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Subtlety and the games we play

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It was so subtle I almost missed it.

As I look back, I should have been more observant. The more I indulge the more I question it. When did it start? Probably before they had even met. The mere knowledge of each other fed the thirst of curiosity and fascination.

I recall my sisters fascination with the young muggleborn the evening she tortured her, practically curled around the leath young body of the girl screaming below her. I knew even then it was an act. If there were two things I could be certain when it came to my sister Bellatrix it was that she was no killer and she was not crazy. She was just a bloody good double agent.

It was at andromeda’s house party I think they really bonded with each other. It was the first time Bellatrix entered public after she had been pardoned and entered seclusion at Black manor by her own choice. She had barely left the house in the first four months that she had real freedom. She reluctantly let me visit of course. I was shocked the morning she actually summoned me in the floo. I responded immediately of course mainly in concern.

She held the Letter in front of me. A small scrumpled piece of paper with four words scrolled in the same handwriting I had not seen in years. Our middle sister had reached out to Bella with a simple request.

It’s Time to Talk

The first time was in neutral place. Of all the places, I have no Idea why Grimmauld place was the agreement. Bella sat staring at the floor in the over squishy sofa in the front room of the residence. I sat to her left, her only current Ally in the room. An expressionless Andromeda Stared across the room. The potter boy to her left, and the muggle born on the right Holding my great nephew. The only sound was the ever so slight rattle of the teacup and saucer of bella’s beverage as she tried so hard to contain her composure.

A Simple “leave us” was commanded by Andy, A stern stare given when I hesitated to leave. We all stood in anxiousness outside a warded door never to know what had been discussed in the room that day.

It was a few weeks later that the summoning invitations to dinner with Andy came. I was genuinely surprised to know Bella had come of course. She didn’t look too pleased. She never had been a fan of the weasleys. Despite her past life being pretty much a fiasco. Bella had always been one to keep to herself. She was private and liked her solitude so a robustious large family like the Weasleys being present in a small area would be enough to send Bellatrix home.

At Least Andromeda had the sense not to sit Bella next to a weasley at dinner. I was very surprised at her sitting her with the muggleborn. And judging by the faces so did the two occupants who currently worked very hard not to look at each other .

Of course something had changed that night, Perhaps the generic forced conversation at the table. Perhaps both occupants both stepping outside when the noise became too much and they happened to end up on the same garden bench under a milky moonlit sky.

My curiosity tugged when I first noticed Miss Granger leaving Black manor on a rare occasion I had popped in unannounced. Bella rubbed it off that part of the girls therapy was facing her demons.
This excuse seemed weaker on each occasion I seemed to find Bella more often in contact with the muggleborn. Various excuses to justify these odd occurrences being together.

My suspicions began to grow on the occasion of Potters birthday party. Ronald Weasley's toast to his Friend on his birthday.

His speech seemed unnecessary. But that was hardly unexpected from the youngest male weasley. He had always strived for self importance, his speech being no different, simply to feed his own ego. It was as he sat down it occured to me. His overuse of intimate touching towards the granger girl. It was almost possessive., Clearly a development had happened recently in their relationship. It would seem I was not the only one to notice. I could practically see the daggers spitting out of Bella's Eyes as she scowled in disgust at the display of grotesque affection being forced in front of her. She topped up her wine glass before sliding briskly from her chair, No one appeared to have noticed as she left the room. Most likely heading upstairs for a space of her own. Andromeda looked at me. A look that she had also noticed. I was about to move myself when I felt my middle sisters arm on my own stopping me from leaving.

It would appear someone had already beaten me to it as we watched Miss granger also excused herself from the table, stepping out the door and looking up the staircase clearly on a mission to seek out Bella.

My suspicions were clarified on the Evening of the Hogwarts Yule ball. As a Hefty donator to the upkeep of the school It would be rude of me to refuse such an invitation. Bella reluctantly joined as my guest. Her curiosity and nostaligia clawing her back to our childhood school. Some happier memories perhaps to pull her out of her Reclusive behaviour.

It was quite by accident, I stumbled upon them. I was in need of touchin up my makeup. I remembered the closest bathroom on the Second floor. Yes it was haunted but a teenage ghoul was nothing I couldn’t handle. The telltale moaning as I approached the doorway alerted me to the Infamous ‘moaning Myrtle’ was occupying the girls bathroom.
It was quite a shock as I stepped through the door to infact see the actual moaning was not from a ghost but was in fact the infamous muggleborn from the golden trio. The young woman was currently backed up and perched on a sink, Eyes closed shut as her moans of pleasure echoed around the room. And there clutched between her thighs was the dark Entity of my sister, Muttering through gritted teeth into her ear.
They had clearly not noticed my presence as they had not registered my gasp as I witnessed them from the doorway. I stood back in the shadow of the entrance . Grateful they had not yet noticed. My eyes focused on my sisters left hand pumping so fast between the brunettes dangling leg as I realised the depth of what I had stumbled upon.
I didn't need to see anymore. My reason to touch up my makeup forgotten as I processed what I had just seen. My sister and the Muggle born in the middle of their Sapphic Copulation.

After all this time it was like a slap in the face as I processed months of looks and touches, chance meetings. And of course how it could have developed. I confronted my sister after a few days. Giving me a rather bored look as I Spouted out my concerns.

“If your quite finished with your ranting Cissy, I do have somewhere to be”

I stared gobsmacked as she stood up grabbing a cloak and covering her corset dress.
“I’m not finished Bella! If . . Where are you going?!” I frowned as she reached for her wand, walking away from me.

Bella looked at me head bending slightly as she smirked with a knowing look. And I felt her whisper in my mind as she disapparated from the room As if you need to ask Cissy

A growl of frustration I apparated myself to my other sister. Knowing Icouldn’t trust anyone else to confide in. Andy Sat in silence as I ranted the same conversation I had just had with our eldest sister. I couldn’t stop pacing back and forth of the fluffy carpet. The words spluttering out one by one in frustration.
“And she just took off without even answering me! And then . . Why are you not saying anything?”
I noticed my sister avoiding my eye as I looked at her. Crossing my arms and waiting for an answer.

Realisation dawned on me. And I called her out “You Knew” I was annoyed. More so because it felt like childhood again, everyone in the Know except me, always the last to be informed.

“How could you not tell me?”

“It wasn't my story to tell. And no one else knows before you try that argument. Well I have an inkling George weasley knows, He and Hermione are very close.”

“”But she’s with the young weasley boy”
Andy scoffed “ I doubt for long, she stays for pity I think it’ll izzle out, she will leave him sooner or later”

“How can you be ok with this?”
Andy looked at me. As if it was the most obvious reason in the world.
“Because it makes them happy.”