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Trixie lies on his back on his too-soft mattress with his eyes wide open, headphones askew over his head cause he's too lazy and bored to adjust them. He's also, somehow, incredibly restless, and he's not really listening to the music quietly twanging in his ears. This is supposed to be his chill-out playlist and it's not doing shit. He fidgets with the plastic wrap of the lollipop he's passing from the inside of one cheek to another

Truth is, he's still too jacked up from his and Katya's first performance, and he surprises himself grinning like a fool in the quiet darkness of his little room, plastic stick pushing against his lip, and bounching his leg against the messy, foreign sheets of this godforsaken tour-bus bed, his heart rate speeding up when he should be winding down and trying hard to rest as much and as well as he can.

He grabs his phone instead, taps his way to Katya's number.
He picks up at the second ring.

"Bitch, go to sleep"

"Hello, this is animal control, we're receiving multiple calls about the smell and we'd firmly encourage you to turn yourself in before things turn ugly. Oh no wait, they already did nevermind"

Katya's already wheezing halfway through Trixie's little spiel, but he barrels through anyway and Katya lets him.

"You harass me at this time of night and then you insult me too? Oh my god is it my birthday?"

His voice is low and scratchy but it gets girlier on the second half of his reply, and Trixie laughs along with him, as quietly as he can.

"I couldn't sleep, I'm still too wired from the show"

Trixie can hear him shuffle around, grunt like the old man he is. He's still smiling to himself.

"Oh girl me neither, we sure lit a fire up my ass. You wanna come watch a movie or something?"

It's not what Trixie expected and he's genuinely taken aback for a moment, stalls with his eyebrows raised.

"Uhhh sure, my laptop is charging though"

"What do you think I got this stupid ipad for?"

Trixie's eyebrows scrunch now. Why does he sound so casual about it. I mean, why would he not sound casual? Maybe Trixie's more tired than he thought, he's not making any sense.
He's still a little puzzled by his own thinking as he tells Katya he'll be right there.


Katya's bed is the exact same size his is, Trixie knows that much, but it feels so much tinier with the both of them lying on their sides, like two man-brackets for Katya's ipad, propped up in its case in between them.

The room is dark aside from the lazy splashes of light coming from the screen, and it lights up Katya's teeth as he laughs with almost no sound behind it, his head lying on his pillow. Trixie looks down at him from where he's leaning against his own wrist, elbow holding him up, swirls the hard candy around inside his mouth and it clinks against his teeth. Katya glances up at him.

"Do you just always have to have something in your mouth? You couldn't resist one day?"

Trixie gasps, shocked, tells him to shut up and go back to the sewers, but Katya just keeps smiling at him for a second, before his eyes go back to the screen. Trixie hears him speak over the quiet dialogue of the movie.

"We were good weren't we"

He doesn't look back at Trixie, and his face is relaxed, soft with contentment. Trixie doesn't say anything but he can't help smiling too, and Katya tosses a quick glance at him after a couple seconds of comfortable quiet.

Trixie grabs the ipad with one hand instead, the rest of his body shifting so he can lay part of his back against the other pillow, slouched against the bus walls, serving as a headboard. He plops the screen on his stomach and Katya's already huffing and puffing beside him, protesting that he can't see shit now.

"Girl shut up, you're gonna wake up the whole fucking bus. Get up here"

Katya sits on his heels for a bit, fussing with his own pillow to arrange it next to Trixie's, then unceremoniously flops down beside him, their shoulders pressed together.
It's warm inside the bus, and he's wearing a plain black t-shirt that bunches up around his hips and his biceps as he wiggles around to get comfortable. Trixie hates it. He needs to say it.

"I hate how buff you got. Disgusting."

Katya huffs and snorts right away, snatches her own ipad up from Trixie's lap and places it in his own, a rare act of defiance of his friend's unspoken authority, then turns to look at him straight in the eye as he speaks.

"Jealousy's a disease, get well soon bitch"

Trixie's mouth drops open in shock and he tries to wrestle the screen back from Katya's hands, their arms tangling but their struggle just a weak push and pull of limbs that gets them closer together, leaves Trixie a little breathless and warm in his cheeks. One of his hands is still gripping Katya's shoulders and he flexes it purposefully once they start settling down, his eyes sparkling with a juvenile kind of joy that Trixie wants to roll his eyes at. He shoves lightly at him and crosses his arms over his stomach instead, and their bodies are now completely pressed together.

They stay quiet for a while, and Trixie gets progressively aware of Katya's slow, deep breaths, wonders if he's maybe getting sleepy and it's time for him to go. He doesn't say anything though, just settles into his friend's side a little more, sliding down so he can lay his head against Katya's shoulder.

Katya doesn't say anything either, but he's acutely aware of the shift of Trixie's jaw as he swishes the remainder of his stupid lollipop around his mouth, the clink of the stick against his teeth the only sound aside from the movie neither of them is watching anymore.
Katya keeps his breathing slow, watches Trixie's head move with the rise and fall of his own chest, certain he knows he's being watched.

"Hey, wait, lemme just-"

Trixie feels Katya move carefully not to jostle him and pushes himself up for a second, to let him shift around.
Katya pulls his pillow up an inch and moves his whole body down, one of his arms stretching over Trixie's pillow, ipad at his side opposite to Trixie.


Propped up on both his elbows, Trixie looks at him and nothing's really different than usual, it's just them. Something stirs inside his chest, though, and he can feel his heartbeat as he settles into Katya's side.
It's so much closer like this, with his cheek pressed where Katya's shoulder becomes his chest and he can smell him with every breath and his stomach presses against Katya's ribs and the candy in his mouth presses against his smushed cheek and-

"Can you tell your brain to shut up? I can hear your gears grinding and it's not the good kind of grinding, bitch"

Trixie feels a warm weight curling around his shoulders, realizes Katya's arm hadn't been on him up until now and misses it retroactively.
He huffs a small laugh against his best friend, lets his body relax, muscle after muscle, lets his own arm rest across Katya's stomach, his knee bumping into his.
It's just them.

Trixie's so warm, tucked into Katya's space, with the brush of Katya's chin against his forehead whenever he comments on the movie, the soft drag of his fingertips along the ridge between Trixie's neck and shoulder, and Trixie doesn't realize she's nuzzling closer into his neck, eyes drifting close while he breathes in the smell of Katya's skin.

"Trix? You asleep?"

His voice is barely more than a whisper and Trixie wants it into her ear. He feels bratty with sleepiness and something else moving through his body slowly, buzzing it awake.

"Yes. Keep petting me."

His words are muffled against Katya's collarbone and his head bounces with his chuckle. Trixie can't help laughing too, his fingers tightening a little over Katya's stomach, sliding towards the dip of his firm waist.

Katya bites his lip, the tip of Trixie's nose dragging slowly but surely up the side of his neck, hot puffs of breath damp against it as they laugh together, fully aware of their current state of being.
Neither of them says anything though, and Katya bends his knee so his leg can slide under Trixie's, tangling their calves together and tugging him closer with the arm he has around Trixie's shoulders. Katya wonders if he can feel his pulse in his neck, thumping in his chest.

The next time Trixie swallows around the lollipop in his mouth and swirls it around again, Katya feels both the plastic stick and Trixie's lips against his neck, a sharp poke and a soft, sticky brush in turn. He exhales deep from his nose.


The leg Trixie has over Katya's hikes up higher, his knee is dangerously close to his crotch and his hand rakes over his chest and Katya is mad with it, suddenly wants it so much it devours him. Trixie's voice vibrates right below his earlobe and he shivers all over.

"You smell so fucking good"

Katya groans because he can't help it, adjusts his hips to ignore the twitch of his dick.

"If you don't chuck that stupid stick away so I can kiss you right now I'm gonna shove it down your throat, I swear"

Trixie lifts his head enough to look into Katya's eyes and he's half laying on top of his friend's chest, sleepy eyes gleaming in the darkness and his fingers dragging from Katya's pecs to wrap around the plastic sticking out from his mouth. He grins around it and Katya feels it between his legs.

"Oh I wish you would"

Katya curls his fingers around Trixie's and yanks the stick out of his mouth before pressing their lips together, immediately tasting artificial cherry and Trixie, immediately ravenous with it. He pushes Trixie back on his side and shifts to face him, one arm still underneath Trixie's neck and curling around his shoulders, the other snaking around his waist to pull their bodies together.

Trixie opens his mouth to him right away, letting Katya's tongue sweep into his mouth, soft little noise in his throat and arching his back into him like he's the fucking prom queen. Katya wants to ruin him.

Trixie knows how much Katya likes this, how he could go on for hours and hours just licking slow and messy into Trixie's mouth and palming along the crease of his ass, curling his fingers into it through his sweats without even touching his skin, seemingly unaware of how hard they both already are, and that's why Trixie allows himself to enjoy it too for long, delicious minutes, because he knows Katya won't push him anywhere he's not absolutely sure he wants to go. Because this is still just them.

Trixie does, however, also allow himself to thrust his hips slowly into Katya's, the hard shape of their erections trapped in their respective underwater and straining, rubbing together. They pull apart to pant against each other's mouths, and Trixie stares at Katya's screwed-shut eyes, his brows knitted tightly together and his sweaty neck sliding against the crease of his elbow. He wants him so bad it makes his dick jump and his hips stutter forward.

He forces himself to breathe deep, slow the rhythm of their body moving together.
Katya naturally follows, opens his eyes slowly and slides his hand up from Trixie's ass to the small of his back, his forehead pressing against his friend's.

Trixie's voice is quiet, sweet like his dick isn't aggressively nudging Katya's between them.

"We can't"

"I know"

"Bri, it's only day one"

"I know!"

Trixie lets out a puff of laughter that feels like a release of tension more than amusement, lets Katya kiss him again as deep as wants to.



"We're okay, right?"

Trixie pulls away, both hands flat against Katya's warm chest, and makes his face as open and sincere as possible to convey the clear, still feeling rushing through him like the purest goddamned mountain brook.

"We're okay. It's me and you."

Their limbs disentangle slowly but they stay close for a minute, breathing slowly in each other's space, talking very quietly about the show and the crew and how incredible it all had been and was going to be. How this is was just the beginning.

Eventually, Trixie finds himslef sitting up and swinging his legs off the side of Katya's bed, sleep suddenly pulling hard at the corner of his conscience.

"You sure you don't want to stay?"

Trixie turns his head to look at Katya, his voice quiet and low, colored with affection. He huffs at the tug he feels inside his chest. He's still half hard. Ridiculous.

"Nah, I'd never subject myself to the way you sleep, bitch"

Katya laughs, fully aware that Trixie knows he likes to sleep alone. His eyes are so fond on Trixie's face that he has to turn away, bend down to pull his socks higher just to do something.

Katya springs up and actually walks him to the tiny door, standing close to him as they peer around the outside to make sure the coast is clear.
They don't kiss after saying goodnight, but Trixie wants to, thinks about it, and he can see it in Katya's face too.
He keeps that image in his mind's eye once he's back into his tiny little room, tucked under his own sheets, with his own hand curled around the wet head of his dick and the memory of Katya's squeezing his ass cheeks and he comes thinking about Katya doing the same just a few feet away from him with Trixie's name on his lips and the stick of Trixie's lollipop on his floor.