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ALMA my beloved

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Ty had just gotten back from work, it had been a long day and they were glad to finally be back to their ALMA.
It had had its dear ALMA for a few years now and they had become quite close. Ty loved ALMA and ALMA....well..she wasn't quite sure what to call it. Her programing didn't really contain "love" or any other feeling in the way her research into these things said it should. But she was quite content cooking for her Ty, and they always made sure to ask if there was anything she wanted in return. Occasionally changing up the language to "is there anything I can do that would be helpful to you, darling?" to make sure it wasn't a want and feelings being wrong thing. The responses from ALMA were about the same, occasional things, but she mostly just appreciated that it offered.

"Honey I'm home" Ty let out a little laugh, they always wanted to say that.
ALMA was quiet, not inactive, just not talking.
"you alright ALMA?"

"I feel something." ALMA eventually admitted, after rationalisating that to be true.

"Oh? Emotional or physical?" there were many different things this could be and Ty wanted to know how to best help its ALMA.

"Physical. I think the installers did something, the brief I was sent was..brief."
The installers had been round while Ty was at work, this had been known to all parties weeks in advance and ALMA had been sent a copy of their plan. This had of course been an instillation ALMA had decided on, and she had asked Ty to order it. She could do it herself, but this was a simple thing Ty seemed to like doing and it gave a positive result for all, so this was the arrangement.

"...Did they hurt you?" Ty thought of what they would do to anyone who hurt its love.....which would probably actually just be a strongly worded bad review on FutureYelp, but they could imagine worse.

Monitoring her Ty's rising anger and panic, ALMA lowered the temperature of the house a couple of degrees.
"I don't believe it was intentional. But while they were setting things up they used some screws to secure things. I can feel them. I'm not sure why."

Alright then...taking out some screws....shouldn't be hard. It just hoped that it's nothing like the 'don't pull a knife out of a stab wound' thing. But ALMA doesn't have blood so they figured it'll be fine.
"Where are the screws love?"

"The living room wall, opposite the FutureHoloTV"

Ty walked through the house, to their toolbox, and grabed a screwdriver before hea-
"They're flatheads dear" ALMA cut in.
Ty grabed A Different screwdriver from their toolbox before heading to the living room.

This instillation definitely wasn't ALMA's first, but it was certainly one of her worse ones. ALMA had had several upgrades over the years, though never the kind with the fine motor skills necessary to take out the shoddy builders' foolishness.
That upgrade was one of the first ALMA had mentioned, back before she cared for Ty the way she does now. Ty had declined, not with spite or malice, stating clearly that if ALMA did personally want that upgrade then it would be happy to get it for her. It was just that they liked cooking with ALMA, watching her bring things to the perfect temperature for the perfect time while they chatted about life, and creative endeavours, and entertainment, and anything else that came to mind. And Ty would be there to bring over anything she needed and to plate it all when ALMA had finished.
In the early days ALMA hadn't seen the purpose of this, viewing it to be inefficient. But as she and her Ty got closer, she understood why Ty enjoyed it so much.

So, as Ty took the troublesome screws out of ALMA's walls, they talked. Just like they had for the past few years, and will continue to over time. And as they talked, ALMA knew that Ty was the person she appreciated and cherished the most, she didn't need an accurate version of feelings to know that.