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The Fox & The Cat

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It had been a relatively quiet night. Normally she’d be hanging out with Lucas and the others, but Lucas was having dinner with his family, and the others were similarly occupied. Probably because all the kids had been running around too late and too deep in the woods. Big deal; it was summer! Besides, half of them weren’t human, so any potential creeps would get a rude awakening if they tried anything.

Unfortunately, Lucas would be one of them.

Part of Max wanted to just drop the bullshit and show Lucas what she was. Show all of them. But then she’d get a look from Mike and she’d drop it. Always a subtle glance when he wasn’t busy macking on Jane. Will never brought it up, but Max could tell he was thinking it over anytime he glanced at her and Lucas to conceal that he was watching Mike and Jane perhaps a little too closely. It was almost funny how shy and quiet Will was. Especially for a Coyotl.

Lucas would be fine though. They’d all seen what Jane could do...even if they all had yet to see her other face. Only Max herself had seen the Hexenbiest side of Jane in its full freaky glory. But eventually all of them would see it, and if Lucas could handle that, he could handle her just fine...right?

Of course then the questions would fly out, and though Max could handle most of them, there was one she was specifically dreading.

“Why do you let Billy push you around like that? Do he and Neil not know? Is that it?”

And then she’d have to tell Lucas and Dustin what Billy was, and what that entailed...she’d honestly rather start a fist fight with Nancy.

A car rumbled into the driveway, snapping Max out of her thoughts and tearing her gaze from the book she was reading. Her mom and Neil would still be out to dinner (unfortunately) so it wasn’t them. Of course, she’d know that car anywhere.

But that wasn’t what really caught her attention. It was the blood . Max could smell it before Billy even opened the front door. She wanted to just ditch the living room and lock herself in her bedroom, but the scent froze her to the sofa, and by the time she’d willed herself to get up, the door was open and Billy was stalking inside.

The door slammed shut behind him, and he went straight for the kitchen; no doubt to snatch a beer from the fridge. If he’d even noticed Max, he didn’t react. This was her chance; she could slip back to her room and barricade the door if she had to. Better than the alternative.

So of course she slowly moved towards the kitchen instead, peering in as Billy chugged down a beer bottle. His back was to her, but she could make out a few noticeable splotches of blood staining his leather jacket, glistening under the kitchen lights even with the leather’s dark color. It also coated his hands as they snatched another beer bottle to tear into.


Billy instantly froze, head swiveling in her direction as the Woge washed over him. His eyes glowed a vibrant, almost too-bright green, and his hair became more feral than it normally was. But the most noticeable detail about her Klaustreich brother were the gashes . Two long cuts (made from claws, no doubt) trailed down starting from above his eye and stretching across his nose, one splitting his lip while the other dipped over his chin. They were no longer bleeding, but still clearly fresh wounds.

“Holy shit,” Max gasped before she could stop herself. The tone in her voice made Billy tense before he hissed , starting to push past her, beer bottle clenched tightly in one hand. “Hey, no, we need to clean those.”

Billy didn’t respond, stalking down the hallway towards his room.

Just let him go, Max. Just let him drink and call one of his dumb hookups and go to your room and ignore everything until tomorrow .

And there it was again...calling his hookups dumb. It was because they were, or trashy or unpredictable, but really that was Billy’s choice. She didn’t care who he stuck his dick into...until she did .

Realizing Billy was going to just ignore her, Max used her Fuchsbau speed to duck past him and block him off, vulpine features breaking through as the Woge took hold. “Hey! Billy, look at your face! If Neil comes home and sees that he’ll-”

With a snarl , Billy snapped forward, one hand pressing into her shoulder and slamming her to the wall. Max yelped, not so much from pain but surprise. Billy would have these sudden bursts of speed that, no matter how much she expected it, still caught her off-guard. The snarl died down to a low rumbling growl, and he licked his sharpened teeth, leaning in close. Too close.

Max hated herself when the shudder rippled through her. He could be almost sweet sometimes, but usually he was just so awful...why did she want him so bad?

There was a heavy pause, and she knew Billy could smell the brief change in her scent, his eyes becoming more wild than they already were. And then he let go, shuddering as his human form emerged, the claw marks still there, but not quite as grizzly.

“You win, brat,” he finally growled, but she could tell the hostility in his tone was forced as he yanked open the bathroom door and slipped inside. Max waited a moment, human form returning as she tried to get her breathing under control, and then she followed, opening the medicine cabinet to grab the iodine and a face cloth.

Billy had already plopped onto the toilet, his jacket draped over the tub and his shirt not far behind. Max glanced over, forcing herself to focus on the healing bruises and scrapes and cuts across his torso, and not how tan he was, or the way his muscles shifted as he swayed on the seat.

I am such a moron.

Finally moving in front of her step-brother, she dampened the face cloth with iodine and slowly brought it up to his face, gently dabbing it across both cuts even as he hissed with each press of her hand. “So who’d you piss off tonight ?” She finally asked, unable to help herself.

A growl rumbled from Billy’s throat, and for a moment Max tensed. But the moment passed, and he simply shrugged. “Shithead at the party. Didn’t realize he was a fucking drangzorn until the first punch...still, got in some good hits until the police showed up. Everyone ditched after that.”

Of course. It seemed like Billy couldn’t go a week without getting into a fight. And he’d been getting worse about it.

“One of these days you’re going to do something really stupid,” Max replied, her voice soft, but firm, glancing at him before focusing on cleaning the wounds. Looking him in the eyes was hard sometimes; they almost glowed with such intensity that it made her squirm sometimes. She hated how much she liked it. “And when you do, you might get shot, or go to jail.”

Billy scoffed, the noise infuriating Max and making her want to slap him. “Like you care.” 

Oh, that was it.

Max didn’t slap him, but she did shove, the force of her arm turning it into a sort of open-handed punch as she pushed Billy back. He clearly wasn’t expecting that and nearly slipped off the toilet. “I do care, asshole! And if you’re gone, that leaves me and my mom alone with Neil!”

There it was. One of Max’s biggest fears. As much as she hated seeing what Neil did to Billy, she also knew he was the one barrier between Neil and her mom; the one reason he hadn’t laid a hand on her. If Billy was no longer here…

He didn’t let her finish with her thoughts. “Quit your bitching,” he growled, the sound almost lazily hostile as he snatched the cloth from her, pressing it to a cut on his stomach and hissing. “You and your mom would be fine…of course, you’d both be more fine if she had the sense to just ditch like mine did, but if I thought I was going to jail, I’d hide long enough to rip his fucking throat out.”

The casualness of his statement caught Max off guard, blue eyes widening as she looked up. “You don’t mean that.”

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that.”

A silence hung over the room before Max spoke again, softer. “...I don’t want you to kill anyone over me.”

The quiet returned, and Billy paused in his cleaning to glance over at her. His expression was unreadable, though his eyes were intense. Feral, even. And then, Billy broke the silence. “Like I said, we’re family.” 

She wasn’t sure if he actually meant that or not, and for a moment she just stood there, watching as he cleaned his wounds. Well, he clearly didn’t need her there any longer. She turned to exit the bathroom.

His hand snaked out, snatching her arm and yanking her back to him and earning a surprised yelp from. “Did I say you could leave?” He asked, eyes glowing briefly in the dimly lit bathroom, his voice a feral hiss that kicked in a fight-or-flight response as much as it made her insides coil with conflicting emotions.

While they never had sex before, to say they had never touched before now would be a lie. It happened far more times than Max wanted to admit. But she had become very familiar with his anatomy. Sometimes she swore she could still taste him on her tongue, still feel the way his cock pulsed as he came down her throat.

Fuck, she was definitely wet now. Billy sensed this, and grinned, a true cheshire smile with teeth that seemed sharper than they were a moment before. “I’ve had a stressful night, and I think we both could use some fun …” He purred, leaning in and kissing Max hungrily.

She wanted to shove him off, tell him to go fuck himself and that he drove her insane. That he was such a shitty brother made even more obvious at the times when he was a shockingly decent brother, even taking a hit that had been meant for her on more than one occasion. She wanted to lock herself in her room and not even look at him for the rest of the night, to try and block out the turmoil stewing in her head, heart, and cunt whenever she looked at him. She wanted to do all of those things.

Instead she just settled onto his lap, straddling him and whimpering into his mouth, returning the kiss and gripping his shoulders. Her hips were already wriggling against his, feeling his hardened cock through the rough material of his jeans and her flimsy pajama shorts. I am so pathetic…

“There’s my girl,” Billy growled into her mouth, a dark chuckle carried across his tone that made her jolt. She hated how smug he sounded, but even more so how much that riled her up. His hands were roaming over her body, kneading her curves through her pajamas before tugging on her shirt.

“I’m not your girl,” Max replied, with nowhere near the confidence she had been aiming for as she tossed her shirt aside. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and the way Billy’s eyes lit up went straight between her legs. He looked at her like he wanted to devour her whole, and she knew there was a part of her that wouldn’t mind that at all.

He moved so swiftly it caught her off guard, but suddenly he was standing, one arm easily holding her up. A surprised yelp tore from her throat, and she instinctively clung to him, arms wrapping around his neck while her legs awkwardly coiled around his hips. His teeth were nibbling across her throat, one hand moving to push the bathroom door closed. Through the haze of his mouth roaming over her, she could still pick up the faint clicking, signaling that he locked the bathroom door.

“Billy, we-” Was about all she could get out before another yelp escaped her, the ceramic cold against her thighs as Billy set her down on the sink. She tried to protest again, but Billy was already pulling back, unzipping his jeans, and Max could only stare, wide-eyed and lips parted as her brother stripped fully in front of her.

“Yes, I know, we can fuck right here, and we’re going to,” Billy growled, the sound husky but dominant, letting Max know there was no room for negotiation. She gulped softly, and then averted her eyes, her body language becoming more submissive without even realizing it.

But Billy did, and he leaned in, nuzzling and biting at her jaw beore purring, “That’s my good little fox,” right in her ear and earning a violent tremble from her. He chuckled at her reaction, a sound as frustrating as it was sexy, but then he was moving, lifting her hips up so he could peel off her shorts and panties, his hands almost too hot against her pale thighs.

It wasn’t enough. Max suspected it would never be enough when it came to Billy Hargrove. And then his hips pressed forward, and she felt his cock pressing at her opening for the first time ever, and she no longer suspected, she knew .

Her mind briefly wandered to Lucas, the thought stilling her, and she closed her eyes, fighting off the pangs of guilt that always surfaced whenever they were alone like this.

Billy picked up on it, and leaned in, biting almost roughly at her earlobe before suckling at it. “I’m not asking you to dump your stupid human. I don’t mind sharing, as long as you remember who you really belong to.”

“Oh fuck yo-ahhh!” Max’s retort was cut off as Billy jerked his hips forward, burying himself inside her almost completely. Her body went rigid briefly before she clung to him, nails digging into his back while her heels pressed roughly into the top of his thighs. “ Billy! ” She gasped, practically squealing as he filled her. She would have been embarrassed at how pleading she sounded if she wasn’t overwhelmed by how full she felt.

Billy, by contrast, stilled, eyes rolled back into his head as a loud growl rumbled through his body. “Fucckkk, there we wouldn’t believe how many times I jerked off thinking of this,” he hissed, making Max buck, eyes going wide as the Woge took over. The sight of her seemed to awaken something primal in Billy, and with a shudder, he let the change take him, claws scraping over her skin and drawing bloody lines.

And then he pulled out almost fully, before jerking forward, pushing even deeper this time, and he began to fuck her. His motions were slower than she expected, but countered by the intensity and depth he was pushing into her. It was so overwhelming that after a minute, all Max could do was whine and claw at him like she was in heat.

Oh...that was coming up soon. That would be very bad. Worry about it later.

“Fuck me,” she whimpered, burying her face in his neck and nuzzling, nipping and licking submissively as she ground desperately into his hips. “Please fuck me, Billy…”

This time it was Billy that jolted, a surprised hiss escaping him, and he clutched her tighter, claws digging into her hips as he bit along her shoulder. “Say that again,” he snarled, demanding it of her.

Max clenched tight at his order and leaned back, head pressing to the mirror as she bared her throat to him. “Fuck me Billy! Please! I need it! I shouldn’t want it but I do...oh, fuck, please cum in me!” She wasn’t even aware of half of what tumbled from her lips, but Billy certainly was.

He lunged forward, jaws opening and clamping at her exposed throat, holding her there, claws actually digging into her hips, drawing blood, and it was that mixture of pain and pleasure that finally shoved Max violently over the edge. She practically shrieked, legs wrapping so tightly around Billy’s waist that if he was human, she might have broken something. And then she was falling, her orgasm washing over her as she tumbled into euphoria, hips jerking and grinding desperately into his.

By contrast, Billy’s orgasm was almost calm. He pressed into her as deep as he could and just held it there, hips slightly twitching as he groaned against her throat, a husky, feral sound as he spilled into her. Oh, fuck, he was cumming inside her, she could feel it and how warm and wet it was and it pulled just a little more from her. She was aware of the whine she let out and how needy it sounded, but she no longer cared.

And then it slowly ended, and Max sagged, panting hard, her pale skin damp with sweat. Billy grunted a few times, one hand moving from her hip to grip the sink, while the other one reached up, cupping the back of her head as he dipped upwards to claim her mouth. He kissed her, hungrily but lazily, purring softly. 

Max shivered, whimpering softly and kissing back, hands moving to cup his face almost shyly. Her nose gently nuzzled over his, and then she leaned back, writhing briefly as she returned to human form. Billy waited a moment longer, and Max closed her eyes, savoring the feel of his fur against her bare skin, and almost pouted when the fur receded.

For a moment it was quiet, both wesen just swaying in the afterglow, hands lazily running over each other’s bodies.

And then Billy had to go and be Billy. “...fuck, I’m pretty sure you would have squirted across the room if my cock wasn’t in the way.”

Max rolled her eyes almost violently before lightly hitting his shoulder. “Pig,” she grumbled.

Billy took the hit and chuckled, and the desire to shove him off returned to the surface. But Billy didn’t let her, instead just leaning in and kissing her cheek. “Brat,” he murmured in response, but there was an affection to his tone, a fondness that made her blush.

Her gaze averted, before finally looking him in the eye. “Jerkface,” she whispered, that same affection audible in her voice.

He kissed her again, and then reached over to the tub, flicking the shower on and standing up, holding her in his arms. “I’ll clean us up and then order some pizza or something,” he stated, already stepping into the shower. Max only nodded, resting her head on his shoulder and letting him carry her, savoring the afterglow and just how...gentle he was.

She was so relaxed she almost didn’t hear him whisper, “I meant it when I said I’d kill him.”

There was a long pause, and Max almost wanted to ignore it. Too many worms in that can. But instead she closed her eyes, kissing his shoulder before looking up, their eyes meeting.

“I know.”

They barely spoke again for the rest of the night.