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It seemed like in no time the holidays were around the corner. Thanksgiving was only a week and a half away. Tony could barely contain his excitement. It was safe to say that the carrier was excited for the holidays this year. After all, this was Jason’s first Thanksgiving. The green eyed carrier wanted everything perfect for the upcoming festivities.

“Think we should invite the team over?” Tony asked as he ate his breakfast.

Sitting across from the carrier was his lover. Jason was still upstairs, sound asleep. The lovers planned to enjoy their time alone together before Jason monopolized their time. For once the two of them were able to sit down and eat their breakfast without any interruptions.

Jethro took a bite of his omelet before responding, “No.”

Green eyes blinked in response. Leave it Jethro to give such a long winded response. “Why not?” the carrier near whined, “It’s Jason’s first Thanksgiving. Maybe we can get Ducky to do the turkey like when we all went to his place. I can make pie. You can do the potatoes. We can get Tim, Ziva, and Abby to all bring sides.”

Ice blue eyes stared down at the carrier. “We already have plans Tony,” Jethro continued to give vague answers.

There was a puzzled expression on the carrier’s face. “We do?” Tony wondered, “Since when? And with who?”

Before Gibbs could open his mouth and explain anything, Jason’s cries could be heard. “I’ll go get him,” Jethro spoke, “you finish your breakfast before he is ready for his.”

Tony was not going to turn down the free pass to changing his son’s dirty diaper. “Ok,” Tony muttered before digging back into his breakfast.

When Jethro was up the stairs, Tony’s mind returned to their earlier conversation. Did Jethro admit to planning their son’s first Thanksgiving without him… Jason’s mother. Tony was not sure if he should feel flattered or offended.

As soon as he was done with his breakfast, Jethro was coming down the stairs with a talkative Jason in his arms. Jason was not speaking real words yet, but it was only a matter of time. Tony was certain to get Jason to say ‘Mama’ as his first word. Of course, Jethro was secretly training his son the word ‘Dada’, but the former Marine would be just as happy if Tony won this fight.

Tony took his son from Jethro, and he headed back toward the stairs to get them both ready. “Go ahead and finish breakfast. I got this from here,” Tony spoke before heading back up to his son’s room.

Jethro could hear Tony talking to their son up the stairs. “You hungry little man? Can you say Mama for me, and I’ll not complain when you chomp down? Go on, say ‘Mama’.” The former Marine shook his head at his lover antics.

For the next few days, Tony completely forgot about the breakfast conversation he and Gibbs shared. It was not until Ducky invited the team to his home for the Scotts’ annual Thanksgiving soiree. Of course Ducky invited Tony, Gibbs, and Jason, but Gibbs declined the offer for himself and his family.

“Sorry, Duck, can’t make it this year,” Jethro commented as he handed his friend back the invitation.

“Do you already have plans Jethro?” Ducky questioned.

Getting to his feet, Gibbs reached for his empty coffee cup, which he tossed into the trash. “We do.” Gibbs was still not going to reveal anything about his secret plans.

Tony’s green eyes narrowed at his boss and lover. Chewing on his bottom lip, the carrier pondered, “You ever going to let me know about these plans of yours?”

Of course Gibbs did not answer. Instead, he headed toward the elevator for a much needed refill for his coffee. He was planning on surprising his family, and nothing was going to ruin the surprise.

Sighing, Tony lowered his head in exasperation. He loved Jethro more than anything, but Gibbs’ need to keep things close to the chest was still unbelievably frustrating. Still, they were compromising, and Tony was going to suck it up and enjoy the surprise in the end.

McGee moved closer to the carrier’s desk. “Wait, you don’t know what you are doing for the holiday?” the younger agent was surprised by this fact.

The only way to describe the look on the carrier’s face was bitchy. “Obviously, McObvious! Or else I wouldn’t be asking Gibbs, would I?” The sarcasm was thick in the carrier’s tone.

Ziva leaned back in her chair as she agent the agent across from her. “Maybe Gibbs is going to propose,” she mused aloud.

Green eyes turned to the deadly female agent and rolled in response. “I don’t know why you are so obsessed with us getting married Zi-va,” Tony purposefully over pronouncing her name just to annoy her.

The former Mossad officer smiled and raised her hands in defeat. “It’s not me that’s so obsessed,” she responded with amusement in her tone.

“That would be Abby,” McGee finished for his female teammate.

Ziva nodded her head. “I believe she has planned out your entire wedding.”

Tony raised an eyebrow, and his face was concerned. There was nothing more terrifying than an obsessed Abby with a mission. It was actually sweet of Tim and Ziva to keep Abby’s enthusiasm reach the small family of three. “Thanks for that,” Tony said in all honesty.

The MCRT were currently doing threat assessments, which made the work days long and tedious. Each one of the agents would much rather be working a case than the endless amount of paper work they were currently sifting through. The one benefit to not working an active case though were the hours. The team arrived at work at a normal hour, and they left the Navy Yard at a decent hour.

Two days after Ducky formally invited the team to Thanksgiving dinner, Gibbs sent the team home early. Tony, Ziva, and Tim were surprised by Gibbs’ order. It was only four in the afternoon; Gibbs never let them out that early. Tim and Ziva shared a look with one another before they quickly gathered their belongings and headed home.

The green eyed carrier turned to his boss and lover. “Boss?”

Gibbs’ ice blue eyes turned to his lover. “Go get Jason from daycare. I should be finished up when you get back,” Gibbs stated in a soft voice.

Feeling as though something was up, Tony swallowed his complaints and followed orders. He headed to the elevator; it was not a hardship to pick up Jason. Tony was always excited to pick up his son and spend time with him. From the moment Tony learned he was pregnant, he swore he was not going to turn out like his father. Tony did not feel like he was tooting his own horn by thinking he was a great parent to his son.

After picking up Jason, Jethro drove his family home. When they entered the house though, something was off. Tony took a deep inhale, and he recognized the scent of home cooking. “Jethro?” Tony questioned in a whisper.

His question was answered a moment later. “About time the two of you got home!” came the deep voice belonging only to a Gibbs.

Jackson Gibbs stepped through the kitchen doorway wearing a red checkered apron that Tony bought Jethro as a joke a year ago. There was a smile on the elder Gibbs’ face. Which was the exact opposite of the carrier. Tony had a shocked expression on his dashing face, and Jethro was completely amused by his lover’s reaction.

“Jackson,” Tony uttered in surprise, “I didn’t know you were coming.” Tony shifted his stance as he adjusted the car carrier in his grip. The carrier suddenly felt guilty for never taking the time to introduce Jackson Gibbs to his newest grandchild; the elder Gibbs was certainly in for a surprise.

The elder Gibbs wiped his hands on the apron before stepping closer to his son. “I assume Leroy wanted to surprise you for the holiday,” Jackson surmised as his eyes trained onto the car seat in the carrier’s hands. “Now, let me see me my grandson.”

Tony moved to place the car seat on the coffee table in the living room. “He is asleep since he didn’t take a nap at daycare. Only person I know who can sleep through Jethro’s driving,” Tony explained as he stepped away from his son, putting him in his grandfather’s view.

There was a look of awe on Jackson’s face as he finally gazed upon his grandson for the very first time. “He’s beautiful,” the senior male commented with a smile on his face, “certainly has the Gibbs family genes.”

There was a proud look on Jethro’s face; he had been waiting a long time for this moment. Meanwhile, the carrier was still so confused. A failure on his part, Tony never informed Jackson about Jason. “Wait, you know about Jason?” How did Jackson know?

Jackson’s dark eyes turned to his son. “Leroy told me. Would send me pictures of Jason and updates whenever we talked,” the older Gibbs explained.

Green eyes turned to his lover with exasperated eyes. “Did he now?” Tony responded in slight annoyance, “would have been nice if he told me that.” At least now Tony could let go of the guilt of not keeping Jackson in the loop.

Jethro turned his head to his lover and replied in an equally unamused tone, “Well we weren’t exactly talking and sharing everything for a while there.” Gibbs did not want to dwell on that time; they both agreed to move on and focus on their future.

Of course at that moment, Jason’s blue eyes, which matched his father’s, blinked open. He let out an unhappy wail as his arms reached out for someone to hold him. Tony immediately answered his son’s request and pulled his son out of the car seat. Turning to Jackson, whose eyes were still focused on Jason, Tony wondered, “Do you want to hold him?”

“Please,” Jackson responded as he took Jason from his mother.

In all honesty, Jackson never thought he would have another grandchild after the tragedy that befell Kelly and Shannon. Even though his son remarried three times, none of them had seemed to really matter to Leroy. Unlike Tony, who actually understood the enigmatic ways of Leroy and accepted his son for all his flaws and quirks. When Jackson first met Tony back in Stillwater, the older man understood the carrier was someone important to his son. When he handed the Challenger keys to Leroy, Jackson questioned Leroy’s relationship with the carrier. A father always knew, and Leroy did not lie to him; he confessed to being in a relationship with Tony. It made Jackson happy to know there was someone special in his son’s life. And to think, a grandson was created out of the love. Jackson could not wait to spoil his grandson.

“Are you here for the holiday?” Tony wondered as took off his jacket.

Jackson nodded his head in confirmation. “I am more than happy to cook a Thanksgiving feast for us,” the older man explained.

“Thank you, but you don’t have to do that,” Tony replied.

“Nonsense,” Jackson responded, “You two are still working. And I don’t expect either one of you know how to make a proper Thanksgiving dinner.”

Well, Jackson were right on both accounts. “I’m glad you’re here,” Tony stated honestly.

There was such warmth in Jackson Gibbs’ eyes. “Me too. Dinner should be ready. How about we move this to the kitchen.”

When they were all seated and eating dinner, Tony took a moment to turn to his lover. “This the surprise you’ve been planning?” Tony asked in a low voice.

Jethro nodded his head and reached for his lover’s hand. “It’s Jason’s first Thanksgiving after all. Had to make it a special one.”

The smile on Tony’s face was absolutely breathtaking, and it reminded Jethro why he fell in love with the carrier in the first place. “I love you,” Tony stated.

There was an equally breathtaking smile on the former Marine’s lips. “Love you too.”

Jackson sat back down at the table and raised his glass to toast. “To family. May we be together for all the good, the bad, and the ugly because nothing is stronger than the bonds of love and family.”

Both Tony and Jethro raised their glasses and toasted in merriment. Tony could not believe where life has taken him. He and Jethro created a beautiful life and were so happy. Never in a million years did the carrier think he would ever settle down, but Jethro was his happily ever after. Maybe one day they would make it official with rings and new last names, or maybe they never risk changing the perfect moment. The truth was that Tony did not care how his future went, so long as he and Jethro were raising Jason together.