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Jxstudios Presents.....


"Wow....Still can't believe Scrooge is retiring...."

It was Monday morning,I was on my way to the McDuck Manor after I received a letter from Scrooge in the mail yesterday night saying come to the mansion this morning...He wants me to come meet up for some reason....I could go further on why I'm heading there,but you all have a lot of questions you want me to answer...

Before we go any further,you guys might want to know who I am...I mean,you probably already know but hey,wouldn't kill me to do it....Names Gladstone Glander,nephew of Scrooge McDuck,Multi-Millionaire,the second richest Duck of Clan McDuck and known for my talented amount of luck!It's also why I'm called the Ultimate Luckster..."

Gladstone Glander
Ultimate Luckster

You're also wondering what Ultimates are,well it's pretty simple actually....Ultimates are talents people gain,they have to be the best in what they're are...There's the Ultimate Social Media Influencer,Ultimate Inventor,Ultimate Travel Guide and laughably,the Ultimate Intern...and then there's the one that everyone want to get,Ultimate Billionaire...Problem is Uncle Scrooge already has that talent,in fact...he's had 2 other talents before he even became the richest Duck in the world!

But enough of that...You're probably wondering why I'm on the way to the manor or what letter I'm talking about....Well,the letter in my pocket,oh a red light..I can show you it now that I have a chance...

To Gladstone Glander,Ultimate Luckster,Due to the recent events that have occurred in Saint Canard,I have learned information that may bring more danger to Duckberg,more than anything that's happened previously...If you are reading this letter,please make your way to the Mcduck Manor as soon as possible for me to discuss this matter further...Preferably 9am In the morning.

-Scrooge Mcduck

It's pretty obvious why Scrooge would say that...Maybe something happened in Saint Canard that changed him...And the most logical reason is that he's retiring!And he's mailing the family to come to the mansion so he can announce who's taking over for him!I mean,what's the only other reason he'd send me a letter like this randomly?

Mcduck Manor

I pulled up outside of the man of the manor to see a few other cars and two helicopters and...a plane on the roof?How-okay I'm not gonna bother trying to figure it out...

"Okay...this the letter said arrive here at 9 am in the morning...I guess everyone is waiting..."I said reading over it.I shoved it back in my pocket as I took a look at the manor...Man,I haven't been inside here for a while...

"Alright Gladstone....Your future being the Richest Duck Of Clan McDuck starts here!"

I took one last deep breath before I started heading to the front door as ,I walked up the stairs finally at the door...I felt a chill run down my spine as I placed my hand on the doorknob,as if someone was watching me.I turned around to see if what I said was true,but no one was there....Eh,must've been shivers,I turned back around and opened the door.I peaked my head in and slowly stepped inside.



The moment I stepped inside the mansion,I felt something hit the back on my head..Right then,my vision and the environment started to become warped and twisted...As it continued to warp,I could feel myself slowly losing consciousness moving back and forward,right then I heard the down closed behind me...I turned to see who closed the door but my vision was too blurry to make it out who it was...And then....

Everything went black and I fell to the ground........




" head...."

I slowly opened my eyes to find my laying on a bed-wait a minute....why am I in a bedroom?Last thing I remember was walking into the mansion and then I fell unconscious...and now I'm in bed?If this uncle Scrooge's way of an initiation then I'm a huge fan...

"Okay but seriously why am I in here..."I said out loud to myself.

I got off the bed to check my surroundings,the room I was I seemed to resemble my old room...It had green all over,green wallpaper,green bed,green lamp,almost everything was green... and reached into my jacket pocket to see if I had my phone I did...Lucky me...I still had it...I turned the power on to see what time it was.....As I entered the password,the words Gladstone Glander appeared on my screen right before it opening up the Home Screen...Something seemed off though....Why would my phone have my name appear on it?eh,it might be my imagination...I mean I did just wake up from a blow to the head....I then looked up to the upper right corner of to see what time i was and i saw it was 7pm,i then looked over to the upper left and saw there was no service-

"WAIT 7 PM!?Holy crap I've been unconscious that long...ALSO WHY IS THERE NO SERVICE?!

I wondered how I'd been asleep since 9:00 and why there was no service...I noticed something on the nightstand besides where I woke up...I walked over to pick it up and read what was on it.

"To Gladstone,when you wake up and read this message....Please make your way downstairs as soon as possible..."

"Downstairs....Well,guess I should head out of here...."

Dorm hallway

I walked out of my room closing the door behind me in the hallway I turned back around to notice another door In front of me,on the nameplate it had a 16-bit face of one of Della's triplets...I looked around to see 18 other doors(counting mine)all around me...Almost as if this was a hotel hall...I saw a sign pointing right towards the main hall,so I started heading towards that direction,right then i hard a door open and close behind before i heard..


Della Duck
Ultimate Adventurer

"Della?"I turned around in response to my sister's voice.

"Gladstone!I didn't know you were gonna be here!"She said,running up to hug me,I'm kind of Glad someone I know is here.

"Good to see you too Della!haven't seen you since the moonvasion!"

"Yeah...Things are doing...fine..."

"So uh...Do you remember anything when you got here?"I asked her.

"No,all I remember is Uncle Scrooge calling me to meet at the mansion then getting knocked out for a few hours...I was just waking up 3 minutes ago..So,where are you heading?"She asked.

"Downstairs,I found a note in my room saying to come downstairs when I wake up."

"Weird,I found something like that in my room as well."She responded.

"So...should we head down there or what?"I asked her, pointing towards the stairwell.

"Yeah...I guess we should."

Main Hall

We headed around the corner and already found ourselves in the main hall,I looked down to see two other ducks waiting..The same two ducks that happened to be my brothers.

"Aw're here...."

Donald Duck
Ultimate Sailor

"Gladstone!Della!Glad to see you two!"

Fethry Duck
Ultimate Marine Biologist

"Fethry?What the heck are you doing here?"I asked,not even noticing Donald and immediately talking to Fethry first.

"*ahem*!"Donald cleared his throat trying to get me to get me to talk to him..

"Oh hi Donald....."I said,acknowledging him.


"Uncle Scrooge invited me and Donald to the mansion,but when we got here we got knocked out and woke up in the garage...."

"Same...."Donald responded.

"Donald,weren't you on a trip out to the sea?"

"I came back as soon as I got the letter in the mail."

As we were all trying to figure out what happened,some guy walked down from where we woke up and walked up to us while we were talking.

"Yo who the hell are you guys?"The guy asked, taking out his earbuds.

Mark Beaks
Ultimate Social Media Influencer

"Um....we should be asking that question...Who are you?"Fethry asked,not having a single idea who he was.

"Me?You don't know who I am?Im Mark motherfucking Beaks,Ultimate Social Media Influencer?CEO of Waddle?Richer than all of you combined?"He introduced himself sounding like a social media bio-wait....Ultimate Social Media Influencer.........oh.........

"Oh yeah....Waddle?"I muttered now remembering who he was...

"Oh yeah!Now I remember you!You're the guy under me in the Richest Ducks In The World Chart!Man it would suck to be you!"He said,taunting me on how he's richer than me...

"oh how I hate you...."I muttered,giving a death stare to him.

"Gladstone,calm down..."Della whispered to me while she nudged me in the elbow.

"Hey at least I don't have an annoying voice!"

"The fuck you just say about my voice?"Mark turned to me looking insulted but ready to throw hands.

"Oh did I say that out loud?Want me to repeat it for you in front of your damn face?"I asked sarcastically,trying to piss him off.

"*bawls his hand into a dice ready to punch me*Oh you're so fucking dead you-

"Whoa there!Let's all calm down amigos!"A rooster in Wild Western said walking into the room along with a green parrot holding a cigar trying to calm us down before I took a fist to the face.

Panchito Pistoles
Ultimate Sharpshooter

"Panchito?Jose?"Donald responded to the -wait...these are the guys from Donald's band!What were they called?The Three Caballeros?I think that was their name.

"Donald!It's good to see you amigo!"Panchito said giving Donald a noogie to the head.

"Well what do you know...It's Donald's band mates...How're your lives not living up to your fame in college?" I greeted them in a sort of sarcastic tone.

"Heh,Glad to see you haven't changed Gladstone..." Jose chuckled,puffing his cigar.

Jose Carioca
Ultimate Travel Guide


"What are you two doing here?"Donald asked his former bandmates.

"Scrooge invited me for a meeting!Along with Jose!"Panchito answered Donald then pulled out a letter similar to mine.

"Do you know anything about it?"Jose asked following Panchito's question.

"No...I was on a trip when I received my letter..."Donald responded.

"But why would he knock us out if he wanted us to talk to us?"

"Guys,it's quite obvious that Scrooge brought us here to tell us he's retiring and he wanted us to make it a surprise!

"Why would he retire?"

"I don't know....Maybe he's just tired of-

"Uncle Scrooge never gets tired from going on adventures!"Della said trying to deny what I almost said.

"Well...That time after you were stuck on the moon...."Donald pointed out.

"And the time the boys found out he was the reason you were stuck there...."Donald continued.

"Okay I get it Donald."Della muttered.

"As a matter of fact,where are the boys?"Fethry asked.

"Haven't seen them since last night,you know,before I got knocked out..."Della responded with a worried look on her face.

As we all changed the conversation to the kids,a taller Duck with a trucker hat and a bomber jacket came downstairs from where we all woke up...

"Oh hey everyone!"

(Ladies and Gentlemen....Launchpad Mcquack!)

Launchpad McQuack
Ultimate Pilot

"Launchpad!buddy!"Della turned to greet him with a smile on her face.

"Oh hey,you're the dumbass idiot driver that works for Scrooge and crashes literally every car and plane he touches!"Mark said, recognizing the launchpad.

"I'm not an idiot,I'm a pilot!Also I only crash 75% of the time!"Launchpad said not noticing he got insulted by a zoomer.

"My point exactly...What the fuck you got no service here?!"Mark said pulling his phone out and noticing he had no service.

"Yeah we've noticed that as well-

"Didn't ask you..."Mark stopped me from finishing talking.

(I dislike this dude very much...)

Right then two other people walked into the foyer from the left,one was a chicken with glasses and a hat that I slightly recognized and the other was a smaller tan Duck with a polo-ish yellow shirt and tie on that I didn't recognize-wait was that Gyro?

" head is killing me...."Gyro groaned,rubbing his head.

Gyro Gearloose
Ultimate Inventor

"Dr. Gearloose,you shouldn't be walking around with a bruise to the head like that!"

Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera
Ultimate Intern

"Don't worry intern,I'll be fi-oh you have got to be kidding me?!"Gyro said right before he stopped to so say something else and started pointing

"Oh hi gyro!Btw,I'm so sorry about your intern giving me your blueprints...The feeling is mutual..."

"You son of a bitch I thought I was never gonna see you again!!"Gyro yelled,more annoyed about the fact Mark was here.

"Jokes on you,Scrooge is the one who invited me!Guess we're stuck here together!Bt dubs,tell him writing letters is so old fashioned"Mark pointed out pulling out a letter similar to the one scrooge sent me.

"Nope!Screw this I'm outta here!Getting knocked out and waking up in a kitchen is one thing but Im not staying here with him!"Gyro yelled as he turned to the door ready to leave.

Gyro headed towards the door immediately ready to leave,but when he tried to open it...

*Rattle Rattle Rattle*

It refused to open...

"What the hell?"Gyro said shaking the doorknob

"What is it,Dr. gearloose?"Gyros' intern asked him.

"It's locked...."Gyro said,turning around with a look of fear in his eyes.

"Locked?Hold on,let me try..."Della said pushing gyro out of the way.Della walked up to the door moving gyro aside to see if the door was really locked...

*Rattle Rattle Rattle*

"Guys....Gyro's right,it's locked..."Della said, turning back to us with a nervous look.

"What do you mean the door's locked?!How are we gonna get out of here?!"Mark panicked.

(Wow you finally contribute to something)

"Guys calm down!This is probably just Scrooge's way of an initiation!"I said,trying to reassure them that this was probably fine.

"What initiation?"Della asked.

"Uh...isn't the locked door apart of this whole-

"What do you mean the front door is locked?"

Louie Duck
Ultimate Con-Artist

"Gha!"Gyro shouted when heard Louie's voice.Della turned arounds to see her sons behind her who appeared out of nowhere,they most likely came in while everyone was focused on the door.

"Boys!Thank goodness you're safe!"Della cried out

"WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU THREE COME FROM?!"Mark trapped recovering from being scared to death.

"Language!You can't swear around kids!"Launchpad said

"Dude kids our age swear all the time...."Dewey said.

Dewey Duck
Ultimate Blogger

"Mom,why did we wake up in our rooms unconscious?"

Huey Duck
Ultimate Scout

"And why was there an empty can of tear gas under our beds?"

"Tear gas?!"Della yelled seeing the can of tear gas.

"Don't worry mom it's empty..."Louie assured here shaking the empty can.

"Maybe it's FOWL?"Huey suggested.

"FOWL?But not one's heard from them in years...."Gyro pointed out.

"Well we-

"Man...whoever knocked me out didn't have to crack my glasses...."A voice groaned interrupting huey...Launchpad looked up to see a duck in a pink plaid shirt looking at his sunglasses that appeared to be cracked.

"Dark-*cough cough*Drake?"Launchpad coughed almost as if he was trying to hide the ducks identity.

Drake Mallard
Ultimate Actor

"Launchpad?"The Duck said looking up from his broken glasses to Launchpad.

"Darkwi-I mean-Drake?!How did you get here?"Huey said doing the same thing Launchpad did.

"Well uh...Mr. Mcduck wanted me to come meet up at the mansion....He had an announcement to make If I remember?Thats what my letter said..."Drake said pulling out a letter.

"Announcement?You mean his retirement?"I asked.

"Wait Scrooge is retiring?"Drake said looking at me confused.

"I mean............probably...."I mumbled.

"Maybe it' know what..."Dewey whispered to Huey.

Right then,the main man himself walked in,Uncle Scrooge Mcduck himself....and Beakley...

"Hello lads...."

Scrooge McDuck
Ultimate Billionaire

"Uncle scrooge!"

"Well it's good to see most of you have woken up..."

Benita Beakley
Ultimate Housekeeper

"What do you mean most of us?

"This isn't all of you,I invited at least 3 more people..."

"3?Who else could you have invited-


A voice roared through the main hall,we looked up to see a guy standing on the staircase that looked exactly like a pirate with his eyes darted towards Huey,he then slid down the stair bannister unsheathing a sword and then landing on the ground,almost as he was a actor.

"It is I,Don Karnage!Here to finally have my revenge!!!"The pirate exclaimed, holding his sword towards Dewey's face-WAIT WHAT THE HELL?!

Don Karnage
Ultimate Sky Pirate

"Oh boy...."Scrooge muttered.

"Whoa whoa whoa woah!!Cool it buddy!Why don't you just...lower your weapon and not try and kill a child?"I said,trying to lower his weapon and not piss him off.

"Revenge?Dewey what did you do?"Della asked Huey.

"And this time I'm not the one in trouble..."Louie mumbled sarcastically about his brother's downfall.

"Nothing mom!*Sigh*look dude,now is not the time..I know you got some sort of personal vendetta against me but we're sorta trapped here and-

"TRAPPED?!How could I be trapped in a place with you!"Don yelled,suddenly changing his thoughts towards the door.

"Don't bother trying,we've already tried opening the door-and you're not listening to me...."gyro tried telling don to not bother with opening the door but he ignored him and tried to anyway...

"Damn it!The Door is jammed!"

"Tried to tell you...."

"Hey why do you look like a pirate?"Mark asked.Don turned back around and walked towards mark.When he got there he stood there looking down on mark.

"I beg your pardon?"

"yeah he kinda does look like a pirate..."Panchito whispered to Jose....

"is he a pirate?"Jose whispered back.

"Are you a pirate?"I asked,now confused as to whether or not he was a pirate or not.

"That's kinda my thing...Ultimate Sky Pirate?(also pirate's are in this year you idiot..)"

As we all stood there still wondering if Don was a pirate,a younger duck,probably the age of the triplets walked in from the right tossing an apple to the side.

"Sup Guys..."

Lena De'spell
Ultimate ???


"Yeah I kinda know where this is going so let's skip over that....anyway have any of you seen webby and why did I wake up in a laundry basket?"


"Laundry Basket?"Dewey said.

"Um...we haven't seen her..."

"The purple Duck?Haven't seen her..."Don said.

"What do you mean any of you haven't see Her?!"Beakley raised her voice now finding out her daughter was missing.

"I mean we would've seen here by now but she's no where to be found...

"Well one of you go search for her!Who knows what happened to-

"Mr. Mcduck,care to explain why I woke up in your Garage?"An old buzzard in a suit came walking into the room interrupting Beakley and asking Scrooge questions already.

Bradford Buzzard
Ultimate Chief Director

"Bradford....what are you doing here?"Scrooge said,tensing up the moment he laid eyes on him.

"I received an anonymous letter saying to meet with you in the manor...You said you....wanted to talk things out,if that's what I remember..."The buzzard apparently named Bradford said scratching his head.

"...I don't remember sending you a letter..."

"So you want to lie now of all times...I don't think knocking us all out and waking up inside the mansion with the exit locked looks good for you..."

"I remember writing letters to most of you,but i don't remember writing you one..."

"Yes,Mr. McDuck sent out letters to everyone besides the one's living here and you..."Beakley stated, backing scrooge up.

"SO YOU INVITED HIM OF ALL PEOPLE?!"Gyro yelled as he pointed as beaks again.

"Okay the joke was funny the first time,now it's getting old quickly Dude..."

"Oh you don't believe me?"Bradford said,raising his eyebrow.

"Bradford reached into his pocket pulling out a letter with a spine tingling glare in his eyes,I mean for an old man,he looked pretty terrifying...

"If I remember...the letter says...."

Bradford Buzzard,Ultimate Chief Director,I think there is a possibility we can work things out after our little confrontation in Saint Canard and make you allie to the McDucks,please come to McDuck Manor at 9 in the morning,try to come peacefully would you?

-Scrooge McDuck

"Chief Director?What kind of talent is that?"

"Simple,I oversee the affairs and anything else going on within McDuck enterprises...More importantly...why did we all wake up unconscious in your mansion?"Bradford asked,interrogating Scrooge.

"Yeah!Did you drug us or something?"Mark asked eyes darting towards Scrooge.

"We were knocked out,not drugged intern..."Gyro pointed out.

"Uncle Scrooge would never do something like that!"Huey yelled.

"Well let's ask scrooge himself..So what was so important that you had to knock us all out and wake us up in a locked room?"Bradford asked demanding an answer.

"His Retirement?I mean that's the only reason we're here right?"I brought up.

"What?I'm not retiring!"

Wait what?I thought he was retiring-Did i just assume that was why he wanted us to come?

"Wa-wait,if you aren't retiring...then why did you invite us here?"I asked confused as hell.

"*sigh*You'll find out now nephew....Now everyone....I have invited you here to announce something i've discovered...Everyone,there is a-

"17...18.......19!Good!Everyone's here!"A robotic voice came out of nowhere as it finished counting.

"Uncle Scrooge?Was that you?"I asked.

"I didn't say anything lad..."Scrooge said.

"We could've sworn we heard your voice just now!"Donald yelled.

"No it wasn't him you dummy!I'm right in front of you!"

"Uh...there's no one in front of us."Louie said turning around.

"Are you trying to make us look like Fool's Mcduck?!"Don yelled.

"I'm not there you yet dumbass...okay so...which button is it to jump out?god damn it...hold on a sec-got it!"

Right then,two of the tiles on the ground slid open,wide enough for someone to jump in or out of...Next thing we knew,something jumped out from the ground and landed as the floor closed back up.The person was revealed to be...Scrooge?He looked way different than the Scrooge that were were talking to.He had a similar appearance but his coat was half black and half white coat with a red button,his hat was the same and for some reason his left eye was red and looked completely different.

"What......the.....fuck?"I muttered.

" I seeing things or are there two Scrooges?"Gyro said rubbing his eyes.

"Wh-what the?!"Panchito yelled.

"Glad to meet you all!My name is Monoscrooge and I am the new owner of the Mcduck Manor!"This version of Uncle Scrooge said with a robotic comic introducing himself."

Monoscrooge?What kind of name is that?

"Y-you're basically Uncle Scrooge!"Huey said pointing at him.

"Don't compare me to him bitch...I'm better than him in every single way,shape and form..."

"Gyro did you make this?"Della asked.

"I don't remember making this,also....I would make a robot of Scrooge and massacre what he looks like!"Gyro responded.

"Wow lad....I'm offended....."Monoscrooge said sounding sad and offended.

"Wounded even?Mark asked sarcastically.


"New owner?!We didn't approve of this!"Beakley said in disapproval.

"Of course not,my boss did....."

"And who's your boss?"Jose asked.

"Ummmmmmm............How 'Bout no for now?okay?okay....So,you're probably wondering why Scrooge mailed you all letter to come here and then you got knocked out and woke up here...Scrooge there was gonna announce why but I'm taking over from here...Anyway you have been invited to Mcduck Manor for a certain reason...."

"So are you gonna tell or not?"Louie asked Impatiently

"How do I put,You all are gonna be staying. Here.....forever..."


"(W-what did he just say?)"I thought to myself,I looked over to Della and I could see she had the same expression as I did.

"D-did you j-just say...forever?"Fethry asked stuttering.

"Yep!You're all gonna be staying at Mcduck Manor for the rest of your lives!(or until we get bored)...."

"Y-you're joking right?"Della asked.

"Nope!Im not capping whatsoever!"

"This is bullshit,first we get knocked out and now we're being told by a robot that we're trapped here?!"Mark said annoyed.

"Well...there is one way you can leave..."

"And that is?"Bradford asked nonchalantly.

"By playing a game!"Monoscrooge said with excitement.

"Gambling?"I asked.

"Video games?"Dewey asked.

"Even better!The game is pretty simple,since there is only one rule!All you have to do is this one thing"

"Kill Someone Without Getting Caught..."

We all froze in fear after what Monoscrooge told us...w-we have to kill someone to get out freedom?And we have to get away with it?!"

"K-k-k-k-kill?"Fethry stuttered.

Strangulation,Suffocation,Drowning,Poisoning,hell even a Bullet To The Head!All you have to do to escape is kill one of your fellow survivors and then you're free to go!"

"Hey so yeah,I don't have time for this....Tell me,how much money will it cost you to let me out of here right now Monoscroogey?"Mark asked pulling out a stack of money from his pocket hoping he could leave early...

"How much money is your life worth?"Monoscrooge asked mark menacingly as his left right shined red.

Beaks dropped the stack of dollars and his cell phone,his face changed from cocky to terrifying...He rubbed his arms as if he had gotten chills from what Monoscrooge said...

"What do you mean by have to get away with it?"Jose asked curiously yet he had a tone of fear in his voice.

"You'll find out know,when someone gets murdered....."

"W-what do you by that?!"

"You'll see...."

"This is so fucking stupid...."Gyro said facepalming himself.

"What you mean this is stupid?"Monoscrooge asked

"I know are of us are same enough to not fall for this....I mean....killing someone?We're all smarter than that!"

"Oh really gyro?Of course you wouldn't know anything about killing...for example..the Tokyolk incident and how much despair you caused?"

"T-that was an accident!!!"

"Deny it all you want...Despair will get the best of you in the end....Anyway,happy killing everyone!!!"Monoscrooge said waving goodbye as he jumped back down into the floor and soon out of sight.Silence filled the room soon as Monoscrooge left....We all just stared at each other with fear processing what just happened...

"Hey...Uncle Scrooge....This is a prank right?This is just one big sick prank right?"I asked Scrooge nervously hoping for a yes from him.




The silence from him and the look on his face made me realize this wasn't a joke...I stood there in terror at the thought of killing someone...I looked over to see Fethry fall down on his knees.

"No way-I mean there's no way-we can't just-I mean...killing?"He stuttered.

"Guys we have to stay calm!Junior Woodchuck guideline 34 says,when in a state of emergency,all you have to do is stay calm and-

"You're going to die...."Bradford interrupted Huey with a tone of malice.We all turned to him with a wtf look on our faces after what he said.

"W-what?What do you mean?"Huey asked confused and nervously...his face had a complete look of fear from earlier.

"If you keep relying on a guidebook to help you get through this game,you're a dead kid walking...."Bradford told Huey menacingly.

"Hey who do you think you are talking to my son like that?!"Della yelled clenching her fist.

"I'm just telling your son the truth...Friendship is what the main thing that could get him and all of us killed...."

"Hey what the hell are you thinking?!he's just a kid!"Don yelled.

"Aren't you the same guy that tried to kill a kid?"Bradford said pointing out his hypocrisy.


"B-but we're all friends here right?I mean that's the only way we know someone isn't gonna betray us!"Fenton said trying to proving a point to Bradford,but it wasn't good enough....Bradford then walked halfway up the stairs and turned around to us to make some sort of speech.

"Let me make myself clear...I have no intention on making friends with any of you....we're in a game of life or death...Friendship has no place here,you're just asking someone to kill you....It's kill or be killed and I have all the intention to survive this game..."

After he finished his speech we all stood there in anger...All I could feel was hatred...This bastard was trying to get under our skin....who does this guy think he his?!I looked over to see uncle Scrooge's face turn red face in anger and it looked like he was about to say something to Bradford...

"You know what Bradford?!I might as well tell everyone you're the mo-(he was gonna say mole)

Ding Dong Bing Bong

Right then,a alarm rang from out of nowhere,I could see a tv on the side of the wall turn and Monoscrooge appear in a chair or something with a...bathrobe on and glass of wine?(wtf?)like he was a villain on something.

"Attention lads,it is now 10pm,with that being said....Nighttime has a officially begun!Please make your way to your assigned rooms upstairs...Okay then everyone,good night!"

"Well,seems like 3 hours have passed since we've woke up.....well I wish you all good luck...."Bradford said walking upstairs.

"Hey get back here you asshole!!!"Donald yelled.

"It's no use...let him be.."Jose said grabbing Donald's shoulder.


"Hey Donald calm down..."Launchpad said trying to calm me down.

"YOU STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THIS!!!"Donald swore loudly.

"Oh...okay...."Launchpad said with his voice Lowering in fear.

"I already hate him..."Lena muttered.

"*sigh*I knew I shouldn't have invited him...."Scrooge sighed.

"Should've invited Glomgold..."Beakley said to him.

"Hey Mr. Mcduck,were you about to say something?"Launchpad asked trying to get over Donald yelling at him.

"N-nothing Launchpad...."Scrooge said dismissing what he said and walking back upstairs.

"I-I think I need to go lie down..."Mark mumbled to himself,still recovering from what Monoscrooge told to him.

"Yes I might as well head back to my room as well...I wish you all the best of luck from here on out...even you Huey Duck...."Don said before going up the stairs.Huey still stood there trying to process what Bradford told him.

"Yeah I think we need to head back...The mood in here is too tense..."Panchito said following the others back to their rooms.

"Right behind you..."Jose said following him.

"I guess we should head back...boys,please lock your doors for me..."Della ordered her sons still terrified.


"Hey bro,you okay?"Louie asked patting Huey's shoulder.

"Yeah..i-I'm fine...."Huey stuttered with fear in his voice.

"Hey let's just go back to bed...."Dewey said wrapping his arm around Huey and getting him up the stairs.

We all headed back upstairs and into our separate rooms...I went into my room closing the door behind me and just sat down by the door,thinking about what just happened in the past minutes...

"K-kill someone for my freedom?"I said to myself...

"ha....ha.....hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!Kill each other?!That's ridiculous!I would never betray my own family!!" I could hear myself sounding insane,it's only been 3 hours winds I woke up and things already bad...Scrooge isn't retiring,I'm in a death game and We're trapped with that psycho Bradford....Now I wish that Scrooge was really retiring,

And just like that....My last taste of hope and luck had officially came to a pause,and my first glimpse of despair had finally begun.....



Remaining Guests:19

T o
B e
C o n t i n u e d

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