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Throughout the entire case, both McGee and Ziva noticed Tony acting very strangely. Tony was quiet, and if anyone knew Tony, they knew the Very Special Agent was never quiet. Every time DiNozzo had the opportunity to poke fun at McGee or Ziva, DiNozzo never seized the opportunity. Neither McGee nor Ziva knew what to do. Perhaps Tony was sick? Did something happen to DiNozzo?

Their concerns led them to led them to one of the only two people who could help them understand the mystery behind DiNozzo. Their first choice was out of the question; Gibbs would throw them out of the building if they asked him if he noticed anything strange about their bombastic team member. Which is how Ziva and McGee found themselves in the elevator heading down to forensics.

Abby was still working on the evidence for the case. Her music was blasting, and she was dancing in place in front of her favorite piece of machinery, Major Mass Spec as she dubbed the machine. There was a Caf-Pow sitting by her computer signifying that Gibbs had stopped by recently. The energetic goth never noticed that she was no longer alone in her lab. Ziva nodded her head toward McGee, and the young agent took the initiative to turn off Abby’s stereo.

As soon as the music ceased, Abby whirred around to confront whoever was disturbing her groove. Her green eyes lit up when she spotted Ziva and McGee. “Oh it’s the two of you,” she spoke as she headed toward her computer to grab her Caf-Pow, “you just missed Gibbs. Let him know everything I have so far, which isn’t much to be honest.” She took a big gulp of her favorite drink.

McGee stole a quick glance at his partner before clearing his throat. “That’s not why we are here Abby,” he started to explain himself.

Abby tilted her head and raised a curious eyebrow. She loved playing investigator and solving puzzles. McGee was an easy puzzle for her to figure out. “What are you doing here then?” she wondered aloud.

Ziva took a step forward and decided to speak up. “We wanted to know if you have noticed anything strange with Tony.”

Placing her Caf-Pow back on her station, Abby chewed on her bottom lip. “Strange… what do you mean strange?” There was a lot Abby could say about Tony, but some things she was not ready to share at the moment.

McGee was the first to share his observations. “Tony is acting really weird. He is quiet. Did my report and Ziva’s. I’m pretty sure he came in early to work on an old case.”

“He’s not making jokes, even though McGee has given plenty of opportunity. He isn’t even trying to get Gibbs to give him his ‘atta boy’ like he usually does in cases,” Ziva added.

Abby listened to her friends and colleagues very carefully. “Is there anything else?” the goth wondered. It did not sound like her usual rock named Tony, but it was not super strange.

“He’s going to the bathroom way more often,” Ziva was quick to share. She just now realized how often her partner was sneaking off to ‘hit the head’ as he liked to call it.

Enthused by his teammate’s response, McGee added, “I don’t think he is eating as much either.” Maybe Tony was sick. The last time he ate so little, he had the Plague.

There was so much Abby was curious about when it came to Tony. As much as Tony loved to talk, he never really discussed the things that mattered most to him. He was much like Gibbs in that regard. Like Abby had said, she loved to solve puzzles, which is why she got into the field of forensics. So she became a silent observer to dear friend. She watched for any little tell that would clue her in on the real DiNozzo that hid under the mask he cloaked himself in. Whenever Tony was with Gibbs, Abby always spotted a crack in Tony’s disguise. It led her to question what was really going on between her two favorite team members. Maybe there was something more to Tony and Gibbs, but for whatever reason the two would not share it with the others. Abby was not sure, but she was not going to give up until she had the answers.

In response to her friends’ concern, the goth shrugged her shoulders and internalized her true wonderings. “Maybe Tony has the flu or something,” Abby offered an answer, “I don’t know if it’s anything serious.” If there was something going on between Gibbs and Tony, then Abby was not going to send the bloodhounds before either one of the men were ready for the chase.

McGee and Ziva turned to face one another. There was a bit of disappointment, but neither one of them planned to give up until they figured what was wrong with their teammate. “He did try calling a doctor’s office today, but they were out to lunch. Maybe he is sick,” the ex Mossad agent thought aloud.

“Maybe,” McGee responded, “if we find out anything, we’ll let you know.” They needed to get back to the bullpen anyways before Gibbs realized they were gone.

Their case was solved at last. Their missing witness, Petty Officer Jerry Niesler was in safe hands. They uncovered Matthew’s Grey plan to avenge his sister, and now he was in jail for tampering with a federal case. Thank all those who could hear that Jerry Niesler was out of their hair. That Pettty Officer was most annoying, as Ziva would describe him. His psycho analysis of the team was unnecessary and completely untrue. His words about them were irrelevant though, because he was now in their past. Their case was solved, and a little bit of celebration was in order.

“Who is up for some drinks?” Ziva asked the team as they finished the reports.

McGee looked up from his computer and smiled. “I’m in!” They needed to spend more time together outside of work. It would be good for their overall moral and cooperativeness.

Ziva then turned to the Senior Field Agent. “Tony, will you be joining us?” she asked her partner.

Still unusually quiet, Tony glanced at their boss before the Italian American shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t see why not,” he agreed to the offer.

Feeling confident and high on a job well done, McGee turned to their boss. “You going to join us too boss?” the young agent wondered.

It was surprising that it appeared that Gibbs was leaning toward joining the rest of the team for a night out to celebrate. Before Gibbs could verbally give his answer, DiNozzo’s phone rang. With questioning eyes, Tony stared at his phone before answering. “DiNozzo.”

The rest of the team was silent as they listened in on his conversation. “Do you have the results of my test?” Tony asked the caller on the phone. He listened, and his eyes widened at what he heard. “Are you sure?” he then asked for confirmation.

It was frustrating to not know who or what Tony was talking about through the phone. Ziva especially wanted to know what was going on with DiNozzo.

The surprise on Tony’s face washed away to a strange stoic. There was no emotion on his face as he said his goodbyes on the phone before hanging up. His green eyes stared at the phone while he processed the news he just received.

Never one to respect boundaries, Ziva got up from her desk and moved to stand in front of DiNozzo. “Is everything alright Tony?” she asked in concern. There was no denying that she cared about her partner. He was her friend, and they would always have each other’s backs.

Finally, green eyes looked up at the others. His eyes briefly glanced at the members of his team before landing on his boss. “I’m pregnant,” he admitted aloud.

He did not care to witness the others respond to the news because there was only one person’s reaction that mattered to him.