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Kiss Me Not

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“Wait, who am I shooting with?” Kirishima asked his manager on the phone. She called him to remind him of his shoot he has tomorrow.

“Bakugou Katsuki” she responded, he could hear her shuffling a few papers around.

“And I agreed to do it?!” he doesn’t remember agreeing to anything that involved Bakugou.

“Uhh… I may or may have signed you to do it and forgot to inform you about it?” she said apologetically.

“Mina! how many times do I have to tell you to not sign me up in anything without me knowing!” he half yelled into his phone, this was not the first time she has done something like that.

She huffed “oh, come on! he can’t be that /bad/” he could almost hear her eye roll.

he pinched the bridge of his nose, inhaling deeply /why me?/ he thought, pissed. Bakugou was an actor he’d never wanted to shoot with, he’d heard way too many tales of his shitty behavior and attitude on set. He’s hoping that he'd be able to go the rest of his porn career without having to deal with him.

“How much am I getting paid for this?”

“200,000 yens”

holy shit- he never made that much from just one shoot, maybe making one video with Bakugou wasn’t such a bad idea…

“Look, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you about this before I agreed to it, but his videos do make a lot of money-”

“fine, I’ll do it. But next time tell me, okay?”

“Of course I will, promise!” Mina exclaimed “I’m gonna text you his phone number, I got it from his manager so you guys could discuss your roles or whatever”

He's been staring at the number all day, he didn’t know how to start their discussion, he usually met the actors over a cup of coffee with their managers before agreeing on anything, but since Mina decided to skip that step, he was left astray. It’s almost evening now and Kirishima didn’t want to wait any longer since their shoot starts early in the morning, so he took his phone and called the blonde.

It took a few rings before Bakugou answered the call with an annoyed “what?!”

“Um hi, i- is this Bakugou?”

“Whatever you’re selling m’not fucking interested” he sounded like he was about to hang up so Kirishima had to say something fast “wait wait! I’m not selling anything! my name is Kirishima Eijirou, we have a shoot tomorrow!” he said as fast as he could.

There were a quiet few moments then a heavy sigh “the fuck you want?”

Geez what’s his problem “well I thought we could discuss our roles and you know… get to know each other’s preferences?”

Another heavy sigh “m’fine with fucking anything but I don’t do kisses on the lips. got it?”

“Uh… yeah”


And the line went silent. Kirishima looked at his phone to make sure that, yup, he hung up “asshole” he said to his phone.

He took the liberty to do a little ‘research’ on Bakugou since he didn’t get anything from him, and he was right, he’s very versatile in his field,
he did a lot of oral -swallowing in almost all of them- he seemed like he preferred to bottom, and the dude was loud. Kirishima would lie if he said he wasn’t turned on when he watched Bakugou’s videos, hell, he even got off on one of them.

He went to bed hoping that the shoot would go as smoothly as possible without getting into any type of issues with Bakugou’s attitude.


Kirishima looked around, trying to catch a glimpse of Bakugou before the shoot started, but he was nowhere to be found. He was already mentally preparing himself for meeting him, the infamous Bakugou Katsuki. So famous and adored by his fans but so hated by his fellow actors. Was he hot? sure. Was he good at the craft? definitely. But was he an asshole? for sure.

“Nervous?” Mina asked, interrupting his train of thoughts

“Nah, just mentally preparing myself for the shoot” he waved her off, he’s done this scenario too many times, typical roommate walking in to him masturbating and then they start fucking.

“Getting ready to shoot in three minutes!” one of the production assistants called out, and a stylist hurried over to Kirishima, hairbrush in hand, he nicely told her his hair didn’t need any touch up, already styled in his signature spikes.

“Hope it goes alright! and if he’s a dick to you, I’ll punch him” she pumped her fist in the air for emphasis.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it,” he said laughing “it’s just porn”

The shoot started and Bakugou was still nowhere to be found, Kirishima shrugged and went into his position on the bed, Bakugou will probably show up in time for his part. He shoved his sweats down just enough to expose his dick and balls, and started pumping his soft cock, he closed his eyes to live in the moment better, forgetting about the camera and the crew and just felt himself getting hard, tightening his grip and twisting his wrist the way he liked it. A breathy moan escaped his lips as he wiped his thumb over the slit and spread the precum around the head.

His mind wandered when Bakugou's part would start, wanting to peek and see if he’s already there waiting but didn’t, the director seemed to be pleased with what Kirishima was doing so far so he continued getting himself off.

“Oi, the fuck you’re doin’?” a gruff voice broke through, he opened his eyes to meet Bakugou’s scowl.

Holy fuck he’s so hot in person. He’s wearing a skin-tight black tank top that hugged his body sinfully, accentuating the slight swell of his pecs and his narrow waist “h-hey man! don’t you know how to knock?!” Kirishima tried his best to make his stumbled words as if it was part of the act, scrambling to barely cover himself with his hand.

“I did knock, idiot” Bakugou scoffed and crossed his arms “but you were too busy” he nodded towards Kirishima’s crotch and smirked.

Idiot?! that wasn’t part of the script, they barely started and Bakugou is already rude to him. Kirishima fought the urge to tell him off. Instead he waited for Bakugou to say his next line and get this scene over with.

Bakugou walked closer until he stood at the edge of the bed, his smirk grew bigger until he was smiling wickedly “looks like ya got your hands full in there” he winked.

God there was something about that cocky face that made Kirishima despise him, made him believe all the nasty rumors about him without much of a second thought, and surprisingly that cocky face also made him wanted to fuck him until he wiped that look off his face.

“I wouldn’t mind an extra hand” Kirishima said in his best seductive voice, he trailed his gaze over Bakugou’s figure, his eyes landing on the tent that was beginning to form on Bakugou’s crotch. He felt his face heat up /shit get it together! this is just porn/ he thought and snapped his eyes to meet to Bakugou’s, he still had that fucking cocky smug, grazing his tongue over his fangs looking at him like he’s some kind of a piece of meat. How can someone look so arrogant and hot at the same time?!

Bakugou didn’t waste any more time, he climbed the bed and straddled Kirishima’s lap, he pulled the waistband of his sweats down, exposing his cock, and lined it up with Kirishima’s. Bakugou spat on his hand, held both their dicks and started stroking them. Their faces were so close to each other, their noses were touching, hot breaths mingling together. Kirishima had his hands on Bakugou’s small waist, he moved them up and under his tank top, feeling his chiseled abs, they felt like they were made out of stone, he’s pretty sure Bakugou was flexing them, the fucker.

Kirishima slowly moved his hands until he cupped Bakugou’s pecs, his fingers skimmed over perky nipples and heard a little gasp escape Bakugou’s mouth, that made Kirishima smirk “a little sensitive in here, are we?” he teased gruffly, he jerked his hips making their dicks rub against each other under Bakugou’s hand.

Bakugou clenched his teeth and scowled “fuck off” he said through gritted teeth, but the pink shade that was forming in his cheeks were a dead giveaway that he clearly was embarrassed so Kirishima took this chance to tease Bakugou some more, he lifted his tank top and sucked on one of his pink nipples, making the blonde gasp loudly. He flicked the bud with his tongue and played around before he grazed his sharp to the sensitive skin, earning him a muffled moan.

His eyes traveled up to see Bakugou holding the tank top between his teeth, his face contorted in restrained pleasure. Kirishima smirked as he bit down the nub in his mouth, allowing Bakugou to jerk and arch his back, the wet fabric escaping his mouth with a groan.

“Fuck! No biting, asshole.” He placed one hand on Kirishima’s shoulders, squeezing the meaty muscles. The redhead licked around the offended nipple, having grown red and obscenely swollen. It looked pretty around heavy tits that filled up his entire palm.

He couldn’t get enough.

Bakugou resumed his stroking around their cocks, his hand warm with precise moves that mixed both their precum, sliding up to the tips and down to squeeze the bases together in one delicious motion. Kirishima groaned against plush mounds, his tongue lapping around puffy nipples like a starved dog, his hand flicking the other nipple, teasing and twisting just to hear those lovely sounds Bakugou keeps making, he sure is loud.

“Enough with the nipple play, fuck me Red!” Bakugou demanded, his hand leaving their leaking cocks and getting off entirely. He removed all of his clothes and stood there for Kirishima to admire and drool over his narrow waist, leading down to shapely hips that hosted the prettiest cock he has ever seen.

“Quit staring!” Bakugou snapped, Kirishima arched one eyebrow, this little blonde has a bad mouth and he knows of some ways to keep it occupied.

“On your knees” He let out an order, his usual happy voice gone and replayed with a deep, raspy baritone that edged Bakugou to comply. The blonde was kneeling, his face coming close to the exposed heavy cock in front of him, he visibly gulped but his eyes twinkled in excitement.

/Such a whore/.

Kirishima took his achingly hard cock in hand, giving in a few strokes before he directed its head to Bakugou, a silent command. Bakugou did a little suggestive bend, for the camera behind him to capture his perky ass and how his little hole fluttered and winked to it. Before long, his mouth touched the underside of Kirishima’s cock, sending a shiver down his spine and bucking his hips, the little shit had a huge smirk on, his sinful tongue licking up the precum along the entire length in slow, purposeful moves.

Kirishima was about to say something, but was interrupted when Bakugou swallowed the head inside his mouth and sucked in his cheeks, it had the desired effect, because Kirishima rolled his head back, eyes closed and moaned up to the ceiling.

Fuck that felt good.

Bakugou lowered his mouth down the huge length that was Kirishima’s cock that kept getting thicker and thicker, but he was obviously a pro at the cocksucking game, because he just kept going, lips stretched wide on a massive girth when it hit its base, the whole cock lodged inside a warm, welcoming heat while the head rested snuggly down Bakugou’s throat.

The scene was ridiculously hot, the cameraman closing in to take the best shot of excellent deepthroating. Bakugou laid still, aware he’s being filmed and breathing through his nose. Kirishima was vibrating out of his skin, wanting nothing but to thrust inside the delicious hot mouth, his hips shaking in restraint, he breathed out, sweat trickling down his back and he just had to take off his shirt. With a quick shift, he removed the stifling article and threw it out somewhere out of shot, his hands laid on his sides, too afraid to do anything but wait for the blonde to move, only when the cameraman was back to his original spot, Bakugou started to ascend on his cock, his tongue swirling around the shaft as he moved up.

“Ughh.” Kirishima groaned, unable to hold back his voice. Bakugou’s eyes fluttered open, looking up to meet crimson red. He kept eye contact while he descended once again down a throbbing cock.

“So good.” Kirishima praised, his hand brushing blonde curls from a sweaty forehead. Bakugou hummed, pleased as he started sucking in earnest, his head bobbing sloppy with lewd, squelching sounds. He masterfully swallowed, drool coming off the edge of his lips and the outline of a cock sliding visible down his delicate neck. Bakugou moved his hands to fish out heavy balls from inside Kirishima’s sweatpants, he fondled them and squeezed.

All the while, Kirishima was a panting mess. His hands grabbing firmly around Bakugou’s hair, tugging and letting out drawn out breaths to suppress the pleasure coursing through his body, Bakugou’s mouth felt so warm and wet, just fucking divine. Kirishima’s hips bucked, snapping forward to choke the blonde in place. Just keeping his cock lodged down a tight throat that squeezed involuntarily around him, he couldn’t hold it any longer, his knees shook, just as he let out a loud grunt while he cummed down Bakugou’s welcoming throat.

The blonde was stuck in a vice grip, forced to swallow the thick cum dumped inside his mouth, trying not to miss a drop. Kirishima sighed, a shudder running across his spine as he flopped back to the mattress behind him. Bakugou stood up, swiping the dribble of cum on his chin with a cocky smirk “already tired, big guy?”

Kirishima arched an eyebrow, his own smile spreading wide and menacing “oh you wish, pretty boy.”


The camera spanned sideways, taking a long shot of Kirishima ploughing Bakugou in a doggystyle position. The redhead had his hands circled in a vicious grip around a small waist, his big cock thrusting in and out of a wet hole with lewd, squelching sounds of so much lube and the two previous loads of cum he generously pumped inside Bakugou.

“Hhnng!” Bakugou moaned. He was a mess, his face plastered to a ruined pillow, covered in drool, sweat and cum. His eyes were glazed over and mouth open perpetually as he let out cries and out of breath whines.

“You like that?” Kirishima pushed in, rough and raw while his massive balls slapped against skin and the sound erupted across the room. Bakugou cried at the new intense speed, his insides stretched wide over and over around a colossal length. It touched the deepest, most delicious pleasure spots inside of him and he saw stars “Ah! Ah! No… I’m cum—cumminggg…”

Kirishima could feel the walls around his cock convulsing and the way it milked him was heavenly, he couldn’t help pulling out and sliding right back in slowly, eager to taste and hold on to the sweet heat squeezing around him.

“Shhhitt!!” he groaned, burying himself as deep as the hilt, his cock twitching while it gave out another shot of thick cum and Bakugou was coming down from his high, his third orgasm as of yet, and all without having to touch himself, his chest heaved with the intensity of his release, flushed all over and tingling with just the perfect twist of overstimulation. The camera zoomed in on the exact moment when Kirishima pulled out, the perfect creampie shot when flows of white cum poured out from a puffy, leaking hole.

“So pretty.” Kirishima praised, his hands kneading the tender skin of flushed cheeks, goading more cum to spurt out of the used hole. Bakugou didn’t answer, his brain frazzled and tongue tied and only capable of incoherent sounds, such as the one he let out when Kirishima turned him on his back and immediately dove in to lick around Bakugou’s chest. With deliberate moves, Kirishima kissed all the way up to suck on Bakugou’s neck, adding more hard and purposeful bruises that colored his pale skin.


The lighting changed, adding more fluorescent shade to the bed where Bakugou was riding Kirishima in a reverse cow position.

The blonde jumped, his tits bouncing up and down as he impaled himself on a thick cock, all for the camera to capture it perfectly. His little cock uselessly jiggled, unimportant and forgotten. Bakugou’s mind was too occupied with the girthy meat splitting him in half. His tongue lolling out with a fucked out look as he moaned obscenely like a whore. Kirishima was pleased, his face grinning just as he slapped Bakugou’s ass every time the blonde’s movement slowed down one bit, the impact would award him a high pitched squeal and a delicious squeeze around his cock.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh Fuck! So big! Ugh so fucking big!” Bakugou chanted, eyes closed as he delved into a sweet headspace where only the cock rearranging his guts mattered. Another slap sounded on his ass, making him jerk and bounce faster- harder, to chase that exquisite pleasure and its sweet release. Kirishima was being so patient, holding back to let Bakugou take charge and fuck himself on his cock, but he couldn’t hold it back, his hips shook in need to thrust up and plant himself deeper, his hands squeezed Bakugou’s hips, making him halt and settle down against himself. The blonde whined and shot back a dirty look.

“Don’t pout, sweet kitten” before Bakugou could object to the pet name, Kirishima dug his heels into the mattress and pushed up with a precise buck of his hips. Bakugou choked, then processed to drool once Kirishima started on a rough, brutal pace that dragged the thick cock within tight walls just to hit even deeper. The head was slicking up its way with delectable precum that kept leaking out, frothing old cum down his thighs whenever the length would slide out and Kirishima would somehow thrust even harder to make Bakugou wail. The blonde couldn’t hold upright, he fell back against a sturdy chest, the position a little awkward but hell it felt so fucking good.

“Yes! Yes! Keep going! Oh shit!” He moaned, breath short and eyes rolled to the back of his skull. Kirishima groaned deep in his throat, his arms moving up to grope two fat tits, squeezing and pulling the nipples hard as he kept drilling into the sweetest ass he’s ever fucked. He nibbled at one ear, just as he felt delicious clamping of muscles around his cock, an indication Bakugou was close.

“Are you gonna cum princess?” Bakugou grunted, displeased with the pet names but unable to stop how his body reacted to them. His cock was painfully hard and the way Kirishima’s cockhead kept hitting his prostate with every new thrust made him cry out loud. The tightness in his gut was unfurling, just a little bit more and he’ll fucking tip over the edge, he’s exhausted and has been manhandled in so many different positions, but he aches for another release. Kirishima wasn’t far off either, feeling Bakugou’s body tighten and his impending orgasm so close made him push himself even further, even as his knees wobbled beneath him, he needed to plant his cum deep more and more, he wanted it to be the only thing Bakugou’s body ever craved.

“So fucking tight! Fuckkkk I’m gonna fill you with my cum!” once the words were out, both of them came at the same time with high pitched screams and guttural groans that made fucking excellent porn.


The camera was still rolling, a silent request from the director to keep going and being a porn star Kirishima’s stamina was nowhere of being low so he was happy to oblige and without hesitation he flipped their bodies so Bakugou would be laying on his back and he was hovering over him. Kirishima easily lifted the blonde’s legs to rest on his shoulders and guided his cock back into the swollen rim and started mercilessly pounding into Bakugou.

Bakugou’s breath caught in his throat, he’s looking at Kirishima with half lidded eyes and his gaze was becoming increasingly unfocused as the redhead continued his brutal fucking.

“Fuck, so tight still” Kirishima groaned, throwing his back in pleasure. Bakugou’s mouth moved but no sound came out, he merely stared up at him, his forehead creased as each thrust forced more breath out of him. Kirishima lowered himself down onto his forearms and their faces were so close to each other and he swore he saw Bakugou lift his head almost bringing their lips together.

Was he… /was he about to kiss him?/

He’s the one who requested no kisses and Kirishima was totally fine with that, so why-

His thoughts were promptly interrupted as Bakugou stole his breath, taking advantage of his parted lips and pushing his tongue past Kirishima’s mouth forcing it to dance with his own tongue. Bakugou’s mouth was hot in his, forcing his lips wide open as he effectively stupefied him, wiping his mind blank of any thoughts, his movements were getting sluggish which made Bakugou growl “don’t fucking stop.”

Kirishima picked up the pace, bucking into Bakugou hard and quick, and soon enough the blonde was moaning into his mouth and arching his back making their sweaty chests rub against each other as he reached his orgasm. Bakugou wrapped his hands around Kirishima’s torso to grasp at his broad back, leaving angry red marks where his nails clawed at the flesh. Kirishima didn’t mind, could barely feel any pain, the only thing he was remotely aware of was the taste of Bakugou’s lips and the way his hole continuously convulsed around his dick, as if begging him not to leave.

He was so painfully close yet he was doing all he could to hold on just a while longer, to keep this feeling, to keep Bakugou feeling good-

“Fuck!” Kirishima hissed, his cock twitched violently as he came inside, white spurts of cum painting Bakugou’s walls. Bakugou leaned upwards meeting his lips once more, stifling Kirishima’s guttural groans as he let himself go. Kirishima nearly collapsed on top of Bakugou, leaving his cock inside of him to twitch in unison with his spent hole, their combined fluids leaking out and onto the bed.

“Cut! good job you two!” the director called out and immediately Kirishima was brought back to the reality of the situation, he said it himself before

/it’s porn… it was just porn/ so why was he suddenly feeling empty?

He tiredly looked at Bakugou’s face, just inches from him, he kept his eyes closed, his cheeks glistening with a sheen of sweat and a part of Kirishima had the urge to stroke it, to entangle his fingers in blonde soft hair, but he repressed the urge, attributing it to some post-orgasm craze.

/Right this is just porn/ he thought, trying to ignore the small lump in his throat that had risen at the thought.

“Good job, Kiri!” Mina said while coming towards Kirishima with some clothes and a towel “take the rest of the day to relax” she gave a knowing look as she handed him the items.

“Ah, thank you” Kirishima mumbled, awkwardly untangling his body from Bakugou who unwillingly got up facing the other way, probably in pursuit of his own manager.

“Was it bad?” Mina whispered while looking curiously at Bakugou’s retreating figure.

“No, no! It was good… but it would be nice to rest though” Kirishima replied quietly as he wrapped the towel around himself. Mina nodded understandingly “come on I’ll take you home, and call me later if you need anything” Kirishima smiled gratefully, pulling on the shirt she gave him.


Later that night he found himself still thinking about Bakugou, goosebumps seemingly permanently raised along the areas he touched /this is so fucking stupid/ he thought, annoyed.

He leaned on his elbow along the edge of the bathtub, careful not to knock his laptop, he thought a warm bath and an episode of his favorite show would get his mind back to normal, but that wasn’t even enough. Irritated, he grabbed his phone and scrolled through twitter, mindlessly reading through his feed when a message from Bakugou popped up

Bakugou: [hey]

That's all what the message read.

Kirishima’s heart pounded in his chest and his fingers almost immediately swiped to his message tap /is this real?/

Bakugou: [is this a bad time?]

Hesitant, Kirishima lifted his hand to the keyboard, pausing to think of a response

Kirishima: [hi]

Kirishima: [no this isn’t a bad time]

[Bakugou sent a voice message]

/A voice message? holy shit/ Kirishima thought wondering if he's even mentally prepared for whatever he sent. He pressed on the play button after he tried and failed to calm his beating heart

“Fuck… I can’t stop thinking about you, can we talk?”