Tried to.... He tried to kill himself....

Della: What?

Louie: Donald... tried and kill himself?!


Don: She may have a point...

Della: Monoscrooge.... Lena's theory is wrong, right?

Monoscrooge: whaza?

Della: He didn't actually kill himself right?

Monoscrooge: Couldn't be more wrong! Donald felt the despair of nearly killing his brother, but he realized that he would never get over the guilt of killing his brother... He also felt guilty about pushing his anger out towards his best friends So he decided to do what he thought was best... Say "Fuck it" and off himself!

Fethry: So... the case really is a Mercy Kill....

Panchito: T-this is all our fault.... This is all our fault!

Jose: Panchito calm down!

Panchito: Us arguing with him is what pushed him over the edge! We're one of the reasons he's dead!

Della: Look this is all our fault, Mostly Bradford and Gyro's but still!

Gyro: I told you i'm sorry, what more do you want from me woman?!

I was still in shock that everything Lena said, Donald tried to kill himself after trying to kill me... And someone killed him to end his pain..... I don't know how to feel now..

Bradford: Moving on, we should focus on finding clues that point towards the real killer...

Bradford: Speaking of which, we should discuss the Garage now...

Huey: W-what about the garage?

Bradford: During the investigation, there was one thing that stood out... One thing that is the biggest clue of this case. You know what i'm talking about Gladstone.


I got it!

Gladstone: The ladder had footprints on them, right?

Mark: The fuck does that thing have to do with the case?

Bradford: Sure it seems pretty normal, but if you look closer, you can find the clue that leads to the killers identity

What type of footprint is on the Ladder?

Duck Print's

I got it!

Gladstone: The footprints are from a Duck, if i'm not worng?

Bradford: Correct... So if you put it together...

Della: So every duck in the room besides beakley and lena is a suspect...

Bradford: Also, the killer must've had to know how to tie rope and set traps, it couldn't be Launchpad and Drake cause they never went to the crime scene.... And Scrooge and Beakley are exmept since they were in the kitchen... and Fethry was with Della when she was arguing with Gyro...

He's right... Fethry was with Della during the murder....While he was a Woodchuck scout, he still wasn't at the crime scene because of what Gyro and Fenton told me..... So, if what he says is true.... The only person capable of commiting the murder is.... Wait... No...... nonononononononono! No way.... NO FUCKING WAY!

It has to be you!

Gladstone: H-Huey? Is it you?

Huey: W-what do you mean by that?

Gladstone: Did... Did you kill donald...

Mark: Wait what?! Huey killed his uncle?!

Della: Gladstone what the hell are you talking about?!

Gladstone: If i'm not wrong, Huey is the only other person besides Fethry who a woodchuck scout...

Gladstone:I mean he is a kid.. But given the evidence, he maybe the only person able to-

Slow Down There Amigo!

Jose: Gladstone... I don't know what to say.

Gladstone: Jose what are you talking about.

Jose: I don't know what's going on in your mind, but it's impossible for huey to be the killer!

Jose: Whatever makes you think that.... i'll prove you wrong!


Rebuttal Showdown

Truth Bullet: Ripped Jr Woodchuck Page

Jose: Huey is the killer?!

Jose: You must be out of your mind!

Jose: Need i remind you he's just a kid?!

Jose: it's impossible for him to be the killer!

Jose: I mean killing his uncle?!

Jose: That's just absurd!


Gladstone: your right about him being a kid...

Gladstone: But he's not exempt from being the killer

Jose: Don't you understand?!

Jose: Even if he is the killer...

Jose: There's no proof Huey was at the crime scene!

Ripped Jr Woodchuck Page>

I'll cut through your words!



Gladstone: Actually there is proof that Huey was at the crime scene... In fact, the guys investigating the site know what i'm talking about.

Mark: The.... Jr Woodchuck page?

Gladstone: The one Don found...

Huey: H-How did you?!

Fehtry: That's-That's not huey's!

Fethry: Actually it's mine!

Fethry: he could've stole it from my room-

Bradford: You're making it sound like he's more suspicious...

Fethry: No i'm not!

Fethry: Just one page from a notebook isn't enough to convict Huey!

Gladstone: Well.... there is one other piece of evidence....

Huey: Wh-what?

Gladstone: (One that could point to Huey as the killer....)

Cleaned Bloodstain>

I got it!

Gladstone: Gyro, Fenton, there seemed to be signs of my blood on the floor right?

Gyro: Yes....

Gladstone: And huey is sorta of a Neat freak right?

Louie: Y-yeah and what?

Gladstone: If there was still blood there, everyone coming to sleep would be immediantely suspicious or scared.

Bradford: That does make sense..

Huey: Gu-Guy's this isn't true!

Gladstone: Huey, i don't want to think you're the killer either but-

Huey: Then stop! i didn't kill Uncle Donald!

Della: Gladstone just stop! huey isn't capable of killing someone!

Gladstone: Della... You have to trust me...

Della: No! I won't believe you! None of us will!

Huey: Yeah! There's no way i could've been in the garage...

Gladstone: Sorry huey... but i have to do this... I'm going to prove to everyone your guilty! For donald!

Argument Arnament

"Why are you doing this?!"

"Uncle Donald is family!"

"I would never kill someone who's family to me!"

"Even if it was for my brother!"

"Even if my journal page was found there..."

"It could've been token from someone else!"


"You still think i'm the killer?!"

"After everything you just been through?!"

"You're wrong! You're just wrong!"

"I would never kill someone in my life!


"Please stop!"

"I'm not the killer!"

"Uncle Gladstone please!"

"Don't do this!"

"I'm innocent!"

"You have to believe me!"



Hid In The Cabinet

This is the end!



Gladstone: You... hid in the cabinet while Donald attacked me...

Huey: I-I-I-

Don: The cabinet! so that's how that page got in the note!

Gladstone: And after i left you peaked out the cabinet and saw donald stabbing himself... that's when he asked you to killed him... right?

Huey: i-i-i-i-

Dewey: huey... did you-

Louie: He has to be lying! Huey wouldn't!


Della: No.......

Fethry: Little Donald?

HueyI just wanted to save Louie....

Mark: No..... way...

Huey: I saw him in his room writing something... i waited for him to leave and then i read the n-note... i found out about his plan so i wanted to st-stop him.. So i went to the garage with the ripped page i had and grabbed some rope and a knife... but that's when Uncle Donald came in....So i hid in the cabinet and waited to see what happened....A-After a minute, I peaked out of the door and I saw him... attack you... h-he was going to kill you... Then-Then he stabbed himself in the stomach... i ran out of the cabinet to him... he was bleeding out and he- he asked me to kill him.... He wanted m-me to save Louie for him, i- i ran over to the box and grabbed a knife and he-he told me to stab him... I did what he said and stabbed him in the back, h-he bleed out while i-i went to sent up the trap with the rope i found..By the time i started he-he was dead I sliced the back of his legs to make it looked like someone jumped h-him and i finished setting the trap up for launchpad.... I went back to my room and saw the blood on the dorm floor so i-i cleaned it up so no one would be suspicious...  I waited for everyone to go to bed so i could slide the note under launchpad's room for him to get... 

Huey then collapesed to the ground and began to burst out in tears, i could see some of the others tearing up... Even monoscrooge's smile that he had on his face earlier faded for some reason... Is... This what despair feels like?

Bradford: Well... guess we should end the trial-

Gladstone: No, not yet.... i have to summarize the case just so i know we  haven't missed anything.

: Seriously dude?

Gladstone: Yes, so if you'd shut up and let me explain this we can be done...

Gladstone:And Huey.... i'm sorry that this had to happen.... 

Here's Everything That Happened In This Case!

Act 1:

This all began when the motive was announced, Monoscrooge would hold Louie hostage unless someone killed, however, each 24 hours we didn't kill, Louie would get hurt everytime... After that the victim of this case, Donald, couldn't risk his nephew getting hurt. So he immediantely fought of a plan to kill, and his victim was gonna be me. The killer, who i assume was on their way back to their room, somehow saw donald writing down their plan for the murder, after Donald left the room. The killer snuck in their and found out about the plan to kill and they couldn't let him go through with the plan... So they devised of a plan immediatently.

Act 2:

The killer made their way to the garage with the ripped Jr Woodchuck page they had that would help them with their plan. They found the box of weapons where they found their murder weapon, but i guess this was around the time Donald and i met, so the killer hid in the cabinet while we talked. I assume the killer wanted to find out what was happening so they peaked out the cabinet door, only to see Donald attackiing me. After i left, Donald was having second thoughts and i guess questioning his own morals. This is where he made the decision to sacrifice himself to save Louie... He stabbed himself in the stomach, falling to the ground as the killer ran out of the cabinet to check on him, leaving the page inside the cabinet. Donald didn't know , so he asked the killer to grant them this last wish, and that was for the killer to take his life... And so they did what they were asked.


Act 3:

After Donald was dead, the killer set up their trap. I don't know how the murder happened, but i guess the killer cut the back of donald's legs beforeThey used the ladder and rope they found in the garage, they must've had rope left with the little minutes they had left. The killer cleaned up the bloody before the nightitme announcement. After clesning up the blood they made it into they room and began to plan the suspect for the case. He wrote a letter to launchpad asking him to go the the garage in the morning, but they initialed the letter as "A Friend",this was made to imcriminate both Launchpad and Drake. After that, i assume they cleaned themselves up before going to bed


Act 4

Fast forward to the morning, Launchpad was leaving Drake's room and heading back to his room, this was when he found the note saying to head to the garage... launchad being the dummy he is, went there with no second thoughts... Once he got there, he went through the door, cause to fall for the trap and end up dangling from the ceiling. if launchpd din't yell out to us, we'd wouldn't have found him... or donald... and this is how the case went down...


This is what happened, isn't that right Huey?


Gladstone: And that's all she wrote...


Della: Please tell me he's wrong, huey.....


Della: huey please!

Monoscrooge: Well now, looks like yoiu all came to a conclusion! Now then, look down on your screen and select for the person you want to vote! 

Huey: 80%



Monoscrooge: Well the votes are in! Now then, did you make the right choice? or the dreadfully wrong one? What's it gonna be? What's it gonna be?!

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding







Huey Duck Is the killer!


To Be Continued....


Next Chapter: Execution



Chapter Text

"Well congratulations! You guys found the killer!"

The room was silent..... We were all in shock... Huey killed Donald..... Even after I explained it all, it still didn't make sense.... Donald asked his nephew to kill him... But why? Why put him in danger like that?!

"Oh... Della, Fethry? Voting for yourselves won't change anything... Just letting know okay?" Monoscrooge told them both.

"No... this is a dream! This has to be a dream! Huey isn't the killer!" Della said, in denial.

"Y-yeah! Little Donald wouldn't do something like this!" Fethry said, following up on what Della said.

"Well it's true, we voted right so he's the killer...." Bradford said.

"h-huey? This is a prank right?" launchpad asked.


"This is just a prank you and donald thought of, right?" He keep going, hoping huey would respond.



"That silence says it all man..." Mark said.

"And then we voted right so he "is" the killer..."


"WHY DID YOU KILL HIM?!" Louie yelled, running up to huey and grabbing and pulling him up by his collar.

"He-he was gonna kill uncle gladstone and-



"N-no! He was bleeding out and he asked me to-

"SO YOU LISTENED TO HIM?!" Louie yelled.

"Dude remember, this is a mercy kill, Donald was the one who–


Louie kept yelling at huey in this never ending tirade, as he kept letting his anger out on his brother, tears began to form as if he was mad at himself.

"NOW HE'S GONE! And...And... It's all your fault....."

Louie let go of huey's collar and turned away from him, walking over to Dewey.

"I-I'm sorry, he wanted me to make sure you were safe and-

"Shut up..... I don't want to hear anything you say..." Louie said, his voice filled with hatred.

Louie tosses his hood over his head before turning back to Huey and saying...

"Huey... I will never... Forgive you....."

Despair shined bright in both of his eyes as if were a mix of Hatred, Despair and Spite as tears ran down his face.

"Look, no one is to blame for any of this..." I said.

"Yeah.... It's your fault...." Dewey said, turning towards me.

"Y-yeah your right but-


"I feel like we all played a part in Donald going off the deep end..." Jose said.

"We're the ones who got in the argument with Donald after the motive, so that could be a reason contributing to why he killed..."

" and Jose are also the reason Donald is dead..." Panchito said, looking back at the painting of donald.

"And i have to admit, maybe if i didn't say anything to Huey he wouldn't have become the person he did.... So i'm partially to blame for this." Bradford said.

"Actually you're to blame for all of this..."

"You guys just keep blaming each other for the reason Donald is dead.. BUT IT'S PRETTY OBVIOUS IT'S HIS FAULT!!!!" Della yelled pointing at Gyro.


"HE STARTED ALL THIS SHIT! IF HE DIDN'T OPEN HIS MOUTH, WE WOULDN'T BE IN THIS SITUATION!" She yelled, taking out her anger on Gyro.... Again......

"But don't you realize? if he didn't say anything, we would've gotten a different motive and we would still end up here....." Beakley said.

"Wow..... now that i think of it, i really did get your Brother killed...." Gyro said, his overall mood changing.

"Dr. Gearloose..."

"Della... *Sigh* I'm sorry for getting Louie kidnapped.... And your brother killed...."


Della just gave gyro a quick glare and then turned back, i could see tears running down her face while she mouthed something to Gyro.

"So... sorry to break the good old fashion angst up, But we kinda have to move onto the punishment..." Monoscrooge said.

"Fine.... what's the punishment?" Della asked.


"Just tell us, it can't be that bad?" Mark said.

"Okay how do i put this........." Monoscrooge mumbled, almost hesitating on what to say... We didn't know what the punishment was, but i'm sure it'll be something like being locked away or something of the likes of-

"Punishment is execution.."



"I beg your pardon?" i asked.

"Yeah, i'm not that excited for this since the killer is a kid but... But i have to do my job..."

"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! EXECUTION?!?!!" Mark yelled, dropping his phone..


"S-so you were gonna kill anyone who got found out as the killer?!" Fenton said.

"Yes, i'll try to make the execution less brutal than the ones i have planned for you guys if you get caught..."

"I-it makes sense now.... the punishment for breaking the rules is the same punishment for getting caught.... AND YOU WERE GONNA EXECUTE ALL OF US IF WE GOT IT WRONG!" Jose said....

"So, with that being said, let's get this execution-


Right then, fethry jumped in front of huey blocking Monoscrooge from getting close to him.

"I don't give a crap about your punishment, you aren't gonna lay one finger on Huey!" he yelled.

Right then, Della and i joined in.

'y-yeah! No way we'll let you kill my son!"

"He doesn't deserve any of this!" I yelled.

Right then, Scrooge, Launchpad and Beakley joined in to defend Huey.

'If you think you're gonna kill him, you have to get through all of us!" Scrooge yelled.

" And if you think you're gonna hurt him and make us watch, you have another thing coming!" Beakley yelled.

"Yeah! It's 6 of us and one of you!" launchpad said.....

"m-make that 8 of us..."Fenton said, both him and Drake joining in.

"I-I may not have the gizmoduck suit, but i won't let you touch Huey!" Fenton said

"Yeah! I'm trained for- wait you're Gizmoduck?"

"I know how you all feel and i have nothing but pity and remorse for you all but... I have to follow orders...." Monoscroge said, his voice made him sound sympathetic to us.



"Please.... Don't make this harder for me... In fact, any of you who get in the way, i'll have to execute as well." Monoscrooge said, his eye lighting up... He was not amused this time.


We all came to a stop from yelling and turned our backs to Huey.

"You guys don't have to do this...."

"What the fu- is he high?!" Mark said.

"He is ready to face death.... he has my respect..." Don said.

"Hey you, do realize he's about to execute you if they don't do something.." Lena said.

"I killed right? And i have to pay the price for it..." Huey said.

"Kid you must be insane if we're gonna let him-


Right then, Della ran up and hugged Huey, not letting him go.

"You're my son! I'm supposed to protect you! i can't just let you give up your life like that!"


"I've been out of your life for 10 years! I can't lose you!"

"Mom.... i'm sorry..... I- I didn't think this would happen!"

"Stop apologizing! This isn't your fault!" She cried while huggin him.

"So?" Monoscrooge asked huey.

"Let's just start the punishment..." Huey said, looking up to Monoscrooge.

"Wait, you seriously want to go through with this?" He asked, surprised Huey was willing to go through with the punishment.

"Y-Yeah.... Someone has to pay for it... And i hope no one follows in my footsteps..." He said.

"No he's right! You don't have to go through with this you know!" I said.

"Yeah! I'm sure someone else is willing to go through with this! Right?"

Fethry waited for someone to speak up but he just got silence in response.

"Guys? Back me up here..."

"Yeah... As much as i feel bad for what's about to happen to him, i don't want to die either..."

"Coward..." Don mumbled.

"Well, someone has to be executed and huey's willing to go though ith it so... Yeah in retrospective, screw the kid." Gyro said.


"What?! I'm sure he's just joking about the execution, and if not i'm sure the execution isn't gonna be bad as we think it will be...." Gyro kept on.

"Gyro? Shut the fuck up for once?" Della said, hiding her fist behind her back.

"*Sigh* To think you all would go through all of this to make sure Huey is safe..... Well.... Sorry in advance..." Monoscrooge said, turning around as we saw his eye light up, but the color was way darker...

"Now then... I've prepared a very special punishment for Huey Duck, Ultimate Scout.."

"Guy's, i'm sorry that things ended up like this..." Huey said, looking back to us.

"Please look away from the screen if you wish to not witness the execution..." Monoscrooge paused.

"Huey wait!" I yelled.

"Well, Let's give it everything we got!"

"t-tell Donald.... I'm sorry...."

"It's punishment time!"

Right as Monoscrooge said that, the screens around the courtroom turned on as it showed an 8-bit version of Huey being dragged away by Monoscrooge with the heading.

Game Over

Huey Has Been found Guilty

Time For The Punishment

As the room dimmed, we all turned our backs to Huey in fear... Just then, a metal collar came out of nowhere and grabbed Huey by the neck, Huey reached his hand out for Della right before he was dragged away out of sight.

Junior Woodchuck's Climbing Expedition

As the screen changed, it cut to Huey as the chains around his neck let go and dropped him on the ground. The camera panned up to a giant cliff, on top was a sign labeled Exit, right then rope dropped down dangling from the top. Huey grabbed onto the rope and began to climb up. He made his way up the cliff


A Spike came up and went straight in and out of his left foot, his screams of pain echoed through the speakers. Huey managed to get back his senses and started back climbing up, avoiding any openings in the cave. He kept climbing and things started to look


A circular saw nearly cut his right leg... This was a saw trap at this point. As more trapped were set off, Huey was barely able to climb up... But then... he finally made it to the top of the cliff, He pulled himself up and saw the but then...


Monoscrooge rushed up to stab him in the stomach, as he pulled the knife out, Huey slowly stumbled back until he fell off the cliff. Monoscrooge turned around, not wanting to witness what he just did. as he fell, he made one last smile as he closed his eyes, Accepting his fate before the screen cut to black for a second when the screen cut back, all we could see was Huey's hand as blood slowly covered the floor as we all stared in shock...

Execution: End

Words couldn't describe how i felt after watching that.... I had dropped to my knees on the floor after witnessing the execution... Huey was killed right in front of us, and we were forced to watch... Is this what despair is like? Was i that lucky to find the killer and it turned out to be the one person in the group that wouldn't kill? D-did..... My luck turn against me?

"Jesus christ!" Mark yelled.


"T-that bastard!" Beakley yelled, clenching her fist.

"Th-that was way too brutal!" Fenton yelled in shock.

Right then, Monoscrooge walked back into the courtroom. Blood on his coat and holding the same knife he used to stab huey.

"Are you happy now? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?!" Della yelled.


"Aren't you going to say something? Go on and make a joke, see if we feel better you sick fuck!" I yelled.

Monoscrooge dropped the knife and stood there and looked at his bloody hands.

"I need everyone one to leave right now....." Monoscrooge said, fury in his voice.



We did what he said and rushed back into the elevator and climbed the dark stairwell and made it back to the main hall... We were still shocked at what we had just seen, we all felt sick to our stomachs.

"H-He's dead..... He's dead and we couldn't do anything about it..." Della said.


"H-hey calm down, I'm sure it's going to be okay.." Fethry said, patting della

"H-He deserved it anyway...."

When we heard those words, we turned to Louie, with his hood still over his head.


"H-He killed uncle donald and got caught.. H-He had it coming.." Louie said, acting like he didn't care.. But we could tell his voice sounded like he was on the brink of crying.

"Dude i know what you're going through, having someone close to you-

"SHUT UP!" He yelled slapping Lena's hand away.

"NONE OF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH OKAY!" Louie yelled, in tears as he rushed up the stairs and to his room, we could hear a door slam all the way down here.

"He... he really violated that kid like that...." Mark said.

"I-I think i'm gonna...."

Right as drake said that, he collapsed to the floor unconscious.


"Is he okay?" Don asked.

"He..... just fainted....."

"I-I'll take him back to his room... You guys figure out what we do next." Launchpad said as he grabbed drake and rushed upstairs.

"Everyone, we have to make sure none of what has happened ever happens again! Bradford, go get the box of weapons and bring them to me." Beakley ordered.

"Actually... I think I rather go to my room." He responded.


"I don't think it's healthy a dead body in 1 day and a kid executed.... So i'll clock in for the day." Bradford said heading up the stairs.

"Come back here! You can't just leave like this!"

'Beakley you need rest." Scrooge said.

'I don't need rest! Two people are dead and-

"Just calm down, de acuerdo?

Beakley eyes darted to jose with this death glare in them, before she said.

'Fine then.. I'll go get some rest.. Hope you all figure out a plan.."

'Let's just go get some sleep, that trial was long as hell." Don said.

"Yeah... The atmosphere doesn't feel right now...." Fenton said.

"Intern.... I'm going back to my room.... Might want to go back to yours...." Gyro said, taking off his glasses.

After that...... We all walked back to our rooms and locked them shut. I went to the bathroom and splashed water on my face.... I never felt like this in my entire life... My brother and my nephew both died just hours apart..... And i'm the one who got Huey killed... It could've been Fethry who killed him! But, if we got it wrong we all would've died and Huey and Louie would be safe.....

And with that... The first Mansion Trial ended in the worst way, shape and form possible.


"What the hell did i just do?"

"I know you're watching me...."

"Of course i was.... Why wouldn't i watch this whole ordeal go down?"

"What the hell did you make me do?"

"Simple, you killed Huey Duck with your own hands, you were following orders!"

"I felt something as i saw the despair on everyone's faces after they voted for huey... I wasn't assumed, i just felt pity...."


"That was Della's kid, he was family to the Mcducks...."

"*Sigh* i knew this was gonna happen..."



"Simple.... I think everything should be able to feel despair.... Any person, creature... Even things.... It's just a Philosophy i have..."


"Hey, I didn't expect him to actually kill.... Hell, i don't even expect the kids to kill... But FOWL designed the executions for me... So blame them..."

"Why didn't you take them out of the mansion?! I'm sure there couldn't be other people that would've been fine in their place! Glomgold, Black Heron, Steelbeak, Ma Beagle... Even fucking Magica! You could've chosen 4 of them instead of making the kids play the Killing Game as well!"

"I knew it was a bad decision for FOWL to bring you back...."

" What even are your plans? What's the point of you having this killing game?"

"I want to change the world..... And show them true despair..."


"Starting with Gladstone and Fethry...."

Chapter 1

Survival Of The Fittest


Remaining Survivors: 17

T o

B e

C o n t i n u e d......


Chapter Text

"It has been 4 days since Scrooge has announced that his mansion would be on lockdown, the only reason he's given us so far is that the lockdown is for "personal" reasons... Coming up next, many people and Ultimate's have gone missing such as Waddle CEO, Mark Beaks along with actor Drake Mallard, the main lead of the cancelled Darkwing Duck movie/reboot, all projects with him being the main leads have been delayed until Mallard is found... more on that at 11."

3rd Person POV

Duckberg Public Library

"Okay, Violet said to meet her here..."

Webby was inside of the Duckberg Library looking for Violet . Currently it's been 4 days after the Mcduck Manor was placed on Lockdown, no one get's in or out... Unfortunately for webby, she's been locked out as well... She walked inside the library trying to find Violet and found her at the table where they usually met, with notes scattered around the table.

"Webby, glad you could make it..."

Violet Sabrebeak

Ultimate Prodigy

"Hey violet, thanks for meeting up with me!!"

Webby Vanderquack

Ultimate ???

"So about-

"The Mcduck Manor lockdown, i've been investigating that for the past few days..." Violet said, intercepting Webby.

"Oh, you already started?"

"Yes, I found it weird that Scrooge Mcduck would put his manor on lockdown and then Mark Beaks goes missing the day after..." She said, looking at some of her investigation notes.

"Why are you bringing Mark Beaks into the conversation?" Webby asked.

"He's the Ultimate Social Media Influencer... People would notice if he went missing.... Also I want to ask you something, where have you been staying for the past 4 days?" She asked Webby.

"Well.... Since i was locked out of the mansion, i've been staying a shelter... I tried going back to the mansion but there's a gate blocking the way, you can't even slip through the bars!"

"That brings up another question... Why would you be locked out of the mansion if you live there?" Violet asked.

"Yeah, don't you think they would've told me about what was going on before this happened?"

"No, if they locked you out if something was going on, it would means something's happening and they don't want you to find out!"

"So, where should we search first?"

"Scrooge's moneybin, there has to be clues there..." Violet said, pulling up a photo of the moneybin.


A few minutes later, Webby and Violet arrived at the moneybin, they took the elevator to Gyro's lab to see if he was there.... It was long, like that one scene from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

"If anyone knows what's going, it has to be Gyro!" Webby said.

"I wouldn't be so positive..."

The elevator opened up and the two walked inside.. Only to find neither Gyro or Fenton in the lab.. No explosions, only Lil Bulb, BOYD and Manny.

"Hi Webby! Hi Violet!" BOYD greeted them.

"Hey BOYD, so... have you seen Gyro or Fenton around?" Webby asked.

"I haven't seen them, they've been gone for the past few days.."

"What do you mean, they're gone?" Webby asked.

"They left a few days ago and haven't came back.."

"I mean, it's normal for Gyro to go missing in some time related experiment but this is totally out of character for Fenton!"

"So is there any reason that they're gone?" Violet asked.

"Mr. Mcduck sent Dr. Gearloose and Fenton a letter saying to come to the mansion, It said something about... Danger coming to Duckberg?"


"Is the letter still here?"

"Yes! Dr. Gearloose put it in his desk drawer before they left!"

Right then, Lil Bulb came out of gyros office with a letter in its hand, Webby grabbed the letter and began to read it out loud.

"To the Ultimate Inventor and Ultimate Intern, Gyro Gearloose and Fenton-Crackshell Cabrera

As new information has come to light, i now realize the danger that is heading towards Duckberg,  more  dangerous than The Shadow War and The Mooninvasion, when you two get these letters, make your way to Mcduck Manor as soon as you can, make sure you are together when you arrive.

-Scrooge Mcduck"

"This letter... is similar to the one he sent Lena the other day..." Webby said.

"Lena had a letter as well?"

"Yeah.... But it weird that he didn't list her talent..." Webby said.

"And how long have they been gone?" Violet asked.

"I think it's been 4 days... You think something happened?"

"4 days..... Something has to going on inside the mansion... Webby, we have to find a way to get inside the mansion!"

"You're right, who knows what could be going on in there! BOYD, thanks for helping us.." Webby said, thanking the robot boy.

"You're welcome!"

"C'mon webby, let's go.." Violet said, tapping her shoulder.

"Um... webby? you think Dr. Gearloose and Fenton are okay?" BOYD asked.

"They've been in many situations like this, I'm sure they're fine!"

"Your think so?"

"Yeah! I'm sure they'll be back in a few days!"


"They're leaving the moneybin right now..."

"Why did they even go there?"

"I placed a bug in there, seems like they know Gyro and Fenton went to the mansion as well..."

"We can't risk them finding out what's going on, Gandra. We'll send someone out to help you, just keep following them.."

"Why do you think these two are threats? They're just kids!"

"Sabrebeak is the Ultimate Progidy, so she's the main threat..."

"As for Agent 22's granddaughter, she will be a nuisance but she...'

"I mean.... She's the ultimate-

To be continued


Chapter Text

Chapter 2: To Kill Or Not The Kill


Daily Life




Ding Dong Bing Bong


"Good Morning Lads, it is now 8am, get ready for another day inside of Mcduck Man-




The morning announcement played shortly but i cut the off before it could finish. I didn't get any sleep at all last night, I couldn't even get a minute of rest without imagining Donald or Huey... Both who died hours apart in the last 2 days.... huey murdered after Donald asked him to kill him, and then we saw him get executed right in front of us... The despair on our faces when we realized we couldn't save him still sends shivers down my spine... And as the execution ended, that image of Hueys hand and the blood slowly appearing, it burned its way into my head.....


Dorm Hall


I walked out of my room and was about to head down to the dining hall, but I saw Della knocking on Louie's door trying to get him to get out.


"Louie! Answer me!"


"Go away!"


"Look I know you're still upset but you can't stay locked in there forever!" She pleaded, only to get silence back in response.


Bang Bang Bang!


"LOUIE!!! God damn it." She groaned.




"Oh....hey gladstone." She said, turning around and- HOLY CRAP SHE'S LOOKS AWFUL.


"JESUS! You look like crap, what the heck happened to you?!"


"Well... I spent the night crying myself to sleep, that's why I look like this... Why do you look like you saw a ghost?" She asked.




*Flashbacks of Donald and Huey*


"I didn't get any sleep at all..." I responded.


"Well... Guess we both feel the same... I guess." She said, Right then, I heard another door open and close.


'Morning guys..." Fethry said walking up to us, his hair looking like a jumbled up mess... I rarely see him without his beanie on so this is kinda a rare occasion. (He has an Ahoge)


"Actually, out of the two of us... he looks the most normal. Oh yeah, morning Fethry." I whispered to della.


"Hey what happened to your beanie?" Della asked.


"I didn't bother to put it on... I kinda want to try something different..." He said, rubbing his hair. After that, we stood there in silence.


"Wow.... Is it just the three of us..." He said.


"I'm gonna miss Donald's annoying voice..." I said.


"I'm gonna go eat my feelings away.." Fethry said, heading downstairs.


"I'm going with you... The others would probably think something happened to me." Della said, joining him.


"Hey guys wait for me!"


Dining Hall


I walked downstairs with Fethry and Della heading to the dining room... The moment we entered I could tell the atmosphere was depressing, there was a different group that was up already.. Gyro, Scrooge, Drake, Fenton and Jose. but they seemed to be huddling up around something.


"What the hell?" Drake said.


"W-who would even make this?!" Fenton stuttered


"Who in the blazes did this?" Scrooge said.


"Are... Are these pictures of Donald and Huey?" gyro said, sorta squinting at whatever they were looking at.


We managed to get a closer look to see what they were looking at, and it appeared to be a shrine.. With 2 pictures of Huey and Donald on them... The whole thing gave off this creepy aura... Well, now I know why they were reacting this way.


"Wow.... This is sick...." I muttered.


"Sup guys...................WHAT THE CRAP!?" Mark said, walking into the dining room and then noticing the shrine.


"Wow, this is messed up..." Lena said, walking in.


"Why are you guys yelling?- WHAT THE?!" Don stuttered as he saw the shrine.


"Whoever built this is disrespectful as shit!" Mark said, then proceeded to take a picture of the shrine.


"Why is everyone by the corner? There's no reason for- W-What is this?!"




"WHOA WHOA WHOA! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!" Monoscrooge yelled, jumping out of the woodworks, interrupting Don before he could slash the shrine into pieces.


"Destroying this so called thing some sick fuck made!" Don said.


"Do you guys all assume that?" Monoscrooge asked.


"You're holding us hostage and you killed my son... of course we do..." Della said.


"And on top of that, someone made this just to give a "screw you" to Huey and Donald!"


"So... Let's just destroy it-


"Wait no! Stop!" Launchpad said, rushing into the Dining Hall and getting in Don's way.


"Launchpad, I need you to get out of my way real quick." Don said.


"I can't let you destroy this!" He refuted.


"Dude why are you defending this thing?" I asked.


"Me and monoscrooge made this!"




"So.... you're saying You and him... Made this..." Della asked, confused as hell.


"Yeah! It was so we could remember Donald and Huey! I was trying to set it up during the night and Monoscrooge came to help me!" Launchpad explained.


"And you of all people helped him?"


"I felt back about those two dying so I decided to help him out when I saw him on the cameras... Blame him for why it looks so eerie." Monoscrooge muttered.


"Wow... my fault." Don said, sheathing his sword.


"So... why do you three look like you've seen a ghost?" Mark asked.


"Also what's with your hair Fethry?" Gyro asked.


"Yeah, I decided to stop wearing my beanie from now on." He explained.


"Yeah... You look way better without it..."


"Anyway, since you all made it through the first mansion trial, I think you all deserve a reward!" monoscrooge said, interrupting the conversation.




"Our freedom?" Mark asked.


"No! Even better, you now have access to the second floor!"


"Second floor?"


"So that means we aren't gonna be stuck down here?" Drake asked.


"Yep! Why would I keep you guys trapped in only one area? That's the definition of insanity right there!'


"So... the stairways to the second floor are open?" I asked.


"Yep! Knock yourself out!" Monoscrooge said before disappearing.


"Well, we might as well go check it out." Lena said.


"So should we go by groups or-


"I think we should go separately.." 


"After yesterday I think we all need some space." Scrooge continued.


"Yeah I agree with scroogie.... Yesterday was depressing af..."


"I have to agree with him, we should explore on our own.." Gyro said.


We all agreed on the idea and set out to continue exploring the mansion.


Second Floor Gate


I walked around to the left side of the mansion and to the end of the hall and found the gate that was blocking the staircase had disappeared.


"The gate's gone."


I stared at the stairs for a few more minutes before I finally decided to walk up to the next floor.


Second Floor


I made it up the staircase to the second floor after climbing like 3 sets of stairs,This part of the mansion seemed to be different than the first floor, the walls had Red wallpaper and there were 5 doors around the hall, 3 on right and 2 on the left.


Study / Ultimate Billionaire's lab


I walked into one of the rooms to what appeared to be a Study, there were papers scattered across the desk, book shelves almost on every wall and a grandfather clock.


"Weird... My study looks different.." Scrooge said to himself.


"That's because Monoscrooge remodeled the place you know..."


"Well well well! Looks like you found one of the many Ultimate Labs i have built here!"


'Ultimate... What?" I asked.


"Ultimate Lab's! You know, areas of the mansion I have built to cater to your Ultimate Talents.." Monoscrooge explained.


'So is this... Scrooge's lab?" I guessed.




"So where's mine?" I asked.


"On the third floor."


'Oh." I said with a disappointed voice.


"But there are 3 areas on this floor that also have ultimate labs, so be sure to check them out!"


"Ultimate Labs.... Interesting." Scrooge said to himself before checking his desk.


As I left the room, I bumped into Mark who seemed overly excited for no reason.


"DUDE! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!" Mark said ecstatically.


"Mark what the heck is wrong with you?" I asked.




"Wait what?"


"Yeah! It even has a hot tub and all that shit! You have to see it for yourself, come with me!" Mark said, grabbing my arm.




We walked through one of the doors to see a gigantic pool, surprisingly it isn't filled with gold...


"This is every influencer's dream!" Mark said.


"Right... You are the Ultimate Social Media Influencer.."


"Hey, are there locker rooms here?" I asked.


"Yeah the locker rooms are over there... Nothing out of the ordinary, but there's a door in there that won't open up."


"So... Is the pool open to everyone?"




Our phones buzzed the moment i said that, i took it out and saw the rules had been updated and there was a new rule, i spoke too soon.


Rule 11: During Nighttime, Entering The Pool is Off limits, however The Locker Rooms are Open To Use.


"Well that explains-






Next thing I knew, I had been shoved in the pool, I managed to get to top and saw Mark laughing his ass off. Oh my god he is such a dick.


"Dude what the heck?!" I yelled.


"Oops, totally my fault!" He said sarcastically.


"Screw...You..." I said, pulling myself out of the pool and then flipping him off. Great, my jacket's wet...


"*Sigh* I'm gonna go find somewhere to change my jacket..." I groaned.


"You do you..."


Storage Room


I entered one of the doors to find a storage room. Similar to the Garage, but this was a little bit bigger. I saw Beakley and Della checking the room.


"Beakley? When did you get up?" I asked.


'Monoscrooge woke me up and told me the second floor had opened up. I'm just searching around." She told me.


"Let's see... Utility Cords, Trashbags, Rope, mostly household items..." She said, searching some of the shelves.


(Two of definitely aren't gonna be used later, what I’m not lying!)


"Sounds like Garage 2.0." I said.


"Also why are you wet?" Beakley asked.


"We have a pool and I got pushed in it by Mark."


"Yeah, cause we need a guy like him being a jerk...' Della said.


"*Sigh* I'm gonna find a place where I can change my coat." I said.


"Please do so... And also dry off, We don't need anyone tracking water all over the place."


Aquarium/Ultimate Marine Biologist's Lab


I walked through another door to find an aquarium with a lot of fish. Like a lot, none of them were deadly so i guess. Most of them ranged from koi, goldfish, angelfish, etcetera etcetera. I noticed Fethry was rubbing his face up against the glass in awe.


"Hey dude."


"Dude, can you believe that the mansion has a freakin' aquarium now?!" Fethry said, with stars in his eyes for some reason.


"I guess this is your lab..."


"Yeah! Monoscrooge told me about it when i walked in here!"


"Hey did you know that if you put two betta fish in the same tank, they'll try to kill each other? That's why they don't have mates, cause they'll end up in some twisted Fight Club scenario!" he told me.


"I'll... Leave you to this." I said backing up out of the room.


Dressing Room


I entered another to find a literal closet, shirts, suits, jackets, all you could ask for... There were some sections with our names and they had the exact clothes that we all wore- Oh wait I need a new jacket! Oh yeah, drake was in here as well.


"Oh yeah, another Jacket!" I said to myself, switching out my drenched coat with a clean one... Wait... My phone still works?


"Dude, why are you wet?" Drake asked.


"No reason... Oh hey, 20 dollars!." I told him, reaching into my jacket and finding a 20 Dollar bill.


"So I guess this is your lab..." I said.


"What lab?" He said, confused.


"The ultimate labs? Guess Monoscrooge hasn't told you yet." I mumbled.


"Nope! Couldn't be more wrong!" Monoscrooge said, jumping up out of nowhere.


"Dude where do you keep coming from?" I asked.


'None of your beeswax, so i came to tell you both the purpose of the dressing room... But also to tell you you're wrong about this being Drake's ultimate lab."


"This is a dressing room, Drake's the Ultimate Actor... It makes sense..." I explained.


"Well yes. While this is a dressing room, Drake lab is on the next floor... We didn't have the budget to put this many labs on the second floor."


"But if something happens to your clothes, like  if they get something on it or you get pushed in the pool like Gladstone did. This is the place you can go to change!"


"So.... It's like a department store?" Drake asked.


"Yep! Anyway have a good time exploring the place!" Monoscrooge said before disappearing again.


"Wow... tough luck buddy..." I said, patting Drake on the back.


"But seriously why are you wet?" He continued to ask.


"Imma head out." I said, leaving the room.


"You still haven't answered my question!" 


Shooting Range/ Ultimate Gunslinger's Lab


I walked through another door with a target on the nameplate and entered what appeared to be a shooting range, I saw panchito locking a door with a set of keys.


"Gladstone, buddy! Welcome to the Shooting Range!" Panchito said, greeting me.


"Shooting range? Why would a shooting range be in the mansion?" I asked.


"I don't know, Scrooge probably needs to blow off some steam sometimes..." Panchito assumed.


"Still, why would there be a gun range and there aren't guns?"


"Yeah, the guns are in that room there! But you need a key to open up, a key that only I have!" Panchito said, swinging a set of keys around his finger.


"Cool, I guess."


"Also, this range happens to be my Ultimate Lab!"


"Your lab?"


"I am the Ultimate Sharpshooter so this is fitting!"


Sharpshooter? Sounds dangerous and badass.


"Wait... so are those guns in your holster's real?" I asked, pointing to the revolvers in his holsters.


"Nope, they're just for show, all they shoot is smoke.."


"I don't believe it." I said.


"You don't? Well, might as well prove you wrong..."


Panchito upholstered one of his guns and aimed for one of the targets, but when he pulled the trigger.




The noise ran throughout the room, and probably the whole floor. Me and him had the same look on our face, a mix of shock and fear.... There was an actual bullet that fired....


"I-I thought you said those were for show!"


"I did! B-but they seem to be loaded! They weren't capable of shooting real bullets!" He said, panicking while checking his guns only to see they were fully loaded.


"What the hell was that?!" Jose said, rushing into the range.


"Uh.... panchito is showing me the Gun Range!" I said, lying.


"Yeah! That's all that happened!" Panchito said, lying as well.








"Well, okay..." Jose said, walking back out.


".....Don't tell anyone about this.."


"Same to you." I responded, making a beeline to the door.




I entered one of the doors and saw Don,Gyro and Jose having drinks, which I'm pretty sure is beer... Then I looked at the walls and saw bottle of beer, wine, tequila, and lots of alcoholic drinks-yeah this is a bar...


"And then he turned himself into a pickle!FUNNIEST SHIT I'VE EVER SEEN!" Don said, slamming a glass on whiskey on the countertop.


"Don, the joke wasn't funny the first time, and it isn't funny the 50th time.."  Gyro said, annoyed.


"Gladstone! *hic* Come and join us!" Don said, trying to get me to drink with the others.


"Uh, no i'll pass..."


"Oh don't be a little el cono!" Don swore in Spanish.


"Don, you're drunk!"


"What?*hic* No I'm not, why would the legendary Don Karnage be drunk?! That makes *hic* No sense you pinche puta!"


"Did you just call me a Fucking wh-


"So yeah, we just found out Don is a heavy drinker sometimes..." Jose said.


"And I we should probably stop drinking before one of us ends up getting deaded by-


"DEAD AS *hic* FUCKING FRIED CHICKEN!" Don yelled, interrupting Gyro.


"*sigh* Jose pour me another glass of Wine." Gyro said, looking completely tired with life.


I slowly backed out of the room before I ended up witnessing a bar fight or something.


3rd Floor Staircase


I made it to the end of the hall. There were two corners, one corner had a staircase leading downstairs and the other corner leading somewhere else to the right. I turned to the right and saw another staircase leading upstairs but was blocked by a gate....


I walked downstairs to the first floor since I was done with Investigating and I bumped into Dewey.


"Hey kid..."


"Hey uncle Gladstone..." he said, walking up the staircase.


Guess Louie is still in his room...


Dining Hall


I walked back into the kitchen to see the others at the table discussing what they found. I walked up to table right as someone else came inside.


"Hello everyone.." Bradford said walking behind me.... Once again, the room was silent... Me and Bradford glared at each other for a seconds.


"Bradford...." I said, glaring at him.




"So i heard there was a new floor open to us, did any of you find anything?" He asked, cutting to the chase.


"There's more rooms on the second floor, and there's also a gate blocking the third floor." I said.


"And i'm gonna guess... If one of us kills and we survive the trial.... The floor opens up.." Gyro said.


"T-There's also rooms catered to us called Ultimate Labs... I think Monoscrooge told us all." Fenton said.


"The one's on the second floor belong to Fethry, Me and Panchito... Monoscrooge says the rest are on the floors above us..." Scrooge said.


"Which we aren't gonna see cause we aren't killing no time soon right?"






"Beakley, i know you want us to be save but look at where we are now... Donald and Huey are dead because of the motive, and Gladstone almost got killed by Donald because of the motive..." Gyro explained.


"And what are you trying to say?" Beakley asked.


"One of us dying is inevitable..."




"Even if we manage to not kill, Monoscrooge will probably get bored and give us all another motive that'll send one of us over the edge..."


"And then we'll get in another trial that'll end with either us dying and the killer getting to go free or us surving and watching someone else getting killed..."


"And then we'll be stuck in a cycle of killing... Until the Mastermind decides to let us go.."


"I'd say after 5 more killings the mastermind would let us go-


Beakley rushed up and grabbed Gyro by his collar, interrupting him before he could finish his sentence.


"Need i remind you that you are one of the reasons Donald and Huey are dead?!" She yelled.


"Look i was just trying to-


"My job now is to make sure no one else gets hurt or thinks of killing! And since you're also responsible for what happened, i have to make sure you don't say anything to get us killed!"


"Beakley calm down!" Fenton pleaded.


"No! Two of us are dead because we had our guards down?! If we were more careful donald and huey would be in this room right now! We can't risk anymore of us killing!




"We know you're mad about Donald and Huey dying. I'm still mad that they died as well! But we can't just act like wild animals! That's exactly what Monoscrooge wants us to do!" Fenton tried explaining to her.


"Are you calling me a wild animal?"


"No... He's telling you to stop being a bitc-


"What he's trying to say is that you should just calm down! I pretty sure no one's gonna murder for the next few days!" Fethry said, covering my mouth with his hand before I could finish my sentence.


"No... i want him to finish that sentence..." She said, with a death glare.




"Uncover his mouth... That is an order..." Beakley ordered Fethry. He did what he was told to and let go of my mouth.


"I said........ Stop acting like your going to kill someone yourself...."


Silence filled the room right after i said that. Beakley and i had this staring contest, almost as both of us were waiting for the other to say something... She breathed in for a second as she was about to say something before...


"I'll overlook this incident for now Gladstone... Meeting adjourned... and also Gladstone... i know what you were about to call me."Beakley said, turning around to leave.




"I was being honest!" I said.


"Well being "Honest" nearly got you gut punched by Beakley!"


"Glander, you were playing with fire just now.." Don said.


"Guys, don't you think she's overreacting a little bit?" I asked the others, but that only made them more upset with me.


'Dude, two people died.. We all are in the same situation as Beakley is..."


"And note, you also nearly died if it weren't for us..." Gyro said.


"Maybe we should've voted you... Maybe there's a universe were you died instead of Huey..." Lena said.


"You probably don't have to worry about that though.. You are the Ultimate Luckster..." Jose said, smoking a cigar.


"Yeah... Your kinda cringe now ngl..." Mark said,


"Look guys, i'm sorry i-


"Lad... Stop..." Scrooge said, interrupting me.


"Your luck is the reason we're here right now... You being an asshole is just pushing the limits." Bradford said, pushing my limits even more.




"Uh guys, maybe we should back off for a minute.."Fethry said.


"You know Gladstone it's situations lke this that make us think you're the mastermind-


"Would you shut the fuck up Bradford?" I said, with full on anger in my voice.






"YOU THINK I WANTED TO BE THE ULTIMATE LUCKSTER?! I've spent my entire life just getting shit handed to me! You know how many cars i have that i don't even use?! About 30 of them! You think i act like this cause i'm privileged?! You think i act like i'm tough shit because i'm rich?! During the trial when you all accused me of being the killer, i was so close to losing my fucking shit! But no, i decided to tell you all my whole morning routine! You all think i want to be here?! I'd rather have me and donald die than knowing the fact that Huey is dead! I just act like this cause i'm in denial, denial that sooner or later, someone in this room who i grow close to will either stab me in the back or get murdered by someone they love! You know, when donald stabbed me and i was bleeding out, i thought i was fucked, i thought that all the shit i've done has come back to haunt me! But i survived and he didn't! I'm so fucking lucky that I can't even die! So Jose, you can shut the fuck up as well cause you don't know shit about how I feel!"


"Look we didn't mea to-


"Well, i guess that's how you all feel about me, huh?" I said, with spite in my voice.


Silence filled the room..... After about 10 seconds I had realized what I just said to everyone....


"..... I-I'm sorry i lashed out on you all... I'll just leave..." 


After that, i rushed out of the dining room and went back to my room. I slammed the door after I walked, locking it and then sat down against the wall, I accomplished one thing so far, is that probably everyone here hates me because of what just happened. I didn't mean to almost call beakley a bitch but... No, there 's no way justifying that.. I'm in wrong for even opening my mouth... Guess this is how Gyro feels....


Knock Knock Knock


I heard a knock on the door, I tried to wait it out by covering my ears, but whoever was behind the door just kept knocking.


"GO AWAY!" I yelled..


"Hey it's me.." Fethry said.




I got up and unlocked the door, letting a Fethry in...


"I guess you're still mad about earlier." He assumed.


"I'm not mad... I'm just pissed off, I didn't want anything that happened in the past 2 days to even happen..."


"Dude you can't hate yourself for what's happened so far-


"No, it's not like that...I've been pissed off ever since Donald died, and Huey's execution was just the cherry on top... It's been like one day and i can't get either of them out of their mind..... I fucked up even going to the Garage, n-now two people I cared for are dead..... And it's my damn fault!" I yelled, punching the wall, knocking down a painting.


I could feel tears running down my face, I was reminded of the despair I was feeling.... Everyone was right, I did have my life set for me, my talent, my status, everyone... All i'm good for is luck... fucking luck..... That's all I've been good for in my life.


"I don't think this will help, but i guess you can have this..."


Fethry reached into his pocket and pulled a Clover Pendant and handed it to me.


"I got this from Monoshop last night... I figured you could have it, as a good luck charm i guess.."


"Why... Why are you giving this to me? I mean, no offense but I mean with everything that just happened-


"I want you to have Hope, Hope that You, Me and Della will make it out of this Killing Game alive."


"Thanks cous...."


"No problem.." He said, hugging me.


".....this is weird..."I said, weirded out.


"Yeah why do families even do this?" Fethry said.


"Not to mentions we're guys..."


"Yeah it's even more weird."


Fethry let go of me and left the room... He kinda made me feel better.... I'm glad I still have him and Della on my side... And everyone else, I hope they all survive as well.... Maybe not Bradford because he's an asshole but still.


"Maybe I should hang out with someone...."


To Be Continued

Chapter Text

Free-Time Event



Would you like to use the Machine?


Inserted 8 Coins

Crank Crank

Rattle Rattle Rattle


Obtained Burner Waddle Phone

Would You Like To Use The Machine again?

Yes>/no I'm done

Inserted 5 Coins

Crank Crank

Rattle Rattle Rattle


Obtained Lil Bulb

Dressing Room

I headed upstairs and walked to the dressing room since I was just bored, but I walked into Mark searching the room for something.

"Crap... Where did I put my phone...." He muttered.

Do I really want to hang out with Mark Of All People?

Screw It, Why Not?>/No

"Oh, sup Gladstone..." Mark said, noticing me.

"Hey man... What're you doing?"

"I was trying to get some service so I can call the cops, but I dropped my phone and I don't know where it is." He explained.

"Sucks.... Need help?" I asked.

"What? You'd think I'd need help from a cocky guy like you?!" He scoffed.

"I mean, you're a prick, I'm cocky... Potato potahto..." I said.

"Well.... I can't find my phone and you're right here...."

"Yeah I need help."

Me and Mark had a debate on who was richer while we searched for his phone.
I guess i had a good time talking with him.

Do I want to give him a gift?


Burner Waddle Phone>

"Oh hey! Another phone! Oh, it's one of my Waddle phones... Eh, I need a burner anyway.." he said, putting the phone in his coat pocket.

"Hey.. so, how did you become as famous as you are right now?" I asked.

"Why are you asking that?"

"I mean, most people take forever to become Famous like you... So where did you start?"

"Well, I originally was the Ultimate Web Developer before I formed Waddle, I did have a social media account but I barely had any followers... After I had more time developing my talent and gained lots of money to invest, I founded Waddle. While that was happening, I was growing popular on social media, by the time I was a multi-millionaire, I became the Ultimate Social Media Influencer. I went from a nobody my whole life to someone people would see in public and go, "Hey i know that guy!" all in 5 years.... "

"Sounds like you had it all planned out..." I said, actually impressed on how he got this far.

"Well, it wasn't how I imagined it... People wanted to be like me, people are crazy sometimes, once there was this stalker I had. She was crazy over me . Then there were people who just wanted to fuck with me, I was at a coffee shop once and this guy walked up and began to harass me, I tried ignoring him but he just kept going.... Next thing I knew I punched him in the face and left without paying..."


"Guess that's what happens to you for being too famous I guess.

"Hey I think I see your phone." I said, noticing something light up in the corner.

"Wait you do?!"

"Yeah, it's right over there, I'll go get it."

I walked over to the far corner of the closet and picked up his phone, his wallpaper has some guy in a suit with him, the background looked like a bar.

"Hey who's this on your wallpaper?" I asked.

"Oh? It's a guy I work with, it's nothing really..." He said.

"Oh, are you sure about that?"

"Yes, I'm sure- wait.... What the fuck?" He said, then noticed something on his phone.


"I just got a tweet on Twitter... You should see this."

"Mcduck Manor has been on Lockdown for 5 days now. No signs or announcements on the the lockdown ending have been shown "


"When did Scrooge even announce this?"

"Obviously the day we got here..."

"Hey, you think you can make a tweet about this? I mean people are obviously gonna notice you so..." I suggested.

"Hold on, let me try that.... (Sup guys, trapped in Scrooge Mcduck's manor, people are killing each other pls send help... #Killing Game #Save me) okay and send."

Mark tweeted the post but it showed an error message seconds after.

"What the? Tweet could not be sent?! Fuck, we lost the service again!"

"Shit! You think monoscrooge found out?"
"Probably, oh fuck... He's probably on his way right now, let's dip before he comes and get us!"

Me and mark rushed out of the Dressing Room and downstairs, before we both got caught.

"*sigh* Welp, there goes that plan... But hey, thanks for helping me find my phone... I have some questions to ask Scrooge later." He said, actually being nice for once.

"Yeah no problem man."

"And dude.... I want to survive this... And no, it's not because I'm too young to die... I went from the bottom all the way to the top, i have my own god damn company and fucking phone brand. There's no way in hell I'm dying by the hands of someone else. I'm gonna go out sipping mimosas on the beach watching the sun set! That's why I want to survive."

"Sounds like a decent plan Mark."

"Also, sorry about the whole thing with the pool and that...

After that, we both went out separate ways for the day.. I guess we had a good time hanging out?

Relationship with Mark increased!


I walked into the Kitchen to get something eat and found Gyro searching the Pantry and fridge for ingredients .

"Okay let's see, flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, a egg(huh?), vegetable oil, milk.... Dammit where did I put the blueberries?" He said, searching and grabbing kitchenware out of the cabinet.

Should I help Gyro?


"Yo Gyro."

"Oh, Gladstone.... Didn't see you." He said looking back at me then continuing what he was doing.

"So.... What're you baking?" I asked.

"Blueberry Muffins, I mean- obviously for the others and not for me!" He said, trying to lie.

"Well, you need help?"

"No, I don't need help, thank you very much.. Dammit where the hell are those blueberries?!" he yelled.

"The pack of blueberries are in the sink." I said, pointing to the sink.

"....Grab an apron and we'll get started."

I did what Gyro said and we began to start baking.

"Hey is the batter suppose to look like this?"

"No no, you're mixing it wrong! Let me do it."


Besides the mess we made, we had a pretty good time talking and destroying the kitchen.

Do I want to give him a gift or something?


Lil Bulb>

"Lil Bulb? How did you get this?!" He asked.

"Uh, I got it from the Monoshop." I said.

"Okay but how the hell did it even end up there?!"



Why is it trying to threaten me?

"What is it doing?" I asked.

"He's waving at you..." Gyro said.



"So..... What do you wanna talk about?" I asked.


"I mean, the muffins are still in the oven and This is the part where one of us starts a conversation so.... Wanna talk about your Talent? I've pretty much been asking people about that so I guess it's your turn..." I said, rubbing my neck.

"My talent..... It's a long story, I didn't really start my career in science until I got in High School. I participated in science projects, fairs and all that. After I graduated high school, many people wanted me to attend their colleges, but I got a letter from a Advisor from the University of Tokyolk who were offering me a school, so of course I accepted it."

"You got a scholarship to go to Japan?"

"印象的ですね。ええ、それはあなたが私のような天才に期待するものです(It's impressive. Yeah, that's what you expect from a genius like me)" Gyro said in Japanese.

" Wait you speak Japanese? That's freaking cool!"

"Yeah I took lessons before I went to Tokyolk, after I started going to university, a scientist now basically a psychopath Dr. Akita, took interest in my work. I began working for him soon after, That's when I earned the talent Ultimate Intern, yep.... Believe it or not, I was an Intern once. Soon after, we made a robot called 2BO, which Akita used for evil and uh.... You know Homelander, right? Yeah he basically made him into that.*sigh* Even after all these years, I still remember the despair he caused.So after all that went down, Akita went missing, I was basically an "accomplice" and then I came back to Duckberg since I was chased out of Japan, after that I began working on my own. Soon after I earned my title as Ultimate Inventor, Scrooge hired me to work at the Moneybin as his Head Scientist.

"So.... How did Fenton end up working with you?"

"Oh Cabrera, well.... Scrooge wanted to hire someone to be an Intern for me, i was hesitant on trying to get him to not go through with the idea but I kinda had no choice. He rejected most of them, but there was this one guy that was hellbent on getting the Job... And you can guess who it was... So after like 3 days of him coming back, Scrooge hired Fenton. Took me a year to get used to, but after a while I guess we got along... You know, if he didn't get hired he would've been Talentless, that's the main reason he's the Ultimate Intern."

"So.... Would you even consider being an intern a talent?"



"Well, the muffins are done." I said.

"thank god, I didn't want to answer that question.." he mumbled.



"I'll take one for myself and I'll put up the rest for the others tomorrow, hey you can have one right now." He said, tossing me a muffin before putting the rest in the fridge.

"Oh, thanks man!" I said.

"Yeah... No problem."


Ding Dong Bing Bong

"Attention Lads, it is now 10 pm, with that being said.... Nighttime has officially begun! Please make your way back to your dorms upstairs... Okay then, goodnight!!"

"Well would you looks like it's Nighttime.... I'll see you tomorrow Gyro." I said.

"And Gladstone, thanks for getting Lil Bulb back for me.... Glad I have someone else by my side during this game."

After that, me and Gyro walked back to our rooms and called in, I guess I had a pretty good time handing out with him.

Relationship With Gyro Increased!

Gladstone's Room

I got back to my room and landed face flat on my bed..... Today was tough, new floor of the mansion and the slow distrust that's growing in all of us.... Who knows what's gonna happen....

"Hope tomorrow will be better for me...."


" So.... How are you feeling?"

"Aren't you the one to ask Bradford..."

"Hey I'm looking out for you...."

"You made me a promise you won't hurt the others, so why the hell are we even in this game?!"

"I didn't bring them into this game, we're all here against our will, I'm simple just playing it the easy way... By not killing..."

"You blackmailed me into working for you Bradford, why the hell should I even believe that you aren't gonna kill!"

"Because I'm as powerless as you are so calm down...."


"Of course I feel bad, why wouldn't  i  feel bad to two peoples lives ones dying?"

"Then why are you so nonchalant about this?!"

"Because I'm not the one behind this...."

"What do you mean you aren't behind this?! FOWL built Monoscrooge in the first place!"

"Im trying to tell you that It's someone else running the game..."

"W-well what do you think they're planning?"

"Consider this their plan to take over FOWLlike that'll ever happen..."

To Be Continued

Chapter Text

Ding Dong Bing Bong

"Good Morning lads, it is now 8am and nighttime is officially over! Wow, it's officially been 5 days since you guys arrived here!"

"Wow.... 5 fucking days...."

I got out of my bed, ready to face another day here... So far no one has killed yet nor a motive.... I guess after the trial none of us are thinking about killing at all..... Guess I should head out to the Dining Hall.

Dining Hall

I walked into the dining hall to see that most of the group was already up, except Louie and Della.

"So this one guy had the Kahuna's to rob me, and you know what I did? I slashed his fucking hand clean off!" Don said.

"Damn dude.. That's cold..." Mark said.

"Well, that's what you get for trying to fuck with the great Don Karnage!"

"Oh hey Gladstone..." Launchpad said, greeting me.

"Morning guys..."

"So is this everybody?" Drake asked.

"No, Della and Louie haven't shown up...." Scrooge said.

"Hey, Blue kid... Aren't you Louie's brother or something?" Bradford asked.

"Yeah but-

"Then why haven't you checked on him yet?"

"I did before I got here, he didn't answer or say anything...." Dewey said.

"Hey... maybe someone should go check on them..." Fethry suggested.

"Yeah I'm not the one to care about people but someone needs to go check on the kid.." Mark said.

"Yeah, who knows what's happened to them-

Right before Fenton could finish his sentence, Della walked in.

"Hey guys..." She said, yawning.

"Hey Della..." I said.

"Has the green kid come out of his room yet?" Don asked.

"You seriously don't know his name?"

"Nope, I guess he needs more time to recover.... And I'm giving him the time to do so.." Della said. Right as Della said that, Louie walked in.

"Hey everyone..." Louie said, rubbing his eyes.

"Hey kiddo..."

"Jesus kid, you like you've been through hell and back..." Jose said.

"Hey, the kid lost his Uncle and Brother... He needed time to mourn..." Panchito said.

"Yeah.... I've been locked in my room for the past day.... I finally decided to come back out..."

"So... you feel better now?" Fethry asked.

"I guess so.... God, I'm hungry..."

"Everyone, I've finished making breakfast..." Beakley said walking out of the kitchen.

"Well isn't that a coincidence.."

After we all went into the kitchen and grabbed some breakfast, we all sat down and talked for a little while... After a few minutes, the room was silent.

"So that everyone's here.... Me and Gladstone made something for you guys yesterday...." Gyro said.

(Oh yeah, the muffins!)

"Let me guess, Dynamite?" Mark said.

"Ha ha, no. So, I'll go grab them out of the fridge.... Intern, come with me..." Gyro said, grabbing Fenton and walking into the kitchen, right then, everyone's eyes darted towards me in suspicion.

"Okay Gladstone what's actually going on?" Mark said, interrogating me.

"W-what?" I said.

"Is this a plan to poison us or some shit?"

"No! Me and Gyro-

"Alright, Bon Appétit!"

Right then, Gyro and Fenton came back out of the kitchen carrying two trays of muffins.

"Wow...." Don said.

"Th-that's more than we baked yesterday." I said, surprised that there were 2 trays(I thought we 1 for the whole group)


"Yep, made them with Intern."

"That's a lie and you know it." I said.

"These aren't laced with Meth or Ketamine?" Bradford asked, grabbing one of the muffins.

"Why are you asking that?" Fenton asked Bradford.

"Haven't you watched Ducking Bad or Russian Doll? Everything that happens in those shows is caused by drugs..." Mark said.

"No.. This is real life Mark, Walter Macaw(White) isn't real, same as what's her name from Russian Doll."

"Fine... But if I get stuck in a death loop I'm gonna- whoa.... These... THESE ARE GOOD AS SHIT!" Mark yelled., taking a bite in one of the muffins.

"Yeah! They taste so good!" Della said.

"Well, they don't taste like they've been drugged so...

"Well, this morning's off to a great start! Literally." Fethry said.

After that, we all chatted and had some laughs while eating muffins.

"So.... What should we do?" Launchpad asked.

"What do you mean.... What do we do?" Beakley responded to Launchpad, raising her Eyebrow.

"I mean.... We explored the new floor and there hasn't been a new motive so, should we do something today, like as a group?" Launchpad explained.

"Yeah... I guess we have a day or two before Monoscrooge gives us a new motive.... T-That we're around gonna fall for!" Gyro said, then getting a glare from Beakley.

"Yeah, we gotta do something! We can't just do nothing for the rest of the day!" Dewey said.

"Well "Smart Guy!", what's your idea?" Mark said.

"Well...... Maybe throw a pool party?"

"Pool Party? Dude it's like August..." Don said.

"Yeah but, the pool is open to us so why not have some fun to take our minds off the past few days..." Launchpad said.

"Yeah! Why else would Monoscrooge have a pool built here? Just for show?"

"I mean, i guess so-

"So we should throw a party then! We can't just let the whole room go to waste?"

"I disagree..." Bradford said.

"I for one don't think we should listen to your idea, you saying we should throw a party out of nowhere isn't just something a person trapped in a death game would say."( my man played DR 2 and knows what could happen)

"Why would this be a bad idea?" Launchpad asked, not getting what Bradford was saying.

"He's saying that this could lead to someone dying during the whole thing."

"Yeah, as much as i'm a fan of parties... We really shouldn't throw one in a situation like this.." Mark said.

"Guys come on! You can't be like this! it's just a Pool Party!" Launchpad said, trying to plead with the others.

"Dude you're making yourself suspicious." Louie said.

"Even if you have 4 braincells, this seems suspicious as heck!" Louie continued.

"What do you mean by that?" Launchpad asked nervously

"You could be planning on killing one of us..."


"Guys Launchpad would never murder someone!" Della said.

"Yeah i'm physically and mentally incapable of doing something like that!"

"All I'm saying is, we can't have a party, Launchpad... End of Discussion." Beakley said, trying to end the whole ordeal... But Launchpad wasn't giving up yet.

"Guys come on, Just listen to me! I know we all don't trust each other right now, I don't even my trust myself either! But we can't have our minds focused on the past, we have to move forward! You know why? Cause we're all friends, and even if we aren't friends we can find it in our hearts to become friends eventually! Friendship so the most important we have to rely on since we're in this game! I mean sure Bradford may be a Psychopath , Don and Mark only care about themselves and Gladstone may have some problems he needs to talk out with his therapist, we can't let that bring us down! We all have to worry about Friendship in order to survive!"

"Well Launchpad-

"Bradfordpleaseshutthefuckup." I said interrupting Bradford.

"Bradford he kinda has a point." Panchito said.

"Yeah Launchpad's right! We all got to stays friends if we're gonna survive!" Fenton said, backing Launchpad up.

"So, now can we throw the party?" Launchpad asked.

"*sigh* Alright Launchpad, we'll let you have the Party..." Beakley said, giving in.

"Alright, so what time are we having the party?" I asked.

"Well, it's 8:30 so..... 3 o'clock?" Drake suggested.

"Yeah that sounds good."

"And Bradford, if you're coming to the party, don't try starting anything." Beakley commanded.


Pool party.... Well, guess we have the day planned out, Might as well go in and get ready.

Dressing Room

I walked inside the dressing room trying to find some swim wear, unfortunately for me all I could find was suits, shirts and other bullshit.

"Alright... nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, damn it...."

Okay, guess I need help from someone....... And no one else is up here so...... he's the only other choice.

"*sigh* HEY MONOSCROOGE!" I yelled.


"I'M TRYING TO SPY ON YOU ALL, WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" He yelled, popping up out of nowhere.

"Where's the swimwear?"

"T-That's all you wanted?" He asked, with this annoyed tone in his voice.

"Yeah, we're having the party and-

"Pool party?! Can I come?!"

"You're a robot." I reminded him.

"Oh right.... Well, the swimwear is in that closet over there." He said, pointing to the left side of the the room.

"Thanks... I guess."

"No problem, Gladstone."

"Hey uh before you go, quick question.... Why are you so nice?" I asked.


"I mean, you're holding us all hostage, you're giving us all this freedom, you act nothing like Scrooge would and also you felt bad for Donald and Huey dying!"

"Well.............. I guess FOWL designed me to be like this... I'm just designed to switch personalities whenever a death occurs... Boss just told me that it was just a bug.."

"A bug?! You looked horrified after the execution, how could that be a bug?!" I asked.

"It doesn't matter, it's won't feel that bad if an adult kills.... Besides most death games host don't give a shit about time participants and are just assholes!"

Monoscrooge just called out like almost every Mono in 1/2 of the Fangans out there(Monocuppa doesn't count, they're a Saint)

"Also between you and me... I didn't even want to execute the kid, I was actually willing to let it slide for him.... But I had to follow orders...." He said, before Turing around and knocking on one of the walls and jumping into it, disappearing.

"Hey wait!" I tried going towards the wall before it could close and I found myself in a dark corridor. I could hear metallic footsteps that probably belonged to Monoscrooge slowly fading away. The hall had torches lit that making it easier to see, I walked towards the left since that's were the footsteps came from, I kept walking down the corridor only to hit a dead end.


I leaned against the wall and ended up flipping it and landing on the ground, a three piece combo at its best.

"Uh..... my head...."

I grabbed my head and pulled myself up, I looked around to see where I was, thinking it was a new location, but then I saw the blocked staircase and then I realized I was at end of the second floor.

"Welp, guess-

"Uh Gladstone? Why the hell did you come out of the wall?"

I turned around to see Mark looking at me, he had a T- shirt on instead of his polo shirt and jacket and also he had a towel around his neck and sunglasses.... Inside the fucking house.

"What the fuck are you wearing?" I asked.

"Um, my pool outfit, duh! Why we're in the wall?"

"....... I was, leaning against the wall in the Dressing Room and then I needed up in this dungeon pathway, so I kept walking... Ended up hitting a dead end and leaned against the wall." I told him, lying about how I got in there.

"Weird..... oh well...." He said, walking away.


"Ok go grab some swim shorts and get the fuck out of here.

(Timeskip cause I'm bored)


I arrived at the pool as my watch hit 3 o'clock, I walked in to see mark was already there.

"Yo, Gladstone!"

"Yeah, hey where's Launchpad, isn't he suppose to already be here?" I asked.

Right then, Gyro and Fenton walked in wearing One Piece swimsuits.

"No you're getting all wrong, 1984 makes more sense once you reread it!" Gyro said, explaining to Fenton.

"Dr. Gearloose how am I suppose to believe you I've never even read 1984!" Fenton responded.

"Gyro, Fenton, why the hell are you two wearing One Piece swimsuit's?" Mark asked, looking up and seeing the two."

"Because that's what I decided we were gonna wear." Gyro said.

"Dude this is a fucking pool, you're not going Scuba Diving- wait are those matching?" Mark complained then noticing the matching Swimsuits.

"That's none of your business, where are the others?" Gyro said.

"Right.... Here..."

Della, Fethry, Scrooge and Beakley all walked in the room, Della was dragging a cooler full of drinks I guess while Beakley had those chairs you have in bags that you bring to beaches.

"Sup guys." Fethry said, waving.

"Hey what's in the cooler?" Mark asked.

"Gatorade, Juice, Energy Drinks and water."

"Basically every drink that was in the kitchen." Beakley said.

"How much Money did that robot use to rebuild this place?" Scrooge asked.

"Hey who cares? We're just here to have fun..." Della said.

"Hey where's Dewey and Louie?" I asked.

"Yeah.... They said they didn't feel like coming to the party, guess Progress on them going back to normal is slow....."

"Hey you shouldn't rush them, there brother and uncle both died 2 days ago."

"Dammit my lighter isn't working, Panchito can I borrow yours? Asked Jose, walking into the pool with Panchito and Don.

"Yeah you can have it."

"Hey no smoking near the pool!" Beakley yelled.

"C'mon Beakley, it's just a cigar." Jose said.

"This is a pool, we don't need cigarettes getting tossed inside it when your done-


We could hear a phone vibrate in the room, I looked around and noticing Mark had took his phone out.

"Rule 12: Smoking in the pool is allowed, just don't put your cigarettes in the pool" He read out loud.

Oh.... The rules were updated."

"Well seems like almost everyone is here...." Bradford said, walking into the pool...... with a fucking suit in.....

"Are you.... Seriously wearing a suit, to a pool party?" I asked.

"I said I'd come to the party so at least be grateful..."

"Launchpad said a pool party not a business meeting! Go change in something else!" Della said.

"So you guys think you can boss me around? Need I remind you-


Right then, Bradford ended up getting pushed in the pool like mark did to me yesterday.... If you're wondering who did that.... It was me.

"*cough cough* WHO..... WHO THE HELL DID THAT?!" Bradford yelled, switching tones immediately.

"Oops.... My hand slipped...." I said.

"You little!"

"Here let me help you up. that... that was for Donald's trial, bitch." I said, kneeling down and looking at him in the eye.

"*sigh* I'm gonna go change clothes..." Bradford said, pushing me out of the way as he got up.

"Alright... We're all here, except Drake and Launchpad....." Beakley said.

"Well where the hell are they?" Gyro asked.

"Did he really forget about his own party?" Don asked.

"Or maybe this was a setup, maybe he dragged us here just so he could murder Drake in cold blo-

"Hey sorry we're late, we had to ask Monoscrooge where the swim shorts were and we spent half of our time telling him he's a robot and he'd just fry his circuits." Launchpad said, walking in with Drake with towels around their necks and wearing matching Darkwing Duck swim shorts.

"Hey why was Bradford wearing a suit?" Drake asked.

"Are you two.... Wearing matching Darkwing Duck swim shorts? You know what, I don't care. Let's just get the party started."


And with that, the party began.



"I mean, it's not money but... eh, screw it!"

"Gyro, why the hell are you and Fenton sitting there? get in the pool!"

"No thanks, we're perfectly fine sitting here and watching you guys."

"What's the point of wearing swimsuits if you guys aren't gonna swim?"

"Look Della, Dr. Gearloose is just saying we'd Rather stay up here."

"That still doesn't make sense- wait...... Gyro, are you trying to say you can't swim!"


"Why are you looking at me like that?"


"Della seriously- Wait what the hell?!"

Della reached up and grabbed the duo and pulled them into the pool.

"Gha! Della i swear to god!"

"See, isn't this more fun?"

"No! It's not fun you just dragged us into the pool against our (my) will!"

"Dr. Gearloose calm down!"


"Hey guys I'm gonna do the Nirvana Nevermind pose!"

"But Fethry you don't have 20 Dollars attached to a-



"He.... Jumped in head first?"

"Yeah that's gonna cause some damage.."



"Hey buddy.... You can come back up now...."


"Dude..... Are you ok-


"*cough cough* Bad idea! Terrible idea!"


"Alright, I'm back..... So how's the party-




"Don, I swear to god I'm gonna fucking kill you.."

"Go ahead and try perra!"


Right then, a water ballon hit Don's face getting water all over him.

"The hell?!"

"Kill you say?"

Don looked over to see Drake with another water balloon in his hand.

"Oh you-


Just then, Launchpad ran up behind Don and tossed a Water Balloon, this was about to turn into a jumping.

"Hahaha! Get fu - OH CRAP!"

Drake was about to toss another balloon but slipped on a puddle of water and was about to hit his head, just before that, Launchpad to grab him before he hit the ground.

"Hey dude... are you okay?"

"Ummmm... Yeah! Yeah it's cool! I'm totally fine!"

Okay.... That was weird...

Man you gotta love gay tension.

After a few more hours of us attacking each other with Water guns, balloons and pushing each other in the pool, we all decided to wrap up with the party and head back to our rooms since it was getting late.

Gladstone's Room

Ding Dong Bing Bong

"Attention Lads, it is now 10 pm, with that being said.... Nighttime has officially begun! Please make your way back to your dorms upstairs... Okay then, goodnight!!"

Well today was wild I guess, I found out Monoscrooge somehow has emotions even though he's a robot, I got revenge on Bradford and I guess the others are having some type of fun.

"Hope tomorrow will be less wild...."

And with that.... Another day stuck inside this place came to an end.

Trust me Gladstone, tomorrow will be more wild.... Have you watched How I Met Your Mother?

To Be Continued

Chapter Text

Hey guy's, Jordan here, aka the author of Dangantales, aka future author of another Fangan I plan to write on A03. So you're probably wondering what's taking so long with the next chapter.... Cause by now I'd originally planned on finishing Daily Life. So here's the thing that happened that fucked up my planning. Drum roll please.










I found out I had to go to summer school, the First person in my family.





Yeah, sucks. So I found out that my teacher, switched out my report card when I wasn't looking and swapped out the one she gave me with a report card say if I had to summer school. I FOUND OUT AFTER 4 DAYS AND DIDN'T FUCKING KNOW. So yeah my mom found out, she got pissed off, started swearing at me and kicked me out of the house for the rest of the day, and i state over st ,y grandparents house.... IT WAS WORSE OVER THERE, cause they basically just gaslighted and crtizized me. And when I got home after 6 hours or so.... MY MOM TOOK MY FUCKING TV OUT OF MY ROOM, I've had the worst experiences sleeping in my life. And then she made me hand over my laptop (which I usually use when my phone gets taken). So basically i've been in hell for the past 3 or 4 weeks (i've lost count). So I'm using my tablet which is so old I can't even use YouTube on it and I have to use the web version and I fucked up and logged out of wattpad so i can't even write. So lets recap, I got my tv taken out of my room, my stuff taken, kicked out, switching schools and I hate my fucking English Teacher for pulling that shit.


And summer school is just as bad. I can barely learn anything cause the others kids won't shut the fuck up and I've had several Brain aneurysms, but now I have two days left (testing days) Until everything goes back to normal. But then again I coasted throughout my grade this year and I had to pay i guess, yeah my first year  High School is gonna be fun, I can already tell.




So yeah, sorry for this Rant, the story will stat back once I get my phone back after this is over. So I guess i'll see you guys in a week if I'm not dead.

Chapter Text

Tw: Use of Alcohol


Ding Dong Bing Bong 


"Good Morning Lads, it is now 8am, get ready for another day inside of Mcduck Manor!"


The morning announcement finished playing, but i was already up. At this point, i'm already getting used to this.. I got out of bed and washed up and headed out.


Dining Hall


I walked into the room and surprisingly, everyone was here...


"Morning." I said.


"Morning, cous'." Fethry said.


"Yo." Mark said.


"So, we're all here somehow..." I said.


"Yeah, shocker." Della said.


"So.... how was the party yesterday?" Launchpad asked.


"It was... alright." Mark said.


"I guess i needed it after the last few days." Della said.


"Yeah, i'm kinda feeling better after you know... Watching a kid get killed." Gyro said.


"Besides me getting pushed in the pool every 5 minutes, i'd say it was decent enough." Bradford said, giving a light chuckle.


"Hey lena, where were you? We didn't see you at all." Della asked Lena.


".....I decided not to come." She responded.




"And i just thought you all needed that. i mean, i'm already over his death now." She said.


"Wait how the heck are you over huey's death already?! He was your friend!" Louie yelled.


"Because feelings will get us killed."


"Lass, what do you mean by that?" Scrooge asked.


"Look, I'm sad about Huey dying sure, but we're in a death game guys, this is is all temporary.... Him and Donald made the choice to play the game..."


"W-what are you talking about?" Louie asked.


"*Sigh* Let me put it like this.."


"It's kill or be killed, to kill or not to kill. That's the whole meaning of this game."


This would be the part where i'd have a cool CG of lena but.. I can't draw.


The room went silent after Lena said that, the words she said sent shivers down our spines.


"Yeah i might sound like Bradford but think about.  i mean... We are playing The Name Of The Game after all."


"Wait... was that a The Boys reference i heard?" Fenton asked.


"Alright everyone, Breakfast is ready.."Beakley said coming in, stopping the conversation from going any further. 


After that, we all grabbed our plates and started eating. Every now and then i glanced back at lena, i don't know whether to be impressed or worried about what she said. To kill or not to kill huh.... That's one weird philosophy for someone to have.


After we all finished eating, we headed out on our daily routines and i decided to explore the mansion for a little bit.


Second Floor


I walked by the pool and noticed that the door was slightly open, I walked back and peaked inside and saw Panchito and Jose sitting by pool.


"So... when do you think this is gonna end?" Jose asked.


"Don't know, but I pray someone comes to get us out of here." Panchito said.


"You think one of us won't make it out?" Jose asked, looking over to Panchito, who looked back in shock.


"Hey, get that though out of your head! We can't be think like that!" Panchito said.


"What's with your confidence? It's been almost 6 days since we got trapped in here! What are the chances of-


"Look at me Jose, I promise, we'll get out of this game alive..." Panchito said, placing his right hand on top of Jose's hand.


"You promise?"


"Yeah, I promise. You're my boyfriend, I won't let you die in this place."




"Well yeah but what about-




Right before Jose finished his sentence, Panchito leaned in and kissed Jose on the cheek.... Holy crap i didn't these two are dating.


This is my Heartstopper




"Wow Gladstone.... That's just disrespectful..." A voice said to me, i jolted and quickly looked behind and saw mark.


"oh shit- mark, what the fuck?!" I asked, whispering to mark so that Panchito and Jose wouldn't hear me.


"What dude? you're the one spying on them." He said.


"Dude shut the hell up, they could here us!"


"well stop whispering loudly!" He said.


"i'm whispering at a reasonable- wait.... Did you take a picture of them?" I asked, noticing his phone.


"Yeah and?" He responded.


".......Give me your phone." I commanded.


"Uh, no."


"Dude just give me the damn phone!" I yelled.


"No!" I reached for the phone only for mark to pull back his arm causing us both to fall to the ground.


"Mark i swear to god if you don't give it to me I'm gonna fucking kill-


"Um.... Hey amigos....."


I looked up to see Panchito and Jose looking down at me trying to snatch Mark's phone.


"Uh..... hey...." I said nervously.


"What are you two doing?" Jose asked.


"Um.... Just having an argument...." Mark said.


"...... We heard a phone click and then a thud... and you guys are on the ground."


"Uh...... yeah that was mark." I said, blaming Mark.


"Wait what the fuck?"


"Wait you were spying on us, Mark?!" Panchito yelled.


"Alright so.... I'm gonna get out of here and let you guys argue."


"Haven't you heard of boundaries?!"


"Gladstone's lying! He's a fucking liar!" Mark yelled.


As the three around at each other, I slowly backed up and then rushed down the stairs.


Main Hall


I walked out from the left side of the mansion into the Main Hall on my back to the Dining Hall, only to run into Dion on the way.


"Oh hey don." I said.




"So... What you been up to?" I asked, awkawrdly.


"Talking to Bradford at things i guess."


"Oh yeah, you do work for him."


"Probably not when i get out of this game, i can tell by the time there's barely anyone left alive he'll be the same. The guy may end up a lost cause before he bites the dust. Hell i'm surprised Donald didn't kill him instead of trying to kill you."


Maybe i should ask him why he even joined FOWL in the first place.... Eh, nevermind, maybe later. ( Potential FTE Be Like)


"I'm going to go round up everyone for an announcement, you head on to the Dining Hall." he said, walking away.


"Oh, well... Alright then."


Dining Hall


I walked back in the Dining Hall and saw some of the group was already here.


"Gladstone, Don brought you here as well?" Beakley asked.


"Yeah, some sort of announcement he's gonna make." I said.


"Well what's the announcement?" Louie asked.

"That's the neat part, i have no damn clue!" I said, expecting a laugh but just got stares.


(They're giving him the "Damn Bro You Got The Whole Squad Laughing" Face)






"Let's just wait." Gyro said.


Soon, everyone arrived to the room along with Don.


"Alright everyone is here, so i'd like to make an announcement." Don said.


"Let me guess, your quitting FOWL?" Mark asked, sarcastically.




"I'll take that as a no." Mark said, changing his mind once he saw the galre in Don's eyes.


"Anyway, After the party yesterday, i figured there could be another way to lighten the mood, no we aren't throwing another Pool Party." Don said.


"So what are you trying to suggest?" Beakley asked.


"Simple, let's throw a cocktail party!"








"A.... Cocktail Party? Isn't that the type of party where we get drunk?" Fenton asked.


"Yes! Why not have one? Launchpad hyas his own idea for fun so maybe we can try my way of-


"No." Beakley said, interrupting Don.




"We are not having a party where everyone is getting drunk."


"Listen Beakley, it's just a party to lighten the mood, i'm sure you-


"No, if we throw this party, chances are two of us in this group could get in a fight and kill the other!" Beakley stated.






"Beakley, I know you're job is to basically protect us all... But we just want to lighten up.Now by a show of hands, how many of you guys are sober?"


Only Beakley and Launchpad raised their hands(The kids don't count).


"I've never drunk alchohol in my life!" Launchpad said.


"Then why do you always crash every vehicle you drive?" Mark asked.


"Because he's just prone to do that!"


"And when was the last time any of you had a drink?" Don also asked.




"Fine, but the only reason i'm coming is to make sure nothing bad happens." Beakley said.


"Well i'm not coming." Mark said.


"Oh really? I thought you would be the type of 

"Dude, i've binge watched How I Met Your Mother 5 different times to know where this is going. This is gonna end with someone getting wasted and we're gonna black out like whats his name did in that one episode."


"Well- wait you watched that of all things?" Gyro asked.




"Dewey, Louie, Lena, you three are gonna have to stay in your rooms."


"Oh come on! We didn't go to the pool party yesterday so can't we decide to come to this one?!" Louie complained.


"Adults, A bar, Alcohol." Beakley summarized.


"Fine by me." Lena said.


"Hey at least he has taste. Yeah i'm gonna skip out as well. I've read Black Lagoon way too many times to know what happens in a bar. Either it gets shot up, a maid shows up and shoots it up as well or a mini maid shows up, stabs a guy in the nuts and shoots up the place." I said.


"Yeah- wait what?" Della said, looking over to me with this surprised look on her face.


"So i'll see you guys later..." I said, getting up and leaving.


Dorm Hall


I was on my way back to my room to.... Idk, lock myself in my room for the rest of the day. I was 5 seconds away from walking into my room before i heard footsteps behind me, I felt someone tap my shoulder and I was about to punch whoever it was only to turn around and see Fethry.


"Whoa whoa whoa Gladstone it's me!" Fethry said, backing up.


"Oh, sorry man..."


"Hey um.... Can we talk for a second?" He asked.


"Yeah sure... What do you wanna say?" I asked.


"Why all of a sudden you don't wanna come to the party?"


"Fethry, you and Della both now why I barely go out to drink, unless you guys Peter pressure me or something." I said.


"And what's the reason?"


"Dude, you and i went to the same high school... Remember that one party where the Jocks dared me to drinks? I woke up in some girls dorm room." I told him.


"Oh yeah... You are a light-ish drinker."


"So that's why I'm about to lock myself in my room, find some melatonin in the medicine cabinet in my bathroom and call it." I said, about to open the door.


"Hey hold on a sec! Maybe you should give this a chance, I mean who knows? This may be out last chance to have fun before the next motive since it's been 3 days without a murder. This could be a good chance to let loose." Fethry explained.


"So.... You want me to risk blacking out just to have fun?" I asked.


"I mean... that wasn't my goal but I wanted you to think over it." He said.




"I'm... gonna go help Don out, if you change your mind the party is at 8." He said, turning back around and leaving.


I entered my room closing the door behind me and sat down on my bed, I mean Fethry is right... I guess we need sometime to let loose before the next motive could be announced.


"Fuck it, might as well go."


Time Skip to about 8:30




After a few hours, I finally decided to head to the party(30 minutes after it started), I walked into the bar and uh....


"Lad I don't know how you can sit there having a glass beer." Scrooge said, looking slightly intoxicated.


"I am not a having a glass of wine! I'm having six and it's called a tasting and it's classy!" Don yelled, chugging all individual glasses of wine.


Yeah..... now I remember what college was like, most of the group with either drunk or wasted(wait don't those mean the same words? Eh) Except Beakley and Launchpad. Beakley was monitoring the others and Launchpad was at the table with a bottle of water and reading a Darkwing Duck comic with Drake who on the other hand, was drunk as hell.


"I miss Jim, Launchpad.... I miss him a lot." Drake said, head face down on the table.


"Yeah me too buddy..." Launchpad said.


"I just wanted to be like him!" Drake said, starting to cry.


"Drake, you're drunk." Launchpad said, looking up.


"I'm not drunk! I'm telling the truth!"


"You know Intern, there's a reason I rarely drink, cause every time I even take a sip of beer, I get drunk immediately." Gyro said to Fenton.


"Bullshit!" Della said, obviously drunk.


"Yeah! I don't believe you!"

"*sigh* You know what fine. Intern, get the taser ready." Gyro said, grabbing a cocktail glass and sipping it.


"So yeah anyway, I woke up in a alley way one time when I was a intern in Tokyolk." Gyro said, Immediately intoxicated.


Holy crap.


"Oh, guess you weren't lying- oh yeah Gladstone! Buddy!" Della said, noticing me near the door.


"Hey uh... Della you're drunk." I told her.


"That's the whole point idiot! This is a cocktail party!" Fethry backed her up, also drunk.


"So.... How's the party going?" I asked, sitting down at one of the booths.


"Fucking great! I've never felt like this in my entire life!" Fethry said.


Right then, Della brought a tray of Shots and placed it on the table.


"I dare you to drink all five of these shots."


"....How about no?" I said.


"Oh don't tell me you're pussy!" Della said taunting me.


"What? I'm not a- look I'm just a light drinker!" I explained.


"Sounds like a pussy to me!"


As Della kept taunting me, I looked over and saw Beakley shaking her head warning me not to do it


"Fuck it, i'll take the shots." I said.


"WHOO! GLADSTONE, GLADSTONE, GLADSTONE!" Della and Fethry chanted.


"This one, is for Donald. This one, is for Huey. This one, is to us getting out alive. This one is for Don who's the one how came up with this idea. And this one if for myself, to be lucky enough to survive." I said chugging, all 5 shots.


"And that's all of-


"Nah screw that give me another one!" 




"Hey Don! Bring us some Vodka"


"I'm sorry what?" Don asked.


"You heard me, bring me some vodka!" WHAT THE HELL AM I EVEN SAYING.


Don nervously walked into to the back for a few seconds and came back with a bottle of vodka, what the fuck am I doing?


"So... I'm just gonna pour you a glass-


"Actually no, just give me the bottle." I said, interrupting Don.


I snatched the bottle of Vodka from Don's hand and poured myself a shot.


"And this, this is for-


Those words were the last things i remember saying before i blacked out.... No i wasn't drugged.


To Be Continued

Chapter Text

Time skip to 12pm

I found myself laying face down on my bathroom floor.... It was morning... Last thing I remember was Fethry and Della daring me to drink shots and then i blacked out after about 5 of them and drinking vodka(no he wasn't drugged,)I guess i had a wild night....

"Why does my mouth taste like vomit?"

I picked myself up from the floor to and looked at the mirror, I walked out of my bathroom and to the  to see Fehtry and Della both collapsed right in the the middle of the the entranceway.

"Guys... wake up.." I said, shaking them.

"no, I don't want to know about my Car's Extended Warranty." Fethry mumbled.

"Guys, get up." I said, raising my voice.



"You two are hungover..." I said.

"Oh hey, it's mister king of the shots!" Della said, I can tell she's still drunk.

"Gladstone, Gladstone, you won't believe this, Jimi Henbeaks called me to defeat the Klingon-Aliens with Captain Picard!" Fethry said, ecstatically.

(Black Lagoon Reference go brrrr!)

"Why did I wake up in the bathroom?"

"Oh don't you remember? I think you uh..... Blacked out and went wild last night.... I think?" Della said.

"Wait what?"


"You three, so how's the party going for you all?"

" Oh we're fine Beakley!!"


" I drank all five bitch! "


" Hey Fethry thinks you're a vampire... "

"If Gladstone throws up, you two are cleaning it up..."


" Sk8ter Boy!!!!!! CRUSHED IT!!!"

"If I didn't cover my ears they'd be fucking bleeding."

"Well *hic* that was Gladstone singing *hic* Sk8ter Boy, next up is Don doing a cover of.... Drunker Sailor..."


"Get off the stage!"

"Clap or you're a traitor!"


"Hey let's get some more Martinis-


"Hey dude I think you've had enough.."

"Don't criticize my drinking habits  you  pussy ass bitch! "

"Yeah maybe you two should take him back to his room..."


"Guys! *hic* I've never bin this drunk my intire lif!"

"Alright buddy.... Let's get you inside your room."

"Is he gonna be okay?"

"Don't wry *hic* guys I'll be *hic* fine! I'm just gon go to my bathroom and throw up..."

"You didn't close the door!"


"He's... throwing.

"Oh god my head..."


"And I think that was Gladstone falling unconscious.."

*end of flashback*

"Then we fell unconscious and now we're waking up." Della finished explaining.



"And this, this is why I don't drink." I said.

"So... what should we do?" Fethry asked."

"Let's head downstairs, I'm sure everyone's already up."

Dining Hall

We all walking into the Dining Hall to see everyone was inside, Hungover except the kids, Mark and Beakley.

"Oh my head..." Scrooge groaned.

"Looks like you guys had a wild night." Mark chuckled.

"Oh fuck you asshole." Gyro said

"Dr. Gearloose, here's your coffee." Fenton said, placing a cup of coffee in front of Gyro.

"Thanks Intern."

"Hey, what's this mark on my Neck?" Launchpad said to himself, looking at his neck.

"That my friend, is called a hic-

"Burn! Yeah you just burned yourself that's all! Don't worry it'll go away!" Drake said, interrupting Mark nervously.

"Oh, looks whose all arriving late." Mark said sarcastically.

"Not in the mood mark." I said.

"Hey at least I'm not waking up at 12 o'clock." Mark said.

"Mom what happened to you?!" Dewey asked.

"You look like crap!" Louie said.

"Yeah uh.... We had a wild night." Della said.

"Well, maybe next time you'll all listen to me when I say not to throw a party like that." Beakley said, sternly.

"Hey it isn't our fault we got drunk, blame Don!" Gyro said.

"Oh fuck you asshole!" Don swore back to Gyro.

"Curse me kilts......." Scrooge groaned.

"Everyone, now is not the time to be pissing each other off..." Jose said.

"Oh? Says the guy who i saw coming up the stairs lovey dicey with his Boyfriend when I was going to get some water!"

"Boyfriend?" Drake looked up, surprised at what Mark said.

"N-now is not the time for this! Panchito stuttered.

"'Mark, this is why no one likes-


Beakley's voice boomed throughout the dining hall, we've never seen her this annoyed before.

"Letting you all have that party was one thing, but acting like

"jeez what's up her ass?" Mark muttered.

Ding Dong Bing Bing BAYBEE

"Attention Lads, i know you're all hungover and everything but this isn't gonna work so you know what that means! Please report to the Main Hall for a special announcement. Attendance is mandatory btw."

"Special Announcement?"

"I think he means he's gonna give us another motive...." Bradford said.

Oh god...

"Not this bullshit again." Mark groaned.

"No use in complaining, we have to be there so let's just go already." Don said, getting up.

Main Hall

We all made it to Main Hall like Monoscrooge said and waited about 5 minutes before he showed up.

"Alright robot, we're here... What do you want with us?" Lena asked.

"Don't even bother giving us a motive.

"So, it's been 3 days since the trial and no one's murdered yet! So I thought, fuck it might as give you all another motive. So that's why you're all here." Monoscrooge explained.

"It's no use... We all saw what'll happen to us if we get caught so why would we murder again?" Louie said.

"Oh, well what if I tell you what the motive is?" Monoscrooge retorted.

"Fine, tell us then."

"Now then... The motive this time is quite simple-

"The motive video you were gonna give us before Gyro-

"mark shut your fucking mouth before you Jinx us like I did." Gyro whispered to Mark.

"IF YOU ALL WOULD SHUT UP THEN MAYBE I CAN GET TO THE MOTIVE!" Monoscrooge yelled, with his left eye lighting up red.


"There, was that easy?" Monoscrooge said.

"Now then, Time to announce this chapter's motive!"


"Someone in this room you're standing in right now *ahem*...."

"Is a Rat"

A... Rat? The room froze once Monoscrooge said those words, I could feel the atmosphere change the moment we heard that.

"Yeah.... You mean Don and Bradford." Mark said.

"Sadly no, what I mean is that a certain person standing in this room right now is a Rat working for me! They're gaining Info on each and every one of you to use against you!" Monoscrooge explained.

"Wait so one of us is a traitor?!" Dewey asked

"Yep! Like that one game Among-

"I fucking dare you to finish that sentence." Mark interrupted.

"What? Among Us?" Lena said.


"But this motive is optional though." Monoscrooge Continued.

"Optional?" I asked.

"You all can continue on with your lives knowing that there's traitor and let the growing paranoia get to you and or you can... you know."

"K i l l



"So that's it? That's the motive?" Scrooge asked.

"Yeah, there a problem? Cause if there is I can make the traitor have to kill someone if you'd like-

"No i think it's.... Interesting per say, but what's the point if it's optional?" He continued.

"Well simple, to build distrust into all of you...."


"Yep! It's important to ask yourself, Can I even trust this person anymore? It builds suspense, anyone in this room could be the mole working for me! Your brother, uncle, sister, cousin, even loved ones!" Monoscrooge explained.

"Anyway, I'll leave you all to do whatever you're gonna do. TTYL!" He said before disappearing into the wall.

We all stood there for a few seconds to reevaluate the situation, not only do we have to kill to get out alive, but there's a Mole amongst us all..... This feels like that game that will not be named.

"I-is he serious? I-is there really a traitor?" Fenton said nervously.

"He could be right or wrong, all we know is, there is a Judas within the group." Don said.

The whole group looked at each other nervously, almost as if we don't even know each other anymore. I looked over at Fethry and..... His face, his face had this look of fear in his face, a different type of fear than when we found out about this killing game. Right then, Beakley decided to speak up... however....

"Everyone, meeting in the Dining Hall.... Now."

To Be Continued

To Be Continued

Chapter Text


Dining Room


After Monoscrooge announced the motive, Beakley walked us all back to the dining room to have a meeting about the traitor situation.


"How could i have looked over this?!" Beakley yelled.


"Beakley, none of us had a single idea that someone was a mole." Della said.


"Well now it's confirmed that one do use is working with Monoscrooge, damn it I should've prepared for this!" She yelled, slamming her fist against the table.


"Hey why are you mad at yourself?" I asked.


"Because if I never even though about there being a traitor! It would've been obvious someone is helping the mastermind!"


"But this wasn't obvious at first so you wouldn't have known about the traitor!" I continued.


"Don't you get it?! One of us is a mole working with that thing and we're letting it slip my mind! If I had thought of this situation before I could've prepared-


"Beakley, señorita, cool your jets!"




"What did you say?" Beakley asked, turning to Jose with her eye slightly twitching.


"I said Chill Out. I know you're stressed out about this with their being a traitor, but think about it. They're outnumbered, there's 16 of us and one of them," Jose explained.


"Are you saying.... We should just sit here and do nothing?" Beakley asked, looking pissed. 


"What? N-no-


"You think i'm overreacting?!"


"Hey Beakley I'm with Jose you should chill out." Fenton said nervously.




"I-I'm kinda freaked out." Fethry said.


"Y-Yeah.... This is kinda stressful thinking about it." Louie said.


"I mean, Jose's right. There's 16 of us and one traitor, we can take them on if we try something!" Drake said.


"Scrooge! A-aren't you gonna say something about this?!" She asked.


"Beakley, I'm with everyone else. I don't mean to sound offensive but... You need to calm down." Scrooge said.


I don't think anyone of us disagreed with Beakley so far into the game. I don't even know if i should be on her side or if I should agree with the others but... I mean shit I don't even know!




"*sigh* Fine, I guess your right... I guess it's the paranoia speaking. If anyone needs me I'll be in the kitchen making Tea." Beakley said, 


"Huh... she changed her mind quickly." Gyro said.


"Damn Jose, almost pulled a Gladstone right there!" Mark said. 






"I gotta go." He said, leaving the dining hall.


"Man what up with everyone today?" Mark asked.


"Hungover?" Fethry said.


"I was gonna say bitchy but that works too...." 


"Hey I'm gonna make some food." Drake said, heading to the kitchen.


"I'll help!" Launchpad said.


"Guess I have nothing to do...." Bradford said




After a few minutes of talking to each other. Drake and the others brought out the food and we all ate. After that, some of the group stayed to clean up while the others headed off to do our own things for the rest of the day... Guess I have some time to kill for the next few hours.


Free-Time Event






Would you like to use the Machine?




Inserted 6 Coins


Crank Crank


Rattle Rattle Rattle




Obtained Travel Book


Would you like to use the Machine again?


Yes>/No I'm done


Inserted 5 Coins


Crank Crank


Rattle Rattle Rattle




Obtained Bottled Ship




I walked into the Bar to see if anything was happening, only to see Jose was the only one in there, drinking a glass of whiskey.


"God..... what the hell did I do?"


Do I want to talk with Jose?




"Hey Jose." I said, walking up to him.


"Oh, it's you Gladstone."


"Hey I've never seen you this depressed, what's going on?" I asked.


"It's nothing- it's something dumb."


"Panchito was in a situation like this the other day, so are you gonna tell me?" I asked, pulling up a stool.


"*sigh* Fine." Jose sighed.


I sat down with Jose and we had a Chat for a few hours.




I guess I understand Jose's situation.


Do I want to give him a gift?


Yeah>/Not Really


Travel Book>


"This is for me? You're too kind Gladstone, even when you're acting cocky."


"Alright, is you're blaming yourself for pissing off Beakley?" I asked.


"Of course I do, I don't think she's been that pissed over these 6 days!"


"Hey, she's just stressed out, I'm pretty sure we're all stressed out because of the motive." I reassured Jose."


"Hey if it'll make you feel better you should go apologize to her." I suggested.




"Yeah, tell her that you're sorry for pissing her off and you understand why's she's stressed out and you agree that you should do something about the traitor." I told him.


"Yeah, you're right Gladstone. Thanks for the advice!"


"Hey no problem, things can't go that bad? I'm sure she'll understand you."


"I'm know you're right Gladstone, I'll give her my apology later today!" Jose said, back to his old self.


"Glad I could help."


(Get it? Glad? Cause the first 4 letters in his name are Glad? I'm so sorry)


After we finished out drinks, we headed off to go on with the rest our day.


Relationship with Jose increased!




I decided to walk back to the kitchen and grab someone to snack on but I walked into Don.... Spraying whip cream in his mouth.




"Tell anyone about this and your dead....."


Do I want to hang out with Don?




"Um.... What are you doing?" I asked.


"None of your god damn business." He said.


"But you were just spraying a can of Reddi Whip in your mouth."




"There's a separate can in the fridge if you want it." Don said, pointing to the open fridge.


Me and Don ended up talking over Reddi Whip I guess.....




I guess we had a decent time talking.


Do I want to give him a gift?


Yeah>/Not Really


Bottled Ship>


"What? You're giving me this gift to get on my good side? Ha! That's pathetic, However... I will accept it." Don said, accepting the gift anyway.


"So.... Why a Sky Pirate?" I asked.


"Why would you dedicate yourself to a talent that is basically equivalent to the Ultimate Thief?" I continued.


"Well, it's a long story you probably don't want to hear."


"I'm pretty much asking everyone for their backstory's every time I hang out with someone, so guess I need your backstory as well." I explained.


"Well.... I grew up on the streets of Roanapur, it's this island in the South Asian Sea. Basically take every crime syndicate in the every continent and cram it all together and that's what you get. I killed my Dad cause he was a abusive bastard, got arrested and beat up at the age of 12. Grew up figuring out how to steal in order to survive. I did what ever I had to do in order to make sure I didn't go to sleep hungry, hell even crime... Soon once I got older, I managed to sneak off on a ship and get out of that hellhole and ended on another island. There I ended up forming a crew of pirates and began making a living off of that. After about ten years of being known as the Ultimate Pirate, I thought to myself, "Being a pirate on sea is boring, now.... What if I took to the Sky instead?"So then i decided to take my operations to the sky and dedicate myself to a life of crime. Thus why I was declared the Ultimate Sky Pirate. I was feared and respected, everything a man could ask for.”




"Now tell me Glander, what is the difference between a Skull and a Medal?" He asked, switching up the conversation.




"Well, a skull is basically what's left of a person and a medal is something people earn." I responded, but the way he looked at me signaled that I was wrong.


"Wrong, both of them are just things. Once you strip away there meanings, that's all they really are." Don explained.




"And guess what's gonna be more valuable?The Medal, not the skull. You wanna know why?"


"No, I think I'm fine-


"Well too bad, it's all about money. Money is Power, Money is Everything. At this point in my life, I barely give a damn about Sentimental memories."


Oh hell no he's a menace, this dude just compared a man's memory, to a thing..... 

"Sorry if I brought the mood done... Just trying to make a point." Don said.


"Y-Yeah... sure thing....." I said nervously.


Don and I ended up cleaning the kitchen up before we went off to go on with our lives. 


Relationship with Don increased!


Gladstone's Room


Ding Dong Bing Bong


"Attention Lads, it is now 10 pm, with that being said.... Nighttime has officially begun! Please make your way back to your dorms upstairs... Okay then, goodnight!!"


"Man, the day passed by real quick."


As I got back in my room, I did my usual nighttime routine(goes like his morning routine) and headed to sleep, hoping nothing bad happens tomorrow.










"What time is it?"


I looked over at my clock and it said 11:35 pm, an hour and a half has pretty much passes while I was asleep.


"God, I can't sleep.... I need a drink." I said, getting up to get some water."


I decided to sneak out and to the kitchen to grab a some water and head back.... I don't know if theres'a a nighttime rule where we can't leave this late but screw it. I walked in the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water and left. As I walked to the Main Hall, everything seemed to be going well, no alarms went off or whatever... But then....






I heard footsteps coming from the stairs.


"He-Hello? Anyone there?"


Clomp Clomp Clomp




Whoever it was seemed to rush up the stairs the moment I shouted out, I don't know who it was since it's too dark to even see but I still don't get who could be up this late at night.....


"Okay.... That was weird."


I ended up just going back into my room and headed back to sleep..... I really hope that shouldn't be something to worry about in the morning.


"Yeah..... it's nothing.... It... has to be..... nothing...."


To Be Continued


Next chapter, shit hits the fan again.

Chapter Text


Ding Dong Bing Bong


"Good Morning Lads, it is now 8am, get ready for another day inside of Mcduck Manor!"


"Wow.... It's been a whole week since we've been stuck here..."


I got out of bed, washed up and headed out to meet the others, but I can't stop thinking about last night. Who the hell was that person going to bed at 11 pm? I'm sure it was nothing.


Dining Hall


I walked into the dining hall and as usual most of the group was already there.


"Morning everyone." I said.


"Yo Gladstone." Mark said.


"Morning, uncle." Dewey said.


"So... how's everyone feeling about the motive?" I asked.


"Fine I guess." Della said.


"I mean Jose is right, we all just gotta chill out or else something bad can happen?" Louie said.


"Morning amigo's." Panchito said, greeting us.


"Hey dude."


"Morning everyone!" Launchpad said, walking in as well.


"Hey.... Where's Jose?" Panchito asked.




"Heys usually one of the first ones here so why is he late?" Panchito said, tensing up.


"Maybe he's just sleeping in late." Della said.


"Yeah that's probably just what happened, nothing bad happened I'm for sure!" Launchpad said, agreeing with the positive outcome.


"Well what if you know, something happened?" Bradford said.




The room was silent aster Bradford said that, I don't know why but it's like every time he says something the atmosphere of the room just changes.


"I'm gonna go check on him....." Panchito said, walking back out.


"I'm gonna go with Panchito." Drake said, getting up to leave.


"Same." Della said, doing the same thing.




"I'll go look with them." Drake said, leaving the room as well.


"Is anyone else gonna go help them search?" Beakley asked.


"Aren't you the one who's suppose to keep the group in order." Don asked.


Right then Beakley gave Don this death glare and he stayed silent.


"Well, If anyone wants to come search with me, feel free to tag along." I said.


"Guess I'll go with you." Fethry said.


"Fuck it, might as well go to see if he's alive or not." Mark said.


"Screw it, need to make sure he's alright." Gyro said, getting up as well.


Me, Mark, Fethry and Gyro all got up and headed out to look for Jose, god I hope he's okay.


Main Hall


We walked out to the main hall to figure out where to go first only to see Panchito and his group head to other area of the first floor.


"Hey you think they checked Jose's room yet?"


"Who knows, maybe they were decided where to go first." Mark said.


"Well, let's head up to Jose's room, maybe he's just asleep." I said.


Dorm Hallway


We all rushed upstairs or the dorm rooms and found ourselves in front of Jose's room, after a few seconds of silence I decided to knock on the door before seeing if he was in there.


Knock Knock Knock


"Hey, Jose?"


There was no response.


"Check the doorknob." Mark said.


I slowly grabbed the doorknob and turned it, the door was unlocked.


"....Oh shit."


I gently opened the door.....








He..... wasn't in bed....


"Okay.... He's not asleep." Mark said.


"H-Hey check his bathroom, maybe he's in there!" Fethry suggested.


"Shit, your right!"


I rushed over to Jose's bathroom hoping he was in there, but there was no sign of him.


"Fuck, he's not in the bathroom either!" I yelled


"Well shit."


"Hey we should check up with Panchito group, maybe they might've found him." Fethry said, nervously.


"Y-Yeah, just gotta say positive! I'm sure everyone's alright..." I said, putting up a fake smile. But I knew something might be wrong.


First Floor East Hallway


As we headed through the other side of the first floor, we searched the rooms but couldn't find Jose, only to run into Panchito's Group when we came out of the library.


"Guys you found Jose?" I asked.


"Nope, he's nowhere on the first floor." Della responded.


"Maybe he's just searching the second floor!" Fethry said.


"What if the traitor got to him?" Gyro said.




"Let's check the second Floor, he has to be up there." Panchito said, with desperateness slowly rising in his voice.


We all headed up to the second floor and began checking rooms, My group checked the Right and Panchito's Group checked left.




"Okay... Let's check in here." Mark said.




"What the fuck?" I said. When we walked into the bar, we were greeted to a nightmarish site, there was blood on the ground, a broken bottle of whiskey and against one of walls of the Bar counter. It looked like a fight happened and it ended terribly.


"What... the hell happened?" Fethry asked.


"Why the fuck is there blood?! Who did this?!" Mark yelled, disguised.


"It's dry..... This must've happened overnight." Gyro said, examining the blood.


"Overnight? You think another murder happened?" Fethry asked.


"What no! Guys come on it all has to be a prank! I mean, there's no way someone would murder after knowing what happens to them!" I said, panicking trying to think of a different reason on why there could be blood.


"Hey Gyro... Didn't you suggest that he could've had a run-in with the Traitor?" Fethry brought up.


"Oh yeah. SHIT! What if something happened to-




Ding Ding Bing Bong



The entire room froze in fear once we recognized the announcement jingle.

"A body has been discovered! Please make your way to the Second Floor Dressing Room as soon as possible!"




My blood ran cold once the TV turned off, Drake's yell from the hallway followed by the announcement along with a bloody Bar... I never thought all of this would happen back to back.


"Di- Did we hear that correctly or-


"Someone's..... dead...." Fethry said, looking completely terrified.


"Oh shit.... Oh shit!"


We ran out of the Bar and made it back into the hall and rushed to the Dressing Room. The door was slightly open and we could hear Panchito's group inside.


"You think he yelled from here?" Mark asked.


"Well, the light is on so I guess so..." Fethry said.


"Hey mark, mind opening the door and looking in for us?" Gyro asked.


"Why me?!" He yelled, easily getting pissed off.


"L-look I just have a bad feeling okay?!" Gyro yelled.


"Fine! But if something bad is in there I'm gonna-


Mark stopped speaking as he peaked through the door, he backed up and his face was in shock.


"Oh no..."


Mark backed up towards the wall as his face was in a mix of shock and disgust, he looked like a whole Different person.


"It's happening again, it's happening again, I'ts happening again..." Mark repeated.


I turned back to the door and grabbed the door knob.


"Please don't be what I think it is, Please don't be what I think it is, Please don't be what I think it is!"


"Gladstone, this might not be a joke." Gyro said.


Ignoring him, I continued to repeated what I said out loud right before I opened the Dressing Room door......




I didn't know what I was expecting.... I was hoping that what I thought we were gonna see wasn't what I thought it was. I thought we we're gonna walk into Panchito freaking out about a spider or maybe it was a prank he and Jose had though of, I wished I was wrong in every way, shape and form....

I didn't know what I was expecting.... I was hoping that what I thought we were gonna see wasn't what I thought it was. I thought we we're gonna walk into Panchito freaking out about a spider or maybe it was a prank he and Jose had though of, I wished I was wrong in every way, shape and form....

But I just had to fucking jinx it didn't I?

There were small spots of blood leading to the body, blood from the person's head had stained the wall the person was laying on. There was a trash bag with blood in it tosses aside near the victim. The person's hands looked tied up behind them and the hat they wore was missing. Lastly, they had red marks around their neck and their eyes were slightly open but they were bloodshot...

Jose Carioca, the Ultimate Travel Guide, who is has just talked to yesterday.... Laid there dead, as Panchito desperately tried to wake him up.


"How could I be so fucking stupid?"

Chapter 2: To Kill or Not To Kill

Deadly Life


Chapter Text


I stood there in shock at the sight we were looking at... Jose was dead against the wall while Panchito was desperately trying to wake him up... I was shocked, I had just hung out with Jose hours ago and now he's dead...


"Jose! Nonononono this can't be happening! Wake up! Wake up!" 


"What.... What the hell?" Drake stuttered.


"No way, NO FREAKING WAY!" Della yelled.


"Hey why the hell did the Body Discovery Announcement play- what..... WHAT THE?!" Don yelled, rushing into the room.


"No you can't be dead! This is a dream! It's all a nightmare that I'm about to wake up from!" Panchito said to himself, in denial.


"Panchito, I'm sorry but... The body discovery announcement rang and he's not moving-


"No he isn't dead! My boyfriend wouldn't get killed like this! He wouldn't! H-he wouldn't die like... this..." Panchito yelled, slapping Della's hand away.


"W-we were suppose to make it out alive...."


Panchito backed up in the corner and looked his his gloves that has Jose's blood on them, he sat down and began to start muttering things as he looked back at Jose's body.


"I-I promised him... W-we we were gonna m-make it out alive." He said, tears running down his face.




"Ha..... ahaha."




"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! I-Is this how it feels to have your heart crushed? T-This the thanks I get for making a promise I knew I couldn't fulfill?! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! IT'S AMAZING HOW STUPID I WAS TO THINK WE COULD MAKE IT OUT ALIVE! I WAS FUCKING NAIVE!" Despair filled the room, Panchito's laughter was mixed with his crying, as if he was denying the despair in front of him and angry at himself.


"Dude what the hell has gotten into you?!" Gyro asked.


"I-I-I-I..... I don't even know anymore..." He responded, his laughter stopping and turning back into sorrow and going through the stages of grief over and over again.


I feel like I jinxed this somehow.... Spying on Jose and Panchito the day before the motive, Saying that no one was gonna die over traitor motive and then me talking to Jose.... I sealed his fate because i did all of this.


Soon, everyone else made there way to the Dressing room and all shared the same reaction.


"Holy crap..." Lena said.


"Jose?! But we just saw him yesterday!" Louie yelled.


"Dammit, it's happening again...." Beakley muttered.


"Hey why is Panchito over there in the corner crying-Oh crap.... OH CRAP!" Dewey asked then noticing Jose's body.


"Jings, this is just overkill.."  Scrooge said.


"Oh dios, not again." Fenton said, walking in.


"J-Jose?!" Launchpad said.


"God damn, the guy didn't deserve to get killed like that..." Don said.


"Well, who could've guessed." Bradford said, walking in."


"Dude shut up, someone's dead." Lena said, glaring at him.


"Alright! Looks like we got another body-




Monoscrooge looked over at Jose's body and Panchito crying in the corner.


"Are you guys trying to make me feel bad or some shit?" Monoscrooge asked us, angry as hell.


"It's been 3 fucking deaths already and you guys are making this depressing, stop killing others if they're close to someone else!"


"Hey it's not our fault! Maybe he knew too much and the traitor took him out!" Mark suggested.


"Anyway, here's the Monoscrooge File... I'm gonna go raid Panchito's room and find pictures for Jose's Memorial...." Monoscrooge said, handing us the autopsy report before walking out the room.


"I'm gonna go investigate the other rooms." Don said walking out of the room, along with some of the others.


"So... what are we gonna do about him?" Louie asked, pointing to Panchito, still having a breakdown.


"*sigh* I'm gonna go talk to him." I said .


I walked over to Panchito who seemed to be in a complete mess(my guy looks like a lost cause) and sat down with him.


"Dude.... You have to get up and investigate." I told him.


"....Why should I listen to you?"


"Because we're going to find out who killed-


"You could be the one who killed him! Everyone in this room could be the killer!" He yelled.


"Look at me, I know how much he meant to you, so why are you sitting here doing nothing? You can mourn later but right now you gotta investigate." I said, grabbing him and I guess talking some sense into him.


"What you think he would do if you where the one dead? He would he work his ass off to find out who killed him, so get the hell up and do exactly that! Help me find the killer for him!"


"..... You're right."


"I can't just sit here and not do anything, this isn't what him or Donald would want." He said.


"Well, get up then. If we're gonna find out who killed him we can't just sit around doing nothing!"


God I hope I know what I'm doing....


Investigation Start


"First thing first, The Monoscrooge File."


Monoscrooge File #2


Victim: Jose Carioca


Talent: Ultimate Travel Guide


Time Of Death: ???


Time Of Discovery: 8:40 AM


Place of Discovery: Dressing Room


Location Of Death: ???


Discovered by: Panchito, Della, Drake


Cause Of Death: ??? 


Other Injuries: The victim received blunt force trauma towards the head and ???


Hmm, looks like two new things have been added... The Location of the death and where the body was discovered.


"Hey why are there question marks at the Location, Time and Cause of Death along with some of the Other Injuries section?" Fethry asked.


"Yeah, normally it isn't blurred out." Della pointed out.


"Well, maybe to add more mystery to the case, well our time for investigating is ticking... Let's get to it." Bradford said.

So 1/3 of the autopsy is unavailable, guess we're gonna have to figure it out later


Monoscrooge File #2 Added To Truth Bullets

"Hey guys.... I found something." Panchito said. We walked over to one of the corners of the dressing room and found a bloody trash bag.


"What the hell?" Mark asked.


"It's a.. trash bag?"


"A trash bag that has blood in it." Panchito said.


"Weird. Why is there a trash bag in here, more importantly why is there blood inside?" Della asked.


"I don't know.... But it might be important later." I said.


Trash Bag Added To Truth Bullets


"So who's gonna check the body?" I asked.


"Duh, Don is." Della said.


"Actually he went to go investigate the bar." Louie said.


"So who's gonna check Jose's body?" Fethry asked.


We all looked over to Mark who was on his phone.


"Huh? Why are you guys looking at me?"




"No way, now fucking way you want me to check his body." He said.


"Well no one else is gonna touch him."


"I'm a influencer! I can't just touch a body-


"Mark you are going to examine his body and that's that." Panchito said, grabbing mark.


"Okay okay! Jesus!" He said, walking over to the body.


"gross gross gross gross gross gross."




"Ok so uh..... Yeah, it's hard to tell how this guy died. There's blood on his head and there seems to be bruises around his neck."


"What do you mean by, bruises?" Panchito asked.


"Strangulation bruises."




"So was that how he killed?" Lena asked.


"No idea, maybe he was strangled but that didn't work, so the killer hit him upside the head with something or it could be the other way around." Mark said.


"But hey, idk. I need to go wash my hands." He said, leaving the room."


Okay, we have two ideas on how he could've killed.


Mark's Account Added To Truth Bullets


Bruises Around Jose's Neck Added To Truth Bullets


"Hey it also looks like he's tied up...." Louie said, slightly moving Jose's body.


"With what?"


"A... Utility cord." Louie said.


"Yeah but why a utility cord?" 


"Maybe there was a struggle and the killer had to tie him up? Maybe that's what happened to his head." Lena said.


"Hey, there's something on Jose's fingertips." Launchpad pointed out."


"Yeah your right... it looks like..." Gyro said, getting closer.




"W-Why the hell is blood on his fingertips?" Drake asked.


"Maybe it's from his head injury?" 


"Maybe, maybe not." Gyro responded.


"Why would his fingers have blood on them in the first place?" Mark asked.


Good question....


Utility Cord Added To Truth Bullets


Blood On Jose's Fingertips Added To Truth Bullets


"Hey, is is just me or do you guys see something sticking out of Jose's coat pocket?" Launchpad asked.


"Should one of us check it out?" Drake asked.


"I already checked his body the first time, I'm not doing that shit again." Mark said.


"I-I'll guess I should check." Fethry said, volunteering.


"Hey be careful."


Fethry slowly approached Jose's body and reached into his Pocket, pulling out a note.


"What the?"


"It's a note dumbass." Mark said.


"Alright, you gonna read it?" Gyro asked.


"Y-Yeah I'm doing that."


"Hey Jose, I know about what happened with Beakley and I heard you talking with Gladstone about apologizing to her. I want to talk to you about what you should do. Meet me in the Bar at night if you want to talk." - Anonymous


"I-It's a note from someone." Fethry said, after reading it out loud to us.


"From an anonymous person." Mark said.


"That person being the killer that is." Louie said.


"Hey we don't know that yet-


"Gladstone he might be right." Panchito said, interrupting me.


"Jose might've been lured somewhere by the traitor and they ended up killing him, that's the most logical answer."


"So do we keep this?" Launchpad asked.


"Yeah, Fethry give it to Panchito." Mark told him.


"Oh ok."


Fethry did what Mark said and handed the note to Panchtio.


"I should go investigate." Fethry said, leaving the room.


"Listen, whatever you do, don't give this to Bradford, he'll find every possible way to pin the blame on you." I said, grabbing Panchito's shoulder.


"Got it, we all saw what happened last time there was a murder."


Still, I wonder who wrote the note and gave to Jose.. We'll have to figure it out at the trial, right now it's too early to decide.


Note In Jose's Pocket Added To Truth Bullets


"Hey I think we're done searching the Dressing Room." Panchito said, getting ready to leave.


"Hey hold on a second. I need to ask you something." I said, grabbing his shoulder.


"Oh uh, what is it amigo?" He asked.


"Did you see Panchito before the murder?"


"No, I don't recall." He said, I can tell he's lying.


"Dude... don't lie."


"Well, we did meet to the bar before nighttime and had a talk." He said, not lying this time.




"It was.... Actually no, it was more of an argument."




"What the hell is wrong with you!?"


"Panchito mi amor I don't understand why you're mad."


"You're too busy trying to apologize to Beakley when there's a mole on the loose!"


"I'm just trying to clear my conscience like Gladstone said!"


"Clear your conscience? Who cares about the shit Gladstone says we need to be on high alert!"


"I don't see why you're overreacting!"


"I'm not being overreactive! I'm being logical!"


"And by logical you mean by arguing to me?"


"Y-You know what fine! Go ahead and apologize to her!"


"I will!"


"And don't come crawling back to me if you run into the traitor afterwards!"


*End of flashback*


"That was the last thing I said to him before going to bed... and that's the last thing I ever gonna said to him before he got killed."


"T-To think my last memory of him would be of me and him arguing. I'm a fucking idiot!" Panchito yelled, punching the wall.


"Hey hey calm down! You shouldn't get mad at l yourself! You're making it easy for people to think you're faking this!"


"Faking? You think I'm faking this?!" He responded, losing his chill.


"T-That wasn't what I meant to say-




"That's not what I was trying to say-


"Hey can you guys shut up?! We're trying to investigate!" Mark said, interrupting us.




"Look I'm sorry for saying-


"Let's just go Gladstone." Panchito said, calming down.


Alright.... So far this is not going well....


Panchito's Account Added To Truth Bullets


"Well... let's head over to the bar." I said.




We walked back in Bar, barely recognizable, well it's still recognizable. Besides the blood all over the floor and countertop wall. Oh yeah, Don, Bradford, Scrooge and Beakley where all searching the room.


"Jesus Christ." Panchito said.


"Yeah, you're right about that."


"Why is the bar a mess?"


"That's what we're trying figure out." Don said.


"Maybe Jose got killed in here." I said.


"Blood looks dry, could be a possibility."


"There must've been some sort of disagreement in here, possibly leading to a fight and someone dead."


"And since Jose is dead, he must've been the unlucky person in the fight." Bradford said.


Don's right, if Jose was waiting in here then something had to go down. With the amount of blood on the ground he must've bleed out and with the blood in the trash can, maybe he was killed in here and not the dressing room. Maybe Monoscrooge left out the information on where Jose died for a reason.


State Of The Bar Added To Truth Bullets


"Hey what's with the broken whiskey bottle shards on the counter?" I asked.


"Don't know lad, there's a broken bottle on the ground near the blood." Scrooge said.


"Could've been broken in self defense." Don suggested.


"That's the whiskey brand Jose drinks." Panchito said. 


"How can you tell?" Bradford asked.


"The smell."


"Me and Jose went to bars back before this all happened, ordered the same drink. I can recognize the smell at this rate."


"He drinks that much?" Bradford asked.


"Yep, just like my mom on a Saturday night."  Don chuckled.


"I thought you didn't have a mom." I said


"It's a joke you fucking Neanderthal." Don swore, flipping me off as well.


Okay, whiskey bottle, broken shards, a fight definitely happened in here.


Whiskey Bottle Shards added To Truth Bullets


"Hm, there's some blood against the wall..."


"No, there isn't any." Bradford said.


"No, I mean on the wall near the counter." I said, pointing to the blood splatter....


"What? It's just looks like blood to me." Don said.


"No, it looks like something's written in the blood." Scrooge said.


Scrooge got closer to the wall and leaned down to see what was written on the wall.




The rest of the message was smudged across the wall, maybe Jose lost his strength and he managed to mess up the message he was trying to leave


"Could be a message or something...."


"Mark Beaks....." Panchito mumbled.


"Mark what?"


"Mark is the one who killed Jose." Panchito said.


"We can't decide yet-




"Hey, get your shit together!" 


"It's blatantly obvious mark is the killer! 


"Just calm down! We don't know if mark is the killer or not, I don't think he's even stepped in here before!" I told panchito.


"Well what if-


"I know you're made but can we figure this out at the trial?! I've been trying to tell you that for at least 15 minutes!" 




Still, maybe that could’ve been a dying message. It might be something the killer could’ve wrote to throw us off but, Jose could’ve been killed in here. And that could be why the killer moved his body.


Dying Message Added To Truth Bullets 


"Hey guys? I found something!" Fethry yelled from the hallway. Fethry walked into the bar, covered in water and appeared to be holding a baseball bat with... blood?


"So... I found this baseball bat." Fethry said.


"Hey why do you have water all over you?"


"Also where did you find that?" Beakley asked.


"So uh, funny story... I was checking my lab cause the door was slightly open and there was a baseball bat in the fish tank."


"There was?"


"Yeah, so I ended up climbing up the ladder, jumped in the tank just to grab the bat cause I thought the killer used uand that's why I'm covered in water and holding a baseball bat, a baseball bat with Dry blood on it." He finished explaining.








"I'm just gonna drop this and run upstairs and dry off." Fehtry said, dropping the baseball bat like he said and then rushed out of the bar, nearly tripping on a puddle of water. Well I guess we should keep that in mind.


Bloody Baseball Bat Added To Truth Bullets


"Hey Beakley what are you doing here?" Panchito asked.


"Making sure non of them tamper with the crime scene, even Scrooge." She responded.


"So quick favor, can we ask you something?"


"Sure, go ahead and tell-


"Did you see Jose last night?" Panchito asked, immediately interrupting Beakley before she could finish her sentence.


"god damn it...." I muttered.


"S-Sorry I just need to know if you saw him last night. Like did he run into you?"


"Well.... I couldn't say."


"Well he was suppose to meet you to "apologize." Panchito said using air quotes.


"He was gonna apologize to me? About what?" She asked.


"The whole thing at the meeting yesterday, about the traitor."


"Oh, well if that's the case then I didn't see him because I went to bed."


"So.... You didn't see him, like at all?" I asked.


"Yes, sorry you two."


Well, Beakley supposedly never saw Jose, but.... Was that really the case?


Beakley's Account Added To Truth Bullets 


"Lads, I need to talk to you for a second." Scrooge said, tapping me on my shoulder.


"Oh uh... Sure Uncle...."


"Let's talk about this outside."


Scrooge, Panchito and I all walked out of the Bar, Scrooge closed the door behind us so no one could hear our conversation.


"I need to tell you about my Alibi."




"You see, i stayed up in my lab last night."


"Wait what?!"


"Don't worry I never went near the bar. I just stayed in my lab, up until 11 and just read some books." Scrooge explained.


"That's all?" I asked.


"Well, I did her some footsteps walking past the door. My lab isn't soundproof so I can hear anything if it's loud enough."


"The first set of footsteps where smaller, but a few minutes later I heard louder ones running back down from the hall and to the stairs. After that I decided to clock in and head back to my room



"Also lad, if Bradford hears this. Make sure he doesn't use this against me, okay?"


"Yeah, sure thing Uncle."


"And panchito, sorry for your loss. I truly am." Scrooge said before going back into the bar to investigate 


"Well, i guess we technically found a witness." I said.


"You think what he said can help us?" Panchito asked.


"Yeah, just in case someone lies and they didn't go up to the bar." I told him.


Scrooge's Alibi Added To Truth Bullets


"So where should we check next?" Panchito asked.


"Maybe the storage room. Some of the items we found could've came out of there." I suggested.


Storage Room


Me and Panchito walked into the Storage Room and found Fenton on a step-stool searching through some of the boxes.


"Hey uh... Fenton?" 


"i knew it, there's some stuff missing in the box." he muttered.






Fenton jolted as the sight of us and fell down from the stool bringing down the box he was searching in as well.


"Ow! My head."


"Hey uh... you okay?" 


"Y-Yeah I'm fine."


"So, why were you searching the boxes?" I asked


"So the other day, me and Beakley where searching the storage room and we're checking some of the boxes. And I thought I should check to see if any items were missing from the boxes."


"And there's some stuff missing?" Panchito asked.


"Exactly, a utility cord, baseball bat, rope and a trash bag."


(Wait... I think we found most of those items already, man the killer did a terrible job hiding evidence.)


"Okay then, thanks Fenton." I told him.


"No problem."


"I'm, gonna go get a ice pack out of the freezer." Fenton said, leaving the room.


Missing Items From Storage Added To Truth Bullets


Ding Dong Bing Bong


"Okay so... I'm getting bored, so everyone meet up in the Main Hall asap!"


"Well... guess are time is up." I said.


"So, do we head out?" Panchito asked.


"Yeah, let's go."


Main Hall


We all made our way to the main hall and waited for Monoscrooge to appear.


"Can't believe we're about to do this again." Della said.


"It was a matter of time before someone or the traitor cracked. This was expected to happen."Bradford said.


"Still think you're the traitor." Mark said.


"How many times have I-


"Alright looks like you all are here, so all of head into the staircase!" Monoscrooge opening up the secret passage.


"Hey, where's Fenton?" Lena asked.


"S-Sorry I'm late, I was doing things." Fenton said, walking into the room.


"Why are you holding a soda against your head?" Beakley asked.


"I fell down the stairs and hit my head." Fenton said lying.


"Hey Monoscrooge, Aren't you coming with us?" Dewey asked.


"I got passages all along this mansion, I'll be there in like 2 minutes." He responded, walking to the stairs and opening the passage.


"Alright all of you go on down." 


We all did what he said and climbed into the secret passage, but here's the thing. Why are we taking a secret passage to the elevator when he could've just built one towards the end of one of the hallways?


"Hey why can't you just build an elevator-


"And good luck!" Monoscrooge said as the door closed behind us and before I could ask my question. Scrooge grabbed the lit torch and processed to walk down the stairwell as we followed him. It felt like the walk to the elevator was longer than last time. Once we reached the elevator, but there was a problem. We didn't know the cod.


"Alright, what was the code again?" Scrooge asked.


"75649?" Fethry suggested.


"No it think it was 12345?" Launchpad said.


"Seriously?" Gyro said, looking at Launchpad.


"Hey maybe it's 06969?" Mark said, wanting to get a chuckle out of the group but got silence in return.


"Hold on lads... I think I remember it." Scrooge said.




Once Scrooge put the code in, the elevator door opened and we all made it inside as it closed behind us and descended to the trialgrounds.


The ride down the elevator felt longer than the first same along with the ambience. We all didn't say a single word for the many minutes that went by. With 3 people dead it just makes a room depressing you know. 


"Hey, you guys think the traitor killed Jose?" Fenton asked.


"Just a theory, but probably not." I told him.


"No, it did happen. The murderer has to be the traitor.


"Hey don't start guessing things, we aren't at the r trial yet." Don told him.


"Hey can we just no-


"Everyone shut up okay?!" Della yelled.


After thar, the elevator became silent. We all were stressed out, and we knew that once we get done with this trial, there's no going back.


It took a few more minutes before the elevator came to a stop.


Once we exited the elevator we walked into the Trial Room, which looked like it had gotten renovated over the last few days. The wallpaper was green and there was this giant map in between two of the Screens. There were also two painting where Huey and Jose use to sit. Huey's had two pencils across his face like an X and Jose's had a transparent outline of a compass on his face.


"Well looks like guys made it! Like the new decor?"


"It looks ugly." Mark said.


"Yeah, I'm mean... Green wallpaper is a war crime in my opinion."


"Just get find your fucking stands."


"Alright then, now that you're all here I guess, let the second Mansion Trial of the Mcduck Manor killing game begin!"


I can't believe this happening again... Jose, he was a chill guy for the time I knew him. He looked out for the group no matter how bad things got, he never lost hope and that's what mattered in the end.... No matter what, he cared about all of us, especially Panchito... And what he got in return was death.


If the traitor is behind the murder, then sooner or later we'll find them.


Jose said it's us against the traitor, well he's right about that.


No matter what happens, I will make sure we walk out of this court room alive in one piece!


My luck got us through the last trial, and I'll get us through this one!


To Be Continued


Mansion Trial Coming Soon

Chapter Text

Pre Trial Prep

Truth Bullets

Monoscrooge File #2

Trash Bag

Mark's Account

Bruises Around Jose's Neck

Utility Cord

Blood On Jose's Fingertips

Note In Jose's Pockets

Panchito's Account

State Of The Bar

Whiskey Bottle Shards

Dying Message

Bloody Baseball Bat

Beakley's Account

Scrooge's Alibi

Missing Items From Storage

Fenton Acting Suspicious

Court Chambers























Mansion Trial Start!

All Rise!!!

Monoscrooge: Alright everyone, second times a charm. Since it's been a few days since the last trial I guess I should tell you all how this is gonna work again. So you all are gonna debate on who the killer is and vote for who dunnit, get it right and you live! Get it wrong and you all die! And this time the killer isn't a kid so I won't feel bad! So who killed the embodiment of Google Maps? Let's get to it!

Panchito: Don't call him that.

Monoscrooge: Oops my bad, Who killed Jose... Jeez you guys don't like having fun.

Scrooge: Have you no shame?

Monoscrooge: I'm a robot, I have no shame, anyway let's get the trial started!

Drake: Okay so where should we start?

Fenton: Gladstone got us through the first trial so maybe he knows what to do.

Gladstone: Oh uh..

Gladstone: Maybe how he died?

Beakley: Right, that's the first thing we should discuss...


Non-Stop Debate


Truth Bullet: Monoscrooge File # 2

Della: Jose's cause of death...

Della: hmmmm.....

Della: Yeah i really don't know...

Gyro: Given the state of the body....

GyroThe most logical cause of death is Blunt Force Trauma

Louie: The wounds around his neck could've came from the killer who was trying to choke him out...

Launchpad: And that's when they struck!

Launchpad: They hit him upside the head just like Gyro said!

Gladstone:(They all have good points, but given the information on the autopsy, I don't think we can decide just yet...)

Della: Jose's cause of death...

Della: hmmmm.....

Della: Yeah i really don't know...

Gyro: Given the state of the body....

GyroThe most logical cause of death is Blunt Force Trauma

Monoscrooge File #2>

No that's wrong!



Gladstone: Hold on Gyro, you may be onto something but I don't think that's exactly right.

Gyro: Wait so you're saying I'm wrong?

Gladstone: Yeah, according to the Monoscrooge file, there is no cause of death listed.

Fenton: What?

Gladstone: As a matter of fact, The cause of death, time of death, location of death and other injuries weren't listed at all.

Beakley: What the?

Monoscrooge: My bad, I powered off when I was making the report, anyway you're on your own.

Della: Well crap....

Fenton: So what should we talk about next?

Bradford: Let's try to piece together what happened to Jose...

Don: That's the most logical method there is right now.

Gladstone: (alright, I should start with the simple things that I found out about from Mark

Non-Stop Debate


Truth Bullet: Bruises Around Jose's Neck

Louie: What even happened to Jose?

Dewey: By the looks of it.....

Dewey: Maybe he got jumped?

Don: I've seen jumping's before, he would've been beaten to a pulp.

Drake: He did get hit in the head by something.

Gyro: Doesn't look deep enough, could've at least knocked him out.

Fenton: Well he did get choked by the killer.

Fenton: So the killer could've been taller than him!

Lena: Who knows? All of it could be correct...

Gladstone:(They all make good points, but we should start with one detail by one... or something..)

Louie: What even happened to Jose?

Dewey: By the looks of it.....

Dewey: Maybe he got jumped?

Don: I've seen jumping's before, he would've been beaten to a pulp.

Drake: He did get hit in the head by something.

Gyro: Doesn't look deep enough, could've at least knocked him out.

Fenton: Well he did get choked by the killer...

Bruises Around Jose's Neck>

"No that's wrong!"


Gladstone: Hold on Fenton, you're right about him getting choked but one part of what you said was

Fenton: But isn't that what I just said? He was choked and that explains the bruises on his neck.

Gladstone: He didn't get choked, the bruises on his neck are from strangulation.

Gladstone: Right mark?

Mark: ......

Gladstone: MARK!

Mark: Huh? Yeah he's right...

Mark: When they forced me to check the body, I noticed the dude has marks all over his neck, they didn't come from someone's hands and they looked like burn marks as well so... He could've gotten strangled by rope or something..

Mark: Then there's the hit to the head...

Mark: Probably got hit by something and knocked his hat off....

Mark's Account >

I got it!

Gladstone: Based on what Mark told me, we can deduce the cause of death to two possible methods, Blunt Force Trauma or Strangulation...

Mark: Basically it could've been either way, Jose could've gotten hit in the head with something and then strangled or it could've been the other way around and the killer could've been trying to strangle Jose and they used something to hit his head but they maybe/probably hit him too hard and they kinda killed him. But that's just a theory.

Gyro: You two do make a point...

Gyro: But where are the weapons at?

Gladstone: Weapons?

Gyro: Well considering that I couldn't find any weapons, I think the killer already disposed of them...

Gladstone: Actually, I think I know why that's the case.

Bloody Baseball Bat>

I got it!

Gladstone: Fethry can back me up on that...

Fethry: Back you up on what?

Gladstone: What the killer used to hit Jose?

Fethry: Ohhhhh.....

Fethry: So I kinda found a baseball bat inside the Fish Tank in my lab when I was investigating...

Fethry: There was dry blood on it so I think that to
what hit Jose.

Mark: Wait so that's why you were drenched in water when I walked outside?

Fethry: Yeah....

Panchito: So from what we've found so far, it might be possible that the killer and Jose had disagreement and it ended horribly.

Gladstone: That's the only reason why the bar could've been such a mess..

Gladstone: So the killer had to be tall enough to-

"Your Logic Is Scientifically Wrong!"

Gyro: Sorry, but that isn't close to what happened...

Gladstone: Wait what do you mean by that?

Gyro: Isn't it obvious? The killer messed up the bar to throw us off!

Gyro: If you don't understand it yet, then I'll just have to prove it to you!

Rebuttal Showdown

Truth Bullet: Broken Whiskey Bottle Shards

Gyro: When you think about it...

Gyro: The way the Bar looks like could be a shame!

Gyro: When the killer hit Jose with the bat.

Gyro: They probably wanted to make the bar look like a crime scene!

Gyro: It's the most logical explanation I can think of!


Gladstone: What makes you think that?

Gladstone: I mean it could be possible...


Gyro: You still don't understand?

Gyro: The killer snuck up on Jose!

Gyro: That means there was no way to defend himself!

Broken Whiskey Bottle Shards

"I'll cut through your words!"



Gyro: What do you mean I'm wrong?!

Gladstone: Well, there's one thing you didn't account for...

Gladstone: On the counter, the were shards of glass from a whiskey bottle, and said broken bottle on the ground as well...

Gyro: Huh?

Gladstone: So we can guess that Jose might have had a run in with the killer or traitor, broke the bottle and used it as a weapon.

Gladstone: But failed miserably...

Scrooge: So the killer got the upper hand on Jose....

Della: And he tried to defend himself with the whiskey bottle....

Louie: Well that didn't end well...

Lena: Okay so we know that Jose tried to defend himself, but I don't think any of us are injured....

Lena: We would've been acting way suspicious...

Dewey: We what about when the motive when the motive was announced?

Dewey: Some of us could've been suspicious when we all found out there's a traitor.

Don: that isn't me or Bradford...

Mark: You told us that for the 100th fucking time, you aren't the traitors big fucking surprise!

Beakley: Now that i think of it, Jose's lax behavior was strange....

Beakley: Maybe  he  was the traitor...

Monoscrooge: Nice theory!

Monoscrooge: Well only I know the answer..

Gladstone: So you'll tell us if he's the traitor after the trial?

Monoscrooge: Well, if you survive that is...

Gyro: So should we talk about Jose then?5

Truth Bullet: Panchito's Account

Don: Was Jose acting suspicious?

Della: I mean he was chill about the whole situation with the traitor...

Della: But I think that can be said for all of us...

Launchpad: Did any of us care for the motive?

Bradford: Obviously the person who killed Jose...

Bradford: To them the motive meant everything...

Panchito: So we're at a dead end...

Panchito: I don't think anyone of us even talked to Jose before the murder...

Gladstone:(They all make good points.. But one of them is lying, I know it...)

Don: Was Jose acting suspicious?

Della: I mean he was chill about the whole situation with the traitor...

Della: But I think that can be said for all of us...

Launchpad: Did any of us care for the motive?

Bradford: Obviously the person who killed Jose...

Bradford: To them the motive meant everything...

Panchito: So we're at a dead end...

Panchito: I don't think anyone of us even talked to Jose before the murder...

Panchito's Account>

"No That's Wrong!"


Gladstone: Panchito, what you said doesn't sound remotely right...

Panchito: W-What do you mean...

Gladstone: (He's lying...)

Gladstone: I think you know why...

Panchito: Gladstone I have no idea what you're talking

Bradford: You're sweating...

Panchito: What?

Bradford: Whenever someone says something and they sweat, that means they're lying....

Bradford: But you got nothing to hide, right?

Panchito: .....

Fenton: D-Did he kill-

Bradford: Nope, he's one of the three who found the body, but that still means he's hiding something.

Gladstone: He... He's-

Panchito: Gladstone you don't have to defend me....

Panchito: Last night, me and Jose had an argument.... It was about the traitor situation... I was upset about how Nonchalant he was and how we needed to do something... w went


Della: So, you saw him?

Dewey: Doesn't that make him the killer?

Gladstone: The rule states that 3 innocent people to discover the body, those people are Della, Drake and Panchito.

Della: So that means we're clear...

Della:* phew *

Drake: Now what? We're back to square one....


Gladstone: I might have an idea on where we could go.....

Gladstone: Last night, I woke up and went to grab a drink from the kitchen..

Gladstone: Everything was fine but when I was heading back, I heard footsteps going back up the stairs... Like an idiot I asked "who's there" but the person rushed up to the dorm rooms....

Gladstone: Before you say anything, I didn't get a look at the person cause it was too damn dark and no I'm not lying...

Scrooge: So we can safely assume that the person you're talking about is the killer.

Gladstone: I guess...

Della: So I have an idea....

Della: What if someone else was up during the murder?

Gladstone: Yeah you might have a point Della.

Gladstone: And that person might know something-

"Let the show begin!"

Don: Gladstone, Gladstone, Gladstone...

Don: Everyone you said is impossible to prove right.

Gladstone: Why do all of you interrupt me when-

Don: And I, Don Karnage, will prove you wrong!

Rebuttal Showdown

Truth Bullet: Scrooge's Account

Don: If someone was up during the murder.

Don: They'd either be doing what you did or go check out what was happening at the bar.

Don: If they did the second option...

Don: Then they'd be dead right now!


Gladstone: Who decided that they went to the bar?

Gladstone: I don't think it would've been a good idea anyway...


Don: Still you're wrong about that...

Don: The only people on the second floor....

Don: Had to be Jose and the killer!

"I'll Cut Through Your Words!"



Gladstone: Hey Don, i think you got that part wrong.

Gladstone: Someone was up last night during the murder and might have heard something...

Gladstone: Is this right Scrooge?

Scrooge: He's right, so I was up last night in my lab reading some books when I-

Mark: Okay do we even need to continue?

Della: Mark, can you just stop being a dickhead?

Fethry: Yeah this is getting annoying...

Mark: Look he's literally about to confess so let's just vote him-

Scrooge: Mark I am getting sick of your shit so do us all a favor and shut the hell up....

Mark: Huh?

Scrooge: You heard me, shut.... The hell.... Up....

Mark: O-Okay then...

Scrooge: Now, where was i?

Scrooge: Right, I was up last night in my lab reading some books, it wasn't against the rules to stay up late so I went there. Around 11:30 i heard some footsteps from outside of my door, then a few minutes later I heard footsteps running pst my door and downstairs. I got tired and decided to head to bed, and before anyone asks me, no, I didn't even think of checking out the Bar...

Bradford: So basically you were up during the murder.

Scrooge: Correct.

Bradford: So then, there's a chance you could be the killer of the case-

Scrooge: Kill? Why would I want to kill even after I saw

Scrooge: I'm probably the one person in this room who has enough braincells to not even think of the idea of murder!

Gladstone: Guys seriously, this is Scrooge we're talking about.... Out of all the people in the room he's the person who's literally the least likely to kill someone!

Scrooge: Thank you Gladstone....

Scrooge: And considering there's barely any evidence that points to me as the killer, you're theory is wrong in every way possible.

Monoscrooge: Damn Scrooge, looks like you're tired of everyone already!

Scrooge: BradfordLet this be a lesson to you the next time you try to accuse anyone in our family.

Scrooge: Don't you fuck with us Bradford.

Bradford: Fine then, it's safe to say you aren't the killer...

Drake: So is there anyone else who was up?

Beakley: I don't think so...

Beakley: Besides those two and the killer that is.

Launchpad : Hey guys I just thought of something.

Launchpad: So, you think we should discuss how Jose ended up in the Dressing Room?

Fenton: Wasn't he killed in there?

Gyro: We don't know that yet intern.

Scrooge: Okay, so we should discuss how the killer transported his body to a different room.

Non Stop Debate

Truth Bullet: Trash Bag

Launchpad: How did Jose end up in the Dressing Room?

Fenton: The killer could've dragged him...

Dewey: But there would've been a trail of blood leading to the dressing room then...

Dewey: And it was too dark to even clean it up.

DellaWhat if the killer carried him?

Della: He's lightweight so it wouldn't be hard to transfer him to different rooms...

Lena: That could've been a possibility.

Fethry: Well....

Fethry: Maybe the killer used someone to transfer his body?

Fethry: I might be wrong though...

Fethry: Yeah I'm probably wrong....

Gladstone:(They all have good ideas on how it went, but only one of the is right.)

Launchpad: How did Jose end up in the Dressing Room?

Fethry: The killer could've dragged him...

Dewey: But there would've been a trail of blood leading to the dressing room then...

Dewey: And it was too dark to even clean it up.

DellaWhat if the killer carried him?

Della: He's lightweight so it wouldn't be hard to transfer him to different rooms...

Lena: That could've been a possibility.

Fethry: Well....

Fethry: Maybe the killer used someone to transfer his body?

Trash Bag>


"I agree with that!"


Gladstone: Hey you might be onto something....

Fethry: I am?

Gladstone: The killer needed a way to get Jose's corpse from point A to point B, they used a trash bag.

Fethry: Trash Bag?

Panchito: Yeah, the one with the blood in it.

Don: Well we know that he was transferred to the Dressing Room with the trash bag, now here comes the question...

Don: Where was he killed though?


Don: The killer could've saw how much Blood Jose was losing so they stuffed him into bag and took him to the dressing room.

Don: Then they decided to kill him then and there.

Gladstone: I don't think-

Fenton: Yeah! And then the killer uses the same to choke him out!

Lena: No I think they would've Suffocated him with the bag than strangle him with it...


Launchpad: But would't taking Jose to the dressing room and killing him throw us off?

Drake: That had to be the killers plan!

Louie: Yeah I think he got killed in the Bar, there's too much blood and he would've bled out.

Gyro: Yeah I think the killer moved Jose to the dressing room and killed him there.

Fenton: Yeah that has to be why!

Gladstone: Wait, do we have a split opinion?

Hold It!

Monoscrooge: Did I hear the word Split and Opinion in the same sentence?

Gladstone: Aw shit....

Monoscrooge: Looks like we have a Scrum Debate on our hand, so let's make our way to the Mcduck Manor morphinomical trial grounds!

Scrum Debate

Where Did Jose Die?

The Dressing Room

Don, Bradford, Gyro, Beakley, Fenton, Drake, Launchpad, Mark

The Bar

Gladstone, Lena , Panchito, Scrooge, Louie, Dewey, Della, Fethry

Don: Jose dying in the dressing room is the most logical way to throw us off!


Logical my ass! It makes no sense the killer took him to the dressing room just to kill him!: Lena

Bradford: It's obvious the killer switches rooms to throw us off...


Killing Jose in the bar and then moving him to the dressing room was meant to throw us off!: Della

Beakley: Then why would they even move the body anyway?


Either the killer is a neat freak or they wanted to move the body just to screw with us!: Louie

Gyro: If Jose was killed in the bar why would the killer killer go out of their way and do all of this and make the case harder?


The killer caused all of this to make the case more complicated that it had to be!: Dewey

Fenton: Still I don't get why Scrooge didn't go check on what was going on, he did hear footsteps


If I went to check on what was going on I'd be dead right now!: Scrooge

Drake: Yeah I kinda don't want to believe what Scrooge is saying.


Believe it or not, Scrooge is probably the only one where not willing to kill!: Fethry

Launchpad: I still don't get it, why would the killer do any of this in the first place?


Either the killer wanted to get out of here or the motive got to their head: Panchito

Bradford: Still what makes you think Jose got killed in the bar....

I got this!

Jose would've bled to death in the trash bag so the bar is the most logical option!: Gladstone

Full Counter

This is our answer!


Don: Okay fine, so Jose did get killed in the dressing room!

Gladstone: Took you forever to realize that asshole.

Launchpad: Why do I feel like that's gonna happen in future trials...

Monoscrooge:(It is.)

Lena: Hey should we discuss something about Jose?

Lena: Like what the killer use to strangle him?

Lena: I think that's what actually killed him....

Lena: If you looked at his eyes, they seemed to look kind of bloodshot.

What Was Used To Strangle Jose?

A. Utility Cord>
B. Rope
C. Trash Bag

"I got it!"

Gladstone: I have an idea...

Gladstone: What if... the killer used the same utility cord to strangle Jose?

Panchito: The utility cord?

Gladstone: Guys think about it, we couldn't a rope

Gladstone: And I think there would even be burns from Jose trying to struggle....

Gladstone: So maybe he was suppose to be dead when the killer went to go get the cord.

Gladstone: But he was still alive when they got back.

Louie: So do we have any information on who true t could be?

Dewey: Well...... I got nothing.

Gyro: So we should talk about any evidence that could point out the killers identity.

Non-Stop Debate

Truth Bullet: Dying Message

Fenton: Okay so we covered the cause of death, where he Jose died and what killed him...

Fenton: But where does this get us?

Drake: We know Scrooge heard something during the night.

Launchpad: I think we've covered almost everything.

Lena: Plus there's not that many suspects to choose from..

Lena: So I guess all of us have an alibi and are covered.

Mark: Well shit...

Mark: Guess we're out of clues then...

Gladstone:(We're getting closer to the truth, but even if we're gonna make it to the end... I might have to lie to get more information.)

Fenton: Okay so we covered the cause of death, where he Jose died and what killed him...

Fenton: But where does that get us?

Drake: We know Scrooge heard something during the night.

Launchpad: I think we've covered almost everything.

Lena: Plus there's not that many suspects to choose from..

Lena: So I guess all of us have an alibi and are covered.

Mark: Well shit...

Mark: Guess we're out of clues then...

Dying Message

Dying Message With Mark's Last Name >


"I'll reveal the truth!"


Gladstone: Mark, I wouldn't say we're out of clues just yet....

Mark: Huh? I thought we were done.

Gladstone: Not yet, in the bar there was message written in blood that Jose must've left since he had blood on his fingertips...

Gladstone: The message spells Beak....

Gladstone:(Okay Gladstone, they can't know you're making this up...)

Gladstone: As in Mark Beaks...

Mark: Huh?

Gladstone: And Panchito this is the part where you get mad at me and every neuron in your body is saying-


Mark: Wait a damn minute something's wrong!

Scrooge: So mark is the killer...

Beakley: I knew that he would've snapped sooner or later.

Mark: Guys you seriously aren't believing this Bullshit!?

Gladstone: Well if you aren't the killer then...

Gladstone:(Okay, this is going well so far)

Gladstone: Tell us why you can't be the killer

Panchito: Gladstone are you kidding me?!

Gladstone: Panchito could you try and be quiet for-

Panchito: No! Just shut up okay! Shut the fuck up! He's the killer that fucking pendajo is the fucking killer!

Gladstone: Okay usually we would've had a rebuttal by now but there's just no point...

Mark: So now can I tell you all why I can't be the killer?!

Panchito: Fine, but make it quick before we vote you....

Mark: Okay....

Mark: Look you all probably think I killed him beut think about it! I've never even stepped inside the bar!

Mark: Also, I'm an influencer! Do I look like the person to even remotely touch a dead body?! Let along go out of my way to do all that shit!

Gyro: He's right about that.

Mark: Look, think hard about this, There's no way in hell I'm the killer! It has to be someone who was paranoid from the jump this whole time, before the motive, hell even after the motive! It'll be obvious who's the killer...

I don't know if I should believe him, he is an asshole and he might be saying stuff to save himself..... wait, paranoid.... He says the killer has to be the most paranoid person here................ I don't want to believe it, but I think I might know who actually killed Jose.

"It has to be you!"

Gladstone: "Beakley, you're the killer aren't you....."

Trial Suspended!


The Daily Show with Monoscrooge!

"So let's that about Disney for a minute!"

"What's up with them greening all these good shows and then cancelling them?"

"That The Owl House! You can tell it deserved more than two seasons and 3 specials to finish the story, you add one LGTBQ character in a show and the corpos at Disney go,"No! We need to cancel this awesome show so we can Launder money making shitty live action movies!" It's just bullshit."

"At least Amphibia got a full season 3 along with Ducktales but they cancelled Ducktales even though it needed at least a fourth Season, plus we could've had Negaduck as the villain for Season 3 and FOWL for the final season! Hell we even could've had a season where * redacted *  could've showed up to torment Gyro! That was wasted potential!"

"And before we head back to the trial, I would like to ask Disney one thing..."


"That's all for today folks!"

Mansion Trial

Back In Session!

Gladstone: Beakley, is it you? Did you kill Jose?

Beakley: .....

Beakley: What are you trying to say?

Gladstone: I'm trying to say-

Della: Whoa whoa whoa! Pause! Gladstone, you think Beakley is the killer?

Dewey: Yeah I don't believe it!

Dewey: She's smart enough to understand murder isn't optional.

Della: Plus all of us could've been acting suspicious!

Gladstone:(Well, guess I have to prove them wrong.)

Non Stop Debate

Truth Bullet: Fenton Acting Suspicious

Della: Are we sure Beakley was the only one acting suspicious?

Della: I mean any of us could've been paranoid about the motive!

Drake: Right!

Launchpad: Plus she trusts most of us here!

Fenton: Yeah I don't think any of us were paranoid about the motive...

Fenton: in fact....

Fenton: I don't think anyone knows something....

Gladstone:(Why do they make us easy to tell they're lying)

Della: Are we sure Beakley was the only one acting suspicious?

Della: I mean any of us could've been paranoid about the motive!

Drake: Right!

Launchpad: Plus she trusts most of us here!

Fenton: Yeah I don't think any of us were paranoid about the motive...

Fenton: in fact....

Fenton: I don't think anyone else could've been suspicious!

Fenton Acting Suspicious

"No that's Wrong!"


Gladstone: Hey hold on a second Fenton, i need to ask you something.

Fenton: Ask?

Gladstone: Why did you lie about hitting your head?

Fenton: What?

Gladstone: That's something pretty dumb to lie about unless you had something to hide...

Fenton: Well....

Fenton: I lied Becuase I didn't want to make myself suspicious...

Gyro: About what per say?

Fenton: Only me and Beakley knew where the supplies was.

Fenton: But I still don't think she's the killer!

Fenton: Maybe the killer found out where we had hid the items at!

Fenton: By pure coincidence!

Gladstone: Or maybe she took them down Because she needed them to kill Jose-

"Don't be a idiot Gladstone!"

Beakley: You do make a good point Gladstone...

Beakley: Too bad it's wrong.

Gladstone: What do you mean I'm wrong?

Beakley: I'll just have to tell you then, I may look suspicious right now.

Beakley: But I plan to prove you wrong!

Rebuttal Showdown

Truth Bullet: Beakley's Account

Beakley; Gladstone I though you knew me better...

Beakley: I care about all of you....

Beakley: But I wouldn't go as far as killing!

Beakley: That's just obsurd!


Gladstone: I'm not saying you're the killer just yet.

Gladstone: But when the motive was announced..

Gladstone: You did act pretty paranoid.


Beakley: Okay sure I was paranoid!


Beakley: After all, I told you...

Beakley: I didn't see Jose at all last night!

Beakley's Account>

"I'll cut through your words!"



Beakley: What's wrong with what I said?!

Gladstone: You told me that you didn't see Jose last night.

Gladstone: But what if you were lying?

Gladstone: As if you needed to lie to not look suspicious.

Panchito: She lied to us?

Gladstone: Also I sorta lied to incriminate Mark in order to get information out of him.

Mark: You fucking asshole!

Gladstone: Don't mention it.

Gladstone: Now let's talk about the dying message

Gyro: the one that spelled Mark's last name?

Dying Message>

"I got it!"

Gladstone: Well I have an idea.... What if the dying message didn't say Beaks?

PanchitoBecause it actually said Beakley...

Panchito: And you wiped away the last three letters to incriminate Mark.

Beakley: T-That's a lie!

Della: Y-yeah it has to be!

Beakley: Scrooge, tell them that Gladstone is wrong!

Scrooge: .....

Beakley: Scrooge? Answer me!

Scrooge: Has everything you told me a lie as well?

Beakey: What?

Scrooge: You calming down? You saying you weren't gonna kill someone?

Scrooge: Was all of it a fucking lie?!

Beakley: N-No! It's all wrong! I'm not the killer!

Mark: I told you I was innocent!

Bradford: I knew sooner or later Agent 22 was gonna snap....

DonBradford maybe you should stay quiet for now.

Della: I don't believe what I'm hearing!

Launchpad: Yeah! Beakley wouldn't kill someone! Even if she wanted to save us!

Gladstone: Guys, all the evidence points to her...

Beakley: Evidence? EVIDENCE?!


Drake: Hey maybe you should calm down-


Fenton: Beakley?


Fenton: What was written on that note you told me to give to Jose?

Beakley: .....

Fenton: You said it was important and you didn't want me to open it...

Fenton: Did you use me as a pawn to kill Jose?

Beakley: ....

Beakley: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Gladstone:(God damn it)

Beakley: Why would I drag you of all people into this mess?

Lena: I think we should be worried she switched back personalities like that.

Beakley: or Fenton are you trying to incriminate me even more-

Panchito: You mean this note?

Beakley and Fenton froze as Panchito pulled out the note we found in Jose's pocket and read it out loud to us all...

Fenton: Y-You told me to give that to him?!

Beakley: That's obviously faked by someone! We don't even know their name!

Fenton: Stop lying! You used me to get Jose out of his room so you can kill him!

Fenton: YOU USED ME!

Beakley: ....

Beakley: So he had it on him the whole time....

Gladstone: Look I'm sorry that this-



Gladstone: Well.... Guess I have to prove it to you then...

Argument Armament

"Gladstone what the hell is wrong with you?!"

"You all have been arguing back and forth..."

"And now you accuse me of all people?!"

"Do you even know me anymore?!"

"As much as I care about the group..."

"I wouldn't risk my life or kill someone to protect them!"

"And Webby is the exception!"


"Are you even listening to me?!"

"Mark is trying to use you!"

"He's manipulating you all into thinking I'm the killer!"

"So you're saying you'd listen to him over me?!"

"Do you even here yourself?!

"Are you trying to get us all killed?!"


"Are you a idiot or something?!"

"Mark is the killer!"

"That social media obsessed piece of shit is the killer!"

"You think I'd even bother trying to kill Jose!?"

"It's like you're trying to get us all killed!"

"Do you expect me to just let this happen?!

"If they listen to you..."

"Then we're all gonna die either way!"

Final Blow


Thought He Was The Traitor



Gladstone: Simple... you thought he was the traitor....


Gladstone: After he pissed you off at the meeting, you had it set in your mind that he was the traitor..."

Panchito: So... you killed him?!

Della: But- She did a good thing right?

Della: She killed Jose because he was the traitor!

Della: She helped us didn't she?

Beakley: .....

Gyro: Della, do you hear yourself?

Gyro: She killed Jose Becuase she "thought" he was the traitor...

Scrooge: So you did lie.... I thought I knew you better....

Beakley: .....

Beakley: Is this how I get thanked?

Della: Huh?

Beakley: I killed Jose to help the group, went through all of this trial and tribulation to make you think mark killer the bastard.... And this is what I get in return?!

Scrooge: What are you-


Gladstone: Are you that selfish?


Panchito: You're sick you know?


I didn't believe what I was hearing, it was almost like Beakley was a complete different person. Just a minute ago she was acting normal and now she's pissed off... And her eyes, they showed pure despair, as if she didn't care about Jose at all... Was this the other side of her that she was hiding?

Gladstone: ....

Beakley: Well, don't you got a case to summarize? Go ahead to get started.

Gladstone: Fine then...

Gladstone: Let's just get this over with...

"Here's everything that happened in this case!"

Act 1

"Let's cut back to yesterday afternoon. Monoscrooge announced the motive to use that there was a Rat within the group working with him. Most of us weren't that worried about the motive, except for one person, The Killer. They called a meeting telling us that we all need to do something. However, Jose told them to calm down and tried to reason with them. I don't know what happened inside the killers head, but for some reason they had their mind made that Jose was the traitor. And that's when they decided to take matters into their own hands."

Act 2

"The Killer made preparations to carry out their plan to murder. They went into the Storage Room to get the supplies they needed. A Bat, A Utility Cord and a Trash Bag. But I'm gonna assume the killer took the bat First and saved the other two things they needed for their plan, the killer wrote a note to Jose saying to meet him at the Bar during the night. But they didn't directly, they had Fenton give him the note, saying something left this by his door.

Act 3

"Fast forward to the night, when the killer decided to strike. There was no one else up, besides Scrooge that is. The footsteps he heard from his room could've either been the killers or Jose's. Once the killer got to the bar, I assume they had a conversation with Jose for a few seconds. It was probably around the time the killer was about to apologize when they decided to kill Him.

Act 4

"I'm gonna guess and say that Jose must've turned around and saw the killer was preparing to kill him, so he used the Whiskey Bottle on the counter and broke it. Trying to use it to defend himself, it ultimately failed and the killer hit him upside the head. The killer must've assumed Jose was dead from the baseball bat so they went to go get the utility cord and trash bag to make this case harder. Unfortunately for them, Jose was still alive. Bleeding out, Jose used the last strength he had to leave a dying message with his blood, however, the killer walked into him doing said act. With the utility cord they had in their hand, the killer used that to strangle Jose, finally killing him.

Act Five

"Once that was done, the killer probably tied Jose's hands up, stuffing his body into the trash bag and took his body to another room. That room being the Dressing Room, once that was over the killer tosses the trash bag aside and left, that being the second set of footsteps Scrooge heard going down the stairs. Unfortunately for them, I was up by coincidence getting some water, if it wasn't for the stairs i wouldn't have knew they were there. But once I called out to see if anyone was there, they rushed up the stairs and to their room."

"Isn't this right, Beakley? You're the only person who could've made this cause as complicated as it is!"


Gladstone: Did I get it right?

Beakley: .......

Della: I-I can't believe you....

Della: I trusted you! We all trusted you!

Beakley: .....

Della: Say something-

Beakley: Just shut up and vote already....

Monoscrooge: Oh? Looks like you're all done. Well then, all of you place you're voted on the screen below!

Beakley: 100%

Monoscrooge: Well the votes are in! Now then, did you make the right choice? or the dreadfully wrong one? What's it gonna be? What's it gonna be?!

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding




Benita Beakley Is The Killer!

Trial Concluded

To Be Continued....


Chapter Text

"Well congrats everyone! You managed to figure out the killer! Again......"

The room was silent, we were all on in denial.... Beakley... Beakley of all people, it the one who killed Jose... I don't even believe myself, she'd never do something like this.

"T-This has to be joke...." Launchpad said.


"Beakley, you'd never kill, this has to be a joke you set up right?" Launchpad asked Beakley , desperately.

"Launchpad, it think it's time you separate fantasy and real life....." She said, and the way Launchpad looked once she said that, it seemed like what she said cut deep....

"We... were right." Della said....


"What the heck Beakley?!" Louie yelled.

"I-I thought you were against the concept of killing!" Dewey said.

"Well that was a lie." Bradford said.

"Aren't you gonna say something?" Panchito asked.

"What? You want me to tell you why I killed the bastard?"

"He was the traitor so I did all of you a favor."

"No he wasn't!"

"What I did was justified!

"Well... if what you did was justified.... Then tell us what happened...." Panchito said, with spite in his voice.

".....Fine, you all at least need to hear how it played out."


"So, I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry-



"Beakley what the hell are you doing?"

"Helping the group..."

"And by helping the group you mean your gonna kill me!?


* Smash *

"Stay back, I don't know what the hell makes you think I'm the traitor!"

"Because of how nonchalant you were!"

"Beakley, you're a idiot you know that?"

"Me? An idiot? I'm trying to save the group-

"Haven't you heard anything I said?! I'm not the traitor!"

"Bullshit! I don't believe one word you're saying!"

"They were right, you are paranoid..."

"Paranoid?! I'm trying to make sure you doesn't do anything drastic!?"

"And by doing that you're gonna kill me of all people!?"

"I don't care what the cost is I will make sure everything is-

"But what would Webby think about this? About you getting everyone killed if you get away with your murder?"


"So, you got nothing to say-


* End of Flashback *

"After that... I tosses the baseball bat in the fish tank and went to go get supplies to transfer his body.... That's when I found him writing the dying message and I used the utility cord to strangle him....."

"And it all wouldn't have happened in he didn't plan on apologizing, right Gladstone?"


"I heard your conversation with him, saying he should apologize to me...."

"You all could say I'm the one who killed Jose.... But in reality, Gladstone the reason he's dead."

It felt like she was taunting me. As if she's blaming my luck for the reason Jose is dead, I mean she technically is doing that but still.... What the hell happened to her?

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Drake yelled.

"I'm just telling the truth." Beakley said.

"And by truth you mean gaslighting us into feeling bad for ourselves?!"

"You used me to get Jose to meet up with you!

"And you put him in the trash bag like he was nothing?!"

"What does this have to with me killing that bastard?!" Beakley yelled back.

"You still killed someone!" Della yelled.

"I did this for-

"You did this for nothing! Someone I love is dead because of you! All because you wanted to "protect" us, cut the bullshit we all know you killed him because he pissed you off!" Panchito yelled.

"Yeah that was a bitchy thing to do." Mark said.

"You watch your fucking mouth." She glared as Mark.

"Why do you care? You're about to get executed in a few minutes... so... R.I.P i guess."

"Hey Monoscrooge, was Jose the traitor?" I asked.

"* snore *"

"Damn it." I muttered.


"Huh?! What did I miss?"

"Was Jose the traitor?" I asked again.


"You said after the trial you'd tell us if he was the traitor.... So are you gonna tell us or not?" Panchito asked.

"Oh, so was Google Maps working for me?" He said.


"Well..... if I were to be completely honest...."

"Don't bother, it's obvious he was the traitor." Beakley said, dead straight on Jose being the traitor.

"He hasn't even answered us." Gyro said.

"The way he acting how he didn't care, it's like he was asking for-

"Beakley you couldn't be more wrong...."


Time itself felt like it had stopped... We all stopped
at our tracks the moment Monoscrooge told us no. Della and the family all looked at Beakley in a mix of denial but with a overwhelming disappointment. Scrooge looked at her with despair in his eyes as if he was asking her "Why?". And Beakley.... She was hellbent on thinking Jose was the traitor, but now... Her expression changed, what was once anger had changed into pure terror.

"W-what?" Dewey said.

"Unfortunately, Jose Carioca was not the traitor... You killed an innocent person!"

"Nonononono you have to be lying! Jose had to be the traitor! He had to be!" Beakley said.

"We'll I'm not lying! You basically clapped google maps even though he wasn't a Rat!"

"You could say, Jose was not the imposter."

"Please stop with the jokes." Fethry said.

"So... Jose died for nothing?" Panchito asked.

"I-I killed an innocent person...." Beakley stuttered.

"Well, that's what you get for letting paranoia get to you...." Bradford said, adding a extra nail to the coffin.

"Bradford shut the fuck up for once." I said.

"Well you all know what time it is.... Time for the execution to commence."

"What? Nononononono not yet!"

"Now then, I've prepared a very special punishment for Benita Beakley, the Ultimate Housekeeper!" Monoscrooge said.

"I-I'm going to die.... I'm... about to die because of my stupidity...."


"I'm a god damn idiot!"

Game Over

Beakley had been found Guilty
Time For The Punishment!

As the room dimmed, Beakley looked at us with despair in her eye as if she was trying to apologize. Right before a silenced pistol dropped down to the ground and the ground below her opened as she fell into the darkness.

Agent 22 in....

You Only Live Once

The screen turned on as Beakley landed on the ground, without scratches and the pistol dropped down next to her. The screen above showed an objective saying "Rescue Webby Vanderbeak". A set of double doors appeared and Beakley rushed into the doors and was greeted with a group of henchmen.

The henchmen all aimed their guns at Beakley right as she flipped a table to get out of their sight, the looked over the table and shot all of the henchmen one by one. She checked the gun and found herself out of annoying so she took two of the henchmen's guns and walked through the next set of doors entering a hallway.

As she walk, she entered opened up one of the doors and tosses a grenade inside the room closing the door before it blew up. She accidentally cause all of the henchmen to rugs out of their rooms to see what was happening only to all get shot by Beakley who was dead set on making it to the end.

Beakley moved through the waves of Henchmen "cleaning house" up until when she reached the end of the hallway. She opened the door and found Webby tied up to a chair, Beakley rushed over to untie her... however


A bullet went straight through her leg, making her fall to the ground. She looked up and saw that Webby was gone. She saw Monoscrooge in front of her sitting in a chair. As Beakley reached for her gun, a group of henchmen in suits surrounded her and pointed their Berettas down at her, the last thing they say was Beakley giving Monoscrooge a death stare before blood ran down the screen like a Double-O-Duck movie...


The last thing the group could hear was the gunshots that fired down at Beakley, killing her off screen.

Execution:  End

We weren't able to see what happened to Beakley, but from the audio... Her death must've been quick... Now, this place doesn't feel right anymore. The one person who stood out for the group, despite being harsh on us all sometimes.... Just got killed.

"Fucking hell...." Mark said.

"Shooting her in the leg and then killing her? That's just evil..." Don said.

"What about executing her?" Louie asked, glaring at Don in anger.

"Also evil."

"Jeez that was brutal." Gyro said.

"She's.... She's really dead...." Fethry said.

"Sucks to be her! But she fucked up the moment she lost focus and went for Webby, now she can bite the bullet and chew on it in hell." Monoscrooge said, popping up from the ground.

"And yes that's a line from Duck Lagoon."

Duck Lagoon(The Ducktales Version of the anime/manga Black Lagoon)

"Y-You gunned her down."

"But you didn't have to see it!" Monoscrooge pointed out.

"And there's still a traitor in the room...." said Bradford.

"At least we didn't have to see Beakley getting shot to death..." Mark said.

".....She's really dead." Launchpad said.

"She fucking deserved."

"Not again with this shit..." Mark said.

"First Louie, now you Panchito?"

"I don't give a shit about what any of you said, that bitch deserved every second of that." Panchito said, with spite and hatred in his voice.

"Dude what the hell is wrong with you?!" I yelled.

"Yeah, are a sociopath or some shit?"

"I'm not, she was heartless when she killed Jose... So I'm being heartless back to her right now."

"Dude she's dead-

"That's literally what I meant."

"We all know where this is going, you're gonna lock yourself in your room like Louie did when Huey and Donald died and then come back out a day later and be back to normal."

"You're wrong Gladstone, she was right about one thing.... You're the reason Jose is dead."

"Look it wasn't my-

"Save it, I don't want to hear any more shit that comes out of your mouth." Panchito said, interrupting me.

"And to the traitor, I won't rest till I find out who you are...."

That was the last thing Panchito said before he walked to the elevator and left.

"Now, since that's over... I need everyone that isn't a member of the Mcduck Family to leave..." Monoscrooge said, ordering 3/5's of the courtroom to leave.


"RIGHT NOW OR I'LL EXECUTE ANYONE THAT STAYS!" Monoscrooge roared, his eye glowing red. Everyone who wasn't in the family all did what he said and left. Leaving me, Fethry, Della, Louie, Dewey and Scrooge the ones left.

"So, I need to talk to you six." Monoscrooge said.

"Sooooooo....... What was it again?"

"Are you just trying to waste our time?" I asked.

"I want to tell you about what Scrooge was going to tell you all about."

"I was gonna tell them sooner or later-

"Well too bad sucker..." Monoscrooge said, interrupting Scrooge.

"Yeah what is it he was gonna tell us?" Dewey asked.

"Well it wasn't that he was retiring that's for sure-

"One of you is working for FOWL..."



"Yep! Scrooge was going to announce that someone within the Mcduck Family was working with the enemy over at FOWL!" Monoscrooge said.

"S-So someone in the family is a traitor?" Della asked.


"And that means, there are two Traitors within the group." Louie said.

"Correct as well!"


"Why is that person working with FOWL?" Fethry asked.

"Oh? I don't know, i think it involved Blackmail or something... I don't remember..."

"So one of us is a snitch?" I asked.

"Yes, if you put it that way. Anyway I need you to get out of the room, I got a body to clean up at the bar." Monoscrooge said, jumping into a passage and leaving.



"Let's just go...."

As the 6 of entered the elevator, it was silent. No one said a single word to each other for the ride back to the mansion. It's terrifying that someone we know and love is working with Bradford of all people. But if it involves Blackmail..... that's even worse. I know Louie and Dewey can't be traitors since they're kids, Scrooge has a vendetta against FOWL and I've never even heard of them till the day we got here.... So it's either.... Della or Fethry....

Main Hall

Once the elevator stopped, we all went back up the secret passage and headed back to the Foyer, once Scrooge walked through the passage closed behind us. None of us still hadn't said anything.... Guess I'll have to do that.

"Hey Scrooge, about Beakley-

"Don't mention her name in front of me anymore." He said, glaring at me.


"Oh.... Well, about her, are you gonna be okay?" I asked.

"I'll be fine. I just had to take over for her I guess."

"But I don't think you can even stop us from trying to beat each other up." Louie said.

"I'll figure something out."

"All of you just head back to your rooms..." Scrooge said, walking upstairs.

"Dewey, I'm going to get something to Drink. You coming?" Louie asked.

"Yeah... sure...." Dewey said, following Louie.

"I guess I should go check on the others to see if they're okay." Della said, leaving the room as well.

"Well Fethry... we're the last ones here."

"So wanna go do something- Fethry?" I looked around to see where Fethry was and I saw him heading up the stairs to the Dorm rooms, not listening to what I said.


I ended up going to my room and staying in there for probably the rest of the day.... I still feel like this whole murder would've been prevented if I never talked to Jose yesterday. Then there's Beakley, what she did was messed up but I had a bad feeling she was gonna snap sooner or later.... And this motive was what pushed her over the edge. It's like we're all meant to snap sooner or later, I just hope it doesn't happen to me anytime soon.

Just like that, i managed to push through the second Mansion Trial so everyone will be able to see another day....




* Knock Knock Knock *

"What do you want now?"

"Bradford this has gone on far enough!"

"I already told you there's no stoping the game-

"Bullshit! Don't you have the power to call off this stupid game?!"

"I've lost contact with FOWL, there's nothing they can do for us now...."

"Stop lying! You want this game to go on to see us suffer!"

"None of the stuff that's happened This wasn't apart of the deal we made!"

"Our deal?"

"You made a deal that unless you work with us, we won't hurt any of your family members or anyone you love... That's your debt to us."

"We didn't say anything about excluding your family members out of this game...."

"You can't tell me you've forgot that already,  Fethry ...."

"I'll stop you, I find a way to stop FOWL and this god damn game!"

"Taking off that beanie must've messed with your head, now leave me alone."

* slam *


"I won't let him get away with this."

"I'll stop them... Gladstone, Della..."

"I'll make sure Bradford and Monoscrooge won't hurt any of you...."

Chapter 2

To Kill Or Not To Kill


Remaining Survivors: 15

T o

B e

C o n t i n u e d


Chapter Text


"Webby? You there?"


"Yeah, i got the supplies we need."


"Good, meet me at the Mansion during the night. We can't do this out in the open during the day."


"On it."


Mcduck Manor


11:00 pm


Both Webby and Violet met up outside of the Gate, which had this huge lock on it, it was impossible to lockpick or break.


"Weird, the gate usually doesn't have a lock that looks like this." Violet said, examining the lock.


"Yeah they lock the gate at night, but this lock looks completely different."


"Maybe they replaced it?" Violet suggested.


"No Scrooge would've told us beforehand."


"So you got anything we can use to get in?" Violet asked.


"I think I know a way to get across."


Webby took out her grapple gun from her backpack and handing an extra to Violet. She aimed up and shot it towards the top of the gate.


"So we use the grapple guns to get on to the wall and then we use rope to get down to the ground."


"Sounds like a plan."


Webby took some out of her backpack and tosses it on her back and the grapple gun took her up to the top of the gate. Violet did the same thing with the grapple gun Webby just gave her. Webby tied the rope around one of the finials and descended down to the ground. 


"Alright, now let's-




Right then, the sound of something breaking came out of nowhere near the two.


"* cough cough *"


"Who's there?!" Webby said, pointing the crossbow around."


"Someone's been following us?!"


"Wait wait wait! Guys it's me!" The voice said, walking out of the bushes holding a hockey stick.


Gosalyn Waddlemyer

Ultimate Hockey Player




"Hey guys." Gos said, grabbing her arm.


"What are you doing here?" Violet asked


"The same thing that you're doing, trying to break into the manor."


"With only a Hockey Stick?" Webby said, pointing to the hockey stick.


"I was gonna lockpick the door to get in."


"Well we were-


"You didn't think of how to get inside didn't you..." Violet said.


"Yeah, I kinda forgot about that part." Webby said.


"Well, thank god you're here."


"Also you might want to fix that hole in the wall I made to get in here." Gosalyn said.








"So why are you here?" Webby asked.


"Well let's see, My dad(Drake adopted her) has been gone for nearly a week saying that he had a meeting at Mcduck Manor. And I know it shouldn't have token him this long to come back. So I already knew something was wrong and I began planning." 


"Yeah but how didn't you even get here from Saint Canard-


"A uber and a stolen wallet." Gosalyn told them.


"Of course you stole money to get here."


"I'm gonna put it back when I break dad out of here!"


"Listen we shouldn't argue. We got important things to deal with."


Soon, all three of them approached the front door.


"Okay, just give me a few second to look pick the door." Gosalyn said, taking out lock picking tools.


"Wow, can't believe this is going so well...."


 "You're right Webby, I'm surprised there wasn't anything 


"Gosalyn, hurry up and open the door."


"Don't rush me!" She responded, trying to unlock the door.


"Does it take you that long to unlock a door?"


"Well did you two originally to get inside?"










"Okay, the door is unlocked..."


Violet slowly pushed the door open, as Webby held her crossbow and Gosalyn had her Hockey Stick ready to attack whoever was in there... Fortunately for them, the main floor was empty.


"No one's here...."


"Quick, Webby check upstairs. Gosalyn checks to left side of the mansion and I'll-


Right before Webby could finish her sentence, a device got tossed through the doorway and right in front of the trio.


"What the?!"


"Um... what is this?"


"I think it's a..."


"Wait.... OH CRAP IT'S AN EMP-




In the matter of seconds, all three of the girls were sent flying across the room, each of them getting knocked out from the impact when they hit the walls.


"They're unconscious...."


"Alright, get them in the van and we'll head back to HQ."


"Rockerduck don't you think this is fucked? I mean this whole plan?"


"It's just business Gandra, we received orders and we're following them."


"Alright, let's get our "friend" inside the mansion."


"Hey, why was the Waddlemyer girl here with them?"


"Probably came to investigate as well."


"Just put her in the back as well."




Exactly 3 days later following the pool party/ the day after the Trial.


Current Time: 7: 50




Rattle Rattle


Rattle Rattle










"Ow! My fucking arm."




"Damn it, it's dark as hell in here."


"Why the hell was I trapped in that room?"




"Well Damn...."


"Looks like FOWL dragged me into this game..."




"These guys are so fucked."


"A group of idiots trapped with a someone like me, they have no chance!"


"I can't wait to see the look on ____'s face."


"Now, all I need is to find someone."


Rattle Rattle




"Are you shitting me?"




"Gha! My arm!"




"Welp, I'm not getting out of here right now."


"Guess I'll just sit here.... In the darkness...."


To Be Continued...



May be able to get one last chapter of Dangantales before school starts.


Chapter Text

Chapter 3: Good For The Soul

Daily Life

S t a r t

I don't know how many minutes passed after the Morning Announcement rang... I just stared at the ceiling trying to cope with what happened yesterday.... Jose got killed by Beakley and there's still a traitor in the group.... That look on her face when we found out Jose wasn't the traitor... It's like she knew she made the wrong decision and finally acknowledged it.... what Panchito said to her before we found out...


"You did this for nothing! Someone I love is dead because of you! All because you wanted to "protect" us, cut the bullshit we all know you killed him because he pissed you off!"

*End of flashback*

This isn't healthy, thinking about yesterday is just gonna make me feel worse... Scrooge was completely acting like Beakley never existed and to make things worse, there's another Traitor within our family working with FOWL....

I need to get out of this room.

Dorm Hall

I walked out my room heading towards the dining hall ready to start the day...The hall had a different atmosphere than it usually did, i guess it's because 4 of us are dead. I headed for the stairs when suddenly...


I heard gyro's voice come from behind me,I turned around to see what he wanted but... I saw something weird... He looked completely different from the gyro I saw last night during the trial... He had pinkish hair, This pink solid shirt one along with a pink coat or something, goggles around his neck, his eyes were green with envy and he had this whole damn, supervillain attire on... He looked like one a member of MCR. I SHOULD'VE MADE A MORBIUS JOKE!

"Uh....Gyro? What the hell happened to you?"I asked, confused as hell.

"You! State your name and Talent, right now!" Gyro demanded.

"Um...Gladstone Glander, Ultimate Luckster? Gyro, are you high or something?" I asked gyro trying to figure out what happened to him.

"Gyro? GYRO?! You dare compare me to him?!"

Okay,I'm convinced this isn't gyro.

"Wait...aren't you gyro?"

"Oh?You don't know? Of course an idiot like you wouldn't know... I'm the better, smarter and much more superior version of him,the ultimate mad scientist himself, The Mad Ducktor!"

Mad Ducktor

Ultimate Mad Scientist

"Mad....what?"I asked...okay,this definitely isn't gyro...but he looks exactly like him...besides the hair...

"Ducktor... is there a problem?" He responded.

"So, do I call you by that or do you have a different name..." I asked with this wtf look.

"sigh, just call me MD or Mads...."

"Okay.... So Mads, when did you get here?"

"Well i woke like upstairs in this locked room tied up, i managed to untie myself and find a way to get out of the room, i kicked down the door. And now you're here so....

"So what? You want to come with me and meet the others?"

"Perfect! Me going with you is the perfect chance to prove my dominance to the group!"

"Um..... okay.... Let's go I guess."

"Oh and one more thing."

Next thing i knew, Ducktor grabbed the back of my coat and pulled me towards him, the envy in his eyes shining bright like a... emerald i guess.

"Just to make things clear, i'm better than you in everyone way possible... Just because I'm agreeing to come with you doesn't mean I respect you yet, so stay out of my way.. Unless you want to get hurt.

"Emotially or Physically?"

"Take a wild guess." He said, with this cynical and sinister look on his face. I mean, he did guess off this weird vibe when i saw him but now? This guy is crazy!

"Y-yeah sure! I'll mind my own business!"

"Great! Let's go!" He said, his personality taing a whole 180.

"..... Huh, i really just got violated." I said to myself, yeah this guy is gonna be trouble.

(My guy MD is literally a mixture of Mikey from Tokyo Revenger and Balalaika from Black Lagoon)

Dining Hall

After i told Mads to wait outside, i walked into the Dining Hall to see everyone else up... Except Panchito... They all turned towards me as i walked in the room, suspicious as hell.

"Morning guys...." I said.

"Gladstone.... You're late..." Scrooge said sternly, guess he's taking over for Beakley.

"Sorry, I just had trouble waking up.." I said, making up an excuse.

"It's fine... Just, don't be late again..." He sighed.

"So funny story, when I was walking down here, i bumped into someone new here who wasn't here when the Killing Game started." I said.

"What do you mean... Someone new?" Della asked, looking confused.

"Okay, so basically we have a 20th participant." I responded.

"20th participant?" Drake asked.

"But there's only 19 of us!" Launchpad said.

"Yeah... So don't freak or anything.... Okay so he's right outside and I'm gonna call him in..." I said.

"10 Bucks it'll be Webby." Louie whispered to Dewey

"15 it's Violet or BOYD." Dewey whispered back.

"I swear to god, if Heron or Steelbeak came here...." Bradford groaned.

"If it's Glomgold i'd rather Murder than be stuck with him." Scrooge said.

"I really hope it isn't Aunt Magica." Lena grumbled, oh yeah Magica, i remember her!

"Okay man you can come in..."

After a second, Mads kicked the door open and walked in, giving intimidating looks to everyone in the room. I looked over to Gyro and Fenton and their faces were in pure shock while everyone else was confused.

"Greetings inferiors ducklings!"


"Nice weather we're having, am i right?" He chuckled, pulling a chair from one of the others tables and to where the others where sitting. How the hell did this guy turn into a psycho just a minute ago?




"Hey did I take drugs or something, cause I see two separate Gyro's!" Della said, rubbing her eyes.

"Maybe i have double vision or something, wait no that would mean i'd be seeing two of everything." Fethry said.

"Okay so, guys, meet Ducktor, Ducktor meet everyone else..." I said.

"G-Gyro! What happened?!" Dewey asked.

"Okay so one thing, I'm... not.... gyro."

"Okay, I guess I shouldn't have woke up early to


"Hello Darling..." Ducktor said, grinning.

"Oh... it's you." Bradford said, slightly recognizing him.

"How the fuck did you get here?!" Gyro yelled.

"Well, i woke up in that locked room in what i'm gonna guess was the pool. I spent 30 minutes trying to find a way out before just kicking the door down. Then i met Gladstone and boom! I'm here in front of you guys."

"......This isn't gonna end well..." Scrooge said.

"Thank you, Scrooge Mcduck everyone! Everyone's favorite money laundering dickhead."

"Money laundering?" I asked

"Hey don't say that about Uncle Scrooge!" Louie said.

"Yeah he isn't that bad! And the time he locked us in a room doesn't count!" Dewey said.

"He did what?"

"Guys I'm sure things are gonna be okay, i mean... Two gyro's isn't that bad right?"

"Up your ass Della, you've had your tea in this family's tit for a long time now."

"Up your ass?"

"How original..." Mark said.

"Matter of fact... Eat shit..."


"Eat shit, eat shit, eat shit..."

"Hey don't use that type of language around my sons!"



"Definitely eat shit, eat shit, you can all eat shit!"

Wow, the dude has only been here for like a day and he's managed to piss off half of the people in the room. Right then, fenton dragged me outside of the dining room as everyone continued arguing.

"Dude what where you thinking bringing him here?!"

"What did I even do wrong?!"

"Look you don't understand, that isn't a normal clone Gyro made, it's an exact body double he used for experiments."

"Okay I'm confused, can you explain to me who the hell that guy is?!"

"Well it's complicated-

"Fenton those are the words you should never use to describe a situation..." I said, glaring at him.

"Well.... It actually is... A few months ago, Dr. Gearloose made a body double of himself that he used for science experiments, if you remember the Mooninvasion, they're were few clones/Body Doubles that survived... He was one of them... After that, something seemed off with him, he acted more like a prick up until Gyro used the Ego Machine on him.."

"Ego Machine?"

"Yeah, it's sorta a machine that warps a persons ego and mind. So the clone basically went crazy, took some of Gyro's equipment and "went off to destroy the world...." Those were his exact words... But Joe, he just comes back once a month to just screw with Gyro."

"But I got worse to the point he basically started screwing with his mind and uh, have you seen Fight Club?"

"Of course I've seen Fight Club. Media about Anti-Capitalism is very mainstream right now!"

"So he's kinda Gyro's real life Tyler Durden."

Oh god that's horrifying now that I think of it.


"So what's with the MCR attire?"

"I have no idea why that's his choice of clothing." Fenton said.

"So.... You think Monoscrooge stepped in to stop everyone from arguing?" I asked.

"Let's check..."

Fenton and I peaked through the door and....



"That's great.."


Gyro was 5 seconds away from punch Ducktor in the face before Monoscrooge jumped out of the wall before Gyro could land the blow.

"WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE YELLING?!" Monoscrooge yelled jumping out of them floor in a bathrobe.



"Why the fuck are their 16 people in the room there should 15 of you- wait a minute...."


"oh it's you... Well everyone, seems like you've met Ducktor already.... Not in the way I imagined...." Monoscrooge said.


"No! I don't even know why he's here!"

"You brought me here to play this "Killing Game", right? You know, after the fact I told you I didn't want to be involved with this shit?! Ducktor asked, somehow knowing what the Killing Game was and then getting mad.

"Oh... so you're already informed..... Well hand me your phone so I can tweak it-

"Yeah mine has already been updated. Once again, 30 minutes trapped in a room."

"You..... You know what, fuck this, The third floor is open, you all can explore it if you want I don't care.." Monoscrooge said leaving out through the door.


"You happy now? You've pissed off the whole room..."

"Yes I am, I'm just proving my superiority to you all, just letting you all know your place..."

"You motherfuck-

""Well.. I'm gonna go explore the 3rd floor, i'll see you later." Ducktor said getting ready to leave only to be stopped by Gyro grabbing him by the shoulder.

"Oh you aren't going anywhere!"

"You're touching my coat...."

"You think you can just come in here and act like shit is sweet?! Like hell we'd let that happen!"

"Hey gyro maybe we should give him another chance! I mean he did just cause a whole riot but maybe-

"Hell no! None of you know how Dangerous this guy is! For all we know, he could

"Traitor? Like the hit game Among-

"Finish that sentence and i'm gonna come up there personally and punch you in the dick. " Mark threatened Mads... Wow, guess he doesn't like Among Us.

"'So tell me... What reason do you have that'll make us trust you at all?!"



Mad proceeded to punch Gyro in the face breaking his glasses, grab him by his collar and then slam him against the wall about two times, this guy's whole demeanor took a whole 180.

"Looks like you don't your place, darling. am better than you. You don't get to boss me around like a fucking manager." He said, grabbing Gyro's neck.

"Next time you put your hands on me... I'll break your fucking neck, you hear me?"

"Y-Y-Yeah! I got it! J-Just let me go!"

"Great." Ducktor said, letting go of gyro's neck.

"Nice to meet you all!" He said, leaving the room.


"Is it just me or does Doctor sounds like Handsome Jack's Voice Actor." Louie said.


"Oh come on guys, you can't tell me he doesn't sound like that Guy!"

"I thought he was a clone of Gyro?" Della said

"I sorta... messed up his voice when I cloned him." Gyro answered.

"How the hell do you even-


We all jolted as the Dining Room door slammed shut, we all turned around and saw Panchito, wearing a unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, Cheeto-stained sweatpants, instead of his cowboy hat he had a beanie on and holding a bottle of whiskey. He really looks like Rand from Inside Job.

"*Hic* Morning Pendajas." Panchito said, voice grizzly and reeking of alcohol.

"Jesus Christ man! What the hell happened to you?!" I asked.

"Oh nothing *hic*, besides the fact my boyfriend is dead and that fucking *hic* self-centered puta Beakley killed him." Panchito said, swearing

"Hey, she may have done something awful but you can't call her a who- a very mean woman." Della said, avoiding calling Beakley a you know what in English.

"Oh fuck you!" He yelled.

"Hey this isn't like you! You've barely swore this much before yesterday!"

"M-More importantly, why do you look like Rand from Inside Job?" Fenton asked.

"Are those... Cheeto Stains?" I asked.

"Yeah, *hic* why do you care?"

"You need to get cleaned up. Here hand me that bottle-

Panchito then tossed the bottle of whiskey straight at Drake's face, lucky he dodged the bottle quickly for it to him the wall and break.

"HEY WHAT THE HELL MAN?!" Drake yelled.

"no me digas que hacer perra!(DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO BITCH!)" Panchito yelled in Spanish.

"Hehehe, I like this guy." Ducktor chuckled.

"Panchito calm down your being unreasonable!" Fethry yelled.


"Really?! First of all, you show up dressed like Rand from Inside Job, you reek of Alcohol and you look like complete shirt and just threw a bottle at Drake, you're the one who's being unreasonable."


Panchito started stuttering for a few seconds before

"Do you guys even know what I'm going through?"

"Just 3 days ago, i promised Jose that we were gonna make it out of this game alive. I made a promise to him, and you know what I got in return? Him dead two days later... By that self-centered bitch. So why shouldn't I be acting like this?! If it was any of you were in my situation, you'd be wearing these Cheeto-stained sweatpants!"

"Dude we didn't mean it like-

"No fuck you Gladstone!* hic * I don't want to hear another god damn word out of your mouth!" He yelled, interrupting me before running off.

"Panchito wait!"

"J-Just let him go, he deserves all the time he needs after yesterday."

"So... should we go explore the third floor?" Lena asked.

"I'm gonna go get another pair of glasses." Gyro said leaving.

"I'lll go ahead... Follow me if you want to..." Ducktor said, leaving.

"This is gonna suck..."

Third Floor Gate

We all headed to the third floor and found the gate blocking the Third Floor gone and the stairwell accessible.

"Christ, How much money did it even cost to renovate this place?" Lena said.

"I don't think the mansion had this many floors..."

"So, we're gonna go up there?"

"I guess."

Third Floor

I walked up to the third floor and was greeted Green wallpaper and red carpet and the doors shined gold. It's almost like that Casino back in Macaw, that was a good time.... Despite the fact me being stuck there for a year or two....

Science Room/ Ultimate Inventors Lab

I walked through one of the doors and i was greeting with Government-Esque science equipment all over the room...

"What the hell is this-

"DON'T TOUCH THAT!" Gyro yelled, stopping me from pressing one of the buttons before I ended up blowing up the room, I guess.

"We don't know what that thing those yet!"

"Aren't you a scientist? I mean shouldn't you know what this stuff is?" I asked.

"Yeah but I don't know what'll happen in you keep messing with that thing!"

"Alright then, jeez...."


"So, is this your lab?" I asked.

"Maybe, inventions all over the room, scientific machines.... Definitely my lab..." Gyro said, chuckling.

"So that means you can figure out what these machines are?"

"Probably, this all looks like state of the art Deep State level stuff. Haven't studied this type of inventions yet."

"So you don't know."

"I'll try to figure it out." Gyro said.

"Now leave please..."

"Fine... asshole."


Nurses Office

I walked through another do and was greeted with what seemed to be a hospital room, there was a bed, medical supplies and other stuff that we could use in case someone got hurt, Della and Mark were both looking through the cabinets.

"Bandages, Med Kit.... All things we can use if we get hurt..." Della said, searching through one of the cabinets.

"Wait wouldn't we have this type of stuff in the garage?" I asked.

"Yeah but... I don't think any of us would want to go back in there after...."

"Well.... Here's the thing, so the other day I went back there and Donald's body was gone...." Mark said.


"Yeah.. there's still signs of blood so I guess Scrooge is gonna mop it up when we get out of this game."

"Does he even know that the body is gone?"


"Oh yeah Gladstone has that stab wound healed up?"

"Yeah... it's sorta healed up on my Arm but my back does still hurts, I literally had stitches in my back..."


"Hey Della how did you lose your leg?" Mark asked.

"Oh, yeah I lost it when I got stuck on the moon."

"Cool, okay so how did you lose it exactly?"

"Well you see-

And this the part where I censor the gruesome details of who she had to amputate her leg and Gladstone leaves before she can even start...

Costume Room/ Ultimate Actor's Lab

I walked through another door and was greeted with a costume room straight out of Hollywood. There was makeup, masks, outfits all over the room, Launchpad and Drake we're looking around the room.

"(Wow this looks like a Hollywood Dressing room...)"

"Hey Drake look!" Launchpad dragged a mannequin wearing a Darkwing Duck costume over to Drake and placed it in from of him.

"It's looks like the classic one!"

"Yeah... reminds me of the one Jim wore..."

"Wow I can't believe you have a whole Costume Room as a lab." Launchpad said.

Oh, so this is Drake lab...

"Still, don't understand why the Dressing Room downstairs count have just been my lab..."

"Well I don't think anyone is even gonna go back in there after....."




Well this became depressing all of a sudden....

"Plus you would've be the number one suspect during the trial..." Launchpad pointed out.

"Yeah you're right about that..."

Guess I should go look at the others and leave them be...


I walked through and was greeted with neon lights, slot machines and everything you'd expect in a casino... It was straight out of a Heist Movie or something.... and in the corner was Don messing with a slot machine.

"Damn it..." He grumbled.

"Hey.... Don?"


"How... How are you using the Slot Machine?"

"Monoscrooge gave me some coins when I went to the shop the other day..."

"And we can use them to gamble?"

"Of course, now quiet!" He yelled, focusing back on the machine.

I'll should probably leave him to it then..... Hope he doesn't lose all his money.... Actually no I hope he loses it all....

Broom Closet/ Ultimate Intern's Lab

I walked through one of the more cheaply made and walked into.... a storage room, but it was filled with cleaning supplies... I looked around and I saw Fenton was hiding in the corner with a broom In his hand like a weapon.

"Fenton... why are you in here...."

"Oh nothing... just hiding from you know who...." he said.

"You're that scared of him?"

"Of course I am!" He yelled.

"Look he's all talk, all bark but no bite..."

"That's probably what you think-

"Fenton I'm sure he's just an asshole and nothing else....




"I'll just hope you're right...." Fenton said getting up and leaving, also taking the broom with him.


As I entered one of the doors, I saw every single god damn weapon imaginable on the walls. Guns, Swords, Bats, Blades, hell even poisons....


"Hey.... Uncle Scrooge?"

"Yes lad?"

"Why are writing down a list of all the weapons?"

"In case someone murders and uses one of the weapons here..."

"We'll know exactly what weapon they used...."

"Cool but... why are there so many weapons.... There's like 10 different versions of each Knife, Gun, Bow and- jesus Christ that's a lot of swords...."

"Right, that's why I'm fighting down a list."

"Well.... Since there looks like a lot more weapons to count, I should let you do your thing..." I said, leaving Scrooge to continue writing down the list.

Laundry Room

It's a laundry room..... nothing important...

Computer Lab

With two rooms left, I walked through one of them and was greeted a computer lab with 5 rows of computers, 8 on each row.

"Why the hell is there a computer lab inside the mansion?"

As I kept walking around the room, I saw this box labeled "Motive videos" on the table.... I shuffled through the box and saw tablets with labels on each one of them. I pulled one out and read the title.

"Gladstone's Motive Video."

Were....These the motive videos Monoscrooge was going to give us during our 2nd day here? Yeah, gyro said something dumb and Louie ended up getting held hostage....

"I wonder what's in this video..."

I pressed the play button and the screen begs me to flicker as I waited.....





"Why are you recording?"

"Hey people who dare do stuff like this all the time!"

What the......... Magica?

"Can you just... stop recording? For now at least?"

"Fine fine...."


"Explain why you brought me on this trip?"

"To show you the brighter side of life! You don't wanna be stuck in that cabin all of your life right?"

"I could be planning my revenge of the Mcduck's right now and you've dragged me to.... Miami."

"See? My point exactly..."


I should probably explain this.... Actually no, long story short.. After the whole Phantom Blot incident and i met Magica. A few weeks later we started taking and then boom! We're dating....

All these recordings.... How did Monoscrooge get these?

"Magica De Spell, a menace to Duckburg and society as a whole.... Some could even consider her the former queen of Black Air Force Activity... However, you Gladstone... Gave her a second chance to show her what Society offers and how everything isn't all about revenge."


"Now... what would happen if all of that was taken away?"

Right then, the screen flickered as more images of me and her in public.... and as the screen cut to black, red words displayed as Monoscrooge read them...

"Are you lucky enough to get away with a murder just to protect someone you love?"

I dropped the the tablet, trying to comprehend what I just watched... The video, the recordings, the photos.... I had all of that on my phone.... How- How did Monoscrooge get a hold of that?! I soon found myself in a corner on the floor having a panic attack just thinking of what could've happened...

"Hey man what're you doing?"

I looked up and saw Mark standing above me.

"You look like you saw a ghost or something...."

I didn't say nothing to him, still shocked from what I saw...

"My guy, you good?" He asked.

"The.... Motive videos-

"Motive vids?"

I pointed to the box on the table and he just stating laughing.

"C'mon man I'm sure they can't be that bad...." He said, walking liver and pulling a tablet out that i assume is his motive....




A minute passed and Mark dropped the tablet he had in his hand... He turned around and looked completely freaked out....

"What.... THE ACTUAL HELL?!"

"T-That asshole wants to threaten my company and harm my boyfriend?!"

Well it's confirmed... that guy on marks phone wallpaper is his boyfriend...

"So that's why you're freaked out?"

"Y-Yeah..." I responded.

"So who did you get in your video?" He asked.


"Wait... Your video was about the bitch that tried to takeover Duckburg?"


"Are... Are you screwing her-


"Right. Listen, we gotta tell everyone about this-

"No! The last thing we need is for everyone to find out about this! Let's just forget this every happened and not bring it up to anyone!"

"So your saying that's the plan?!"

"Okay, look no one can know we found out about the motive video.... let's walk out of here and act like nothing happened...."

"A-Alright..." Mark said, putting the tablets back and rushing out of the room.

I did exactly what he did and got the hell up out of the room, making sure no one was in the halls... a million questions flooded my head, how did he get those recordings? How did he know about me and Magica's relationship? Did he do something to her?! N-No I have to calm down... I can't assume the worse possible scenario... She has to be alright, she has to...

Extra Bedroom/The Triplets Lab

As I was trying to clear my mind, I ended up walking into another room, it was pretty small and had two bunk beds on both sides of the room. There was a book shelf and some games scattered across the shelves... Louie, Dewey and Lena were all looking around the room.

"Hey why is there even a spare bedroom here?" Dewey asked.

"I don't know, maybe for someone to hide in?"

"Nah, from now it looks..... i think this room is for us." Lena said.

"Wait... so a literal Bedroom is our Lab?"

"Yep!" Monoscrooge said, popping up out of nowhere.

"No fair!"

"How come they get cool Labs while we get a Bedroom?!" Louie yelled.

"It would've costed more to build separate labs for you so we saved money and combined all three of your labs into one!" Monoscrooge told them.

"So be grateful i didn't leave you two out of this." He said before leaving.

"Hey uncle Gladstone, why do you look like you've seen a ghost?"


"Yeah... you alright-

"I'm fine Louie..."

"But last time-

"I'm fine....."

"Oh... okay..."

"Damn it, why did we get a bedroom as our lab..."

"Yeah it sucks...."

"Cry about it..." Lena said, messing with the bookshelf.

I guess I should leave them to complain.....

Fourth Floor Staircase

I kept walking down the 3rd floor and soon reached the end of the hall... Like the last time, there was a gate blocking access to the fourth floor and a another stairway to the second floor, since I was done I just went back downstairs...

Dining Room

After i finished searching the 3rd floor, I headed back downstairs and to the dining room and waited for the others to come...

And waited....


And waited......


A whole fucking hour later

So.... After a whole hour of waiting, everyone slowly made their way into the room and we started the meeting.

"Okay so what did we find on the third floor?" Scrooge asked.

"There's 4 more ultimate labs we found on the new floor...." Gyro said.

"One for Gyro, Fenton, Drake and one for both Louie and Dewey..." Bradford said.

"Theres also a Laundry room, Nurses Office and a Casino..." Don said.

"Hey where's the new guy, Fethry and Panchito?"

"Panchito locked himself in his Lab and I haven't seen the Discount Gyro anywhere...."

"So what happened with Fethry?"

"Last time I saw

"Also Fenton why are you holding a broom?" Drake asked.

"No reason."

"Maybe we should go find him-

"Hey the gangs all here..."

Right then, Ducktor and Fethry both walked in the room, Fethry looked hella uncomfortable....

"What the hell are you doing with my Cousin?" Della asked.

"It's not-

"What? This whole thing we got going on? Oh Fethry here has basically told me everything that happened so far...." He said, interrupting Fethry.

"About how your Brother got killed by your son and how you were forced to watch him die... How the person who looked out for your group lost her god damn mind and killed that Drunk guys boyfriend because of superstition! Scrooge is must be a pain to know the person you trusted turned into a bitch and killed someone. Must be tough having those types of burdens..."

"He didn't want to kill Donald you bastard!" Della yelled.

"My brother isn't a burden!"

"You little-

I could see Fethry signaling Scrooge to stop before he ended up doing anything drastic.

"I also heard about the traitor situation, Gladstone's recklessness when his nephew got held hostage by the robot, Fehtry's told me everything.... And I mean everything..."

Everything... wait D-Does he know about someone in the family being a mole for FOWL?

"No offense... but wow you guys kinda suck..."

"Anyways I'll leave you all to continue talking, have fun dying btw!" Ducktor said before leaving.

"I already hate that guy...." Louie said.


"Me too."

"How much of an asshole is he?" I asked.

"For a Gyro clone, he doesn't sound like him at all..."

"Yeah, he kinda sounds like Handsome Jack."

"Hahaha! Funny."

After a few more minutes, we all got up and headed off for the rest of the day... once again leaving me alone in the dining room....

"Guess I have time to spare.... WELP!"


To Be Continued

Chapter Text


This chapter took faster to write than I thought it would be....


Free-Time Event






Would you like to use the Machine?




Inserted 7 Coins


Crank Crank


Rattle Rattle Rattle




Obtained "World Domination for Dummies"


Would You Like To Use The Machine again?


Yes>/no I'm done


Inserted 5 Coins


Crank Crank


Rattle Rattle Rattle




Obtained Oceanology Book


Would you like to use the machine again?


Third times a charm>/ I'm done


Inserted 8 Coins


Crank Crank


Rattle Rattle Rattle




Obtained "Choose Your Own Adventure" Book


Science Room


I walked into the Science Room to see if Gyro was in there, unfortunately for me his clone was in there instead, ransacking the room.


"Nope, Nope, Nope, Damn it all this shit is useless...." Ducktor mumbled.


Do I want to talk to him of all people?




"* sigh * I'm gonna regret this....."


"What the hell are doing man?" I asked, slowly walking up to him.


"Oh... it's just you..."


"Don't mind me just, sorta robbing Gyro's lab of anything useful which surprise surprise! There isn't...." He explained.


Man he does sound like Handsome Jack...


"Uh huh....." 


"So I got time to kill so, want to.... Hang out?" I asked.




"Why all of a sudden do you want to be by friend?" He turned around, eyes starting directly as me...


"I'm just being friendly..."




"And uh....


"Fine, you can stay and chat if you want..." He said.


"You can help me search Gyro's lab." 


So that's how I helped Ducktor ransack Gyros lab...




Yeah, I guess this was alright...


Do I want to give him a gift?


I guess>/hell no


 "World Domination for Dummies">


"world domination for dummies, huh..... Isn't this a coincidence..."




"Hey, you know how most movie villains literally tell their entire plan to the good guys before tries to kill them?" He asked.




"Well this isn't a movie... So let me ask a question, why did you have a present that specifically relates to my plans?" Ducktor asked, giving this seriousness he's never shown.


"Wait what?"


"You heard me."


"N-No I just thought since you're a villain-


"Hey relax! I'm kidding! But yeah thanks for the gift..." he said, chuckling as he tossed the book aside...


Right then, I remember what Fenton told me about him... Wonder if I should ask him his side of the story...


"Hey, What even happened with Gyro?" I asked.




"Like what happened with him that turned you into... this? Also Fenton told me a completely different version of how you were..."


"Yeah most of that was a lie.... Well, besides the planning to take over the world stuff, that part was true..."


"So gyro did some tests on clones of himself, seeing what we're weak too and all that... So after a while, the moon invasion happened and he used us to help the Mcducks, most of them died by the way.... So I got sent off a cliff and into the ocean, next thing I knew I woke back up in Gyro's lab... Some arguing happened between me and him, how he used me for experiments and all that, so I stole a bunch of his stuff when those two were gone and left... Also I might've left this ominous message saying I would be back for revenge..."




"After that I bought some hair dye, changed my name, found a underground lab and then I started working.... The usual stuff people would use for a global takeover..." 


"Wait wait wait, so you're name.... Isn't a nickname?" I asked.


"Yep.... Okay you can laugh-








A few more minutes of laughing


"Oh man, that was funny! hey can I ask you another question?" I said, calming down.


"Sure I guess...."


"Why did Bradford seem to know you?"


"Oh bradford? Man that guy is a riot! He and I had a a run in a few months ago and I kinda started working with him, well not really he basically provided me resources... But other than some other things that happened that's it...." He said, laughing...


I feel like there's more to the story, but I'd probably end up getting violated like Gyro did if I keep pressing him further....


"Well anyway-


"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING IN MY LAB?!" Gyro yelled, we turned around and saw him by the door.


"Gyro, darling! How's your day been man?" Ducktor said, putting on this fake smile as he turned around.


"H-Hey gyro this isn't what It looks like-


"What it looks like is that you two are going through my stuff!"




"Oh yeah.... Didn't know it was yours..."Ducktor said, sipping coffee.


Literally 10 seconds later










"What the hell are you laughing about?!"


"Did you see your face when he caught us?!"


"Oh come on that's not funny!"


"Well what is then!?" He said, still laughing his ass off.


"How about the look on his face when you were drinking out of his coffee mug..."


"Okay but to be far I thought no one used it!" He said, still trying to hold back his laughter.


So after a minute of the both of us laughing, we both headed on our separate paths...


I guess I had a good time talking to him.....


Relationship with Ducktor has been increased!




I walked into the Aquarium to check and see if Fethry was in there... but for some reason he wasn't....


"Huh... guess he isn't in here-


Knock Knock Knock


Right as I turned around, I heard knocking from behind the glass and saw Fethry in the tank wearing a scuba outfit. He swam up to the stop of the tank and took off the snorkel.


"Gladstone! Didn't know you walked in here!" He said, climbing down from the ladder.


"Um.... What are you doing?" 


"Oh I was just checking to see if the fish were healthy and all that..."


"Okay I guess..."


Should I hang out with Fethry?




"Hey I got some time to kill so do you wanna hang out?" I asked.


"Sure! Let me go change real quick."


After Fethry went to go change, we sat around in the lab talking a little bit...




I had a pretty good time talking with him...


Do I want to give Fethry a gift?




Oceanology Book>


"Whoa, This is cool! Hey thanks Gladstone." Fethry said, but the way he said that made it sound like something was wrong... I mean not with the present but with something else.


"Fethry, you alright man?" I asked.


"Hu-yeah I'm fine..." He said, clearly lying."


"You're sweating you know?"




"Yeah I remember in yesterday's trial Bradford said something about people who're lying tend to lie..." I said, remembering what Bradford said when Panchito was lying during the trial.




"Oh who am I kidding I'm not okay man..." He said, finally admitting he was lying..


"I freaking knew something was wrong with you!"


"Look it's nothing that bad- well it's kinda two things...." 


"One of them is Ducktor isn't it?" I guessed.


"Yeah, I don't know why but.... He just doesn't seem trustworthy...."


"If a guy manages to piss everyone off the moment he meets them, he's literally bad news!" Fethry said, bringing up how he managed to piss everyone off this morning.


Fun Fact, the whole "Eat Shit" and "HOW ABOUT SOME MORE MUFFINS" scene in the last chapter was from Knives Out, highly recommended watching it.


"At first I thought of it as him just being a jerk but..." Fethry continued...


"And then?"


"But... then there was when I ran into him on the third floor..."





"Oh my bad-


"You know you should watch where you're going you know?"




"You're Fethry right?"


"I don't think we've been properly introduced, I'm Ducktor."


"Yeah... I've heard, anyway I gotta-


"Hold on a second."


"Don't you think it's rude just to run off when i person is talking to you?"


"Well I'm-


"Anyway I need to get catches up on all that's happened... So since you're here mind telling me what's gone on so far?"


"Well I don't really-


"Also try not lie, I need to know everything..."


"And I mean everything...."


**End of Flashback**


"So I told him what's happened since this started, the motives, the murders, who everyone was, hell even the traitor situation...."


Damn it I was right....


"Wait, did you-


"No, He didn't find out about the FOWL traitor situation..."


"Oh thank god...." 


"And I don't know why I even told him!"


"How can a guy who looks like that managed to be manipulate me line that!"


"I wouldn't say he actually manipulated-


"HE HAS THE FACE OF GYRO AND SOUNDS LIKE HANDSOME JACK!" Fethry yelled, interrupting me.


I will milk this Ducktor sounds like Handsome Jack until the end of daily life...


"H-Hey you don't have to worry, I'm fine now...." Fethry said, still sounding worried.


"Okay... then what's the second thing you were worried about?" I asked.


"I-I'm worried something might happen to one of us..." He said.


"Like.... The group or-


"The family! Huey and Donald both died! It could happen again sooner or later! Me, You, Scrooge, Della and the kids!" 


"A-And what if the others find out about the one of us working with FOWL? They might do what Beakley did and they kill one of us! It happened to Jose so who knows what might happen!" Fethry said,  starting to panic.


"Hey calm down okay?"








"S-Sorry for lashing out on you like that..." 


"I-I've just been stressed out over the last couple of days..."


"I-I get it but.... I don't think you've ever done that before..."


"Yeah... maybe this killing game is starting to get to me." He said.


"I don't think I've been this paranoid, like this is Scrooge levels of Paranoid!" Fethry said, chuckling before it faded and he went back to looking worried. Almost as if he forced the joke...


"Yeah... maybe we should stop talking about this..."


"Yeah, I'll see you late Gladstone." Fethry said, grabbing the book I gave him and left.




I'm kinda worried about Fethry... Usually he has this positive attitude every time I see him... But ever since the first trial, he's stop acting like that. Sure he tends to stay positive some times but now it's rare, I mean he's literally stopped wearing his beanie! Maybe he's right, maybe this killing game is changing us...


After my internal monologue I left Fethry's lab...


I had a good time hanging out with him...


Relationship with Fethry Increased!


Extra Bedroom


I was walking around the third floor trying to find someone else to talk to since i was bored and I noticed the door to the Extra Bedroom was open, I looked through the door and saw Della looked around the room...


"* sigh * I wish Huey was here to see this...." She said to herself, running her hand across one of the desks.


Should I talk to her?




"Hey Della..... What're you doing in here?" I said, walking into the room.


"Oh hey Gladstone? Just looking around..." she said, still having her back turned but acknowledging me walking in...


"You okay?"


"Yeah... not really...." She said, not even lying about it.


"Wanna talk about it?"


"I guess..." She said, turning around.


For a while, me and Della talked about how we've been holding up throughout the game so far....




Do I want to give Della a gift to make her feel better?


Yeah sure>/Not really...


"Choose Your Own Adventure" Book >


"Cool... Thanks man, I know you're probably giving me this to make me feel better but thanks anyway..."


"Hey, you sure you alright?" I asked.


"Y-Yeah, it's just...."


"It's already been a week and so much has happened...."


"Just yesterday, Beakley killed Jose because she wanted to protect us, but she got executed... Sure something must've happened to make her like that during the trial but she didn't deserve to die... And I don't care what Panchito says... even if he's going through a mourning period right now, he shouldn't say stuff about her like that..." Della said.


"You're right about that. I feel bad for Panchito though, imagine having your loved one get murdered and the last time you saw them was in a argument... that has to suck..." I responded....


"Im sure Beakley wanted to protect us, but she ended up doing it in the worst way possible...."


"And then there's..... Huey and Donald...."


The room went silent once I said that, me and Della didn't know what to say after that and we stood there in silence, I could Della trying her best not to remember what happened


"Donald tried to murder you just to save Louie, he was even willing to sacrifice his own life to save him as well.... If gyro didn't help you, then you both would've been dead.... Maybe if Huey never went into that cabinet... He-He still would still been alive right now...." She said, her voice starting to quiver.


Right then, tears started to form in her eyes as she sat down on one of the beds...


"A-And I miss them both! Neither of them deserved to die!" She said, breaking down into tears.


"Of all the people that could've been the first ones to die, w-why them?!"


Della had went from emotionally stable to a complete mess within seconds.... As if she was holding all of this in ever since Donald and Huey died, Trying not to have a meltdown in front of us and making sure she doesn't break, but I guess this was the tipping point...


I sat down next to Della and tried my best to confront her, I wasn't really good with situations like this so I tried my best...




"T-Thanks Gladstone... I'm glad you, Fethry, Scrooge and Louie are still here...." Della said, wiping her face.


"You're welcome cous..."


"Heh.... Glad, Gladstone, it's kinda funny..." She said, chuckling between her tears.



Then there was more silence as Della calmed down.


"Yeah.... I think I'm gonna go..." Della said.


"Yeah- hey is there something wrong with bookshelf?" I said, noticing the Bookshelf looking slightly out of place.




"Yeah, there's tracks in the it looks like was moved." I said, looking down at the bottom seeing dust tracks.  




"Della, help me push it..."




Della and I grabbed on to the bookshelf and pulled it back making sure we didn't knock over anything.... What we found behind it was.... Another room...


"What the- was this always her?"


"Well the mansion was remolded for this game so maybe it's new.... I mean most of the rooms that have been added wouldn't be in the original mansion..." Della said.


"Maybe the kids found out about this?" I suggested.




"Hey let's just close it for now and we'll tel the others later."


They don't....


"Alright." I said, pushing back the bookshelf to where it was.


"So... I'm gonna go.." Della said, grabbing the book I gave her.




"Thanks for hanging out with me Gladstone, and for at least making me feel better...." Della said, right before leaving.


"You're welcome..."


After that, I headed back to my room.


I guess I had a good time hanging out with her.


Relationship with Della increased!


Gladstone's Room


Ding Dong Bing Bong


"Attention Lads, it is now 10 pm, with that being said.... Nighttime has officially begun! Please make your way back to your dorms upstairs... Okay then, goodnight!!"


Well, it's crazy how we've been here for one week and now it's leading on to two weeks.... And now that I've gotten use to being here, the day after tomorrow will be when the next motive is gonna be revealed.... I don't know what it is or how it'll affect but it either way.... I have to be prepared for the worst...


To Be Continued...


Chapter Text

October 31st, McDuck Manor....

Gladstone's Room

Knock Knock Knock

"Be right there!"

Honestly, I really didn't expect to happen. No, someone hasn't died again, no Bradford isn't on his bullshit. We're... actually having fun again, Della decided to take our minds off of everything that's happening the past week by throwing a Halloween party, this time without alcohol and Is actually normal...

So anyway, I'm walking to the door right now to greet whoever it is. And turns out it was Fethry. Who would've guessed.

"Yo Fethry."

"Hey Gladstone- uh...." He said, stopping mid sentence to look at me.


"Why are you dressed like you're going to a masquerade?" He asked.

"What? It technically counts as a costume. How does my mask look?"

"You look like a supervillain."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment or a insult?"

He shrugged.

"I'll take that as a compliment, Anyway what are you supposed to be?" I asked.

"Scott Pilgrim."

"Huh, didn't know you were a fan of the series Fethry."

"Yeah Fenton introduced it to me a while back!(Before the killing game and before the FOWL Blackmailing)."

"How nice of him."

"Hey, some of us are gonna meet in the Main Hall before heading to the Dining Room, you wanna come?" Fethry asked.

"Yeah sure, I kinda have nothing else to do while we're waiting." I said looking at the clock.

"Cool! Let's go!"

Main Hall

We both headed downstairs to meet up with someone of the others and found Mark and Gyro. Mark was dressed as Donnie from TMNT(Specifically Rise cause Fun Fact! Him and Donnie have the same VA) and Gyro was dressed as that one guy from the Sonic IDW comics(Dr. Starline).

"Why are we doing this again in the first place?" Gyro asked.

"Duh, It's Halloween." Mark responded, straightening his googles he had on his face.

"So why did you choose to dress as a Turtle of all things?"

"Hey don't talk bad about Donnie Motherfucker." Mark said, pointing at Gyro.

"What? It was a question-

"I said don't talk shit about him."


"Isn't it like, October 30th or something?"

"We've been here so long that I've forgotten what month it is."

"And I thought you were smart, Gyro." Mark chuckled.

"You literally get kicks off of trolling people on the internet."

"Hey trolling isn't something I do for fun! It's a job."



"Okay someone had to say it, You are the salt of the earth Mark." Gyro said.

"Thank you."

"Salt?" I said looking at Gyro.

"Oh my bad my apologies, I meant Scum of the earth..." Gyro said correcting himself.

"Oh fuck you-

"Sup Dipshits."

Next thing Gyro and Mark knee, there were arms around their shoulders. And it turned out that Ducktor had shuck up on them both and he was dressed as.... Idk.... Some video game character I don't know who it is(Handsome Jack).

"GHA! JESUS!" Mark yelled

"Ha! I scared your ass!" Ducktor said laughing at the two.

"DON'T EVER FUCKING DO THAT AGAIN." Gyro swore, his face red as hell.

"How about no?"

"What the hell-

"Huh, I was expecting you to go as Gyro." Fethry mumbled.

"Okay so what are you supposed to be?"

"Ever played Borderlands 2 before?" He responded.

"What does that even- ohhhhhhhhh....... You're dressed as Jack right?" I said.

"Bingo! See even if you only care about clout you can be smart!"

"Gha! Stupid eyepatch."

We all looked over and saw Don walked into the room in a suit and wearing a eye patch as if he was dressed as a Hitman or something.... Probably someone from a crime film.

"Oh look, the pirate isn't dressed as a pirate."

"Shut the hell up Ducktor."

"Well then, what're you supposed to be."

"Elle Driver from Kill Bill."

"Kill Bill huh?"

"I'm sorry, you of all people have seen Kill Bill?" Gyro said, skeptical.

"Yeah my mom basically let me watch pretty much anything."

"Wait isn't she a girl?"

"Don are you a-

"The point is that this eyepatch is making it harder to see... I ran into doors like 5 TIMES ON MY WAY HERE." Don yelled.

"Jeez you don't have to yell."

"Alright Alright I'll chill."

"Guys calm down! This is Halloween we are suppose be acting like this!"

"Yeah, Feths is right. Let's just act chill with each other for once!" Mark said, finally saying something smart for once.

"Okay can we just head to the dining room? I'm pretty sure everyone is waiting for us." I said.

"Yeah you're right. Let's go guys!"

And then they all proceeded to reservoir dogs walk all the way to the Dining Room.

Dining Room

After an... INCREDIBLE slow amount of walking, we all arrived to the Dining Room. It had Halloween decorations everywhere. Food laid out of the table and props placed in almost every part of the room. Della(Dressed as Nobara from JJK) was on a ladder settling up a banner with Launchpad(Dressed as Eddie Munson) holding it. Fenton was also in the room putting food on the tables(Dressed as David Martinez).

"Oh hey guys, welcome to the party!" Della said, waving at us as we walked in.

"Hey guys!" Launchpad waved as us taking his left hand off the ladder then put it back.

"Hey I thought Drake was helping out with you guys." Gyro asked.

"Yeah he had to go somewhere real quick. He should be back soon." Fenton said.

"Wait is that a smoke bomb-


"Oh god damn it!" Ducktor yelled.

"Crap cover the food!"

"I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the single career man men and women want to date."

Yep, Drake is definitely dressed as Darkwing Duck.

"I AM-

"Darkwing Duck, yeah I saw it coming from a mile." Mark said interrupting Drake.


"Mark you're a Dick you know that?" Fenton said.

"Blame it my on father."

"Oh right, where are the kids?" Fethry asked.

"Oh they're still picking out costumes."

Right as Della said that, Dewey, Louie and Lena all walked in at the same time.

(I couldn't think of Halloween costumes for them so.... Imagine they're dressed as Stranger Things characters.... I guess.)

"Hey uh, sorry we're late.... Dewey and Violet couldn't figure out what to wear so we just settled as kids from the 80's." Louie said.

"Don't you mean we decided to go as Stranger Things characters?" Violet asked.

"Yeah what she said." Dewey said backing up Violet.

"Also why is there smoke in here?" Dewey asked.

"My bad!" Drake said.

"Guys- You won't believe the costume I choose out for Uncle Scrooge! Y-You just have to see it." Della said, snickering.

"Alright you can come out now!" Della yelled, as if she was signaling Scrooge to come out.

"I am not going out there dressed in this."

"Scrooge calm down they aren't gonna laugh."

"What makes you say that-

"Trust me amigo."

Panchito and Scrooge then walked out of the kitchen. Panchito was dressed as some anime guy(Worick from GANGSTA) and Scrooge...... He was dressed as fucking Walter White of all people.

"Oh my fucking god." Mark muttered.

"Holy crap." Gyro said.

"Before you start-

"OH MY FUCKING GOD." Mark yelled, trying his best not to laugh.

"Okay! Before, you start!"

"YOU LOOK STUPID." And when saying that Mark bursted out laughing.

"Mark i swear to god...."


"Stop calling me that."


"Now what could go wrong-

"This party better be worth my time...."

Before Della finished her sentence.... Bradford walked in dressed like a fucking Ronin, yep... He definitely ruined the mood by showing up.


"You gotta be kidding me." I muttered.






"And this is why I don't go to party's."


"So do you."


"You..... You did not just insult the great Donatello!"

"Yes, I did."

"Well.... Everyone's here so, what do you say we get the party started?" Della asked.

"Yeah, this is pretty much so let's just get started!"

"Alright, if that sounds alright with everyone-


"It's alright."

"Fine by me."


"Okayyyy..... We'll let's get the party star-


Monoscrooge then proceeded to kick down the door dressed as the grim reaper..... Had a scythe and everything.


"Damn it I can't see in this mask."


"Oh right...."

Happy Halloween!