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Greenalicious Eyes.

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Malleus is nearing an overblot, the skies have been all but blue, clouded with thunderous storms inching nearer and nearer to NRC. Dealing with such an explosive force of magic seems impossible… except, there may be a way, if you’re witty enough; not with force, but perhaps, with words.

The wizard stands before you, emerald eyes menacing, staring down at the figure of a panicked prefect, stumbling over their words and their feet. It’s useless to use brute force against one of the most powerful wizards in Twisted Wonderland, so you’ve come up with another idea. Finesse the guy into feeling better, flirt with him until his face grows red from endearment, not anger.

“Malleus, love, have you realized how gorgeous your emerald eyes are?”

There you went. You’ve said it.

Malleus posed a puzzled look, were you not afraid? Everyone is. Despite how he’s wanted to be in someone’s company, despite how he’s wanted to be included in at least something, all he could see was terror in their eyes. You have that same look of terror, yet why are you calling him love? Complimenting him?

“Despite how upset you may be, I can see their sparkle. The same glowing green as when we first met.” Malleus takes a few steps closer to you, the thunder still persists, and although it may be your imagination, the shocks seem to have grown quieter.

“S-seeing you so up close, the way your lashes flutter as you blink is mystifyingly sca- I MEAN SENSUAL YES SENSUAL YOU ARE VERY ATTRACTIVE!”
Words escaped your lungs in a panic, screaming right at the face of a furious dragon. You quickly shut your eyes, arms guarding your scrunched up face, too afraid to look at what’s in front of you. Malleus still stood right in front of you, and you knew it. His presence was too overbearing not to notice.

Yet you knew you had to face the reality of the situation. Shutting your eyes forever won't prevent him from possibly destroying the entire campus, the whole world, even. Slowly, but surely, you open your eyes and peek through your guarded arms. Rather than the furious face that could scare the living shit out of the magic mirror itself that you’d expected, his expression was… soft?

It was the only way to describe it. He could only stare in disbelief, his eyes bewildered, yet affectionate. Your hands reach out to cup his cheeks, faintly tinted with rose. Now you don't know if the words you’ve said were only to calm him down anymore; reminiscent of when you were jokingly flirting with one of your homies, then before you knew it you were making out.

“Yes, gorgeous, nothing short of magnificent, those eyes are.”