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Another Toy in The Collection

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Cobra woke up in the damp stone cell, chained and confused only for a moment before remembering Galtan’s giant hand grabbing The Tortuga out of space. Remembered Lady getting away. He didn’t imagine it would be long before she came to rescue him. He shivered in the little loin cloth he had been dressed in— his pistol, leotard, and boots having been taken from him while he was unconscious. He flexed his right hand, noting that the prosthetic was still firmly secured. Galtan had seen him use the psychogun, but it might prove useful that his guards apparently hadn’t.

As if they had overheard Cobra’s mental evaluation of them as idiots, a pair of armed guards entered the cell. The moonlight of a forgein planet filtered down into the room from a high window, illuminating both of the guards’ grizzly features. Cobra noted that their sparse clothing matched the material of his loincloth—had they too at some point been captives of Galtan’s? So Galtan wanted him for cheap muscle then, he thought.

He was sure he could win against the guards, even shackled, but decided to be patient and evaluate his surroundings first. He allowed them to lead him through the winding corridors of Galtan’s palace ship.

They pushed him through the doors of a grand throne room. Cobra walked into the center, glancing over his shoulder to see Galtan’s pig cronies leaving the way they came. Galtan sat upon a dias spilling over with silken cushions, a handful—literally speaking for someone of Galtan’s size—of human girls adorning him as if supplements to his furniture.

“Ah, you’ve brought him—Cobra!” Galtan laughed. “My newest piece. Yes, very good.”

Cobra glared at Galtan for good measure. Staring like his eyes might be able to inflict the damage that his shackles prevented his hands from doing.

Galtan let out a mighty laugh. Big head and bigger belly bouncing.

He dismissed the girls and remaining guards with a wave of his hand.

“You’re not my usual pick, if you haven’t noticed, but I think like this ferocity of yours.” His face twisted into a caricature of stern disappointment, as he waggled a single finger at Cobra, “It was very naughty of you to have attacked me in your ship, but you’ll learn to behave in time.”

He studied Cobra for a moment, who tried his best to appear bored and unimpressed, poking his toe at a loose thread on the carpeted floor.

“Yes,” Galtan said, “not one of my girls certainly, but far too pretty to be wasted as a guard.”

Cobra had little time to process what Galtan had meant before one large hand reached out towards him. “Come closer now,” Galtan said, cooing.

Cobra leapt back, but not fast enough to avoid being scooped up off the floor by Galtan’s middle finger. Right between the legs.

Cobra stifled a grunt, his face pinched in discomfort as Galtan rocked him back and forth several feet above the thick carpet.

The pressure of his entire body weight grinding down on him was rough. He instinctively matched the rhythm to keep from falling off of Galtan’s, but it did little to help cull the sensation—the opposite in fact. He tried to relax his features and breath steadily, with an unsuccessful shaky exhale. Galtan could surely feel his cock throbbing against his finger.

“Like that, don’t you?” Galtan teased, lathing his tongue over his lips as he chuckled.

Unceremoniously, Galtan withdrew his hand, leaving Cobra to just barely catch himself as he dropped. When Cobra righted himself and looked up again, Galtan had removed his own hardening cock from the fly of his loose trousers.

His member was large even for his body size, and Cobra began to sweat at the sight of it. Galtan couldnt possibly be thinking of fucking him, he couldnt possibly fit on that! Could he? No. There was no way. Did Galtan have some sort of spell that could stretch Cobra out enough to fit it inside? No. Oh no, he didn’t like that thought any better.

Galtan reached his hand out again, hooking the sharp nail of his pointer finger in the cord that held Cobra’s loincloth about his hips, tearing the small garment off of him. Cobra shivered despite feeling that he had become unbearably warm.

With a snap of Galtan’s fingers, a brilliantly white phallus appeared beside Cobra. "Entertain me now." Galtan commanded, lazily playing with his cock.

Cobra let out a sigh of relief, but then again, the toy Galtan had summoned was still far bigger than what Cobra was used to— and rarely under such … circumstances. The toy was large at the base but thinned out considerably near the top to form more of a cone shape, at least he could work his way down to taking it, he thought. It also seemed well lubricated, glistening in the dull light of the room.

"Well, go on!" Galtan yelled, waving his hand. "I’ll punish you for real if i have to wait any longer!"

Cobra mumbled a kind of indignant apology before lowering himself onto the thing.

He was right, it was lubricated, wet—cold-wet though—initially making him flinch away when it came into contact with his sensitive skin. It quickly warmed him inside him as he pressed the very tip inside with a sigh. He somewhat enjoyed the hot-to-cool sensation when the endless lubricant cooled and rewarmed again as he bounced over it.

Cobra breathed deeply until his chest felt slack, body relaxed. Being steadily stretched so wide was feeling good already, and Cobra realized it had been far too long since he’d had it this way.

For now, he tuned Galtan out. Ignoring the giant’s occasional sounds of encouragement and satisfaction, he closed his eyes and focused on himself and his own pleasure.

After a while his thighs burned and he was beginning to wobble, his only options to eventually fall or to sit down. He took the latter.

Galtan cooed approvingly as Cobra carefully arranged himself into a kneeling position. He let himself moan loudly as the toy pressed deeper into him than it had before, thicker than before. Pressing, pressing until he could feel the soles of his feet against his ass. How wonderfully wide the toy stretched him at its thick base. He knew he was close, and sat for a moment to savor the sensation before rocking himself forward, rapidly, chasing his orgasm.

He came hard and Galtan laughed in amusement.

The moment he regained composure, the toy Cobra was seated on abruptly vanished—nearly causing him to tumble over.

“Let’s see you play with something else now, hm?” Galtan said, looking over Cobra’s shoulder.

Cobra turned to see that the white toy had been replaced with a few dozen toys of every possible variety, glistened in their prelubricated state, and lined up neatly for Cobra’s use.

His heart was not the only thing that leapt.

It wouldn't be long before Lady came around to rescue him and the other captives, but until then, he thought, he might as well enjoy himself.