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Wake up and dream once more: Part II

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James comes to the capital city because his father wants him to make something of yourself.

Instead, he falls in love with a prince.

His father thinks he's wasting his life.

The prince corners him against the wall and kisses him. And James cherishes his wasted life.


The king is dying. James can see the knowledge growing closer and closer in Quade's eyes.

Duty calls and Quade wants to run.

Quade wants to run and James would follow him to the ends of the earth.


The prince wants to run and James doesn't want the blood of a kingdom on his hands.


He can see it coming. He can see the day the prince will break. His wasted life. If it was ever worth anything, it is this.


He kisses his prince. It is the last time. It is the green eyes James will remember later. Like sunlight on green leaves. He will never forget.

Even if it is easier to let go.

He wants to know that once his life was worth something. That a prince staked a whole kingdom on his heart.

He remembers green eyes and lets his heart break to save a kingdom.


The king finds him under a burning castle fighting for his life. James knows it's not a dream. He has never, in all of his dreams, imagined those eyes filled with tears.

He wins.

The king smiles and James looks for the prince he sacrificed for this kingdom all those years ago.


They fight a war together. James watches death reign around him and laughs. This is the kingdom he saved. The king looks at him and the crown upon his brow is splattered with blood. This is the kingdom they saved.


Like sunlight through green leaves. They fade and James finds the archer and destroys him. They burn their king in a pyre built sky high and James watches the flames and sees the rest of his life turn in to ash.


They lose the war. James watches with dry eyes as the conqueror sits on the throne and claims the world as his'.

They take his sword and put him in chains. Rebel, they call him. All those that pledged to the conqueror after the war.

He sees crumbling castles in flames and men screaming and dying and when death comes, it comes as mercy.

His wasted life.

Sunlight through green leaves. Quade smiles at him and James finds the prince he lost so long ago.


The End.