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Keep the door open!

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"Honey, it's Craig"

"Is Tweek home?"

"He sure is, come on in! Tweek's just up in his room playing, you can go on up… Oh, uh, but keep the door open, alright?"



Craig rolled his eyes as he walked up the stairs. Tweek's parents were fucking odd. Craig and Tweek are both 18 now, but they've been together since they were just 10. They've fucked before, but always in an empty house on the weekends with nobody around to find out.
Despite this, Tweek's parents seemed obsessed with the idea that Craig and their son were gonna go at it with eachother casually in the next room over. They always made sure him and Tweek weren't going to spontaneously start fucking like crazed exhibitionists at every chance they got, as if that's something they would even do. It's not like they were reckless anyways, Tweek is scared shitless of STDs so they always use condoms, even if they're just doing oral stuff. Craig doesn't think they could be any safer or responsible with how they made love if they tried, but Mr and Mrs Tweak obviously think otherwise.

He's tired of coming over to simply hang out with Tweek and having Richard look at him like a smug little asshole and remind him to keep the door open (god forbid he walks in on the boys watching YouTube or playing video games I guess?). Craig's basically an adult now, and so is Tweek! If he has to be patronized like this again he swears he's going to deck the shitty soulless grin off of that stupid Walter-White-wannabe Richard, and maybe flip off Mrs. Tweak while he's at it. But Craig's days of being confrontational are long behind him.
He had a much better, and much more fun idea.

Tweek jumped as the door opened, surprised but happy to see his boyfriend.
"Oh, hey Craig! What's up?"
Craig walked into Tweeks room, holding the doorknob behind him as he entered, as usual. But he let go right before the door clicked shut.
"Meh. Not much. The guys are busy and I finished all my homework so I have nothing to do all day"
Tweek nodded sympathetically "same. I mean, personally I always have something to do, even if it's just napping the day away. Seriously, if I get bored I try to catch up on sleep. I think it's actually pretty productive considering I don't- ACK, sleep very well that often anyways, hm, so it's kind of like making up for all those times…"
Craig laid next to Tweek on his bed, cuddling into him as the other rambled on.
"...and hnng- I was gonna just lay in bed today, but it's good you came over actually, now we can lay around together hah! Unless you wanna do something else, I'm open to ideas-" Tweek stopped talking mid-sentence as he realized Craig was kind of rubbing his hand on Tweek's chest as they cuddled. "Damn, touchy-feely today, aren't you?" Craig responded with a muffled "Mmhmm.." Tweek was silent now, as Craig held him closer with one arm, and used his free hand to massage the left side of Tweeks chest. He could feel his nipples getting stiffer though the fabric of his shirt. "Is uh, is this okay, honey?" Craig cautiously inquired. Tweek chuckled and rolled over, now on top of the black-haired boy. "You don't gotta ask all the time, if I'm uncomfortable with something I'll be able to tell you, dumbass." Craig continued groping at Tweeks chest, now with both hands, trying to rub his nipples specifically through his shirt. "Mmm.. affirmative consent brah…" Craig mimicked the voice of PC Principal, "...this shits important!"

Tweek rolled his eyes.

"Oh my god, shut up"
Tweek leaned down and began kissing Craig slowly and passionately. He held himself up with his elbows on either side of Craig while he rested his hips, bringing them down onto Craig's. Tweek could feel that Craig was already semi-hard, and he decided to take advantage of this and tease his boyfriend a bit, "hng.. you're really worked up today, is that why you came over?" Craig looked like he wanted to quip back but was too engrossed in the kissing and too focused on kneading at Tweeks general upper-torso area. The blonde continued talking in between shorter, but sloppier kisses, buttering up his boyfriend with provocative comments "You couldn't just jerk off at home or something? Hmm.. God, you're such a sweetheart, my needy little sweetheart~." Oh boy. Craig's heart skipped a beat upon hearing such words exit Tweek's mouth. Craig's hands and arms had since relocated, wrapping themselves around Tweek and rubbing his back while they kissed. His breathing was heavy, and he couldn't help but let out soft, silent whines, and Tweek's little monologues weren't helping his case. He's sure Tweek can feel his heart beating through his chest, since they're pressed so close together. Craig takes a moment to breathe and realizes he feels incredibly lightheaded. Probably because the blood that's supposed to be going to his head is busy pumping rapidly throughout his body at breakneck speed. Most notably between his legs. He wrapped his legs around Tweeks, pulling their crotches closer.

Craig considered himself resilient and tough, but god he loves this man so much, everything he does is such a turn on, and Craig's cock was painfully erect inside the confines of his black skinny jeans. You'd think people would have found out he was gay way earlier based on the fact that he wore fucking black skinny jeans of all things. In hindsight, perhaps tight-fitting pants were not the ideal wardrobe choice when you plan on getting into situations where your dick might need a bit of extra room, and Craig internally cursed himself for not changing into more casual clothes before waltzing on over to Tweek's place, but it was too late to think about that now. Tweek stopped sucking at Craig's face for a second and took off his boyfriend's hat and repositioned his own arms so that instead of resting beside him, they were resting inside Craig's shirt and caressing his sides. Craig himself was a complete mess, absent-mindedly grinding into the boy above him, desperately trying to find some kind of relief for his aching cock.

Tweek realized Craig's situation and decided to gift him some of that sweet sweet relief… Some of it. Tweek wrapped his arms around Craig, kissing down his neck before sitting up, "Keep laying down". Craig hummed in response, doing as he was told. Tweek unbuttoned Craig's jeans and intentionally spent a good 7 seconds just unzipping the fly. Craig let out a quiet moan, "auhh… hnm.. dammit, Tweek..", the other boy looked back up to him with a shit-eating grin as he stopped what he was doing and redirected his attention to taking off Craig's shirt. Craig squeezed his eyes shut for a second, he guesses this is a bit better. With the fly down and pants unbuttoned, his weiner definitely had more breathing room than before. But it was still confined to his underwear and the rest of his jeans, which were barely tugged down at all. Tweek knew what he was doing and enjoyed every second of it, seeing Craig squirm and buck his hips up trying to wiggle the jeans off while he was helplessly pinned down.

Tweek indulged his now shirtless boyfriend by kissing his chest, licking around his nipples in the process. Eventually he straight up started sucking on one of his nipples while using his hand to play with the other. Craig's head fell back, he was letting his voice slip more often as he was exhaling heavier, usually this would be music to his lover's ears but they both knew they didn't exactly have that much privacy at the moment.

Tweek momentarily paused his gay breastfeeding simulation and reminded Craig, "keep it down, dude, jesus, my parents are downstairs! They're gonna- ACK, hear you through the walls and we're gonna get in trouble!" Craig sighed, "babe, if anything, your weirdo parents would probably smile straight to your face and say 'hey son, did you have a nice time up there, having sloppy make-outs with your boyfriend and touching penises, as you homos tend to do?' Or something" Tweek glared back, firm but genuinely worried "heads up, smartass, I don't wanna deal with that! Plus, maybe they'll ask you instead. Ergh, there's no way any reaction my parents can have wouldn't be absoloutely mortifying!" Craig rolled his eyes, "Honey, they won't hear us through the walls. They're probably making coffee or watching the news downstairs anyways. We'll be fine. Now please go back to what you were doing". Tweek hesitated but seemed satisfied with his boyfriends answer and quickly returned to tasting various parts of Craig's torso.

He kissed a trail down to his hips and finally slipped off Craig's jeans, rousing a breathy groan from the other boy, now naked save for his underpants. Tweek on the other hand was fully clothed. He would be lying if he said his dick wasn't equally as hard, the tent in his own pants being both extremely tight and extremely obvious. In addition, his shirt was drenched in sweat. This would not do. Tweek fumbled for a few seconds trying to unbutton his shirt before yanking it off and tossing it aside. He then took off his own pants. A noticeable wet spot courtesy of arousal and precum could be seen on both the boys' underwear.
Despite Craig's whimpers, they wouldn't be coming off just yet.

Tweek grabbed the back of Craig's head and began roughly making out with him as he grinded his own crotch against his lover's, the soft fabric rubbing between them. Tweek was unable to hold back his own voice now, releasing soft hums and gasps, but Craig on the other hand was a moaning wreck. Albeit most of his noise was muffled by his boyfriends mouth covering his own, it still drowned out any sound coming from Tweek by a landslide.
Soon enough, Craig felt himself reaching his peak "Haaahhh… Oh god, honey, you gotta stop, I'm- mmmmh, gonna lose it.." Tweek stopped abruptly, causing Craig to audibly groan as a result of the sudden lack of friction. They were already in this far, and Tweek would be damned if he was going to miss an opportunity to watch Craig unravel as he takes it like a bitch.

Most of the Asian girls who make yaoi art of Craig and Tweek tend to pin Tweek as the submissive "bottom", and while its true that he does enjoy being on either side, the submissive one during sex was almost always Craig, regardless of who was taking who's cock. It doesn't really matter who's the one getting fucked. Tweek always internally laughs seeing the dumb yaoi art of Craig being some super suave dominant dickmaster, knowing firsthand that while Craig is more comfortable with casual PDA and using petnames publicly, he practically creams himself as soon as Tweek does the same to him.

Tweek gets out of the bed and down on the floor, rummaging around, searching under his bed. He comes back up moments later with some lube and condoms. Tweek practically tears off his own underwear and puts a condom on.. and before Craig knew it his underpants were off too. His cock was finally free. Aching, but free. Craig watched while the other boy tossed aside the now-empty condom wrapper. Tweek gripped himself in one hand, generously covering his dick with lube, and guided them together with his other. Craig knows damn well that Tweek wants to watch his face as he fucks him senseless, making him come undone with a satisfied breathy moan as Tweek enters him.. which is exactly what happens. And it’s fucking amazing, like he knew it would be.

It seems Tweek had forgotten about his parents in the moment, panting heavily as he pounded Craig into the mattress. Craig let loose, moaning Tweeks name along with strings of various curse words.
Tweek wasn't holding back either "Hah.. hah… mmm.. ahh… hah… C-Craig, I love you so much..", Craig wrapped his arms and legs around Tweek, he was nearing his orgasm and made sure everyone that might be in earshot knew it "fuuuuck, ahh, just like that.. haaah, AH- fuck yes! I'm so close, babe, ohhhh…"
Tweek bit his lip and gripped the sheets as he fucked the living hell out of Craig, who then came… very vocally. Tweek was almost finished too, his thrusts becoming more erratic and desperate. Craig still made little noises with every thrust, for Tweek of course, but also for himself. Eventually it was Tweeks turn to finish, Craig held Tweek's hands as he rode out his orgasm.

Using his remaining strength, Tweek sat up, removed and tied the condom, tossed it into the trashcan next to his bed, and collapsed on top of Craig, laying limp on his chest. Craig ran his hands through his partner's sweaty blonde hair, admiring the body lying on his that was, for once, not twitching. He found himself dosing off along with Tweek. He smiles to himself as he does so, knowing that Mr and Mrs Tweak surely heard every second of what just took place.

See, Craig is a very good boy, he did exactly what was asked of him, the door was not closed once the whole time.
It was left open, just as was requested.

He hoped Tweeks parents enjoyed sitting through that whole ordeal, maybe now they'll shut the fuck up about "leaving the door open" whenever he comes over.