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What You Need to Get Rid of Your Fear

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Fear Resistance is Yoojin's mental lifeline. Being surrounded by S class hunters every day as an F class, he ought to have a great mental condition or else he won’t even be able to stand. Yoojin has experiences being around some of those people while his Fear Resistance was dropped to C class thanks to Song Taewon; it was not good for his mental health. Yerim had also subdue him once with the great presence of an L class. As an F class, without Fear Resistance, he would be thrown side to side.

That’s why Yoojin doesn’t want to turn it off ever again when he’s outside. It’s only safe to turn off in the safety of his house, and Yoohyun. 

But shit, Hyunjae always got something on him.

It was just as usual; Yoojin asked Hyunjae for a help and told the older guy that he’d owe him a favor since it was urgent. Yoojin thought Hyunjae would just ask him to go to the dungeon with him to use the doubling effect skill. He never thought that the man would ask him to turn off his Fear Resistance.

“No are you crazy?” Yoojin was quick to decline.

“Why? You told me you owe me a favor. You should not go back on your words, Yoojin-gun.”

“No, you can ask me something else. It was bad enough when my Fear Resistance was at C class. What do you think I’ll be like if I turn it off?”

“On your knees, probably?”

Yoojin feels his ears heating up. This guy is always like this. Is it that fun teasing an F class? Well, if an F class dares to use you –an S class- all he likes, then he guesses the S class can get annoyed too. But still! Turning off Fear Resistance is too much!

“I can’t. I won’t be able to do anything if you decide to-“ use me, he wanted to say, but he changes it up a bit. “I don’t know. Do something I don’t want.”

“I’m hurt that you think I will force you to do something you don’t want–”

“You already are. Right now.”

“–but rest assured. Yoojin-gun is formerly my item, and now you’re my partner. I won’t do you any harm. When I said I care about you, I really meant it. I won’t make you do anything bad.” Hyunjae took his time to explain it to Yoojin like he really wants this favor. Which is weird in Yoojin’s eyes because if he really meant what he said, then what does he want him do with Fear Resistance off?

Yoojin frowns, still feeling wary. They are still in Hyunjae’s house right now after going back from a dungeon. In Hyunjae’s bedroom, to be exact. No one would help him right now if Hyunjae do anything to him here since everyone seems to believe that their guild leader is affectionate towards him somehow and therefore wouldn’t harm him.

“I can even make a contract, if you want. Saying I won’t force you to do something you don’t want.”

A contract. Yoojin is omnipotent against contracts, but Hyunjae is not. Does he really want it that badly?

“... You really want this, don’t you?”

Hyunjae answers him with a dazzling smile. “Right now, I only want this from my partner.”

Yoojin keeps silent for a while, his eyes glancing everywhere as he thinks. Hyunjae does look like he meant everything he said, and Yoojin is sure that the guild leader won’t harm him too. He even offered to make a contract. Yoojin is not sure what Hyunjae wants from him with his Fear Resistance off, but if it’s just that then… It should not be a big deal, right? Maybe he just wants to see the rare side of his F class partner being in a scared state –since he always looks fearless–. Who knows what’s on an S class’ mind?

Finally, Yoojin lets out a breath. “Okay, if you really want it that bad. But promise me you mean everything you said.”

“I promise.”

“Ugh, and I will immediately turn it on again if I feel in danger.”

“You won’t.”

He sounds sure. It also sounds suspicious in Yoojin’s ears. But anyway, a favor is a favor.

“I regret letting you know I can turn off my Fear Resistance. Why did I trust you with that knowledge." Yoojin sighs, a hand over his forehead. He kind of realized this thing about himself recently. He trusts his S class hunters a little too much and tells them about his abilities because he believes they won't harm him. But he never thought they'll somehow use it against him in another way. This is not the first time it backfires on him.

"I will find out about that sooner or later." Hyunjae shrugs like it's a known fact. Of course he will; one way or another. Yoojin also realizes that fact, which is why he does not cling to his regret for too long.

"Alright,” Yoojin takes a deep breath as he closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes again, he opens his skill window and prepares his himself –mentally– to turn Fear Resistance off. “I’m turning it off.”

The moment it turns off, Yoojin feels his heart rate multiplied several times. He could hear it in his own ears and his feet suddenly feel like jelly as they hardly support his own weight. He doesn’t dare looking up from the floor and meet eyes with Hyunjae. He doesn’t try either. The pressure of an S class in front of him is already too strong on its own, and the fact that this particular S class is more on the dangerous side doubles the effect as well. His stomach is churning in fear. Yoojin knows this better than anyone. With Fear Resistance off, his position in front of Hyunjae would instantly crumbles. They are no longer on equal footing.

That’s actually why he doesn’t want to do this.


Shiver runs down his spine at the mention of his name. Low voice with amusement and force makes his body shakes visibly. Yoojin brings his hands up to hug himself in an attempt to control his fear.

Shit. It’s much worse than when his Fear Resistance was degraded to C class.

When he finally can’t go against the strong presence of an S class exuding their aura, Yoojin falls down and avoids lifting his head up while his eyes are clasped shut.

When he is too scared to even move, he can’t see the amusement on the S class’ face. Hyunjae is looking at the crumbling body in front of him with great interest. He never looks away from the weak body of the F class that is finally reacting to his presence like all F class should. But this is Han Yoojin. This F class is a special case for him.

If it was any other F class, Hyunjae wouldn’t even look at them. But this is Han Yoojin. The F class that’s never afraid of going against him and even dares to declare that they are on equal footings. Hyunjae is a high-level S class with pride as tall as a mountain. He cares about class hierarchy and never hides that fact. However, Yoojin’s rebellious actions attracted Hyunjae. Sometimes it can be annoying too, but Hyunjae holds it in. It is Yoojin. He can make exceptions if it’s for Yoojin.

It’s because Yoojin brought back the excitement in his life. He is not sure of it himself; when exactly did he start to harbor a feeling like this towards the F class? Sure Yoojin is interesting, but he is a mere F class. Actually, well, until he is not. Yoojin is more than his class. Hyunjae figured that out pretty quickly. Yoojin is alert towards him, but never afraid. Even when he is in a condition like this without his Fear Resistance, literally bowing at him, Hyunjae feels like that’s just because of the classes difference law, not because Yoojin is actually afraid of him.

But still, it’s rare to see Yoojin lose his self-control. This stubborn F class always has something to say or do, and he never bows down to anyone. It’s rare to see Yoojin so weak like this.

Hyunjae likes it.

His feet approach the F class that has not looked up even once after turning off his Fear Resistance skill. He could see the weak body visibly flinches and instinctively moves away only to fall down on his butt. His mind must be scared senseless right now to not even let him maintain his balance.

Now, Yoojin is on the floor, eyes still looking down, one of his hands brought up in front of him as if to defend himself.

How cute. So weak and submissive. This is how an F class should act in front of him. A cold smile grows on Hyunjae’s handsome face.

When Hyunjae is right in front of Yoojin, he kneels in front of the trembling body. Their distance is closer now and Hyunjae can see it more clearly. The trembles in Yoojin’s body.

“Yoojin-gun. I’m calling you.”

He could see the F class opens his mouth to answer, but it closes again and his adam’s apple moves up and down to calm himself down before answering. When the response comes, it’s a soft and shaky voice.


Hyunjae’s eyes blink once. A rare glint flashes in his eyes. His smile becoming slanted.

“You look cute like this. If you’re in your usual state, you would never speak to me with your voice like that.”

He wants to hear more.

“Wh-what do you-“                  

“Yoojin-gun.” This time, Hyunjae deliberately induce more pressure into his voice. He wants to see just how much he could corner the F class with his voice alone.

The effect is greater than he thought it would be. Yoojin flinches in his place and his figure becomes smaller, like he wants to hide himself. The head is bowing even more behind his hand.

Cute. Hyunjae thought. Yoojin has always been cute in his eyes, but Yoojin is always too composed for his own good. Sometimes, Hyunjae wants to see his partner in his vulnerable state too.

“I promised you I won’t hurt you, right? Why are you afraid?” Hyunjae maintains the pressure in his voice, scaring the F class every time a word comes out of his mouth. It takes Yoojin a while for himself to answer. Responding once again in a soft and shaky voice.

“I’m F– class. I don’t think I can, help it.”

Still as hard-headed as a stone. Talking back to him even when he’s scared senseless. But that’s also part of why Hyunjae likes Yoojin in the first place. It wouldn’t be Yoojin if he were quick to give up. Someone like that is not worth his time.

“Why? I’m just a mere S class, right?”

“Can’t you just let that go? You’re so petty- Aaah…”

Hyunjae doesn’t let the F class gets used to his pressure. Yoojin is now curling even smaller in his position.

“You’re so behaved when you’re like this. I’m thinking about our former relationship, Yoojin-gun. I like you as my item.”

Unexpectedly, this time Yoojin doesn’t answer. Hyunjae thought that surely Yoojin would start cursing him or telling him to rid of the possessive case, even though he has to fight the tremble in his voice just to say that, but Yoojin is unexpectedly quiet. Hyunjae’s smile disappears as he asks the F class if there's any problem.

“Something wrong, Yoojin-gun?” His voice is slightly laced with concern and he doesn’t hide it. Then he sees Yoojin trying to lift his head. A couple of tears are threatening to fall down from his eyes. Yoojin was like this as well when his Fear Resistance was screwed by Song Taewon, but that was because Hyunjae forced Yoojin to tell him the truth behind his chest scar by pressuring the poor F class. This time, Yoojin knows he is safe. So why the tears?


“Ah it’s nothing,” The shaky voice tries to answer, both his hands come up to wipe on his tears. “You know your aura– God, chill for a moment can’t you?”

Hyunjae complies for once. He tones down his own aura following the request of his dear partner. After all, Yoojin’s well-being is his best interest. Now that the pressure is not as big as before, Yoojin‘s figure relaxes a bit, though the tremble is impossible to shake away.

“Thank you. So as you know, it takes great courage for an F class to confront an S class.” Yoojin speaks a bit more clearly now that Hyunjae is going easy on him. His eyes try to maintain a bit of contact with Hyunjae’s, but it doesn’t last long before he has to look down again.

“Yes. Yoojin-gun’s been pretty well thanks to your Fear Resistance.”

“Yes. That’s right. So right now, as much as I want to, I can’t refute you.”

Hyunjae catches the implication behind those words. Yoojin won’t admit it with his own mouth, but he implies on it. Yoojin started to tear up when Hyunjae teased him about…

“Oh, I don’t know you’re that affected about that.”

His item. Their relationship before was somewhat that of an item and its owner. Yoojin himself didn’t look to mind it that much at that time, but now that their relationship has improved –though, it was a bit regrettable on Hyunjae’s side since he couldn’t call Yoojin his item anymore–, it’s understandable why Yoojin is upset after hearing him saying that he wants their relationship to get back like before.

Yoojin worked hard to improve their status with each other but right now, he wouldn’t have the courage to give Hyunjae a retort after the S class said that kind of thing so Yoojin must have been stressed to a point where his eyes watered. Even though Yoojin most probably knows that Hyunjae is just teasing him, his emotion is all over the place right now, the farthest from rationality to be able to judge things correctly.

“I’m sorry for being insensitive, Yoojin-gun. But do you know how cute you are right now?” His tone when saying that was mixed between actually feeling sorry and amused. Only Yoojin can make him like this.

“Shut up– Ah ah ah I’m sorry, tone it down tone it down.”

Yoojin had relaxed for a bit now and he should have already dealt with his insecurity on that matter. He should have known by now that Hyunjae was just teasing him without the guy having to confirm it himself, so Hyunjae gets back to putting a bit more pressure than before, making Yoojin begs in reflex.

It is actually amazing how even without Fear Resistance, Yoojin is still not broken down to pieces. Ordinary F classes would have beg him for their lives even when they know he doesn’t intend on hurting them. That’s not pathetic. That’s just how the natural law works for the difference in their class.

Should he push Yoojin more?

“You should think about your well-being more, Yoojin-gun. You’re in front of an S class right now. Submit.”

In front of his eyes, Hyunjae sees the F class moves under his pressure, slowly bowing his body in a shaky manner.

“You remind me of… Song Taewon-ssi.” After a few tense moments that look like Yoojin struggling with himself, the F class finally can’t hold himself up anymore and drops his head to the floor while his hands are trying to support his own body so that he doesn’t fall down completely.

Hyunjae’s eyes gleam. Inside him, there is something. A weird feeling. It feels pleasant. Something about Yoojin submitting himself to him…

You really are special, Yoojin-gun.

“Good. This is how it should be, right? Yoojin-gun? But don't mention other people when it's just the two of us. I believe you won't do that again so I'm letting you go.” More. Hyunjae adds on more pressure. This time with a little bit of threat. Of course he wouldn't actually hurt Yoojin, but a little bit of spice should be okay.

The body in front of him is shaking even more uncontrollably. Suddenly, he hears a muffled voice coming through gritted teeth. “Stop– Hyunjae it’s too, much.” At the end of his words, Yoojin even gags on himself as if he’d been holding himself from vomiting from the terrible pressure.

"What if I break my promise, Yoojin-gun?" Hyunjae says to follow up with his threat. He is having fun watching Yoojin freezes in his spot. When Hyunjae moves closer, the F class shoots back and lifts both of his hands up as if to protect himself.

"N-no, you won't." It's like Yoojin is trying to tell that to himself instead of Hyunjae.

"How do you know that?" Hyunjae reaches out his hand towards Yoojin, and the guy shrinks back even more. He looks like a rabbit in front of a wolf. Hyunjae stops midways in consideration.

"No, don't! Please, please don't. Please stop." The voice coming out of Yoojin's mouth was filled with fear and resignment. It shakes so badly that Hyunjae almost feels bad. But that was just something that comes out of the instinct of an F class. Yoojin wouldn't knowingly beg Hyunjae not to harm him since Hyunjae himself has made it clear several times that he cares about his partner.

However, something is really interesting. Yoojin is pushed to this point. But it's not like he's in a dead-end. He can turn his Fear Resistance back on, but he doesn’t despite the fact that Hyunjae is threatening him right now. Instead, he goes as far as to beg the S class.

Does Yoojin really meant his request?

Or does he secretly like it that he doesn’t even think of turning his Fear Resistance back on?

In any case, Hyunjae likes it that Yoojin does not turn it back on.

“So obedient. Even though you can turn your Fear Resistance back on. Say, Yoojin-gun.” Hyunjae leans forward, moving closer to the guy that has been filling in his boring everyday life. He puts more pressure into his next words, making Yoojin groans. “You’re not being forced right now, right?”



Fuck. Why would I even agree to this request in the first place? I know I can’t do shit without Fear Resistance and now this bastard is having fun watching me reel in fear.

Luckily I don’t feel that ashamed because it’s natural for an F class to be afraid of an S class. I’ve always been an exception since the beginning. But still, I should’ve not do this.

His force is terrible. I already know this but Hyunjae is ruthless. He had rejected my teacher teacher skill twice, and the second time was when Taewon had my Fear Resistance degraded to C class. This guy wouldn’t care less about my mental well-being.

However, I can still endure it. I’ve been living and facing countless shits being thrown at me. Especially this time when I know that Hyunjae wouldn’t do anything to harm me, I should be fine. It still doesn’t get rid of my upturned stomach though. He wouldn’t hurt me, but scary is scary, and he’s the scariest person I know. Not that I’ll say that to him ever again. It’s enough I blurted out my feeling once.

Still, no matter how uncomfortable this is, it’s a favor. I’m not someone who eats without paying. This much should be fine. Watch me reel in fear as much as you want, you freak.

I can endure this much. It’s okay. Though I feel like something was holding my neck down when I finally let my head bow on the floor. He was not touching me, but my mind convinced my body that he was, causing me to be unable to lift my head. It was the same case when he suddenly threaten to break his promise. I knew he wouldn't, but my nature as an F class made me beg him not to.

And he’s still applying more pressure into his aura. Does he want to break me or something?

But then, even after pushing this far, he has the guts to make me self-reflect.

“So obedient. Even though you can turn your Fear Resistance back on. Say, Yoojin-gun. You’re not being forced right now, right?”

What the fuck does he mean by that? Does he want me to turn my Fear Resistance back on? Because I will gladly do that, but I don’t think it’s just that. I don’t think that’s what he actually meant.

Then… Is he asking about why I’m not turning Fear Resistance back on?

“Are you secretly liking it?”

My eyes blown wide at his question. I don’t know if it’s because of the fear or something else, but each of his questions sound like a spell to me. His questions make me honest even to my own self. Fuck.

Am I secretly liking it? Having him put me in my place, being subdued by fear? Am I enjoying it? I’ll be crazy if I do. But…

“… What– nonsense. Seriously, can you stop?” My own voice doesn’t feel like it comes from me. I actually heard a weak whimper at the end. Like I’m at the edge of crying.

Oh shit I don’t know what I’m feeling. I just know it’s too much. If he keeps on pushing me I would surely break down.

“I promised you I won’t force you to do something that you don’t want to. You do know that if you really don’t want to, you can just turn your Fear Resistance back on, right?”

I mean he’s right, but… ugh. Why don’t I just turn it back on? Am I actually liking this situation? Holy shit that can’t be. Why should I like being humiliated by him?

Shit. Should I just, turn it back on? But he was asking me for this. It was his request to turn off my Fear Resistance. But if I don’t turn it back on then it’s no different than me admitting his accusation.

“Look at me, Yoojin-gun.”

His voice sounds softer above me, but it still sends me shiver. A different kind of shiver. I don’t know if my mind is still playing tricks on me or not but it tingles in my ears. His voice sounds nice.

I want to hear more.

“Sung, Hyunjae.” My mouth unconsciously calls out his name. I feel a hand on my head. Slowly sliding down my face to lift it up. This time it actually happens and not just my mind playing tricks on me, at least I’m sure of this one.

My body also lifts up a bit to follow my head that Hyunjae is holding lightly. His hold is very careful handling an F class like me. It sounds cliché, but it feels like he is being careful so as to not break me into pieces. Like my body is too fragile for him to handle carelessly. Which, well, facts. I'm thankful that he's so considerate towards my F class body.

But I still don’t have my Fear Resistance so my body can only shake under his hold. My teeth are even almost clattering in my mouth.

“Look at me.” It was an order. My eyes well up one more time, blurring the sight of his annoyingly objectively handsome face when I try to look up. Our eyes meet again. I try hard to maintain it this time. Maybe it’s because of the soft gaze, but I’m able to look at him for longer than last time.

Oh fuck the world for being so unfair. Why is this man so perfect?

It’s fucked. My mind is fucked. Maybe I do like this situation I don’t know. I blame him for messing up with my head. He should take responsibility.

“I’m–“ hiccup. “Looking.”

As I almost turn into a crying mess, Hyunjae lifts up his other hand to cup my face gently. Both of my hands come up to hold his wrists for some sort of support. Too much.

“So you’re a pretty crier, huh? Thought so.”

Did he just flirt or what? I feel my face heating up even more. Both from fear and embarrassment.

I’m confident that I don’t look half bad, but no one has ever called me a pretty crier. Why does it have to be Hyunjae of all people?

Wait now that I think about it, it’s always him. Whenever I get even slightly unstable, it’s always either in front of Yoohyun or him. There is that one time with Taewon too, but I was forced to that point so it doesn’t count. It’s okay for Yoohyun since he is my brother so I have to be transparent to him. But what about Hyunjae? What is he to me that I think it’s okay to show him this side of myself?

“Stop your nonse- ugh…”

He doesn’t want to let me have my way, huh? My gaze falls back down as he continues on pressuring me. My hold on his hands also became weaker due to the fear taking away my desire to hold back.

The pressure is forcing me to submit. To not do anything to defy him. As an F class, I couldn’t do anything about that.

With my last bit of stubbornness, my hands hang on his hands weakly as I try to not fall fully into his hold.

A sob escapes from my mouth. He really is too much for me to handle. Everything about him is too much and it overwhelms me.

“That’s right. Cry.”

As if on cue, my tears fall down and I cry silently. I’m still trying my best to not be too carried so I can still control the sound coming out of me, but I can’t stop my tears.

“I know you like this situation. It’s okay in front of me. Yoojin-gun is my precious partner so I’m happy if you can relieve yourself.”

In the middle of the surges of uncontrollable emotions inside me, I can hear his sweet voice trying to soothe me. I don’t know why he did that, maybe my impression of him is a bit too harsh, but he says things to comfort me while I can’t stop myself from being a mess. I don’t even want to look at him. I take advantage of my tears falling down to close my eyes.

I feel his thumbs caressing my cheeks every once in a while to wipe my tears away, his gesture as soft as a feather on my skin.

Why is he being like this? Fuck, this is not good. I prefer you teasing me over this. I don’t know how to act if you’re being so nice to me like this? You’re supposed to be ruthless, come on…

“You’re always so in control of your emotion and action. You’re just a human. You must feel exhaustion, right? So let it all out. At least in front of this partner of yours that you can trust wholeheartedly.”

How confident. Sounds like him though.

But… I don’t find anything in me that wants to refute his words. Maybe this time he is spot on with his confidence. Maybe, maybe he’s right about the part that I trust him. However, letting it all out is a different matter. I have never done that and I don’t have the courage to let myself be affected by all the stress. It's because I know that, if I let my guard down even just for a moment, I won't be able get back up again. I can't risk that. Ever. However...

It really is too much. He’s right. No matter how much I try not to, I’m affected by everything. With no one that I can talk to, about the regress, the secret of the world, my insecurities, I can only handle so much. I’m exhausted, so his offer really tempts me.

He said that I can just let it all out in front of him. That I can trust him as my partner. But can I really? It’s much scarier than facing him without Fear Resistance.

I still can’t even stop my tears.

“Yoojin. Rely on me for once.” His voice is soft. Caring. For a moment, I feel like I mean something in his eyes.

I…  what power do I have to defy him?



So. Hyunjae got a bit side-tracked. Long story short, he originally intended to only tease Yoojin. That guy didn’t turn his Fear Resistance back on even after his body folded into a full bow, so Hyunjae thought it would be interesting to push him more, make Yoojin realize that he actually likes the situation. At the same time making some advances in their relationship or something like that. But then he saw the younger cried again.

That pretty face. It looked even prettier when he cried. Yoojin even choked on his own sob. Hyunjae might be an S class, but he doesn't have a resistance to not be affected by Yoojin looking like that.

At that point, Hyunjae still maintained the pressure in his aura, still adamant on pushing Yoojin into his breaking point. However, when Yoojin held onto his wrists for some sort of support, Hyunjae knew he would have to side-track for a bit to comfort this stubborn partner of his. This opportunity rarely comes up, so he made the most out of it. It was a favor from Yoojin to repay him, but Hyunjae doesn’t mind spending it on the man himself. He likes taking care of his partner anyway.

Moreover, it was rewarding when he saw Yoojin finally gives up on keeping things to himself and actually listened to his words –that's said for Yoojin's own good– for once and let himself rely on his partner. Yoojin finally fell into his hold. Without guarding, suspicions, or anything of the sort. Just trust towards his partner. By that point, Hyunjae had long since withdrawn all of his pressure. Maybe his subconsciousness was already trying to put Yoojin at ease without him realizing it.

In any case, he didn’t regret it. This favor was a win-win for the both of them. He got to see Yoojin’s rare side, and Yoojin got to let it all out.

Right now, Yoojin has fallen asleep in his embrace. After sobbing and blurting out incomprehensible things without elaborating on what he’s talking about –even at his weakest point, Yoojin is still very cautious about the things he said. It must be a big responsibility, so Hyunjae would let it slide and not press Yoojin to explain more–, Yoojin’s energy depleted and he fell unconscious. Hyunjae is holding the limp body gently. He picks up the unconscious Yoojin and puts him lightly on top of his bed. The black-haired head lulls to the side a little when Hyunjae is making sure that Yoojin lays comfortably on his high-quality bed.

After watching the unconscious man from the side of the bed for a while, Hyunjae decides to climb on the bed and lays next to Yoojin as well. He climbs up as carefully as he can, not wanting to wake up the other. And once he is on the bed, he lays sideways, one hand supporting his head and the other reaching up to rub the soft black hair. It was a very gentle gesture that makes the brunette inches closer towards him in his sleep, as if wanting for more.

In the silent room where there are only the two of them with the other one currently unconscious, Hyunjae smiles down at Yoojin.

"Have I said I fell for you, Yoojin-gun? You'll probably list all the times I've said that if you're conscious right now."

It started out as a joke to annoy the F class, but it got more and more genuine every time. Now, it's just the truth.

Yoojin simply has his heart. He realized that sometimes ago. He found himself genuinely enjoying the times when he is taking care of the younger. This stubborn and never-know-when-to-stop individual. This beloved partner of his. Han Yoojin.

Hyunjae can’t stop himself from thinking of something.

He really meant it when he said that he likes calling Yoojin his possession. But he’s thinking of something right now. Instead of as his item, Hyunjae wants Yoojin to be his in a certain other way.

He wonders, would Yoojin want to change their relationship once more and for the last time?