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well, technically,

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"Oh, Leonard, what's wrong?" Sierra asks, sugary sweet.

Vestia strongly considers the merits of saying something vulgar and common. But, no. He has his pride still, even after a long argument with Mephisto.

Well, it was an argument from his side. Mephisto mostly smiled and laughed as if there was some joke that everyone but Vestia was aware of.

He's not desperate enough to vent to the woman who kept him captive in his own home while cooing about how much she loved him. No matter how frustrated he is, he hasn't sunk that far.

…Then again, he can't exactly complain about the difficulties of contracts with demons to anyone else…

"Tell me." He sounds exhausted to his own ears. "Has that demon fulfilled his promises to you?"

"Hmm…" She seems to consider the question seriously, at least. "Most of them, at least to the letter of the contract. And he's told me straightforwardly a few times when there was something that wasn't in his power. I wouldn't call him trustworthy, but you could do worse for a business partner."

"Is that so." Vestia rubs his forehead. "Then why is it that every time I remind him he swore to make Charlotte Reinout fall in love with me, he just laughs and tells me that things are progressing fine? She hates me more every time I see her!"

"Oh Leonard, that's why I'm the only… wait." Sierra's voice pitches up in disbelief. "You asked for Charlotte Reinout to fall in love with you? In those words, exactly?"

"Of course." What's so strange about that?

For the first time, Sierra looks at him not like he's the target of her obsession, or like he's her helpless prisoner, but like he's an idiot. It's a bizarre feeling.