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Lucys Touch

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Lying asleep in my bed that I share with my girlfriend of a year, I feel something touch my face. My girlfriend Lucy’s fingers are tracing the contours of my face, she has no idea but I love it when she touches me not just intimately, but moments like this where it’s not meant to be sexual. I can feel her fingers make there way to my neck where I have a few beauty marks, tracing circles around them. Suddenly I feel her lips where her fingers had been, now placing kisses on them, in my haze of sleepiness I moan out, god her lips feel good on me.

Her lips continue there journey down to my collarbone where her teeth scrap and she sucks down hard, where I’m pretty sure she’s leaving a hickey on me. I can’t help but love it when Lucy leave marks of her love on me. She does things to me that make me feel so alive, so wanted and needed. Her touch weather intimate or not is something I crave.

I can feel her lips move back to my neck placing kisses anywhere her lips could reach, her left hand are tracing the lines of my abs slowly making there way down to my already wet center, her right hand on my breast massaging and tweaking my nipple. I pull her closer to me, moaning out to her how good it feels when she touches me like that. Her left hand gathers the wetness within my folds, and slowly she dips two fingers into my already aching center. She’s slowly thrusting into me but my body aches for more, I whisper as much in her ear and tell her I want it harder.

I whimper at the sudden loss of contact, wondering why she stopped, I don’t have to wait long when she reaches over into my night stand that houses one of my favorite toys that she uses on me. She pulls out the strap-on, putting it on and rejoins me in bed. Taking the strap-on between her hands she’s works it between my pussy folds, using my wetness as lubercation. I bite my lip at the intrusion because god it feels so good, I want her inside me so bad but I know what she’s doing she trying to make sure I’m ready for it without hurting me, I love how gentle she is with me but also how rough she can get.

I am already wet enough but she slowly works the head of the strap-on into me, working it into me inch by inch making sure she’s not hurting me and I moan out how good she feels as she penetrates all the way inside me. Her hands are back on by breast massaging and tweaking my nipples as her hips slowly pull the strap-on out and thrust back in. She’s going slow making sure I can take all of her in, I can feel the ridges of the strap-on hitting inside my pussy in all the right places. I wrap my legs around her hips and pull her head toward mine to give her a rough kiss, I use my legs to push her hips so she can bury herself further inside me, I hold her there and pull away from our kiss telling her again I want it harder. She is not one to disappoint, she’s pulling her hips back out and in thrusting into me faster and harder, her lips on my nipples biting and sucking while she fucks my pussy into oblivion.

She circles my clit with her thumb while she fucks me with the strap-on, the added pressure has me curling my toes, digging my nails into her back and screaming her name at the top of my lungs as I cum all over the strap-on and my bed. She eases out of me gently and tosses the strap-on to the floor. She pulls me to her as I try to catch my breath from the amazing sex we just had. She gently kisses my forehead, lips and neck and tells me how much she loves me. I tell her I love her back, I lay my head on her chest and fall asleep to the beat of her heart and her hands tracing circles around my naked back.