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Chapter 3: Good For The Soul

Daily Life

S t a r t

I don't know how many minutes passed after the Morning Announcement rang... I just stared at the ceiling trying to cope with what happened yesterday.... Jose got killed by Beakley and there's still a traitor in the group.... That look on her face when we found out Jose wasn't the traitor... It's like she knew she made the wrong decision and finally acknowledged it.... what Panchito said to her before we found out...


"You did this for nothing! Someone I love is dead because of you! All because you wanted to "protect" us, cut the bullshit we all know you killed him because he pissed you off!"

*End of flashback*

This isn't healthy, thinking about yesterday is just gonna make me feel worse... Scrooge was completely acting like Beakley never existed and to make things worse, there's another Traitor within our family working with FOWL....

I need to get out of this room.

Dorm Hall

I walked out my room heading towards the dining hall ready to start the day...The hall had a different atmosphere than it usually did, i guess it's because 4 of us are dead. I headed for the stairs when suddenly...


I heard gyro's voice come from behind me,I turned around to see what he wanted but... I saw something weird... He looked completely different from the gyro I saw last night during the trial... He had pinkish hair, This pink solid shirt one along with a pink coat or something, goggles around his neck, his eyes were green with envy and he had this whole damn, supervillain attire on... He looked like one a member of MCR. I SHOULD'VE MADE A MORBIUS JOKE!

"Uh....Gyro? What the hell happened to you?"I asked, confused as hell.

"You! State your name and Talent, right now!" Gyro demanded.

"Um...Gladstone Glander, Ultimate Luckster? Gyro, are you high or something?" I asked gyro trying to figure out what happened to him.

"Gyro? GYRO?! You dare compare me to him?!"

Okay,I'm convinced this isn't gyro.

"Wait...aren't you gyro?"

"Oh?You don't know? Of course an idiot like you wouldn't know... I'm the better, smarter and much more superior version of him,the ultimate mad scientist himself, The Mad Ducktor!"

Mad Ducktor

Ultimate Mad Scientist

"Mad....what?"I asked...okay,this definitely isn't gyro...but he looks exactly like him...besides the hair...

"Ducktor... is there a problem?" He responded.

"So, do I call you by that or do you have a different name..." I asked with this wtf look.

"sigh, just call me MD or Mads...."

"Okay.... So Mads, when did you get here?"

"Well i woke like upstairs in this locked room tied up, i managed to untie myself and find a way to get out of the room, i kicked down the door. And now you're here so....

"So what? You want to come with me and meet the others?"

"Perfect! Me going with you is the perfect chance to prove my dominance to the group!"

"Um..... okay.... Let's go I guess."

"Oh and one more thing."

Next thing i knew, Ducktor grabbed the back of my coat and pulled me towards him, the envy in his eyes shining bright like a... emerald i guess.

"Just to make things clear, i'm better than you in everyone way possible... Just because I'm agreeing to come with you doesn't mean I respect you yet, so stay out of my way.. Unless you want to get hurt.

"Emotially or Physically?"

"Take a wild guess." He said, with this cynical and sinister look on his face. I mean, he did guess off this weird vibe when i saw him but now? This guy is crazy!

"Y-yeah sure! I'll mind my own business!"

"Great! Let's go!" He said, his personality taing a whole 180.

"..... Huh, i really just got violated." I said to myself, yeah this guy is gonna be trouble.

(My guy MD is literally a mixture of Mikey from Tokyo Revenger and Balalaika from Black Lagoon)

Dining Hall

After i told Mads to wait outside, i walked into the Dining Hall to see everyone else up... Except Panchito... They all turned towards me as i walked in the room, suspicious as hell.

"Morning guys...." I said.

"Gladstone.... You're late..." Scrooge said sternly, guess he's taking over for Beakley.

"Sorry, I just had trouble waking up.." I said, making up an excuse.

"It's fine... Just, don't be late again..." He sighed.

"So funny story, when I was walking down here, i bumped into someone new here who wasn't here when the Killing Game started." I said.

"What do you mean... Someone new?" Della asked, looking confused.

"Okay, so basically we have a 20th participant." I responded.

"20th participant?" Drake asked.

"But there's only 19 of us!" Launchpad said.

"Yeah... So don't freak or anything.... Okay so he's right outside and I'm gonna call him in..." I said.

"10 Bucks it'll be Webby." Louie whispered to Dewey

"15 it's Violet or BOYD." Dewey whispered back.

"I swear to god, if Heron or Steelbeak came here...." Bradford groaned.

"If it's Glomgold i'd rather Murder than be stuck with him." Scrooge said.

"I really hope it isn't Aunt Magica." Lena grumbled, oh yeah Magica, i remember her!

"Okay man you can come in..."

After a second, Mads kicked the door open and walked in, giving intimidating looks to everyone in the room. I looked over to Gyro and Fenton and their faces were in pure shock while everyone else was confused.

"Greetings inferiors ducklings!"


"Nice weather we're having, am i right?" He chuckled, pulling a chair from one of the others tables and to where the others where sitting. How the hell did this guy turn into a psycho just a minute ago?




"Hey did I take drugs or something, cause I see two separate Gyro's!" Della said, rubbing her eyes.

"Maybe i have double vision or something, wait no that would mean i'd be seeing two of everything." Fethry said.

"Okay so, guys, meet Ducktor, Ducktor meet everyone else..." I said.

"G-Gyro! What happened?!" Dewey asked.

"Okay so one thing, I'm... not.... gyro."

"Okay, I guess I shouldn't have woke up early to


"Hello Darling..." Ducktor said, grinning.

"Oh... it's you." Bradford said, slightly recognizing him.

"How the fuck did you get here?!" Gyro yelled.

"Well, i woke up in that locked room in what i'm gonna guess was the pool. I spent 30 minutes trying to find a way out before just kicking the door down. Then i met Gladstone and boom! I'm here in front of you guys."

"......This isn't gonna end well..." Scrooge said.

"Thank you, Scrooge Mcduck everyone! Everyone's favorite money laundering dickhead."

"Money laundering?" I asked

"Hey don't say that about Uncle Scrooge!" Louie said.

"Yeah he isn't that bad! And the time he locked us in a room doesn't count!" Dewey said.

"He did what?"

"Guys I'm sure things are gonna be okay, i mean... Two gyro's isn't that bad right?"

"Up your ass Della, you've had your tea in this family's tit for a long time now."

"Up your ass?"

"How original..." Mark said.

"Matter of fact... Eat shit..."


"Eat shit, eat shit, eat shit..."

"Hey don't use that type of language around my sons!"



"Definitely eat shit, eat shit, you can all eat shit!"

Wow, the dude has only been here for like a day and he's managed to piss off half of the people in the room. Right then, fenton dragged me outside of the dining room as everyone continued arguing.

"Dude what where you thinking bringing him here?!"

"What did I even do wrong?!"

"Look you don't understand, that isn't a normal clone Gyro made, it's an exact body double he used for experiments."

"Okay I'm confused, can you explain to me who the hell that guy is?!"

"Well it's complicated-

"Fenton those are the words you should never use to describe a situation..." I said, glaring at him.

"Well.... It actually is... A few months ago, Dr. Gearloose made a body double of himself that he used for science experiments, if you remember the Mooninvasion, they're were few clones/Body Doubles that survived... He was one of them... After that, something seemed off with him, he acted more like a prick up until Gyro used the Ego Machine on him.."

"Ego Machine?"

"Yeah, it's sorta a machine that warps a persons ego and mind. So the clone basically went crazy, took some of Gyro's equipment and "went off to destroy the world...." Those were his exact words... But Joe, he just comes back once a month to just screw with Gyro."

"But I got worse to the point he basically started screwing with his mind and uh, have you seen Fight Club?"

"Of course I've seen Fight Club. Media about Anti-Capitalism is very mainstream right now!"

"So he's kinda Gyro's real life Tyler Durden."

Oh god that's horrifying now that I think of it.


"So what's with the MCR attire?"

"I have no idea why that's his choice of clothing." Fenton said.

"So.... You think Monoscrooge stepped in to stop everyone from arguing?" I asked.

"Let's check..."

Fenton and I peaked through the door and....



"That's great.."


Gyro was 5 seconds away from punch Ducktor in the face before Monoscrooge jumped out of the wall before Gyro could land the blow.

"WHY THE FUCK IS EVERYONE YELLING?!" Monoscrooge yelled jumping out of them floor in a bathrobe.



"Why the fuck are their 16 people in the room there should 15 of you- wait a minute...."


"oh it's you... Well everyone, seems like you've met Ducktor already.... Not in the way I imagined...." Monoscrooge said.


"No! I don't even know why he's here!"

"You brought me here to play this "Killing Game", right? You know, after the fact I told you I didn't want to be involved with this shit?! Ducktor asked, somehow knowing what the Killing Game was and then getting mad.

"Oh... so you're already informed..... Well hand me your phone so I can tweak it-

"Yeah mine has already been updated. Once again, 30 minutes trapped in a room."

"You..... You know what, fuck this, The third floor is open, you all can explore it if you want I don't care.." Monoscrooge said leaving out through the door.


"You happy now? You've pissed off the whole room..."

"Yes I am, I'm just proving my superiority to you all, just letting you all know your place..."

"You motherfuck-

""Well.. I'm gonna go explore the 3rd floor, i'll see you later." Ducktor said getting ready to leave only to be stopped by Gyro grabbing him by the shoulder.

"Oh you aren't going anywhere!"

"You're touching my coat...."

"You think you can just come in here and act like shit is sweet?! Like hell we'd let that happen!"

"Hey gyro maybe we should give him another chance! I mean he did just cause a whole riot but maybe-

"Hell no! None of you know how Dangerous this guy is! For all we know, he could

"Traitor? Like the hit game Among-

"Finish that sentence and i'm gonna come up there personally and punch you in the dick. " Mark threatened Mads... Wow, guess he doesn't like Among Us.

"'So tell me... What reason do you have that'll make us trust you at all?!"



Mad proceeded to punch Gyro in the face breaking his glasses, grab him by his collar and then slam him against the wall about two times, this guy's whole demeanor took a whole 180.

"Looks like you don't your place, darling. am better than you. You don't get to boss me around like a fucking manager." He said, grabbing Gyro's neck.

"Next time you put your hands on me... I'll break your fucking neck, you hear me?"

"Y-Y-Yeah! I got it! J-Just let me go!"

"Great." Ducktor said, letting go of gyro's neck.

"Nice to meet you all!" He said, leaving the room.


"Is it just me or does Doctor sounds like Handsome Jack's Voice Actor." Louie said.


"Oh come on guys, you can't tell me he doesn't sound like that Guy!"

"I thought he was a clone of Gyro?" Della said

"I sorta... messed up his voice when I cloned him." Gyro answered.

"How the hell do you even-


We all jolted as the Dining Room door slammed shut, we all turned around and saw Panchito, wearing a unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, Cheeto-stained sweatpants, instead of his cowboy hat he had a beanie on and holding a bottle of whiskey. He really looks like Rand from Inside Job.

"*Hic* Morning Pendajas." Panchito said, voice grizzly and reeking of alcohol.

"Jesus Christ man! What the hell happened to you?!" I asked.

"Oh nothing *hic*, besides the fact my boyfriend is dead and that fucking *hic* self-centered puta Beakley killed him." Panchito said, swearing

"Hey, she may have done something awful but you can't call her a who- a very mean woman." Della said, avoiding calling Beakley a you know what in English.

"Oh fuck you!" He yelled.

"Hey this isn't like you! You've barely swore this much before yesterday!"

"M-More importantly, why do you look like Rand from Inside Job?" Fenton asked.

"Are those... Cheeto Stains?" I asked.

"Yeah, *hic* why do you care?"

"You need to get cleaned up. Here hand me that bottle-

Panchito then tossed the bottle of whiskey straight at Drake's face, lucky he dodged the bottle quickly for it to him the wall and break.

"HEY WHAT THE HELL MAN?!" Drake yelled.

"no me digas que hacer perra!(DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO BITCH!)" Panchito yelled in Spanish.

"Hehehe, I like this guy." Ducktor chuckled.

"Panchito calm down your being unreasonable!" Fethry yelled.


"Really?! First of all, you show up dressed like Rand from Inside Job, you reek of Alcohol and you look like complete shirt and just threw a bottle at Drake, you're the one who's being unreasonable."


Panchito started stuttering for a few seconds before

"Do you guys even know what I'm going through?"

"Just 3 days ago, i promised Jose that we were gonna make it out of this game alive. I made a promise to him, and you know what I got in return? Him dead two days later... By that self-centered bitch. So why shouldn't I be acting like this?! If it was any of you were in my situation, you'd be wearing these Cheeto-stained sweatpants!"

"Dude we didn't mean it like-

"No fuck you Gladstone!* hic * I don't want to hear another god damn word out of your mouth!" He yelled, interrupting me before running off.

"Panchito wait!"

"J-Just let him go, he deserves all the time he needs after yesterday."

"So... should we go explore the third floor?" Lena asked.

"I'm gonna go get another pair of glasses." Gyro said leaving.

"I'lll go ahead... Follow me if you want to..." Ducktor said, leaving.

"This is gonna suck..."

Third Floor Gate

We all headed to the third floor and found the gate blocking the Third Floor gone and the stairwell accessible.

"Christ, How much money did it even cost to renovate this place?" Lena said.

"I don't think the mansion had this many floors..."

"So, we're gonna go up there?"

"I guess."

Third Floor

I walked up to the third floor and was greeted Green wallpaper and red carpet and the doors shined gold. It's almost like that Casino back in Macaw, that was a good time.... Despite the fact me being stuck there for a year or two....

Science Room/ Ultimate Inventors Lab

I walked through one of the doors and i was greeting with Government-Esque science equipment all over the room...

"What the hell is this-

"DON'T TOUCH THAT!" Gyro yelled, stopping me from pressing one of the buttons before I ended up blowing up the room, I guess.

"We don't know what that thing those yet!"

"Aren't you a scientist? I mean shouldn't you know what this stuff is?" I asked.

"Yeah but I don't know what'll happen in you keep messing with that thing!"

"Alright then, jeez...."


"So, is this your lab?" I asked.

"Maybe, inventions all over the room, scientific machines.... Definitely my lab..." Gyro said, chuckling.

"So that means you can figure out what these machines are?"

"Probably, this all looks like state of the art Deep State level stuff. Haven't studied this type of inventions yet."

"So you don't know."

"I'll try to figure it out." Gyro said.

"Now leave please..."

"Fine... asshole."


Nurses Office

I walked through another do and was greeted with what seemed to be a hospital room, there was a bed, medical supplies and other stuff that we could use in case someone got hurt, Della and Mark were both looking through the cabinets.

"Bandages, Med Kit.... All things we can use if we get hurt..." Della said, searching through one of the cabinets.

"Wait wouldn't we have this type of stuff in the garage?" I asked.

"Yeah but... I don't think any of us would want to go back in there after...."

"Well.... Here's the thing, so the other day I went back there and Donald's body was gone...." Mark said.


"Yeah.. there's still signs of blood so I guess Scrooge is gonna mop it up when we get out of this game."

"Does he even know that the body is gone?"


"Oh yeah Gladstone has that stab wound healed up?"

"Yeah... it's sorta healed up on my Arm but my back does still hurts, I literally had stitches in my back..."


"Hey Della how did you lose your leg?" Mark asked.

"Oh, yeah I lost it when I got stuck on the moon."

"Cool, okay so how did you lose it exactly?"

"Well you see-

And this the part where I censor the gruesome details of who she had to amputate her leg and Gladstone leaves before she can even start...

Costume Room/ Ultimate Actor's Lab

I walked through another door and was greeted with a costume room straight out of Hollywood. There was makeup, masks, outfits all over the room, Launchpad and Drake we're looking around the room.

"(Wow this looks like a Hollywood Dressing room...)"

"Hey Drake look!" Launchpad dragged a mannequin wearing a Darkwing Duck costume over to Drake and placed it in from of him.

"It's looks like the classic one!"

"Yeah... reminds me of the one Jim wore..."

"Wow I can't believe you have a whole Costume Room as a lab." Launchpad said.

Oh, so this is Drake lab...

"Still, don't understand why the Dressing Room downstairs count have just been my lab..."

"Well I don't think anyone is even gonna go back in there after....."




Well this became depressing all of a sudden....

"Plus you would've be the number one suspect during the trial..." Launchpad pointed out.

"Yeah you're right about that..."

Guess I should go look at the others and leave them be...


I walked through and was greeted with neon lights, slot machines and everything you'd expect in a casino... It was straight out of a Heist Movie or something.... and in the corner was Don messing with a slot machine.

"Damn it..." He grumbled.

"Hey.... Don?"


"How... How are you using the Slot Machine?"

"Monoscrooge gave me some coins when I went to the shop the other day..."

"And we can use them to gamble?"

"Of course, now quiet!" He yelled, focusing back on the machine.

I'll should probably leave him to it then..... Hope he doesn't lose all his money.... Actually no I hope he loses it all....

Broom Closet/ Ultimate Intern's Lab

I walked through one of the more cheaply made and walked into.... a storage room, but it was filled with cleaning supplies... I looked around and I saw Fenton was hiding in the corner with a broom In his hand like a weapon.

"Fenton... why are you in here...."

"Oh nothing... just hiding from you know who...." he said.

"You're that scared of him?"

"Of course I am!" He yelled.

"Look he's all talk, all bark but no bite..."

"That's probably what you think-

"Fenton I'm sure he's just an asshole and nothing else....




"I'll just hope you're right...." Fenton said getting up and leaving, also taking the broom with him.


As I entered one of the doors, I saw every single god damn weapon imaginable on the walls. Guns, Swords, Bats, Blades, hell even poisons....


"Hey.... Uncle Scrooge?"

"Yes lad?"

"Why are writing down a list of all the weapons?"

"In case someone murders and uses one of the weapons here..."

"We'll know exactly what weapon they used...."

"Cool but... why are there so many weapons.... There's like 10 different versions of each Knife, Gun, Bow and- jesus Christ that's a lot of swords...."

"Right, that's why I'm fighting down a list."

"Well.... Since there looks like a lot more weapons to count, I should let you do your thing..." I said, leaving Scrooge to continue writing down the list.

Laundry Room

It's a laundry room..... nothing important...

Computer Lab

With two rooms left, I walked through one of them and was greeted a computer lab with 5 rows of computers, 8 on each row.

"Why the hell is there a computer lab inside the mansion?"

As I kept walking around the room, I saw this box labeled "Motive videos" on the table.... I shuffled through the box and saw tablets with labels on each one of them. I pulled one out and read the title.

"Gladstone's Motive Video."

Were....These the motive videos Monoscrooge was going to give us during our 2nd day here? Yeah, gyro said something dumb and Louie ended up getting held hostage....

"I wonder what's in this video..."

I pressed the play button and the screen begs me to flicker as I waited.....





"Why are you recording?"

"Hey people who dare do stuff like this all the time!"

What the......... Magica?

"Can you just... stop recording? For now at least?"

"Fine fine...."


"Explain why you brought me on this trip?"

"To show you the brighter side of life! You don't wanna be stuck in that cabin all of your life right?"

"I could be planning my revenge of the Mcduck's right now and you've dragged me to.... Miami."

"See? My point exactly..."


I should probably explain this.... Actually no, long story short.. After the whole Phantom Blot incident and i met Magica. A few weeks later we started taking and then boom! We're dating....

All these recordings.... How did Monoscrooge get these?

"Magica De Spell, a menace to Duckburg and society as a whole.... Some could even consider her the former queen of Black Air Force Activity... However, you Gladstone... Gave her a second chance to show her what Society offers and how everything isn't all about revenge."


"Now... what would happen if all of that was taken away?"

Right then, the screen flickered as more images of me and her in public.... and as the screen cut to black, red words displayed as Monoscrooge read them...

"Are you lucky enough to get away with a murder just to protect someone you love?"

I dropped the the tablet, trying to comprehend what I just watched... The video, the recordings, the photos.... I had all of that on my phone.... How- How did Monoscrooge get a hold of that?! I soon found myself in a corner on the floor having a panic attack just thinking of what could've happened...

"Hey man what're you doing?"

I looked up and saw Mark standing above me.

"You look like you saw a ghost or something...."

I didn't say nothing to him, still shocked from what I saw...

"My guy, you good?" He asked.

"The.... Motive videos-

"Motive vids?"

I pointed to the box on the table and he just stating laughing.

"C'mon man I'm sure they can't be that bad...." He said, walking liver and pulling a tablet out that i assume is his motive....




A minute passed and Mark dropped the tablet he had in his hand... He turned around and looked completely freaked out....

"What.... THE ACTUAL HELL?!"

"T-That asshole wants to threaten my company and harm my boyfriend?!"

Well it's confirmed... that guy on marks phone wallpaper is his boyfriend...

"So that's why you're freaked out?"

"Y-Yeah..." I responded.

"So who did you get in your video?" He asked.


"Wait... Your video was about the bitch that tried to takeover Duckburg?"


"Are... Are you screwing her-


"Right. Listen, we gotta tell everyone about this-

"No! The last thing we need is for everyone to find out about this! Let's just forget this every happened and not bring it up to anyone!"

"So your saying that's the plan?!"

"Okay, look no one can know we found out about the motive video.... let's walk out of here and act like nothing happened...."

"A-Alright..." Mark said, putting the tablets back and rushing out of the room.

I did exactly what he did and got the hell up out of the room, making sure no one was in the halls... a million questions flooded my head, how did he get those recordings? How did he know about me and Magica's relationship? Did he do something to her?! N-No I have to calm down... I can't assume the worse possible scenario... She has to be alright, she has to...

Extra Bedroom/The Triplets Lab

As I was trying to clear my mind, I ended up walking into another room, it was pretty small and had two bunk beds on both sides of the room. There was a book shelf and some games scattered across the shelves... Louie, Dewey and Lena were all looking around the room.

"Hey why is there even a spare bedroom here?" Dewey asked.

"I don't know, maybe for someone to hide in?"

"Nah, from now it looks..... i think this room is for us." Lena said.

"Wait... so a literal Bedroom is our Lab?"

"Yep!" Monoscrooge said, popping up out of nowhere.

"No fair!"

"How come they get cool Labs while we get a Bedroom?!" Louie yelled.

"It would've costed more to build separate labs for you so we saved money and combined all three of your labs into one!" Monoscrooge told them.

"So be grateful i didn't leave you two out of this." He said before leaving.

"Hey uncle Gladstone, why do you look like you've seen a ghost?"


"Yeah... you alright-

"I'm fine Louie..."

"But last time-

"I'm fine....."

"Oh... okay..."

"Damn it, why did we get a bedroom as our lab..."

"Yeah it sucks...."

"Cry about it..." Lena said, messing with the bookshelf.

I guess I should leave them to complain.....

Fourth Floor Staircase

I kept walking down the 3rd floor and soon reached the end of the hall... Like the last time, there was a gate blocking access to the fourth floor and a another stairway to the second floor, since I was done I just went back downstairs...

Dining Room

After i finished searching the 3rd floor, I headed back downstairs and to the dining room and waited for the others to come...

And waited....


And waited......


A whole fucking hour later

So.... After a whole hour of waiting, everyone slowly made their way into the room and we started the meeting.

"Okay so what did we find on the third floor?" Scrooge asked.

"There's 4 more ultimate labs we found on the new floor...." Gyro said.

"One for Gyro, Fenton, Drake and one for both Louie and Dewey..." Bradford said.

"Theres also a Laundry room, Nurses Office and a Casino..." Don said.

"Hey where's the new guy, Fethry and Panchito?"

"Panchito locked himself in his Lab and I haven't seen the Discount Gyro anywhere...."

"So what happened with Fethry?"

"Last time I saw

"Also Fenton why are you holding a broom?" Drake asked.

"No reason."

"Maybe we should go find him-

"Hey the gangs all here..."

Right then, Ducktor and Fethry both walked in the room, Fethry looked hella uncomfortable....

"What the hell are you doing with my Cousin?" Della asked.

"It's not-

"What? This whole thing we got going on? Oh Fethry here has basically told me everything that happened so far...." He said, interrupting Fethry.

"About how your Brother got killed by your son and how you were forced to watch him die... How the person who looked out for your group lost her god damn mind and killed that Drunk guys boyfriend because of superstition! Scrooge is must be a pain to know the person you trusted turned into a bitch and killed someone. Must be tough having those types of burdens..."

"He didn't want to kill Donald you bastard!" Della yelled.

"My brother isn't a burden!"

"You little-

I could see Fethry signaling Scrooge to stop before he ended up doing anything drastic.

"I also heard about the traitor situation, Gladstone's recklessness when his nephew got held hostage by the robot, Fehtry's told me everything.... And I mean everything..."

Everything... wait D-Does he know about someone in the family being a mole for FOWL?

"No offense... but wow you guys kinda suck..."

"Anyways I'll leave you all to continue talking, have fun dying btw!" Ducktor said before leaving.

"I already hate that guy...." Louie said.


"Me too."

"How much of an asshole is he?" I asked.

"For a Gyro clone, he doesn't sound like him at all..."

"Yeah, he kinda sounds like Handsome Jack."

"Hahaha! Funny."

After a few more minutes, we all got up and headed off for the rest of the day... once again leaving me alone in the dining room....

"Guess I have time to spare.... WELP!"


To Be Continued