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Pink like Sakeru Gum, Red like the thread of Love

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At birth, Tooru was victim of an accident, rather an anomaly. No one knew why… but his thread of Fate was cut close. So short.

They said he would never meet the love of his life because of this. No one with such short thread of Fate could dream of it. For so long, Tooru wondered if that was the reason why he loved so much the Sakeru Gummy and despised the long one. It reminded him the cruel side of his own life. And perhaps Chi’s obsession, as well as some of her lies, made him feel even worse.

Herself told him more than once that she truly craved what was long and not short. Even the day of their wedding, she stepped away from him. He believed, perhaps… perhaps, it was the reason why his thread of Fate was so short. His love stories always ended up so short. No one wanted to look at him, everything was… short. From the look he received, to the love he believed in. He had honestly believed Chi would be the change. She seemed to make to last but her love was only fleeting, as the Destiny told him at his birth. He was still loving her, believing to something that she already had cut their chance, their love, and was only fighting to make it last because… Tooru was honestly a very good husband. Sweet, passionate, with a good job. Refusing him for a love story she couldn’t believe in seemed wrong.

Perhaps Tooru knew it wasn’t meant to last.

Perhaps Tooru was fighting against what he was, what they were, and perhaps it was the reason why their love was so slow.

He didn’t want to blame her as much as he resented to her to see her dash towards this Long Long Man. Their wedding had been so long the Town let them cancel it, and, for Tooru, it was more like a stab in his back than a benediction. Yes, he wasn’t forced anymore to stay with someone who wouldn’t bring him future, to whom he couldn’t bring future… but it made things harder for him.

What if everything was meant to be ephemeral. Short. His thread of Fate wouldn’t let him think otherwise.

With his Long Long Man, he didn’t want to make it disappear in a burst. He wanted the relationship to last, to be long. Perhaps that was the reason why he was taking his time. After that day, at the wedding, they didn’t meet before a few days, barely sending texts to each other. Their first rendezvous happened in a little café, at the terrace, where the meeting could last longer instead of being finished quickly.

He didn’t give him a first kiss the first date, nor the second, nor the third…

And the more Tooru was making his best to make things last, to savour this moment between them, the more he was afraid that this relationship would be shorter than with Chi… already over.

He was making his Long Long Man wait.

Should he accelerate things?

What should he do?

Tooru was lost.

Every option seemed to be meant to explode everything, and once again, he stopped himself in the contemplation of this stupid thread of Fate. So tiny it almost broke when he grew up. He bore it as a ring when it always disappeared to everybody else, snaking around in the hope to meet the other end.

There was no end to his thread, no beginning neither…

Perhaps… was he just made to be alone forever?

He was lost in his own sadness when he heard the sound of the doorbell.


Tooru got up and hurried to the door. As he opened it, he let out a squeak of surprise. His Long Long Man?

“Wh… what are you doing here? Now?”

His boyfriend gently taped the box in his arms. “Your package.”

Tooru sighed slightly. Right. His package. His Long Long Man may sometimes be the mascot for some event, he was especially a delivery man. He always said the life was too short to lose it not doing anything he liked, and this delivery job allowed him to do so. He also loved how he could be present for Tooru at almost any instant.

And at this moment, he saw the sadness on his face.


The next one will have to wait a little bit more before getting their own packages.

“Is anything wrong?”

Tooru didn’t dare to say, but he also feared everything his past relationship told him. with Chi, there was lies and secrets peppering their relationship. He didn’t want to do that for his Long Long Man. Tooru held out his hand to show him the thread-ring, and he told him the story he told too often and yet too little due to the shame.

“I was born with a short thread of Fate. They said it means I was meant to never find love, or only a short instant? I suppose I grew… frightened to never find the person to share life with me…” Which was even more annoying because he was a romantic. He believed to the One True Love. “And lately… afraid to lose you.”

“Tooru-kun,” his Long Long Man said. “What if it meant your Fated One was meant to be different?”

“How’s that?” Tooru asked. “Shouldn’t you leave for work?”

Perhaps he wanted to make him run away?

His Long Long Man removed his uniform and Tooru blushed. Wait! This too was going too fast!!


“Don’t worry,” he said. “We’ll take our time if you want to. Short or long, I’ll follow your lead, but…” He pulled out a thread that he had wrapped around his arm because it was so long. “My thread of Fate was so long at birth it never grew, searching for his Soul Mate. They said it meant the time would be so long, I might find my Fated One just before my last instant. But as soon as I saw you… I felt it react. I didn’t want to take my time because I wanted you to be this loved one. You wanted to wait.”

“You… You should!! We should try!” Tooru quickly asked.

His Long Long Man smiled and didn’t wait one more second to unwrap the thread around his muscular arm.

As the thread unwrapped, it refused to fall on the floor and, gleaming, held out towards Tooru. Tooru eagerly held out his hand. His ring-thread was shining. Tooru felt the emotion when he saw the thread searching his hand. His Long Long Man landed a genuine hand on the waist. Tooru looked up at him, smiled, and hurled himself in his embrace as their thread gleamed red. As the thread met, murmuring to them they always had belonged to each other, their lips met as well.

Their heart appeased.