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By Any Other Name

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“Can I get a name for the order?” Poe asked, even though he already had the cute boy’s name and order memorized. He didn’t even come into the shop that often, so Poe had no excuse for thinking about him as much as he did.

“Finn,” cute boy said. “F-I-N-N.”

Poe scrawled the name onto the coffee cup in his hand, finishing the final n off with a flourish.

“Is that short for something?” he asked, trying to sound casual.

Finn’s eyes widened. “N-no, nothing,” he stammered out, quickly glancing away.

“It’s a cute name,” Poe said quickly. “Suits you.”

He offered a flirtatious smile, and was rewarded with Finn half-smiling back, the almost guilty look melting away.

Poe passed the coffee cup to Rey, who rolled her eyes expressively at him, and he finished the transaction. Finn retreated toward an empty space near the window, and another customer stepped up to the register. They could have been an alien or a bloody corpse carrying their own head under their arm for all Poe noticed, but his friendliest talking-to-customers manner stayed in place.

Poe thought about Leia’s policy on flirting with customers: don’t. Poe thought about Finn’s smile. Poe thought about the enigmatic letters and numbers “FN-2187” printed on his skin where his soulmate’s name should be, and how it kind of looked like “Finn” if you squinted really hard and made a wish. Then he thought, fuck it. This was either going to be the most mortifying thing he’d ever done or the best decision he’d ever made.

Rey had finished Finn’s order. (She was a surprisingly good barista for someone who, left to her own devices, would drink nothing but instant coffee, though her real talent lay in fixing the espresso machine when it was in one of its moods.) Poe all but snatched the cup out of her grip.

The coffee cup in one hand, he called out in his best coffee barker voice, “FN-2187?”

The cute boy started forward automatically. Before he got to the bar he’d realized his mistake, balking and looking at Poe in confusion.

Desperately, Poe thrust out his arm with the firm black letters. “FN-2187? I’m Poe Dameron. I’m your soulmate.”

Finn’s hand went to his own wrist. “It’s you?”

Poe nodded dumbly.

Finn stepped closer, tilting his head to read the soulmark. His hand reached tentatively, as if he needed to touch the letters to confirm they were real, but he stopped himself. Poe wished he hadn’t. The idea of feeling Finn’s fingers on his skin thrilled through him. His heartbeat stuttered.

“It really says FN-2187,” Finn said, a trace of something like exasperation in his voice.

“I like Finn better,” Poe said.