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Crushing Rock

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All Might stood in his weakened form and wiped disgusting blood from his chin. "I'm sorry kid, but without a Quirk you can't be a hero. Being a hero is a dangerous job, and heroes can get hurt without the right Quirk. If you want to help people you can be an EMT or a Firefighter."

Izuku was crushed by his idol's words. 'There is a way for you to get a Quirk, just do a swan dive off of a rooftop and hope for one in the next life.' his bully's words echoed in his ears. 'useless Deku!' 'you aren't worth the space you take up' 'gonna cry, you Quirkless baby?'

All Might watched with pity as a lone tear streaked down the boy's face. Suddenly, Izuku took off towards the edge with a sprint and jumped, feeling like a powerful angel, no, a hero as he flew through the air, even if it was only for a second, because he wasn't a hero, and he wasn't an angel, he was sub human. He was Quirkless, and the pavement was fast approaching.

All Might stood in shock as he heard the sickening smack of the boy hitting the concrete beneath them and the screams from below, but was even more sickened by the fact that his body didn't move before his mind as it always had before. That was how All Might the coward saw how far he had fallen from the hero he still told the world he was.


Bakugo hated walking.

To be fair, Bakugo hated a lot of things, but he hated walking because it was the opposite of who he was. Walking was slow and methodical. Bakugo was fast and bombastic. Walking was ordinary and boring, Bakugo was extraordinary and exciting. Walking depended on the people in your way cooperating, and Bakugo didn't need anyone. That was the base of a lot of his life. He didn't need his shitty school, he didn't need his mother coddling him, in her own way, and he sure as HELL didn't need that damn Deku.

How dare that Deku try to get into UA? How dare he think he'd be anything more than a stuttering nerd who could do nothing but watch as Bakugo rose? Why couldn't he just accept that he was nothing more than the dirt beneath his feet!

Bakugo was brought out of his mad ramblings when his path was blocked by some extras crowding around something on the sidewalk. "Get the fuck out of the way!" He shouted at the rubberneckers.

"Show some respect boy! We are protecting this young man until the ambulance arrives." A tall business man said, his pristine suit slightly wrinkled due to the speed at which he withdrew his cellphone.

It was then Bakugo looked past the tall man and saw an all too familiar crop of emerald green hair. "Deku? Get the fuck out of the way!" Bakugo said as he shoved people out of his way.

"Kacchan? I-I took your a-advice. What do you think my Quirk will be?" Izuku asked deliriously, his breathing ragged and blood leaking out of his mouth and pooling from his head.

"Shut the fuck up, you dumbass! Why the hell did you do this!" Bakugo shouted, unaware whether he was angry, guilty, or sad.

"W-What else could I do? You can't be a hero without a Quirk, right?" Izuku said, his eyes glazing over.

Suddenly, a short old woman with a syringe for a cane pushed her way to the front of the crowd and laid her hands on Izuku.

"Now hold still, Sonny. This will make you go to sleep for a bit." Recovery Girl said as she used her quirk on the young boy without one.

Not long after Izuku passed out, the EMTs arrived and put him in their large transport vehicle before racing off to a the nearest hospital while Bakugo watched in traumatized silence. He had done this. He might have KILLED Izuku Midoriya because of a silly thing like a quirk. "I really am a villain." He muttered only to get a tap on his arm from the elderly hero.

"Sonny? Would you mind walking me home? It gets so dangerous out here at night and I'm afraid that I'm usually almost home by now." She said, smiling sweetly up at him.

"I-I guess." The young man said, blinking tears out of his eyes.

"He is your friend, isn't he?" She asked as they began walking towards her home.

"No." Bakugo said shortly. No matter how much Izuku tried, he hasn't been his friend since the day he got his Quirk.

"But you seem to care about him a good deal. What is he like?" Recovery Girl asked, trying to help Bakugo recover from his recent trauma.

"Dek- Izuku is… determined. Sometimes too determined for his own good. He's Quirkless and that has made him a target for bullies growing up. He is very soft spoken and smart, I guess. He wants to be a hero." Bakugo said, omitting who the bullies were exactly.

"Sounds like you know a lot about someone who isn't your friend. Are you sure you are okay, Dearie?" The honorary grandma of UA asked the young man who had tears building in his eyes.

"Fine." Bakugo spat and immediately felt bad. This was a nice old lady who wanted to make sure he was mentally okay, and he was being an asshole like always. He really hated this aspect of his Quirk. Nitroglycerin has the effect of lowering heart rate, and his body countered that by producing a constant stream of adrenaline that made him, in short, an asshole. "I-I'm sorry. My Quirk makes me like this."

"Let me give you some advice, young man. Your Quirk negatively affecting your mind isn't your fault, but it is your responsibility. I suggest you focus on breathing before opening your mouth. Maybe then you'll keep your true friends and those around you won't jump off of rooftops. This is my stop, thanks for walking with me." She said, walking into a building and waving goodbye to him and leaving him alone with his thoughts.


All Might sat in his depowered state next to a hospital bed with his head hung low. What was his problem? Where was the hero he used to be? The man, no, the symbol who held the weight of the whole country on his shoulders with a brilliant smile on his face? At what point did he stop trying to be any more than a husk of his previous state? How could he even call himself a hero after his actions that fateful day? He was a man who was born Quirkless and he told a promising young man he couldn't follow in his footsteps due to the same affliction. What would Nana think of him now? 'I really am pathetic, aren't I?'

"Uh, hello. Are you the patient's father?" A nurse asked as she came in to check on the poor young man.

"N-No. I'm just visiting him. Has his parents been contacted?" Yagi asked, looking at the child he failed.

"We called his mother, her contact was an emergency contact in his phone, but she didn't pick up. Do you happen to have a way to contact anyone else? His father maybe?" The nurse asked as she checked the various machines and noted information down on her pad of paper.

"He never mentioned a father, sorry." He said, not completely lying.

"We'll have to try his mother again. Unfortunately, visiting hours are over. You can come back at eight, but I doubt there will be any change. With any luck, he didn't iskai and is just unconscious. Sometimes iskais get… rough." The nurse said, referring to the rare phenomenon that happened occasionally with coma patients. Some iskais we're worse than others, and all of them had an effect of time dilation, but aside from that little was known about them, to the point that an entire facility at I-island was devoted to understanding them.

Yagi simply nodded and left, giving one last sorrowful look at the boy he failed.


When Inko heard what happened to her baby boy, she practically defied physics to get to the hospital. She didn't leave his side for several days, but was eventually made to leave when Izuku did not wake up and went into critical condition.

When told she could no longer sit in the hospital room with Izuku, she began camping out in the waiting room, only making short trips home as she was desperate for news about her son.

Inko went through several boxes of tissues and knew the names of all of the receptionists after Izuku was one week into his coma, and it was then that she called his doctor, a number one of the nice receptionists had given her.

She called the doctor and he still seemed busy in her son's room. "Doctor Yuue? I was wondering when I could visit my Izu? I-" Inko's voice broke as she choked back a sob. She couldn't believe it when she heard that her son had attempted suicide and immediately blamed herself. Was there nothing she could have done to make him feel better? Where had she gone wrong? "I-I brought some things from home for him. His favorite blanket, his notebooks, his figuri- *sob* his figurines. I-I know you're trying, but please. I need to see my boy."

"I'm afraid you cannot visit quite yet, Mrs. Midoriya. We are now one week into your son's coma, and he shows no sign of waking up. The chances of him being in an iskai of some sort aren't high, but it is a possibility. I swear I am trying everything I can to wake him up, but these things are uncertain and take time." The doctor said, feeling bad for giving the sweet woman bad news.

Suddenly, the nurse let out a gasp as the machines hooked to the young man's body spiked. "Doctor? You might want to take a look at this!" She said, stepping out of the way for him.

Izuku sat up, his eyes flying open. "Where the hell am I? Hospital? How long have I been gone?"

"Y-Young Man, please take it easy, you have had a hard time. Your body is healed but your mind could be disjointed." The doctor said, holding his hand up to try and stop the reawakened boy.

"What year! How long has passed here?" Izuku growled, his patience waning before he drew a deep breath. "My apologies, doctor. I will try harder to keep my temper in check. I have made a… let's call it an unplanned visit to an alternative world. Please tell me how long I was in a coma and what has become of my mother." He said, his voice steady and self assured, the marks of maturity.

"So you iskaied then? Um, you have been in a coma for only a week. How long has passed for you?" The doctor said, helping to unhook the young man for fear he'd do it himself.

"Seven years. I should be twenty two. I can't believe I'm going to have to go through puberty again." Izuku muttered as he got out of bed. "I assume my mother has been notified?"

"Yes. She hasn't left the hospital for more than an hour at a time. She hasn't been allowed in, but I believe she is in the waiting room, well, waiting." The doctor said, gesturing out the door. Normally, he wouldn't release a coma patient so soon, but iskais were… different. In all of his fifteen years, he had only seen one other Iskai patient and their's was only a few days in another world.

Izuku walked into the waiting room and wasted no time walking to his mother and pulling her into a hug. "You have no idea how much I've missed you, mom. We have a lot to talk about, I will explain everything, but let's go home first."

Inko nodded, and wrapped her arms around her son's own arm and walked with him to the parking lot, only for her beloved son to stiffen up as he saw a tall, thin man holding a small bouquet of flowers and also stiffening when he saw her son.

"Midoriya, I-" he began before being cut off by the man in a boy's body.

"Save it, your secret is safe." He interrupted, not having time for the man he used to idolize.

"That's not all I have to say. I was wrong to tell you that you couldn't be a hero. I was Quirkless when I was your age and I was given my Quirk, and I can do the same for you. Now," All Might powered himself up, alone in the parking lot with Izuku and his mother. "I can give you my power. You can be a hero."

Izuku was shaking, his temper that was legendary throughout his Master's dojo. "Excuse me? I know I can be a hero. I was a hero for five goddamn years and a student of the greatest men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing for seven. I know I can be a hero, but I do have one question for you." Izuku moved with speed that should never have been possible for a human without a Quirk and struck the hero in his secret weak point, collapsing him down and then kicking him to his back and planting his foot on his chest. "Do you really think I need your power?"

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All Might gasped and fell to his knees as he turned into his skinny form. 'How the hell did he move so fast?!' All Might looked at the boy with shock in his eyes.

"Like I said All Might, I don't need your fucking quirk…" Izuku took a deep breath and calmed himself. "All Might to you it may have been a week, but I had seven years to come to terms with who and what I am." Izuku knelt down and helped the man up to his feet.

"I am Izuku Midoriya, and I will be the first Quirkless hero of Japan. I will become the number one without a Quirk." He turned and walked back to his mother. "Let's go mom." Inko nodded and started walking with her son.

All Might sighed and looked down. 'The perfect successor and I made him hate me.' He said in his head.

"Oh and All Might." Izuku called back to him. "If you want to truly Apologize to me, find someone else who is quirkless and has a true heart. Train them and show that you have not forgotten what it means to be a hero." With that Izuku walked with his mother to the car and eventually went home.


Inko watched her son move around the house with a bittersweet smile on his young face that didn't match the age he held in his eyes.

"I've missed you, Mom. I've missed this apartment, hell I've even missed my school. I think I should tell you what I've been through over the last week. For me, it was seven years…"


Izuku woke up on a straw bed in a tiny room with a cool cloth on his head. He stood to his feet shakily and walked out to see two men fighting.

"Hey Old Man! The kid's awake!" The man with pale blue hair called throughout the building as he effortlessly tossed his orange haired sparring partner across the mat with minimal effort.

"GAROU! RESPECT MASTER BANG!" The younger opponent shouted before charging the man now identified as Garou and getting sent away with a minimal motion, the prodigy not even trying.

"If only you could make me, little Charanko." Garou said before looking at the kid. "What are you looking at, brat?"

"N-Nothing. S-Sorry." Izuku said quickly, averting his gaze from the master of God Fist of Monster Destruction.

"Tch, at least Charanko has enough spine to talk back. You can't let people walk all over you like that, dumbass." Garou said as he blocked yet another hit from the weaker student of Silver Fang.

Suddenly, an old man with his hands behind his hunched back strode into the room with careful, even steps.

"Oh, leave him be, Garou. He seems to have had a rough time. Do you remember your name, young man?" Bang asked him with a gentle tone.

"I-Izuku Midoriya, sir." Izuku stuttered. He didn't know this man, or where he was, or anything else.

"Then I welcome you to my dojo, Izuku Midoriya. My name is Bang. The insolent brat is Garou and the other one is Charanko. We found you on the steps outside. Where do you come from?"

Izuku then proceeded to tell them about himself, albeit relatively shyly until they deduced that he had Isekaied.

"Well, my boy, it seems that you'll have a bit of time to kill. You are welcome to stay here as long as you wish, my Dojo is open to you." The kind old man said before another entered the building with a heavy pot in his hands.

"Hello, brother. Saitama and Ms. Tornado wanted me to bring you some food, and they said something about how you never feed anyone here. Oh, do we have a new student?" Bomb said as he set the pot down and turned to Izuku.

"No, Midoriya here is a visitor from another universe. He was passed out on the stairs outside." Bang said, knowing Isekais happened from time to time.

"Tch, if you're going to stick around, you can at least clean stuff up. Mop's in the corner." Garou sneered as he jabbed his thumb towards the corner.

"W-What do you train here?" Izuku asked as he picked up the mop and began to clean the unoccupied parts of the mat.

"What do you think?" Garou said as he sat on the side and began drinking down his water that he had left at the edge of the mat.

"Martial Arts, my boy!" Bomb said as he stretched on the mat.

"C-Can you teach me something?" Izuku asked nervously before getting scrutiny from the three masters in front of him.

"Tell you what, brat. Learn both of those geezers' styles, and I'll show you something from mine. Now get back to work!" Garou snapped as he squared up against both the old men.


"And that's how I met masters Garou, Bang, and Bomb. I didn't meet Master Saitama until much later, and I can only replicate one of his moves, but that's usually not something I use unless I'm desperate. Too… destructive." Izuku explained while doing pushups. His weak body was straining under the effort by the time he hit his goal of one thousand, but he was too mentally strong to let that deter him.

"My poor baby! I wish I could have had some words with that Garou guy, I'd make him regret talking to my baby that way!" Inko cried as she heard what her son had gone through.

"Oh, he's just a tsundere. He acted so harsh and tough, but the first time I lost to a monster he almost deleted it from existence, and then said he's invested too much time into me to let me die like that. Big softie." Izuku grunted as he began doing crunches.

"DIE?" Inko cried before she blubbering about her poor baby.

"Mom, it's okay. After the things I fought there, I don't think anything here could kill me. The only downside is I was in the middle of the gender reveal party for Master Saitama's baby. It was a boy and I think they were naming him Shigeo. I shudder to think about how strong he'll be with his parentage." Izuku said before changing into shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

He walked out of the apartment and vaulted over the railing before catching himself on the bar and pulling himself back up. He wasn't strong enough yet to survive a three story fall.

He began jogging the mandatory ten kilometer run. Master Saitama was way too powerful to have gotten his strength from this regimen alone, but it was good for training.

When he was almost through with his run, however, he heard a loud commotion approaching him.


Shoka Aizawa's day was not a good one.

She began it by waking up and pounding down enough caffeine to power a coffee shop for a whole business day and then leaping out the window to begin her day fighting crime. The first one was spewing slime, so she'd have to shower soon, something she took no pleasure in, but she was starting to smell anyway. It wasn't that she had a bad sense of personal hygiene, she just didn't really care if she had no one around her.

As soon as she finished off the slime monster she was drawn to a crashing sound in the building next to her, only to see a rhino-esk man running out with an armload of jewelry.

"Bad move, buddy." She said as she flicked her trusty scarf out and wrapped it around the mutant type, only for him to take off running down the street, dragging her behind him.

"STOP!" She shouted as she smacked her ankle on a signpost, spraining it if not fracturing it for sure as pain exploded from her appendage. 'Kick his ass first, assess damage second.' she thought as she climbed her way up to the villain's back.

The area was clear, or so she thought when she saw a teenager jogging across the street before noticing them and stopping in the path, his stance set.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY, KID!" She shouted only for her blood to run cold as the villain laughed and sped up.

"I'll give you a choice, hero. Get off or the kid's a pancake." He said.

Not seeing a choice, Shoka was about to leap off the villain and pull him off his collision course, but looked back at the kid.

His stance wasn't locked in place, but seemed to be optimized for fast, fluid movements. That, accompanied by the serene, no, bored look on his face told her one thing: that kid didn't have an ounce of fear for the villain that was charging him. Even seasoned heroes would have at least a little fear, a small amount of apprehension, but not him. He looked like he might as well be waiting in line to buy a package of lobster at the grocery store during a sale.

Shoka's hesitation drew out until the villain was about to hit the kid, but then the kid moved.

The word 'moved' doesn't do justice to what the teenager did. He seemed to phase out of existence and reappear at the villain's throat, expertly flipping the villain's entire body so it would smack its back on the pavement, but also moved his hand in a precise chopping motion which sent a blade of air to sever the titanium weave scarf. As soon as she was free, the kid caught her and pulled her away from the sprawling villain a millisecond before she was crushed by him. All in the space of a half second.

Izuku gasped and spat up blood, his body having a hard time keeping up with his ability and momentarily reminded Shoka of her least favorite show off.

"Damn this adolescent body." He muttered, something he had more control over, but not something he grew out of. He gathered himself and held his hand out for the underground heroine to take hold of. As soon as she stood, she cried out and dropped, hissing in pain as she held her bad ankle.

"FUCKING SON OF A WHORE BITCH!" She shouted in pain before grimacing and collecting herself. "Sorry kid. Didn't mean for you to hear that."

"Is your ankle alright, Ms…" Izuku asked, ignoring the word she kept using to reference him. It was an understandable misunderstanding.

"Ai- Erasurehead." Shoka said, brushing her hair out of her face and holding her hand up to him for a handshake. Normally, she would have stood to talk to him, but she didn't really have much of a choice here.

"Dear Lord." Izuku said under his breath. With her hair out of her face, Izuku realized how attractive the dark haired woman was. She was well built and had a medium sized bust under her baggy hero costume, not to mention she was looking up at him with her dark eyes, which tinged her entire appearance with a cuteish vibe. Just looking at her soft lips made Izuku's mind go right in the gutter until he pulled it out with shear force of will. He did not miss teenage boy hormones.

"What did you say?" Shoka asked with a raised eyebrow.

"N-Nothing." 'Shit, I haven't stuttered it years! What's this woman doing to me!' "I was wondering about your injury. Do you have a place nearby where you can check it?" Izuku said, the professional hero catching him off guard with the way she looked, even with dark circles under her eyes and what looked like slime in her hair.

"I'll be fine, run along." She said, waving him off.

"I'm not leaving you in the middle of a street with a possibly broken ankle! Fuck it, will you come back with me to my mom's place?" Izuku asked in exasperation. For the first time since he met Master Saitama's sister in law and she was 'lookin for a good time.', Izuku was flustered because of a woman, but at least that time she was pressing herself against him. Maybe he just had a thing for black hair?

"........... Do you have coffee?"

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Shoka Aizawa had never been so embarrassed.

She was getting a piggyback ride from a teenager to their mom’s place. Worst thing about it though wasn’t the staring people or how Izuku’s hand rested on her thigh. It was the fact she was actually enjoying it. She was, obviously, not getting aroused by the fifteen year old, but she was enjoying being carried for the simple fact that it's awesome to be carried.

"We're almost there. Sorry about the whole carrying you thing, but I wasn't about to let a lady such as yourself walk around on an injured ankle." Izuku said with a smile. She soon realized he was actually flirting with her but decided to let it slide. It wasn’t like he had a chance with her anyway. What would their dates be like anyway? Helping him with his homework or eating lunch surrounded by screaming teens?

"Don't worry about it." She said bluntly as she was being carried up a flight of stairs. Looking at this kid, he didn't seem to have much muscle on him. He seemed like most teenagers. But he somehow knew how to fight. Not flailing arms and random kicks kind of fighting but proper fighting. Expert level. You don't just get that good without somehow gaining even just a little bit of muscle though. Maybe some kind of Quirk was at play? Possibly.

Soon enough, Izuku stopped at a door and knocked with his knee a few times while maintaining perfect balance, the door soon opening to reveal a short plump woman that seemed to be his mother, her hair just as green as his if not a bit lighter in tons.

"Hey Mom, sorry but I need your help with her ankle please." Izuku said as he walked in and deposited the underground heroine onto the couch carefully, treating her as if she was as fragile as fine china.

"My Izu! Already bringing home girls are you? My little casanova hehe! And one so mature on top of that!" Inko cried joyfully, her smile shining brightly as she grabbed an ice pack from the freezer.

"First of all, I'm not old. Second of all, I'm not dating your son, sorry." Shoka said, feeling a pang of guilt as Inko visibly deflated and her smile seemed to dim.

"Oh… well… Anyway, Izu honey, why don’t you go take a shower while I tend to your friend who just happens to be a girl okay? I don’t think sweat is the most attractive scent after all. I'll take care of miss…" Inko trailed off, expecting an answer.

"Shoka Aizawa. Do you happen to have coffee?" She asked as Izuku went into his room for a change of clothes and then to the bathroom for a shower.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm sorry, with everything that's been going on with Izuku, I've been a bit distracted." Inko said, scratching the back of her head.

"Oh? What's wrong with him? He seems normal enough to me." Shoka said as she took a cup of lukewarm coffee. It wasn't fresh, but it'd have to do.

"Well, do you know what an Isekai is?" Inko asked as she carefully assessed the younger woman's injury.

Shoka grimaced, and not just from the pain. She had a student before who went through one. The girl had spent five minutes in what was essentially hell, and was extremely reserved and kept to herself constantly. "Yeah, I do. Izuku was in one?"

"Well, yes. For us, it was only a week, but it was seven years for him. I only just got him home from the hospital, but he is having a hard time adjusting to being in a teenager's body again." Inko said, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. "I just want to help him. I-I know he isn't my little boy anymore, but he will never stop being my son." She said before sniffling and blinking the tears out.

"Huh. That explains why he was able to fight like he did. He might have saved me, Mrs. Midoriya." Shoka said before hissing in pain when Inko pushed on the swollen ankle with her thumb.

"Sorry, dear, but I think that it's fractured. You'll have to get a doctor to look at it." Inko said as Izuku came out of the bathroom in clean clothes, his emerald hair wet and clinging to his scrawny body.

"Hey mom, think I could get a gym membership soon? I want to start working out again. I definitely need to get a job too." He said, his gaze subconsciously running over Shoka's long leg before he swallowed thickly and tore it away and mentally chastised himself.

"Well, I guess so. But if you want more of a workout, Shoka here needs you to carry her to the hospital. I'd do it, but I'm not the one with a young, energetic teenage body." Inko said with a smirk.

"Wow. Low blow, Mom." Izuku deadpanned, even if the idea of carrying her again was pretty appealing to him.

"No, not a hospital. I need you to take me to UA, Recovery Girl will get me fixed up." Shoka said, only for Izuku to look at her in surprise.

"UA? You are a teacher at UA?" Izuku asked in disbelief.

"No, I'm a student." Shoka sarcastically deadpanned. She loved sarcasm so much, it was so damn useful.

"You don't look old enough to teach, so you should blame your looks for my confusion." Izuku said with a smirk on his face that seemed to say she just walked into his trap.

'Shit, that was smooth as butter.' she thought. "That was your idea of a pickup line? Let me guess, for your next trick, you'll make a vague boast about your sexual prowess." Shoka deadpanned again, not allowing the miniscule blush on her cheeks to be seen by sipping her coffee.

"Nah, I should save something for the walk over to the hospital." Izuku said, causing Shoka to choke a little bit on her beverage.

Shoka.exe has stopped, please allow up to one minute for reboot.

"Shoka, honey, you're spilling your coffee on your lap." Inko said to the blushing young woman.


"....and that is why you won't tell anyone if you ever want to be able to reproduce." Shoka threatened, even if it was less potent when she was hanging on his back like a koala.

"Awe, thinking about kids already, dear?" Izuku said, bringing an intense blush to the hero's face. Why was this kid so good at teasing her?

'Not a kid.' her subconscious supplied, serving only to frustrate her more.

Despite his comment about how he'd make innuendos, Izuku was pretty silent on the way to UA, reflecting on his old dreams of heroism and how his time as a hero in a more brutal world made that… difficult. On his first outing as a hero in the other world he watched as a monster decapitated a man and gleefully drank from his bleeding neck like a water bottle. That sort of thing left its mark, but what was worse was how it wasn't a big deal to anyone else. That was the norm.

'I shouldn't dwell on such things. I have a beautiful woman on my back, I should be focusing on that.' Izuku thought, shoving away the darkness that hid just behind his eyes.

"Hey Shoka? I've been thinking-" Izuku began only to be interrupted by the sarcastic insomniac on his back.

"Really? I just assumed you were unable to." She taunted, immediately regretting it when she realized the very shoulders she was holding onto were slumped. She had no idea what he actually went through, but if his skill in the fight before was any indication, it wasn't a good seven years. Seven years away from everything and everyone you knew at the age of fifteen.

'Fuck, I'm a bitch, aren't I?' she thought.

"Heh, yeah, that's me, dense as a brick." Izuku said, no emotion in his words because of how he sealed them away.


"You dense little brat!" Garou screamed at him as he scooped the shell shocked and battered Izuku off the ground. He just finished putting down the monster and ended his killing spree, but Izuku just stood and got hit by the monster with a thing for gorging himself on blood.

"S-Sorry, Master Garou." Izuku stuttered, something that he hadn't done often as of late.

"What would I have done if you died, huh? You really think that the geezers would appreciate their little prodigy being carried back without a fucking head? Probably wouldn't have made you any dumber if he did take your head off!" Garou shouted, worry etched into his features before he took a breath and calmed down. "Fuck it. You're meeting Saitama."


"-uku? IZUKU!" Shoka yelled, snapping him out of whatever trance he was caught in.

"Huh? Sorry, Shoka I-" He began before getting cut off again.

"No, I'm sorry. What were you thinking about?" She said, resting her chin on the top of his fluffy head.

"I wanted to ask you- and I completely get it if the answer is no. I mean, it's understandable and I would be alright, but-" Izuku said, rambling, something he never truly grew out of.

"Izuku, ten words or less." Shoka said, knowing that he could probably ramble until they got to UA.

'heh, now she just sounds like Master Saitama.' Izuku thought. "Can I have your number? I want to date you."

"Wow. Very blunt of you." Shoka deadpanned as she reached for her phone. She doubted this would go very far,but she liked the guy enough to give him a shot, something that no one else really had done.

"Hey! You're the one who said I had to keep it short!" Izuku protested only to have her phone put in front of him with blank contact information on it as she reached around him to type.

"Your number? I would give you mine, but your phone is in your pocket and your hands are holding me up right now." Shoka said, suddenly realizing that she could easily sleep like this.

"Oh, it's [Number hidden for Izuku's privacy]." Izuku said as he watched her enter his number and simply text gibberish so he knew it was her. After setting that up they walked in a comfortable silence until Shoka tilted her head and asked. "So, your mother told me what happened to you."

Izuku paused for half a second, short enough that no one but Shoka would notice. "Yah, I'm Quirkless, so all my life I have been told I was useless, a waste of air and space. It came to a head last week when someone who I thought was a friend gave me some….advice" Izuku said with a bitter tone.

Shoka winced, she knew what the Quirkless had to deal with day to day. Most don't live to see their thirteenth birthday, let alone get married and have kids. Shoka could guess what kind of advice he had received. "What happened? If you don't mind me asking."

"I was on my way home when the slime villain attacked me. But I was saved by a hero I admire, well once admired…" Izuku said softly. "After they saved me I did something stupid and grabbed ahold of there leg when they jumped to leave."

"Nah, that was the smartest choice ever." Shoka said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "You could have fallen and cracked your head on the pavement." Her eyebrow raised as she heard a dry chuckle.

"Funny that's what they said. When we landed on a roof I asked the hero one question. I asked if someone who is Quirkless could be a hero, and do you know what they said?" He asked again a bit of the bitterness back in his tone. They said it's good to have dreams, but I should be realistIc." Izuku sighed as he stopped at a crosswalk. "After ten years of bullying, abuse and the world telling me I shouldn't be alive all I wanted was for my hero to believe in me……and they didn't."

Shoka was dead silent at this, she didn't like where this story was heading. "And….what happened next?" She asked, afraid of the awnser.

"You know that 'advice' I got? I… Well, I decided to take a running jump off the roof." Izuku said, blinking tears out of his eyes. He considered his snap choice to jump pathetic and cowardly, but if he never did it he wouldn't have lived the life he did. He wouldn't have power, he wouldn't have confidence, he never would have met the people who gave those things to him. His life would have been… hollow in comparison.

Silence stretched between the two for a while, this time filled with tension. Izuku was terrified of rejection, but Shoka was worried about him. He spent fifteen years of his life being told how useless and unworthy he was, how he was subhuman, and then spent seven years after that in an environment that had who knows what.

"Hey Izuku? Wanna go out with me? I know a nice coffee shop a couple of streets over." Shoka said, squeezing him slightly with her legs.

"What about your ankle?" Izuku asked, not one to forget about her injuries.

"..... I'm going to level with you, I can't feel it anymore, we might need to hurry to Recovery Girl." Shoka said with a tinge of panic in her voice.

Chapter Text

Shoka currently hated Recovery Girl.

It was alright when she just assumed Izuku was just another student or something, but then Izuku just HAD to mention their future date.

"Oh ho ho! I didn't realize you liked them so young Shoka! You little cougar you! Do you two need condoms? I fully support you two having your fun, but I must insist you do it safely until he's old enough to be a dad!" Recovery Girl said, chuckling jovially.

"I-IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!" Shoka shouted with a heavy blush.

"Awe, are you shy, dearest? She's a doctor, I'm sure she won't judge you for your many, many kinks." Izuku said with a shit eating grin.

Shoka shot him a withering glare. "Izuku? For that comment, you're paying for the date."

"Awe, you thought I wouldn't anyway? You can get as much coffee as your pretty little heart desires." Izuku teased, enjoying the torment he was putting Shoka too, and knew that she wouldn't be playing along if she didn't enjoy it on some level.

"Oh ho ho! You kids are so cute. I'm out of gauze, you two keep your hands to yourselves while I'm gone, alright?" The school nurse said as she left.

Shoka immediately fixed a harsher glare on Izuku, her Quirk momentarily activating out of habit. "Why? Just why? Why did you have to go along with what she said? Now she thinks I fuck fifteen year olds."

"Honestly? It was a lot of fun watching you squirm. You are so cute when you blush like that." Izuku said as he watched Shoka blush and turn away. "Aweee is the great Eraserhead shy of little ol me?" Izuku barely dodged a bed pan thrown at his head. "Okay, okay!" He laughed as he raised his hands in mock surrender.

"Hph…" Shoko pouted. Deep down she loved how he talked to her and treated her like a woman, unlike other men who saw the way she looked and judged her. Deep down she did want someone to love her, and, although she wouldn't admit it, she wanted to be a little overpowered by a big man. We all have our kinks.

"Sorry Shoka, I truly didn't mean to upset you." Izuku said, not meeting her eyes. He had a tendency to make jokes when he was nervous, something he learned during his… vacation to stop muttering as much.

"Izuku? You alright?" Shoka asked when she realized he was staring off into space. She was really hoping she didn't upset him, almost finding the novelty of being nervous in front of a boy she liked amusing. Blushing, she scooted over and planted a small kiss on his cheek to snap him out of it.

"S-Sorry Shoka. Let's get your leg fixed and then we can get that coffee, alright?" Izuku asked, placing his hand over hers.

"That sounds nice." Shoka said, the blush on her cheeks deepening. 'I-I think this is the first time I've ever held a boy's hand. FUCK! THIS BASTARD IS MAKING ME ACT LIKE A SCHOOLGIRL!'

"Awe, does that sound goo- Shoka, put down the bedpan!"


This was Aizawa's favorite coffee place for a damn good reason: they invented the Erasure.

They named the drink after her, and it was the only thing she ever ordered. They took the strongest coffee available and added a couple small energy drinks. It tasted like shit, but it could keep her running for hours, and now she was enjoying the horrified look on her boyfr- date's face.

"HOW ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE?" He asked in exasperation. He was actually becoming concerned for her health.

"I run purely off of caffeine and spite." She said nonchalantly, enjoying the small amount of petty revenge she got as his teacup was frozen halfway to his mouth.

"That's not an answer!" He said before noticing his cup and setting it down.

"My beverage choices aside, tell me about yourself. I know about your… let's call it a blip, but what else do you enjoy?" Shoka asked, trying to break up some ice.

Izuku chuckled and sighed. "Well before the blip, I was a huge hero nerd, like worrying levels of dedication. I had like over 10 full notebooks on heroes and their quirks. Ways to improve them and weaknesses." He took a sip of his drink. "Now that I think about it I am glad no one found them, in the wrong hands they could have been used for evil." He sighed.

"Really, that detailed?" Shoka asked, half impressed and half worried. "I bet you didn't find a thing about me, I am good at staying hidden." She said with a smug grin.

"Oh I had a full section about you." Izuku said as his eyes lit up briefly but then dulled a bit "But you probably don't wanna hear me ramble on about your quirk, its stupid anyway."

Now he has sufficiently piqued her interest. She wasn't one to let information get out about her, it made criminals too informed. At least, it did before all the newbies decided to work in the night and made the villains few and far between.

"Yeah, I'm definitely reading that later. What about your fighting? That was an effective flip, especially for an adolescent body you aren't used to. I assume you learned from someone while you were away?" She inquired, recognizing his skill at Quirkless fighting eclipsed hers, probably by a lot.

"Heh, yeah, four actually. Masters Bang, Bomb, Garou, and Siatama. They could kill monsters like it was nothing, and the monsters over there didn't play around. I almost feel bad for Saitama, all he wants is a decent fight." Izuku mused, looking down at his fist and wondering if this body could even use Serious Punch.

"So you know four different overpowered fighting styles?" Shoka asked, draining her large Erasure and feeling her sleep deprivation lose its edge.

"Well, five, actually. I've mastered three, partially know one, and learned one thing from the last. I am a master of Fist Of Flowing Water, Crushing Rock, Fist Of Swirling Wind, Slashing Steel, and Exploding Heart Release Fist. I partially know Monster God Killer Calamity Fist from Master Garou and I know Serious Punch from Master Saitama." Izuku explained, not bringing up the toll they took on his body when he used the stronger ones to excess.

"Serious Punch?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, obviously unimpressed.

"I saw Master Saitama use that to kill a godlike being like he was swatting a fly. It is the most destructive skill I have." Izuku said, clenching his fist again.

"Oh. Maybe for our next date we could spar a bit." Shoka suggested, going to sip from her cup before remembering it was empty.

"Next date? Not only does that say we're having another, but implies that there will be more than that in the future. One could even say you are saying you want to be my girlfriend, Ms. Aizawa." Izuku said, sipping the last of his tea.

Shoka was getting kinda tired of him running mental laps around her, always seeming to be one step ahead. Then again, she had never had a boyfriend before, and conversation with him was interesting at the very least. "And if I am?" She asked with a smirk and tiny blush dusting her cheeks.

Izuku let his lips stretch into a smile. If he were younger, he would have been a stuttering mess, but he was not a child, he was a grown ass man. In a child's body. "That sounds great. I would be proud to call you my girlfriend, Shoka."

Shoka's blush deepened even more when he actually said it, only to mentally berate herself for her lack of self control as she tucked her hair behind her ear. She also idly rested her hand on his hand and brushed her feet against his under the table.

She hadn't had many adult relationships, let alone romantic ones, so her time with Izuku was completely new to her and she simultaneously hated and loved the way she felt. She loved the warm, fuzzy feeling he gave her, but hated the fact that it slightly robbed her of her self control when the romantic things happened between them. When was the appropriate time for a first kiss? What about making out? Or, and this is what Shoka was really nervous about, when would it be the right time for her first time having sex? What would she even be into? These were the type of questions that was running unchecked in her mind, only to be barely stopped when she clamped down on them. 'Down girl, at least wait until he gets an older body before fantasizing about him.'

Unfortunately, that's when a random villain decided they needed to rob the coffee shop they were at and ruin their date.

The man was large, towering over Izuku's five foot, two inch frame and Shoka's five foot seven. He was holding a knife to Shoka's favorite barista's throat and demanding all the money in the register.

The barista was a young woman named Oketa, she was working at the cafe part time to pay for college, and Shoka always made sure to tip extra for her. The education of the next generation was important.

"Villain! You are under arrest, let the girl go." Shoka said, standing up and loosening her scarf. Izuku stood as well, but Shoka simply shook her head and glanced over her shoulder at him. "Sorry, Izuku, but you don't have a license yet. I know you could handle him, but just leave this one to me."

"Don't ignore me! I will cut her throat out if you don't let me go!" The man screamed and the barista's breathing got faster.

"Last chance, Villain. Let her go and I will be gentle when I haul you in." Shoka said, her dark eyes locked on him as she assessed the situation.

"Buddy, just listen to her. She is a badass with a bedpan, I can't imagine her with her weapon of choice." Izuku said, his hand twitching as he prepared to back his new girlfriend if she needed it.

Suddenly, Shoka flicked her wrist and her scarf shot forward, wrapping around the villain's wrist and pulling the knife away, then using the momentum to kick him in the face, immediately hog tying him.

The authorities soon arrived, check Shoka's license, and took away the villain while Shoka sat back down to a round of applause.

"I'm not going to lie, that was hot as fuck." Izuku said, his eyes wide and his pupils dilated.

"You have to realize that all I did was kick a dude." Shoka pointed out.

"Yeah, like I said, hot as fuck."


Izuku laid in bed, debating back and forth with himself.

He had walked his new girlfriend to her apartment and before she went to walk inside she kissed him softly on the lips.

Now, Izuku considered this a resounding success, extremely happy with the way this had played out, but now he was laying in bed trying to text her, only to delete his message and start over. He really didn't want to make things weird by texting her too early, but also wanted to say goodnight and tell her she was beautiful.

Suddenly, he actually got a text from her instead.

Not-Sleeping_Beauty: Would you spit it out! I've been watching three dots for a half hour!

Izuku panicked a little bit before something occurred to him.

Green_Bean: Wait, how did you know if you weren't on the texts anyway?


Not-Sleeping_Beauty: Goodnight, Izuku.

Green_Bean: Goodnight, Beautiful.


Nezu sat in his office reading the file of one Izuku Midoriya along with watching the video of him with Aizawa in the nurse's office. .

"Definitely a character, isn't he?" Nezu mused. He had, of course, known about his little trip, and his new skills, even that little tussle with All Might himself.

He knew the young man was older than he seemed, he knew that he was extremely skilled, and he knew that he was already quite attached to a certain one of Nezu's teachers.

"I could definitely use this relationship to my advantage." Picking up his phone he texted Aizawa.

Rat_God: Shoka, please bring your new boyfriend into UA to meet with me tomorrow. I think I have a proposition that will benefit us all.

Shoka was immediately filled with dread for Izuku.

Chapter Text

Izuku honestly didn't know why his girlfriend was so jittery.

His normally sleepy girlfriend had apparently gotten a text the night of their date, which took place three days ago. Since then, she had really gone all in on being his girlfriend.

The first day after their date, she knocked on the door of his mother's apartment with a shopping bag full of samples of soap. She explained that she didn't really have a reason to shower daily and smell good if she didn't have class before, so she didn't really care how she smelled. She wanted him to help her pick one to buy so she could smell better for him. He thought it was a bit weird, but definitely sweet of her.

The second day, she brought him a hoodie and told him she wanted him to wear it for a while then give it back to her. He thought about questioning why she bothered with the soaps if she intended on smelling like him anyway, but ultimately pictured her in his oversized hoodie and realized that was too cute to pass up.

The third day she was nervous and fidgeting. She seemed worried about something, and with some pressing, he found out that her boss, the dean of UA university, wanted to meet him. He decided to calm her down by buying her some coffee, and then was surprised when she took a seat on his lap at the shop. He was still technically a fifteen year old boy, so it looked a little awkward with a grown woman sitting on his lap and holding his head to her breasts, but she enjoyed the proximity so he was going to simply enjoy the moment with her.

Eventually, they went back to UA University and she led him through the halls to a large office with the words 'Dean Nedzu' printed on the translucent window and a strangely low second doorknob, as if it was made to be accessible to a shorter person.

"He said to just come on in, good luck, Izu." Shoka muttered as she sat down, seeming very anxious.

Choosing to be brave, Izuku opened the door and walked inside the office. It was a well furnished office, as expected for the most prestigious university's dean. There was a large oak desk, big windows that let in a lot of light, a couple of chairs, and a… mouse? Bear? Something else sitting in the chair behind the desk.

"Ah, you must be Izuku, Shoka has told me so much about you. Please, sit, would you like some tea? No? Anyway, I would like to have a word with you about your little… trip." The strange creature, obviously the dean, said. He hopped up onto his sparse desk and began pacing back and forth.

"I understand that you are much older than you appear, but we'll get to that a little later into our conversation. I would like to hear a bit about this alternate world you visited. You see, Isekai are something of a hobby of mine, studying them, that is." He said, taking out a small notebook and a pencil.

"The world I visited is a harsh one. They also have an organization of heroes, but Quirks don't exist. Any power someone has as a hero is earned, not inherited. I spent the last five years there in the ‘S’ class, at rank four, the hero Jadefang, an homage to my master. The villains there were much worse, to the point they were instead called monsters, many of them weren’t even human. I know I am probably the best combatant in this world now, and I plan on getting an older body than this one and then becoming a hero." Izuku explained coolly. He wasn't one for bragging, but this was just a simple statement of his power.

"Ah, very impressive. Because you mentioned the idea of getting an older body, I do believe I can help you. I just happen to, by total coincidence, have two people watching this room through a camera system. One is a friend of mine who has the ability to detect falsehoods, and the other has the ability to augment different aspects of somebody's physicality, as long as they are willing. I will request that she age this body into the one you had in the other world, but I would like something in return." The rat man said, giving Izuku the feeling that he was making a deal with the devil.

"I see. I think I understand why you make my girlfriend nervous; she’s smart enough to recognize danger. I will hazard a guess that the presence of your friends isn't a mere coincidence, and that this isn't a friendly chat about my previous world. You are after something. By all means, tell me what it is." Izuku said, his arms crossed and his eyes dark.

"Very clever, Young Midoriya, your mother Inko Midoriya would be proud all the way from her five story apartment building." Nedzu said, a thinly veiled threat clearly implanted in his words as a safeguard against such a powerful being. He doubted it would come to such unpleasantness, but one could never be too careful with beings that could easily beat All Might. "As for what I want in exchange, it is very simple." The mouse said, turning and looking out the window to the quad of the campus. His students were running around, playing with their Quirks like children who just received them. "Did you know that almost no hero knows how to fight without their Quirk? It is not actually common practice, even though so many Quirks have an effect on others. Shoka is an excellent example of why I want my students to know how to fight without the use of their Quirk. I would like you to change that. In exchange for your body becoming aged back into its previous form, I want you to sign on as my new teacher of Quirkless fighting for at least five years." Nedzu proposed, looking intently back on the temporally displaced young man.

Izuku mulled it over for a while, but ultimately realized he didn't have much of a choice. Besides, how much trouble could he get in teaching college kids how to fight a bit? "I accept."


Shoka was pacing back and forth outside the office. A little bit ago, a woman went in there and Nedzu came out and told her that the woman would be aging her boyfriend to his correct age of twenty two. Now, she was just nervous for him. She would have gone in, but Nedzu simply sat next to her and instructed her to stay outside, stating that Shoka would only be a distraction to her boyfriend and the woman with the aging Quirk.

So now Shoka was anxiously waiting for her boyfriend to emerge from the room, so she jumped up when the door opened. The person that stepped out was actually the woman who was aging him, but she had a huge blush on her face. "H-He um, he is older now." She stuttered, her thighs rubbing together a bit as she took off running while Nedzu chuckled. Shoka ran to the door and threw it open, dashing in and hearing the door click shut behind her.

Izuku looked up at her in surprise before smirking at her, causing her to realize that he was completely naked, having discarded his old clothes that no longer fit him. He now stood at six foot, five inches tall, and was incredibly muscular, sporting well defined abdominal muscles, lats, biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles. His legs were reminiscent of muscular tree trunks, giving her the ability to make out every individual muscle. In build, he looked like a shorter, leaner All Might, not overly muscled, but rather looking like a professional fighter rather than a powerlifter like the blonde hero. Inevitably, Shoka's gaze traveled to the large organ hanging between his legs, swinging almost hypnotically. It came down about three quarters of the way to his thigh, causing the virgin Shoka to drool quite a bit before he wrapped a white towel with the symbol of UA around his waist.

"Hey Shoka, are you doing alright?" He asked, snapping her back to reality.

"Hm? Yeah, of course. We should get you some clothes." She muttered, finding a spare pair of gym shorts and a sweatshirt for him to wear in the meantime.

Izuku nodded and walked by his girlfriend, easily lifting her in one arm and walking as if he was completely unburdened.

"H-Hey, what are you doing?" Shoka asked as he strode out of the building, one arm swinging while the other supported her body effortlessly.

"I have a new body, I need to put it through its paces to make sure I can still move correctly." Izuku said, setting his stance as if he was preparing for a takeoff.

"Wh-What does that have to do with you carrying me?" Shoka asked, attempting and failing to keep her voice monotone.

Rather than answering her, Izuku exploded into movement, seeming to blur out of existence as he took off, his girlfriend safely held in his arms.

Shoka would like to say that she reacted to experiencing his incredible speed calmly. She would like to say that she didn't, in fact, yelp and hold onto him tightly. She would be telling that to everyone, but it would be a lie.

Izuku smirked as his lovely girlfriend held onto him for dear life as he used his masters' teachings to push his body far beyond normal limits. Within seconds, they were at the mall.

"Don't do that, you bastard!" Shoka shouted, smacking a laughing Izuku on the arm and chest until she had gotten rid of her frustration.

"Sorry, Shoka. Now c'mon, I desperately need clothes." Izuku said, leading them into the mall. He had been given an advance on his first paycheck from UA, an obscenely large sum that was more than enough to purchase clothes and other necessities.

They walked through the mall, gathering clothes that he liked and that she would like to see him in, as well as a few sets of workout clothes, when he suddenly stopped.

Shoka followed his gaze and realized he was staring at a hoodie in the corner. It was a ridiculous and slightly vulgar hoodie that had red sleeves and a red hood, with the rest of the hoodie as white, save for the orange design. The design was two upward-opening curves joined together with dots in the middle, with the Japanese slang Oppai, or 'tits' written under its suggestive imagery.

Wondering why this garment had caught his attention in such a way, Shoka looked back at her boyfriend and saw a sad smile painted on his face, tears threatening to leave his eyes before he blinked them away and his sad smile turned to a fake cheerful one. "C'mon, Shoka! Let's go back to my mom's apartment, we have everything we need."

"Y-Yeah, I'll be along in a sec, I just have to ask the cashier about something." She said, waving him off and approaching the desk. When she was sure her boyfriend was out of earshot, she leaned in to whisper to the person manning the desk. "Excuse me, how much is that hoodie over there?"


Shoka had hidden the bag containing her gift amongst his when she had gotten out, which he had asked her to hold while he ran them back to his mother's apartment, and then maneuvered it away from the others so she still had the bag she bought, and he had all of his bags.

So now she was carefully hiding it behind her back while Izuku stood, trying to unlock the door. Suddenly it was thrown open and a wide-eyed Inko stood there, tears threatening to spill.

"My baby boy grew up so fast!" She cried, throwing herself at him with a small sob, a bittersweet smile gracing both of their faces.

"C'mon, mom. Let's get inside, we can talk there." Izuku said, gently lifting his mom and all his bags and taking them all inside.

Shoka, seeing an opportunity, stashed the bag with the hoodie behind the couch, wanting to surprise him later.

Her boyfriend sat on the couch, letting his short mother rest her head on his shoulder while she blubbered about how her little boy grew up without her being part of it while Izuku comforted her.

After she was all cried out, she dried her eyes, sniffled one last time, and smiled at her son before turning to Shoka and widening her eyes. "You and your girlfriend must be starving! You two get his clothes unpacked, I'll make katsudon!" She said, dashing to the kitchen before they could muster a protest.

Shrugging, Izuku carried his bags in his room and began putting them away. Meanwhile, Shoka snuck the bag with the hoodie into his closet before looking around his room.

There was a huge amount of All Might merchandise, which she would ask about later, but there were also several hand-drawn posters hanging around, each of them sketched in great detail.

One of them depicted two old men who seemed to be fighting together, confidant smiles on their wrinkled faces. Another depicted a bald man in a strikingly familiar hoodie standing with a shorter woman and a robotic looking man, all of them with smiles on their faces. The third one had a twenty-something year old man with his hair styled into two spikes and a friendly, if not intimidating grin on his face, his arms crossed as he laughed at something that amused him. The final one surprised her. It was one of her, her scarf flaring around her as she attacked a villain, her hair floating and her eyes fierce.

"Who are these people?" She asked, figuring she'd ask about the portrait depicting her later.

"Hm? Oh, these are my teachers. Well, my teachers and Master Saitama's wife and his disciple." He said, revealing to her why he reacted so strongly to the hoodie that she ended up buying for him.

Izuku finished filling his drawers with clothes and putting the bags in the garbage when he turned and saw his girlfriend hiding something behind her back.

"I uh, I got you something at the mall." She said holding up the red and white hoodie, not meeting his eye as a bit of color found its way to her cheeks.

There was a tense, silent moment where Izuku was staring at the familiar looking hoodie in shock, but just as Shoka looked up to gauge his reaction, he moved with incredible speed, taking the hoodie and putting it on the bed before tackling her to the floor with a searing, love filled kiss.

Eventually, he came up for air, leaving both of them breathing heavily and flushed. "You. Are. Fucking. Amazing!" Izuku panted, his hands firmly on her hips and his heavy body pressing down on hers as he pinned her under him.

Shoka was more than a little… excited after what he had just done. Something about him knocking to the ground and pinning her beneath him before forcefully kissing her had her all hot and bothered. She was considering teasing him about not asking for permission, but she was also sort of hoping he would do it again.

Instead of another passionate kiss filled with his declaration of affection, Izuku instead pecked her lips gently again. "Thank you, Shoka. I don't think you realize how much that meant to me." He whispered, still pinning her beneath his weight, which continued to arouse her as she was immobilized. She would have to look into what kink says she enjoys not being able to move unless he lets her. Maybe they could try something with her capture weapon eventually?

Shoka struggled for a bit before looking up at him in exasperation. "Aren't you going to kiss me again?"

Chapter Text

"Aren't you going to kiss me again?"

Izuku wasted no time complying, kissing her with every ounce of skill he had accumulated over his life to mushify her mind, his hard cock pressing into her thigh.

Taken by the heat of the moment, Shoka ground down on the hardened male tool. Their clothes stifling any attempt at actual penetration but-

The door opened and an anxious Inko burst in, “What happened?! What’s going on!?”

Izuku pulled back from the kiss and looked at his mother in unison with his girlfriend, the pair blushing intensely. Inko looked at the position they were in and blushed herself.

“Izuku!” Inko admonished, “I might want grandbabies, but I don’t want them to be made in front of me!”

Both Izuku and Shoka rapidly untangled themselves from each other, not wanting to invite further motherly wrath upon either of them. Having the good sense to look away, Izuku spoke meekly, “Uh… sorry, mom…”

"You should be! Your poor girlfriend is hungry, and all you can think about doing is trapping her to kiss her and do who knows what else!" Inko admonished.

"Yeah, Izu, pretty irresponsible of you to trap me with kisses that way, I'm hungry. Thanks for saving me from his lecherous ways, miss Midoriya." Shoka said, smugly grinning at her boyfriend as his mother called him out.

'Yeah, hungry for my dick…' Izuku thought to himself. Or, at least that’s what he believed until he heard his mother gasp and Shoka choke. “I said that out loud, didn’t I?”

Shoka could barely contain her laughter, “Y-yup, you sure did babe…”

“Midoriya Izuku!” Inko shouted, scandalized by her son’s muttered words. “Really now!”

Izuku sighed exasperatedly, “I thought I got rid of that!”

“I’m gonna go get started on dinner,” Inko sighed, shaking her head, “And you’ll be helping me young man!”

“Yes ma’am…” Izuku sighed once more.

Izuku turned and followed his mother, only for his girlfriend's hand to land on his shoulder.

"I'd like to continue this some other time. Sleep over at my place tonight?" She whispered in his ear, reaching around to ghost her hand around his strained cock.

In the blink of an eye, Izuku disappeared and reappeared where he was again, but Shoka realized that she was left tied and immobilized in her scarf on his bed, even gagged with the capture weapon.

"I'll set you free in a little bit, you just sit here and think about what you've done." He said with a smirk and a kiss to her cheek.

Shoka put up a token struggle as Izuku walked away with a smirk on his face. As the door closed behind him, she sighed wistfully into the improvised gag. Totally fucking worth it.

“Oh, where’s Shoka?” Inko asked as Izuku walked into the kitchen.

Izuku shrugged, “She said she needed to ‘compose herself’ after that.”

Inko blushed at the implications, but shook her head. She can’t very well stop a grown woman who isn’t her child. She could, however, get her own son to help her make dinner. “Let’s get cooking, you can get her once we’re done.”

The two set about making food. The dinner was simple, as Inko hadn’t had a chance in all the chaos surrounding her son’s return to their world, his calling to UA, and his subsequent… re-aging?

It’s been a surprisingly busy week for the Midoriya matriarch.

By the time the mother-son pair were finished, Shoka had managed to work herself up considerably in the interim. When Izuku returned to her, she was panting heavily, blushing deeply, and he could see a definite wet spot in her pants.

“Ready to eat babe?~” Izuku teased, Shoka grumbled and groaned into her gag. Izuku chuckled as he untied her.

“You are so going to eat me out when we get to my place tonight.” Shoka ‘threatened’.

“That was part of the plan, babe.” Izuku smirked. “Anyways, food’s ready. You’ll love it.”

Inko had chosen not to make a comment when her son's girlfriend emerged from her son's room with very clear signs of arousal. Her pants had a large wet spot, her cheeks were flushed, even her nipples were showing through her bra and shirt.

"Sorry Mrs. Midoriya, your son is an insatiable lech." She said, sitting down.

"I swear if even one of you suddenly 'drops a fork', I'm throwing you out for the night." Inko threatened, completely bluffing while Izuku began to blush and laugh, and Shoka blushed and looked down.

The dinner was nice and uneventful, Shoka enjoyed the cozy atmosphere and she had to admit: Midoriya Inko was one hell of a cook. When the trio had finished, Izuku walked Shoka out to the door.

"Hang around here, I'll be out soon and I'll run us to your place." He whispered in her ear while pretending to kiss her cheek.

"Yeah, that works. Don't keep me waiting, you insatiable pervert." She whispered, once again ghosting her hand around his crotch.

"Shoka, you've been such a good little rope bunny so far, it’d be a shame to ruin the reward I have planned." Izuku said, causing her to pause.

"What reward? What's a rope bunny?" Shoka asked, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion. Izuku only smiled and went back inside.

Shoka immediately whipped out her phone. She had something to search for information about on the internet while she waited.

While Shoka 'educated' herself on the finer details of shibari and rope-play, which she found to be as arousing as it was informative, Izuku approached his mother. "So..."

"So." Inko echoed, knowing fully that her now totally grown son was about to head back with his girlfriend to her place. Alone. "You know, Izuku, you don't have to ask permission. You are, for all intents and purposes, an adult now."

"I know," Izuku started. There was concern in his tone, and a slight hint of guilt as well. "But, I figured I'd at least let you know. The last few days have been busy and..."

Inko sighed as her son trailed off, she did want to catch up with him more, learn what her baby had gone through. She knew, though, that her son was eager to actually be the adult he was supposed to be now. "I'll be okay, Izuku."

Izuku hugged her, it was somewhat awkward given the size difference, but she was glad for it nonetheless. "I promise I'll make time to see you still."

"You better young man," Inko jokingly threatened, "And you better be sure to bring Shoka around more too, if she's going to be the mother of my grandchildren-"

"Mom..." Izuku whined, almost sounding like a teen again. Almost.

"I don't hear a rebuttal!~" Inko sing-songed, Izuku just laughed. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t going to miss being ‘home’, but now that word meant something a little different.

"We'll see how things go. Things are gonna be awkward for a while, so..."

"I know," Inko replied seriously. "A new job at UA, you're suddenly an adult, there's a lot going on, but I trust you and from what I've seen tonight, I trust her, too."

Izuku gave his mom one last hug before coming out and finding a flushed Shoka with her phone clutched tightly in her hands. "What have you awakened in me, you insatiable pervert!"

"It sounds to me," Izuku started, a low growl in his throat as he pinned Shoka to the wall, "I've awoken another insatiable pervert~"

Shoka whimpered as her boyfriend loomed over her. "F-fuckin- Get me home! Y-you need to-"

"Take responsibility?~" Izuku teased. Shoka nodded, her already full-faced blush deepening.

Izuku simply chuckled as he swooped his girlfriend up into a bridal carry. "Ready babe?"

Shoka didn't trust her voice at that moment, so she settled for another nod. Izuku grinned wolfishly, "Hold on tight!"

In a blur of motion, Izuku quite nearly flew the pair to Shoka's apartment. From the raven-haired hero’s perspective, they may as well have been.

When they got there, Izuku shoved her against the door to her apartment and enjoyed the little whimper she made.

"Open the door." He growled, causing her to fish her keys out of her pocket with shaky hands and inserting it into the keyhole.

Izuku dragged her through the apartment before throwing her on the bed and picking up her capture weapon.

"Now, who's my naughty rope bunny who needs to be tied up?" He smirked.

In response, Shoka attempted to force him to give her what she wanted before realizing how hard it was to force somebody to tie her up and make her submit.

"I-I am, now get your ass over here, tie me up, and make me cum!"

Shoka felt him move and shove her face into her bed, roughly binding her arms behind her back and then looping her nearly unbreakable capture weapon around her limbs until she was left on her back, her legs spread wide by the rope and exposing her wet, clothes pussy.

"I-Izuku?" She asked, slightly nervous.

"Shhhh it's okay. I'm going to take such good care of you." Izuku said soothingly, petting her damp nether region.

"P-Please hurry." She whimpered, squirming at the contact with all of her bravado having abandoned her.

"Let me know if you lose circulation." He whispered in her ear before flipping her so she was belly up and began stripping her of her clothes.

She was left squirming and naked, her pink nipples hard as tiny pebbles and her sopping wet pussy glistening in the light of the lamp that was by her bed. "So fucking pretty. I'm gonna love ruining you."

Before she could whine again, he kissed her softly on the lips and stroked her sensitive nipples with the pads of his calloused thumbs. "I'm going to go down on you now. Does my little rope bunny need something to occupy her mouth while I taste you?"

Not trusting her voice, but also not wanting to be overly loud and embarrassing, Shoka nodded adorably. Izuku smirked down at her and picked her soaked panties up and pushed them against her mouth. "Open."

Shyly, Shoka relented and opened her mouth, allowing him to gently put her own panties into her mouth.

"You are so fucking adorable." He said, kissing his way down her body until he reached the small patch of dark hair, which he idly tangled his fingers into in order to steady her as he moved his mouth to her soaked core.

He first planted a chaste kiss upon her clit, making her moan and buck her hips. After she stopped, he gently began to lick up and down her slit, making sure to flick her clit with his tongue every time he went upwards. Izuku’s skill with his tongue was so that in only a few minutes of his constant attention, she came, soaking his face and making a little bit of her girlcum go in his mouth.

Smirking smugly, he removed her panties and tossed them to the side, the now thoroughly soiled pair of undergarments landing with an obnoxious splat. Izuku then slid his ring finger in to find her g-spot while thumbing her clit.

Shoka's overstimulated body was wracked with pleasure, making her writhe in her restraints and scream into his mouth.

He backed off a bit, allowing her to recover as she panted at him. "W-What the h-hell was that? I-I've never cum that hard before. Is all sex this good?"

"Heh, maybe. I've only ever done anything like this with one other person, one of my masters' sisters in law. She had powerful telekinesis powers and a superiority complex, but still loved submitting after some light choking.

"Izu? I-I hate to ask this of you, but do we have to go all the way tonight? I-It's not that I don't feel comfortable losing my virginity to you, it's just that I feel a little too sensitive for more stimulation right now. C-Can I just suck your dick?" She asked, straining in her bonds to look at him.

"How about this: instead of me fucking your pretty pink pussy, I simply fuck your throat? I promise to be gentle, but I really think you will enjoy this, and I know you'd rather stay in your scarf there, right?" He said, scratching under her chin and sending comforting, fuzzy feelings to her.

"Y-You'd be willing to do more work? But you just took care of me and-" Shoka began, getting cut off by a sweet peck on her lips. Izuku just smiled down at her, a gentle and reassuring gesture.

"I don't want you to worry about that. You just sit there and be a good little rope bunny. Deal?" He said, petting her head.

"I love you. You'll start slow, right?" She asked nervously, looking slightly fearful of the bulge in his pants as he rubbed her head comfortingly.

"Of course I will, babe. You just start shaking your head if you need a break, or if you want to say something. I want you to enjoy this." He said, pushing his thumb into her mouth and stretching her cheek as if he was inspecting her mouth.

Shoka nodded with determination in her eyes, and in response, Izuku unceremoniously dropped his pants and underwear. Shoka was right to have been concerned, the size of his member was both arousing and intimidating. Then, he simply held her mouth open and slid in, managing to put his cock all the way in her mouth as she suppressed her gag reflex.

Shoka was enjoying herself quite a bit, if she was being honest. She could barely move her body, and she couldn't talk, even barely able to breathe, but she maintained eye contact with Izuku as she took his whole cock into her mouth. She lost herself in the wet slapping sounds that came from her boyfriend’s thrusting.

"Remember, shake your head side to side and I will pull out immediately." He said as he rubbed her head. "Such a good girl, opening your throat right up. I'm going to thrust now."

He pulled out until only the head of his now saliva-covered cock was in her mouth before he slammed back in, using her black hair as a hand hold. He began thrusting over and over, picking up speed and rapidly fucking Shoka’s throat until after a few minutes he completely pulled out.

"Where do you want my cum, gorgeous?" He asked, jerking off while using her saliva as lube.

As she caught her breath, Shoka thought about his question. She could have it on her face, but then that could be hard to clean up. She could get it in her mouth, but then she might dislike the taste. Finally, she could have him shoot it right down her throat, but then she wouldn't know if she liked the taste, and she also kind of wanted proof of her efforts.

"M-Mouth, sir." She nearly pleaded, opening her mouth wide and lolling her tongue out.

"Sir, huh? That's new." He teased as he increased the pace of his strokes, eventually putting the head into her mouth and spurting his thick seed in, causing her to struggle to swallow it all down. The sheer size and thickness of his load was overwhelming, and Shoka found that she did, very much so, enjoy his taste.

Between the taste and the heat, Shoka couldn’t help but moan in pleasure through the thick fluid that filled her mouth and coated her throat. Izuku smiled, stroking her cheek gently as she worked his cum in her mouth. It took her a little while to actually swallow the whole of it, but eventually she did. Shoka sighed contentedly and nuzzled into her boyfriend’s touch.

“You are so cute, you know that?” Izuku asked rhetorically. Shoka, too tired to put on an act, hummed her affirmation. Izuku chuckled, setting to untying her. Shoka, for her part, relaxed and allowed him to maneuver her as he needed.

Once he was done, Izuku hugged her into his left side as he laid them both down in her bed. Shoka, once again acting like a cat, nuzzled into his side. She greatly enjoyed the contact, the gentle warmth and genuine feeling of safety. Sighing, Shoka spoke, “Mmm.. I could get used to this…”

“Heh, same here,” Izuku agreed, a lazy grin spreading across his face. Shoka idly traced her fingers over his abdomen, basking in the skinship. Then, she had a thought.

“Hey, uh…” She started, trepidation in her tone, “How would you, um… feel about moving in?”

Izuku looked over to her, a serious expression on his face. “You… you want me to move in?”

“Well, I mean, only if you want to, I know that you spent a long time away from your mom, and now you’re dating a woman who is technically older than you, and-”

“I’m not opposed to the idea,” Izuku cut her off, she was beginning to ramble like he did! “And if you want me to, I want to. I love my mom, I do, but she knows that I’m not her ‘little boy’ anymore.”

“Okay,” Shoka said, almost as if she was affirming it to herself, “Yeah. I do want you to.”

“Awesome.” Izuku said, “We’ll get me moved in tomorrow, for now, though, I think we both need some sleep, huh?”

“After what you just did to my mouth?” Shoka joked, “Yeah, I’m gonna need some rest.”

Izuku laughed at that. He loved this woman.