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When Words Become Superfluous

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It's overwhelming, the sensation of it. Even dulled by the disconnect between his parts, his mind is swimming.

They've traded kisses, short and gentle to make sure he's OK, unable to push away as he is. An assurance that he'll make unhappy noises later and the kisses deepen, lengthen until he can feel his phantom limbs shaking.

They passed him between them, Pat's kisses sure and gentle with the Captain more tentative but hungry. They occasionally take a moment for each other and the sight is glorious.

Now his head is nestled in the Captain's arms, alternately watching and kissing as Pat holds down his body, ruffles up his many layers, and pulls out his prick, kissing the tip. He's gasping into the Captain's mouth as Pat runs his tongue from root to tip, and sucks him in. It becomes a blur of sensation and pleasure, looking at Pat's mouth wrapped around his cock, the Captain tracing round his ears with a light finger, teeth gently scraping down the lobes.

Pleasure slams through both body and brain and he comes with an incoherent babble that the Captain captures in a kiss.

Soon Pat will tuck him away and crawl back the bed to kiss him silly whilst he and the Captain stroke each other to completion. Soon they'll curl up together, knowing that there's a 50/50 chance his body will have wandered off by morning. Soon they'll try this again, and perhaps it'll be fun for him to direct them as he watches.