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wedding night

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After the disaster that was their engagement ceremony, Woori had been expecting her wedding to end in some kind of catastrophe. Never mind that Mephisto had the snot beaten out of him by Fatima weeks ago, and that Vestia and Sierra can't do anything without a demon's power backing them. As much as she wanted to be completely, totally focused on her fiancee - husband now! - part of her was still bracing for some kind of attack.

But none of that happened. The wedding concluded without interruption, and Woori and Lancelot were now married. And that… led them here, in Woori's bedroom, on their wedding night. Oh my god.

Woori pinched her cheek. "Ow."

"Miss Charlotte-" Lancelot, who had been in a daze, immediately snapped to attention.

"Sorry, sorry. I was sure this had to be a dream." She laughed a little nervously. "It wouldn't be the first time I've dreamed about this."

Truth be told, she wanted to pounce on him before this, but Lancelot deserved better than that. For his sake, she'd held herself back, even as difficult as it was on the nights when they slept in the same bed.

But she didn't have to restrain herself anymore. Lancelot was her husband, and loved her as much as she loved him, and neither of them were in danger.

"It should be okay for you to say my name now, right?" Now that Mephisto was gone, and Woori's soul wasn't threatening to leave her body.

Lancelot smiled gently at her. "Miss Woori."

Lightly, she bopped him on the nose. "I'm your wife now. Don't you think you can drop the 'miss'?"

"Th-that's…" He blushed, and cleared his throat. "Woori."

Adorable. Hearing that would make anyone want to jump on him.

So she did.


"You're so cute, Lancelot." Settled on top of him with his back flat against the bed, Woori grinned. "I really want to spoil you right now."

Red up to his ears, Lancelot weakly managed, "That should be my line."

"Hmm… Nope." She kissed him lightly, before going to tug off his jacket. "I know you'll take good care of me, but I want to tease you a little first. Is that okay?"

"If doing that would make you happy, then, I don't mind."

Hmm. She'd have to get better than 'I don't mind' out of him before she was through.

Woori read plenty of stories, obviously. And while this story was heavy on the pining and light on romantic encounters, she'd read many others that were a great deal more explicit.

She hadn't done this before, of course, but everything she'd read suggested it was pretty difficult to mess up.

After finally managing to get the last of Lancelot's clothes off him, Woori leaned in close to press a kiss to the tip of his cock.

The reaction was immediate - Lancelot nearly jumped, and started saying all at once, "You don't need to-"

"I want to," she interrupted. "I've wanted to do this for you for a long time." Since before they met, but maybe that was weird to say.

He bit his lip, watching her with hazy eyes as she kissed up and down the length of him. He seemed uncertain where to put his hands, eventually settling gently in her hair.

As she wrapped her lips around him, she kept her eyes open and fixed on his face. He already made so many cute expressions just for her, but she wanted to see even more.

"Woori-" His voice sounded wrecked already, and his cheeks burned bright red. She hummed in response, making his body jolt. "Doing that, for someone like me-"

Hmm, nope, not going to listen to that kind of talk from him. She bobbed her head to take more of him on each motion, and his self-deprecating words cut off in a moan. His hips quivered with obvious effort in holding still, but she had complete faith that he wouldn't make her choke.

She settled about halfway down, sucking intently and watching him tremble. She could see his muscles getting more and more tense, hear his breath coming in shallow pants.

"Woori, I- if you keep doing that I'll-" He nudged her head lightly, trying to make her pull back, but she stubbornly stayed exactly where she was.

Books had told her that him spilling into her mouth would taste bad, but it wasn't an awful taste, really. Just a little bitter. She'd had worse, and with less sweet rewards than the sight of him watching her in a daze as she swallowed.

As soon as she sat up, Lancelot pulled her close to him. "That was… incredible."

"Good. You deserve it." She pressed a quick kiss to the corner of his mouth, then smiled. "Help me get this dress off?"