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Exclusive promises

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Kiana: Mei-senpai, tomorrow is The White Day so let's go out together! Of course just the two of us!
(Mei): But weren't you invited on karaoke by a junior? Is it okay?
Kiana: Eh? I rejected!
(Mei) What about dinner?
Kiana: Eat out! I've already booked it!
(Mei): What about the people who usually are targeting you?
Kiana: Don't worry! I've already taken the precaution fight so nothing troublesome will happen tomorrow.
(Mei): The precaution fight?
Kiana: I beat them up!
(Mei): I think this way is dangerous....
Theresa: Kiana, Kiana! What are you doing?
Kiana: Hm? Yeah..... I'm on the phone, did something happen?
Theresa: Will you go out with us tomorrow? I have the tickets, everyone said that they're going, it surely will be fun!
Kiana: I'm not going!
Theresa: Eh? But don't you like lively places? Or do you have other plans?
Kiana: Uh.... Tomorrow I want to sleep all day!
Theresa: But the place we are going to is---
Kiana: Yeah, see you!
Kiana: Haa... That's why I want to spend time together with Mei-senpai. Lately whenever we have free time, everyone is always gathering and spending time together.
(Mei): That's true....
Kiana: Ah, the phone call is still on-going, so what do you think, Mei-senpai?
(Mei): Since Kiana-chan told me so much, I have to show my sincerity.
Kiana: So, see you tomorrow!
Kiana: ....
Kiana: Yey!
Kiana: Can't wait. It would be great if there was a button that can make tomorrow now. Ah, right!
Kiana: Go back home, go to sleep, wake up and it will be tomorrow!
Kiana: Hehehe, let's go back home!
???: .....
???: Tomorrow is the White Day. The day for two to give back the received feelings.
???: Kiana, don't expect to spend tomorrow quietly.
Kiana: Uugh.... I want to sleep a bit more... snooze!
Kiana: Somehow it feels like I've already snoozed?
Kiana: Ah! What time is it? G-good! If I go by bus, I will be on time.
Kiana: But I wonder why. Even though it's day, it's dark outside. Because of that I almost overslept!
What out!
Kiana: Who did the scribble on my widnow? There's a letter under.... A threatening letter?
Kiana: Okay, I accept and---
Kiana: Eh.... There is no time and place written. The fight is supposed to take place where!
Kiana: Uwaaa! If I don't hurry up, I will be late!
Kiana: Huu. I somehow got to the amusement park, Where Mei-senpai could be?
(Mei): Kiana-chan?
Kiana: Ah, Mei-senpai!
Mei: Sorry for keeping you waiting. This state, you've skipped breakfast again? Here, I prepared cookies.
Kiana: ....
Mei: Something wrong? Do you feel bad?
Kiana: Mei-senpai is cute.
Mei: Because today isn't like always, it's a special day.
Kiana: I should have worn something cooler.... Cute.
Mei: Kiana-chan, you can only say that? Okay, okay, you can watch as much as you want, but first let's go to the place you said you wanted to go. It the amusement park ahead, right?
Kiana: Yeah, Yeah, let's go.
Mei: Kiana-chan, look. It seems we can do princess cosplay. Should we do one together?
Kiana: Ah, wait!
Mei: Hm?
Kiana: (When I look at Mei-senpai's clothes, I forget about the threatening letter. I definitely don't want my time alone with Mei-senpai to be interrupted so if someone is targeting us, I need to quickly get rid of them. And--)
Kiana: I have a feeling like someone is staring at us. I'm going to check around for a moment.
Mei: Staring? If you say so....
Kiana: Eh, What?
Hey, the silver haired girl over there, you're Kiana, right?
Kiana: Hee, You've already showed up, great!
Don't say anything and die!
Even though there's only.... two of them....
Mei: People who say those kind of lines usually end up this way.
Kiana: Huh, Why do you think I came with the bat? Of course it's to deal with small fries like you!
This time... It's our defeat....
Kiana: I'm tired of that line. Tell me quickly, who is your boss? For what purpose you have came to interrupt us?
Uwah, don't strangle me....
Kiana: Tell mi quickly.
Be-because... we came to just pick up a fight with Kiana!
Kiana: You wrote the threatening letter under my window, right? Which one of you?
Threatening letter? What are you talking about?
Kiana: Don't play dumb!
Uuuh, don't strangle me! Our friend were beaten up by you so we came to get revenge instead! We won't do it again!
Mei: Kiana-chan....
Kiana: Uuuh, I didn't want my date with Mei-senpai to be interrupted, that's why I did it.
Mei: Let's let those people go for now.
Thank you!
Kiana: Mei-senpai, I'm sorry. Let's fully enjoy the amusement park like planned.
Mei: Speaking of, Kiana-chan you said earlier that you felt someone staring at us, right?
Kiana: Hm? Something wrong?
Mei: In truth, I also feel like someone is following me. And that person most likely isn't an amateur.
Kiana: So now?
Mei: We.... may be targeted.
Kiana: Come on! Who the hell! And on such day of all.
Mei: Take it easy, Kiana-chan.
Mei: You'll know when the culprit is caught, right?
???: Alright, there were abstacles, but I'm glad I didn't lose the sight of her.
???: Resume pursuit.
???: Hm? is that person trying to go to the crowd?
Next client, please.
???: Ah, suddenly a person came out. Not good.... I can't see Mei and Kiana.
???: I have to close the distance.
???: Alright, Mei has entered the rest area with fewer people. Sit on the chair and rest, this will do.
???: Ah, by the way, where is Kiana----
Kiana: I found you!
???: Eh?
Kiana: Hen! Isn't my lure strategy good? I caught a voyeur at beach this way!
Ninti: It hurts....
Kiana: Ninti, why are you following us?
Ninti: I want to give Mei chocolate.
Kiana: Ha?
Kiana: w-w-what do you mean? No way, Mei-senpai at Valentine gave Ninti.... No, no, there's no way, right? What do you mean?
Ninti: Hm? I just want to give chocolat, why is Kiana panicking so much?
Kiana: Just give chocolate.... No way.... No way, they did more amazing things!? What do you mean? Had en affair? What day is today?
Mei: Chocolate for me?
Mei: Uun... Ah! Could it be?
Mei: Since Kiana-chan told me so much, I have to show my sincerity.
Kiana: So, see you tomorrow!
Mei: Kiana will either get excited and won't be able to sleep or go to sleep earlier hoping that tomorrow will come faster.
Mei: No matter which Kiana will do there is possibility of her skipping breakfast so let's prepare snacks.
Theresa: Mei are you there!? Mei?
Mei: Hm? President Theresa?
Theresa: Will you go out with us tomorrow? I have the tickets, everyone said that they're going, it surely will be fun!
Mei: Thank you. But tomorrow is.... I will go shopping.
Theresa: Shopping? Tomorrow there is a sale in the supermarket?
Mei: That's right.
Theresa: Kiana and Mei won't come. Somehow it's a bit lonely....
Theresa: But if you have something to do, nothing can be done. It seems there will be a White Day event so we will take lots of photos to make you regret!
Theresa: I will go find someone else to ask, see you!
Mei: Okay, see you.
Mei: Is it okay? Kiana-chan doesn't want other people to notice.
???: notice?
Mei: Uwah!
Ninti: Is it about the White Day thing President Theresa was talking about?
Mei: Ninti-chan, why are you on the tree?
Ninti: A kitty was in trouble so I helped.
Mei: So that's why.....
Ninti: So what about this White Day?
Mei: Emm... I'll explain.
Mei: The White Day is the day where people who received presents on Valentine's day prepare presents to give back to those who took care of them.
Ninti: I see.
Mei: So that's it. But don't talk much about the White Day. People who are expecting presents and won't receive anything on that day.....
Ninti: Get depressed, that kind of thing. I understand. I won't tell anyone.
Ninti: White Day.... I need to properly prepare.
Mei: Already went.
Mei: But there's no problem then. So, let's go back to preparing cookies.
Kiana: I see, so Ninti gace Mei-senpai a present because she simply wanted to express her gratitude, right?
Ninti: I thought I would like to express my gratitude for taking care of me. By the way, Kiana, why did you emphasize the word "Simply"?
Kiana: Nothing, it's nothing. It's good to know that the one following us was Ninti.
Kiana: So, Ninti?
Ninti: Why are you extending your hand?
Kiana: You don't have a present for me!?
Ninti: Of course I prepared a present for you. Thank you for always, here please take this.
Kiana: Yey-! Eheheh, I got a present, I will forgive you the threatening letter.
Ninti: Threatening letter?
Mei: Threatening letter.... Kiana-chan look.
Kiana: It's just a wall.... Eh?
Mei: The threatening letter you talked about, does it feel like this?
Kiana: It is!?
Kiana: "Get out of there! There's no time!"
Kiana: Wait, it's not Ninti's doing!?
Mei: Kiana-chan, this handwriting and the one on the threatening letter.....
Kiana: They are the same, so the one who wrote this is definitely the culprit!
Ninti: It's weird.
Mei: Something wrong?
Ninti: There is a person holding "Buisness closed sign". She wears Kappa, but if you look closely at the skirt it could be one of our school's student. No way that's....
Mei: I also think that. Kiana-chan, let's chase!
Kiana: Yeah!
???: ....
Kiana: Don't run away!
Mei: If it is because Kiana did something bad, let's sit down and talk about it!
??? .....
Ninti: It's dead end.... Ah, she jumped over.
Mei: Don't be discouraged, let's go after her.
Kiana: I mean, it doesn't feel like she's running away from us, does it?
Mei: With that being said, no matter how many time we stop, it's like she is going in the same direction?
Kiana: Direction.... Ah! Amusement park's exit, surely she is planning to run away by a car!
Kiana: I won't let you!
Kiana: Stop! You don't have where to run. That kappa, take it off.... Hm?
Jhana: .....
Kiana: You.....
Mei: Jhana-chan?
Kiana: Jhana, those scribbles were your doings?
Jhana: Yes.
Ninti: But you're not a bad person.... Why would you do such a thing?
Jhana: To warn.
Kiana: Warn?
Jhana: If you continued to act as you were, Kiana would encounter a complex problem that she doesn't want to encounter and the final result will be like supernova's explosion.
Kiana: What... explosion? You mean the thing with Ninti? We already talked about it and solved it.
Jhana: Not that. The only one I want to warn is Kiana. Because it's a threat looming over Kiana.
Kiana: So what the hell is it!
Yeah, everyone has arrived!
Jhana: It's too late.
Kiana: What? Wait, those people....
Mei: Ah.... They are....
Theresa: Are you ready? We are going to have much fun!
Kiana: The threat looming over me.... No way, the place Theresa mentioned is this amusement park!?
Theresa: Ah!
Mei: Not good, they've noticed.
Kiana: Shit, all those people came to this amusement park!
Theresa: Wait!
Kiana: The White Day date I planned.... Will be spend with everyone!?
Theresa: Catch her!
Kiana: Ok, ok, it's enough.... Eh?
Mei: Eh?
Ninti: Eh?
Seele: Seele has secured Ninti!
Ninti: Eeeh?
Ninti: Please wait, President, why did you tied Ninti up?
Ninti: And why does everyone.... make scary faces?
Theresa: How can a two-timing person say such a thing?
Kiana: Two-timing....
Mei: ..... Two-timing person?
Ninti: What does two-timing mean?
Theresa: Huun. You pretend to not know anything. You weren't like this when you came to give me a present.
Theresa: Come clean quickly.
Sirin: Ninti-chan, why did you do such a prank?
Ninti: Excuse me?
Kiana: What the.... What do you mean?
Mei: Uun.... Ah, I think I know.
Mei: Ninti-chan, after yesterday's talk about White Day, how many people did you give back?
Ninti: Emmm.... 1, 2, 3, 4----
There are too many to count!?
Ninti: I thought people would get depressed if they don't get something so I wanted to give everyone a present.
Mei: Why didn't you tell us from the beginning?
Ninti: There were many people I wanted to give presents to so I went to the next person right after giveing the present.
There were many people you wanted to give presents to!?
Seele: Wait, so those are really thoughful White Day presents?
Ninti: Of course! I put my feeling into those presents. And before leaving I send a warm blessing to the people like it was written on the internet.
Ninti: "I'm on your side no matter what", "I will always like you", "When I see you I feel happy".... Like those.
Seele: Enough, it's enough. We're already full of sweet lines.
Theresa: I feel like something is off, I wonder if something is wrong....
Ninti: No way, Ninti's presents made you feel bad?
Kika: Ninti?
Ninti: Kika-sama?
Kika: You dared to do this. This morning people came to protest against you and surrounded the dorm.
Ninti: It's, What on earth....
Kika: You.... It seems like you need to be punished.
Mei: It's just misunderstanding, Ninti didn't mean it, maybe at that time, if I only explained in more details....
Kiana: Ninti still has a lot to learn. Luckily we've met at the amusement park today, if it had been school, it would have been crueler.
Kiana: Hm?
Kiana: So, Jhana wanted us to leave amusement park.... Because by being here, we would met Theresa and others.
Kiana: So that's why, when she realized that she won't make it in time, she hold the "Buisness closed" sign.... Hm? Mei-senpai, You're pulling my clothes, something wrong?
Mei: Let's go home. If they notice, we won't be able to.
Kiana: Yeah! Oh right, Jhana!
Kiana: Jhana? My guess was correct, right?
Kiana: Ok.... She's gone. Did she hide again?
Kiana: Jhana! I wonder if she will hang out with us from now on....
(Jhana): .....Kiana.
(Jhana): If I didn't come to school, I wouldn't have known this interesting thing.
(Jhana): So think of this as a present to you.
(Jhana): Taste and receive it properly.