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The Garashir Outtakes: A Special Day

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Garak was intrigued by the number of requests he received for garments over the past eight weeks. It was a specific type of garment that he had previously no experience making, but he caught on quick. They had nothing like this in Cardassia – not to his knowledge at least. Of course, he hadn’t slept with too many Cardassian women, and it was the majority of Bajoran women interested in purchasing. They requested flowing, silky, short pieces made of Andolian silk and fitting just tight enough without busting at the seams. Some wanted a garment just a tad more scandalous, showing off their breasts in sequined-crusted corsets and matching underwear.

It confused Garak, but he wasn’t a fool. Money and good publicity were two things he always enjoyed, and they were difficult to get on a station full of Bajoran’s and Starfleet officers. Finishing up with a pleased customer, whose silk slip was finished just in time for – Garak hadn’t inquired what it was in time for – but nonetheless she left a happy customer just as Keiko came through the door with a handful of little Molly’s clothes.

“Professor Ishikawa, how delightful for you to stop in. Uhh…another growth spurt I suppose?” He observed the pile of clothes including several dresses that needed lengthening.

“It’s Keiko,” she responded exasperated, “and yes, is there any way you can lengthen these dresses? I don’t care what you do, new material, lace, or whatever, just do something! We only bought these dresses four months ago.”

Garak laughed. “Why, yes, I recall. Don’t you worry, there are several ideas I have for these items. Professor…uh, Keiko…is there something going on around the station that I’m unaware of?”

Confused wrinkles appeared on Keiko’s forehead. “Like what?”

“You see, I’ve been noticing for the past few weeks an uptick in…well, how shall I put this…rather scandalous dress orders.”

For a moment, Keiko still couldn’t imagine what Garak was describing – and then, a wide, mischievous smile appeared on her lips.

“Ohhh, yes, well, it will be Valentine’s Day soon!”

“Valentine’s Day?” Garak asked, “I’ve never heard of such an event.”

“I’m not surprised,” Keiko said, giggling, “it’s an old earth holiday. Some Startfleet officers from the United States decided they would celebrate it this year. The idea spread and…bam! Bajoran’s loved it, and now we have Valentine’s Day on Deep Space Nine.”

Garak scratched his head. His eyes narrowed in bemusement, and he searched for the words to better understand the concept.

“What is the purpose of this holiday?”

“It’s usually for lovers,” Keiko explained, “partners express their love for one another through exchanging flowers, Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates…and, some women buy lingerie, you know, for Valentine’s Day night.”

“Lingerie?” Garak inquired.

“Lingerie… it is what you have been making and ordering over the past few weeks.”

Garak’s mouth opened but he was unsure of what to say next.

“Of course,” Keiko began, “Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be for just lovers. It can be for family or even good friends. Like you and Dr. Bashir, for instance.”

Garak dropped his measuring tape, fiddling with his hands in an awkward matter to pick it up from the floor.

“No,” he said, from behind the counter as he grabbed the tape, “no, Dr. Bashir and I don’t share that kind of relationship.”

Keiko smirked and leaned over the counter. “Oh yes, you do. And you know it, Garak.” Garak arose, placed his hands firmly on the counter and looked straight into Keiko’s eyes.

Keiko laughed again. “You know, the two of you can stop pretending. It is very clear how much you love one another.”

“Ah,” Garak said, “well even if that were so, there has been no effort to reciprocate on his end.”

“Garak! I’ve got it! Treat Julian to a Valentine’s Day date! You can declare your love!”

“I appreciate the enthusiasm, but there is no love to declare. Second, what would you have me do? Cook a special dinner, light candles, set up some elaborate décor that insinuated intimacy of some sort?”

“YES!” Keiko shouted. A few onlookers glanced into the shop at the sound of Keiko’s excited outburst. “Please Garak…come on! I can help you plan it.”

“That will not be necessary but thank you for the offer. I’ll have Molly’s garments finished by the end of the week.”

Keiko’s shoulders dropped as she tilted her head and gave Garak a puppy dog pout. “Are you certain?”

“Yes, I am certain. But please do not think I am not grateful for your advice.”

“Alright…but if you change your mind, you will call me?”

“Of course,” Garak assured her. With some hesitance, Keiko smiled and waved as she left the store. Garak looked around at the few pieces of lingerie he still had left to finish by the end of the day. As he looked at them closer, he couldn’t help but imagine Julian wearing one. Images of his sleek, captivating dark skin draped in the most luxurious of silks sent shivers down Garak’s spine that inevitably left the slit to his ajan soaking wet. He shook his head to dismiss the image, he had a long day ahead of him, but as the hours continued as he was blindsided by the fantasy of Bashir straddling him on a shared bed and he decided that Keiko might have a point.

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The plan was simple enough. He would lure Julian to the store and ask him to stand for a new fitting. It was a necessity, after all, as Garak realized it had been two years since the doctor’s measurements were last taken. Subtle measurements of more than just his general height and width were necessary, but maybe with some debate, Garak thought, he could distract Julian long enough to obtain the measurements for a simple, though sexy slip.

The door chime sounded, and Garak looked up to see Julian strolling in with a delightful, wide smile on his face.

“Hullo Garak,” he said, “how are you today? We are still on for lunch, yes?”

“Of course,” Garak confirmed, “but I was doing some record keeping and realized you have not had proper measurements taken in over two years, my dear doctor.”

Julian’s shoulders sunk and his eyes darted around the room, annoyed. “Really, Garak? That’s why you called me down here in the middle of a shift? To get measurements. You know I hate it.”

“I do know,” Garak said, “and that is all the reason we should get this out of the way now.”

He took out his measuring tape, placed a hand on Julian’s back, and lead him toward a dressing room.

“Now wait a minute,” Julian protested, “if you force me to take measurements right this minute, then in return, I expect you in the infirmary tomorrow morning for a physical. It has been nearly a year, my dear Mr. Garak.”

Garak’s eyes narrowed and his lips pursed. Yet, he knew the only way to achieve his goal was to agree. “Yes, doctor, I will come for a physical. But can we schedule it for next week. I do have many orders that still need to be finished.”

Julian looked around the store and noticed the number of lingerie items on mannequins, and the rolls of fabric gathered behind the counter. He walked towards one and rubbed his fingers against the fabric.

“Soft,” he said, “and…provocative? Why so much lingerie, Garak?”

Garak blushed, but he could not give away his position. It was rule number one in Obsidian Order training, and he was not about to abandon his skills now.

“Yes,” he said, his voice flat, “Valentine’s Day, apparently. Now, doctor, can we please move on with it? I have much work to do.”

Julian stared at him in amazement. “Work to do? You were the one who called me here, Garak.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I know. But please…doctor…would you?” He pointed to the dressing room, and Julian dragged his feet across the floor, like a child who was unwilling to get a bath. Julian stretched his arms out to his side, the customary stance for having new measurements taken.

“Now, doctor, please don’t make me ask,” Garak said.

“Do I really have to strip down? I have to be back to the infirmary in a half hour and I haven’t even gotten my ratkajino yet.”

Garak huffed. “I suppose not. Though the last time we took measurements you were out of uniform, and those were quite good measurements. If you are so disgusted by being ‘stripped down’ in front of me than we’ll just take them over this bulky material you are wearing. I just hope that when you need a uniform it does not fit astray in some areas and embarrass you at some diplomatic…”

“Alright, alright,” Julian interrupted, stripping down into his white under shirt and red boxers.

“Festive,” Garak commented.

Julian rolled his eyes, and he stretched his arms out again. The touch of Garak’s cool hands against Julian’s warm skin sent goosebumps running over his exposed arms. The tape measurer was held precariously in Garak’s hands as it reached to measure Julian’s lanky arms and thin torso.

“You know,” Garak began, a low hum in his voice, “you would look rather striking in one of those ensembles. The one you were admiring before.”

“I wasn’t admiring it,” Julian spat, “though, it was quite silky. It probably is comfortable. Also, you should know I didn’t mean what you suggested I meant.”

Garak tilted his head and frowned. “I’m sorry, you’ll have to remind me what it is I thought you meant.”

Julian blushed. “About…you know…stripping down in front of you. I’m not disgusted by the thought.”

Garak smiled and a devious glint shone in his eyes. “Mmm, well isn’t that nice to know.” He moved the tape measure down to Julian’s hips where he held it tightly against the doctor’s soft skin. Gripping the metal edge, he pinched Julian’s side.

“Ow!” Julian barked, “that hurt, Garak!”

“I’m so sorry, my dear,” he cooed, rubbing the spot in soft circles, “let me make it up to you.”

He dropped the tape measurer and left the dressing room. Julian looked at himself in the mirror, took a deep breath in and released it. Play it cool, Julian, he thought to himself. You are in control of this. With a quick swish, the curtain was drawn back, and Garak entered with the slip that Julian had admired.

“Ohhh no,” Julian immediately protested, “absolutely not, Garak! I am not trying that thing on.”

“But it would look lovely on you, my dear. You have the type of body that would add life to this garment.”

Julian cringed. “I can’t do that…here. Someone might come in.”

“Oh,” Garak said, itching the at the top of his head, “so you aren’t offended by dressing in women’s clothing, it’s just you prefer to do so in a more private setting.”

“Maybe I’ve roll played in a skant or two, but certainly not in public.”

“I see,” Garak quipped, “bedroom games, is it?”

“Something like that, sure.” Garak moved forward to stand beside Julian. He reached out to touch his shoulder and moved his lips nearer to the quivering doctor’s ear.

“I do have an extra fitting room in the back. It’s for customers who prefer a more private setting. Knowing that someone might walk in can, after all, trigger all sorts of emotions and feelings…urges even.”

Julian gulped and bit down on his lip. He thought to crack a joke: “urge to do what, Garak? Run?” Yet there was no joke on the entire space station that would help Julian to control his growing erection.

“Show me,” Julian whispered, “uhh…you should show me, I mean. In case there is ever a medical emergency back there I’ll need to know where I’m going.”

“Of course, doctor,” Garak chimed.

He placed his hand on Julian’s back and guided him to a small, unused hallway that led to another room.

Oh, this can’t be good, Julian immediately thought. Nobody like Garak should have access to such a private, unseen place.

Garak opened the door to a warm room, a place where the temperature was just sitting above pleasantly tropical. There was a single, sturdy table in the middle of the room and a mirror haphazardly propped against a wall. A soft, flickering light shone just bright enough to see solid objects.

“Fitting room, hmm?” Julian smirked. “Of course, doctor. What else would I use it for?”

“I don’t know, Garak, why don’t you tell me?”

Garak’s lips curled into a telling, devious smile. He thrusted the slip forward into Julian’s hands, who quickly removed his undershirt. He tried to ignore his throbbing, visible erection against his boxers. He was about to pull the slip off the hanger when Garak stopped him.

“From a professional viewpoint, I do believe the boxers might make the slip look budged at the bottom. It might do you well to remove them — for a more accurate image, of course.”

Julian didn’t respond; he drew in a deep breath and swallowed hard. He couldn’t count the numbers of times he had fantasized something like this situation, but now that it was happening, he was having cold feet.

I want him, Julian thought, so just pull off the boxers, you wanker! But…but if this goes wrong? Our friendship…

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“Doctor,” Garak repeated.

“Ahh, yes,” Julian said. He expects me to submit so willingly, he thought.

“Alright, I’ll take these off. There is nothing to hide, anyway. You must know enough about human physiology to know that…oh well, now, I’m about to make myself blush.”

“I know nothing of human physiology,” Garak lied, his voice flat and unemotional.

“Alright — good. You can turn around then, Garak. I don’t reveal my goods for just anybody, you know.”

Garak giggled; it was a sound Julian had never heard before and it made him smile. Slipping out of his boxers he reached up and slithered into the slip. He looked in the mirror and was surprised to see it fit him well. It looked odd with the layers of dark arm and leg hair, but the scooped neck sat upon Julian’s chest to reveal his neck and clavicle in a manner that took Garak’s breath away.

“Stunning, my dear,” Garak breathed as Julian turned back to him. “You look stunning. The left side could use a little adjusting…may I?”

“Of course.” Garak moved closer, his fingers gazed over Julian’s shoulders, and across his bare chest. They traveled up toward his neck, where Julian’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and to the back of his neck where he massaged it with tenderness. Julian leaned into the pressure and moaned, his hard cock rubbing against Garak’s thigh.

“Everything fits beautifully,” Garak whispered, “except this tiny bulge right here.” His right hand lowered to Julian’s erect cock and brushed his palm against its throbbing head.

“Tiny?” Julian questioned, mocking offense.

“It really does just stick out, doesn’t it? Hmm…what does one do about it?”

 “That feels so nice against the fabric,” Julian crooned as he grabbed Garak's hand and pumped it over the silk. Garak pushed against Julian and nudged him backwards where he grabbed him at the hips and laid back onto the table.

“We can’t afford to ruin the fabric, my dear doctor. Though…I could just do this…” He pulled the fabric up to expose Julian’s lower half and hovered his lips over the now red head that leaked a drop of cum. Garak breathed on it, making an O with his mouth over the tip. Julian’s entire body shook at the feeling of a ridged tongue licking around the drop. With deliberate unhurriedness Garak took the whole length in his mouth.

“Oh, oh…oh my God,” Julian moaned low, his hips thrusting forward to meet Garak’s motion. His hands floundered around the table looking for something to grip. Instead, his long fingers stroked and pulled through Garak’s shiny hair.

“Eli…I mean, oh fuck, Garak…please stop. If you keep doing that I’m going to come. Now!”

Garak pulled his mouth away and hovered on all fours over Julian’s body.

“What shall I do now, my dear? As you suggested I have no comprehension of human anatomy.”

“You suggested that! Get up here — I want you to ride me, you stunning man.”

Garak hovered over him again, though he nearly lost his balance as Julian stuck two, long fingers in his swollen, wet slit.

“So wet…is that for me, Garak?” Garak pressed further down on Julian’s fingers where the head of his pRut was swollen and ready to evert. Julian traced his one finger around the tip, liquid dripping down his hand as Garak gasped and thrusted forward.

“Patience, lovely,” Julian said with tenderness, “go ahead — evert in my hand.”

Garak held back for a moment. “My dear…how did you know I can evert? He raised his eyebrows suspiciously.

“You don’t think I wasn’t reading between the lines of the literature you gave me, hmm? Thorns and blooming flowers? Metaphors are metaphors anywhere in the galaxy, my darling.”

“Hmph,” Garak responded, a little irritated but mostly embarrassed.

“Oh, I haven’t ruined the moment, have I? Come here.” He nibbled on Garak’s neck ridges as his fingers made slow, deliberate circles against his ajan. Blue flush overcame his neck and trailed up to his chufa where Julian extended his hand to massage.

“Ughn,” Garak moaned, the stimulation of his chufa pushing him to evert. The slick, thick organ moved with ease as Julian pumped with the same slow deliberateness he had used with his fingers. Garak grasped at Julian’s hand, moving it away. “We aren’t finishing like this, doctor.”

Instead, Garak hovered over Julian, his entrance just encapsulating the tip of his lover’s dick. He slowed, about halfway into uniting their bodies. He looked for validation, assurance even, in Julian’s eyes. Julian was already breathless; his heart pumped with a desire he didn’t know existed.

“Go ahead,” Julian assured, pushing Garak’s mused hair from his glistening, blue forehead. “I want all of me inside of you.”

Garak pushed the rest of the way down, his head falling back in ecstasy as Julian thrusted his hips to penetrate further.

“I lo…love… the way I feel inside of yo…you,” Julian whispered between panting.

“You’re so wet for me…only me.” Garak moaned through gritted teeth. He alternated between wiggling his hips in circles and thrusting down onto Julian’s cock. The doctor reached out his hands, gripping them on Garak’s shoulder as the electric connection between them grew in intensity. Julian could feel the growing pleasure in his toes and in the pit of his stomach. The last straw was hearing Garak growl his name and purr.

“Chu’lian,” Garak hissed in his Cardassian affect.

Their eyes connected and suddenly they both realized this wasn’t just sex. They were making love. Somewhere they crossed the line between horny tension and into the purest of intimacies.

“Elim,” Julian called out louder than he intended, “oh…I’m coming! Fuck! I love…” Garak clasped his hand against Julian’s mouth before he could finish his sentence. Moaning into his lover’s scaly hand, the doctor’s cock pulsed in Garak’s ajan, sending him into a rush of tingling, head spinning pleasure. The men breathed heavy as they came down from their orgasms, Julian still fit snug inside of Garak.

“That was fun,” Julian said, breaking the silence. “You are so good at coming up with role playing ideas, love.”

Garak laughed. “Well, I had to invent an active imagination to succeed in my past career.”

“I’m sure you did,” Julian mocked. “You stayed in character so well.”

“So did you, dear. Though you almost broke near the end with your declaration of love.”

“Mmm…I just couldn’t help it. I do love you, after all.”

Garak slowly pulled off Julian’s cock and laid beside him. He draped an arm over his lover’s chest and buried his head into the deep, dark-skinned clavicle he loved so much to bite.

“It's been nearly a year since we've been together, Julian. I think it’s time we tell people,” Garak suddenly proclaimed.

“Hmm?” Julian moaned, still floating in the afterglow of their love making. He ran his fingers in smooth strokes up and down Garak’s back.

“I think it’s time to tell people…about us. That is, if you are privy to the idea. I wouldn’t want to place you in any situation of which you are uncomfortable. I can understand that courting a former enemy of the state may raise some eyebrows.”

Julian sat up on his elbows, his mouth hung open.

“You’re catching flies, my dear.”

“Are you serious, Elim? You really are comfortable with us going public? What about all the security concerns and cultural problems you keep using as excuses?”

“Excuses?! Your safety is hardly an excuse, Julian. I know you’re aware of my past — it would be all too easy to kidnap you for ransom.”

“Alright, alright…” Julian countered, “but are you certain? Why now?”

“Ohhh, I knew courting you would wear down my sensibilities eventually. It just…it feels right, my dear.” Julian smiled his wide, joyful grin that always made Garak’s heartbeat increase. Their lips locked again, this time soft and delicate.

“I suppose it’s only fair to our friends as well. Poor Keiko has no idea what she inspired.”

“And she will not know!” Garak declared, “what happens in our bedroom is between us. I know how in the past you’ve shared certain information about your rendezvous with the chief.”

“I’m offended,” Julian teased, “but yes, you and I need to have a few secrets between just us.” Garak pulled Julian closer and soaked in his warmth.

“I love you, Mr. Garak.”

“And I love you, dear doctor.”