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Do Everything I Can To Please

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"Well, don't you look like a whore."

Demi steps back to let Chris into her hotel room, but only after giving her a long, lingering up-and-down. Chris doesn't squirm under her gaze, though she wants to; Demi always makes her feel so small, despite Chris being half a foot taller.

Chris steps into the room, then turns around to shut and lock the door behind him like he always does. When he turns back to face Demi, she wordlessly points to the ground, and Chris drops fluidly to his knees before her. Demi runs her fingers through his hair, traces them along his jaw, and cups his chin. She smiles, leaning down to kiss him once on the forehead. Chris melts into it, focusing on the feeling of her warm lips on his face and letting himself slowly start to sink into subspace.

Demi straightens and looks down at him again, a fond, almost patronizing smile on her lips. Chris watches her, a thrill going through her as she realizes Demi's already wearing her strap beneath her suit pants. The thick outline of it is clearly visible, making Chris's mouth water in anticipation. Already she wants to lean in and mouth at it through the fabric.

But Demi has other ideas, first. She turns away, fetching something from the nightstand and coming back. It's a lead. Chris sits up a little straighter, tilting his head back to expose the collar around his throat. It had been fine for him to wear in public, as it matched well with the rest of his outfit, but it had given him a little thrill to be wearing it in front of other people, anyway. Demi clips the lead onto his collar and gives it a little tug, pulling it taught. Chris leans forward obediently.

"I think my boots are dirty, baby girl," Demi says, and she doesn't have to say anything else before Chris is lowering herself onto her elbows and dragging her long tongue over the leather. She tastes dirt and dust, but it doesn't make her cringe the way it once might have; rather, she keeps licking all over the surface of Demi's boot until she only tastes leather. Once she's done, she switches over to the other one without needing to be asked. Chris can feel Demi's eyes on her, and when Demi makes a quiet, pleased noise, it goes straight to Chris's cock.

When Chris is done, he sits back on his heels and looks up at Demi again, eyes wide and hopeful. Demi leans down a little, and Chris thinks she just might kiss him -- but then she laughs in his face. "What, did you think I was gonna kiss you, baby girl? Please. I wouldn't put my lips anywhere near your filthy mouth."

Demi turns sharply on her heel and yanks on the leash. Chris scrambles up onto her knees, following Demi a few feet across the room and over to the edge of the bed. "Stay," Demi says, as if Chris has any intention of moving. She releases the end of the lead, and Chris hears a shuffle of clothing and zippers for a few moments before she moves back into sight again. Chris can't help a little whine when she sees that she's removed most of her clothing, leaving her in a plain black sports bra and her strap-on cock.

"Awww," Demi purrs as she sits on the bed, picking up the lead again. "You're so eager for it. I bet you're all wet, aren't you, baby girl?" She tugs Chris close until he's settled between her legs. Chris knows he's staring at her cock, he's practically drooling over it, but he can't help it; all he wants is permission to suck it. Demi pats him on the cheek once, hard, just shy of a slap, and smiles. "What do you say?"

"Can I please, please suck your cock, Daddy?" Chris blurts immediately, and Demi laughs. "Please?" Chris repeats; she doesn't even care that she's making fun of her, she just wants it. "Please, I promise it'll be so good--"

"Go ahead, sweetheart."

Chris wraps his lips around the head of her cock as soon as he has permission, and Demi slides her hand further down the lead so she can use it to keep him close. Demi moans like she can really feel it, and Chris is hard enough in his panties that it almost hurts. He ignores his own dick, though, too focused on pleasing Demi to give it much thought. He sucks on the tip and drools until the strap is nice and wet, and then busies himself with fitting as much into his mouth as he can without choking.

"I was gonna tell you to take it easy, but you're really desperate for it, aren't you?" Demi says. She moans again as Chris starts to bob her head, slow at first as she gets used to the sensation of having her mouth so full. Chris hums an uh-huh as best as she can, and Demi raises her free hand to run her fingers through Chris's hair. She gets a good handful and tightens her grip, making Chris whine at the sting. "My pretty little slut. You look so good with a mouthful of cock. You give head like a pro." She smiles. "Maybe you are a pro. How many times have you sucked off your bandmates, baby? Or roadies? Security?"

The answer is a lot, and they both know it. Chris just whimpers, sucks harder, bobs his head faster. Demi starts to guide his motions with the hand in his hair, keeping the lead taut all the while. "One of these days I'm going to have to get a group together. Run a train on you all night. You'd like that, wouldn't you, whore?"

Demi pushes Chris's head down insistently until she gags, then lets her come up for air. She chokes out a raspy, "Please, Daddy," before Demi is pushing her head back down again. This time, she keeps Chris's head still as she starts to fuck up into his mouth instead, letting out quiet little moans as she does.

"Wish I could come all over your face, baby girl. Ruin your makeup," Demi breathes, and pushes Chris off of her dick again, smearing Chris's own thick spit, tears, and lipstick across her cheeks as she rubs the strap against her parted lips. Chris hadn't even realized she'd begun to cry.

"Please fuck me, Daddy," Chris whines. He can't help himself any longer, can't pretend he has any reservations about begging. Demi's right; he is a desperate slut. "Please, please, please. I've been good. I'll keep being good, Daddy, I promise. Please--"

"I don't knooow," Demi teases, singsong, leaning back on her hands to watch Chris plead. There's a half smile tugging at her lips. "Do you really deserve it, sweetheart?"

"I don't know," Chris says. "I don't know, but I've been so good. I've been so good, Daddy. Please. I want your cock inside me. Please, please--"

"Oh, alright," Demi says like she's doing Chris a favor, like she's not leaking a puddle around the bottommost strap of her harness. "Since you beg so prettily. Why don't you strip for me, baby girl? Keep your pretty lingerie on. I want to see your pretty cock." She unhooks the lead and drops it on the floor, then gestures for Chris to get up. He scrambles to his feet and smooths down his dress, tries to look as put-together as he can with his makeup smeared everywhere. Demi watches him, leering.

"Nice and slow for me,' Demi instructs, and Chris does her best to oblige. She hasn't taken anything off since entering the room, so the first thing she removes is her jacket. Her heels come next, and then her dress, a pretty thing made of black velvet that hugs her ass just right. Underneath, she's got on a matching black lingerie set; it's made up mostly of lace. Her panties are tented in the front by her hard, pink cock. The tiny black ribbon at the front of them rests just over the head of it.

Demi stands and walks around her in a slow circle. Chris feels a bit like prey. Demi goes around once, twice, then stops right in front of Chris. Once again, it's remarkable to him just how much smaller he feels when Demi has to look up at him.

Without warning, Demi grabs her by the shoulders and walks her back a few steps until she connects with the wall. Chris yelps as she's spun around to face it, then moans as she feels Demi's strap rubbing against her ass through her panties a moment later. "Please, please, please," she pleads, arching back, spreading her legs. "Please, Daddy."

"Be patient," Demi chides, and Chris goes quiet, breathing heavily. He can tell Demi is just watching herself rut between his cheeks, admiring the way his ass looks in the panties, and it makes him want to squirm -- but he doesn't. He's being a good girl. Finally, Demi grabs his panties and tears them right down the middle with ease, and then Chris is whining again when he feels her spread his cheeks with her hands.

"Good girl. You put this in before you left, didn't you?" Demi prods at the shiny black plug in her ass, pushing at it, making Chris cry out. Demi laughs, low and cruel. "Got all ready for your Daddy before you even came over, huh? Such a good little slut. Always so, so good for me." She pulls it out slowly, making Chris moan, making her feel every inch of it as it slides out of her entrance. "Where do you want me to fuck you, baby girl?"

Chris hesitates. Flushes. This is the part that always still embarrasses him, for whatever reason. But Demi isn't having any of that, of course, and she smacks his ass hard for making her wait. "Where do you want it?" she repeats.

"In. In my pussy, Daddy," Chris whispers. Demi yanks on her hair, making her moan again. The message is clear; I can't hear you. Chris clears her throat and tries again. She can say it. She can do it for her Daddy. "I want you to fuck my pussy, Daddy. My -- please fuck my cunt," Chris repeats, louder.

"That's my girl," Demi says, sounding genuinely proud. "You want me to fill up your little cunt with my cock, don't you?" She drops the plug on the floor and turns Chris around to face her again. "You want me to fuck you up against the wall, just like this? Want your big, strong Daddy to hold you up?"

"Please," Chris says, for what feels like the thousandth time tonight. "I want it. I want you. Please."

And then Demi picks her up like she weighs nothing at all, lines herself up with Chris's cunt, and pushes in with one steady motion.

"Oh, fuck," Chris cries, her legs wrapping around Demi's waist, fingernails digging into her back. The combination of the swoop in her stomach at being lifted and the feeling of finally having Demi's cock inside her is almost too much to bear. Demi groans and starts to thrust, slow and steady at first, until Chris starts to beg her to go faster.

"So good for me. I love your tight little cunt," Demi says, just barely out of breath. She pounds into him harder, gripping his hips tightly enough that Chris hopes she just might leave bruises. It's always impressive to him just how long she can keep holding him up like this, though he has no idea how long it actually is. He loves it, though, loves being made to feel small and weak in her arms.

When she's finally reaching her limit, Demi pulls out and lowers Chris back down onto her feet. She shoves her over toward the bed and pushes her down, tangling one hand in her hair and using the other to position her strap at Chris's entrance again. Demi can go deeper this way, as she has more leverage, and she wastes no time in building back up a good momentum. Chris whines and writhes beneath her, cock chafing against the lace of her panties where it's trapped between her and the bed, and does her best to push back into each thrust.

"What do you say when you get what you want?" Demi asks, bending over Chris's back and biting at his sensitive sides. "Did you forget your manners?"

"No, Daddy, sorry, Daddy," Chris pants, clawing at the bedsheets. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, Daddy."

"You're welcome, baby girl," Demi says, satisfied, and Chris keeps up a steady chant of thank you, Daddy as she thrusts into her harder. "Are you gonna come for me? Ruin those pretty panties?"

"Please, please -- I'm so close, Daddy. Please make me, let me come." There's a steady stream of alternating whines and nonsensical begging coming from him as Demi picks up the pace, ready to make him come untouched. "Please, please, please give me permission, I want to be good, I'm so close--"

"Come for me, then," Demi says, more of an order than permission granted, and Chris does, soaking the bed and her torn panties, crying out wordlessly as Demi pounds her even harder through her orgasm. Once his whines and whimpers start to subside into gentle thank you, Daddys, she pulls out and smacks his ass once, making him jolt in surprise.

"You're welcome, baby girl. You're doing so well for me," Demi murmurs, kissing down along his spine. "Are you ready for your reward?"

"Reward?" Chris breathes, rolling over onto her back so she can look up at her. She looks hopeful. "What do you mean?"

"Lay on the middle of the bed," Demi instructs. "Flat on your back." Chris rushes to follow her orders, heart pounding in excitement. He hears the sound of her unbuckling and removing her harness, then feels her climb up onto the bed with him. Demi straddles his chest, then scoots up further, giving him a little smile. Chris can feel how hot and soaked her cunt is, and it makes him proud; he did that.

"You know what to do, baby girl. Make your Daddy come," Demi says, and she closes the last few inches and settles with her cunt over Chris's face. Chris opens her mouth and drags her tongue over Demi's clit, making her moan sharply. She's soaked, and Chris is delighted that she gets this for her reward, gets to lick up every last drop, gets to be of further service.

Demi rocks down against his face, slow and careful at first while she settles into a rhythm. Once she finds the way she wants to do it, her movement grows more confident. She has one hand against the wall for balance, the other gripping Chris's hair tightly; the sting makes the experience that much more pleasurable. Demi keeps whispering sweet nothings, things like good girl and so good for me, and Chris drifts along happily in subspace, letting her do whatever she wants.

It doesn't take long for Demi to get close to coming. Chris is good at giving head to everybody, not just people with dicks, and this is her favorite position to eat pussy in. She hardly has to do anything; just keep moving her tongue against Demi's clit as she grinds down on her face, and do her best not to suffocate. When Demi finally comes, her strong thighs tighten around Chris's head, and the moans she lets out sends heat to Chris's spent cock again. Chris holds her breath through it, and just when she's starting to feel lightheaded enough that she might need to tap out, Demi raises herself from Chris's face and rolls off onto the bed beside her, panting.

They both take a few moments to catch their breath and calm their beating hearts, then Demi turns onto her side and gathers Chris to her chest. Chris holds onto her, burying his face against her chest as he starts to come down. They'll have to clean up soon; Demi will probably give him a bath and lavish him with praise. For now, though, he's content to lay here like this, thoroughly spent and hovering comfortably in his post-orgasm subspace.