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The door gradually opened, letting out an unsettling creaking noise. Entering inside was Forrest Blackwell, who had an unreadable expression plastered on his face. Slowly, he strolled through his mansion, letting his suit jacket fall on the floor. Forrest had given his staff the week off earlier today, leaving him and his white cat, Pearl, the only occupants in the mansion. 

Today...Today was supposed to mark a grand accomplishment. A chance to move forward. Not only for the city but for himself. Instead, it turned into something dreadful. Events kept on replaying throughout his head repeatedly like a broken record. Today was perhaps the second-worst day of his life. 

He entered his dark kitchen and turned on the light. Pearl followed, emitting a quiet meow, indicating that she was hungry. Forrest grabbed the milk carton from the fridge. The older man grabbed a bottle of whiskey from a cabinet. He poured the remnants of the milk carton into Pearl's food bowl, not even caring that he spilled some of it onto the floor. Tossing the now empty carton on the counter, he removed the cap of his wine bottle and drank from the bottle itself as he treks down the hall to the next room.

This chamber was the biggest in his entire mansion, next to his safe room. It contained a widescreen tv, many books, awards, and a model of the city Forrest reside in, the place he gave so much, LEGO City.

Forrest turned on his tv. On came the LEGO City news. Forrest paid no attention. Events from just hours earlier replayed in his head.

“You can’t do this!” The billionaire shouted.

At the site of his latest project stood newly elected Mayor Gleeson, members of the city council, wildlife officials, recently appointed Cheif of Police Marion Dunby and a portion of the LEGO City Police Department. All of which were at the receiving end of the man's glare.

“Mr. Blackwell.” Mayor Gleeson spoke to the billionaire firmly. “This is a site of an endangered species. This project cannot allow to go on.” 

“They’re just squirrels! We have plenty of those running amuck. How are these any special? You dare deny my chance to build this in her name to protect some insignificant rodents?”

“I understand that you're upset about this, Forrest, but harming endangered animals of any type is against the law. Should you break said law, I’ll have no choice but to have you arrested. Is that clear?”

Forrest gave nothing but a cold stare at the mayor. Gleeson, however, remained unfazed.

“I hereby declare this construction project shut down!”

Just like that, his plans were ruined. Plans that he had spent several years pondering. Plans to honor the one he loved.


Oh, his precious Julie. She was the first & only person who truly understood him, to know the real him. An early portion of his life Forrest...stood out among his peers. Even at a young age, he knew he was different from everyone else. That did not settle well with some people. At best, people just avoided him. At worst, they would call him cruel things. That often resulted in him lashing out, which often got Forrest into trouble in his youth. 

Things with his parents were not any better. Forrest's mother did try to understand him better, but it was never enough. His father, on the other hand...acted like nothing was wrong.

"You'll get over it." Forrest's father often said to him with condescension. 

That was the most and only heartfelt thing his father had ever done for him. Other than that, his father did not attempt to mend their relationship. Even after Forrest's mother died, his father did not take any action. It was right then that Forrest realized that everyone he grew up around will forever reject him. So when he was able to care for himself, Forrest stole a fragment of his father's money and moved to LEGO City to start over. Severing the ties of his old life, forever. 

In a short amount of years, he made a name for himself and acquired more wealth. The city admired the gifts he brought to them. Not once did Forrest ever sense any rejection. The city made him feel more accepted than anyone in his previous life ever done. No longer the outcast that everyone avoided like the plague. He was now the one everyone wanted to be around, and it felt so damn good. 

Despite the adoration from the city, the fear of rejection lingers within due to his experiences in his childhood. So Forrest vowed not to build any close relationships. After all, one cannot experience rejection if they do not form bonds with anyone.

That all changed when he met Julie many years ago. With her around, life now felt more joyous. She was aware of his flaws, but that never drove her away from him. Despite the many hardships they endured, their love for each other was strong. Forrest honestly had no clue what he did to deserve her. Every bad day he had, Julie was always there for comfort. The years that followed into his marriage with Julie, and the admiration the city gave him, Forrest felt truly...happy. At long last, life finally decided to give happiness to him. Forrest believed that this feeling would last forever. 

Then the day came when life would again take a jab at him when Julie died in a tragic accident in Bluebell Forest a few years back.

Forrest was distraught when her death occurred. Julie's death was conceivably the single worst day of his life. In the months afterward, he became severely depressed. Eventually, it turned into anger. Forrest needed an outlet to direct that anger. That outlet: Bluebell Forest.

Forrest had never been a nature person, that was more Julie's thing, but he never had any negative opinions of Bluebell. That all changed when Julie died. Just the mere mention of the word Bluebell filled him with fury. That was when he finally decided to build his newest creation at Bluebell in Julie's name. 

Despite many protests from environmental activists and scientists, no one had taken action against him. After all, why should they? Forrest had provided the city with many great things for so many years. Never once did they ever oppose him. Not to mention he was building this project in memory of Julie. The city adored Julie for her undeniable amount of kindness when she was still alive. How could anyone deny him of that? 

But thanks to that dammed squirrel, everything he thought he knew changed. Despite everything he has done for them, the city did not allow him to go forward with his plans. They denied him his chance to honor Julie's name. The city rejected him. 

It had made Blackwell feel many emotions. Denied, betrayed, and scandalized…

“Our top story tonight: The shut down of Forrest Blackwell's project.” Forrest heard from the tv, to whom he brought his attention back. There he sees a male news anchor speak.

“A discovery of an endangered squirrel by Bluebell officials led to the end of Blackwell's latest project. After a sweep on the site, City Hall shut down the project. Unfortunately, we could not get a comment from Mr. Blackwell. He did have this to say.”

The screen showed footage of Forrest himself storming off to his limo. “You're all ungrateful swines! I gave you all I have, and this is how you repay me?! Let’s see how you all like it if I never built anything for you ever again!” He watched the footage of himself shouting before getting into his limo.

"I have to say Mr. Blackwell didn’t seem to be very happy,” A female news anchor commented. 

“With someone as loaded as him, I don't think its that big of a deal to him.” The male anchor expressed nonchalantly.

Forrest felt a tremendous amount of rage building up, as he heard those words from the television. Not a big deal?! It was a huge deal to him!

“If you ask me, a person like him would surely get over it.” 

Hearing the way the news anchor spoke as if they were mocking him. It was like hearing his father, and the others in his childhood years rejecting him all over again. This time it was coming from a member of the LEGO City. The very same city that he gave everything for and gave him nothing in return when he needed it.

It was enough to make something within him snap.

Forrest let a scream of pure anger as he threw the remote at the tv with the full intention to break it, giving it large cracks. Much to his displeasure, it was still functioning. Forrest repeatedly hit the tv with his whisky bottle in his rage fit until he decided to knock it over. Still unsatisfied with his attempts, he started to stomp on the tv until it finally stopped working. 

Forrest felt some sense of satisfaction. But he brought his gaze to the pictures on the walls. Pictures that reminded him of the very city that betrayed him.

Taking the remnants of the whisky bottle, Forrest smashed each picture one by one until the bottle shattered. But Forrest was still not satisfied. He threw the bottle into the wall and went into his kitchen. The millionaire went to a drawer where he pulled out a huge knife. Forrest exited the kitchen and dragged the knife's blade along the wall, slicing the frames from their support string. 

It was then that Forrest had entered a different room. He saw the picture of a photo of Mayor Gleeson and members of City Hall. Forrest stabbed the knife through the picture. Forrest moves to a nearby closet, leaving the knife stuck in the wall. He removed a box of materials, along with a drawing pad.

Gathering his newfound supplies, Forrest returned to the room where his carnage had started. He had even smashed more picture frames with his bare hand, not caring the newfound bleeding cuts. Forrest entered back and proceeded to the center. In that center lies a model of LEGO City itself. Just looking at it only increased his rage even further.

Forrest gave hard hits on the model city several times until he just knocked over it entirely. Afterwhich, he set down his drawing pad and proceeded to start sketching. For the next hour or so, Forrest made several sketches only for them to be crumpled up as tossed aside. That went on until he made the perfect design. 

The older man gazed upon the sketch. It was a sketch of his next building project. But then a new problem arose: Where to place it? Forrest slowly paces around the torn-up room, trying to think, until his eyes move to the window. The full moon shined brightly in the night sky. It was then he got an evil idea. Forrest then went back to the very same table where the model of LEGO City once stood. 

Hours later, Forrest gazed upon his creation. A model of his next big idea. The room was quiet. The only thing heard was the curious meows of Pearl as she was rubbing around her owner’s legs, trying to get his attention, but he did not flinch.

“They think they can steal away my gift? After all these years of giving them so many things?” Forrest muttered darkly. “Let's see how they like it when I start taking from them. And it will be more than objects...”