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This chapter took faster to write than I thought it would be....


Free-Time Event






Would you like to use the Machine?




Inserted 7 Coins


Crank Crank


Rattle Rattle Rattle




Obtained "World Domination for Dummies"


Would You Like To Use The Machine again?


Yes>/no I'm done


Inserted 5 Coins


Crank Crank


Rattle Rattle Rattle




Obtained Oceanology Book


Would you like to use the machine again?


Third times a charm>/ I'm done


Inserted 8 Coins


Crank Crank


Rattle Rattle Rattle




Obtained "Choose Your Own Adventure" Book


Science Room


I walked into the Science Room to see if Gyro was in there, unfortunately for me his clone was in there instead, ransacking the room.


"Nope, Nope, Nope, Damn it all this shit is useless...." Ducktor mumbled.


Do I want to talk to him of all people?




"* sigh * I'm gonna regret this....."


"What the hell are doing man?" I asked, slowly walking up to him.


"Oh... it's just you..."


"Don't mind me just, sorta robbing Gyro's lab of anything useful which surprise surprise! There isn't...." He explained.


Man he does sound like Handsome Jack...


"Uh huh....." 


"So I got time to kill so, want to.... Hang out?" I asked.




"Why all of a sudden do you want to be by friend?" He turned around, eyes starting directly as me...


"I'm just being friendly..."




"And uh....


"Fine, you can stay and chat if you want..." He said.


"You can help me search Gyro's lab." 


So that's how I helped Ducktor ransack Gyros lab...




Yeah, I guess this was alright...


Do I want to give him a gift?


I guess>/hell no


 "World Domination for Dummies">


"world domination for dummies, huh..... Isn't this a coincidence..."




"Hey, you know how most movie villains literally tell their entire plan to the good guys before tries to kill them?" He asked.




"Well this isn't a movie... So let me ask a question, why did you have a present that specifically relates to my plans?" Ducktor asked, giving this seriousness he's never shown.


"Wait what?"


"You heard me."


"N-No I just thought since you're a villain-


"Hey relax! I'm kidding! But yeah thanks for the gift..." he said, chuckling as he tossed the book aside...


Right then, I remember what Fenton told me about him... Wonder if I should ask him his side of the story...


"Hey, What even happened with Gyro?" I asked.




"Like what happened with him that turned you into... this? Also Fenton told me a completely different version of how you were..."


"Yeah most of that was a lie.... Well, besides the planning to take over the world stuff, that part was true..."


"So gyro did some tests on clones of himself, seeing what we're weak too and all that... So after a while, the moon invasion happened and he used us to help the Mcducks, most of them died by the way.... So I got sent off a cliff and into the ocean, next thing I knew I woke back up in Gyro's lab... Some arguing happened between me and him, how he used me for experiments and all that, so I stole a bunch of his stuff when those two were gone and left... Also I might've left this ominous message saying I would be back for revenge..."




"After that I bought some hair dye, changed my name, found a underground lab and then I started working.... The usual stuff people would use for a global takeover..." 


"Wait wait wait, so you're name.... Isn't a nickname?" I asked.


"Yep.... Okay you can laugh-








A few more minutes of laughing


"Oh man, that was funny! hey can I ask you another question?" I said, calming down.


"Sure I guess...."


"Why did Bradford seem to know you?"


"Oh bradford? Man that guy is a riot! He and I had a a run in a few months ago and I kinda started working with him, well not really he basically provided me resources... But other than some other things that happened that's it...." He said, laughing...


I feel like there's more to the story, but I'd probably end up getting violated like Gyro did if I keep pressing him further....


"Well anyway-


"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING IN MY LAB?!" Gyro yelled, we turned around and saw him by the door.


"Gyro, darling! How's your day been man?" Ducktor said, putting on this fake smile as he turned around.


"H-Hey gyro this isn't what It looks like-


"What it looks like is that you two are going through my stuff!"




"Oh yeah.... Didn't know it was yours..."Ducktor said, sipping coffee.


Literally 10 seconds later










"What the hell are you laughing about?!"


"Did you see your face when he caught us?!"


"Oh come on that's not funny!"


"Well what is then!?" He said, still laughing his ass off.


"How about the look on his face when you were drinking out of his coffee mug..."


"Okay but to be far I thought no one used it!" He said, still trying to hold back his laughter.


So after a minute of the both of us laughing, we both headed on our separate paths...


I guess I had a good time talking to him.....


Relationship with Ducktor has been increased!




I walked into the Aquarium to check and see if Fethry was in there... but for some reason he wasn't....


"Huh... guess he isn't in here-


Knock Knock Knock


Right as I turned around, I heard knocking from behind the glass and saw Fethry in the tank wearing a scuba outfit. He swam up to the stop of the tank and took off the snorkel.


"Gladstone! Didn't know you walked in here!" He said, climbing down from the ladder.


"Um.... What are you doing?" 


"Oh I was just checking to see if the fish were healthy and all that..."


"Okay I guess..."


Should I hang out with Fethry?




"Hey I got some time to kill so do you wanna hang out?" I asked.


"Sure! Let me go change real quick."


After Fethry went to go change, we sat around in the lab talking a little bit...




I had a pretty good time talking with him...


Do I want to give Fethry a gift?




Oceanology Book>


"Whoa, This is cool! Hey thanks Gladstone." Fethry said, but the way he said that made it sound like something was wrong... I mean not with the present but with something else.


"Fethry, you alright man?" I asked.


"Hu-yeah I'm fine..." He said, clearly lying."


"You're sweating you know?"




"Yeah I remember in yesterday's trial Bradford said something about people who're lying tend to lie..." I said, remembering what Bradford said when Panchito was lying during the trial.




"Oh who am I kidding I'm not okay man..." He said, finally admitting he was lying..


"I freaking knew something was wrong with you!"


"Look it's nothing that bad- well it's kinda two things...." 


"One of them is Ducktor isn't it?" I guessed.


"Yeah, I don't know why but.... He just doesn't seem trustworthy...."


"If a guy manages to piss everyone off the moment he meets them, he's literally bad news!" Fethry said, bringing up how he managed to piss everyone off this morning.


Fun Fact, the whole "Eat Shit" and "HOW ABOUT SOME MORE MUFFINS" scene in the last chapter was from Knives Out, highly recommended watching it.


"At first I thought of it as him just being a jerk but..." Fethry continued...


"And then?"


"But... then there was when I ran into him on the third floor..."





"Oh my bad-


"You know you should watch where you're going you know?"




"You're Fethry right?"


"I don't think we've been properly introduced, I'm Ducktor."


"Yeah... I've heard, anyway I gotta-


"Hold on a second."


"Don't you think it's rude just to run off when i person is talking to you?"


"Well I'm-


"Anyway I need to get catches up on all that's happened... So since you're here mind telling me what's gone on so far?"


"Well I don't really-


"Also try not lie, I need to know everything..."


"And I mean everything...."


**End of Flashback**


"So I told him what's happened since this started, the motives, the murders, who everyone was, hell even the traitor situation...."


Damn it I was right....


"Wait, did you-


"No, He didn't find out about the FOWL traitor situation..."


"Oh thank god...." 


"And I don't know why I even told him!"


"How can a guy who looks like that managed to be manipulate me line that!"


"I wouldn't say he actually manipulated-


"HE HAS THE FACE OF GYRO AND SOUNDS LIKE HANDSOME JACK!" Fethry yelled, interrupting me.


I will milk this Ducktor sounds like Handsome Jack until the end of daily life...


"H-Hey you don't have to worry, I'm fine now...." Fethry said, still sounding worried.


"Okay... then what's the second thing you were worried about?" I asked.


"I-I'm worried something might happen to one of us..." He said.


"Like.... The group or-


"The family! Huey and Donald both died! It could happen again sooner or later! Me, You, Scrooge, Della and the kids!" 


"A-And what if the others find out about the one of us working with FOWL? They might do what Beakley did and they kill one of us! It happened to Jose so who knows what might happen!" Fethry said,  starting to panic.


"Hey calm down okay?"








"S-Sorry for lashing out on you like that..." 


"I-I've just been stressed out over the last couple of days..."


"I-I get it but.... I don't think you've ever done that before..."


"Yeah... maybe this killing game is starting to get to me." He said.


"I don't think I've been this paranoid, like this is Scrooge levels of Paranoid!" Fethry said, chuckling before it faded and he went back to looking worried. Almost as if he forced the joke...


"Yeah... maybe we should stop talking about this..."


"Yeah, I'll see you late Gladstone." Fethry said, grabbing the book I gave him and left.




I'm kinda worried about Fethry... Usually he has this positive attitude every time I see him... But ever since the first trial, he's stop acting like that. Sure he tends to stay positive some times but now it's rare, I mean he's literally stopped wearing his beanie! Maybe he's right, maybe this killing game is changing us...


After my internal monologue I left Fethry's lab...


I had a good time hanging out with him...


Relationship with Fethry Increased!


Extra Bedroom


I was walking around the third floor trying to find someone else to talk to since i was bored and I noticed the door to the Extra Bedroom was open, I looked through the door and saw Della looked around the room...


"* sigh * I wish Huey was here to see this...." She said to herself, running her hand across one of the desks.


Should I talk to her?




"Hey Della..... What're you doing in here?" I said, walking into the room.


"Oh hey Gladstone? Just looking around..." she said, still having her back turned but acknowledging me walking in...


"You okay?"


"Yeah... not really...." She said, not even lying about it.


"Wanna talk about it?"


"I guess..." She said, turning around.


For a while, me and Della talked about how we've been holding up throughout the game so far....




Do I want to give Della a gift to make her feel better?


Yeah sure>/Not really...


"Choose Your Own Adventure" Book >


"Cool... Thanks man, I know you're probably giving me this to make me feel better but thanks anyway..."


"Hey, you sure you alright?" I asked.


"Y-Yeah, it's just...."


"It's already been a week and so much has happened...."


"Just yesterday, Beakley killed Jose because she wanted to protect us, but she got executed... Sure something must've happened to make her like that during the trial but she didn't deserve to die... And I don't care what Panchito says... even if he's going through a mourning period right now, he shouldn't say stuff about her like that..." Della said.


"You're right about that. I feel bad for Panchito though, imagine having your loved one get murdered and the last time you saw them was in a argument... that has to suck..." I responded....


"Im sure Beakley wanted to protect us, but she ended up doing it in the worst way possible...."


"And then there's..... Huey and Donald...."


The room went silent once I said that, me and Della didn't know what to say after that and we stood there in silence, I could Della trying her best not to remember what happened


"Donald tried to murder you just to save Louie, he was even willing to sacrifice his own life to save him as well.... If gyro didn't help you, then you both would've been dead.... Maybe if Huey never went into that cabinet... He-He still would still been alive right now...." She said, her voice starting to quiver.


Right then, tears started to form in her eyes as she sat down on one of the beds...


"A-And I miss them both! Neither of them deserved to die!" She said, breaking down into tears.


"Of all the people that could've been the first ones to die, w-why them?!"


Della had went from emotionally stable to a complete mess within seconds.... As if she was holding all of this in ever since Donald and Huey died, Trying not to have a meltdown in front of us and making sure she doesn't break, but I guess this was the tipping point...


I sat down next to Della and tried my best to confront her, I wasn't really good with situations like this so I tried my best...




"T-Thanks Gladstone... I'm glad you, Fethry, Scrooge and Louie are still here...." Della said, wiping her face.


"You're welcome cous..."


"Heh.... Glad, Gladstone, it's kinda funny..." She said, chuckling between her tears.



Then there was more silence as Della calmed down.


"Yeah.... I think I'm gonna go..." Della said.


"Yeah- hey is there something wrong with bookshelf?" I said, noticing the Bookshelf looking slightly out of place.




"Yeah, there's tracks in the it looks like was moved." I said, looking down at the bottom seeing dust tracks.  




"Della, help me push it..."




Della and I grabbed on to the bookshelf and pulled it back making sure we didn't knock over anything.... What we found behind it was.... Another room...


"What the- was this always her?"


"Well the mansion was remolded for this game so maybe it's new.... I mean most of the rooms that have been added wouldn't be in the original mansion..." Della said.


"Maybe the kids found out about this?" I suggested.




"Hey let's just close it for now and we'll tel the others later."


They don't....


"Alright." I said, pushing back the bookshelf to where it was.


"So... I'm gonna go.." Della said, grabbing the book I gave her.




"Thanks for hanging out with me Gladstone, and for at least making me feel better...." Della said, right before leaving.


"You're welcome..."


After that, I headed back to my room.


I guess I had a good time hanging out with her.


Relationship with Della increased!


Gladstone's Room


Ding Dong Bing Bong


"Attention Lads, it is now 10 pm, with that being said.... Nighttime has officially begun! Please make your way back to your dorms upstairs... Okay then, goodnight!!"


Well, it's crazy how we've been here for one week and now it's leading on to two weeks.... And now that I've gotten use to being here, the day after tomorrow will be when the next motive is gonna be revealed.... I don't know what it is or how it'll affect but it either way.... I have to be prepared for the worst...


To Be Continued...