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Tending the Garden

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Poison Ivy always prided herself on being diligent in her craft, resilient to outside distractions. She always gave such careful attention and time to her babies and brews alike. It’s honestly all she knew to do with herself half of the time; and that had been the case for years, even before her criminal career.


Yet, Ivy was realizing now with a certain clown taking residence under her roof her attention nowadays tended to be split.


Ivy wasn’t a people person, that much was obvious, she hated interacting with humans on the best of days- the only exception to this rule of course was Harley. They had known each other briefly before the girl donned the red and black get-up and turned to the dark side so to speak, but as time went on in their odd relationship, and the more they brushed shoulders on the field, Ivy found the former psychologist rooting her way into her soiled heart. Therefore, it really wasn’t that much of a surprise that she didn’t hesitate for a moment when the jester showed up on her doorstep in the dead of night looking for sanctuary. Ivy remembered how she looked so broken that night…and not just physically.


The sound of the girl’s violent wails of grief still haunted her in their intensity. Ivy never probed what the final straw had been, and if she were honest, she didn’t think she wanted to know—she already wanted the clown prince dead and if she had heard what had finally caused Harley to snap…well, she didn’t know if she could devise a punishment cruel enough to befit his sins.


Her rage had rivaled with sorrow that night when Harley begged for refuge in her lair, as if believing Ivy’s acceptance needed to be persuaded…

Listen red,” she had said when Ivy nearly finished dressing her wounds, “I know I’m not the easiest person to be around but please: I got nowhere else to go right now…I-I’ll do anything I’ll water your plants, I’ll be a lab rat for your weird love potions, I’ll —” a green hand on her cheek had silenced her desperate rambling.

Don’t you dare even finish that thought Harleen!” The redhead had hissed sternly. “Of course you can stay here…you can stay as long as you like,” the soft strokes of her thumb over the blonde’s cheek stilled the left over tremors from her sobs momentarily. “And I don’t need anything from you in return. Seeing your sweet face every day is the only compensation I need, daisy,” Ivy had cooed, softly kissing her bandaged forehead.


Herbal painkillers had solved her physical pain almost instantly, but it had taken weeks for the girl to get an uninterrupted night’s sleep without being startled awake from tear-stained nightmares. Gradually, with a bit of care and lots of patience, Harley’s skies were seeming to brighten again. The battle scars from the war-scene that was her past relationship didn’t sting every waking moment like it used it, and she generally carried on pretty steadily.

Still though…there were the hard days. Days the clown hated to be alone with her own thoughts, days she needed a bit of attention from her host and lover. Days such as today.



“I know you’re there,” Ivy spoke to the other woman lurking in the greenhouse without glancing away from the work at her desk, “the plants feel you, and I feel them”

She felt the girl shift her weight anxiously, “Am I interruptin’?” Harley asked quietly.

“No,” Ivy lied. She was knee deep in concocting a new venom chemical, but it wasn’t nearly as important to her as the jester lingering about with something clearly on her mind. “I thought you had gone to sleep?”


Harley shrugged, working up the nerve to step closer. “Wasn’t very sleepy… and anyway I figured I’d keep you company!” She announced cheerily as she hopped onto the desk beside Ivy’s work. When the botanist glanced at her she saw wide blue eyes with an even wider smile to match. It was bright—but hollow; she was forcing it.


“Besides the bed’s a lot bigger without you in it rose bud,” she winked, coyly running a finger down the botanist’s arm. On any other day Ivy would have taken that gesture as her cue to pin the clown down in a heartbeat and have her way with her. But despite knowing Harley’s desires were genuine, the reasons behind them were a façade. She could have easily waited for Ivy to finish up in the lab and join her in the bedroom for some recuperation, but instead she went out of her way to approach the botanist amid her work.


And Ivy immediately knew why. She sighed.


“You were thinking about him again, weren’t you?”


“Psshh,” the blonde oversold her scoff, “Noooo I’m totally over that creep,” she announced confidently, crossing her legs with a slight twitch. “Never even c-crosses my mind anymore…” her voice cracked lightly, she hoped it wasn’t as painfully obvious as it felt. It was


Ivy’s face became soft, “Hey...” she uttered quietly. “It’s alright you know? Those emotions are going to linger for quite a long time, there’s no shame in being honest with them.” She spoke as she let a hand rest on the clown’s knee. “You’ve been through hell and back, you have to be patient with yourself.”

She noticed Harley squirming uncomfortably under her gaze, she clearly wasn’t in the mood for a life lesson right now. Ivy changed tactics: Harley came to her for why not deliver her favorite type of comfort?


The metahuman set her pen down, standing slowly from her chair, a pair of blue eyes following her. Ivy leaned forward to place a soft kiss on the girl’s lips, molding gently against them. Harley’s lips were always so soft and warm, she loved them just as much as the clown loved hers. She pulled back slightly, yet her lips still teasing against their target.

“I know why you came down here…” she purred letting the statement linger teasingly. Harley watched her quietly. “You want some attention…don’t you?”


A light crimson fluttered over Harley’s cheeks as she nodded a bit shyly.


Ivy chuckled, letting her hand drift up the clown’s thigh, her fingertips teasing just below the lip of her pants. The girl whined softly, twitching under the touch as if to ask for more.

“You like that baby?” Her voice a hush as she gazed through lidded eyes. “Would you like to have my attention?”


Attention... that word rang in Harley’s ears.

Attention had two very different meanings when it was coming from either Joker or Ivy. Puddin’ had barely ever given her the light of day, and if he ever did it was rarely ever a good thing. In fact it was almost guaranteed to earn her a new cut or bruise.

With Ivy though, it was entirely different. Her attention was soft and flowery for a lack of a better term. She was always gentle and kind, even on her bad days. And no matter how busy she was, she never hesitated to stop everything for the clown. She could’ve been in the middle of finishing off Batman once and for all, but would stop on a dime if Harley asked her to. The thought was flattering, but at the same time it made the blonde a bit uneasy; she wasn’t used to being treated so highly like this. Living with Pam, having a healthy relationship for the first time in her life, was certainly a learning curve.

Good thing Ivy was a botanist of all things—it meant she liked watching plants take an eternity to grow. It meant she had the patience of a saint for someone with a past like Harley.



“Please,” the blonde nodded, “you make me feel so warm…” the swirl of emotion in her chest threatened her eyes with tears as she announced that gentle confession. Ivy only smiled kindly back at her, cupping her flaming cheek. Harley felt her eyes shut on their own accord as she nuzzled into the touch. “You make me” she placed a kiss on her green wrist. “Please Pammy, can we just touch each other for a while?”

“Ask for less my sunflower~” Ivy purred, a gentle smile contradicted the hunger in her eyes in the best of ways. “Why don’t you go on and get comfortable over there on the flowerbed for me, baby?”

Excited tingles radiated down the girl’s limbs as she hopped down from the desk. Before she moved she looked up to the woman in front of her as if to ask for permission; Ivy smiled down at her encouragingly, nodding her head to the nest of tulips in the corner of the room. Harley tugged a lip between her teeth as a grin wracked her features.

She felt her chest light up with fireworks; gone was the sickening anxiety that had wracked her thoughts just moments ago. She didn’t know if Ivy was secreting pheromones or if she was just really good at this shit. Harley realized she didn’t care. It worked whatever it was and that’s all that mattered.


She stepped away from the desk with a bounce in her step, slowly pulling her tank top off and being sure she left her breasts out of the redhead’s view as she teasingly looked over her shoulder at the woman with a sultry gaze. She found Ivy watching intently with downright carnivorous eyes. Harley swung her hips as her pants slid off her waist; she had nothing else underneath. She came to lie on her side on the sheet of soft petals, presenting herself enthusiastically to her partner who had yet to move from her place by her work.


Ivy waited for a beat, just appreciating the sight of the blonde on display for her and only her, before taking a slow step forward. Harley’s breath quickened as the woman casually slipped her top over her head, and let her shorts fall to her ankles somehow both carelessly and gracefully. She took her time approaching the clown, swaying her hips in a way that had the girl moaning already.


She came to sit beside the reclining girl in the gentle lush, she cupped her pale face admiring her soft blue eyes for a moment before closing her own and meeting her lips. Harley smiled pleasantly into the kiss enjoying the sensation.

Ivy would lazily pull away for a moment to look back at her before plunging back in softly again and again, earning a soft giggle from the clown each time.


Harley let her hand come to a rest on the woman’s hip as she felt gentle green fingers dancing up her opposite arm. “That’s nice,” the blonde sighed, enjoying the touch.

The woman smirked, “not as nice as this~” she purred, gently pushing her back onto the bed of pink and purple. Ivy moved to straddle over her waist and took a moment to gaze down at her.

“My little daffodil,” she cooed, letting her hands brush atop the girl’s chest, alighting goosebumps in their wake. “In my garden—” her breath was warm against Harley’s chest as she inched towards her neck, “—where she belongs—” Harley whined beneath her as a slick tongue snaked over her pulse, “—with me~


The girl moaned as lips sucked harshly at a soft bit of skin below her jaw. She was certain it’d leave a bruise in the morning, but she didn’t mind. In her experience bruises always left reminders of negative memories. Mistakes to be forgotten. But Ivy’s always made her happy. She’d look back at them fondly in her reflection, the sight inviting butterflies to flutter in her stomach. Harley hummed at the thought, opening her eyes to look back at the green goddess leaving a trail of good memories down her neck. “With you,” Harley sighed in agreement, taking hold of Ivy’s hands and massaging them into her breasts, “I’m yours

Ivy leaned up to smile down at her, the expression held only reverence, as she gently rolled her thumbs over her nipples. “Mine” she purred huskily as their mouths crashed together again.


Harley smiled into the kiss, allowing Ivy to slip in and praise her tongue. The blonde lifted her hands to tangle into the forest of red that was Ivy’s mane as the woman played with her tits gently.

The pale palms gradually made their way down, drifting around Ivy’s collar coming to brush over her full breasts. The woman hummed approvingly, leaning her chest into the touch as the blonde took that as her cue to gently knead into them.


Ivy moaned softly, fluttering her eyes open gently, inches from the girl’s nose. Mother Nature incarnate was known to strike fear into the hearts of those who came before her. If they were unfortunate enough to gaze into her eyes as the last sight to ever see, there was always ice and murder staring back at them. But Harley only ever saw gentleness. She saw vulnerability. She saw her Pammy. And she loved seeing her like that.


“My green queen,” Harley grinned dopily up at her. Ivy laughed, a genuine laugh. Not one of her supervillain ‘I’m going to kill you’ laughs she used around bats and occasional bird themed children but a real laugh. The kind that made Harley’s chest bubble.

“You circus peanut,” she smiled against her cheek, staining the bone white skin with crimson lips, leaving a trail of red promises down her jawline and neck. Harley giggled at the tingling sensation, the warmth of Ivy’s lips against her skin, the slightly sticky quality of her lipstick that held on for a moment before plucking away.

She could’ve have laid like this forever had the world allowed for it. The petals against her back kissing her skin so softly—Ivy above her, quite literally kissing her as if she were some rare treasure to be appreciated…again with the learning curve:For so long Harley had never truly valued her own worth, never valued really anything about herself, and her past relationships only reinforced that sentiment. That was until Ivy came into her life; treating her like one of the rarest flowers in her garden, holding and praising her so tenderly. It didn’t take Harley long to realize that she in fact loved this kind of attention, and was distraught to realize how long she had gone without it in her life. Speaking of attention…

Harley shifted beneath Ivy, moving to prop herself on her elbow, using a free hand to guide the woman’s face back to her lips. She pulled away to look at her, “let me please you, red,” she breathed, cheeks flushed as she gazed into the two bright emeralds before her, “I want to!”

Ivy smiled, letting her lips linger back onto the clown’s mouth for a moment. “I know you do~” she purred.

Ivy let herself shift back a bit, still straddled atop her partner who leaned forward to take soft breast into her mouth. Ivy hummed pleasantly at the contact, letting a hand stroke through the sea of blonde hair encouragingly. As Harley swirled her tongue over the delicate nipple, sucking softly. “Yes,” Ivy sighed heavily above her, “that’s perfect daffodil.” She felt a stray hand trail down her abdomen, slowly taking its time before reaching its prized destination between her legs.

A small gasp escaped the botanist’s lips as clever hands teased over her folds, the girl cherished the sound. Ivy moaned deeply as the digits slid back and forth against her. This coupled with the deft tongue rolling against her sensitive buds, soon had her breathless against Harley’s ear.

Fuck,” she moaned, letting her arms drape over the blonde’s shoulders. She rolled her hips against Harley’s hand who moved over to the twin breast.

She drew in a sharp whine when pale fingers took a wonderful plunge into her damp entrance. “Oh fuck…yes, yes don’t stop,” she urged breathlessly. Harley smiled against her tit as she picked up the pace, motivated by the wonderful cries escaping the floral villain. She stole a glance upward at the woman in bliss before pressing a thumb against her clit, unraveling her with the simple touch.

Ivy came in an instant, shuddering as the flowers surrounding the pair shook and trembled. She took a moment to regain her lost breath, before stealing the girl’s chin into her grasp and pulling her in for a needy kiss.

She slid a bit shakily off of Harley’s lap and for a brief moment the girl was saddened by the loss of contact before realizing she was being coaxed forward.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, sapling,” Ivy purred falling softly onto her back, “I'm afraid you won’t be getting away that easily~”

She positioned the jester’s knees at either side of her face. Harley felt her breath catch in her throat as she locked eyes with the woman below gazing up at her sultrily. Ivy held the eye contact as she leaned up to give a deft swipe against her dripping slit.

Harley whimpered, tangling her fingers in that flaming red hair as she watched the woman eat her out with no mercy, signing her name with her tongue across her folds as she watched the clown slowly lose herself, amusement flickering in her green eyes.

Tender hands held her pale thighs steady as they began to shake from the stimulation; Harley whimpered brokenly. “That’s my girl,” Ivy cooed below her, lips glistening with slick, “let mama hear it~”

Harley whimpered, doubling over with a gasp as she clutched the villain’s hair and the earth around them for support, a pool of warmth flooding her belly.Her hips rolled softly against the botanist’s tongue, the vibration of her hums adding a delicious buzz to her already sensitive folds. And with one last delicate swipe across her leaking slit, the clown cried above her in completion.

She panted breathlessly, rolling to her side to lie beside the woman on the bed of soft petals. Harley’s eyes fell shut with a pleasant tiredness as she felt the metahuman scooting closer, moving the blonde’s head to rest against her bare chest.

She laid there quietly, feeling Ivy’s heartbeat by her ear, almost as unruly as her own as they steadied together in the heather. The flowers shifted to grow up and over them, forming an almost blanket around the pair; they tickled against Harley's skin in a way that made her giggle.


Harley thoughtlessly let her fingers dance over Ivy’s long arm, slowly coming to a rest above the other woman’s hand, palm atop palm. The clown quietly observed the subtle differences in their hands: Harley’s much smaller and calloused, Ivy’s lithe and inhumanly smooth. So opposite but so befitting each other, Harley thought vaguely to herself.

She fell into a silence as wordless thoughts faintly registered in her mind. The sober expression on her face seemed to concern the woman beside her. Even when calm or exhausted Harley was always bubbly to some degree or at the very least, she let her hands speak for her, roaming absentmindedly over her lover’s body with amble. Yet now, even her limbs seemed to be made of lead, one resting still against her hand and the other sandwiched between them as if forgotten completely.

All that Ivy could forgive on a usual day—everyone gets tired now and again—but it was that distant look in the clown’s eyes…that faraway look that told her the girl was in a labyrinth of her own mind, falling into any number of nightmarish depths.

“You still there?” Ivy asked her gently, breaking the jester’s silence. She moved her hand away from Harley's hold to push blonde hair away from her blue eyes. They looked back at her almost startled, as if Harley had forgotten where she was for a moment…woken from a dream.

“Y-eah…” her voice came out broken; it wasn’t a real response it was an automatic one, practiced, instinctual. A default response. She seemed to realize this correcting herself with her own voice, “yeah, yeah I’m here sorry. Got a little spacey,” she smiled hollowly, “I’m ok”


The botanist sighed.


“It’s ok to not be ok, you know?” she whispered. Harley hummed acknowledging her words, but otherwise didn’t respond.

“I’m here for you if you want to talk…” red nails stroked gently over her pale spine, scratching soothing circles “or have a cry?”

It was Harley's turn to sigh. “I’m so tired of crying red,” she rested her face against the redhead’s sternum, as if she could hide from the world there. Her voice sounded so defeated, Ivy thought as she felt her heart twitch.

“I’m so tired of feeling like this,” Ivy felt her curl tightly against her, her voice was barely audible.

“I know flower, I know,” she placed a kiss on the crown of her head. “This will all pass, in the meantime I’m here for you. I always will be” she held her tight, the flora pressing against them in an almost cocoon of reassurance.


“I don’t wanna be a burden though,” Harley lamented quietly. Ivy scoffed, “oh please could never be,” she pulled back to look her in those sapphire eyes.

“You really mean that?” Harley blinked, her voice sounded as if it could shatter like a glass.

Ivy smiled, it was kind and gentle but held just the slimmest trace of sadness. She knew the damage the clown prince had done to the blonde wasn’t permanent...but goddamn if it still wasn’t difficult to undo.

“Of course I do,” Ivy spoke as she cupped the girl’s cheek, “I love you,

It felt like a flaming dagger was plunged between her ribs as Harley’s eyes threatened to pool. “Y-you do?” Her voice was small, wary, as if uncertain of the honesty behind the botanist’s words.

“Yes,” the woman hummed, rubbing a tender hand across her back “I do.”

“Are you sure?” Ivy felt the blonde tremble against her. “Like...actually sure?”

The woman was sure she felt her heart chip like struck glass for just a moment, as she realized Joker probably never returned that sentiment to her. “Surer than anything sapling,” the woman’s voice was as delicate as the soft finger brushing tenderly over the girl’s cheek.

“Even when I’m not...easy?”

Ivy chuckled, drawing up her thumb to wipe away the small tears as they formed. “Especially when you’re not easy” she cooed, resting her forehead against the girl’s letting her tender gaze consume her opposite’s anxious one.

“I love you Harley, I mean that. And if you ever need reminding—” her crimson red lips met the jester’s gentle pink ones, “—I’ll always be happy to mention it~”

“I-I...” it really was useless for Ivy to keep wiping her tears away as it did absolutely nothing for the blonde’s eyes at the moment. “...I-I...” Harley couldn’t seem to get past that, her throat constricted around her words.

“Sh Sh,” the redhead hushed gently. “I know you do too, daffodil. I won’t ask you to prove it—” not like he did. “I know...”


Harley sniffled, taking a deep breath as if it were to soak her tears back into her eyes. She exhaled shakily, as she buried her face in the forest of auburn hair, letting it fall comfortably over her cheek. Ivy let her. “C-could you say it again...please?” A muffled voice asked against her shoulder after a moment.

“I love you, pretty girl”

“Again? Just one more time...?” she urged, holding the woman like it was anchoring her to life itself.

“Harleen, I love you with all my being and nothing in this world will ever change that,” she assured, placing a long firm kiss against her temple.

Harley let out a choked sound between a hiccup and a small chuckle. “Thanks Pammy. I love you much” she sniffed, kissing below the woman’s jaw.

“I know baby,” Ivy smiled, enjoying the gentle affections, “I know~”

Her trembling had finally stilled as she lay atop the woman on the bed of flowers kissing softly at her sides. Ivy lazily eyed the lab equipment left forgotten on her desk, not giving it a second thought nor bemoaning any lost time—she had something much more important to focus on at the moment.

She hummed a gentle tune, as the clown gradually calmed down against her. She had thought the girl drifted until she heard a quiet voice whisper.

“One more time please…?”

A smile crept onto her lips.

“I love Harley