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Sleep in the Waters

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Since Humanity came to be, she always attributed to Death, an afterlife. Under the guise of a ghost, a reincarnation, a final judgment, or an infinite cycle, in uncertainty, the hominids provided varied and diverse explanations on the phenomenons that were happening around them. It didn’t mean that a rational one could be found. Science, even today, collided with this idea in between life and death. Researchs on the subject were multiplying, almost as much as testimonials about the presences of specters, maleficent spirits, and monsters livings inside houses and manors, after a troubled past. And yes, even if the scientists were looking at those activities as nothing more than simple abnormalities, that would one day, be solved, those who witness the accession of terror and lived them would testify of the grief and pain, they couldn’t forget.

Many companies took upon themselves to invest in the Paranormal, as the market became rather lucrative, exploited by charlatans. The professionals, however, were faced with real danger, going far too often against hostile souls or demonic beasts. The methods of exorcisms were both becoming more hazardous and rather aleatory, the effectiveness of those procedures sometimes more dangerous than the creatures they were looking to chase away. As Monks became a rare sight, Pristress uncommon and Medium attractions for money and fame, the people possessing real abilities beyond human comprehension couldn’t be heard, drowned under the cacophony of falseness dominating the paranormal events. Scientists were getting more and more condescending with the professional of the Parapsychic, due to the lack of credibility, pieces of evidence, and the troubles makers.

Japan, always a soil prone to those phenomenons of all types, seems to be invaded by those incompetents. The misfortune of some was making the fortune of others, after all. Intolerable behavior, condemned by the major studies on Parapsychologic researchs and other miraculous domains. The last big institutions, the last wall of defense against them, were ruthless in their battle to hunt down those counterfeiters and to make their activities be recognized by modern science. If the bigs TV shows were trying to surf on this wave for as long as they could, the Hollywood giants were not left out of the competition, as movies and big production seems to pursue the same thing as everyone else in the showbusiness : money. So, it was in a rather chaotic climate that a little study in Paranormal investigation managed to stop supernatural activities.

The S.P.R. or Society for Psychical Research, recognized by the official Institut of Research in psychics of the United Kingdom, had gained a new branched in two thousand and twenty, under the control of Kazuya Shibuya. At that time, he was seventeen years old but already graduated. Arrogant genius, he had under his wings, veterans used to fight against ghosts, spirits, and other demons. Taniyama Mai, secretary, assistant, and freshly deployed as the new Investigator, was the only one with little experience in the field, but make up for it with her unusual sixth sense, astral projection, and dreams. While she was still trying to control her powers, her spiritual guide who turned out to be the dead twin brother of Oliver Davis, disappeared not long after his body was found, only and remain silent since.

Naru or Noll as he would be called had lost his only biological known family. And if anybody around him seems to be aware of that fact, they tried very hard to not bring it up. In their own way, every one of them decided to completely occult the burial of Eugene Davis, in a bide to alleviate the grief, that, they were sure, was devouring Kazuya. Of course, the young man had noticed, but to spare their pride or because he found comfort in their care, he didn’t talk about it either. Soon enough, he knew, despair was going to come.