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The Games Of Life

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When Harry consented to this ridiculous celebration, he expected his mother would consider his social circumstances and prepare a small party, perhaps only for family . Expecting minimal from Narcissa Malfoy was like to expecting fish to walk on land.

She was fortunate that he loved her.

Father had let him mingle, but he was only on greeting duty for the last several hours of the celebration. His father had a habit of rewarding and punishing him at the same time, a skill which he had yet to share with Harry.

His father had imparted in him the skills of reading, writing, and table manners, among other things. Harry pondered why he had never pursued a career as a teacher. His father, on the other hand, was very accomplished at what he did. At least, that's what Draco and everyone else believes.

His brother had taught him how to dress, but he didn't quite match Draco's style standards . That was why Draco continued to dress him and style his hair. He often forgot that Draco was his older brother. At times, he acted like a baby.

As he strolled down the corridor, he was repeatedly given a 'Happy Birthday, Mister Malfoy.' Mother seems to have invited everyone and then some from the ministry. When was the obnoxious party going to end again?

As he lifted his hand to brush his fingers through his hair, a nervous practice he acquired from the twins. Draco approached him and presented him with a glass of champagne.

"Mother is searching for you on the terrace," he says instead of a greeting

Oh, what a pain this was going to be. All of his Mother's 'friends' were now going to pass judgement on him and offer him their worthless advice. Whatever the case may be, he might as well consider running away after all. He had sufficient funds in his trust vault.

He sighed and strolled over to the terrace, a smile on his face.

"Hello Mother, I hope you're doing well? Draco informed me that you requested my presence."

"Oh, there you are!" she exclaimed. "Ladies, this is my son, Harry," she said, and Harry's heart still skipped a beat as she said it. He never quite got used to feeling like he belonged.

He greeted them with a courteous bow and kissed their hands when necessary. They were all captivated by him.

"Darling, where did you purchase those dress robes?" "They look just fantastic on you," one of his Mother's friends added, her condescending tone not quite fitting her words.

"They were a souvenir from Romainia, Mrs. Parkinson," he said with a smile.

His polite voice made the women all chuckle. The more criticisms he faced, the more irritated he became.

Lady Greary inquired about his cufflinks, to which he replied that they were a gift from his father.

Soon after, he realised he had door duty and needed to go before his Father arrived to pick him up. "Mother, I must bid you farewell," he whispered softly kissing her on the cheek.

With wide jaws and unbridled envy, the females watched. Mother had a pleased expression on her face. She was truly a remarkable.

Of course, when boys reached his age, they refused to show their mother any affection. He was quite different from that perspective, his previous life had ensured that.

He walked smugly over to his father, who was already standing at the entrance with a courteous grin on his face.

He'd been prepared for this, and he wasn't looking to be spanked on his 16th birthday.

For the tenth time that evening, Harry's eye twitched. He has no idea why he committed to this pointless birthday celebration in the first place. Oh, wait, he already does. Draco. Draco with his puppy dog eyes that are so aggravating. His brother was going to be his undoing. His one flaw was exploited by his entire family. Harry had never had a genuine brother, therefore if Draco pestered him about it, Harry would give up to his every whim. It could be a lot worse he supposed.

Famous last words .

He's in front of the grates. In the company of his Father who appears to be displeased. He looks like he's had too many handshakes and is about to combust with the next one.

Lord Voldemort appears from the fireplace. That was not who he was expecting. After all, who invited him to Harry's birthday celebration? Father was usually sucking up to him, therefore it was definitely him.

But because Harry is unable to speak, he politely smiles while Voldemort converses with his father. His eye twitches once more. He wants to choke Bellatrix, but he is well aware that this will almost certainly end in punishment.

So, obviously, he doesn't. Harry, on the other hand, hasn't always been that restrained. Mild stinging hexes and spankings have been used to instil it in him. Harry believes he'd receive a thorough thrashing if he told his father that muggles punish their children with spanking as well.

As a result, he keeps it to himself but he does tell Draco, and the two of them giggle at each other throughout the day. Whenever Father enters the room, for the most part. Mother was chuckling , thoroughly amused. Father, on the other hand, was adamantly opposed.

In any case, he was deviating off path. Voldemort smiles at Harry, and he notices a scowl forming on his face, so he sweetly returns the smile. He was considering a variety of methods for strangling his stupidly pretty face. He despised and adored this man at the same time. Why had he come to Harry's party anyway?

Voldermort had spoken something and was clearly anticipating a response. Father appeared to be ready to strangle him.

"Excuse me, my lord, could you repeat that?"

"Happy birthday, Harry, and what do you want as a present?"

what . the .fuck

Lord Voldermort has never posed such question to anybody before. Oh, he wasn't prepared for this. Because his Father flexed his fingers, his eyes must have shown his worry.

'You're head on a platter' and 'a hanjob with those expert fingers' were not acceptable responses to Lord Voldermort, according to Harry. With his gaze, Lucius begs for the situation to end. Harry is having trouble breathing.

"Your presence, my lord, is enough of a gift."

His father is relieved when he comes up with it on the spot. Bellatrix has a grin on her face. The scoundrel.

Voldemort bows down to reach his ear and grins pleasantly. Why is he so tall in the first place? This man was a behemoth, and Harry was exactly ordinary height. When Voldemort talks in his ear, though, he becomes silent.

"I'd want my face in your detectable arse for my birthday," Harry chokes, as Voldemort saunters away.

Harry's father is inquiring about what Voldemort said, but he's too preoccupied with going crimson and hyperventilating.

The absurdity that his imagination could conjure up felt realistic at times. Is that how Voldemort genuinely makes it feel? Harry almost groans out loud as he imagines his silky tongue in his arse. He abruptly moves away from his father and glances at Voldemort, making eye contact with him, he hurries into the family wing. Straining his ears he hears footsteps trailing behind him.

Voldermort was having a delightful evening. He'd just gotten an invitation to his sweetheart's birthday celebration. Normally, he would have tossed it into the fire pit, as he had done several times before. However, the invitation seemed alluring. How could he refuse to pay a visit to his prized possession? He grinned now that he had a reason to visit him. After all how many times could he visit under the pretence of visiting Lucius . He smiled again .

It was more of a shit-eating-feral smirk, to be frank. Nonetheless, he grinned. He hopes Bellatrix is willing to accompany him.

He looked over the documents with a grimace on his face. Perhaps a little later.

He stepped into Malfoy Mannor through the foyer a few hours after finishing endless amounts of paper work and was ecstatic to find Harry waiting there. Lord Voldermort was late, in fact, he was... close to the end, he assumed.

Nonetheless, his reward was standing right there in the blue dress robes, looking delectable. He might simply-

He approached Lucius first.

"Lucius, I hope you're doing quite well?"

"Yes, and you, my Lord?"

"I'm doing tremendously well."

He could see Harry's frown from the corner of his eye, as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. And then he swiftly adopts a neutral attitude after curling his lip at Bellatrix.

"What would you like as a birthday gift Harry?" he said, as though he had not observed the break in his mask.

Harry's eye twitch caught his attention. Oh, and did he forget to mention that Harry detest him?

"I'm sorry, my lord, could you repeat that?"

When Harry asked so nicely, how could he say no? When he repeated himself, he saw flashes of fury and lust in those dazzling green eyes before they completely closed.

"Your presence, my lord, is enough of a gift."

His harry was such a cunning little serpent. He was attempting to impress his Lord. Lord Voldermort despised admitting it, but it was effective. He leaned down to Harry's ear, somewhat nervous, and murmured.

"I'd like my face in your detectable arse for my birthday."

He then strolled away. He could hear Lucius questioning the boy with no replies behind him, and he saw Harry glance at him and walk away towards the family wing from his prereferral vision. The chase had begun.

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Harry drew a deep breath. He hadn't expected Voldemort to follow him. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck So, what should he do now? He hadn't devised a strategy. What type of Slytherin did he happen to be? How is he going to escape from the clutches of the most powerful dark lord?

Does he even want to do so?

Harry rushes when he sees a sudden movement around the corner; he's nearly sprinting at this point, but he can't seem to stop his feet. He's now dismissing even more corridors. He had no idea how enormous the manor was until now. It now seemed to go on endlessly.

He loses track of where he is as he wanders down more hallways. All of the portraits appear to be unfamiliar. He simply can't stop himself yet again. He's on the run right now. When his father found out, he would be furious.

When the footsteps are no longer heard, he jerks to a halt. He's in excellent shape. He sits down on one of the beautiful desks that line the corridor, exhaling a sigh of relaxation.

He pushes the flower vase aside. and cleans the desk before climbing on top of it. All he needs to do now is wait for Voldemort to leave and then return to his bedroom. Down these never-ending corridors somewhere.

He discards his outer robe. This section of the mansion appears to be largely untouched. He stares at the dust-covered flooring and almost falls from his perch when he hears a quiet voice say "oh harry," and he quickly turns to see the source of the sound.

The only thing that surrounds him now is darkness. He takes his wand from his robe, which he had just taken off.

His breathing becomes shallower, and terror rises in his chest. He knows it's futile, yet he can't seem to stop the anxiety from mounting. Mother assured him that he would never have to return, and she has never told him anything but the truth.

Another murmur came from behind him: "harry." Oh, this was a terrible idea.

"My lord?" he whispers into the darkness.

He's terrified now. Puffs of air are flowing out of his mouth. Something is attempting to seize his power. He believes the feel of the magic is familiar, but he is certain it is Mrs. Bennette. Perhaps he's simply tired. That would explain all of this.

He's already searching around frantically. He understands that the woman could not possibly be there. But a soft voice in his head tells him that his parents were lying all along and that they'd grown tired. No one could possibly love him. It wasn't fair to the freaks but when had life ever been.

To get away from the voice, Harry dashes down the passage and slams right into Lord Voldemort.

"There you are"

But he's too terrified to contemplate whatever hatred he could have for the dark lord; all he can think about is the orphanage. He sobbed as he grabbed the tall man's collar.

"there – a someone, Mrs bennet. I don't wanna go back. Promise me I won't go back"

At this moment, he's babbling nonsense, and Voldemort is confused. He knew it was a horrible idea to flee the man, but this was the stuff of nightmares. He's weeping even harder now, and he's still clutching the robes tightly in his hands. He can smell the dark lord's oil and his excellent fragrance. Before he realises what he's doing, he takes another sniff.

Lord Voldemort now appears worried, but he gently slips down onto the floor, Harry clutching his hand for dear life. He's still crying, but Lord Voldemort's hands are uncomfortably hovering on top of him. All he can feel is Voldemort's heartbeat; he wasn't sure he had one at first, but now he thinks he has, and he feels the soothing warmth of his power wash over him.

He had no idea why Lord Voldemort felt so familiar to him, but he didn't care right now. He felt the might dark lord whisper something and softly pet his hair as he drifted off. He smiled as he relaxed into the contact. He curls up on his lap, weary from his brief fear, and chooses to take a nap, gently thanking the man.

He hadn't expected the little minx to be so swift on his feet when he started chasing him. Every phrase had eluded him. Now that he's finally

consented to talk with him and ask for his hand in courtship, now that Harry was of consenting age. Yet Harry was attempting to flee. He'd never encountered somebody so perplexing before.

Harry was a strange creature, and he was rather intriguing in his own right. So he followed Harry down Malfoy Manor's many twisting corridors. He had no idea how massive the structure was in its entirety. The dust on the flooring increased as he progressed along these corridors. He was struck by how unkempt this area of the estate was.

He also felt a powerful tug forward, which he assumed was the object he'd handed Lucius to keep safe. excellent. He'd taken his vow seriously and encased it in powerful wards that Lord Voldemort would find difficult to dismantle.

He drew out his wand, ready for an assault or any intruder who had managed to overcome the wards and was frightening harry, after hearing harry quietly scream out for him and hearing the boy's ragged heavy breathing.

He walked right into the boy, who clung to his robes and began crying. Lord Voldemort was a master of his emotions, therefore he didn't push Harry away from his body right away. Harry clutched him like a lifeline, sobbing uncontrollably.

Lord Voldemort had been through a lot in his life, but no one had ever dared to cling to him and sob their heart out. This was, without a doubt, a new experience. As Harry murmured about promises and not going back there, Voldemort stood uncomfortable and unstable. This would need to be examined upon, but at a later date.

As Harry flung his entire body weight upon him, he couldn't stand. He was strong enough to pick up the boy and cradle him, but the dark lord's stance made it impossible for him to stand up.

So he slumped to the floor, his back to the wall, and Harry clutched to him, crying his throat dry. His hand lingered awkwardly above Harry, wondering if he wanted to do this or not. When he placed his palm on Harry's head, though, his cries subsided and he nestled into his broad chest. He smelled him once, which was strange, but he opted not to dwell on it in favor of seeing a faint smile appear on Harry's lovely face.

He finally realized what had transpired. This kid had cuddled up to Lord Voldemort, Britain's most powerful wizard, and then dozed off. He would have tossed them off and cursed them to hell and back if it had been anyone else. This boy, on the other hand, sat in his lap, curled up like Nagini, and slept happily. He put his trust in the dark lord to keep a watch on him as he slept. Voldemort grinned briefly before scowling. but then grinned once more When Harry awoke, there would be so many possibilities to tease him.

He had expected more than snuggling when he followed Harry, but he figured that would suffice for the time being. As harry wraps his arms around his waist, he thinks to himself, Yes, this will suffice quite well for now

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Harry blinked cautiously when he awoke, nestling into a warm body. He dropped his eyes once more. He'd most likely been put to bed by his mother, and he'd probably had a few too many drinks, but it was his party. He only hoped he hadn't made a mess.


He heard a voice that seemed familiar whisper his name... probably draco

"Draco, fuck off! I warned you not to wake me up because I'll put ants in your blankets again, and this time they won't be dead," he'd done it once when he was 12, and Draco had wailed and complained for days. Draco's high-pitched ranting had gotten to the point that Lucius had to ground them both to their rooms. And sometimes he brought it up just so he could irritate him

"It's not Draco," the amused voice replied. Okay if it wasn't Draco there was a random man in Harry's room. He hoped he hadn't slept with someone while drunk. Father would skin him . so Harry cautiously opened his eyes again and stared Lord Voldemort in the eyes.

"Greetings, my lord, what brings you here?"

Then he comprehended what had really happened: the man on whose lap he was napping was Voldemort. "Fucking hell, what-" he rushed back and slammed his head into the wall.

He trailed off, surprised by the fact that he was sitting in the dark lord's lap. He didn't enjoy physical contact, so why had he fallen asleep in the dark lord's arms? . he had never felt safe enough to do that before with anybody. Draco was the only one who he allowed to embrace him, so he jumped up from the floor swiftly and brushed off his formal robes.

Voldemort sighed as he rose up, "Draco- where – what happened my lord." Harry was terrified; he remembered the petting and the fucking disaster that had led to this.

"I sorry, my lord, I had a bit of a shock before, and I did not mean to fall asleep on you," he coughed nervously, attempting to hide the flush on his cheeks.

Voldermort gave a faint smile. He genuinely smiled at Harry and acknowledged his apology with a sharp nod.

"It's all right, Harry; I didn't mind. In fact, I followed you to ask you a critical question that simply couldn't wait any longer."

That was a particularly gracious act. "Of course, anything, my lord," he replied instantly.

"No, Harry, you have every right to say no or think about it, but I'd want to start formally courting you."

Harry's face flushed as he came to a halt. "What exactly do you mean by courting?" "Do you imply you'd like to date?"

"I guess so, but formally, I'll have your father prepare a contract; I had to wait till you were mature enough to make your own decision"

"Why me?" he wondered out loud.

"I believe no one else worthy; please notify me as quickly as possible of your decision; but, until you refuse me, I will begin sending you courting presents."

"I- um, my lord, I don't desire presents."

"Call me Marvalo," he said as he walked out of the room.

As he walked away, Harry glanced at his back. His brain had come to a screeching halt. The fucking dark lord was looking to go out on a date with him. He has only gone on two dates, both of which were organized by his father. He despised both of them. He wondered what it would be like to date the dark lord

He couldn't believe he was thinking about it, but he did think the dark lord was attractive. He was certain it would be better than any prior courtship. But, he resolved, the dark lord would learn some humility while courting harry. There would be no more touching or hugging until he had proven himself. He intended to make the dark lord his bitch. Harry gave a wicked grin. Draco was going to scream.

After he fell off to sleep, Voldermort simply looked at Harry for a long time. He couldn't figure out what it was about this boy that drew him in. He had resolved to accept his fate since magic operated in unexpected ways.

He was courting Harry to see if they were actually compatible, but he hadn't determined what to do before that. He normally had more well-thought-out plans, but he couldn't think of one for this little masterpiece. If there was such a thing as a god, he surely had favorites.

Harry closed his eyes, mumbled something, and then snuggled back into his warm embrace. However, they had to return to the manor's front side; his parents would undoubtedly begin looking for him shortly.

"Harry," he said softly, not intending to shock the boy, but rather to rouse him up.

"Fuck off, Draco, I warned you not to wake me up, I'll put ants in your bedding again, and this time they won't be dead," he said. His tiny minx seemed to be a natural troublemaker.

"It's not Draco," he said, amusement on his face. He needed to hear that tale as well, since he wanted to learn everything he could about Harry. He'd be informed of everything he swore.

Harry made a perplexed sound as if he assumed the night had come to an end or some such.

"Oh, greetings my lord, what are you doing here?" he blurted out as he looked up at his face and blinked confusedly a few times.

What was he doing at that there? What in the world did this boy think he was doing sitting on the floor with him in his lap? As if he had read his mind harry panicked and flailed his arms around till he slammed his head against the wall, indicating that he had recognized what was going on or recalled something.

"Oh f**k, what-," Harry groaned as he trailed off. He took a few steps back and glanced around as if he had come to his senses. Voldemort couldn't blame him; he appeared to be in a bit of a panic. "Draco- where – what happened my lord," he began, then trailed off again.

"I sorry, my lord, I had a bit of a shock before, I didn't want to fall asleep on you," he whispered, his cheeks flushed, and he suddenly seemed to find the floor to be the most intriguing thing in the world.

"That's quite alright harry, I didn't mind. In fact, I followed you to ask you an important question that simply couldn't wait", he usually wasn't so polite but he didn't want to scare harry into making this decision. he wanted a willing partner, not someone afraid to step a toe out of line

He desired a willing companion, not one who was scared to stray from the path. "Of course, my lord, anything," he said. "No, harry," he replied immediately, "you may, of course, say no or think about it, but I'd want to begin formally courting you," he said carefully, attempting to assess his emotions.

Harry's face flushed as he came to a halt. "What exactly do you mean by courting?" "Do you imply you'd like to date?" Teenagers, it seemed, no longer courted, but rather dated.

He hoped Harry had studied traditional courtship, but if Voldemort has to educate him, he can cut out the bits he doesn't agree with, such as having to wait. "Yes, I suppose," the dark lord said, "but formally, I will ask your father to set out a contract; I had to wait until your maturity so that you could make your own decision," he explained, which was one of the sweetest but bothersome things he had done. He couldn't believe the length of time he'd been waiting.

He could hear the small hesitancy and nervousness in his voice as he said, "why me?"

"Please inform me of your decision as soon as possible," Voldemort said, "but until you refuse me, I shall begin sending you courting presents." Voldemort really wasn't one to wait. He was hoping Harry would agree. He would demonstrate the benefits of being on the same level as a dark lord.

"I- um, I don't need presents, my lord," Harry said

He was growing tired of this my Lord nonsense. He required Harry's acceptance of them as equals. He firmly stated, "Call me Marvalo," and then strode away.

That went very well if he was being honest with himself. He didn't turn around in time to notice Harry's grin.

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When he wasn't running, it seemed like finding his way to the family wing was easier. He strolled peacefully until he came upon Draco, who appeared to be a bit agitated.

"Draco, are you all right?" he said gently as Draco fixed his gaze on him.

"HARRY, MUM, I FOUND HIM," Draco exclaimed with a sigh of relief. He had worried when he couldn't find Harry as he looked around the hall. After an hour, they started looking. Despite the absence of the birthday boy, the party appeared to be running strong.

"Harry, I was so worried about you, my precious boy," Narcissa worriedly inquired as she examined her son for any damages.

"Voldemort wants to court me," there was a little pause before Draco exclaimed, "WHAT?"

"Draco, please be quiet; we'll meet in the tea room to discuss this," Narcissa said subdued

"I'll be there as well," Draco said imperiously.

"Alright, all right," he conceded. Draco has the capacity to evolve into a child at times. He was very certain if he responded no, Draco would scream, and he didn't have the fortitude to cope with something like that right now.

Narcissa muttered, "I'll call your father as well." As she swept out of the room, she walked faster than usual, as if resisting the temptation to run.

Draco and he began their trek to the tea room in quiet, meeting up with their parents midway.

As soon as they entered the chamber, Lucius locked the door and erected silencing charms.

"This had better be urgent since we've left guests in our house unattended."

"Father, you will not -," Draco began angrily.

"SHUT UP, DRACO," Harry said angrily. Draco's jaw slammed shut as he looked in disbelief at his brother. Harry had only screamed at him when he was actually furious, which was unusual in the Malfoy family.

Harry said, "the dark lord has offered me courtship." He felt awful about snapping at Draco, but he'd had a traumatic experience and didn't have time for his temper tantrums just now.

Lucius made a humming sound. "This would bring honor to our family, harry—" he began, but was cut off when harry grumbled, "I'm going to accept father."

"What?" Draco exclaimed, turning to face his brother. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. They have no right to do so.

"It's my decision, Draco," Harry hissed, "but of course, he'll grovel first."

"You're going to make the dark lord bow down in front of you?"

"A Malfoy must know their value," he remarked primly, struggling to keep a straight expression.

Narcissa laughed, Draco snorted, and even Lucius smiled grudgingly.

"Do as you desire, son, and I'll start drafting a contract."

"Thank you, Father," He said.

"Now that you're a man, remember that family always comes first."

"You better not lie to me Harrison Abarax Nova Malfoy," Narcissa said as Lucius went out, "now tell me what really happened "

Despite the fact that he cringed at the whole name, he gave her the entire thing while Draco sat there. Because he had never been chastised for revealing the truth by his mother, the words that came out of his mouth were natural. He faltered a little when talking about the voice, but he got through it. He found the strength to continue as he felt his mother grip his hand.

Draco snorted "I cannot believe you napped on the dark lord" after he concluded his account, and he softly shoved Draco as they tackled one other, with Narcissa giggling as they play wrestled.

As he sat at his study desk, Draco's mind was whirling. He couldn't believe his brother, and he trembled as he recalled the voice he had heard. He wasn't concerned since his mother had promised to look into it.

But he couldn't seem to get his mind off the fact that the dark lord was courting his brother. Draco never really had to put on the big brother act because Harry had never expressed an interest in anyone in Hogwarts; besides Theodore Nott, he supposed, despite Pansy's best efforts he didn't even glance her way.

He guffawed at the notion of intimidating the dark lord, but he knew what he needed to do.

He could rehearse if he wanted, but he didn't want to get caught. he wouldn't ever hear the end of it. Harry, in particular.

He sighed as he shuffled to his bathroom and stood in front of the mirror.

"OK, let's do this," he said, trying to portray an angry or threatening expression, but if he was being honest with himself, he merely looked constipated.

"Look, Lord Voldemort," Draco trailed off, "I hope you have good intentions towards my brot-"

This was a bad idea. dear god. Why didn't he appear to be able to resist the temptation to do it? What he went through for Harry's sake.

"Look, Lord Voldemort, I'm not sure what your game is, but you're going to regret it if you hurt my brother."

Harry's voice echoed into the bathroom, "Draco, what are you doing mate?" Draco stumbled over his bathroom's soft rug and fell down near the sink, striking his head and tumbling backward as he flailed his arms in an attempt to regain his footing.

Harry was really only privy to a succession of thunks and a murmured "bloody hell."

"Do you think this is a good time for you?" "Also, why were you threatening Lord Voldemort in your mirror?" Harry snickered.

Draco moaned yet again. He snarled back, "You weren't supposed to know okay, and get out of my room."

The ward on Voldemort's fireplace flickered as he sat in his study, pondering exactly what he wanted from this courtship. He approached it, crouched on a strategically placed cushion, and lowered his head into the flames.

"Good evening, my lord," Lucius said, "what can I do for you, Lucius?"

"My lord, my son has informed me of your desire to court him," Lucius whispered.

"I didn't expect news to reach you so quickly," Voldemort murmured.

"He's pretty adamant about his choice," Lucius said amusingly.

Voldemort raised an eyebrow in surprise, but Lucius gently shook his head.

"I'll begin drafting the contract and deliver it to you as soon as possible," Voldemort answered with a little nod.

"Harry adores dark chocolate and sugar quills, my lord," Lucius suggests.

"Goodbye, my lord," Lucius murmured hurriedly, and the fire was swiftly put out. Marvalo gazed at the wall blankly for a few seconds before snorting, Harry's father was on his side, he'd be a treasure of knowledge, but not as much as Narcissa Malfoy, who adored both of her children. She'd be more difficult to please. He was, nonetheless, the dark lord. What's the worst that might happen?

He was debating his next action. He'd have to find out a little more about Harry, but he'd already plotted his next step. He approached his desk and dipped his quill into the inkpot. He was certain the present was excellent.

After all, nothing but perfect would do for his, harry

Narcissa Malfoy took comfort in the knowledge of all there is to know about her household and her family. She had contingency strategies in place and, as a result of her forethought, was capable of resolving any crisis. What she was unprepared for was this courtship offer.

Harry seemed pleased with it, but she was soothed when she noticed the glint of mischief in his eyes. Her Harry was safe, content, and capable of self-defense, just as his mother had taught him all those years before.

But why did it feel like he was growing so quickly? As she proceeded to his room, she considered how she might have him all to herself if she so desired, but she brushed that notion aside. Harry has already given her a lot of freedom; allowing her much more will just drive him away.

She shouted, "Harry dear?". Since Lucius had punished them out of Draco a few years back, she had made it a practice of playing juvenile pranks with Harry. She hadn't forgiven him for removing her child and replacing him with an unhappy man.

He knew that if he did that to Harry, he'd be barred from her rooms for all time, so he wisely left him alone.

Draco's stiff manner had been slowly undone by her and Harry, and now they were back to usual, as thick as thieves.

Lucius despised their conspiring, but when he saw Narcissa's delight as she ran around the manor with her two sons, he dropped his objection and sighed. No matter how many vases they shattered, he would endure another day since he never had the fortitude to stop them.

And it was for this reason that she had slowly and reluctantly fallen in love with his quiet recluse yet ferocious attitude, his unwavering protection for her and his children.

"I want you to know that if I have to arrange the murder of the dark lord at any time during this courting, I would." she sat on the sette at the end of Harry's bed. "But I'll tease you about it," she, says, knowing that she wouldn't always be there to put up with his antics. As a solution, she vowed to teach him everything she learned.

"I know, mother," he said, "teasing the dark lord is OK, but-" she didn't finish her statement.

"Yes, mum, I am aware of the circumstances, I swear I'm won't go too far". He said firmly as he brushed his multi-colored hair, Harry murmured, "Your safety is far more essential than a joke." After the adoption, his hair became a distinct part of him. Because magic couldn't determine which hair color would suit him best, Harry was given Narcissa golden brown locks with a streak of Malfoy blonde hair.

She offered a little smile and nodded before sweeping out of the room with ease. If Harry needed her, she knew he'd come to her.

Now she had to decide if Voldemort deserved one of her beloved children.

So, after a substantial amount of time, she entered a long-forgotten area of the house and opened a dark black book.

Chapter Text

As he was repeatedly driven into, Harry's back arched with ecstasy. As though seeking for a high, jets of pleasure rippled through his body, rapidly growing in intensity. He could feel his belly wrenching with orgasm.

He groaned loudly and cried out as he came. When he shot from his bed Harry panted heavily, almost as if he was exhausted. Who'd have guessed that snuggling with the dark lord would result in erotic fantasies and dreams of him? He staggered to the toilet to wash away any and all signs of the deed, then decided to go for a jog around the manor as a spur-of-the-moment decision.

He couldn't tell anyone about the dream; he wasn't humiliated, but if he wanted to avoid the dark lord's attractions and play this courting his way, he had to pretend he wasn't interested in him, no matter how difficult it was.

In the end, all he wanted was respect and any love the dark lord could offer him. What better way to convince him that Harry was worthy of respect than by stomping on his colossal ego? Harry felt obligated to chuckle aloud.

As he slipped on soft cotton sweatpants and a light blue sweater with warming runes, he pursed his lips to keep any sound from escaping. He gently exited his room and tiptoed down the corridor.

From his parent's chamber, down the hall, he could hear complete quiet. he could hear Draco's faint snores as he walked past his room. He considered waking his mother but decided against it since he needed some alone time.

He stepped out into the back garden and began running; being a member of the quidditch team, he was used to exercising in the morning. As a result, he went through his basic drills.

He pondered how he was going to go about doing this. He had never paid much attention to the looks he received at school, but he was well aware that he was slightly attractive; how could he not be? He was a touch short, but that seemed to make him more appealing to males.

The dark lord had made a remark about his arse on his birthday, and he flushed just thinking about it. But now he had an advantage he didn't know about. Nothing was simpler to please than a man's pride, as his mother had taught him.

Harry pondered his alternatives. A dissatisfied man was tough to persuade, but a desperate one— He could give the dark lord access, but he would lose his ability to manipulate him while gaining his favor. Alternatively, he may keep his cards close to his chest and gradually release them. causing him to become even more enamored with him.

This was going to be easy dumb, pretentious men thought with their cocks, and the dark lord seemed to be just as pompous as they came.

He'd have to start dressing differently as well, not just to mock the dark lord, but to show him what he was missing out on by refusing to give in to his demands, and what he'd be missing out on if Harry decided he deserved more respect.

This would ensure that he was treated with almost as much respect in the marriage as the dark lord, or rather Marvalo. It did have a nice ring to it.

Voldemort wasn't ignorant; he knew that it was foolish to manipulate him yet he couldn't seem to help it. He couldn't do anything else, though. What was the point of having a safe life if it didn't get him what he desired in the first place?

And, as his father had already stated several times, What a Malfoy wants a Malfoy gets. If he wasn't going to get it, he was going to take it. By force, if necessary.

Narcissa Malfoy seemed to be pleased. Some of her fears had been alleviated after conversing with the dark lord. Of course, she'd keep an eye out for her son, but she wouldn't have to skin him alive right away. Regardless of what others assumed, she was not fearless. Nonetheless, she knew in her heart that she would do everything for her boys.

Her boys were tough; after all, she had raised them to fight. However, they appeared to be following in their father's footsteps in conceding failure. They would stand tall in the face of adversity because their willpower was strong. She admired them for it.

She felt a tear run down her face and wiped it away hastily. No one would be able to catch her crying. Lucius and her boys would riot, and then the morons would never think to just ask her why. She couldn't seem to get that instinct out of them; it appeared to be part of the package. As a result, she granted them tiny indulgences of the roiting.

The conversation with the book had been eye-opening; she now saw how the dark lord and her precious son were so alike, except that the dark lord had never had someone to simply care for him. Everyone seemed to be suspicious of him or afraid of him. She could certainly treat him as if he were her child. Lucius did mention that she seems to adopt unwanted animals. After all, if Harry embraced him, he would be family. and Narcissa had a feeling her boy would. Like his mother, he appeared to attract stray animals. The only thing to be afraid of was the dark lord's rage when she chastised him.

She pondered about the trick Harry believed he was playing as she headed to her room. His eyes, on the other hand, had been windows into his slight uneasiness about the courting itself. She'd be there for him every step of the way. He'd never come to her, she knew. Her Harry was strong and difficult, but if she offered him something, he wouldn't say no. Even as a boy, he could never say no to her.

He pretended that Draco was his only failing, but he had a soft spot for her. She crept into her husband's bedside. She hoped he understood her position on this, but she remained hopeful. He was perceptive. She drifted off, dreaming of the great gifts the dark lord would bestow on her Harry.

Whatever the case, she'd teach him what it meant, and he'd fall in love with her son.

Draco awoke with the knowledge that Harry was on the move. He could almost feel himself racing behind him as he sprinted across the garden, hearing the faint slap of his feet.

Harry had quickly adjusted into the household as a child. Almost effortlessly blending in It was almost as though he was destined to be there all along. Draco had always wished for a brother or sister, and he was eternally grateful to Lady Magic for giving him, Harry.

He knew his anxiety over the courtship would pass, but when he glanced at Harry and saw his green uncertain eyes looking back at him, asking every question under the sun, he couldn't help but be overprotective. Harry had always been an inquisitive toddler who had never stopped asking questions.

After all, he wasn't a lord for nothing, so if anybody was worthy of his brother, it was surely the dark lord. He sneered when they suggested he had nothing to worry. See how he fared when Harry went on a rage-filled rampage.

Chapter Text

Harry had forgotten how exhausting his morning workout had been. As he walked back to his room for a warm shower, his muscles hurt from overuse. He did not, nonetheless, regret it. He was soothed by the familiar motions, and he knew exactly what he needed now. He's more certain about it than he could ever be.

Harry walked to his room on his feet and gently removed his sweat-soaked shirt away from his body. He rolled up his damp robes and placed them into the muggle-world basket that his mum had acquired.

Shed used magic to change them so that everything was thrown into them vanished and landed where the elves would wash the laundry. a genius Also impressed was my father.

He turned the knob of the tap and sighed as he felt the steaming water wash over his back. his muscles felt looser already. he praised whatever god that had created hot showers he would remain grateful to them till the day he died.

He thought about his plans again, it should be easy but as he thought of the dark lord he groaned, nobody should be allowed to be that pretty he decided, it was unfair to the rest of them. It was mostly a physical attraction and he knew that. but the dark lord had initiated the courtship and harry would not let the gesture go to waste.

He wondered what gifts he would receive and considered what gifts he would bestow on the man. he knew there was a wristwatch in the Malfoy vaults with a matching wrist band that could be given to the other half.

He wondered if that would be a suitable gift or he should have something custom-made. but this would all depend on the dark lord's initiation gift and the first date of the course.

As he walked to breakfast he wondered what being married to the dark lord would feel like. he didn't know the man well enough to make a judgment but still. He has known the dark lord for a few years now if he truly considered it, not personally but he supposed his family was closer than most.

Nevertheless, he would wait to make judgment. as he walked in he was greeted by a grumpy Draco and a smiling Narcissa. uh oh.

"what's going on ?", he asked suspiciously.

Narcissa smothered another giggle that threatened to break free . "ah harry! come see your present this morning"

He walked to the table cautiously and opened the box he saw there before ducking out of view. when nothing happened he rose to his feet again and brushed off his clothes. Lucius snorted at his gesture

He picked up the card which said 'for harry ' in a beautiful script. opening the letter he began to read aloud.

"dearest harry", he snorted "enclosed in this box is a mere gesture of my fondness of you . in the box is a ring which will allow you to communicate with your bonded familiar and one other animal. All my love Marvalo "

After reading it he blushed bright red and plopped down on the chair. Lucius hid a laugh by discreetly coughing, as Narcissa and Draco glared at him . For different reasons.

Harry blushed darkened as he platted his breakfast and began eating.

"my dearest harry"

"shut up Draco"

And they all burst out in a fit of giggles

Chapter Text

The first courting present had been delivered a week before. He'd written a long letter in response, and he was happy; sue him. However, the dark lord has replied with a brief message. Harry was almost deflated, but the presents kept flowing, and he wasn't complaining since they were nice ones. But, if he's being honest, he had anticipated something extraordinary from the dark lord. The days felt longer as the letters between them became shorter. He didn't like to admit it, but he missed the dark wanker who seemed to be indifferent to him.

The dark lord was behaving strangely. Harry had known him for a long while, and he had always shown his fondness for him, his manner protective and passionate. That bit drew Harry in, and he pondered why the dark lord was keeping it hidden. Perhaps it was because –

Certainly not. He felt a smile spread across his face. The moron was being cautious. The dark ruler, he assumed, had never had to woo anybody. He was a really attractive tosser. So he seemed to be playing it safe lest harry run off. The fact that it had taken him so long to figure it out was irritating.

He was curious as to where the dark lord got his information. As he pictured the inner circle talking and suggesting romantic ideas, he snorted. The concept was ludicrous.

So now he needed to slip out of the home without his father or Draco noticing. Draco, because he would snitch, and his father, because he would refuse. He didn't mind if his mother found out; after all, she was on his side.

He chose to go at night since it would be easier. He stuffed a tiny bag at the back of his cabinet with some food and a blanket.

He walked to supper and, as usual, spoke with his family, inquiring about the ministry and her friends' mothers' weekend activities. After all, the information they gathered was valuable.

"The witch then dared to say, 'Do you know how to go there, Mr. Malfoy?' I could assist if you want,' as if I'd never been in the ministry before for Merlin's sake I work there and her outfit was dark green and fluorescent yellow",Lucius rants, "I almost blinded myself looking at her."

Draco choked out, snickering as Harry came out laughing, "she was flirting with you dad." Narcissa's lips were pursed in irritation, but she appeared to be battling with her composure as if laughing would be seen as a betrayal by Lucius.

The boys burst out laughing at Lucius' disdain, and they dropped on top of each other, almost falling off their chairs.

"All right, boys, I hope you've done your homework, Hogwarts is just 2 weeks away," Lucius says tightly, bringing them both to their wits.

"It'll be on your desk," Draco replies

"Ok," Lucius said softly.

Harry grinned before scowling again.

Draco murmured, "I'm going to bed now, goodbye mother-father." "Night har,"

"Would you want me to show you the way, Mr. Malfoy?" Harry imitated, That riled them up again, and everyone walked to their rooms, even Narcissa laughing.


It was late at night when Harry felt it was an appropriate time to sneak out. He stepped out of his room with the bag he had taken from his cabinet,closing the door softly

It was late so he hoped the dark lord was awake. He walked into his father's office and threw floo powder into the fireplace and said 'Dark Mannor' the name seemed a little cliché but he waited patiently as the fire flickered for a second as Harry waited for the Dark Lord to show.

"Harry", the Dark Lord uttered as soon he'd seen who was on the line.

"Excellent observation my Lord", he said dryly. "I'm coming through". And lurched forward throwing in more powder as he went

The dark lord didn't have the choice to accept or deny his request as by the time he had heard what Harry had said and came up with a response Harry was on the floor in front of him

"Ouch", Harry muttered. "Should have come through slowly huh", he answered to the dark wankers raised brow .

"Why are you here, Harry?" muttered the dark lord as he studied the boy's appearance, which was positively delectable in sweatpants. He intended to make them forbidden. But he couldn't help himself as his gaze followed Harry's behind over the snug fit, especially as he bent to pick up the bag.

"Stop ogling me," Harry said impatiently. He felt the dark morons' eyes on his behind. He felt smug. His plan was already working.

As he gazed at the dark lord, Harry replied, "You haven't been answering my letters appropriately."

"I've answered to every letter you've sent me to Harry," he stated as he took a step back to give them some breathing room. Lord knows his self-control deteriorated at night.

"Why are you acting so unlike yourself Marvalo," Harry said as he joined him on the couch and sat next to him.

Okay, he needed to put some distance between them, but as he pulled away, Harry merely slid closer. Sneaky

"I'm not sure what - "

"Oh come off it, you've been acting strange both now and in your letters," he raged, his eyes wild with anger. "Wait, what?" Have you chosen to back out because you've realized I'm not worth it?

"No, harry," he answered, his voice cracking.

"I liked you exactly the way you were," Harry murmured. Tom leaped off the sofa, trapping Harry in his forearms and pressing his body against the wall.

"Is this what you want, Harry?" he said quietly. "I have to stop myself from bending you over and having my way with you every time I look at you coming here late at night in those trousers was not a good idea."

"I think it was a great idea," Harry snarled, and as he rushed closer, he pressed his lips to the Dark Lords'.

When Harry surged forward and set his lips to the Dark Lord, he was ashamed to admit he had lost control of his temper. But all that lost its meaning as his brain was invaded with sensation

He was led back to the wall as the Dark Lord—he couldn't call someone the Dark Lord when the man had his tongue in his mouth.

Marvalo appeared to be an expert at kissing since he seemed to know precisely what he was doing whereas Harry had no idea. Attempting to imitate him, any attempt to control the kiss was swiftly thwarted as his hair was jerked back. Harry was embarrassed to admit that he enjoyed it. He murmured gently as the crook of his neck was given attention.

"Please," he said, not knowing what he was asking for, but the other man appeared to know what he was asking for as his hand snaked down and grabbed his ass. He wrapped his arms around Marvalo and drew him in closer, wanting to know more about whatever was going on with his neck.

How did he get so good at it? He wanted to try something different, so he seized the other man's head and crushed his lips into Marvalo's, biting his lip as Draco had advised. The groan he received in response appeared to be well worth the effort he had to put in.

As Harry's hands snaked down to touch, he was lifted off the ground and tossed onto the couch, where he soon fell off and yelled out after hitting his head on the coffee table.

"Fucking hell," he grumbled as he was carried by a particularly contrite dark lord who appeared to be far too delighted to repent for his heinous actions in injuring Harry, so Harry mumbled the first thing that sprang to his muddled mind.

"When we finally have sex, I'm going to kick you in the nuts and laugh at you as a twisted sort of revenge."

There was a little pause before "You intend to have sex with me?"

Harry groaned.

Chapter Text

After 'the falling incident,' as he called it, they had talked all night. He moved slowly and carefully into the dark lord's side, cuddling up to him. And Harry felt the Dark Lord's hand reach for his hair, and he smiled.

"Harry, tell me about your time at Hogwarts,? "
"Well, as you know, I'm in Slytherin, and you can't tell anyone, but there's this classroom I go to now and then; it's on the third floor, on the second corridor to the left, and it used to be an art room." When I can't sleep, I use it to paint and sketch all the time."

"Thank you for entrusting me with your secret darling," Harry's stomach fluttered as he remembered that he'd never told anyone about his art studio. Maybe he'll give the dark lord one of his paintings someday. Something he’d never had the courage to do
"A secret for a secret Marvalo," he teased as his heart rate quickened.

"And the Slytherin shows," the Dark Lord grumbled.

"I don't know why I'm courting you. "Harry, when I look at you, I see something more than a follower, and you sparkle in a room."

He inquired, "sparkle?"

The dark lord sneered back, "your presence is like a beacon calling my name."

He was rewarded with a blushing Harry

They met practically every night that week, often until late at night, sharing stories and getting to know one another. Harry dreaded returning to Hogwarts as the months of vacation turned into weeks. Even if it was his final year.

"Hogwarts will begin shortly," the dark lord said, motioning Harry to take a seat on the couch, "and I want us to keep in touch." Harry's heart skipped a beat.

"It works something like a vanishing cabinet and is keyed to your bracelet, so only you can access it," the dark lord explained as he handed him an ornate box.

Has this man thought of everything? Hed had never been drawn to a thoughtful present before. He never imagined he would, and it appears he was proven incorrect yet again.
"Thank you, sincerely," the man in question said nothing, nodding and looking aside as if he didn't understand the sincere gratitude.

Dark lords who are emotionally stunted. Sigh

He stood up and walked calmly over to the dark lord, leaning into his arms and murmuring, "I want to thank you for the box because I think I won't want to return to Hogwarts without it," he said as Marvalos' arms tensed around him.

"I've grown to enjoy our time together as well, harry," the Dark Lord murmured.

"I didn't mention anything about our chats, you pretentious bastard, perhaps I'd miss my mother"

"of course, how foolish of me to assume-"

As he began to rant, Harry's lips cut him off, and Tom's mind becomes blissfully blank for the second time in years. All he can think of is how Harry's lips merge against his own, and how Harry has already emitted a quiet sigh of impatience, waiting for him to deepen the kiss.
He draws away grudgingly, and Harry follows his lips instinctively.

" You write to me, yes?" he inquires his voice horse.

Harry returns to his favorite activity with a quiet "mhm."


Harry was well aware that this was a horrible idea, but he was unconcerned. He was so drunk that he giggled again as he fell to the ground. He'd just returned from a night out with Draco and a few other mates. Draco had been dumped like a sack of potatoes on Harry's bed, and he had staggered and tripped his way to his father's office.

In such a state, he should surely not visit the dark lord, but- wait, what was he saying again?

"The Dark Mannor," he adds, his syllables slurred slightly. He lands on the ground, just like the first time he had done this.

"What are you doing here Harry?" he says, his voice calm.

"Well, I'm come to visit you, love, I've missed your high and mighty attitude immensely since yesterday," Harry replies, his tone relaxed yet his eyes flashing with mirth.

"Oh dear," the dark lord murmurs.

"Did you know Aiden, that one time at Hogwarts?" Harry asks suddenly. “Avery? So, basically, he thought he could intimidate me because I was ‘a spare’. At Hogwarts, they referred to me as the spare. I wasn't the successor to the estate because I wasn't the heir to the estate.”

"Look at me now," he snorts looking smug, waving around the room. "I'm going to have a fling with a Greek god who happens to be a part-time Dark Lord."

Harry went on-

"And the jerk, do you know what he said?" Harry wondered aloud.

"He said" hic- "that I should" hic- " be aware of my superiors"

"I cursed that homophobic arse with that one spell that represses all erections for a week," hic- "and his girlfriend thought he was gay," hic-

And on-

"So I mounted the horse because I'm not going to lose this bet" The dark lord isn't embarrassed to express that he's invested.

"And it takes off straight into the forbidden forest," he continues, nodding.

"Right now I'm clinging to this maniac of a horse for dear life, and the centaurs and Hagrid, the groundskeeper, are chasing after me," he says, motioning with his hands.

"And then just as I'm about to-" after which he passes out

He nudges Harry, almost as if he wants him to wake up, but he lacks the fortitude to do so.

So he sighs, lifts Harry, and carries him over to his room, where he drops the boy on his bed.

The boy should be damned to hell. How could he sleep when he couldn't wait to find out what happened next?

Poor Lucius, he had no idea Harry was a brat. Lucius' hair was a mess and his eyebags were miles long, and he'd seen him look rugged at meetings on occasion. He realized it was a miracle he was getting any sleep at all with this hellion for a child.

He slid into the bed next to his darling, transforming his robes into pajamas. Harry slid into his arms, perfectly positioned into his frame, as if he sensed Marvalo next to him.

The dark lord gave the man a gentle smile. He'd know everything there is to know about the minx.

Chapter Text

With a groan, Harry roused. His head throbbed and his mouth felt parched as if he hadn't drunk any water in weeks. His head rose an inch off the pillow—he couldn't tell whether it was a pillow—and thumped back down. He couldn't seem to get his eyes to open.

Holy Morgana, what the hell did he do last night? His mind was racing. He sighed as he squinted his eyes open, relieved that the room was dark. This wasn't his room, was it? This wasn't his bed, either.

Okay, Harry shouldn't be anxious since if he did have sex, Lord Voldemort would kill anyone who dared to touch him.

He shook the man next to him, who seemed to be someone he knew.

"Yes, Harry, it's me," the dark lord grumbled.

"Oh thank god," he whispered back, before deciding that waking up wasn't that necessary and returning to bed. The Dark Lord’s bed to be precise, he was so bragging about this to Draco. Who knew morning voices were so sexy-

When Harry woke again, he found himself alone in the bed. Which was impolite because he would have preferred the Dark Lord to wake him up, but as he assessed his appearance, he thanked the gods—if there were any—for small mercies.

The fragrance of the place was strong.

It smelled exactly like The Dark Lord, a scent so specific that it had become etched in his mind. It was the finest Hodgen's whisky, with a tiny hint of parchment and sweat, yet it was so appealing.

So he got up and opened what appeared to be a wardrobe, deciding he needed a shower and a change of clothes. Now.

He strolled up to what appeared to be the bathroom and walked in, holding a shirt that smelled like The Dark Lord.

The lord's dark bathroom was unexpectedly bright. The room was big, with a white marble tub in one corner, a shower across from it, and a wide mirror in the middle—presumably to stare at his exquisite face.

He walked over to the counter and placed HIS t-shirt on it, closing the door behind him.

He walked to the shower and tried it out a few times before figuring out how to use it properly and showered.

He's not really to blame for taking a little longer in the shower than usual—just it's that he felt super cool. Why did this man have to have such extravagance in everything he owned?

He cleaned himself and immediately fled the bathroom after putting on his clothing, transforming fresh underwear with the handkerchief he had on him from the night before.

He realized he couldn't leave without saying goodbye, so he walked back over to the bed and sat down again, pondering his options.

He looked around the room with intrigue. He wondered if The Dark Lord had brought anyone else [Read: Bellatrix] here with him.

He'd been thinking about his auntie and Marvalo's apparent closeness. If you had asked him before, he would have answered they were definitely lovers, but now that he was in that character, he could not really say so. Smirk of satisfaction. He wasn't sure.

He didn't want to appear jealous, but he also wanted the man to himself, so he resigned himself to confronting the dark lord and facing the weeks of teasing afterward.

Harry was now reading a book he'd discovered on The Dark Lord's painfully well-organized table, and he smiled faintly as he read the words.

Cassius Selwyn wrote a book about the effects of runes and how to apply them in everyday life. It also described how infusing magic in them extended their longevity.

When Lord Voldemort-Marvalo eventually appeared, he was engrossed in the world of magical theory. "Hello, Darling, I see my books have kept you occupied," the Dark Lord whispered as he strode into the room.

"Have you had sex with Auntie Bellatrix?" Harry asks curiously. If Harry was being honest, it would be repulsive if he responded yes to Harry's question.

He couldn't bear the thought of his maternal aunt being in any kind of sexual situation. Not with his Marvalo, for instance.

The Dark Lord choked and sputtered in disbelief. The nerve of the boy-

"No" he managed to get out before turning away from Harry as if he would do something he might regret

"How did I get here Marvalo?"

"Last night I believe, you got drunk and arrived at my manor. You're quite a talker when you're drunk you know"

Harry hummed pleased

"I'm glad I came to you "

and then Lord Voldemort BLUSHED

Harry wondered if he was living in a dream

After speaking with Lucius, Marvalo expected to find his bed visitor still asleep when he returned to check on him.

Some primal base instinct inside him screamed with joy when he discovered him awake and in his clothes, reading one of his favorite books on his nightstand.

Harry appeared unconcerned, and Voldemort felt compelled to smile. This. It was for this reason that people sought out a spouse. This appeared to be worthwhile. He finally got it.

To keep Harry safe, he'd make irrational judgments as well. He would go to any length to maintain this image in his head for the rest of his life.

"Greetings, Darling I see that my books have kept you occupied, "he remarked, playfully. He hoped Harry likes the book and asked him for the next one as well.

It would give him an excuse to visit Harry

"Have you had sex with Auntie Bellatrix?" Harry inquired nonchalantly.

He coughed in a haphazard fashion. WHAT DID THE BOY SAY?

"No," he said flatly. He couldn't believe Harry's first question was about that. He's hoping the next time it'll be about the book he's reading rather than who he's slept with.

And how could anyone imagine he slept with Bella when they were only friends? No matter how much Bella wanted for it, it was not to be.

"Marvalo, how did I get here?"

"I suppose you got inebriated and came to my manor last night. You're quite the talker when you're drunk, don't you know? " he said.

"I'm glad I came to you"

And Voldemort felt himself turn red.

He understood perfectly well what liking a person so very much you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them felt like and he felt it all for Harry.

Chapter Text

Narcissa Malfoy startled awake with a gasp as her eyes sprang open. Harry was nowhere to be found. She didn't care where Harry was; she needed to find him right now. She hurriedly threw the blankets back and dashed into Harry's room.

Knocking on the door and pushing it open Draco was passed out on the bed, and the fragrance emanating from his body indicated that he was drunk. She sighed, irritated by the boy's antics.

Her anxiety level had risen a notch. Where had Harry gone?

She walked briskly to Lucius' study, leaving Draco, who was likely to be hungover.

She cautiously pushed open the door and saw the blonde-haired drama king she was looking for; the other one was sound sleeping in Harry's bed.

"Lucy dear," she purred.

"Good morning, wife of mine," he replied, setting down his pen and rising from his desk to greet her.

"Can you tell me where my son is?"

Lucius stood still, his eyes shifting guiltily.

"Where is my son Lucius?" she demanded, her voice rising in frustration. She was determined to see Harry in person now and would not stop until she did. She hadn't had a nightmare in years about him returning THERE.

"Now, Cissy - " he began, hoping to persuade the dragon mother.

"Please don't Cissy me.", she interrupts "Where has our boy gone?"

Lucius muttered under his breath. Narcissa's eyes narrowed.

"Darling, what was that?"

"The manor of the Dark Lord"

Her blood froze in place as fear coursed through her veins. disregarding Lucius' protests, she summoned the floor powder she threw it towards the fireplace. She entered the study of the Dark Lord.

Of course, he wasn't there; he was undoubtedly with Harry. God only knows what he's up to. She didn't care about the whys and how's of their relationship; all she cared about was seeing her baby. Where was her son?

She sensed his power in the manor in a way that suggested it was saturated, implying he'd been here before, this was most likely where he snuck away at night. Interesting, to say the least. She looked around the room and discovered three potentially cursed artifacts. The room was tightly warded, with the wards ready to attack at the first sign of danger.

She needed to seek the Dark Lord for assistance with Malfoy manor's wards, and she hoped he promised to make them impenitrable like his own. She exited the room and moved closer to where she sensed Harry's presence. This did not sit well with her.

She couldn't see, but she could hear muted sounds from the heavily warded quarters, where Harry's magic was also keyed. That was the bedroom then. Naughty naughty dark lord, she smirked.

The wards were powerful, but they weren't impervious to her.

Many people expected that wards would follow orders to the letter. Of course, this was somewhat correct. But the wards that have been saturated with enough loose magic may eventually become sentient, able to detect comparable magic and the intentions of its user. The magic was a magnificent piece of art.

The Dark Lord dark magic imbedded in the ward surged towards the tendril, appraising it, and she released a tendril of her magic probing at the ward, displaying her intentions of checking on her son and baring her panic.

The magic seemed to recognize her and split to allow her to pass. She flung the door wide and dashed inside and crouched.

As expected, she watched two spells fly above her in short succession. She had to give credit where credit was due the man was swift on his feet, and when she heard Harry's bewildered voice, she stood straight and let him see her face. He'd understand, he would know like he always did. He did it all the time.

He climbed out of the cosy position he appeared to be in with The Dark Lord, whispering, "oh mum." As she looked at his half-naked form, she knew they'd talk about it later.

Despite this, she drew him into a hug and felt him stiffen. She senses him, and her mind and magic quiet down, her terror dissipates, and she feels Harry wrap his arms around her. "I'm sorry, my dear boy, I was just—" she begins.

" Worried," Harry concludes.

"It's all right, mum," he says, the dark lord is incensed, she should apologize before he blasts the roof off, she can see him physically bite his tongue to avoid upsetting Harry and smiles.

"My sincerest apologies, my lord, there is no justification for my actions and my terrible panic, and i- ", she says, her voice breaking. Harry's face is flushed with surprise. She's never had a moment of doubt. Perhaps this morning has had a greater impact on her than she would have liked. But that's fine. She is a black woman, and black women are in charge at all times.

With the familiar motions, she straightens as though recalling previous lessons, and a sense of calm falls over her. She fakes a smile when she notices Harry giving her a look that says he'll tell her everything and nods.

"I should be leaving now, my lord, and please accept my apologies for disrupting your...activities," she murmurs, and Harry coughs.

"Well, goodbye, Narcissa," says the Dark Lord.



And she walks away.

"I've never seen her that afraid before, she faltered Marvalo, she never does that," Harry frets as they snuggle back into each other in bed, and the strain in his body relaxes as he feels Narcissa leave his wards.

"My harry, she'll be ok, you know that. Now let us resume our activities," he whispers quietly with a grin as he kisses the back of Harry's neck.

"Mar- Marvalo," Harry breathes, arching his back as he bites a particularly sensitive spot.

His face twists in pleasure as he watches Harry's movements fascinated. The greys are veiled in his eyes as he opens them. Harry unexpectedly turns and startles him.

He now has the boy on top of him, and he doesn't seem to mind all that much if he was honest with himself. "Ooo, I like this," Harry breathes as he leans in to show the same courtesy that the dark lord did just seconds before.

Marvalo let out a breathy gasp as his hips rocked unconsciously. If Harry could just go a little faster, he'd be so close.

Harry jerks his hips and grabs Marvalo's cheeks as he presses even more into his tall frame. "Come for me, Marvalo," Harry whispers hoarsely, and for the first time in decades, the Dark Lord obeys, his hips bucking as he releases into his pants. The sticky wetness was already magically removed, but the ecstasy had left his thoughts hazy.

Harry's eyes blinked open as he studied the figure to the tall Dark Lord over him and licked his lips as he curled his legs while still rocking.

Harry gasped as Marvalos' hands slithered down and brushed across his abdomen, and he arched into the touch. Marvalo made quick work of him, twisting and jerking his wrist at various angles, and Harry squirmed at his touch.

Harry came into his pants and jerked into the hand that was still holding him.

As he felt the dark lord's magic travel through him, his body came to a halt as it sought to absorb the pleasure. Harry grumbled that he'd never be able to do this alone again.

"More later, now sleep," he said.

And then the boy grabbed him and cuddled into his side laying his body over him and falling into a comfortable sleep. Tightening his arms around the boy he kissed his forehead and dropped off into nap

Chapter Text

"Make sure you keep your distances, we don't want Dumbledore to find out," Voldemort said imperiously. Before bowing and returning to his seat, the man muttered a hastily mumbled 'yes my lord.'

"Dismissed, but Inner Circle members, stay", Harry had only been at Hogwarts for three days and had received three letters, but his parents had only received one or two, so he felt smug. When Lucius handed him another letter, clearly from Harry, he was even cockier.

That was four letters in total.

"Thank you, Lucius," he smirked.

The man simply appeared bewildered and helpless in this situation. He was fumbling with how to deal with his lord...... who was courting his son. His younger child.

"The Department of Mysteries has been infiltrated, and our people are being promoted to positions of power; we'll soon have control of magical transportation and international communications."

"Lucius report" the announcement of infiltration elicited mumbles of excitement among the 13 who stood before him.

"The minister is as hapless as ever; in order to avoid tarnishing his reputation, he has reduced his correspondence with Dumbledore.  He's a moron, but he's a politician at the core. It would have been extremely difficult to catch him if he had even an ounce of backbone."

There were a few chuckles, and Voldemort nodded, "Witty and insightful as always Lucius, Severus report."

Before clearing his throat, the swallow-faced man grimaced.

"My lord, Dumbledore appears to be senile in his old age, as he has admitted that ghastly pink-wearing woman to Hogwarts. Umbridge is the name of the lady? What kind of name is that, I believe it is someone from the ministry, perhaps it is another test for the spawn of James and Lily Potter, pompous idiots that they are they truly believe you to be defeated by a mere—" “

That's quite enough Severus, remember if they are alerted they might make things very difficult for us."

"Yes, my lord, to keep my cover as a spy is of utmost importance— I'm aware that Potter's glares during order meetings make me afraid for the safety of my eyebrows. I believe he would prefer to burn them off given the opportunity, especially with the way he looks at them and don't even getme started—"

The death eaters' giggles died down as the dark lord cleared his throat, "Black report"

 "Well my lord, I have been practicing dealing—"

"Not you Bella, the other one"

"My lord, The Auror Department seems to believe the lies Dumbledore is spouting yet seeing no proof of your return they are turning skeptical and some have begun believing the ministries propaganda," Sirius Black began.

"The hit wizard team formed to protect Charles includes me, the best of them taken from duty to guard a 15-year-old who has no proof that he supposedly defeated you," he said, running his hand through his hair. "The task force, if that is what it is, consists of myself and a few other well-known order members, as well as surprisingly might I add Mad-Eye," he continued.

The Dark Lord let out a snort. He didn't want anything to do with the Potter brat yet Dumbledore seemed so sure that somehow the child was a Chosen One of some sort, and he was only interested in one grey-eyed brat-

 Focus, death eater meeting first, talking to Harry later.....

So, where had he been exactly?

He swallowed his saliva and cleared his throat.

“Do nothing of the brat we will ignore him, he poses no threat with only the potter lordship in hand . most lords currently see him as delirious. ”

There was a gentle clearing of the throat

“Yes Rabastan”

“My lord I believe Lily Potter is cheating on her husband”

There were gasps of surprise and a muttered ‘Bloody Hell’ from Severus.

“This is interesting news, write a letter to Rita Skeeter and let her poison pen do the work, perhaps the Potters are not so good and light after all”

“Yes my Lord"


"Hello har," Luna greets as she sits opposite him.

"Hello Luna, how are you this fine evening?" Harry politely asked as she sat down next to him in the alcove he was currently holed up in.

"I'm quite fine and judging from the sudden infestation of blubbing hemergers you have around your head you have finally found your match then," Luna replied.

"I'm not going to ask any more questions." , Harry responded immediately

"Yes, it would be preferable if you didn't; I'd also like to meet him this year during the Christmas break. So a visit to Malfoy Manor would be welcome."

“Luna I'm not sure that's such a great idea-"

"Harry, if you don't agree to my conditions, I'm afraid I'll have to kidnap you and hide you away so you don't see the monster your love will turn into if I don't cleanse him in time," Luna said as if she hadn't just admitted to knowing his biggest secret and then threatened him.

"What cleansing are you—-.........oh my god," says Harry.

"you- you are, oh my god luna," he mumbled.

"How about we go for a walk around the lake? I think that's enough for today."

Harry gave a silent nod. Luna was a prophet, and prophets rarely, if ever, name themselves and never with such proof. Whatever Marvalo was planning, it had to be terrible for a prophet to intervene.

Prophets were thought to be myths, mages who had a deeper connection to Lady Magic than most Wix. He couldn't believe Luna had told him; if it had been him in her place, he would have guarded the information like a mad hound. He couldn't imagine how difficult it must have been for her to express her level of trust in him so openly—

"Alright Luna"

" I'm glad you came around, it would have been quite difficult otherwise—"

Harry came up behind her and gave her the first hug they'd ever shared. He savored the way her arms wrapped around him and the strange melody she was humming as he held her close to him.

"Thank you," he said quietly, "for telling me."

"Oh Harry Darling, it is not my will, but the mother's; fear not, she will not let you or your beloved suffer harm." She said as she soothed his back.

"Wh—what, but why?" he asks confused but grateful with this boon granted to him. 

"Of course, you're her knights; if the wixens needed a change, she wouldn't trample her sword or her horse, would she?"

"What exactly are you talking about, Luna?"

“Oh Harry, you have no idea”. Harry felt a chill run down his spine.

Across the country, Voldemort smiled and grabbed the necklace of its stand as it hummed with power. 

Chapter Text

Greetings, marvalo!

I've only been here 30 minutes and I'm already craving your presence. While I'm gone, I hope you don't miss me too much. These letters might just give me the sanity I need to get through Blaise's rants. I had no idea you could talk about curtain colors for an hour, but I was proven wrong. This train ride is nightmarish. which is why I've decided to write you this letter.

I apologize for leaving without saying goodbye. I'm not sure I'd have had the strength to leave your arms. I'm not sure why I'm spilling my secrets in a letter; perhaps it's the comfort of knowing that I've said my piece and don't have to worry about what you think. You have a scrunched-up look on your face when you are extremely disappointed in something. My greatest wish is for that face to never look at me.

This year, I'm hoping to do well on the N.E.W.T.S., and maybe even get my apparition license, but then you wouldn't have to hold my hand every time we went somewhere.

I am glad to inform you that you are welcome to visit on Hogsmeade weekends at your leisure. Of course, you are not required to do so because I have not yet accepted your courtship, which is truly rude of me, but I have yet to assess you. You sometimes keep me from thinking by distracting me too much.

Every two or three days, I'll try to write a letter.

Awaiting your reply,

Hadrian Malfoy-Black

Heir to the Ancient And Noble House Of Black

Son to The Ancient And Respected House Of Malfoy



Greetings, minx!

If at all possible, I recommend permanently silencing Blaise. Maybe I could make that happen for you. Your friends appear to be a bit of a nightmare. I'm missing you and I'm begging you to come home. My ego is pleased that you thought of me as having a connection to evil.

I simply hate you; please come back. I want something to make up for leaving me in the dust, but your words, sweetheart, make our goodbye bittersweet. I could choose to ignore you, but I'm not sure I could live with my mind fraying every three seconds when I think of you. That is the case far too frequently.

No matter what the reason, I don't think my face would be willing to frown at you if I tried. You are brilliant, amazing, and talented in itself yourself, and I worry that you will find someone better. I remember that I am the dark lord ultimately, and the bruising to my ego has already faded.

Bellatrix has learned of our ongoing courtship, so tread carefully. She's not taking it as well as I'd hoped, and I've cursed her for slandering you several times. She appears to have learned her lesson and is no longer making snide remarks. I sincerely hope she remembers her lesson.

It's true that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I'm expressing frustration at not having you in my arms, especially at my followers.

Nonetheless, I will put up with their idiocy for your sake. If you're really worried about your N.E.W.T.S, I can suggest some books that might help you with your studies.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to visit Hogsmeade, but I'll do my best to clear my schedule on the designated dates. And don't worry, I have plenty of patience for worthwhile endeavors, and I adore a good challenge such as yourself.

Yours faithfully,

T . Marvalo Gaunt

Dark Lord Voldermort

Lord to The Ancient And Noble House of Slytherin

Heir to the Ancient And Noble House Of Gaunt



Dearest Marvalo,

Dark Lord Voldemort, Marvalo. really? Is it possible for you to be any less dramatic? However, I like the pet names, and you might want to keep them. An association with the dammed would only make you happy. What did I expect when I was saddled to a dark lord?

While your words are poetic, they make me nervous; what will you ask of me? And, as I previously stated, "anything is on the table," wink wink. The dark lord's will is iron, but when it comes to Harry Malfoy, he melts. rather well, very well in fact.

To be completely truthful prior to your proposal I was planning on becoming a hermit and living alone. I'd never had a sexual desire before, and now you've turned me into something of a horny teenager, which I am, to be fair, but still.

Bellatrix is a dimwit, and if she tries anything, I'll turn on her mother. Because mother is protective, you are not allowed to tell her about anything, including what we did previously. I'm afraid she'll chop off your bollucks, which we don't want. Do we?

A big fat yes on the book recommendations, I will read anything to make these exams breeze by. I feel like I have an unfair advantage over the others with you in my corner you but I’m selfish so it doesn’t bother me much. I hope you can visit I don’t think I can take one more comment on how my bethroed isn’t real. Please, for me?

Your loving minx

Hadrian Malfoy-Black

Heir to the Ancient And Noble House Of Black

Son to The Ancient And Respected House Of Malfoy

Chapter Text

On a bright Saturday morning, the first gift arrived. Harry grumbled as he sat down at the table, knowing that if his father had seen his uncouth behavior, he would have been punished.

With a disappointed tone, father would have said, "This is not behavior befitting the son of House Malfoy." Well, he wasn't here in the first place, was he?

As a result, Harry sat down on the table and groaned again just for the sake of rebellion.

Blaise fake whispered, "I don't think Harry is a morning person guys." Nobody had even arrived at the table yet. The idiot was talking to air .

"If you don't shut up with your blabbering right this second Blaise... I'll -," an eagle owl pecked him.

As he untied the package at the end of its legs and fed it a piece of bacon, he muttered, "the fuck." The owl nibbled his hair affectionately before flying away.

"What's in the box, Har-bear?" Blaise inquired.

 "Nunya," Harry replied.

"What's Nunya?" Blaise inquired, puzzled.

 "Nunya business stupid," Harry said as he picked up the package and walked away.

Blaise blinked several times before blinking again.

He murmured, "That arse," as he ate a delicious bowl of sugared porridge. He was a big fan of Hogwarts breakfasts.

Harry climbed the stairs to his secret art room on the third floor. and set the box on his desk. When he opened the box, he discovered a Slytherin scarf inside.

The green had faded from being used. He was perplexed as to why the man would send him an old scarf when he could easily afford a new one.

He opened the envelope and began reading the letter he saw in the box on top of the scarf.

Greetings, minx!

This is the second occasion you've received a courting gift. This Slytherin scarf belonged to me during my school years and is full of enchantments that you might find useful. I perfected spells over the years and added them to this scarf, which was the one item I would never outgrow.

I hope you take pride in wearing it.

Yours, T.M.G

Harry stared at the scarf in a new light. When he felt the enchantments reach out to familiarise themselves with his magic, he picked up the scarf and wrapped it around himself, sighing.

He lacked his mother's ability to sense and interact with wards, and he lacked his father's magical sensitivity. He did have two hidden special abilities, one of which was the ability to see magic. This was an unusual ability, as it hadn't been seen in any bloodlines in a long time.

It allowed him to see magic, but it didn't tell him what it was for. He could see the glow of portraits and the glow of Hogwarts walls. He learned to distinguish the magic based on the color and intensity of the glow over time.

Ward magic was usually grey or other neutral colors, sentient wards were brighter and even interacted with their surrounding magic. Listening spells had a very faint glow and were difficult to spot, depending on whether dark or light was purple or orange.

Rune magic was unique in that the runes themselves did not possess any magic; they were simply conduits for it. The magic came from the cores of witches and wizards. Each core was unique, as were the wizards' auras. Each core was unique to a witch or wizard and represented different aspects of their personalities. He'd seen a lot of auras, and if he couldn't block them out, it became distracting and difficult.

He had several migraines as a child due to the various shades of a person's aura. Even today, Dumbledore gave him headaches.

Protection spells were usually yellow or blue in color, with a slight glow to them. He enjoyed seeing magic because it gave him a new perspective on its beauty and power.

He could see specks of yellow and darker shades of blue weaved together in an intricate pattern on the scarf around his neck. The dark lord personally performed the enchantments, and they could almost feel his presence due to how much of his magic was saturated in the scarf.

Given that it had been used, the scarf itself was in good condition. He wrapped it tightly around his neck and closed his eyes, resisting the urge to leave the room with the scarf.

He reluctantly returned it to the box and pulled out his box of art supplies, where he enlarged a blank canvas. He decided that painting would be a good way to divert his attention away from his desire to leave Hogwarts and never return.

He drew a rough drawing of a snake poised to strike without looking at the scarf. He hummed as the lines formed and the picture in his head began to take shape.

He took out his paints and placed them on the table, humming to himself as he painted in smooth strokes. Maybe he'll give it to the Dark Lord. After all, the man was obsessed with snakes.

As he packed and shrank his supplies back down, he sent a mild drying charm at the canvas and placed it on the desk. His mind had finally settled down. He wrapped the painting in spare pages from the daily prophet and shrunk it down to a smaller size, then added a lightweight charm for good measure.

The owlery was a long walk from the third floor, so he ran into students who had just woken up as he walked towards his destination.

 Gryffindors, in particular.

"Malfoy," Potter sneered petulantly.

"To what do I owe the displeasure, Potter," he said neutrally, trying to maintain his composure. He had no idea why the family had been cursed. At the angles it stood up in, their hair seemed to defy gravity.

"What do you think you're doing here?" he demanded angrily.

 "I go to school here Charles," he explained patronizingly as if speaking to someone stupid.

Charles discovered they were brothers and was extremely bitter since Harry was the rightful heir to the Potter lordship. James and Lily Potter disowned and basically abandoned him for allegedly being some kind of burden and reducing the amount of attention their brat had received.

His mother and father had thankfully adopted him, and now he could show them what they had been missing out on. In any case, their child appeared to be brain dead and unable to comprehend basic sarcasm.

He pushed past the brat and walked over to the owlery, where he called down Hedwig. Her talons were tethered to the package. She nipped his fingers and chastised him for not seeing her more frequently.

Normally, it was just a couple of angry chirps, but due to Dark Lord, he could now understand her thanks to his first courting gift.

He watched her fly away until he couldn't see the white speck in the sky any longer.

 Harry never realized he hadn’t had a single thought of hesitation when thinking of sending the Dark Lord his artwork.  

Chapter Text

Quidditch practise had resumed, and the hours had become unbearable. Draco didn't seem to care if he lost players over the cup, and he was willing to go to any length to keep it. even wreak havoc on their sleep schedule Practices were resumed two weeks after school started to allow the players to settle in, or perhaps because the pitch was unavailable for the first two weeks.

Harry had always enjoyed the game, so he approached the torture sessions with as much zeal as he could muster at 5 a.m. Despite their groans and complaints, it appeared that Draco was not deterred, as his early practices continued.

He loved and supported his brother, but he was about to curse something if he was told to 'suck it up and run Malfoy' one more time. But the time had come to see if their long hours of labor had paid off.

It was customary for him to rise early on match day, so he wasn't surprised to see a large number of people already seated at the table, as he would have been on any other day. He took a bite of freshly made toast with a thin layer of butter spread on it.

He felt someone's gaze on him as he walked around the hall, and he came into direct eye contact with Padama Patel. She was one of the many twins who arrived at Hogwarts, Gryffindor, if he recalls correctly.

He turned to Blaise, who sat next to him today, scrunching his nose in disgust at the eyes she was making at him.

"Patel is making goo-goo eyes at you Malfoy," Blaise said, nudging him.

 "Yes, I can see that," Harry said, looking at him curiously. Blaise had spent the entire year looking for someone who piqued his interest. It's a shame he couldn't tell him he was taken.


He sarcastically said, "I like to be the one bending Blaise."

"Whore," pansy murmured as she sat beside a dozing Draco in her sleepy state.

He retorted, "fuck you Parkinson."

That jolted Draco awake.

"Don't swear, Harry," he said, yawning.

"Yes, father," he said, smirking at Draco's expression.

With the rest of them trailing behind, he rose from his seat and began walking to the locker room for a team meeting. He waved his hands to Blaise, who had entered the designated viewing area to watch the game.

As he entered the locker rooms, he gave everyone a friendly nod and expanded his broom. Today, losing was not an option. Whether it was hell or high water, he was going to win.

He knew it was time when he heard loud cheering. As he strode over to the opening from which they flew out, he breathed deeply and waited for his turn.

“AND SLYTHERIN CHASER HADRIAN MALFOY, LOOKING FIT AS EVER MIGHT I ADD”, Jordan added cheekily. Ducking his head when McGonagall glared at him.

Harry took to the air and spun around on his broom, soaking up the sun. He gave Jordan a wink as he wandered over to his spot. He searched the stadium for his father's bright blonde hair, which stood out like a beacon.

His father had never missed a game, and it was his way of expressing his pride in them. He finally saw his father and waved, but his hand trembled as he noticed the man standing next to him.

Marvalo. His father had brought Voldemort, the fucking Dark Lord to Hogwarts, for a quidditch match. Was he imagining things? he shook his head trying to clear it. However, as soon as the whistle blew, his focus returned to the game. He swooped down and grabbed the quaffle as it flew through the air, then flew over to the goalposts.

He dodged a bluddger as he flew over to the goalposts, tossing the quaffle to Warrington for the distraction.

As the goalkeeper flew in the direction of his faint, he caught the quaffle again and faked a throw, hurling it to the opposite post. The Slytherin stand cheered as it flew straight through. First score.

The real game began now. The Gryffindors were already on the way to losing. He smiled proudly as he looked up to see if his brother was looking for the snitch.

For a while, the game went on, with Potter pulling a Wronski feint but Draco not falling for it.

"Slytherin, that's 120 to 70." The crowd cheered as Jordan mumbled the scores morosely over the microphone, "Looks like the lions are having a tough time."

He grinned, and the crowd fell silent as Draco raced past him in pursuit of the golden ball that would decide the match, with Potter close behind. Harry hurled the quaffle at the Ravenclaw goalpost again, but Weasely was too preoccupied with the chase to notice.

This was the best opportunity to score points and put them ahead of the game. As he made another pass to Montague, he returned his focus to the game. Harry was unconcerned about the seekers because he had a match to win.

As he ducked under another and flew to a low level, then zoomed to the goalpost at neck-breaking speed, weaving through bludgers was second nature to him. He backflipped and threw the bludger just as Draco grasped the snitch, causing the crowd to go insane.

Draco ran up to him and hugged him tightly as he flew down to the pitch.

Draco muttered into his neck, "Had to steal my thunder, didn't you?"

Draco screeched in Harry's arms as Harry spun him around, still high from the victory.

"Of course, Draco," he smirked, "it's what I do."

As his father stared in disbelief, he turned around and spotted Luna and ran towards her, looping her into a hug.

"Way to go, har," Luna said.

"Thanks, Luna," he said, his cheeks flushed from adrenaline. "Did you enjoy the game?"

She tittered back, "I like all your silly games." He smiled once more.

As his father approached him to congratulate him, Marvalo stood behind him, suspiciously staring at Luna, who had just returned a dazzling smile, his eyes narrowed even more.

And it hit Harry like a freight train at that precise moment. He had to persuade this obstinate man to cleanse or risk losing him for good.

He groaned in the privacy of his own mind. Luna smirked at his pleading expression.

Chapter Text

Marvalo couldn't take his mind off it. He didn't believe he'd ever be able to. Harry was all he could think about. Five crumpled parchments sat in the waste bin as he sat at his desk, attempting to write a letter. He walked over to the bed, assuming it was futile to even try. Even though Harry had been gone for three weeks, his magic lingered, clinging to the walls and every object as if it could never be removed.

If he couldn't work, he figured the least he could do was get some much-needed rest. He closed his eyes and sank deeper into the mattress. He gradually felt the tension bleed away as he shifted and rolled over to find a more comfortable position.

Drifting off slowly he pulled the blankets up in a haze and then suddenly-

"Come for me, Marvalo," Harry whispers hoarsely, and for the first time in decades, the Dark Lord obeys, his hips bucking as he releases into his pants. The sticky wetness-

He jumps straight up in bed. He couldn't believe it, he couldn't believe it. He was a HARD. Like a horny teenager merlin.

He sat uncomfortably hunched up in embarrassment, pulling his pajamas down to his knees. He knows he won't be able to sleep if he doesn't respond now. He's got a quidditch match to go to. He's excited to see the minx that’s been plaguing his thoughts.

By his standards, it was over pretty quickly. Already hard and panting, all he had to do was jerk himself a couple of times and he was whimpering into his hands. With what little dignity he had left, he pulled up his pants and made his way to the bathroom, hygiene being important after all.

He climbed back into bed, curled up in the blankets, and fell asleep almost immediately, exhausted from his earlier activities.

He sighs into the comforter of his bed as he wakes up with bleary eyes, wondering why they keep quidditch matches so early in the morning. He quickly gets dressed after slipping out of bed, his excitement to meet Harry overshadowing his sleepiness, and goes about choosing an outfit.

After all, he had to support his old house, so green was incorporated into his usual palette of blue and black. As he strokes the green silk tie, he thinks to himself, "Good lord." He's getting ready to leave, running his hand through his hair.

He walked into his study, threw in some floo powder, and strode forward after saying "Malfoy manor" aloud.

"Good morning, my lord," Lucius said, bowing.

As Lucius said goodbye to Narcissa, who wasn't coming to the game, he waved his hand indulgently and waited with a grin.

They left together, flooring into Hogmead, and walked the length of the castle; the stands were a long walk, and he and Lucius discussed their weekend plans. Because Harry hadn't said yes yet, the contract for the courtship was still on hold.

He was confident, however, that Harry would accept. He was sure to squeal with delight when he received his Valentine's Day gift. He hoped for the best.

As they sat down in their seats, they spoke with Severus, who was telling them about the boys' progress in potions with his trademark scowl. As he heard Marvalo speak, Mad-Eye Moody sat a little straighter, and he couldn't help but smile smugly.

The game was about to start, so everyone quieted down their chatter and waited for the players to be announced; after all, it was the first game of the season.

The Gryffindor team was first, as usual, and he was annoyed when he saw the Potter brat, who seemed a little too cocky for his liking.

The Slytherin team was then announced, and he and Lucius applauded each member.

And then-

The announcer yelled, "AND SLYTHERIN CHASER HADRIAN MALFOY, LOOKING FIT AS EVER MIGHT I ADD." At least Hogwarts appreciated his minx's beauty, he smirked. And they'd never see him at his most attractive when he underneath Marvalo-

Moving on. The game was fantastic, and Hadrian was a prodigy at quidditch. He'd never seen anyone so natural on a broom before. And, though he'd never admit it, his stomach dropped as the bluddgers came dangerously close to ripping off his beloved's head.

The game ended, and he watched Lucius' surprised expression as Harry spun Draco around. Harry didn't like touching people, but his actions seemed to be dictated by adrenaline at the moment.

He then hugged the blonde girl with all-seeing eyes. He didn't like how reverently she looked at Harry. He narrowed his eyes, but all he got in return was a smile. It made him feel more nervous than he wanted to admit.

Harry had a small frown on his face, which he didn't understand until it was replaced by a smile.

"Are you planning on staying for lunch?" Harry inquired, a smile on his face.

Marvalo tilted his head as Lucius nodded.

"Can I speak with you, Marvalo?" Harry asked quietly.

"Sure," he replied quietly, nodding toward the school.

They walked silently to the art room; he had hung Harry's painting in his office and often just stared at it; perhaps this was why he couldn't seem to finish anything.

When they got to the room, Harry took a deep breath and opened the door to let him in.

The room was warm and inviting. It had an easel on which Harry could paint. On one side of the room, there were piles of brown paper-covered canvases, and on the other, there were stacked canvases.

"Luna is a prophet," Harry blurted out.

"How do you know this harry?" Marvalo asked gently as he spun around to face him, staring in disbelief.

“she told me. she knew about us too Marvalo”, Harry whispered. it was rare that prophets ever revealed themselves.

Harry said softly, "I need you to do something for me Marvalo." As he looked at Harry's worried expression, his frown softened.

"Anything darling," he said, his voice cracking.

"Luna said you need a cleansing ritual, she said if you don't agree the darkness will consume you," Harry said. Marvalo stared in disbelief; he could never agree to such an amateurish ritual.

"She said if you don't agree, she'll take me away from you," Harry said, his eyes welling up with tears. Now that changed things entirely. Harry meant a lot to him, and he couldn't just abandon him. It was just an inconsequential ritual in the first place. Harry would be there as well of course.

"I'll have questions...... you understand," Marvalo murmured, jolting Harry from his trance.

"But you'll do it," Harry replied, his smile returning.

"I'd do anything  for you, Harry."

Chapter Text

Charles had been humiliated. Again. He despised the fact that his brother and the other Malfoy had joined the team and that their strategies had improved significantly. He was now known as Hadrian. He used to go by the name Jamie. Jamie Freddrick Potter. Hadrian wasn’t a Potter. He wasn't the same boy any longer.

Charles knew his parents' decision to give Jamie away was a mistake, yet he couldn't help but sigh. Of course, he wanted to be friends with him as a child. Charles had found his hair so cool. But, on the other hand, has always been brazen about friendships and didn't quite get the concept of different characteristics. He couldn't figure out why the youngster flinched when he waved his arms when his other buddies didn't, or why he didn't approach him closer than two feet.

His child brain had seen it as rejection and acted upon this.

Of course, he realizes now, but back then, he hated the Slytherin for irreversibly severing his links with the boy. There was also the issue that he had to act as if he despised the boy. Because he doesn't want his parents to find out.

The essence of all that is good and holy are James and Lily Potter. He had been terribly bashful as a boy, despising the media and the photographers that trailed his every move. His parents had basked in the spotlight; at times, it seemed as though they were more concerned with their celebrity status than with him.

He hardly learned to build ties as a child, such as friendships. He couldn't remember the last time he made a new buddy.  A friend of his OWN and not with someone his parents have pre-approved. ugh

He got off his broom dejectedly and searched about for his father, knowing full well that he wasn't there. He looked at Jami- Malfoy with envy. Malfoy was his name. Malfoy spun his shrieking brother around in a circle. He should've been the one. He wishes it had been him. He despises his parents, the press, and Dumbledore, who hasn't spoken to him this year, avoiding even eye contact or greetings in the corridors.

He despises it when others mutter behind his back and point at him while he isn't looking. He despises the taunts and barbs he receives for claiming the dark lord has returned. He didn't even say anything to the press it was all Dumbledore.

But isn't that what it always boiled down to? Fucking Dumbledore. He'd had enough of it. He was scarcely a functioning human being at this point, little more than a robot being ordered around to do the will of others. Everything he did, from what he ate to the friends he made, was tainted by Dumbledore.

Like his best friend Ron Weasley, the pureblood son of acknowledged blood traitors and a recognized admirer of Dumbledore.

Or maybe Hermione, a muggle-born or Hogwarts know-it-all who is a stickler for the rules and kisses the arse of power. Who was in charge, and who had the authority? Dumbledore.

It was a miracle he hadn't run out of hands since he had his hands in so many pots.

For a brief while, Charles considered his predicament, pondering if he should ignore Dumbledore and seek his-

His spine tensed and he blinked restlessly. What had he been thinking about just now?

He couldn't believe his brother, who was a slimy Slytherin, had refused his hand in friendship after he had been nothing but polite, more than the blondie deserved. It wasn't that much, he snorted.

Nonetheless, his gaze was drawn to the man who was heading inside the castle with Malfoy, inspecting his toned back and temporarily forgetting about his girlfriend. When he got up close he saw the man next to Malfoy, and the man was rather attractive. How did the serpent have someone more beautiful than him, after all, he was the boy who lived, wasn't he?

What was he doing again? He blinked again. He was very unorganized today. Perhaps he would willingly enter Madam Pomfrey's domain just to make sure he was okay. He is the Saviour, and he must beat Voldemort; he cannot be sick, it would be inconceivable.

Ginny said impatiently, "Charles?" He'd been avoiding her calls for a long time, most likely deep in thought.

He whispered back, lost in thought, "yes ginny?" as he walked with measured steps.

"Charles," Ginny said again, her voice tense with rage. Charles let out a sigh.

"Yeah gin, what's up?" he said, giving her his undivided attention for fear of her screaming or worse, hexing him.

She gave a warm smile. "Given the team's poor performance, I believe we should increase training hours," she stated.

As they strolled back to the castle, he murmured monotonously, "Of course ginny, anything you say." 



Harry smiled as he said, "But you'll do it."

"Harry, I'd do anything for you."

Harry looked at him with a joyous expression on his face.

For a brief minute, Marvalo had panicked, fearful of what the prophet might do if he did not comply with her ruthless requirements.

Under his inspection, Harry fidgeted and stared back resolutely. Ferocious, Bold, and Cunning Harry was far more than he had ever imagined him to be.

He studied Harry's face once more, evaluating and memorizing the details. The angle of his hair, the shape of his lips His hair was stunning, chocolate brown like his mother's, dark and silky, with a stripe of blonde hair running front to back.

His eyes gleamed, and his posture was tense as if he was ready to pounce.

"I've missed you Marvalo," Harry mumbled, his posture implying as much. Harry touched his cheek and drew him into a shy kiss right away.

He felt smug as he grinned into it. As he sought to eat Harry alive, he pushed harder, making him forget everything apart from his name.

If Harry was ready, he was going to take things a step further today, and there was no time like the present, as they said. As he felt his legs wrap around his body, he lifted Harry off his feet, their fierce kisses never halting. As Harry uttered the most delightful moans, his tongue had moved to the corner of Harry's ear, licking and sucking.

As he palmed Harry's prominent hard-on, his palms stroked fire downwards. He smirked, he was the reason for this loss of control, he couldn’t help but feel smug. As he unbuckled the belt that held the quidditch uniform's pants, his hands sought for it.

With an impatient look on his face, he looked up at Harry, who was pleading with him to hurry up.

As he slipped down Harry's slacks, Marvalo questioned, his voice raspy, "Is this okay?" As Marvalo palmed his erection, harry gave a hurried nod, more to himself.

"I'd want to hear your verbal reply, Harry," Marvalo added.

"Yes, Please Please ”

And Marvalo could no longer deny his darling.

Marvalos acknowledges to himself that he's nervous because this is the first time he's done something like this for someone else, and he's hoping to get it right. He bends down and gives Harry a chaste kiss, which is soon returned.

His hands trace downwards and softly rub the erection, which he can feel oozing with pre-cum.

Harry yells when Marvalo licks his first stripe over it. He pushes Marvalo forward by bucking into the touch.

Marvalo has settled into a rhythm, and Harry is soon shouting out and cumming inside his mouth. He swallows the bitter liquid and smiles at Harry, who returns his dazed dopey smile.

"I missed you too, Harry," he adds, kissing him on the cheek.

Chapter Text

Marvalo's delicate kisses on Harry's torso only helped to make him euphoric. Nothing, however, could compare to the unexpected sensation of warmth surrounding his cock. "Marvalo!" Harry gasped as he opened his eyes wide and arched his back.

Marvalo sucked his cock while his thumbs rubbed the sides of Harry's hips, and Harry could only keep his mouth and eyes wide, staring at the ceiling. When Marvalo's tongue traced the delicate vein before sucking merely the tip of Harry's cock, Harry's knees began to shake, and he finally let out a deep moan. Harry bucked forward into the man's willing mouth, his eyes swiftly dropping and his hands immediately gripping the desk he was sat on, clamping it fiercely. As Marvalo's mouth enveloped his entire cock once more, Harry let out another moan.

All that mattered was Marvalo's mouth giving him jolts of pleasure after jolts of pleasure. When Harry felt the devilish tongue run down from his head to his testicles, he had to tighten his grip on the desk.

He had no idea he was sensitive at that part!

He was certain he was grasping the desk so firmly that it would have splintered, but he couldn't bring himself to be concerned about it.

When Harry felt a particularly deep suck, he inhaled a breath and felt his body give in to the pleasure as he spurted into Marvalo's mouth.

Holy Merlin

He kisses him on the cheek after giving him the best goddam blow-job of his life. Harry is too full and dizzy at the same time to engage him. Instead, he flashes a grin in the hopes that it shows how much he enjoyed it.

He whines inwardly, reminding himself that he still has to go to lunch and that he needs to bring Luna to see Marvalo so they can talk about the ritual. He's not going to risk being kidnapped by the insane woman. Who knows what she would do to get her way .

Marvalo is smirking at him with a fond expression on his face as he reaches out to grab his arms and cuddle up to him. Holding him close in his arms, Harry scoots forwards to be even closer. He can smell that unique Marvalo smell again but this time there’s a new smell one that smells like him. He really can’t help the smug smirk that finds its way onto his face at that revelation.

When Luna stated she would take him away, he believed her immediately; the girl had skewed morals. His brain was working overtime to allow him to create a cohesive thought, and now he knew why. He grinned once more as he recalled what had just happened.

Marvalo had touched him in ways he'd never been touched before, and he hadn't been repulsed. He hadn't felt the impulse to pull away, and he hadn't had the retching sensation that usually preceded his touching someone.

 Marvalo’s touch had felt good. For the first time in a long time, touch had felt good, and he couldn't help but grin like a loon.

"Thank you," Harry responded, trying to express his gratitude by glancing at Marvalo's face intensely.

"Whatever for Harry?" questioned Marvalo, perplexed, his eyebrows scrunching together looking adorable. He couldn’t believe he thought The Dark Lord was adorable. He’d hated the man a few months ago for Merlin’s sake.

"It's been a long time since I've felt at ease and comfortable when I'm touching another person without feeling repulsed," he said with a smile. "Thank you for putting me at rest and letting your guard down enough to allow me in your space," Harry whispered, embarrassed to say it out loud. He was humiliated; why couldn't he stop being a fre- 

He was no longer the pathetic little boy. Harrison Abarax Nova Malfoy was strong and quiet. He had built a new life for himself. He was better than those of his past. Besides, his mother had told him that he wasn't alone any longer, one of the first things she had spoken to him, and Harry had learned to trust her judgment over the years.

"I'd like to thank you, Harry," Marvalo replied, "because it's been a long time since I've had someone so trustworthy waltz into my life."

And it was at that point that Harry recognized what was going on. He realized why their magic mingled as if it were attempting to become one, why he had felt at peace with a Dark Lord and slept in his arms right away. He blushed slightly at that memory.

He felt silly for overlooking the signs that their magic was compatible. The conversations they had with one another, the manly things they had in common, deliberately avoided uncomfortable topics. Take, for example, their childhoods.

They went out of their way to find each other because they were intended to be together. He could have laughed at the idea of soulmates two months ago. But he knew now, he could feel it in his bones, and his magic buzzed in agreement with his understanding. He was even given a zap to punish him for not noticing sooner.

Then he grinned, a brilliant smile that made him appear like a child once again, a smile that touched his eyes for once. He was happy right now, and the joy he felt would be enough to maintain a Patronus. It wasn't so much that they'd done something sexual as it was the way Marvalo kissed him so sweetly, the way his eyes followed his every move, and the way Marvalo's arms wrapped around him. It was the significance of this moment for them.

"Marvalo?" Harry said.

"Yes, Harry?" replied Marvalo, looking down at him.

"Don't leave me," he replied quietly.

"Never, my dear. Never in a million years"

Chapter Text

They stayed cuddled up in comfortable stillness for a long time, shifting only to get more comfortable. Harry felt relaxed and at peace, in a manner, he hadn't felt in a long time.


He was well aware that time was running out and that they would have to meet Luna as soon as possible. They had no choice. He drew away from Marvalo's warm embrace grudgingly. Marvalo offered him a faint smile and glanced down at him as if reading his thoughts. As Marvalo smirked, Harry leaped from the table and straightened his clothes so his father wouldn't notice what he'd done in this very room.


"You could help," Harry said petulantly as he re-tied his belt.


"You're right, I could," Marvalo replied from his desk, his voice tinged with sarcasm.


As he turned his back on Marvalo and put his jumper back on, Harry sighed and muttered under his breath. As arms wrapped about him and encircled him, he jumped in surprise. He smirked,  it was all too easy for him to guilt the man.


He felt a light kiss on his neck, followed by several more, while he giggled at the ticklish sensation. At this point, he couldn't tell who was the better manipulator: him or Marvalo. Perhaps both of them. That thought made him smile.

"Come on, suck up, remember we have to go to lunch?" In response to Marvalo's nip at his neck, Harry muttered, his voice high-pitched. He squirmed in Marvalos' grip, and eventually, Marvalo let him go in favor of lifting him off his feet. Literally


Harry's squeak is one he will never admit to making.


As Harry wrapped his arm across Marvalo's shoulders to achieve greater balance, he grinned, his delight evident in his eyes. Marvalo gently drew Harry closer to his face and kissed him on the lips. Harry shifted his weight away from the man, merely acting irritated.


"Do you think this is dignified for a man who is a Dark Lord Marvalo?" Harry asks in a false pompous accent, his nose high up and twisted as if he smells something genuinely awful.


"When I'm with you Hadrian Malfoy, I discover that I don't want to be or act like a Dark Lord," Marvalo answered back promptly. Harry scoffs but smiles slightly as he looks at the man he knows he’s going to marry.


"You fool, let me down," Harry responded with a smile.

"Anything for a kiss," Marvalo replied, raising an eyebrow. It made him look so human, so at ease, that Harry leaned in and kissed him with a laugh.


Marvalo kissed him like a starving man as if he'd never done anything like it before. Harry reckoned every kiss they had was different, each one new and different to him, and he didn't think he had. Each one was unique. Marvalo drew Harry closer to him. He realized he was still in his arms.


Marvalo was kissing him and supporting his weight entirely by himself. For some reason, this made Harry's stomach churn, but when Marvalos' tongue touched his bottom lip, those thoughts vanished as fast as they had come.


When Marvalo pulled away and stared at him with dazed eyes and a smug grin, Harry moaned in disappointment at the kissing ending.


"We're running late for lunch," Marvalo explained as he looked back down at Harry.


"Shit," Harry cursed as he motioned to the door, ignoring the fact that he was still in Marvalo's arms and in fact that the idiot should carry him. After all, he was the reason Harry was late. Harry ignored the voice in his head that told him he liked being in the man’s arms and asked it to kindly shut up.


How the hell was his mind on Marvalo’s side?


"Marvalo put me down," Harry murmured against his neck. They had reached the end of the corridor, which meant a whole new lot of problems if anyone saw them. With one last embrace, Harry was let down, and they headed to the Great Hall together.


They snuck in among the stragglers and took a seat at the Slytherin table, where he could see his Father, Draco, and, shockingly, Luna. He'd found the witch he'd been looking for.


His Father gave him a sidelong glance and shook his head as they sat at the table.


Lucius hissed in a hushed voice, "Where were you, Hadrian?"


"I was busy father....with Marvalo," Harry said as his cheeks flushed.

Harry glared at them both as Draco coughed and Luna chuckled at his heated glare at them both, just wait until he got alone with them-


"You have a bruise on your neck Har, how'd you hurt yourself there? It may have been during quidditch, you should have gone to Madam Pomfrey sooner," Luna stated in a whispy voice, however, the slight smirk on her lips betrayed her enjoyment.


At that moment, Harry could have wrung her delicate little neck with his hands, but he hastily turned his head when he heard a small snort from beside him. Harry scowled at him with all his power, attempting to convey his indignation at the man who found it amusing to mock his plight.


Marvalo remained stubbornly focused on his plate, not daring to look up into Harry's eyes, intensifying Harry's attention towards him. As a kind of retaliation, Harry kicked his foot beneath the table. Marvalo's head snapped up in astonishment as he looked at Harry, who was flashing him a smug grin.


Lucius shook his head and stared at both men, as they gave each other matching twin glares. Morgana and all her children, what was he going to do without Narcissa?


"More eating and Less ogling Hadrian," Lucius grumbled, irritated by his son's antics. He couldn't believe his Lord hadn't punished the boy yet. If they weren’t at Hogwarts the boy would have been over his lap. This table would have been perfect for Narcissa, she had always enjoyed her son’s antics but it was causing Lucius a headache.


"Yes, father," Harry sulked, and Marvalo smiled at him once again.



Chapter Text

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore has never forgotten a face in his life. He recalled former students who went on to become wonderful men and women, ministers, auroras, and healers. He also remembered the awful students who had despised him and who he had despised in equal measure. He recalled the insignificant, ordinary Hogwarts witches and wizards who considered themselves grateful to him for simply being permitted to attend Hogwarts.


Who was he to tell them they were wrong?



As Thomas Marvalo Slytherin, Voldermort. Oh, he knew the man was Voldermort sitting at the Slytherin table laughing and enjoying his time back at Hogwarts. Even if the ministry didn't believe him at the time, he knew the man was Voldemort. After all, Dumbledore was the supreme sorcerer, the greatest wizard of his century, and he was confident that he was right and the Ministry would come around as they usually did.


He looked around the table across from where the Dark Lord sat and in the hall, sighing with satisfaction when he saw Charles at the Gryffindor table. After all, he needed the boy, and it wouldn't do for him to die too soon.


Dumbledore crept into Charles's mind subtly, the boy having no defenses to speak off, and he wondered what kind of heir James was rearing. He realized his compulsion had triggered again today; these occurrences were becoming too frequent; perhaps he should call the boy back into his office for a conversation again.


Yes, Dumbledore would undoubtedly persuade him that everything had to be done. Of course, it was all for the greater good.



They were in the room of requirement, often recognized as the come and go room. Marvalo had heard about it and had brought them here to talk. He and Marvalo sat across from Luna, who sat in a blue armchair, on an antique love seat.


There was an empty coffee table in front of them, which looked identical to Marvalo's office at home. Harry took a few steps back and took a glance around the room. There were bookshelves, and there were lamps, of course.


There were fifteen lamps of various sizes and shapes strewn over the room. That in itself was strange, but to each his own, he decided. According to Marvalo, the room seemed to conjure up whatever you wanted.

That was a fascinating bit of magic. Could it be possible to duplicate it? Harry wondered if this was because Hogwarts was intelligent enough to construct this room on its own, or if it had been built by the founders, like Slytherin's infamous chamber. Which Marvalo was presumably aware of the location as well.


The man seems to have all the answers. As a result, he looked around the room while Luna and Marvalo stared each other down, attempting to intimidate each other. Luna was just glancing around, not blinking much, whereas Marvalo was the one who was glaring. Luna appeared to be amused by his efforts.


"Soo," Harry said hesitantly, hoping to break the uneasy tension in the room.


"Yes, my lord, I was informed you had some questions," Luna responded gently as she looked at Marvalo.


Marvalo nodded decisively.


"Lady Lovegood, tell me about this ritual and its benefits."


"On Samhain last year, Mother Magic appeared to me in a dream. She forewarned me about occurrences she didn't want to happen, such as the annihilation of all things magical, and she advised me how to prevent them," Luna remarked, her voice unusually solemn.


"Interesting, but not the information I seek, Lovegood," Marvalo grumbled.


"Isn't he impatient?" Luna nodded sympathetically in Harry’s direction, "He's lucky he's good in bed."


Harry coughed and became scarlet around the ears before laughing softly.


"Tell him about the ritual, Luna darling," Harry grumbled.


"My lords, I propose a soul restoration ritual beforehand, as the ritual I have to undertake may demand more soul than you currently possess," Luna replied politely.


"What does that mean?" Harry inquired suspiciously calmly “What does she mean by less soul”


"Horcruxes," Marvalo quickly added.


Harry asked, his voice high-pitched, "Horcruxes as in multiple?"


"Yes," Marvalo replied quickly.


"Luna, inform him about the ritual, and then please leave so that my- Lord Slytherin and I can have a much-needed discussion," Harry said as he withdrew from the conversation, turning away from Marvalo’s stares.


The information whirled around in his head. He couldn't believe it when he heard several Horcruxes. He wouldn't have it. The man's soul, his own being, everything that made him Marvalo had been fractured. And he hadn't thought it necessary to inform Harry.


Harry couldn't decide which hurt more: the fact that he had slowly fallen in love with an incomplete piece of soul and wondered if he would have done so sooner if Marvalo had a full one, or the fact that he hadn't told Harry after everything they had done together.


He ignored the voice in his mind that told him he hadn’t told Marvalo all that much either.


He put the idea out of his mind. He was now enraged with the man. And then he'd get back to the love part. Even as his thoughts shouted LOVE over and over again.


"— After that, we'll cleanse your magic and mind of black magic influence and wash away any residual insanity; depending on your dark magic usage, we should only have to perform this once or twice a year," Luna remarked, as Marvalo was nodding and scribbling notes.


What had he procured that diary?


That appeared to be the end of the conversation, as Luna bowed to both of them before exiting the room and closing the door behind her.


"Why didn't you undertake a soul restoration ritual before?" Harry asked, his voice calm.


 "Light magic has never been healthy for my core, and I felt I was beyond requiring any help," Marvalo responded unflinchingly.


At the very least, he hadn't lied to Harry; he told him the truth, no matter how ridiculous it may have sounded, and Harry respected him for it.


"You foolish prideful man," Harry said fiercely.


 "I'm sorry darling," Marvalo apologized as he looked down.


"I- when did you intend to tell me, Marvalo?" "Or were you planning on telling me anything at all?" Harry asked enraged. His cheeks were flushed with rage.


"Of course, I was you, you conceited brat." Is this, however, relevant to you in any way? It is my soul that I have shattered. "Not yours," Marvalo retorted.


The thunderous snap of Harry slapping Marvalo seemed to reverberate throughout the room. Marvalo rubbed his cheek and glanced at Harry with a mixture of surprise and horror on his face.


"How can you believe I don't care about you?" Harry screamed angrily. “How dare you assume to believe it is none of my concern?”.


"Has this whole courtship been nothing but a game to you? Did you think my health isn't important to you, you foolish, idiotic man?" Harry was enraged as he proceeded.


"Of course, Harry, your health is a source of concern for me. I've grown to care for you-" Marvalo’s tirade came to a halt.


"Please, Harry," Marvalo said, pleading.


"You will fix it then?" Harry says, raising an eyebrow.


"Yes, yes I will please forgive me-."


"Marvalo, you will tell me everything you've done, no matter how trivial, and so so help Merlin and Arthur and all their knights, you will tell me all. If I discover something important you've kept hidden from me, I'll skin you and sell your body parts as potion ingredients in Kiterurnberry Alley "Harry's voice cracked as he threatened.


Marvalo hurriedly nodded and walked over to Harry, meeting him with outstretched arms.


As Marvalo whispered words of remorse, Harry lurched forward and cried into his chest. As Harry's cries faded to sporadic hiccups, he sat them both back down on the loveseat and hugged them.


"I mean it, Marvalo, never again do I want to hear something you should have told me from another’s mouth," Harry said.

"I promise, darling."

Chapter Text

Marvalo was a dark lord, and like many other dark lords of the past, he was smart. He truly didn’t mean to toot his own horn, but it was difficult to teach him something new.



He was a prodigy at most things he set his mind to. His brilliance didn’t stop at only academics, of course, but it was his fundamental pride and joy.



But Hadrian Malfoy, a boy no older than 16, had taught him things he had never been taught before, a feat he had considered impossible. Harry had been long before the courtship had ever begun, Harry taught him simple things at first, when they were barely comfortable in each other’s company and long before Marvalo had even paid him any attention.



After all, why would he be interested in a 16-year-old boy, with only the Black heirship to his name? Harry hadn’t even known him then.



Harry had taught him how to laugh. He threw his head back when something was truly funny, his eyes showed like stars in the sky, and his lips quirked up in an infuriating grin. His laugh is beautiful. There were simply no other words to describe the joyous sound. The genuine joy Harry’s laugh emitted made everyone sit up and take notice. It's too bad he didn't do it more often, honestly.



Harry taught Marvalo that murder wasn’t the solution to everything. Marvalo had been quite bored one evening, so he had, as a joke, polyjuiced himself into one of his follower’s children and had infiltrated the group of teenagers that stood apart at meetings or events.


After all, they had better gossip than their adult counterparts. Harry had explained to him and the others quite thoroughly one evening how "dumb" the Dark Lord was and how "he shouldn’t spill so much magical blood". When all was said and done, the argument made more sense than Marvalos' own solution. He doubted Harry remembered the day, but it remained one of his worst or best memories, depending on his mood at the moment.



Harry also taught him songs. Songs from wizarding bands such as the Weird Sisters and the Trio of Madness, but also his favourite muggle ones from old bands like Queen. Harry had a wonderful singing voice that he could listen to every day of his life. He might be a bit biased, but honestly, who cares? Marvalo loved it when Harry sang with a smile on his face, the smile Marvalo loved, his cheeks glowing and his eyes shining as he sang the words to tracks Marvalo was sure weren't real.



Harry also made Marvalo think a lot of things. As a dark lord, Marvalo hadn’t trusted many, and he still didn’t to this day. He didn’t think the word "trust" existed in his wiring; perhaps that was the effect or the mark his awful childhood had left on him. He didn’t like to think about it often. He had left that part of himself behind for a good reason.



But Harry hadn’t given up. Harry taught him how to consider his options better, how to laugh, how to smile, how to use chopsticks (Marvalo hadn’t known there was a technique for it), and most importantly, how to trust.



He had told Marvalo titbits about himself and asked for the same in return. Nothing more, nothing less. equal trade. Having an equal was a humbling experience. Marvalo had never met anyone with whom he could truly be himself; all of his followers and friends expected him to be great and change the world. Harry didn’t expect anything. And that is what made him different in his mind.



He didn’t ask anything, and he gave Marvalo his all, so Marvalo, in his usual fashion, decided to excel in their relationship, to show him that he cared just as much, if not more.



Except he couldn’t. There was no set pattern he could use to follow. He knew there was probably a set pattern, but he didn’t think there was one that applied to him. So Marvalo tried his way. It was difficult at first. Of course, it was. When had anything good ever been easy?



Both of them didn’t like touch. It came as a package of not being used to it in the first place, but nevertheless, they both tried. Yet the first time he had seen Harry in his bed, he had faltered, but he had pushed through. They had never mentioned it, but he knew that day had been special to them both. It had been sort of a start to them getting more comfortable in the relationship; it had been the start to them actually being partners.



They were both perfect halves of a whole, not trying to fix anything and finding nothing broken in each other because they had been perfect molds for each other from the beginning. He had liked that, the way they were together. In a few months’ time, Marvalo had properly gotten to know Harry; he felt as if he had known him for the longest time.



They fit seamlessly into each other’s lives. Marvalo didn’t think he had truly felt as comfortable in anyone else’s company before.



He knew their magic was compatible, but that wasn’t the only thing that made them work. It was because when Harry came to his house in the middle of the night, he sank into Marvalos' couch as if he owned it. It was the way his legs threw over the arms of the very same couch as he dangled his feet off them. It was the way he glared at Marvalo until he relented and stopped working to come to sit with the man. It was the way they knew how they both liked their tea and how Marvalo preferred coffee on tough days.



It was the little things in him that no one had gotten close enough to notice.



It was the way when they kissed, Harry tilted his neck to the side because he knew Marvalo liked it there, and it was the way when they cuddled together, he slotted himself right below Marvalo’s collarbone because he knew it was the only position where he would be digging his knee into Marvalos' stomach.



It was the way he played with Marvalo's hair and pressed his shoulders because he knew Marvalo had terrible posture. It was the way Harry sometimes cleaned up his office because he knew the elves didn’t do it correctly.



It was the way they solved all the crossword puzzles in the newspapers and magazines they subscribed to as they sat together. It was the way that Harry wore his scarf around his neck with pride, and it was mostly the way Harry smiled at him as if he had saved the world when he had done nothing.



Marvalo had always thought he couldn’t love, but it was Harry who had begun to make him think he was wrong. 

Chapter Text

"Okay," Harry said. They had to work on this whole trust thing or their whole relationship would fall apart. Harry didn’t think he could let that happen, it would not he wouldn’t allow it.


Harry understood that trust like that couldn’t just happen overnight, but if they both worked towards it, it would happen faster.


"When I was young, I lived in an orphanage before the Malfoys found me, "Harry burst out." Marvalos's head snaps up and stares at him at that information. If Harry expects trust from him, he has to show trust in himself. He just didn’t count on how difficult it was going to be to talk about it. even after all these years.


"I was abandoned there, at least that is what was on my records." Harry said, "I was abandoned there." He repeated it slowly as if reminding himself 


"The Dursleys were the family that left me at the orphanage, but it was the Potters who left me in the muggle world in favor of raising the golden boy, " Harry said, his voice tight as he blinked back tears.


He wouldn’t shed another tear for those pieces of garbage that he had the misfortune of being related to. For all the potters spoke about being good and light, there sure wasn’t a lot they did to back it up.


"Why?", Marvalo got out, as Harry’s head snapped up from where he had been fidgeting with his hands.


"What?" Harry asked.


"Why tell me this now? Why did they leave you? "," Marvalo said, as if agitated and confused.


"Because I trust you, and I've learned that trust is a two-way street. I suppose," Harry said, a small sad smile on his face.


They left me there because I wasn’t their golden child and I only served to distract them from their savior. I was nothing but an annoyance after that Samhain night. It was like I existed merely to cause problems," Harry began.


"So they gave me a way to my aunt. That woman didn’t want me either, so I was packed up and taken straight to an orphanage. I was adopted, of course, but given back. Harry said, "Devil child was a favorite nickname of the matron." Harry murmured as he laughed bitterly.


His throat felt tight and his shoulders shook with the effort not to burst into tears. It had been a long time since he had told anyone that. The first person had been his mother, of course. She was his rock. She sat there petting his head until he had calmed down enough and had gently put him to bed.


He had been mortified the next morning, but she had pretended almost as if it had never happened. But he knew she took care to keep her movements slow when reaching out for him and never yelled because she had seen him flinch once. That’s all it had taken for her to stop yelling entirely.


The second had been his mind healer, who he still had to visit every month, Healer Demine was a relentless bastard that he loved and hated in equal measure. She had helped him, of course, but it had been painful to talk about those memories again, but the healer had been right in the end. Talking about them had made them lose their power.


That’s not to say they didn’t hurt to talk about, they did, but the pain had dulled to an ache and he finally felt the wounds healing.


As he waited silently, still in Marvalos's lap, for him to take in the information that Harry had sort of just bomb shelled onto him and waited for any questions. Everyone always had questions.


Well, I hope you know that you’re wanted now and that they were assholes for doing that to you, Marvalo said finally, with a deep breath.


"That’s it?..." Harry inquired, suspiciously. 


Marvalo nodded silently.


Marvalo said, after a second thought, "Thank you for telling me. I’m glad you, uh, trusted me enough."


"Y-you're welcome," Harry stammered out, his face flushed with embarrassment.


Marvalo smiled a sharp grin and went back to petting his hair.


"Marvalo, are you allowed to stay at Hogwarts for this long? My father is probably looking for you, I'm sure, "Harry said softly, regretting breaking the moment but having no other choice.


"There’s a Hogsmead weekend on Valentine's. Would you attend? I want you to meet Blaise. He does not believe that I could like someone, "Harry said shyly."


"I am a dark lord, Harry," Marvalo said, amusement clear on his face in answer to the question. 


"Well, that’s not all you are, is it?"




Marvalo breathed deeply to control his rage at Harry’s casual admittance of his abandonment by his despicable family. How dare they abandon a magical child, in the muggle world? One child is favored over the other. Disgusting


He had been abandoned by his family, just like Marvalo himself, he thought with a bitter smile. He probably felt the betrayal hit harder since there was a second child, who was treated with reverence in the wizarding world.


It seemed they were not that different after all.


So when Harry moved on to another topic quickly, Marvalo was not surprised but was quite grateful. It was hard enough to restrain his rage he couldn’t take any chances of accidentally hurting harry in any way. Abuse and abandonment were sensitive topics, and he would think about them sooner or later. After he got over Harry’s bombardment of secrets, he had to suffer through today, apparently.


Sometimes he wondered how the man’s mind worked.


Marvalo stared at Harry in barely restrained surprise. He couldn’t believe what Harry had told him.


Well, that’s not all you are, is it


Many people seemed to forget that honestly. In fact, he could barely remember the last time someone associated with him, not for his connections . he didn’t hate his life, he just wished for a moment of anonymity sometimes.


Harry looked up at him again, waiting for his answer to a question he had never been asked before.


"Alright, I'll be there, Harry," Marvalo said, resigned to meeting Harry’s friend.


And in the end, it was all worth it, if only to see the brilliant smile spread across Harry’s face. 


Chapter Text

Harry had never felt so particularly stupid. He couldn't believe himself, asking the dark lord to meet his friends. It was laughable. Simply ridiculous. But, it all worked out in the end, so was he really that stupid, or was he secretly a genius? Given the fact that he hadn’t even told Blaise he was going to be meeting his courter but a man who was the Dark Lord, he would have to conclude that he was in fact just stupid.


Now that that was out of the way, he has to figure out how to tell Blaise without the boy getting extremely upset that he had hidden something huge about his life from him. Again,


He and Blaise had met on the Hogwarts Express when he had gotten lost on his way back from the bathroom-he really should learn the difference between left and right-but he had barged into what was seemingly his compartment but one at the opposite end of the train.


Harry had just plonked down and had decided to wait for the trolley witch, who would certainly know the way back to his compartment.


But the boy in the compartment in which he was currently sitting had not seemed to understand that he wanted to sit in silence and had begun talking to him; they had spoken for quite a while, in fact. Well, Blaise had been speaking, and Harry would add in sentences from time to time. In the end, they had ended up becoming good friends and it only solidified more when they were both sorted into Slytherin


Blaise had always known that he had a secret, one that no matter how many complaints he heard about it, he wouldn't divulge, so he had left it be. Waiting for Harry to tell him in his own time.

He would say he was fond of Blaise, in the way one was fond of a favorite uncle. He loved him to some degree and would do almost anything for his continued health and safety.


It had taken years for Harry to trust the other boy and finally tell him about himself, more than what Blaise had originally observed from living with him every single day. But Blaise had had an explosive reaction to the news that he was a disowned Potter and had a fit when he'd heard about the orphanage.


He had wanted to murder Charles, but Harry had quickly talked him out of it. Mostly by reminding him that it wasn't his revenge to take. After that, Blaise stayed by his side through everything.


So when he said he was worried about Blaise meeting the Dark Lord, he meant he was worried about Blaise having an aneurysm that his best friend was with the Dark Lord and also about the fact that Blaise was a little bit in awe of the man.


Understatement of the century


Regardless, he was worried about his own health and safety because Blaise was surely going to strangle him for keeping such a monumental secret. So Harry had to figure out how to break the news gently. which he was sure he could do.


After all, how hard could it be?


He had to ask. It had been hell, quite frankly. Blaise had gone insane. He was currently picking out an outfit for meeting Marvalo. For some reason, it had to be ‘just right’, it was like he had a crush on the man or something. Harry stays, sitting on the bed, waiting for Blaise to stop throwing his entire closet on the floor.


He had actually gone through the entire top shelf, so the floor around him was covered in clothes. He wished Blaise would either stop or maybe just pick an outfit because he didn’t want to live in this mess of a room until the next Hogsmeade visit, which was almost 4 days away.


He sighed as another pile of shirts landed on the floor next to his bed. This wasn’t going to end without interference. This wasn’t going to be fun.


Why did these things always happen to him?


"Blaise," Harry called out as he rose from the bed, reaching out for the clothes on the floor. There was no response from the other boy; he seemed too engrossed in his current activity.


"Blaise," Harry called out again as he was ignored by the dark-skinned boy yet again. Frustrated, Harry threw the shirt in his hand at Blaise’s head.


The boy in question finally turned around to look at Harry with annoyed eyes, plucking the shirt off his shoulder where it had landed after sliding off Blaise’s face. Blaise raised an impatient eyebrow at Harry, asking him what was the matter.


"Blaise, we have to go to lunch and clean up the dorm before Theo shows up. You know how he gets when things are a mess—"


Harry was interrupted by the squeak of the door as it opened up slowly. Draco’s head poked through the crack, and he paused, staring around the room in apparent horror.


"What the hell happened here?" Draco asked.


Harry glared angrily at Blaise, not even attempting to be subtle about who he blamed for the state of their room.


"Father is quite displeased that you didn’t say goodbye to him, Harry." Draco began leaning against the door frame in a casual manner.


"Yes, well, I was quite busy, so he’s going to have to get over it," Harry mumbled sullenly. His mother would be angry at him for not saying goodbye to his father. But, surely she would understand.


Draco raised his hands in defense as he stood up straight. "Alright geez, no need to be pissy Harry," he said with an easy smile.


"I am going to be meeting the Dark Lord," Blaise blurted out, apparently unable to keep it to himself anymore.


Draco’s head snapped to Harry’s face as he looked down with a guilty expression. He knew that he should have told Draco and his father, but he couldn’t find it in himself to feel guilty enough.


"Really, Blaise?" Harry muttered as he plonked gracefully back onto the bed and heaved a sigh.


"What? He probably knows who I’m talking about, okay, and you really should have expected it, "Blaise started.


"He’s right you know. You should have expected it since you insisted on having this rif-raf as your friend," Draco said distastefully, as he slid onto Harry’s bed after parkouring through the mounds of clothes that littered the room.


Yes, Harry, we can’t all be perfect like Sir Blondie, Blaise said, his voice sickly sweet as Draco went red at the insult, gearing up to return it tenfold or perhaps curse Blaise.


"Must you insist on fighting every time you are in a room together, frankly I tire of your endless bickering? And Draco, Marvalo is aware enough that he is going to meet Blaise next weekend, and he also knows about the Potters now, "he said angrily, as Draco’s mouth snapped shut in surprise as he stared at his brother reproachfully.


Even Blaise looked properly chastised as he began picking his clothes off the carpeted floor, lest Theo actually walks in to see the room in an utter mess.


"You told him," Draco said after a moment of silence, blinking at Harry questioningly.


Harry nodded, "Today after the match, in fact," he said in place of an answer, which was enough of a clue that kept Blaise’s curious questions at bay. the room had gotten clean quickly after Blaise picked up his pace in folding and even Draco helped after he was sent a pleading expression.


With a sigh, Draco rearranged the mess of a cupboard into something of an organized pile, and he even smiled slightly as he put in the last shirt and shut the door with his leg.


"Does this mean you have accepted the courtship, Harry?" Draco asked. Harry glared at him when Blaise swirled around to look at him.


"You haven’t accepted it yet?" Blaise asked as if he couldn’t understand why he would commit such a heinous crime. Harry considered lying for a moment just to get out of this conversation but breathed deeply as he nodded.


"Why I haven’t said yes or when I do is none of your business. In the end, it is and will remain my decision. And if you ever do that again, Draco, you won’t know what came for you, "Harry threatened in a dark voice, glaring at both of them in anger.


Draco nodded fearfully as Harry huffed and pushed Draco off his bed.


Walking out of the dorm for lunch, he ignored a staring Draco and a sluggish Blaise and trudged on for the rest of the day, keeping to himself because he was not feeling up to talking. As he plonked on his bed after


his designated nightly rituals, he shifted his comforters in bed, trying to get comfortable as he pulled the covers over his head and lit his wand underneath it. He had some reading to get to.



Harry didn’t understand, and he hated that everyone around him was probably right. Harry had been procrastinating his health checkup for the past 2 days. Madam Pomfrey had finally put her foot down, saying he wasn’t permitted to go to the next Hogsmeade weekend if he hadn’t gone to the check-up.


He dreaded it. He hated healers and mediwitches alike. They had poked and prodded him, trying to figure out what was wrong when he when he had been young. Safe to say it had left him with a lasting hatred for all things medical, maybe that was why he was shit at healing spells. 

it's not as if he is afraid of the healers. He simply doesn't like them, and it's not as if he was required to love them.


Frowning he put on his robes and stalked out to the common room frown deepening when he saw Severus Snape standing there with his signature scowl


Harry glared at him and was rewarded with a small smirk for his efforts, which were promptly doubled in reaction to the amusement that was being directed at his anger. 


He couldn't believe his parents assigned him a babysitter as if he was 8 again. Well, to be fair, he had slipped out of the last two sessions. He supposed that's why they had to send in Snape.


He and Snape had a complicated relationship. He was Draco’s Godfather, so by default he had to cater to Harry as well. But since he was considered part of Harry's family, he knew that Harry had once been a Potter. This conflicted with his protective tendencies, but after he had learned of the abandonment, he had doubled his efforts to be someone in Harry's life.


He was successful, but Harry wasn't going to tell him that. It was funnier to watch him try to be subtle about it and fail miserably.


"Congratulations on winning the first match of the season," Severus Snape said as his voice jolted Harry out of his thoughts.


 "I couldn't have done it without you, sir", Harry said with a glance at the man walking beside him. 


"Mr. Malfoy, I think you were the only one playing the game between the two of us," Snape said carefully.


They walked in silence the rest of the way, Snape’s occasional deep breaths and the click of his shoes against the stone interrupting that blissful silence.


As they reached the hospital wing, Harry turned to look at the man who was somehow family.


He also didn't match the aesthetic of the Malfoy house, but that seemed like a topic for a different time. But would it kill him to wear a different color? Probably


"Sev, I know you chipped in almost half the money for the Firebolt I got for Christmas. You might not want to hear it, but thank you," Harry said with a smile as he heard the intake of breath behind him.


He swung the door open and walked to the appointment he had dreaded since this morning.


Surprisingly, talking with Severus had made him feel much better. So the frown was now nothing but a grimace on his face.


Madam Pomfrey bustled up to the bed he was sitting on as she told him to lie down and stay still. Sighing and leaning back on the pillows he sat still sagging slightly when Madam Pomfrey walked towards her office


He didn't hate the woman; he was sure she was quite nice, but quite frankly, he didn't want to be here and wasn't going to pretend otherwise.


It wasn't worth the effort and he was already trying to pretend he didn't want to snatch the wand that she was pointing at him from her hands.


His magic swirled around him in his current mood as it sizzled with the wards in the room.


Harry jolted as he felt another presence, of magic in the wards. It was strong and light... But that wasn’t right. Interaction with wards and magic was considered taboo and dark.


The practice was banned long ago by the ministry, which made it difficult to even know about in the first place.


His magic cautiously reached out to the presence, trying to interact with it as he tried to stay still on the hospital wing bed.


At least he had something to do now.


The presence seemed to be pulsating as if giving or taking magic from the wards. But the ward stone and ambient magic should have been strong enough to power the wards of the castle.


After all, the building was old and the magic that surrounded it was plenty. Along with the magic that the forbidden forest residents provided, it was more than enough to sustain the strongest wards.


So the presence was a leech. His magic poked at the leech as it jerked, but didn’t move from its activity.


Harry stays furious in the hospital wing. He couldn't allow this to continue in all good conscience, considering that Hogwarts had been nothing but kind to him in his time here.


Its alcoves and moving hallways provided him solace and the space he craved from time to time.


He had loved the castle like it was his own, so surely he couldn't leave the leech. After all, wasn't it stealing magic that wasn’t theirs?


His magic gathered up to strike the leech on the wards, his apparent anger with the threat only urging it on significantly. Harry hoped this would happen as his magic struck the leech. The castle shook.


The foundation itself trembled as the dust rose in the air around the castle. Smaller trees in the area fell and the Whomping Willows branches swirled around in panic. Herds of animals stomping their hooves could be heard throughout the castle.

 The students felt the earth tremble under their very feet and screamed. The panic spread like wildfire, each scream fueling the panic and only serving as a distraction. The teachers stilled with panic, frantically messaging the one man who probably had answers.


Hogwarts was free and she was not happy.


Chapter Text

Severus Snape has always been a quietly spoken man. He had barely tried to make friends in Hogwarts, and the only people that remained, in the end, were the people that had decided he was worth it from day one.


So, quite frankly, he didn't see anything wrong with his method of weeding out the weak ones. And frankly, he was glad that some of his friends had never lasted.


He also didn't quite understand the concept of family. His own had been quite terrible and he had never desired for another ever. That was until the Malfoys.


Lucius Malfoy was a smart man. He had above-average magical strength, and his affinity for arithmancy and politics was something he could brag about for days. Not only was he attractive and ruthless, but he was also loyal and a good friend on particularly bad days.


Lucius, much like him, had not understood the concept of friends. He had come to Hogwarts with the set goal of making as many allies as he could before he became Lord Malfoy.


But somewhere, accidentally along the way, they had become friends. Both Severus and Lucius had been quite horrified by this predicament. But due to their limited knowledge or their lack of effort, they seemed to be stuck. And honestly, Severus did not mind.


Narcissa Malfoy was a whole different creature. Beautiful but deadly was a surprisingly accurate phrase when describing her. With shrewd eyes and cutting words, this woman could make or break you in seconds. She had been an Unspeakable until her first son was born if he remembered correctly. She had been quite happy to give up her life of adventure and make a house into a home for her children. Of course, Lucius never expected her to settle down. He had even been prepared to have many sleepless nights taking care of the baby while Narcissa worked.


But she had seemed to want to hang her hat. So Narcissa Malfoy was unpredictable, and that was what he liked about her. And the fact that she had an excellent taste in whiskey.


Her sons, of course, were as brilliant and enchanting as she. Quick to anger but hard to forget, both the boys were a breath of fresh air in the school of dunderheads. He had great expectations of both of them, even after he knew about Harry’s background. He had his doubts, of course, but once a Malfoy, always a Malfoy. The boys were not disappointed. He had honestly expected Harry to be in Ravenclaw rather than Slytherin, but he supposed his judgment was for naught. Slytherin, the boy, was through and through.


He had tried to be fair to the students in the school, but in a world where the world was rooted against his snakes, the only way to play fair was to be unfair. He showed quite a bit of favoritism too, he supposed, but that simply couldn’t be helped. It wasn’t like Minerva didn’t have favorites. So he bloody well could too.


Now standing in the common room waiting for his pseudo godson to appear, he sighed heavily. He had refused at first, of course, to babysit his godson. The boy was as independent as they came. He had no intention of getting into the path of someone who was hellbent on getting his own way. And quite frankly, Hadrian Malfoy’s temper tantrums were legendary and the path of destruction they left in their wake was as infamous as their creator.


But nevertheless, here he stood, waiting to walk the boy to the hospital wing. Blast it all, he wondered when he had gone soft. He was sure it was Lucius’ fault. It usually was anyway.


The boy walked with his face set in a scowl, more of an adorable pout if he was being honest. He smirked and restrained himself from outright chuckling when the boy frowned further. He still looked adorable, but everyone knew what lay beneath that mask of calm. The creature inside was way more frightening.


He walked as Harry followed beside him as he walked in step with the boy. The boy was a little short for his age but was overall average height, so he didn’t bother worrying. The Malfoys always had their growth spurts later in life. He remembered a time when he towered over Lucius. That had been the best year at Hogwarts. Perhaps he would look upon those memories fondly.


He had tried his best to be a positive influence in his life and had somewhat succeeded, he supposed. but he couldn’t complain, Harry was a good kid except for his anger issues and even those hardly surfaced anymore. Though he still held a perpetual hatred for healers, perhaps it was something to do with his earlier childhood, maybe he would ask later. he didn’t want to set off the bomb when it was already so anxious, the bomb being Harry, of course.


Small talk, he admitted, was not his strong suit... hardly ever had a need for it and rarely ever engaged in a conversation that would not prove to be fruitful. So he felt mighty stupid as he turned to Harry and said, "Congratulations on winning the first match of the season."


"I couldn't have done it without you, sir," Harry shot right back, and Severus scoffed in his head.


"Mr. Malfoy, I think you were the only one playing the game between the two of us," Severus repeated slowly.


They walked the rest of the way in silence, the walk seeming longer than usual. He truly didn’t know what else he could say to the boy, so he said nothing. Silence speaks a thousand words or some such garbage.


As they reached the hospital wing, he heard Harry say, "Sev, I know you chipped in almost half the money for the Firebolt I got for Christmas. You might not want to hear it, but thank you, "with a smile.


Severus Snape took a sharp breath and stared as Harry walked into the hospital wing. He didn't know how that boy knew about it, he didn’t know, but he was glad he did.


He smiled as he walked away. This probably promoted him to favorite uncle and he would enjoy that status. After all, favorite uncles don’t get pranked.





Marvalo sat at his desk doing paperwork. In fact, in the last hour, his pile had gotten longer. He kept getting emergency missives which were barely classified as emergencies. His useless followers just couldn't stand to deal with a problem by using their brains.


He cursed as another splotch of ink fell onto the parchment he had been writing on. Three times now, this has happened. Maybe he should look into getting an assistant of some sort. With the right privacy oaths, it could work out in his favor. Maybe even give one of his followers a job.


He sighed at another Wizardingmont missive as he ran his hands through his hair. A bad habit he'd picked up from Harry, who did it almost constantly.


He missed Harry quite a bit, in fact, but he supposed he could complain too much. He had met him just a few days ago, and they had quite the time-


Marvalo jerked forward as he was pulled by an invisible force. It had a grip on his magic, and Marvalo could do nothing but panic as he was dragged across his carpeted room and slammed straight into the wall.


Morgana and all her friends? What the hell was happening? He quickly shot a cushioning charm at the wall as he was slammed into it yet again.


Why did all these things happen to him? He stared forlornly at his ruined table. All over his perfectly arranged papers lying on the floor, his inkpots spilled and their quills snapped in-


He had to go to Hogwarts. Now.


He stood up straight and strode about three steps forward, and then was thrown straight into the wall. Right, he thought dizzily, he had to figure out how to stop that first...





Chapter Text

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office, sorting through his missives. Their numbers had decreased in recent years. He was almost done.

His knees banged against the table as he felt something at his very core rip apart. He felt helpless as his magical core was ripped as he slumped over his table.

The pain he felt was nothing compared to the overwhelming fear he felt in his bones. He wondered who had found out about his leeching from Hogwarts. He could barely move as another wave of pain hit him. Exhaustion was now more prominent as he didn't have another source of magic to use.

Slumped over in his seat, he stared at the door as if willing himself to get up and walk towards it.

He had spent years figuring out how to attach himself to the wards and channel their power to himself. The first time he had attempted it, he had passed out from magical exhaustion and hadn't tried it in fear of the magical backlash stopping his heart.

After months of pouring over the theory of matching yourself to sentient wards, most of which were detailed descriptions of feeding the wards your magical energy to make them stronger, he finally had the courage to attach himself and slowly leech the magic.

At first, it had mainly made him age slower. Then it had made him healthier and gave him substantially more energy. Then it had allowed him to access wandless magic, a very basic level of magic, but an impressive feat nonetheless. He had been overjoyed the day he had lost his first candle without his wand.

His wandless magic had progressed over the years, getting easier to use but not moving up the beginner’s level. He had wanted more, of course, he had. But he had been too afraid to push the wards too far, lest they shatter.

He wondered who had extracted him from the wards and what would happen now that he was no longer blocking Hogwarts from reaching out to the heirs.

Now she was free and the heirs were coming.


Harry sat in shock as Hogwarts trembled. He felt afraid. Dumbledore was the leech. He didn't like the old man, sure, he didn't like many people. But he had never expected the man to be stealing magic from Hogwarts.

That was just plain insane. Maybe he was dreaming or had made a mistake. It couldn't possibly be Dumbledore. But he had felt the magic and nobody else in the castle had such a heavily light-oriented core.

In fact, it was unhealthy to use only one type of magic, it slowly made your core weaker. But it wasn't like he could tell the headmaster. The man didn't like Slytherins and especially hated Malfoys. How was he supposed to explain seeing magic, which was considered a trait lost to time?

So he had said nothing, and it wasn't like the headmaster had been particularly kind to him. He had been an asshole to Slytherins, just like they had been warned in their first year, and he had taken somewhat of an interest when it was discovered he was a Potter. But that quickly faded when Harry showed no interest in contacting his estranged "family".

What Harry didn't understand was the man's reasons for leeching off the Hogwarts wards. In no situation was it a good idea. If the castle was attacked, the wards would crack easily due to their weakness, which would jeopardize the students. Which he was sure the headmaster didn't want.

Perhaps it was a spell gone wrong-

Nevertheless, he hoped the headmaster did not realize he was the one who had removed him from the wards. That would cause an unnecessary number of problems in Hogwarts.

He watched as Madam Pomfrey rushed back in with a sigh of relief. He hadn't even noticed her leaving, probably to check what had caused the castle to shake like that.

He stayed quiet as she quickly wrote out his reports and did her tests at a quicker pace than normal and smirked. He should make the ground shake for every appointment if he was going to get him out quicker. He was all for it.

He hoped nothing too bad had happened and prayed nobody found out it was him.

That's when he felt a tug in his gut.



It had taken Marvalo an embracingly long amount of time to figure out how to stop repeatedly being thrown into the wall for no reason

Nevertheless, he had accomplished it in the end, and that was what truly mattered. His robes flared as he strode into the floo.

He walked into Severus’s quarters to where he had flooed from his home. This was his easiest access. He wondered why Hogwarts had chosen now to alert him. Perhaps now all the heirs are of age...

He wondered who the other heirs were. He knew the Smiths and Diggory were related to Hufflepuff. He knew the Potters were related to Griffindor. He himself was a Slytherin, but he had no idea about Ravenclaw.

He stalked down the halls and up the stairs, searching for his destination by pure instinct. He hoped he was going the right way. As he neared where the room of requirement was located, the tugging got tighter.

As he opened the door that was already in place, he walked into what appeared to be a meeting room. There were eight chairs around the table, seemingly two for the heirs of each house.

It seemed foolish to hope that there was another heir to the Slytherin line, yet he couldn't help but wish for a family.

He sat in his seat as he waited for the other heirs to show up. The door creaked open and Gerald Smith, along with his son Zachariah, if he remembered correctly, walked in.

It seemed they were the main line and the Diggory was a branch line. That was good news, because the Diggorys were predominantly light, whereas their families had been neutral for generations.

He wasn’t surprised to see James Potter walk into the room next and watched him carefully as he sighed in apparent relief before taking a seat on the opposite side of the table.

Pandora Lovegood and her daughter Luna were the next ones to walk into the room. Luna nodded at him in a show of respect as he nodded back. The girl was perceptive and smart, and overall was a good friend to Harry, so he did not have a problem with her.

Those qualities, along with being a prophet, were the only reasons she had threatened him and Harry and was still alive and breathing. It seemed she was the heir to Ravenclaw as well. He wondered how she had been so blessed along with her genealogy.

He was surprised, however, when Harry, along with Charles Potter, whose name made him want to sneer, burst through the doors.

"Harry," "Jamie," he and James Potter said at the same time.

"Marvalo," Harry said in relief.

"What are you doing here? You were disowned, "James asked coolly.

"It seems your magic wasn’t strong enough to disown me completely ", Harry spat back face twisting in rage.  

"You little-"

"Dad, that’s enough," Charles said, interrupting whatever argument they were about to have.

Marvalo pulled Harry to sit next to him as they all sat down around the table, waiting for someone or something to tell them the reason for being summoned. As they sat around the table, a loud bang echoed across the room, and magic rose in the air.

Welcome Heirs of Hogwarts", a female voice echoed around the room as they looked around startled. "You have been summoned to right a wrong done unto me and punish those who have to be punished."


Chapter Text

"Did everyone hear the building talk or was that just me ? ", Smith said with a grim smile looking around the room.

"What the hell " Harry muttered, his breath stuttering as he felt panic rise in his chest. He felt like he couldn't breathe and all of a sudden the room seemed duller.

His hand was suddenly grasped under the table as Marvalo gave a reassuring squeeze. Harry's breathing returned to normal as he focused on the warmth of Marvalos hands against his own.

He couldn't believe the unbelievable panic that had overtaken his mind. It had been months since his last panic attack. He supposed they were warranted in a high-stress situation but right now he needed to keep his head on.

Looking around the table he watched for everyone's reaction. James and Charles Potter were looking angry and frustrated. Luna and a woman who was presumably her mother looked unaffected by the onslaught of information.

The Smiths looked pale like they were terrified. Marvalo looked as calm as he probably felt. Harry hoped he looked nothing like the Smiths.

Taking another deep breath he leaned towards Marvalo and whispered "It's Dumbledore, the one we have to punish is Dumbledore. I was messing with the wards today and ejected a leech, Dumbledore was the leech"

"What" Marvalo whispered back, seemingly aghast. He was fucking terrified too. Dumbledore was not only powerful in magical strength but also a political powerhouse. The man had influence in every ministry department and he was listened to by almost every Wix in the country.

The persona he portrayed was of an old and eccentric wizard but the man was a genius there was no denying that.

Harry nodded his head in agreement with Marvalos reaction, he hadn't even wanted to believe it at first. He wondered if anyone else knew. The wards would have logged Dumbledore’s presence and that would be his proof.

But it seemed Hogwarts had wanted to take her own revenge. She was using the heirs of course but it was their duty to protect Hogwarts and all she stood for. He only hoped to do her justice.

After what the Potters had done had been explained to him he had lost any hope of reclaiming the Griffindor seat no matter how bad he had wanted to.

He had been disowned, in magic and in blood. He had never checked this but had just believed his ex-parents on their words. It seemed he was wrong. The sons of bitches hadn't even had the decency to properly disown him. Assholes.

Giving Marvalos hand about her squeeze he said "Who had hurt you? Who are we to take revenge on? " Aloud to the room. He wondered if the room would respond or just make him seem insane.

A rugged and dusty folded piece of parchment appeared at the center of the table. It had his name on it JAMIE PERCIVAL POTTER was canceled out and below it was HADRIAN ABARAX NOVA MALFOY.

Opening the note he was pleased to find a shortlist of names along with their crimes towards Hogwarts. It went into extensive detail about each ward they removed or added, it gave him a sense of pride that the sentient wards had become so capable by themselves.


He looked around the table, these people were going to be the ones to carry out justice for what the school had endured. He would make sure it came to pass, come hell or high water. Resolute in his decision he placed the paper on the table

"On this sheet is every person who has ever dared to hurt Hogwarts. Not only the school but its students and teachers. We have been chosen to punish and we will bring down hell on these people. Are we in accord ?" Harry said, his voice strong and still as he waited for everyone's reaction to his words.

Marvalo squeezed his hand again and Harry felt stronger with Marvalos steady presence by his side. He couldn't believe the Dark Lord would defer to him but he was eternally grateful.

He would prove himself able to be independent and help Marvalo as well. He would show Marvalo that he was strong and would fight for things he believed in, like the cause.

Harry smiled and Luna and her Mother nodded and straightened up. After a few minutes, even the Smiths were nodding along and glancing at the parchment every few seconds.

The Potters looked at each other indecision in their eyes.

"Look, this does not mean a political alliance. I have never cared for you and you haven't for me  I am here for Hogwarts and Hogwarts alone, if not for her I wouldn't have the life I have today"  Harry stated angrily.

And he meant it, if it wasn't for Hogwarts or magic his parents wouldn't have chosen him. He knew they had been looking for a magical child but over time he had become special to them in his own way. But he would always be grateful to his gift for making him stand out just enough among the others.

He waited impassively as the Potters nodded and they all leaned in to take a look at the paper.


Marvalo stared at Harry, it took all his willpower not to lurch across the table and suck the soul out of Harry via kissing. He couldn't wait until they were alone.

He didn't think anyone taking charge could be erotic to him. He was honestly surprised with his feelings as he hated sharing power.

His thoughts were put on hold as James Potter began babbling.

"This can't be right surely, it says Dumbledore on here. Dumbledore is a great man, he has done nothing but good for Hogwarts" the man said, with a smug smile.

"Can you read his crimes please?" Harry said sweetly. He didn't think it was possible to like someone so much.

"Ward Tampering, um. Kidnap-..... This cannot be right " Potter said disbelief clear in his tone.

"Well, the parchment was created with pure magic by the wards. I’ll be honest with you that sounds like a pretty undebatable fact to me ", Harry said back his face twisting in a smile.

When James went to refute his statement his own son spoke up "Look dad, the paper is accurate and there’s nothing we can do about it ".


Huh, it seemed the child wasn’t stupid after all, perhaps with a little persuasion [read: recruiting] he could be turned to the dark side.

Chapter Text

This wasn't going to be easy, that much was obvious. Most of the names on the list were well-known celebrities, and some were even part of the board of governors. We have decided to go in the order of the list for lack of better ideas.


Brainstorming plans with people you barely knew was impossible, especially with the animosity they held towards Marvalo.


He stared at the people sitting around this table and sucked in a sharp breath. He wondered how he would manage this along with his NEWTS.


"I think the political side of things can be handled by those on the Wizardingmont?" Glancing around the room, he watched as everyone gave their agreement.


"Perhaps we could start with the easy targets." Those who don't have as much sway over the Wizardingmont and other bodies of justice ", Marvalo started "Such as Kimblee Johansson, who has been charged with 3 counts of... kidnapping," Marvalo stuttered to a stop.


"What the hell has been happening at Hogwarts?" Smith said, looking at the list in horror. And, to be honest, Harry had to agree because this list contained such heinous crimes.


"Beatrice Kendra is dead," Pandora Lovegood said, her voice unusually tight. Reading her crimes on the sheet, he could sympathize.


She had killed three muggle-borns in the 1910s, and nobody had been informed. The children had just disappeared. What made it worse was that she was the school nurse. It disgusted him that she had gotten away with it.


"Well, that’s one we don't have to deal with," Smith said, shaking his head.


"We could begin with articles in the Daily Prophet. Even if it's mostly a gossip rag, most people in the country have a subscription, I reckon, "Charles Potter said, softly glancing around the table.


"Great idea, Charles," James said proudly as Charles winced and Harry grimaced.


"Alright, that leaves us with Derek Hernandez, Bethany Wildcroft, and Albus Dumbledore," Marvalo said, listing the names that hadn't been marked off.


They began planning immediately.



Harry sighed as he left the room of requirements. His whole afternoon had been spent planning out how to take down men he had thought were good people.


How had so many people committed heinous crimes against a castle full of children? A school and get away with it. What was the ministry doing?


He slowed down as he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and fired a stunner and was startled to see Marvalo ducking.


"Oh it's you. I’m sorry." "I've just been on edge since the meeting," Harry said apologetically.


"That's quite alright, Harry. Would you want to talk about it or walk-in silence?" Marvalo asked softly.


"I'd rather have a hug if I was honest," Harry said as he came to a stop turning towards Marvalo.


The man's arms opened up in invitation as Harry stepped forward, crashing into the man's chest and burying his face in Marvalos's side.


He was glad that Marvalo had said yes to hugging him. He wasn't really sure what he would have said to a no, but he really didn't want to think about it.


Marvalos’ robes were soft, probably made of the finest silk, and extremely expensive. Just his type, in fact. He hadn't really had a type before Marvalo. He had barely liked people as a whole. But one man has changed it all.


"Hey, Marvalo?" Harry said, his voice muffled as he leaned into Marvalos's side.


"Yes, minx," Marvalo shot back. Harry smiled at the nickname.


"You know this doesn’t mean you're let off the hook for the Hogsmeade weekend, right?"


He heard Marvalo groan and counted it as an honest victory.



Marvalo had been working hard. He had set up an article to be released tomorrow which would begin the chain reaction they needed for each and every one of the people on the list to be punished.


Marvalo was especially looking forward to Dumbledore’s Downfall. Perhaps that should be the headline; it did have a certain ring to it. He smiled, sitting at his desk.


He didn't want to admit it, but he was looking forward to meeting Harry's friend. He wondered how much blackmail material they had after living with the man for seven years. He simply couldn't wait.


This whole relationship has been surprisingly easy until now. He wondered if Harry's friends would disapprove of him. He really wouldn't blame them. He was a Dark Lord who had committed heinous crimes.


To be honest, he didn't really know how he had even gotten Harry to be his in the first place. He knew he wasn't the best of partners, but he really was trying, and Harry seemed to like it well enough.


Despite himself, he couldn't help but hope for this to go well. Harry was brilliant, unlike any individual he'd ever known. He argued back and was a brilliant strategist. He was a wonderful artist and, frankly, had the most perfect smile in the world.


He winked whenever he saw Marvalo now. He wrinkled his brows when he thought something you said was stupid or he disagreed with the statement. His lips quirked minutely when he found something funny, and he cracked his knuckles almost obsessively.


Marvalo could stare at him all his life and not get bored. Marvalo was immortal.






Lord Hernandez, a well-known benefactor of St. Mungo’s hospital for magical maladies and a man well known for being a ward master, was arrested last evening. A witness states that the arrest was calm and Lord Hernandez seemed sure he would be able to prove them wrong.


"We have recently uncovered his crimes against Hogwarts in a meeting of the heirs and are going to pursue justice to the nth degree." "We are hopeful he won't get away with his crimes," says Lord Slytherin when asked for a statement.


Based on the report, the man had been accused of ward tampering and even illegal removal of wards. Not only that, but endangerment of minors and even attempted homicide.


The ministry is in shambles trying to figure out why one of them would do such a thing.


Is Lord Hernedez working for He Who Must Not Be Named? Is there any ulterior motive for him simply removing wards? Was he asked to do so or did he do so of his own free violation?


That is what I am here to find out. Reeta Skeeter, yours truly.


More information about ward tampering on page 7


For more information on Lord Slytherin and the Meeting of their Heirs on page 5,

Chapter Text

Blaise Zabini knew there was something his best friend wasn't telling him. He knew something more than he was letting on about the article in the paper today.

But Blaise was used to secrets, being the generation with the most heirs everyone around him had secrets and those secrets had secrets. but Blaise knew his friend, and he knew well enough when to leave something alone and when to ‘poke the bear’ so to speak.



He understood the way people worked, they all fit into certain molds in his mind except Harry. Harry was studious yet a mischief-maker, he pulled pranks off like no man’s business and evaded the consequences easily. he was a horrible liar to people he loved yet could lie flawlessly when required to.



But he also knew that Harry would never let any harm come to him. He trusted Harry with his life and it was returned he hoped.

He also knew Harry had a tendency to take on too many things at once. It had happened in 3rd year when he had tried to take all the electives. Honestly, the boy was an overachiever.

He was also happy for Harry. For finally finding someone who loved him for him. He knew Harry had trouble believing people cared about him genuinely at first, hell even Blasie had to force him to understand that he wasn't going anywhere. No matter what.

He had been suspicious at first, he had a right to be obviously. He knew Harry wasn't above lying to get Blaise off his back. But the way he talked about the man, the fucking Dark Lord if Harry was to be believed, he knew Harry was insane for it. But Harry knew how to read people, his mother was Narcissa Malfoy for fucks sake.

But he couldn't help but be worried about his best friend. Well, he was going to meet the man so he could be the judge whether Harry was telling the truth or if he had to kill the Dark Lord, he would find out soon enough.




He couldn't wait till his NEWTS were over. They were aptly named. It wasn’t even exam season and he was still stressed. He wondered if he was slowly going insane.

Could insane people tell they were going insane?

He felt another headache coming on as he stared blankly at the book in front of him. He wondered what Marvalo was doing, probably paperwork. Honestly, that man had so much paperwork for a Dark Lord.

That's why it was such a bad career option, the monumental amount of paperwork. He snorted derisively and wondered again if he was going insane. Perhaps it was the fumes from the parchment, he knew that shop was shady.

He stared at the page he has stuck on blankly again and wondered how long it would take for him to give up. He had been studying for hours and it seems his brain was refusing new information.

He mentally added meditation to his to-do list before sleeping. He needed to keep his mind palace in top shape for his exams.

Shutting the book with a snap he wandered down to the dungeons and into his common room.


There were people around the room, mostly sitting and relaxing. The fire burned in the hearth, taking away the cold that came with living in the dungeons.


"Malfoy," he heard a voice call from behind him.


He turned around and was surprised to find David. David barely spoke. He was on the Quidditch team, and he mostly communicated through grunts and looks. David was an average player overall. He was a substitute for keepers and only played occasionally when they were short of a player.


David had a normal sort of face with thick eyebrows and hazel eyes. What surprised him, though, was that David was holding a letter with very familiar loopy handwriting on it.


"What?" Harry said, trying to sound calm. Why did David have a letter from Marvalo? Perhaps something had happened. He glared when David didn't respond immediately, and that certainly got him talking.


"Um, Professor Snape said to give you this letter," he said slowly. "I didn't read it or open it, I just got it, I swear," he said in response to another glare being directed his way. Harry held his hand out for the letter.


His breath was short and slightly labored as he speed-walked to his room and shut the door with his feet. He sat in bed and closed the curtains around him and opened the letter.


The letter was written on the same parchment Marvalo usually used to write all his letters.


Ripping the letter open hastily, he let in a sharp breath at the loopy writing looking shakier.





I’m sorry to inform you that your father has been injured in a battle that occurred at the Ministry yesterday. It has not appeared in the papers yet, but I fear that sooner or later it will.


I would rather you hear it from me than from the newspaper. He is in critical condition and was transported to St. Mungos immediately. He was not an active participant but was caught in the crossfire.


The wizard who dared hurt your father was Remus Lupin. He threw a bone-shattering curse that collided with an entrail expelling spell before it hit your father.


I am unsure as to what the spell does but am hopeful the qualified curse breakers at St. Mungo's can fix any effects it had on his body.


I plead with you not to make any hasty decisions and to think before you act. At least until your mother's letter reaches you, it is imperative that you pretend you are not in the know . You may, of course, tell Draco.


I am sorry that I could not be of further help. I have begun researching the curse, but the arithmancy seems to be off every time I try and work it out. My skills seem to be only sub-par in the subject.


Yours, Marvalo


The Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin


Heir to the Ancient House of Gaunt


Harry let out a choked sob. His father-. His father was hurt. He had never felt so afraid as fear gripped him. He jumped out of his bed and, putting his shoes back on, stumbled his way into the common room.


Everyone froze at his somber face and the tears in his eyes. Harry rarely cried, and if he did, it was usually for a good reason.


"Where is Draco?" Harry asked, ashamed to say his voice cracked in the middle.


"Right here, Har," Draco said, getting up from his seat and walking down the corridor back into the dorm so that they could talk in private.


"Dads been injured " harry burst out as soon as the door clicked shut. Draco stared. It had been a while since Harry had called him dad, in fact, he had taken to calling him father because of Draco and the name had remained through their childhood.


He shoved the letter into Draco’s hand and plonked it on the bed after kicking off his shoes. He couldn't be bothered to straighten them, which said a lot about how bothered he was.


Curling up on the bed, he blinked hurriedly when he felt tears filling his eyes. He could not. He would not cry. He would wait for his mother's letter, and he would ask Professor Snape for permission to go home.


He couldn't stay here, not when his mother was alone at home.


Glancing up, he looked at Draco, who had gone paler than he was before.


Draco nodded as Harry told him what they should do. Draco suggested telling Professor Snape as well.


Walking out of the dorm, he couldn’t help but feel that this was going to be a difficult couple of weeks.

Chapter Text

Harry turned around at the sound of his name to face his mother. Only she didn't look like his mother usually did. She was pale and sickly looking. Her face seemed gaunt. Her eyes darkened with eye bags as if she hadn't slept in months.


Harry knew she wouldn't until his Father came home, which was what worried him. Father being hurt was taking a toll on the entire house. Harry had taken to doing their Father's work because Draco refused to even step foot into his office as if he wasn't there.


Harry spent many nights with a portfolio in his lap, a cup of coffee in one hand, and tissues in the other.


He didn't know how much longer he could deal with this. He was worried and tired and he didn't know what to do because he had never had his Father leave them for more than a week and it had nearly been a month now.


Both he and Draco had kept up with their studies, their professors were owling their homework to them. It's what their Father would have wanted. Dinners were bleak and the silence during them was eating away at the little hope he had harbored.


He had told the healers at St. Mungos to exhaust every resource.


Harry had taken to keeping his mind busy every second of the day. He kept on moving, not stopping till exhaustion kicked in and he passed out sooner or later.


Marvalo hadn't come around and Harry was a little glad for that. He didn't want the man to see his family in this state.


"Mother, what is wrong ?" Harry whispered seeing her pinched face.


"They- they have found the cure, your Father is coming home," Narcissa said with a choked sob flying into her son's arms. Moving closer when he stiffened until he relaxed into the embrace.


And for the first time in weeks, Harry smiled.


Hospitals Harry had long ago decided were horribly dreadful places. He hated them with a zealous passion and had sworn against stepping foot in one until he desperately needed it.


But he found himself hesitantly walking into the room his Father was kept in. He had been here a lot in the past week, keeping watch on his Father.


Draco had come a lot less, he could understand. In that bed, his Father had looked lifeless, almost dead. He couldn't bear to see his Father's face pale and ashen, sickly looking.


His Father had always been well dressed with a cocky smirk on his face. He had always been so sure of himself. Harry saw that seeing him lying on the bed had crushed something in him.


But as he walked in, he saw his Father talking to the healer. He was sitting up. He still looked weak, but his face had color in it. He no longer looked lifeless.


"Father," Harry whispered brokenly, as he pushed the man that his Father was talking to aside and almost jumped into his Father's arms. He let out a choked sob as his Father's strong arms wrapped around him.


He cried. He shuddered as sobs wracked his body. He had never felt so afraid and helpless as he had looked at his Father's body. But he was here. He was alive and he was coming home.


"It's okay, my son," Lucius whispered as he patted Harry's back slowly. He looked towards Narcissa, who was standing at the door glancing worriedly at Harry every few seconds.


"Narcissa, darling, you look as beautiful as ever," Lucius said, truly meaning it. He didn't think anything in this world would be more beautiful than his wife.


Harry's sobs died down as he leaned out of the embrace and stared at his Father's face.


"You won't believe the week I've had, Father," Harry said as he got comfortable in bed next to his Father, whose arm was still slung around Harry's frame.


Narcissa walked over and sat on the bed, happy that she had part of her family back. "There he is," Narcissa thought as Draco rushed into the room looking wildly at Lucius.


"Oh Father, thank Merlin," Draco whispered as he also leaped into his Father's arms.


The healer had long ago walked out, understanding that Lucius wanted some alone time with his family. Narcissa waved her wand and locked the door and put it upwards as Draco curled into the small space on the bed.


"Tell me about what happened while I was gone, boys," Lucius said with a smile.


"Harry took over your accounts, as I was... incapacitated," Draco murmured.


"Good Harry, this shall be a good experience for you when the black accounts are your problem," Lucius said with an easy smile, worry for his older son in his eyes.


Harry snorted. "Father I hated it. Why would you willingly do that as a job? "It was awful, so many meetings," he said with a roll of his eyes.


"When your Lord Black-" Lucius started.


"Which won't be a good long while yet, because Sirius is still in healthy shape," Harry said sulkily.


"Oh you know, Sirius is going to throw those accounts at you as soon as it is legal to do so, Harry," his mother said with a snort.


Harry grumbled good-naturedly as Draco snickered.


"You'll have the Malfoy accounts to handle smarty pants, or did you forget?" Harry asked sarcastically, smiling tauntingly at Draco.


Dracos' smile disappeared as quickly as it had come and he sobered up.


"And besides, I'll just get Marvalo to do my portfolio for me," Harry said with a smirk.


Nobody had any retorts to that statement.


"Harry, you must tell the Dark Lord it wasn't his fault that I was hurt, as he surely assumes." You have spoken to him in the past month, correct? " Lucid commented distractedly as he reached for the plastic cup of water at his bedside table. Harry leaned forward as he frowned.


"No, we haven't spoken in a long while," Harry said, a frown marring his features.


Harry’s eyes widened in panic as he scrambled off the bed.


"Father I shall be back, in the evening perhaps. "Please make sure Mother has dinner. " Harry said, eyes wide with panic as he struggled to punt on his shoes.

Swearing as he bolted out towards the floo in the hospital.


"Malfoy Mannor," Harry whispered as the flames wrapped themselves around him. He couldn’t believe how foolish he’d been, how selfish.


He was ashamed of himself for forgetting. He would never make such a mistake again. With a confident stride, he stepped through the foyer into his Father’s office.


"Dark Mannor," he said as he walked through the floo again.

Chapter Text

"Marvalo," Harry called out into the silence of his office. The office looked empty as if he hadn't been there for hours.


On his desk were many notebooks piled in a haphazard fashion. He felt around for his magical signature and felt several signatures all at once.


There were people in the manor. Other than him, Marvalo had never used his personal manor as a headquarters. He had many properties that he could use so he had always had his manor as his own space.


Occasionally he let death eaters stay in the manor, mostly Bellatrix and the rest of the Lestranges since they were on the run.


Harry walked towards where he could feel Marvalos' signature.


Walking down the hall, the door with the signature led him to what he knew was a ballroom.


Pushing the doors open, he wasn't surprised when a spell was shot at him. He was rolling out of his spot, his back to the door.


"Show yourself now," Marvalo commanded in a powerful voice.


"It's me, for Merlin’s sake," Harry yelled back, sort of terrified and sort of turned on.


"Hadrian?" The dark lord muttered as he walked out of the ballroom after commanding his followers to continue dueling.


Harry was out of the ballroom, and all he could do was stare at him. Harry looked like he hadn't slept in days. His eyes were red-rimmed as if he had been crying often, and his lips were chewed through.


His hair was unusually messy, and Marvalo had the irrational urge to run his hand through it.


"Sorry," they both said together, and they stared at each other in confusion.


"Wh-what the hell are you sorry for, Marvalo?" Harry said, looking adorably confused, his head tilted to the side.


"You—I am the reason your father was injured," Marvalo said in a whispered tone. He still felt incredibly guilty about the fact that Harry's father had been hurt when the man was just a bystander. He was surprised that Harry wasn’t cursing him already.


He was surprised when Harry began to laugh.


" I don't blame you for that," Harry said. "I don’t think so, Marvalo. It was hardly your fault that my father was injured when he wasn’t part of the battle," Harry said in response to his ridiculous look.


"I-truly?" Marvalo said he was bewildered by this change of events.


"Of course, you fool," Harry said, barely refraining from hugging Marvalo.


"Well, then why are you sorry?" Marvalo said trusting harry when he said that he did not blame Marvalo.


"For not contacting you for weeks, harry said utterly ashamed. He knew he had a lot on his plate, but he should not have disregarded Marvalo entirely.


"Harry, I do not blame you for that," Marvalo said, glancing at Harry worriedly.


“I’m sure you had a lot on your plate already, and I was waiting for news of your father's healing to apologize. I did not contact you either, "Marvalo said.


Harry stared at him for a moment before launching himself into Marvalos' arms. He tightened his arms around the man’s neck as he squeezed harder pulling him as close as he could get.


"Are you busy right now?" Harry asked after a few moments of silence, motioning towards the door.


"I will never be too busy for you, minx."


He tightened his arms around the man further.


He stayed there for a while until he felt Marvalo move, and then the man lifted Harry into his arms. like he weighed nothing. It was so hot.


"Marvalo" Harry deadpanned.


"Yes, Harry ?" Marvalo replied with a straight face, but Harry noticed the corner of his lips twitching.


Harry smiled and curled further into Marvalos's arms, putting his head on the man’s shoulder.


"Marvalo-I.... I accept your courtship." Harry whispered, going bright red and causing Marvalo to pause in his steps.


"Harry" Marvalo breathed out.


" I’m not doing it as any sort of apology, this I swear to you. I would never use this as some sort of plot because it is very special to you and to me also, of course." Harry's tirade was interrupted by Marvalos's lips crashing into his.


They kissed, and it felt like the world was being born and ending simultaneously. It felt like if the world ended, then Harry would not have cared. Their lips were locked in a searing heat, which was all Harry could focus on. The hand holding onto his midsection moved to hold onto his neck as Harry wrapped his arms around Marvalos' neck.


Marvalo moved and then suddenly Harry was being pushed against the wall. Marvalo pushed his tongue into Harry's mouth, and Harry moaned at the sensation.


Marvalos was on his neck now, kissing and sucking and biting all at once. And all Harry can think about is Marvalo and his strong arms that can hold him up during all this and how hot that is also.


He knows he's making some sort of keening noises and letting out breathy moans, and he also knows that they are not too far from the training room where Marvalos's followers are right now.


"Ma-marvalo...unh...we oh my lord yes there, right there .... We need t-" Harry was attempting to say.


That was before Marvalo rolled his hips and all coherent thoughts left Harry's head. Pleasure jolted him in every pore as he was frantically trying to reach the friction again, but Marvalos's arm restricted Harry's hips from even moving.


He felt Marvalo grinning at his neck and gave him a whine of frustration. Almost as if to appease him, Marvalo rolled his hips once more and renewed his efforts to eat Harry's neck.


Harry’s face was tense with the need to release. His body is taut with tension. But Marvalo seemed to be biding his time as he bit into a sensitive spot and Harry let out an obscene moan.


Which is when Rababstan Lestrange walked into the hall and screamed. Marvalo immediately let go of Harry's body as Harry landed on his feet and jerked his arm for his wand.


The picture they made was either quite foolish or extremely hot, and Harry was okay with that.


Harry’s own hair was slicked with sweat, and his neck was covered in bruises and bite marks. His shirt was almost undone and his belt hanging open. His legs felt like jelly as he looked around, searching for the threat.


He glanced at Marvalo, whose hair was messy as Harry had been running his hands through it. His shirt was also somewhat unbuttoned and his posture was tight with tension as he too looked around.


After a few moments, they both glanced at the frozen form of Rababstan Lestrange questioningly.


"What the fuck man ?" Marvalo could not even get a word out before Harry said it.


"I—you—my lord," he says. Rabastan got out before his eyes went wide with shock and then he collapsed.


"Your followers are stupid," Harry said as he straightened up, buttoned his shirt, and fastened his belt.


He swore he heard Marvalo mutter 'cockblocker under his breath as Harry laughed.


Harry fixed his pants subtly and ran his hands through his hair, coughing pointedly at Marvalo, who stood there staring at him.


"C'mere, you fool," Harry said as he stood on his toes to give Marvalo another kiss. 


As Marvalo tried to deepen it, he pulled away slightly.


"I missed you so much, love," Harry said softly, his blushing face hidden in Marvalo's chest.


"I missed you too, my Minx," Marvalo whispered back as he wrapped his arm around Harry.

Chapter Text

They were in Marvalos's office now. Harry sat at his desk, staring at Marvalo. Harry sat differently than the last time he sat in his chair. Harry now sat straight, his posture aligned and his head held so that they could make eye contact if need be. He unusually sat with his legs thrown over the chair swinging. His posture was awful to the point where it gave Marvalo backaches looking at him. His head was always staring at the ceiling as he hummed some stupid song. He misses those songs right now.


"Harry" Marvalo began. He didn't like talking about his feelings when they already forgave each other- somewhat, but they would have to discuss it lest it turns into a bigger problem. And the situation would not be good if Severus's rants about the 'boy's horrid temper were to be believed'.


"Why did you think it would blame you for my father being hurt Marvalo?" Harry asked slowly. He knew there was a reason, a different one than Harry's well-known temper. Marvalo was a smart and usually rational man. After all, one had to have been to become a Dark Lord.


Marvalo's face did many things at that question. Internally, he winced at being caught off guard, but he seemed to let his guard down around Harry, since their argument in the Room of Requirement the man had let his mask down around him, it seemed only fair. That, and he trusted Harry.


"I-Harry." During a battle, many people have gotten hurt, whether under my guidance or not. There will always be a possibility, no matter how much protection I offer, of a stray spell hitting them. This has happened several times over the years, more than I would like. The families of the injured... sometimes blame me. They were correct; they were fighting under my name. But I suppose I-" Marvalo faltered.


"You thought I would blame you as well," Harry whispered, before shooting out of his seat over to him and wrapping his arms around Marvalo.


Warmth buzzed between them as both their magics reacted strongly to the onslaught of information. They both buzzed before the magic dissipated. Marvalo snaked his arm around Harry's waist before bodily yanking him into his lap. With a smug smile, he saw Harry yelp as he was pulled from hugging him.


"Now shall we talk about why you thought I would be upset when you didn't contact me because your father was quite injured"? Marvalo asked as Harry shifted in his lap to get comfortable.


"Marvalo, most people would have gotten quite upset," Harry said slowly.


"Would you have been upset, Harry, if the roles were reversed?" Marvalo asked back, looking down at the man in his lap.


"No, of course not, I would have--Oh," Harry said, his rant coming to a stop.


"I’m sorry for this," Harry whispered.


" It's not your fault, darling; you have to understand that. In fact, neither of us are at fault. We just had a silly misunderstanding, and we have to accept that these things will happen sometimes. We have to move forward and communicate so that it does not happen again, "Marvalo said.


"Alright smarty pants, when did you become such a professional?" Harry said with a laugh.


"I’ve been reading a lot," Marvalo mumbled back under his breath, as Harry laughed harder.


The fucking Dark Lord was getting relationship advice from books. Harry couldn’t help but see the humor in this. He glanced up to see Marvalos's face faking a frown.


"Oh, thank you for reading up on relationships, my dearest Dark Lord." Harry got out before he was laughing again.


"my dearest Dark Lord", Marvalo deadpanned before he was also laughing into Harry’s shoulder. He didn’t know whether to be amused or annoyed with Harry at this point, so he settled for laughing.


Once their humor had died down, Harry sighed and leaned into Marvalo. He sat comfortably as Marvalo did some of the particularly urgent paperwork that he had been putting off in favor of researching the curse that had hit Lucius.


"Did you mean what you said, Harry, about the courtship?" Marvalo asked after a long while, his eyes trained on Harry. Sharp and observing as ever.


Harry jerked awake as he had been lightly dozing and shifted his weight, getting comfortable. "Yes, of course, I don’t go around saying things like that willy-nilly, you know."


Marvalo snorted as Harry glared up at him. One thing Marvalo knew was that life would never be boring with Harry around. Marvalo would do anything to keep him around.


Marvalo didn't know if it was possible to be more in love. Harry brought out emotions in him, emotions he had considered weak and buried deep down long ago.


Yet somehow, somewhere along the way, they had surfaced again and were now wreaking havoc in his mind.


He couldn't really understand why when Harry's lips curved downward, I had the irrational urge to kiss him till he had forgotten whatever had made him frown. But he was the Dark Lord, and the Dark Lord did what they wanted. So he kissed Harry until both their minds were blissfully blank. He had yet to hear complaints about it.


He also found Harry to be the most interesting person in the world. Marvalo was a teenager, no matter how much Marvalo tried to fool himself that the boy was younger than him and most of his stories involved drunken shenanigans, but Marvalo found he lived them anyway. Not only because they were funny and entertaining, but because of the way Harry's face lit up when he told a story, the way he moved his hands with exaggerated movements, and the way he'd snort when Marvalo made yet another sarcastic comment.


Marvalo wondered at times why he'd fallen for someone who was clearly out of his league. Then he'd remember that Harry made mistakes too. The boys' bad memory was really becoming a problem. He'd seen Harry walk in and out of rooms aimlessly searching for something. When Marvalo had asked what he was looking for, Harry had said he had forgotten. But Marvalo found that he wouldn't trade it for the world.


He saw Harry arguing at meetings and he saw Harry say please and thank you and he saw Harry plan pranks and he saw Harry drunk and he saw Harry crying. He loves all those Harrys, and all of them mean something to him. Each expression or phrase Harry repeats makes its way into Marvalos's heart and vocabulary because he loves this boy so very much.


He loves the way he blinks sleepily when he wakes up from a nap, and Marvalo loves the way he smiles up at Marvalo after he's gotten his way yet again.


So it's safe to say that Marvalo is a little in love with Harry, and the way Harry smiles at Marvalo, he thinks, with a smug smile, that Harry's a little in love with him too.

Chapter Text

"Are you going to give me the contract or am I going to have to beg for it darling?", Harry said, still perched upon Marvalos lap. It is warm and comfy, and Harry really does not want to leave, nor does he want Marvalo to move. Harry curls further into Marvalo as he waits for the parchment that would marry them. it was insane to think of the power a single piece of paper had.


Marvalo blinked and hurriedly began searching the table as Harry looked on, amused. He waited patiently as Marvalo moved piles of parchment, searching every crevice of his desk. 


He looks at Marvalo, observing the man. He thinks about what it would be like to be married to him. To spend the rest of his life with this man.


He understands that he doesn't know Marvalo as well as he should. But both of them are trying to share as much information about each other as they can in the little time, they have known each other. It was crazy to think that he had hated Marvalo with a passion. Things had moved so quickly with both of them. Harry hoped that once he had taken his newts, everything would settle down.


Harry had told Marvalo about the orphanage when he had asked about the evil matron and the children who had thought Harry was the devil incarnate. How they would shove and push him when no one was looking! How they would steal his things and ruin and spoil them. Those kids had been awful to Harry for no reason other than the fact that they thought he was a freak. He hadn't understood why they hated him or what they hated him for. He had just been trying to make friends.


When he had reacted in equal measure out of anger, tearing and spoiling their things, he had been punished. He had tried to ask why a couple of times, but he couldn't understand why they were being so horrible to him.


They had said that was what freaks like he deserved. So, he became the monster they imagined him to be. He had scared them by hissing and biting. Anything to keep them away. He had done this until nobody would go near him. He had become some sort of untouchable at the orphanage. He had been alone all those years serving a sentence for a crime he hadn't even known he'd committed. 


That was until his mother and father came for him. He had been difficult at first, but they hadn't given up. He would be forever grateful for that. They had dealt with him acting out for months, till he finally understood that he wasn't going back, and they truly wanted him.


And in turn, Marvalo told him his story. The Story of Tom Marvalo Riddle The mudblood of Slytherin, later king and then head boy. He had been like Harry, other than the fact that the family that had abandoned him had been killed brutally. Harry had kissed Marvalo and said that if they were not dead, he would have killed them himself.


Marvalo had told him of the bombings in London and his fear of dying with no one knowing his name and his greatness. He searched the library for books, his one source of joy. He had found Horcruxes. He would not die. He would be the greatest wizard. He had made three. He had gone beyond what any man had.


Harry had screamed and cried at his soul being broken and splintered and thanked Lady Magic that Marvalo had not gone insane. He had made Marvalo promise not to make anymore, and Harry cried on his shoulder some more. Marvalo looked as if he wanted to absorb his Horcruxes just so that Harry would stop crying.


He had smiled sadly at the man. He said he understood his reasons at the time, and he was glad Marvalo had told him his story. He couldn’t claim to know what it was like to live through a bombing and a magical war, but he was glad that Marvalo had come out alive.


Marvalo had mumbled something about tea and had walked very quickly out of the room, with a grinning Harry following behind him.


Now he looked at Marvalo and thought, yes, he could see himself spending the rest of his life with his man. He would be happy, and they would be in love. No matter how much Marvalo muttered about how it wasn't like the dark lord to fall in love.


The man had procured the paper in the time Harry had spent staring at his face, lost in thoughts of licking his very sharp jawline.


He signed the papers that had his father's and Marvalos' signatures with a quick flourish. He gave Marvalo a very lovesick smile that would make Draco make gagging noises, and they kissed very sweetly.


It was like every other kiss, but different. It was all-consuming and brilliant as always. Yet there is an underlying tone of something different, something new. A previously dull connection had become bright and noticeable. He leaned into the man, even more, pressing his lips against his as their tongues danced together.


He moved forward and his hands were wrapped around Marvalos' neck, and he felt the man's arms reach around him too. As he shifts in Marvalos’s lap, he hears the man groan into his mouth.


And then they heard a knock. They jerked apart, and Marvalo leaned forward ever so slightly until they heard the insistent knocking continue. Marvalo sighed heavily as he waved his hand and the door opened and he wrapped his other hand around Harry's midsection, so he couldn't escape.


When the Lestrange’s walk in, they and Marvalo have some sort of stare-down as they all bow. Harry is still waiting for them to speak so he can get out of this chokehold when Marvalo is distracted by whatever garbage Bellatrix looks ready to spew. 


Harry continues struggling when he realizes that none of them are going to start speaking, and Marvalos's arms barely move an inch. "Let Me Go," Harry says, as he struggles to even sit up. 


The Lestrange’s stared as Harry grabbed onto Marvalos' arm to move to a sitting position. They all gasped as he struggled and cried out to the infernal man who wouldn't let him go.


"For god's sake, at least let me sit up properly, you stubborn idiot," Harry said, still struggling against Marvalos's annoyingly strong arms.


Rabastan let out a strangled sound, and Bellatrix waited eagerly for when Harry would be cursed for insulting their lord. Rudolphus looked as stern as ever, except now there was a subtle quirk to his lips.


Marvalos arm around Harry loosed slightly as he sat up in his lap. He grinned down at the man as he scowled up at him.


"I literally cannot believe you right now, Marvalo," Harry whispered, yelling as he glared at Marvalo.


"Shhh Harry, we have guests," Marvalo whispered back.


"Yes? What is it that you want? " Marvalo asked as he gazed at his three followers standing in front of him.


"M-m-my lord, w-i," Rabastan began.


"My lord, when shall this charade end? "We all know that the child is but a pawn. The lower ranks are gossiping. This must end," Bellatrix said boldly, stepping forward.


"Curcio" Marvalo intoned. Harry stilled completely as Marvalos's magic washed over him.


He could barely hear the screams over the pleasure that coursed through his body. His back arched as Bellatrix's screams got higher pitched.


"For your information, this is no charade as you seem to think it is," Marvalo said slowly as he raised his wand arm.


"We are in courtship, and it will soon be announced as I had planned." "Now leave my presence. I have business to attend to. " He said, as an afterthought, as he looked down at Harry.


Harry's breath was coming out of his little pants now as Marvalo looked down at him. His wand moved, and now he was at Harry's neck, kissing and murmuring soft words in his ear.


He heard some shuffling, and Marvalo looked up to say something to the people standing in the room. He whined and wasn't even embarrassed when it was long and needy.


The door was shut abruptly as Marvalo was back on his neck. Harry heard himself moan and his hips rocked forward into Marvalos's arm that still kept him pressed down. 


"You aren't afraid of me?" Marvalo said.


Why would he be afraid of Marvalo? Oh right because he had just cursed someone in front of him. Harry did not care much for Bellatrix, but currently, all he cared about was getting Marvalos' hands on him.


"You're so hot, oh my God, please touch me." Harry moaned, rocking his hips harder.


"Good Boy," Marvalo said as his fingertips worked their way to Harry's crotch.





Draco laughed as he won another game of poker with his father. This day seemed to be getting better and better. He had won a total of three games today, and his father looked ready to lurch forward and strangle him.


His mother looked more peaceful than she had in days as she dozed off on the most uncomfortable couch that he had ever seen.


Harry walked in then, his neck covered in hickeys, his clothes ruffled up, and his hair more dishevelled than Draco had ever seen.


But Harry was giving the biggest grin as if he'd been declared ruler of the world or he'd won a million-galleon cash price. Not that they needed it; they had more than enough to fund twenty lifetimes.


His father looked Harry up and down and smiled his subtle smirk. He was pleased.


"I take it the meeting went well then?" Lucius asked, shuffling the cards in his hands.


"Bellatrix was crucioed," Harry said in lieu of a response.


Draco cracked a smile at that. He had listened to Harry complain about Bellatrix a million times. She seemed to have developed a deep hatred for Harry after the Dark Lord told her about his courtship.


Narcissa said it was a pity she was loyal; her head would have looked perfect over the mantle. Harry chuckled at that.


"Poker Harry?" Lucius asked for disturbing cards to play another round of the game. Harry nodded as he sat down and picked up his cards.


"Oh, by the way, I've signed the courtship contract." "We are apparently official now," Harry said as if it was a second thought.


Draco choked




Blaise is worried about Harry, as he always is. He is worried until Harry hugs him close--this is the fifth time Harry has initiated a hug, yes he has kept count over the years--and then he worries a little less.


He cannot seem to stop the perpetual worrying, but Harry being in front of him, safe and grinning like a loon, seems to dull this worry somewhat and all Blaise can do is grin back.


They go into the dorms, and they are on Harry's bed. They sleep on opposite sides, bodies close but not touching. There is only so much contact Harry will tolerate. But he talks, he talks for a long time, and Blaise listens.


It's rare for Harry to talk like this, excited and rambling. Blaise finds he likes listening to Harry talk. So he keeps as quiet as he can, which is not much, but Harry doesn't seem to mind when Blaise chimes in with comments and even grumbles good-naturedly when Blaise says he's a sap, which is the only truth Blaise is willing to accept after he's heard Harry go on about 'Marvalos eyes and his hair' for now nearing 15 minutes.


They giggle at each other when they eat lunch, and Blaise worries even less. But he still worries somewhat. His worry is at an all-time low because he's never seen Harry so giddy. Harry tells him about Marvalos's promise to meet him at Hogsmeade. And Blaise promises not to attack him on sight.

Because Harry knows Blaise so well, he tells Blaise that he hasn't said anything about who he's bringing to meet Marvalo. And so Marvalo does not know that he is a Zabini.

Chapter Text

"Was that really necessary?" Harry said with a content sigh as he leaned forward to rest his head on Marvalo's shoulder.


"Yes," Marvalo said unapologetically, "and don't act like you did not enjoy it," he said, smirking now as he looked down at Harry.


"Of course I enjoyed it ", Harry said with a snort "did all the sounds I made not prove that to you"


Marvalo snorted again. They stayed in silence.


 Harry leaned forward to rest his head on Marvalo's shoulder with a content sigh. For a while, not talking as Harry listened to the scratching of Mavralos's quill against the parchment he was writing on. Harry basked in the presence of Marvalo as the man completed one meaningless ministry form after another. He found that he enjoyed these little moments when there was no one but them. Where he could have Marvalo all to himself.


He played around with that thought, him and Marvalo together. He wondered why Marvalo would tell his followers about them. 


"So we are not to hide from your... minions then?" Harry finally said he could not understand why Marvalo would flaunt his relationship with a child. No matter what he told himself, to delude him, he knew that he would remain a child in the Death Eaters' eyes until proven otherwise. They would be wary of him. His mother and father were well known and feared in the ranks for a good reason. His godfathers were infamous.


His name was known, which made them wary, but it did not automatically earn him respect. He knew he would have to prove himself useful and he planned on it. He and Marvalo hadn't talked about their plans for after his NEWTS in detail.


“Of course, Hadrian, I am not ashamed”. "They are my followers; their opinions on my life do not matter," Mavralo said curtly as he held Harry's chin.


"Alright," Harry said.


And that was that.





Hogwarts did not know when it had gained sentience. The castle knew it would be difficult, somehow. Most of the things it knew were known by those who lived here.


Many had lived here, throughout the centuries, on the grounds that the founders had built, primarily as a safe house. As a castle, high on the hills, surrounded by wards of all strengths, built by the greatest of their generation. who had utilized their brilliance in building a learning ground to help others?


The Founders of Hogwarts remembered the Founders. They had built her and provided her with the starting magic, the magic that had kept the base wards from their time alive to this day. Over the years, wards have been added, of course. Headmasters and headmistresses had come and gone like the tide, their minds brilliant and their loyalty shining. Helga would have been proud.


The houses were an ingenious system the founders had come up with. One that worked for them and that helped them teach the students to the best of their abilities. They used the characteristics of the students to sort them. Later, when the students got too many for them to do it themselves, they crafted the hat. A semi-sentient consciousness embedded in a hat. One that could look in your head but could not say what it had found there.


Godric Griffindor had been brave, a bit brash at times, but his courage had outshone his pear. He had faced most situations head-on and somehow came out on top. His chivalry and bravery had known no bounds. His students had been like him, never turning in the face of danger.


There were awful ones. Of course, there were always bad apples in a bunch, the bad came with the good. Hogwarts knew this too. Somehow.


Hogwarts knew a lot of things it shouldn't have.


Rowena Ravenclaw was said to be the smartest of them all. Except she wasn't. She was ingenious, creative, and brilliant. Yet she wasn't the smartest. She wanted to be ambitious from the day she was born. But being the smartest person in the room wasn't possible when you were surrounded by it. So she had to share her genius with students like here. Students who thought outside the box and came up with solutions their peers could barely fathom She wanted to teach students who were shunned for being different, for being themselves.


Helga Hufflepuff had taken them all in. She loved each student as her own and taught her all she knew. She had been proud of her students, no matter how good they were. She wanted them to work hard. They had been loyal to each other and were amazing team workers. She had been proud of every accomplishment, no matter how big or small.


Salazar Slytherin knew he was the best. Until he had met his friends, they had been the best of their century and, together, they would be great. His ambition was what had led them to their success. His idea for the school, to spread their knowledge, to spread it to those who deserved it, had set in motion years of their becoming well-known throughout the land. His students were like him. Ambition was a difficult trait to teach and nurture, sometimes it was fickle like a candle flame yet sometimes it burned bright and strong like a fireplace. And the thirst to be better and smarter was easily proven difficult to manage. Their cunning was unmatched and he would have been proud to say they were his students.


But with the good came the bad, and people who had utilized the power they had been gifted for evil. Relatively, Hogwarts knew there was no good or bad. They had committed these crimes for a reason. They had chosen their own path. It wasn't like Hogwarts could change that.


Hogwarts knew a great many things.


She still felt sorrow, sorrow for those bright minds going down in history as weak and easily broken. They had fought for what they believed in, but history was written by the victors.


History was skewed, and the views were biased and forgotten with prejudice over the years. But Hogwarts did not forget. It remembered, and Hogwarts wanted to set history right.






Luna set her now empty bowl of pudding down. She smiled and waved toward the Slytherin table as she saw Harry back in school again. She had missed his sulky presence at the Slytherin table in the mornings and his quiet company in the library.


She had known that they would fix it in the end, or perhaps it would fix itself, but the universe was infinite and the possibilities of things that could have taken place were infinite. That is to say, anything could have happened. She was glad that Lucius was alright though. She walked towards where Harry was sitting and was slowly eating nuts with his porridge as he and Blaise discussed some homework that Harry had completed.


It seemed that he had not taken a moment to recover, as usual, and had begun overworking himself yet again. She would have to ask him silly questions and take away his evening yet again, it seemed. Honestly, without her here, Harry would have burnt himself out by the third year. It was a wonder he was still up and running.


"Luna, hey," Harry said when he spotted her approaching their table.


"Har," Luna said, sitting beside Blaise, who had moved to make space for her.


The Slytherin table collectively looked at each other. then shrugged before going back to their food. She thought she was accepted due to her pureblood status. Or perhaps it was their fear of Harry's temper and his equally explosive magic. Although the explosions had died down, the temper still simmered at the surface.


"Hey, blondie," Blaise said as he spooned some honey onto his porridge.


"'ello," she murmured, taking a bite of her pancakes.


The flutter of wings was heard as owls flew to deliver the daily newspaper. Blaise whistled merrily as he undid the knot and put the sickles in the pouch that was attached to the other leg. The owl flew away with a hoot as Blaise unrolled the newspaper.


"Oh, shit, Harry," Blaise said as he shoved the newspaper under Harry's nose. The title had Harry blanching as he quickly gathered his things and nodded to Draco, who also looked paler than usual.




Luna read as she glanced at the newspaper from where she sat at the table. It seems the dam has finally broken.


Chapter Text

Dear Marvalo,


If you are reading this letter, which is highly unlikely, that means I have given in to the annoyance of Blaise and finally written to you.


I say unlikely instead of impossible because with Blaise I have learned that he enjoys turning the impossible into improbable. He's a menace, honestly. I don’t know why I tolerate him.


I hope this reaches you in good health and you've been keeping up with your dastardly Dark Lord deeds. What am I doing now, you may ask? I am hiding from the school in the old charms classroom, writing you this letter while Blasie and Draco argue like an old married couple.


You will not believe the amount they argue for the stupidest things it’s a wonder I haven’t gone insane yet.


I do not want to alarm you, but you might want to purchase a copy of the daily prophet and then sue them immediately. The news of our courtship has broken it seems and the school has gone mental.


It seems the ladies of Gryffindor had a crush on you [hah] and seem to think trying to kill me equates to dating you or having your attention. I hate this stupid school.


I am unsure if I will be staying at Hogwarts any longer now. Honestly, I want to leave right now. Many people may look to hurt or harm me to get to you. Perhaps I may take my NEWTS independently, at the ministry so that I do not have to stay here any longer than possible.


My father has not sent a letter yet, but we are preparing for a visit. After I'm done writing this letter, we shall probably go to Snape's office and hide in there. I and Draco will most likely be home by the end of the week.


I shall hope to see you soon.




Hadrian Malfoy





Albus Dumbledore was having a bad week. It had been a series of bad weeks, in fact, but this day put the cherry on top.


A student of his had been in a relationship with the Dark Lord, and he had not known. He usually did not believe what the prophet posted in their newspaper; it was mostly gossip approved by the ministry. It dragged in the names of every well-known person.


Even him on a couple of occasions. He had disliked it, but had let it continue for a while until they had found a new victim to 'expose'.


But for Hadrian Malfoy, being in a courtship with Lord Voldemort was not something he expected from the boy. The staff described him as smart and talented but had made several mentions of his horrid temper.


The Malfoys were avid supporters of The Dark Lord and had been in his follower ranks for three generations now. Dumbledore knew there was no way Lucius Malfoy did not know that Lord Slytherin was Voldermort, so perhaps their son did not know that he was to be married to the Dark Lord. He couldn’t possibly imagine he would want to go through with it if he knew the truth.


This was the only theory that made sense considering the way he acted around the man by what he had observed the day Voldermort had spent at Hogwarts.


When Dumbledore discovered the boy was the missing Potter sibling, he tried to court him to the light side but quickly gave up. It seemed the boy was as fearsome as rumors said and had an amazing level of control over his magic. He had been impressed with his performance in classes and the like.


But the boy had been set in his ways and, with the upcoming war, he would not waste time with allies who would turn on him at any moment.


But now it seemed he had an opportunity to turn the boy towards the light side. After all, he would offer his help in getting rid of the contract and offer a safe haven from the wrath of his parents. He was sure the boy would fall right into his palms.


There was a knock on the door and all the sleeping portraits jerked awake. Lucius Malfoy entered with an expression of disdain on his face.


"Ah, Lord Malfoy, what brings you here?" He said with a genial smile, "Please have a seat," he said, gesturing to the bright red couch in front of his desk.


With a sneer, Lucius Malfoy sat on the chair looking at Dumbledore as if he was a bug on a man's shoe.


"I've come to withdraw both my sons from Hogwarts," Lucius said slowly.


"How are the boys to take their NEWTS then? " Dumbledore said calmly, as he felt panic rising in his chest. How was he going to persuade the boy to switch sides if he wasn't at Hogwarts?


"That is my business," Lucius said with a snap, handing Dumbledore letters that he had written for this very purpose.


Dumbledore placed the letters on his desk and nodded as he crossed out the names of both the boys on the ledger.


“If you’re sure my boy”, Dumbledore said with a disappointed sigh that had never worked on Lucius.


“Good day, Headmaster”, Lucius muttered as he swept from the room robes billowing around him.




"Now that the knowledge is public, you are to strictly follow the courtship rules, Harry." "There will be no fighting on this," Lucius said as he smoothed down wrinkles in his robes.


They walked into the private sitting room as the hearth lit up. The cold room slowly began to warm as the chill from being outside dissipated Harry sat down on the chair he preferred.


"What?" Harry asked, utterly confused.


"The contract that you signed, Harry," Lucius reminded him slowly.


"Yes, I remember the contract, father." "I mean about the rules. Surely you were not serious about it," Harry shot back calmly.


"I assure you all the terms were thoroughly discussed by the Dark Lord and myself," Lucius said.


"What?" Harry whispered softly as he stood up in outrage.


"It seems you have not taken the rules seriously, so you have only perhaps skimmed through them. I shall refresh your memory," Lucius said, resignation clear in his tone.


Harry just nodded dumbly as he sat back in his chair as his mind buzzed. He hadn't expected to follow the traditional courtship rules, but he knew without a doubt that was what his father would insist on.


"Term one, there shall be three months of equal amounts of chaperoned and unchaperoned dates planned by the courter. The dates shall take place in public and shall be a time for the couple to get to know one another," Lucius said.


Okay, this was not so bad. He could go on dates even if they were accompanied by someone. Marvalo was very adept at wards, and it wasn't like anyone was going to test the Dark Lord's patience.


"Term two, the contract shall only end after the completion of NEWTS and any further studies Hadrian Abarax Nova Malfoy wishes to pursue and shall be agreed upon by both the parties."


This was... to be expected. He suspected his father didn't want the Dark Lord to make him incapable of a job or dependent on him. If he hadn't known his father's intentions, he would have been offended.


"And penetrative sexual contact shall only take place after marriage and once all the other terms have been fulfilled."


Harry winced, and then his temper flared. How dare they presume to know when he would-Oh, no. His annoyance must have shown on his face because his father grimaced as well.


"There are other terms such as the dowry and properties that were exchanged along with investments I have made in your name, but those are the only ones that apply to you, Harry."


He nodded silently as he stood.


"I shan't argue with you, father, as you have much to do with the article itself. I will be going out and I shall be back by dawn, goodbye," Harry said before his father could get a word in edgewise.


Harry turned on his heel and walked out of the room and towards his father's office. He was going to have words with Marvalo.





"When were you going to tell me exactly?" "Harry he said as he stepped into the office.


Marvalo, who was sitting working at his desk carving runes into something, jerked his head up. "Merlin Harry"


"What??" Harry said with a frown.


"You look divine," Marvalo said as he stalked towards Harry and leant down for a kiss.


The kiss was cut short when Harry pulled back and glared at Marvalo for distracting him.


"When were you going to tell me, Marvalo?" Harry asked again.


"What Minx?" Marvalo said with a playful smile.


"That you've conspired with my father and put a lock on when we can have sex," Harry said with a frown.


"Harry" Marvalo started.


"Do not Harry me. Why is it in the contract?" Harry said.


"I wanted you to have the decision." He paused looking at Harry softly “I believe we can wait until our marriage for anything that you feel okay doing and then YOU decide when we move forward with Harry. Not for me. I want you to do it for yourself. Our relationship is not based on sexual contact. I will be honest, I have come to enjoy it and our time together. But if you do not want it, then I do not either. And that is why I left the decision up to you. You get to decide Harry. " Marvalo said quickly before Harry could refute his statements.


“Sentimental Fool”, Harry muttered shyly as Marvalo hid his face in Harry neck


“Oh darling, but I’m your fool”

Chapter Text

"I cannot believe I have let you talk me into this," Marvalo said as his eyes flickered closed.


"Just relax, this is supposed to be relaxing," Harry said, his voice soft as the mixture in his arms was whisked thoroughly.


Taking a brush, he began massaging the face mask gently onto Marvalos's face. He has begged and pleaded with Marvalo to have him do face masks with him. Marvalo had said no at first, but Harry's convincing skills were amazing, and it wasn't like the man could say no to him anyway.


The face mask was one that Draco had bought for him from somewhere in Hogsmead. And Harry was bored. He had finished his studies in record time and had made his way to Marvalos' house to annoy him with the face mask in tow.


At first, he had just planned to do it by himself, but after Marvalo had asked him several questions about it, in the end, he convinced the man to do it with him.


Once the mask was on Marvalos' face, he began to do it on his own, taking care not to get it near his mouth.


He loved the times when it was just him and Marvalo spending the day together. He knew a lot of work piled up on Marvalos's desk the next day, so he tried not to do it often.


Harry spent most of Marvalos' busy days helping his father keep up with the accounts again. He seemed to be doing much better and was back on his feet, but he still got tired from time to time, which was when Harry took over.


He managed the external business affairs and things that they needed to travel for, along with making sure any contractors they had hired were doing a good job. Since his father couldn't at the moment, and it wasn't like Harry could go out. The media had been relentless since the article. While Harry sorted through the investment updates and put money towards any upcoming company that seemed to be thriving at home.


His father had wanted to shift investments completely towards him, but Harry had refused, stating it was too much work. He had enough on his plate with the oncoming Black inheritance once Sirius was back from his newest mission. 


They sat there in silence, as Harry hummed a tune under his breath. Marvalos's hand gripped his as his thumb ran over the palm of his hand in a repeated motion. It was telling that he found it calming as he relaxed into his seat further, and Harry felt at peace.


As he sat with Marvalo, his mind wandered, thinking about the hectic weeks. He had known that it would get worse once he was 17, a legal adult, but he was glad to finally have a place to relax. He had never been happy at Hogwarts in the first place; it was a school filled with people who hated him for having a family. He didn't understand how it was their business anyway. Then they hated him for hating his old family, the people who had abandoned him, and now they probably hated him for the person he had chosen to love.




He hadn't thought about it since that day, but he really did love Marvalo. He didn't mind that the man was a Dark Lord; in fact, that fact made him all the more attractive in Harry's eyes.


The Malfoys got the best, and surely no one was better than the most powerful Dark Lord of the century. The age difference didn't bother him as much as it should; after all, wizards lived far longer than muggles, and if rumors were to be believed, then Marvalo would live forever.


He hadn't liked Marvalo for years, thinking him evil and powerful. Which he was to be fair, but the man had paid no attention to him, cementing the fact in his young mind that the man was evil. How dare he not pay attention to Harry?


He could see now that back then he had been nobody to Marvalo, but as he had grown, he had become worthy of notice.


He liked to think that he was ambitious, but he didn't even stand a shadow on Marvalos's own. One which he was very close to achieving, in fact. The ministry was barely resisting a takeover at this point.


But it wasn't like Harry had been instantly agreeable to the relationship they shared. In fact, he had struggled to see why anyone would like him enough to marry him in the first place. All his hermit dreams were washed down the drain with one glance at Marvalo. But he couldn’t understand why Marvalo had chased after him specifically. He hadn't even got an heirship to his name yet. He was prickly and hated interacting with people outside of his very exclusive social circle, and he knew his anger was frightening.


Yet, out of everyone lined up at his beck and call, Marvalo had picked him. And that made him the best in Harry's books. No matter what his side job was.


He hadn't made it easy for Marvalo, yet he had stayed. He knew others would have been killed for such disrespectful behavior, but the Dark Lord had given only a grimace. And best of all, he had given him a choice. A choice where he could stop anything he didn't want at a given moment. 


Something he had never thought he would have if in a courtship, which he thought was also unlikely given his nature.


Marvalo had known that he could have easily used his sway and leverage, but he hadn't, and slowly, because of this, he had truly fallen for the man. 


He had taken quickly to the relationship, and it was funny how both of them had been so alike yet so similar.


But yes, he loved Marvalo. He loved the crinkle of his eyes when he smiled; the way he held onto Harry; the way he filled the margins of his books with witty jokes and useful information for Harry; and he especially loved the way Marvalo looked at him. It was as if he was the most precious gem in the world.


So yes, he loved Marvalo. And he thinks Marvalo might just love him a little bit too.




Lunch with Sirius was a rare affair. Sirius was mostly busy with missions and rarely found time to eat, let alone see Harry. Today was special, he supposed.


He missed his Godfather. He missed the rumbling of his motorcycle and the light smell of whisky that seemed to cling to his leather jacket. Most of all, he missed his company.


He and Sirius had always been alike, their tempers like fire and their taste for danger making them similar.


Their hatred for the Potters only helped matters further.


Harry hated the Potters, but hate was a diluted word to him, for what he felt towards the family was so much more because they had abandoned him in the muggle world and hadn’t checked on him for 9 years. Then, when they had found out he was with the wizards, ones from a different political faction, they put on a sob show and begged for him back. He had listened to their stories. He had needed to know why. Perhaps they had a valid reason? No, In the end, there hadn't been The evening had ended when he had slapped James Potter and walked out of dinner, and he had never seen them again.


Sirius hated the Potters because they had given away his godson and then forced him to love the other child as if nothing was wrong and a member of their family had just been sent away. They had reminded him so much of the family he had spent his life running from. They had seemed to transform into the very people they claimed to hate, seemingly overnight. At first, he thought it was a shock response and that they would bring Harry back sooner or later. He thought that they would go back to the James and Lily that he had known and loved.


That hope had quickly shown out to be futile. He had resented them at first but stayed for Charles. After all, it wasn't the child's fault. It wasn't the child's fault when the parents were stupid hardheads who refused to see reason after all. After a few weeks of waiting and taking the backlash of the bond, he knew it meant his godson was in pain. He had tried hard to resist the urge to leave and turn the earth over looking for his godson, but in the end, he hadn't been able to handle the pain of the Godfather bond any longer and had turned to the dark side for help.


With his cousin, he had found, Jamie, or Harry, as he was now called. The bond had settled instantly, and that was when he knew his godson was safe, and he had hated the Potters from that day on. Not only for taking his godson from him but for never checking on him. Because if they had, they would have known he was not where they had left him.


Turning to the dark hadn't been difficult after that for him. All that was holding him to the light were his friends, and they seemed as good as gone anyway. The Potters never questioned why he never came back, and Sirius never did say.


He walked into the well-lit muggle restaurant, sat at a previously reserved table that he had booked, and waited for the telling loud rumbling of the motorcycle that would signal his godfather's arrival.


A few minutes later, he could hear the telltale sound of Sirius arriving as he sat up straighter and waited.


A man just touching 5'6 with shiny black hair and his signature leather jacket, Sirius looked as he had always remembered.


"Siri," Harry said as he pulled him into a hug. He had missed this man and his slightly singed hair.


"Hey, squirt," Sirius said as he pulled Harry closer. They both pulled apart and walked to the table, pulling their chairs out.


"It's been a while, kid, I heard you're in a courtship now, from that rag of a newspaper no less," Sirius said, looking over the menu.


"Well, it wasn’t to be public for a good long while yet, Siri, and I just signed the contract recently," Harry said in response as he looked around for a waiter, gesturing for them to come to take his order.


The conversation took a pause as they both quickly ordered and gave their thanks.


"You do realize you're in courtship with the Dark Lord Harry?" Sirius said, his face devoid of humor.


"Yes I do, and who is really having a difficult time, Sirius?" "Surely you don’t think I’ve made this easy for him," Harry said smugly, as Sirius’s eyebrows rose in disbelief.


"No way har!" Sirius choked out as he glanced downward to avoid laughing.


"Yes, and did you know he put a clause in the contract saying we couldn't have sex before marriage?" Harry joked.


"Okay, first of all, har, I didn't need to hear it like that for fucks sake," Sirius said, almost spitting out his water.


Harry said with a roll of his eyes, "You are such a prude, honestly."


"I am not," Sirus said defensively. "I just don’t want to hear details of my godson's sex life with the fucking Dark Lord. Need I remind you that I fucking work for him. How am I supposed to look him in the eyes after that man? "


"Yeah, yeah," Harry said dismissively. He would definitely tell Marvalo this story, possibly while he was drinking tea, so he would spit it out. That would be hilarious.


"But I bet it didn’t end well for him," Sirius said after a few minutes of silence. He looked way too happy at that conclusion.


"Surprisingly it did, he said he wanted me to have a choice", Harry said his face erupting in a smile.


"A choice on when- um..", then Sirius made some vague hand motions, "you know"


"Yeah, a choice," Harry said with a snort.


"Good, that means he's not being a total arse." "That's good," Sirius said with a strained smile.


"Well he’s not being an arse but he sure loves mine!", Harry said his eyes shining as he watched Sirius go progressively redder.


"HARRY!" Sirius choked out.


This lunch was getting more entertaining by the second.

Chapter Text

Draco knows that Harry has been visiting the Dark Lords' Manor, but he can't seem to stop him when he does catch him, which is rare. When Harry comes back from the manor, the smile on his face is worth the breaking of these rules, at least according to Draco.


Regardless, it's not like it's breaking any of the contract rules; it's just skirting around them minutely. Harry's supposed to go on PUBLIC dates with supervision, and it wasn't like the couple was able to go on dates yet with the media hounding their doors and looking for any hot gossip. 


So Draco had let it continue for quite a few weeks now. He felt Harry deserved it after the months he'd been having. He'd cover for Harry, but very rarely did he have to even try to lie. He was very good at covering his tracks. He left often enough, but not every day. He was sure he wanted to be the only one that hadn't noticed Harry's absence in the house, but he wasn't going to be the one to bring it up.


But since nobody had said anything, he had left it to be. The case with the daily prophet seemed to be going well enough. Once the article had come out, he had quickly sued along with the Dark Lord.


Their case had been pending trial to date, but neither party had wanted to take it that far. They had settled on a concession of 15 million galleons and a complete retracement of the statement itself as a price for publishing the article, and Draco felt it was justice enough. They had quickly bought all the shares of the daily prophet on the market soon after, mostly in Harry's name. It had been a small investment given that they now held major shares, which gave them some control over the business.


"Harry, is that the Black portfolio?" Draco asked as he watched Harry lug the heavy folder along in his hands. He observed the house crest engraved onto the binder, hand-done probably. It must have cost a pretty penny. He looked to be at least somewhat struggling, which meant it was heavy.


"You're talking to the newly appointed Lord Black Dray," Harry said smugly, as Draco scowled at the nickname.


"Yeah, congratulations, I suppose," Draco said as Harry walked towards his room.


Draco waited in silence for Harry's return, which he promptly did as he walked towards his father's office.


"Hey, Harry!" Draco said


"Yeah?" Harry asked.


"Don't do anything I wouldn't," Draco said with a smirk.


"That does leave a lot of possibilities open, doesn't it Draco?" Harry said as he walked out of the room.






"I assume the meeting went well by the smile on your face," Marvalo said as Harry walked towards him.


"You're talking to the newly appointed Lord Black," Harry said smugly, as he flashed the ring that had been given to him when he had been appointed. They had gone straight to Gringotts after lunch, and Sirius had given him the ring as if he couldn't get it off his finger fast enough. Harry had taken the account books home and placed them in his room before he had come here.


"Well, Lord Black, how was lunch?" Marvalo asked with a smirk as he leaned back in his chair, looking at Harry as he casually walked towards him.


Harry stayed silent as he made two cups of tea for himself and Marvalo. This was going exactly according to plan; in fact, it was going better than he had thought. Marvalo had even brought up the lunch itself.


"Well... it was exciting. It's been a while since I've seen Siri," Harry said as he passed Marvalos' mug towards him.


"Mhmm, perfect as usual," Marvalo said as he slipped the hot tea into his hand.


Harry gave a mock bow as he walked behind Marvalo and began pressing his shoulders.


"I told him about the sex clause in the contract, you know," Harry said.


"Harry," Marvalo said.


"What, he's my Godfather and he had to find out about our courtship from a bloody newspaper?" I thought he deserved to know. Besides, he kind of likes you now and his reaction was hilarious. It made lunch much more entertaining," Harry defended.


"What did he say?" Marvalo sighed.


" He was glad that you weren’t acting like an arse. So I said you weren't an arse, but you certainly liked mine," Harry said as he strategically paused while waiting for Marvalo to take a sip. He smirked and watched in satisfaction as Marvalo spat out the tea he had slipped onto his pants as he glanced back and Harry was glaring at him.


"What, it was true anyway, you know?" "Don't act like I haven't seen you looking, you pervert." Harry shrugged unapologetically.


"Oh merlin Harry," Marvalo gwafed as they both giggled at the absurdity of the situation. "Did you really?" Marvalo asked as he looked at Harry, who had cast a cleaning charm at Marvalos's pants. 


"Of course I did," Harry said as he looked back.


"Why did I even ask?" Marvalo said with a roll of his eyes as Harry snorted.





Albus Dumbledore waved his wand as things flew and packed themselves into suitcases. He had to get away immediately lest he be sent to Azkaban.
He shuddered thinking of the place. It was horrifying that people, even criminals, but still people lived there it was a wonder ANYBODY came out sane.

Recently, the dementor usage has gone up for an unexplained reason. Albus had not had the time to look into it, too busy with the new drama invoking the
Malfoys. But the Wizengamot had passed an order for more increased dementor usage and their argument had been sound; the light faction had quickly voted
and the motion had gone through before he could even disapprove of such an action.

But that was beside the point he wasn't going to Azkaban, and there was no way in hell he'd be caught for all the crimes he'd committed over the years. in the
Wizengamot, which was surely where his trial would take place given he was a part of it, the usage of Versituim, a truth potion with the ability to bypass mental barriers was compulsory.


Therefore, there was no way the defendant or any witness could give any false statements. It had been developed during the
War and was still in use to this date.

It was one of the many reasons he refused to stand trial anyway.

His belongings were quickly paced snugly in his briefcase which he quickly shrunk down to fit into his pocket. He worried for the school and its students without his presence, but this was more important. He had to leave.

He had planned this long ago, his safe house prepared, he hadn't thought he would have to use this plan but he supposed his actions had come to bite him in the arse. He should have never leeched magic from sentient wards, that had been a stupid mistake of his youth.

Nevertheless, there was no fixing it now. "Fawkes" Dumbledore called out into the silence of the room. The bird flamed in with a squawk as he was pulled from whatever he had been doing before Dumbledore’s call had pulled him back.

"To the safe house, if you would Fawkes," Dumbledore said as he grabbed onto the bird’s talons and waited for him to flame before he spun. The landing had been a bit tough on his knees it had been a while since he'd done this. His joints creaked as he walked up the path the old house lay on.

This area had been long abandoned, it was his old family house. The one they had lived in before the incidents with Ariana. He looked out to the river and then ran near the house.

"Forgive me, Ariana, it was never meant to be this way" he murmured as the winds blew. The wind turned harsher and the river bed trembled as Dumbledore bowed his head.





Charlus Potter really shouldn't care about why his brother or ex-brother, whatever, was not in school anymore. He shouldn’t even be worrying about his safety. In fact, he shouldn’t be thinking about it at all. So why couldn't he do anything but wonder if his brother was okay as he lay in bed staring at the dormitory ceiling?


He, like the entire school, had read the article and had some... opinions on his brother's choice of betrayal. He couldn’t believe his brother had found a betrothal before him. He knew he wasn’t going to be bethroed; his parents were too liberal for that, but he didn’t know any other way to find someone that didn’t care for his titles but cared for Charles himself. 


He knew he had basically zero right to say anything to the boy, but he needed to warn Harry. He needed to before the damage was irreversible. He didn’t know if Harry knew that the man he was contracted to marry was the Dark Lord, but he felt obligated to at least tell him. He owed that much to his brother. 


But Harry had seemingly disappeared from the face of the planet along with his other brother, or now his real one, so Charles could do nothing but mope. Mope the fact that he couldn’t even help his brother by telling him a crucial piece of information. of course, he didn’t have any proof that the man was Voldemort.


He couldn't even write a letter since then. Jamie-Harry, his name was Harry now. Regardless, he couldn't write a letter lest Harry have physical proof that he was contacting him.


He did not want to know what would happen if his parents found out he was anything but 'hostile' to his brother.







Twin snores could be heard from the office as both the men slept soundly.


Marvalo and Harry had stayed up late again before both of them had seemed to doze off at the same time. Marvalo was the first one to feel the tug and she was awake.


Hogwarts' call came again, though not as violently this time. He shuddered, thinking of last time and the dents it had left on his office wall. The bruises had been fixed pretty quickly, which he was thankful for. Harry would have been worried.


He had to have the wall professionally fixed; the wallpaper had apparently been vintage or something since the house was passed down for generations apparently; he hadn't really cared. He had shelled out a pretty penny for the wallpaper. In fact, since he had liked the wallpaper, that was the only reason he hadn't changed it. The wall had been an easy fix for the people he had hired, but the wallpaper had been difficult to find and he had to have it professionally made. That had been annoying. 


He only had to wait a few more seconds before Harry was grumbling and awake too. His hair was disheveled and his eyes were still sleepy. He felt the tug of Hogwarts as well, it seemed, though it didn't seem to bother him as much as it did Marvalo; judging by his posture, it was just slightly annoying to him.


Marvalo glanced at the time and winced; they had barely gotten an hour's sleep after staying up all night talking. Thankfully, Marvalo had gotten most of his work done last night along with enjoying Harry's company since it seemed like today was going to be a long day. He opened the bottom drawer of his desk and pulled out two pepper-up potions. He passed one on to Harry, who was rubbing his eyes sleepily. 


They both gulped down the potions, and Harry grimaced at the taste, and Marvalo smirked at his reaction.


"Dobby," Harry called out as he stood up, stretching out his arms. There was a pop as the house-elf popped into the room as he looked at his master waiting for an order. "Would you please bring me a set of robes? My green ones if they have been washed. and coffee in one of those portable cups that Moher bought recently. "Put a warming charm on it, will you?" Harry suggested, "two of the coffee dobby." He amended as he glanced at Marvalo. The man looked as tired as he did.


"Yes, Master." Dobby squeaked, bowing as he popped out to do his master's bidding. Marvalo stared at Harry as he walked towards Marvalo's desk and began organizing the papers spread out across it. He smiled dopily. He was arranging them in order of importance, just like Marvalo preferred it. 


"Hey Marvalo, Why does this paper show a planned raid to capture and bring the matron at my old orphanage? "," Harry asked calmly. 


"Birthday Present," Marvalo says glumly, having forgotten that it was there. It should have been in his confidential files. Who knew Harry's being nice was going to bite him in the ass?


Harry snorted as he collected the rest of the papers and put them back into the arrangement that Marvalo had preferred. As he set the quill back into the inkpot, Dobby popped in with his robes and the two cups of coffee. Harry sighed as the aroma of the coffee filled the room. 


Harry quickly took off his clothes as Marvalo stared at him shamelessly. “You could at least pretend you aren't stating, you know? Isn't it only proper? "


"Harry, I really don't care for social niceties when you're in front of me almost naked," Marvalo said, not stopping his staring as his eyes got darker. 


Harry snorted, "We don’t have time for that right now, Marvalo, perhaps when we come home." "Now you better get changed as well," he said with a smirk as he rolled his eyes.


Marvalo summoned some robes and donned them on quickly. Soon they had apparated to the border of wards in Hogwarts, and they walked straight past them. The castle registered them as Heirs, and they were hardly a threat to the students.


They were quickly helped to the room of requirement by Hogwarts as the staircases helped them reach it as quickly as possible. It seemed that somebody was already there, as when they opened the door they could hear the sounds of talking.


"So it was true, you're in a relationship with the Malfoy boy," Gerald Smith muttered as they entered the room.


"Lord Smith, I would feel that it is none of your business given you are neither family nor ally," Harry said calmly as he sat down on the chair next to Marvalo.


"Jamie wha-" James began.


"Please, Lord Potter, you stopped being family the day you left me for not being special enough," Harry said with a scoff. He turned just in time to spot Luna and Pandora's Lovegood walking in. Luna gave him a small smile as she sat down.


"Well, now that we all seem to be here, shall we begin?"


"We shall," Pandora Lovegood intoned,


"Oh Hogwarts, we hear your call. The Heirs unite under your protection to serve and slay your enemies. " They all murmured, "Answer our call," as they felt the magic in the room build.


A soft voice intoned, "Heirs."


"I see your efforts towards my cause. Despite the hardships you face, you fight for me and my rights. For this, me and my family are nothing but grateful. "I give you aid to help you on your way to claiming my vengeance," Hogwarts said, its voice echoing around the room.


They all shivered as the magic surrounded them as if judging them, wondering if they were worthy or not, analyzing their efforts towards the cause, and using them to gift them appropriately.


"Gerald Smith, heir of Helga Hufflepuff, I gift you the long-lost journals of Helga Hufflepuff. To your heir, I gift journals Helga herself wrote on creatures she encountered. " Hogwarts said as the table glowed and the journals appeared.


They looked old and bound in string


"And for these gifts, we are grateful," the Smiths murmured with bowed heads.


"To the Slytherin heir, Thomas Marvalo Slytherin." I give you the lost sword of Salazar as he wills it." The table glowed again and the sword appeared on top of it.


"I am grateful to Lady Hogwarts for his gift," Marvalo said as he picked up the sword from the table with reverence, barely paying attention to anyone else in the room.


"For the heiresses of Rowena, I give you access to the hound of knowledge she did not share before her timely demise. Curiosity for curiosity's sake will always be rewarded. "


"We are grateful," the Lovegoods muttered together.


"I give the diaries of Griffindor to the heir of Godric Gryffindor to Hadrian Abarax Nova Malfoy for his great service in freeing me." "I give the diaries of Griffindor. Use the rituals wisely, young one. The fate of the magic world may just depend on it, "Hogwarts said ominously, as Luna smiled at the statement.


"I am grateful for this gift," Harry said, feeling the color drain from his face.


"To Charles James Potter, the house of Gryffindor gives what he needs most mind protection",  a bracelet appeared on the table which was quickly taken by Charles as he wore it thanking Hogwarts quickly.


"And finally to Jameson Charlus Potter, Journals from a Time Long Forgotten, May you remember your way back to the old ways child,", The voice seemed to die as it fell silent with these final parting words.


James still mumbled a small thanks as he gathered the books that lay on the table looking innocent. They all still felt the presence of Hogwarts until suddenly it left.


The energy in the room stopped swirling as everyone seemed to pant from exertion as if they were suffering from magical exhaustion. Marvalo and Harry stared at each other. This most certainly changed things.

Chapter Text

After that, the month flew by.



Not being in Hogwarts was refreshing to Harry who had hated the crowded halls and the constant presence, even though Harry missed Blaise and his constant annoying company, was doing far better than he had at school. The silence of the Malfoy library was an amazing substitute for the quietly abandoned classrooms Harry seemed to spend most of his time in, and it even seemed to help his focus immensely, and the vast array of knowledge was another boon that made the concepts so much easier.


 The other students had been limiting him, it seemed. The teachers made lesson plans according to the pace of every student, and classes quickly became repetitive if you were even remotely GOOD at the subject.


Without any homework and hundreds of essays that the teachers seemed all too delighted to assign, along with the with the research projects that Harry did in his own free time (which was so little), he had loads more free time in the past week. He still had other responsibilities at home, but his time, according to him, was better spent as he moved ahead with the portion at an alarming speed.


Working on his own schedule was doing wonders for his progress. He could give his NEWTS in a couple of months if his speed kept up.


He had let Draco catch up on some schoolwork as he went through the files for the case against the Prophet as a favor. Draco had been the one to file the case, so he was the one taking care of most of the details, but he had asked Harry to take another look, just in case. In any case, Harry was content with this arrangement because Draco was better at law. Hary had always found that particular subject boring.


He had found it amusing that the newspaper would be paying him and Marvalo for writing the truth in the paper. Given that, they shouldn't have done it without their explicit permission. They were surely regretting writing the article and ever even approving it to be printed now. It was hilarious what a good lawyer could do.


The retraction had been printed the following week, and he and Marvalo had spent the evening together, curled up after having a good laugh and reading. It had been one of the most enjoyable days in a while. Harry read his book on ancient runes, one of which he had gotten from Hogwarts itself.


He still could not believe what had taken place at that meeting. It was surreal to think that the founders themselves had gifted them these artifacts. The rituals mentioned in it were extremely illegal and were most likely prohibited in several countries. But that didn't mean Harry couldn't just read about them. For research purposes, of course. He hadn't known the number of Gryffindors that had been dark when the olde ways had been followed.


The world then had been way different. The dark and grey factions almost merged into one. There had been so little discrimination against dark wizards that it was almost disgusting the way they were treated now.


The distinct differences between their worlds and times were so very obvious. The prejudice was not as severe, and the views on magic differed greatly. It had been all factions' that worshiped Mother Magic and other deities several times a month. Now they were lucky if they got to participate in a single ritual in their lifetimes.


The magic that the ministry now considers dark was, at best, neutral at the time. The amount of knowledge that was lost to time was monumental. The number of subjects discontinued from Hogwarts was criminal. Subjects were removed just because their users had been destructive with them.


 The two faccedness that the light side seemed to thrive on were frankly disgusting. They preached words of forgiveness but hated anything that did not readily align with their views.


It was a miracle that the faction was slowly crumbling from within.





"Are you dressed? You know we have to leave soon, darling," Harry says as he strolls into Mavralos's office unannounced as usual. It shows how often he does this that Marvalo does not even twitch from his sudden appearance.


Marvalo looks up from his pile of (boring) papers and tilts his head questioningly. His desk is in absolute chaos, as he had expected it to be. Harry hadn't visited in two days, which meant Marvalo would work until he dropped dead or Harry pulled him away from it. His desk seemed to be proof that he hadn't taken even a moment of rest in Harry's time away. He sniffed the air experimentally. Okay, at least he had taken a shower earlier in the day.


"Where exactly are we going, Harry?" Harry says with a tilt of his lips as he puts his quill down, giving his full attention to Harry, who smiles smugly.


"Why, it's Hogsmead weekend." "We're going to Hogsmead like you said you would. To meet my friend, you remember, of course," Harry said with a fake smirk. He cackled as he saw Marvalos's face twisted in displeasure. It had been such a minute switch, but Harry had seen the slight furrowing of his brow. 


He had been right to assume that the man had completely forgotten about it, and he took great pleasure in reminding him.


"Do we have to?" "We could stay here all day," Marvalo said slyly, as he blinked his eyes at Harry slowly.


"You're good," Harry said as he gave Marvalo the finger and turned around so he didn't have to look into his pleading eyes, "but I have Draco for a brother, so yes, we are really going, and we're leaving in 15 minutes, so you'd better get dressed, Darling."


Marvalo groaned as his head thumped against the table. He didn't want to go to Hogsmead. He wanted to go with Harry, of course, he would go anywhere with Harry, but there would be people there. He really didn't like people.


Regardless, he would do as he had promised with minimal sighing throughout the day, but he needed a cup of tea first.


His thoughts and prayers had been answered by Harry (who he swore could read minds) when he placed a steaming hot cup of tea on the coaster on Marvalos's desk, because, of course, he had a coaster. He was a Dark Lord, but he wasn't insane. Besides, desks weren't cheap.


He stared at Harry, who was dressed in a loose-fitting t-shirt and sweatpants as he sipped his tea quietly.


"You can't possibly wear that Harry," Marvalo murmured over the rim of his cup as he ogled Harry shamelessly.


Harry narrowed his eyes and raised a questioning brow. "And why the hell not?" he asked darkly.


"Because only I should be allowed to see you in sweatpants," Marvalo said with a grin as Harry snorted into his cup.


"Yes, make them illegal when you become ruler of the universe, alright," Harry said, smiling smugly as Marvalo groaned again. If he thought he was going to one-up Harry at sarcasm, he was going to be waiting a long while.


Marvalo sulked out of the room, muttering something about changing as he took the tea, Harry had made along with him. Harry stared as the teapot followed the irritate Dark Lord like an eager dog. 


 He couldn't wait to see Marvalos's reaction when he realized his best friend was Blaise Zabini. He cackled internally as he thought about it. He wondered if this was what Marvalo felt like all the time; he felt so evil. It was brilliant.


Resisting the urge to cackle out loud, he sat (slumped) on his chair in front of Marvalos's desk as he waited for the man to show up.


He wasn't going to clean the desk now only for Marvalo to mess it up later. He hoped today went well since he actually had plans to stay here for the night, and if they didn't have a good time, then Harry was going to be the one sulking.


He had plans for tonight, plans that involved beds and lots of kissing. His smile turned silly as he thought about the past few weeks. After their discussion/argument about the sex clause (he could call it something else, but it was hilarious to see Marvalos's face twist up as he said it out loud), the sexual contact between them had sort of fizzled out.


He was sure it wasn't personal, after all the groans that Marvalo made surely couldn't be faked. If they were, then he was the best fucking actor ever.


They still kissed occasionally, pretty heatedly actually, but Harry had gotten zero action. And he was a teenager, for fucks sake. With his busy schedule, his free time often collided with when Marvalo was working. But they made it work, eating lunch together and sometimes having coffee together. Sometimes Harry brought work over just so they could spend time together, even if it was doing work.


They only had tea when Harry showed up and made the tea. It was funny because Marvalo was the one with a tea set that he couldn't use to save his life on the table in his office. Marvalo had said it came with the office. How the hell did a tea set come with an office? Harry thought he should just admit that he wanted Harry to make tea for him and therefore had bought the tea set. 


Regardless, he was getting off track. He had very many plans for him and Marvalo today, and he was very excited about them. He couldn't fucking wait.


"We can go now," Marvalo said as he strode into the room.


"Finally," Harry grumbled as he stood up, trembling his legs over the arm of the couch.


"Floo it is," Marvalo said as Harry walked to the fireplace in his office. Marvalo took one last longing look at his office as he followed behind Harry calling out "HOGHEAD". 





Chapter Text

Lord Voldemort . Harry never really thinks of Marvalo that way again, not after that night at the party. It all seems so far away, but he knows it's hardly been a few months. Six months and thirteen days to be precise, but who's counting? But now, as he watches Mavralos' face close up and his eyes grow hard, he remembers just who he had fallen in love with. The darkest lord that Britain had ever seen and the leader of the dark faction, one of the most powerful wizards the world had ever known. A wizard that Harry had wrapped around his little finger. 


He does not mean to brag, but he is extremely smug about it, but he has to admit that Marvalo had an equally tight grip on him. Technically, they would never force each other to do anything. That's not how their relationship has ever worked, but they get away with loads of begging from time to time. Marvalo says it's Harry's eyes and his pout. Harry also mumbled something about going soft, but Marvalo wasn't really paying attention, distracted by the way Harry sat in his chair. Honestly, it was like Marvalo could sense when he exhibited bad posture. 


As they walk out of the pub, Harry greets people as he was taught to. The Ancient and Noble House of Malfoy is feared by their enemies and respected by their peers. People would bend over backwards to gain favor from the house, but Harry had always held all the cards, even as a child. It was necessary. Slytherins were like sharks when they smelled blood in the water. In his seven years, he honestly does not think he's taken more than three favors. He's paid them off fairly soon. He can't have anything hanging over his head once he's more useful. The minor houses would come to him and they would plead for things. In return, Harry always asked for a favor. In a house like Slytherin, favors were useful things.


As he walks along the path in Hogsmead, Harry waves at someone who seems to be Jeremy, who is from Hufflepuff and has asked Harry for help with his homework. He thinks the boy is alright on his own if a bit cheery in the mornings. Harry is not a morning person and will be annoyed by people who are on principal. He waves at Zean, who is a Ravenclaw and has always been up for debates outside and in class, and Harry so loves arguments, and he can never back down. The boy even gives him a run for his money during deuling; his spell knowledge was extensive, but his wrist movements were stiff. He even spies Pansy in the distance. She is laughing at something that a dark-haired girl in a sweatshirt is saying, but she doesn't seem to notice him, so he does not wave.


After a while, Marvalo grabs onto his hand. The touch alone startles Harry as he looks up to smile at Marvalo, who to him is hung on the moon. He smiles to himself as he feels a fluttery sort of feeling in his stomach. Suddenly, he was being pulled in by his waist, and coming to Hogsmead was becoming more and more unnecessary by the second. He wanted to lean up and do something stupid, like kiss Marvalo sensibly.


Marvalos tells him something that he vaguely registers in the back of his mind. Introduce him to people; yup, he's got it. He is more aware than ever of the fact that they are in public and he is pressed against Marvalo. Harry's breaths come out a little short, but Marvalo doesn't seem to notice. They are getting into possible making-out territory when Marvalo pushes him away. He makes a soft noise of protest, which causes Marvalo to pull him closer with an arm around his waist.


They are walking again. Hand in hand. This time he makes it a point to introduce Marvalo. He still runs into people he knows, and they all appear to be dying to know if the article was genuine, but he expertly steers the conversation away from it and quickly moves on, lest they disregard all manners and ask him anyway. He's walking more quickly as he spies Blaise in the distance. Letting go of Marvalos' hand, he runs forward towards Blaise, who had lit up like a Lumos.


He and Blaise are talking a mile a minute. He quickly tells Blaise everything. A lot has happened in the past few months. Blaise does the same thing but at a slower pace.


They are quieter than usual until Marvalo murmurs "Zabini" as if recognizing him just at this moment.


Blaise throws him an accusing look till he shakes his head. Blaises' face goes stone cold as he mutters, "What business?"


Harry makes a soft sound at the back of his throat as Marvalo says "None other than the happiness of my darling."


"Merlin do shut up," Harry says with a snort as they both stare at each other as if judging. 


"Butterbeer?" Baise nods his head towards the pub in the distance.


"Butterbeer," Harry confirms as he pulls Marvalo along.







Marvalo is a solitary creature. He does not like people and rarely sees a need to associate with them, if not for his own needs. It seems like a habit he cultivated long ago at the orphanage where he had been forced to be alone. Then it followed him to Hogwarts until one day, people begged to be in his presence, and he realized he did not want them there.


So Marvalo adapted. He pretended, and he got very good at pretending. He was charming and learned to smooth talk his way out of most situations. He put on his mask and he pretended. He rose through the ranks quickly enough that he could afford to dislike people. He endured them from time to time. Simply by necessity.


Fooling people had been easy, but he hadn't liked doing it at an expense to himself. He had become a politician simply because he knew he was good. Good enough to be better than those before him. The purebloods followed him like lost puppies, and the half-bloods heard and understood what he fought for. But that did not change the fact that he simply did not like talking to people. 


On the other hand, the only title that would fit Harry accurately would be "social butterfly." As Marvalo walked behind Harry, he saw him laughing and greeting almost every person that walked down the street. Even the bartender, who looked very familiar for some reason, was given a greeting. One to which the sour-looking man looked eager to return.


Harry was walking out of the pub after several stops of people asking Harry about his well-being and IGNORING HIM . The Dark Lord His mouth turned into a frown as he grabbed onto Harry's hand jerkily. These people were supposed to know who he was, and if he had to interact with the peasants to get his way, then so be it. He was not above being petty about Harry, it seemed. 


Harry's hand tightened around his own briefly, and he smiled down at him as Harry looked up at him. He pulls Harry closer, letting his hand go in favor of grabbing his waist and pulling him close.


"You are to introduce me as your courter if you please.” he took a breath trying to calm his anger "I am not to be ignored, Harry, not by people you feel important enough to associate with," Marvalo says imperiously.


"Yes sir," Harry scoffs. But Marvalo finds he likes those words very much coming from Harry's mouth. He thinks a lot of things would sound good coming out of Harry's mouth. He does not voice the thought, but Harry smirks at him knowingly anyway. Marvalo is only somewhat unnerved and slightly turned on. 


He clears his throat, and they resume their walk towards wherever they are planning on going. Harry walks in measured steps like he knows what he's doing so Marvalo knows there is a plan now. He is not let in on the plan as they walk in silence. As Harry moves closer to Marvalo, his scarf is wrapped around Harry's neck, and Marvalo's face is blank but he feels oddly warm.


This time he is introduced, they know him, and they look at him with only a minute of apprehension. He has a reputation to keep so he nods and smirks in the appropriate moments. He is barely paying attention until Harry is dragging his feet towards a boy that looks equally excited to see Harry. Ah, the fabled friend.


Harry's hand is let go as he rushes forward into the waiting arms of the tall, dark-skinned boy. They both hug and talk excitedly as they catch up on every event that has happened apparently.


This gives Marvalo time to observe him. The boys' features are familiar. He remembers most people he deems appropriate to associate with and can remember their names clearly. His eyes are honey brown, and they are bright and seem to contrast with the deep black of his hair. His right eyebrow seems a little shaved. His clothes are grey and neutral colors, which seem to be the high-quality material that Harry is also wearing.


"Zabini" Marvalo mumbles in exasperation. Of course, Harry is friends with the boy whose mother he has yet to recruit. The Black Widow is infamous for her kills yet known for her getaways.


Harry stares at Zabini accusingly before shaking his head. The boy's back straightens from the slouch he had been using to speak to Harry and his face closes off.


"What business?" Blaise says, straight-faced.


"None other than the happiness of my darling," Marvalo says with a smirk as his head gestures to Harry, who goes very red in the face. And saying that seems very worth it to Marvalo who loves watching Harry's face go that exact color.


Pretty is a word that comes to mind. He smiles softly at Harry and reaches for him with a small motion that Zabbinis eyes latch onto instantly. Harry is glued to his side in seconds and Marvalo is surprised by the pleasing look that appears on Zabbins face for just a moment.


Before he can stop himself he looks down, letting down his guard, to look at Harry who is as always smiling up at him. And Marvalo thinks that it was worth it, coming here and milling about among these people that are clearly beneath them is ridiculous. But at that moment it’s all worth it for the happiness that lights up Harry’s face.





Blaise is grinning so hard he feels like his face is going to go numb. Harry is here. He missed Harry so very much. He’s already hugging Harry as tightly as he can manage, and he does not plan to let go anytime soon.


So Harry had leaped into his arms, so he was now slightly off the ground, which was okay because he was barely heavy for Blaise. But they're hugging so tightly that Blaise can feel the air getting stuck in his lungs. His eyes are sparkling and he's too excited to even start a sentence.


This is exactly what Harry does after he's on his feet again. He's telling Blaise about the past few weeks, about Sirius and the Black Lordship. It's not unusual for Harry to talk in rants, but he does it very rarely. Blaise is nodding and humming in the right places, but his mind is still on the fact that THE DARK LORD IS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. 


They agreed in the first year that they would be able to talk about anything. So Blaise asks him questions about how it's going and what he's going to do with the money now that he has it. Harry, it seems, can hardly believe he has so much, let alone start to spend it.


Blaise tells him about his mother and her new husband, Jerald, or something like that. He had made a face when his mother had asked his opinion, and she had given a shark-like grin. He shivered just thinking about it. Sometimes in his nightmares, he wondered when his mother would decide she needed a new heir too. But that thought was quickly forced to the back of his mind.


As he speaks to Harry, he can almost feel the dark lord's analyzing gaze as he tries to mostly ignore the dark wizard for now.


Until he hears the small murmur of "zabini". Now he's instantly on guard and he's glancing at Harry only for him to shake his head. The Dark lord recognized him on his own. Shit. 


"What business?" he asks instead of what he really wants to know. How does he know? What gave it away? 


"None other than the happiness of my darling", says the man right back. In Blaises' books, this is the most accurate thing to say, so he nods. Harry is bright red in the face as if he cannot believe that the words have come out of Marvalos' mouth.


The man's hands make a small gesture, and Blaise is instantly on guard again. Perhaps wandless magic? No, he thinks as Harry moves towards Marvalo and against his side. They both glance at each other, and Blaise has never felt the urge to coo and vomit simultaneously. 


"So Hazza, introduce me if you will," Blaise says in his most sugary sweet voice, as Harry gives him a withering glare. one that clearly means " knock it off." Blaise gives his sweetest smile back.


“This”, Harry says, looking at the man next to him, "is Marvalo Slytherin." My courter " 


"Pleasure," Blaise says, imitating his mother's shark-like grin.


"And this Marvalo is Blaise Zabini." My best friend and a constant annoyance. " 


"Yes, I recall, from your long complaints," Marvalo says with a smirk, "pleasure is all mine, I assure you." 


The air feels stiller than usual as they glance at each other. Blaise wants to deck him in the face for no reason at all.


Harry says as he glances at his watch. "Now let's get a move on, shall we? We don't have all day."