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Pizza Delivery!

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Now which room was it again? Beat wondered to himself as walked through the dank corridors of the apartment complex. The hot pizza box kept his hands warm in the chilly building.

This job could be a lot more confusing than it needed to be. With bad telephone connections at work, mumbling voices on said phone, and impatient coworkers and customers alike, sometimes addresses didn't come out clear. But he was pretty sure the number was 4 and not 44. Probably.

He finally located apartment number 4, which was the same drab blue as all the other doors. The number painted on it was the only difference.

"Yo! Pizza delivery!" shouted Beat, knocking vigorously. Some paint chipped off from the rattling.

At first there was no answer. Beat was just getting ready to shout again when the door slipped open.

Uzuki stood before him, her pink hair slight disarray. All she had on were some khaki pants and a lacy purple bra. She and Beat stared at each other for few long moments.

"W-W-Wha?" Beat exclaimed, stumbling back a few paces while his face turned bright red. "Whachu doin' here, all dressed or not dressed or whatever?"

"I live here. I dress however much or little I feel like it," answered Uzuki dryly, not seeming to care about her current state of clothing. "What are you doing here?"

"Uh…" Beat began uneasily. He glanced down at the box he was carrying and remembered why he was here. "So, you ordered pizza?"

"Not me," said Uzuki, looking back into her apartment. "Kariya! You call for pizza?"

"Nope," Kariya replied, sticking his head out from behind a doorway. "You caught us in the middle of some strip poker."

"Strip poker?" asked Beat dumbly. Did that mean you played with strips instead of cards?

"But pizza sounds good too," answered the male Reaper. "Certainly smells good, anyway. I can smell it all the way back here."

"Why don't you come out here instead of hidin' over there?" asked Beat.

"Because he's only got his boxers on at this point," Uzuki answered with a coy smirk.

"Wha? Why doesn't he have anything else on?"

"Because it's strip poker, moron," Uzuki explained, rolling her eyes. "You lose, you lose your clothes."

"Huh? Why are you playin' some weird game like that?"

Uzuki sighed. "Kariya, how do we explain this?"

"Foreplay to foreplay," Kariya answered, now disappearing from sight. "Anyway, it's cold in here. Let's hurry this up."

"You? Wanting to hurry? I never thought you would say such a thing," Uzuki replied with a laugh as she scrounged through a drawer and took out some money. "Anyway, here's the dough, thanks for the pizza. Now scram."

She snatched the pizza box from him and shut the door in his face.

"Didn't hafta be so rude about it," Beat grumbled as he started to head back to his car. "If they didn't want to be disturbed, then why'd they -"

Then he remembered both of them saying they hadn't ordered pizza. So that meant-

His cellphone rang. Reluctantly he answered it.

"Have you delivered that pizza to the guy in Room 44 yet?" asked one of his bosses.