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opportunity you shouldn't waste

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Kouichi p.o.v

Venice, the city of forbidden love affairs with so many possibilities, I was raised to take hold of any opportunity that comes your way. Maybe that's why I'm stuck here, completely broke after coming to this city for summer break. I wanted a change. I wanted to see what life had for me.

That saying is what got me into this mess. I just minded my own business, sitting at the waterfront café when she walked in. You know the type; Long blond hair, the head-turning curve that her tiny black dress hug on to with a sassy grin. They always say blond have more fun after all.

She was no different as she took the seat across from me. "You look like you could use a good time." She bluntly spoke. "Or are you just trying to get out of this city?" That caught more of my attention. She offers me an opportunity of a lifetime. "If you help me, I may be able to help you."

Raimei Shimizu was amazing at how she pulled me along through crowds of crowds of people—dragging me back to her place. "I found someone to help out for tonight. No Raikou, I didn't just pick someone off the street." She spoke to someone over the phone as I made myself at home. Taking a few shots of whatever was in the tea-pot. The most robust coffee mix with something else.

"Oh, I didn't catch your name!"

"Kouichi Aizawa."

"Well, you ready for a night filled with endless fun?" She asked with that sassy grin again.

When I think of fun, my mind goes to parties, maybe a boat ride, or the theater. Not what she had me doing. We're gonna be up all night on a mission of revenge against someone named "Hattori." "If we pull this off. I promise you fifty grand if not more." Money sounds good. "All you have to do is steer the boat. Don't worry about the details, and don't stress over it."

High-speed boat chase, art stealing, safe cracking, nearly being killed by this Raikou person after Raimei kissed me once we were in the clear. "We did it!"

I was taken from a ride, up all night doing things I know both our fathers wouldn't like doing the most outrageous things until the morning light.

"Raikou! I'm sorry I'm late, but I think I went to the wrong place for Raimei to get me." A short black hair teen comes running up to the three of us.

"Wait, you're not him!" Raimei looked over at me with this most confused look on her face.

"I told you a thousand-time dear sister of mine. The person you were looking for was Gau Megura, not this person you picked up." Now it's all starting to make sense why the pink-haired guy looks at me as if my death was coming very soon. Raikou must be her older brother.

"Oh, I keep doing that!"

Maybe once the morning entirely breaks, perhaps someone will tell me what was going on this whole time...