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Beautiful Mistakes

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Kara’s POV

I gulp down yet another bottle of alien whiskey not caring if I look like a drunken mess not after what Alex just did. I get protecting me but I didn’t think it would be this hard to have my sister the one person in this world I was supposed to trust above all else just turn her back on me like I was the enemy. But to her I am the enemy. I’m everyone’s enemy and now my reason for being Supergirl is tearing me down.

I finished my 3rd bottle trying to drown my sorrows like Alex always did. I kept drinking not wanting to stop until I could no longer feel this heart ache. My own sister hates who I became to save her. Everyone hates Supergirl so what is the point anymore my job is on the line everyone is hating Kara just as much as Supergirl. Alex is busy with the adoption for Kara and Lena can only talk about how Supergirl betrayed her and how I’m never where I am supposed to be. It’s all just to much.

“Hey Baby Danvers,” my head snapped up to the other side of the booth where I now see the Hispanic Detective. “Maggie?” I whispered and the Detective smirked, “well I do hope no one else calls you that it’s sort of a you and me thing.”

“Maggie what… I thought you left?” I kept whispering and Maggie sighed, “I did Gotham then Metropolis but there is no place like home.” My bottom lip quivered, “I want to go home.” Maggie grabbed my hand, “if you need a ride to your apartment we can go there.” I shook my head, “I want Krypton.”

Maggie frowned, “what happened Kara? What’s wrong?” I let the tears fall down until it was a constant waterfall, “please I don’t want to think about it. If you aren’t here to drink please leave.” Maggie sighed, “okay Baby Danvers let’s do some shots and I can tell you how shitty Gotham is.” I smiled softly and Maggie flagged the waitress down and ordered human whiskey for her then alien for me.

When the shots got to the table I looked at the 10 shots each and smiled, “you are better at this then me.” Maggie smiled her dimples coming out, “well I’ve had years of practice. Every break up I would just go to a bar-“ Maggie took a shot, “-basically drink my feelings until I couldn’t stand.”

I took 3 shots in a row not giving myself a break, “Alex wiped all memories of me being an alien.” Maggie’s eyes widen and then she whispered, “oh Kara.”

I took another 4 while she took 2, “I’ve seen all the Supergirl hate speech, but I just thought Alex would be there you know. Fuck Kara if I knew you were alone, I would have text you or swung by your apartment.” I shook my head, “you don’t owe me anything Maggie, you never really liked me until the end.”

Maggie took the rest of her shots and looked at me, “or maybe that was the problem. I liked you too much that I couldn’t stand to be around you. Then you were with Mon El that bastard and I didn’t like the way he treated you or touched you but I had Alex.”

My eyes widen and I took the rest of my shots and stood up, “Kara please don’t leave.” I got 300 dollars out and put it on the table. I turned to Maggie and pulled her up out of the booth, “I want to go to your apartment.” Maggie smiled, “neither of us are good to drive.” I pulled her out of the bar and hailed a taxi, “where to?” The Taxi Driver asked and Maggie said some random address I didn’t really process.

It took us 8 minutes and 23 seconds until we were out of the taxi. Maggie paid and she lead me into the apartment building, “Kara what are we doing?” Maggie asked and I pulled my sleeve up and turned my bracelet on activating the red sun light in it. “Kara?” I pushed Maggie against the elevator wall and crashed our lips together.

Maggie moaned and tangled her hand in my hair. Maggie lightly pulled ripping a moan from me. Maggie pulled my hair back and started to kiss down my neck, “are you-“ she nips at my neck, “-sure Kara?” As Maggie bite down I moaned and Maggie’s hand snapped up to my neck, “you marked?”

I breath heavier, “bracelet… I’m just as human as you… Birthday gift from Alex…” Maggie moaned and the elevator dinged. Maggie pulled me to her apartment and as the door shut she threw me against the wall causing another moan to rip out of me, “please Maggie.” Maggie smirked, “you had super hearing Baby Danvers so repeat that again with the correct name.”

I whimpered, “please Daddy.” Maggie lifted me against the cold wall and pressed her soft heated body against my own, “that’s it now will you be Daddy’s good little girl.” I nod, “yes Daddy please I want you cock please.” Maggie pulled me off the wall and carried me into bed then threw me onto the bed, “strip for Daddy you are in way to many layers.” I try to rip my clothes off my I forgot about the no powers so I tried to get them off as fast as possible until I was in just my panties.

“Blue really is your colour Baby Girl,” Maggie purred and ran her fingers along the blue panties I was wearing that have been completely soaked threw. “Beg for Daddy’s cock Baby Girl,” Maggie stared into my eyes as she took off her leather jacket.

“Please Daddy I need your cock please punish me I’ve been bad I need you to make it better please Daddy I need to be a good girl again fuck me with your cock please Daddy I need it,” I begged and as Maggie removed everything I saw her cock standing there in front of me. It was thick and long about 12 inches long and as thick as a can of soda.

“Hands and Knees for Daddy,” Maggie husked and flipped me over until I was on my belly and I rose on my knees. “Hands too Baby Girl,” Maggie smacked my ass. I jumped up then slid my hands under me and pulled the top half of my body up, “yes perfect Baby Girl… You are so perfect… Now let’s make you a good girl again… Daddy’s good little Baby Girl.”

Maggie got behind me her hands came to my waist and lifted my ass up a bit higher, “now Baby Girl what’s the biggest you have ever taken so Daddy knows how slow to go.” I blushed and whispered the answer but that only earned a smack on my pink tinged ass, “4 Mon El he was 4 inches he was the only one. Please Daddy I don’t care if it hurts I deserve the pain.”

Maggie traced down my spine, “I’m not going to make you hurt Baby Girl I’m going to bring you pleasure until you can no longer hold yourself up.” I shivered and Maggie ran her cock head threw my folds, “now I’m going to go slowly if it hurts say something because if Daddy finds out he will stop and you will be left a needy little mess.”

“Yes Daddy,” I answered. “Good girl,” Maggie purred then lined the head of her cock against my dripping entrance. Maggie slowly entered me and I moaned, “Daddy please.” Maggie slowly entered until she hit against my cervix, “FUCK!” I cried out and I almost came from that alone.

“Are you good Baby Girl?” Daddy asked and I nod, “so deep… so deep and full…” Daddy chuckled and I felt all my worries go out the window, “are you ready for Daddy to move?” I nod my head fast, “yes move Daddy fuck me into a puddle.” Maggie gripped my waist and then started rutting into me knocking me forward with every thrust only for her to pull me back onto her cock.

“DADDY!” I moan loudly as I feel my walls tightening, “so close already Baby Girl but we haven’t even started.” I whimpered and Maggie lean over my back her thrust never cissing in power and she wrapped her hand around my throat. “Cum for me Baby Girl cum for your Daddy,” Maggie growled in my ear and I didn’t think for a second as I climaxed over the edge. “DADDY!” I screamed but Maggie’s thrust didn’t stop she just kept going fucking me threw my orgasm.

“You are Daddy’s Baby Girl, aren’t you?” Maggie growled and nipped at my neck. “Yes, Daddy only yours,” I whimpered and I felt Maggie smirk against my neck. “Do you want Daddy to fill you with cum?” I moaned and Maggie bashed against my cervix, “please Daddy I… I need your cum inside me… please Daddy.” Maggie moaned into my neck and bit into the sensitive skin, “okay Baby Girl Daddy will flood your womb for you.”

Maggie pulled back and lifted my leg in the air and hooked it over her shoulder and she thrust a few swallows thrust before slamming all the way inside me pushing right against my cervix then Maggie moaned. I felt it. Rope after rope of hot warm cum entering me. Flooding my womb just like Daddy promised. After a few minutes I blushed. How much cum is Daddy going to put in me?

With one final thrust Daddy pulled out, “such a Good Girl for Daddy.” I whimpered as Daddy slowly put my leg down and then rolled me onto my back, “are you hungry Baby Girl?” I slowly nod hesitant to thinking she will make me drink her cum like Mon El did.

“Okay Baby Girl you stay here and rest for me,” I frowned as she kissed my head and left the room. After a few seconds Maggie came back with a water bottle and a box of pizza, “I got this just before I left for the bar so it is cold but it is still good.” I slowly started to eat then Maggie got a bowl of hot water and a cloth, “I’m confused.”

Maggie’s head snapped up to me, “why? Has no one even taken care of you after sex?” I slowly shook my head, “most of the time Mon El just went to sleep on top of me.” Maggie huffed, “well I can’t say I’m surprised there. I looked after my Girls and as of tonight Kara you are one of my girls.” I blushed and Maggie started to wipe down the sweaty skin of my body giving special attention to the bite marks along my neck. When Maggie was done washing me down she emptied the bowl and moved over to the bed, “do you mind if we sleep naked?”

“No I um would prefer that please,” I whispered and Maggie got into bed after discarding the pizza box then Maggie opened her arms. I curled up into Maggie’s side and Maggie softly played with my hair as I slowly fall asleep.

“Please don’t leave me,” I whispered and Maggie kissed my head, “I won’t Baby Girl.”